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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Paul Is Apprehended, Ava Admits Her Despicable Acts!



Paul (Richard Burgi) is finally taken into custody after Anna (Finola Hughes) and Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins) happen on the scene with Paul yielding a syringe on Tracy (Jane Elliot) and having her tied up and gagged.

As Anna pulls out her gun to try to get Paul to put down the syringe and turn himself in (as the hospital serial killer), it is son, Dillon who is the hero.   Having no fear, he moves towards his mother and unties her, while Paul continually confesses to all the murders and how he did all of it for his daughter, Susan (Alina Pattra).  After Paul is captured, Dillon lets his father have it for taking the life of Sabrina Santiago (Teresa Castillo) and leaving her child without a mother, and for killing all of these innoncent lives at GH.  Paul even tried to tell Ann, how much alike each other were setting out to avenge their loves ones!  In the best line of the episode, Anna basically tells Paul to “Cut the crap!”

Elsewhere, Ava (Maura West) has hit yet another despicable all-time low, continuing to replace Morgan’s (Bryan Craig) bipolar medication with placedo.  As Morgan is spiralling downward and acting erractic, he goes to see Dr. Maddox (Anthony Montgomery).  He admits to his shrink that he cheated on his college exam and Andre tells Morgan to tell Kiki (Hayley Erin) and his parents what happened.  A concerned Andre also writes up lab orders for Morgan to get tested so they can adjust his medication as it seems they’re not working. After Morgan leaves and tries to connect with Kiki, she can’t leave her job at the Metro Court  as another waitress called in a sick.   isappointed, it seems Morgan has found himself a poker game as he is set to gamble the night away, thus meaning he will most likely miss getting his lab work which would prove something is amiss with his meds!


Meanwhile, Ava spills the beans to Scott (Kin Shriner)!  Firs,t how Paul Hornsby threw the trial in Scott’s favor to get all the murder charges for her brother Julian (William deVry) dropped!   She tells Scott she knew Paul was the hospital serial killer and told him that if he didn’t get Julian out of prison she would rat him out.  Now she needs Scott to be Paul’s counsel when he is prison, because he is threatening her with the flashdrive in which she confesses to the murder of Connie Falconeri.

But, Ava’s admisson’s don’t stop there! She fills Scott in on her plan to ensure her daughter breaks-up with Morgan once and for all.  Ava is hoping for a major manic meltdown so Kiki sees how bad-off Morgan is, and will dump him.  She is even placing her bet that once Dillon is reeling from his father being the town serial killer, that Kiki will be there for him, and Morgan will go into a jealous rage.   And yes, Ava tells Scott about her bipolar meds switcheroo!

So, is this one of Ava’s most heinous acts …. replacing the pills of someone with a mental illness in the hopes of them unraveling?  Will anyone figure out what is happening to Morgan before its too late?  If so, who?   What did you think about Paul’s capture?   Are you glad the identity of this murderer is out in the open once and for all?  Share your thoughts in the comment below!

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I have 4 very important words to express my feelings of the past 6 months of GH..


0000ohh heck, one more–


I agree. Paul being the serial killer is the worst attempt at a rewrite. The viewers have no emotional ties to Susan. The rewritten back story about characters we do not know does not resonate with viewers. Rewriting Sloan’s character and then killing him off-stupid.

You said it, dmr. Right on!!!!!

THATS it, no emotional ties to Susan.

Time for the witch to TRULY pay for her despicable acts

Hey, Lew….
I agree. But, I doubt the writers see it our way, Lew. Ava is an asset right now, as despicable as her actions are., albeit I admit Maura is soooo good at what she does.
Now, with Paul’s trial underway, Ava will be front and center in creating the typical GH drama.
Ava’s unscrupulous actions started when she was still in utero, LOL.

I just had a thought, Lew….and, please don’t be annoyed at my persistence. What if Nell(e) and Kiki are twins borne of Nina’s body. Ava took Kiki, and Nell was given to an adoption agency; better yet, because of MadMaddie’s wicked ways, she sold Nell?
I want this to happen for no other reason than to stop Nina’s obsession with chasing babies.

Hi Celia, I told agree with you about Maura West. She is an asset to the show and I have followed her ever since As The World Turns. Can you imagine what Carly will do to her, once the truth get’s out what she did to Morgan?

Celia…I think that Maura West is a WONDERFUL ACTRESS!!!!! It’s just that…hey…I never cared for her Ava character all that much. To me, Ava is W-A-Y TOO ICKY…AND EVEN MORE ANNOYING!!!!! BEYOND B-L-E-C-H!!!!!

Have a good one, my friend.

@Lew S.
I know, right, Lew.
I do hope that Carly gives Ava what she deserves, though. I think any mother would do unimaginable things to protect and defend her child.
If that day would ever come, Lew!!!!..LOL. It’s GH; where beasts and criminals alike ( including Carly, LOL) run freely amongst the ‘good’, aha, people of PC.

Agreed, my friend….’gotta’ love Ava/Maura. LOL.
Later, Jay.

Celia I love your twist on the Kiki and Nell being twins, that would be great plus it would give Nell a story since her parents were “killed” plus Jax is hiding something about her identity. Actually I think Nell is really is daughter that found out about later.

@Robert J.
Hi, Robert,
Oh, thank God, and thank you. You don’t think I’m crazy? LOL.
I think you are on the right track about Jax….I agree. If I remember correctly, many of us did speculate on just that fact. Jax used a lot of subterfuge; seemed antsy and not forthcoming. Very suspicious.
So, your assessment of the situation is very possible and probable.

Sorry guys…Nell is not Jax’s daughter. The ONLY way that could ever work is if he didn’t and still doesn’t know it. He would never abandon or hurt his child.

Boy, does Ava have a big mouth. what the Hell would compel her to blab about all her schemes? I guess she feels she has something in Scott but she really is hanging herself.

I do like Ava and Scotty scenes though. Always comical. Love Kin Shriner.


Scotty wasn’t going to represent Paul unless Ava came clean. And, one schemer always knows when another schemer is holding out. I thought she was just going to tell him about the flash drive Paul had on her. But, Ava’s been carrying around a lot on her shoulders by herself. Scotty is her only “friend” in town, in the same way Curtis is Hayden’s. I agree that Ava & Scotty are hilarious together.

A soap needs a villain, and Ava is a hoot. Villains also need henchmen to carry out their plans. They can’t always be solo. Maura West is a gold mine of talent – dramatic, comedic, maternal, etc. – and I’m so glad they keep finding schemes for her to perpetuate. Critics should read what they suggest – for everyone to live happily ever after & all the “bad” people to be gone. If they want that, they need to watch an animated Disney princess movie; not a soap opera.

Kansas…agree with you 100 percent. I keep saying that though I’m pissed at the “criminals” …they’re all great actors/ characters and I don’t want them to exit the show. And I’ve also echoed the same sentiments…might as well be watching Disney or I Love Lucy, etc. if someone wants them all gone. The dark vs light characters make GH its soapy self.

She and Scott are “chums” and she bought his attorney/client privilege when she gave him back his money. So…he can’t rat her out. At least he had the sense to blame her for her silence which allowed Paul to kill again…resulting in Sabrina’s death.

You’re right, Rebecca, as is Kansas/Guest. Since the beginning of putting prose on paper—-waaaay before my Willy, LOL, there existed good and evil. It all started in the garden of Eden; ONE MILLION BC, and CAVEMAN ( love Ringo in that movie; hilarious)—HaHaHa.
Seriously, though; we need foils; good and evil. Without the suspense, without that certain ingredient which elicits anger, love, sadness, happiness; all the human emotions—well, then, what would be the point?

Hi, Rebecca,
I did not say Nell is Jax’s daughter, LOL. I have no clue, one way or the other. I do not know this guy. But, as Robert said, he is hiding something. He ‘looked’ guilty, somehow. He knows something about her.
I, also, think Nell knows him. She is hiding something, as well. I said way back that I suspect she has an agenda. Or, I could be wrong????
Regardless; are Nell and Kiki twins? LOL.

James…yeah, man…Ava is such a BLABBERMOUTH…which just makes her look EVEN MORE STUPID!!!!!

Have a good one.

Get rid of the thugs and concentrate on some admirable, or at the very least, redeemable characters!
Laura and kevin on once a week? Grievous error!
Ava and Paul on all the time? Deplorable!

i agree 1000 %

I really like Laura and Kevin, too.

Uh-oh….there goes that word again. Kidding Nancy…just a joke: deplorable, indeed.
I do agree with you. I don’t understand why ‘they’ would cause such a rift between Kevin and Laura. Love these two together. I would like for them to be more visible—to the point where this couple could start making amends.

I don’t know about Genie Francis. But, Jon Lindstrom also produces documentaries & independent films. He’s working on a couple of them right now, in addition to his acting gig on GH. The amount of time they are on screen together might have to do with his availability.

Yeah, Kansas; makes sense……as I am sure that is the case with many other vets……other commitments and responsibilities.

I just wish Paul had fallen on that syringe….rushed to the hospital…he is confronted by the ghosts of all his murdered victims…at court the jury box is full of his murder victims ghosts-the ghosts declare Paul guilty and slowly emerge out of the jury box with one of them holding a noose-Paul has a breakdown and babbles about Susan, the ghosts ect.,…Scott gets Paul off using the insanity plea and he is sent to a mental hospital!

Poor Morgan

Hi, Pamela,
I am not a fan of Morgan, but I’ll admit, I felt my heart twist today. What is being done to this character just isn’t right. …..does not sit right with many of us. Simply let him go in peace, without the dark cloud opening up on him.
Yet, I suppose this will be Bryan’s exit… to some clinic to get the help he needs. Thanks to Ava, Morgan’s disorder has gotten out of hand.

Hmmmm, Jimmy…you’ve got a little bit of Charles Dickens in you, love it!!

New couple…Heather and Paul…strolling thru the corridors….

Thats what i said in a previous post,,,they would be perfect together!!!


OMG…more and more, Ava gets STUPIDER every minute!!!!! Ava needs to FINALLY PAY for her crimes…and then go away FOREVER!!!!! SAYONARA!!!!!!!!!!

Be that as it may…she’s a great character. I love gun mol Maura! Yes, she and Paul and Julian and Sonny and Dr. O…they all should pay. And yet…I enjoy these characters! I’ve said this before…they should do a mini soap within the show…General Prison…lol…where our dearly deported are featured until their release.

What Jay said. And if I ever have to hear or see the manner in which Ava utters,”Kiki” it will be too soon for me.
She’s like some Looney Tune Cartoon character.

Harry…can I call you curmudgeon? Hahahaha…

If you like Poldark watch Outlanders. Fantastic!

Oh, my!!!! Harry, Maura West has the best face on soaps. Her facial expressions embody everything a soap star should deliver. She’s dynamite. Her acting is impeccable….every movement, measured and fluid.
And, look at that flawless, healthy skin? A cartoon character? I think not.
By the by? May I, also, call you curmudgeon? LOL and HaHaHa. Love you, Harry.

Rebecca, you can but you may not!

Now you see Harry, that testy response sounded a tad curmudgeonish. A simple no thank you would have sufficed. Hahaha…LOL

I added a few comments to responses, above. One thing that I did not respond to was the storyline involving Morgan (who is as dumb as a door, co-village idiot along with Kiki). I have never been able to stomach either character, Morgan or Kiki. They are both portrayed as dumb block heads who have zero chemistry with one another. Although, nu-Kiki was welcomed by me. I could not deal with Kristen Alderson’s terrible acting and ridiculous facial expressions. God-awful.

Wow! I couldn’t disagree more! I love Morgan…he’s troubled, complex, forlorn…but so eager to please and make something of his life. He’s a very poignant character. And, I don’t see anything “dumb” about him. As for Kiki, she brings a very cool vibe to the show…much different than Maxi and Lulu who though loving, are more domestic and materialistic. Kiki is just this cool girl who loves her boyfriend…is conflicted over his troubles vs her attraction for Dillon…and she loves music and live bands! (I do too and always have.). I just think, as I said, she’s a cool, realistic 20-something.

if GH is recasting Morgan

why not Jason Cook. ex-Shawn D. @Days; ex-Matt Hunter @GH. he played Dr. Patrick Drake brother?…. last seen back in 2012

I agree, Rebecca. The way Hayley Erin plays her, Kiki is surprisingly likeable, especially since she’s Ava Jerome’s offspring. And even when Morgan annoys me, I think he’s an original creation, thanks to the truly gifted Bryan Craig. What Ava is doing is beyond reprehensible. Can’t wait for Sonny, Carly, and Kiki to find out…that will be good drama!

hi Parick…I’ve been saying Nic Robuck (James Ford OLTL) but Jason Cook is a good suggestion as well.

Hi Soaphound…agree. But I’m hoping the drama doesn’t lead to the demise of Morgan. And if she’s found out, Ava can kiss both her kids goodbye. For a smart cookie (lol, never used that expression before) she’s not thinking long term.

So frustrated for Morgan…he’s more depressed than manic. I hope he takes the blood test; I can see the possibilities for the story in different scenarios.

Hey, Rebecca,
I asked my husband about the placebo effect….which is a very confusing subject to me.
He said placebos can be very effected if the recipient is aware of it…..depending on the psychological aspect of the patient.
But, in Morgan’s case it has an adverse affect which can become very dangerous. WOW!!!!! I ask myself: what the hey are these writers trying to do???? I can only conclude that Maura is leaving? Would TPTB allow Ava to get away with yet another crime, otherwise?
Hmmmm, stupid question. LOL. Of course, ‘they’ would. I need only look to Sonny and Julian.
And, Julian’s storyline is another enigma. What if Alexis succumbs?? Is this why Julian is free??

Sorry…I’d like to expand that placebos are administered, normally, under a supervised testing environment….such as a clinic. …not, just given randomly. Where did Ava get the ones she switched on Morgan?

Hey CeeCee…placebos are used to test new drugs or treatments…usually participants are NOT told which of them will be getting the real medication and which will be getting a placebo. They’ve found in a lot of cases that some people do get or feel better on the placebo due to the psychological effect. If you BELIEVE you are being treated with something that’s supposed to make you better…sometimes it actually works and it’s called The Placebo Effect. There was one study years ago where they administered pain medication gel and in THAT study, even some who KNEW they were getting a placebo experienced less pain. So from that they concluded that just getting help…helps. I don’t think there’s been many studies to back that up. Sometimes one or two studies get picked up by journals and the “news” spreads.

As for Morgan, not sure if him believing he’s taking his mess would help…probably not for mania…depression possibly but obviously not in Morgan’s case.

As for how Ava got the fake pills…I don’t even think about it. Just another point where I go with the flow for the bigger story…which is what she’s doing to him and the upcoming, probably catastrophic, fallout.

dmr, I never liked Morgan either but he won an Emmy and his performance on Tuesday was pretty damn good.

Kiki, just the name! But I never liked Kristen as Kiki. I know Cee Cee loved her on OLTL but I dont see it in her portrayal of Kiki. I like this Kiki better but she cannot walk two steps without thinking about it!

So with these powerhouses all in up to their necks, who survives, Paul, Ava or Julian?

The showdown with Paul, Anna, Dillon and Tracy was HORRIBLE! No drama whatsoever! Paul was good. Tracy just had a stunned look on her face. Dillon was wooden as all be! I was shocked! I like the actor but he brought nothing to the table. Anna was okay. It was stupid that she had the gun on him the whole time and then when Dillon moved in she cocked the gun. NO! If someone has a weapon in their hand and they are about to commit murder, the gun should be cocked and ready to fire! All of this was weak but predictable. You knew through Ava retaining Scott to save HER ass that Paul wouldnt die. There will be another trail with MORE bribery and guilty people will walk! I love Richard Burgi and Wil DeVry. It is a shame what these writers have done to their characters!

HaHa, Timmmy. Good catch. Like Anna putting her little plastic gloves after entering and manipulating the cuff-links and everything else in that room? Or, Jordan getting a search warrant, after the fact?—–that entire scene could get thrown out of court, in real life. This show needs a major rewind.
And, of course, Jordan takes the credit. She is painted with such a lily-white brush—oh, no!!!! Jordan cannot do wrong—such a perfect, little Commish.

I know you are an old soul so you are probably aware of the “Police Academy” movies. THEY were more capable of arresting a crook than JORdumb, DUMBnte or PECS!

Timmm…Agree about Richard Burgi and Wil DeVry and what the writers have done to these top notch actors. To their credit they have given it their best. I hope both survive their storylines. Trouble is when they do it only reinforces crime pays in Port Charles.

Hi Rose, I think what they need to do is get back to hiring evil doers who are not hot! Mugs as the mob syndicates used to call them. Let them agitate the fine citizens of Port Charles to the point where we the fans rejoice when they are shot or hauled away to a secret prison, highly guarded and inescapable!

Hi Rose…unfortunately Paul isn’t going to survive his storyline. From what I read they let him go. His guess was he was too expensive for ABC. He wasn’t thrilled that they made Paul the serial killer and said he had a difficult time playing it…especially when he killed Sabrina.

Hi Rose…’s difficult to place our replies in the right spot at times…so I’m picking up our conversation about Richard Burgi. Yes. It’s unfortunate because I got the sense he would have stayed on if they hadn’t cut him…even though he spoke about this opening up more time for other projects. Well, no secret they!re cutting costs and the more seasoned the actor the more expensive they are…which could account for more newbies, less vets. Who knows if Morgan or Nic will be brought back; before the soap opera crisis/fall…there’d be no doubt these characters would be replaced with other actors. Now it’s a way to trim the budget…or replace them with less experienced ones. Nothing we can do about it…though I wonder why they don’t go to a half hour format…save cost that way instead of sacrificing quality. Also think they should have made OLTL and AMC 1/2 hour formats…maybe they could have been saved…sigh. Who knows….

Agreed. But today, JorDumb (copyright, Timm, 2016) actually accepted Curtis’s accolades for having solved the hospital murders. I kept waiting for her to demur and say, “No, Anna came back from her trip and solved the case in 2 minutes. Moreover, she saved Traci and apprehended the suspect.” No, all Jordan said in response was,”I had a little help.” And she wasn’t even talking about Anna! She was talking about Curtis saying that he thought the killer was someone of a high ranking.

JORdumb, taking credit is typical of someone who cannot do her job and is about to lose it!

Right? Why is Jordan given and then taking the credit, as I have already mentioned above?
Curtis, whom I had predicted a while back, was actually the key to have unleashed the flood of clues which led to Paul….he did this step by step.
What does Jordan do? He gives him a browbeating as she would a recalcitrant Child.
Look introspectively, Jordan….amazing what’s buried in there.

Harry, that is absolutely ingenious!! Wow!!!! I am impressed, albeit upset that I did’t think of it first, LOL.
The ‘foreshadowing’ thing concerning the fate of GH; the building and the show could be very telling.
If this is true….very ominous and heartbreaking, indeed.

Of course, I watched all POLICE ACADEMY movies, my Timmmy!!…Who can forget Bobcat Goldthwait ???? “That didn’t hoyt”….so freakishly funny!!!!!
Yup, I am just ‘mUstified’ and ‘mummified’, LOL, by Jordan’s acting. The role calls for someone dynamic, such as Anna……soooo ‘mortifying’ . Jordan is just there. No personality, no oomph.
Furthermore, the worst thing TPTB could have done was to pair her with Contra Andre. He just puts me to sleep. So stiff. Later, babes.

Why is everyone stealing my thoughts!!!!!! Lol. See my response below to Harry and you CeeCee. Hahaha…sigh.

Any word on how Paul shooting Sonny last year ties in to avenging Susan? Last week he said every move he has made since returning to Port Charles has been for Susan. And no mention of how Susan was affected by Bobbie Spencer and Lucas Jones?

They changed gears. They haven’t even mentioned Sonny’s shooting. Not only do they probably think we forgot…they probably forgot themselves! Or…just figured we’d go along as we gripe our merry way around it.

As for Lucas, I think he was injected by mistake; it was meant for Bobbie. Maybe she was one of the nurses who treated Susan…and not to zpaul’s liking….

I don’t think the writers knew they were going to make Paul the killer until the last minute. The writing is confused, disjointed, aimless and vexing.
Another thing which troubles me–Hayden and Finn overhear Lucy speaking to a real estate developer about GH closing its doors. The real estate developer calms Lucy down by telling her that GH doesn’t necessarily have to close, it can move to another building. Is this some kind of foreshadowing? By this I mean, are TPTB trying to tell us that ABC will be canceling GH but it will movie to another network or worse yet, to the Internet? We saw what happened with OLTL and AMC with the whole Hulu mess and I would hate to see something similar happen with GH. But the writing is so bad it almost seems like they’re trying to destroy their own show. I had the same feeling about AMC shortly before its cancellation was announced.

Rebecca and Harry: Say it isn’t so! Harry’s prediction…What IF they ARE laying the groundwork to move GH to the internet to its slow death? And if so, maybe it’s part of the reason some of the actors have quit recently. Oh no.

Harry…not sure if you remember but zi suggested the possible double meaning about GH closing when they first discussed closing the hospital and the doctors and nurses having to find work elsewhere. It was about a week ago or more. Who knows…it could be a message to the fans, or we could just be reading into it because of the uncertainty of the longevity of the daytime soap genre. Doubt we would have read into it before the cancellation of OLTL and AMC. So yes, it sounds like that but let’s hope there’s no meaning behind it but what it is…the story…but then again…

Oh and CeeCee…I wrote this theory before Harry and he replied to me at the time…probably thought this was his original perception but since he’s an OLD CURMUDGEON I’m letting it slide. But I’m taking his award away from him. We’ll let him have The Forever 21 award for humor instead.

Hi Michelle…see my response to Harry. 😉

Rebecca1…Re: you previous reply about Richard Burgi…I googled and found the article about his “dismissal’ from GH. He speculated ABC has some budget concerns. He may know something we don’t know. Still sad day when they have to give such a bad storyline to a very good actor to get him off the show. He could have been a little flawed, leading man that GH so desperately needs. Anyway, it’s a bad omen…actors for Morgan, Sabrina, Nicholas, Duke, might as well be Joe/Carlos for as much as he has been on…gone.

yes, the thugs need to go. Have the actors leave and some time down the line maybe create new characters for them to play. Jimh, I like your scenario. These Head Writers are not that smart. I can’t believe the network extended their contracts. GH is not best show material for this year.

This story has been very underwhelming. Not only have there been no major deaths other tha Sabrina, which was a mistake given the way she was killed off, but the story has lacked the suspense it needed. If more main characters had been put in harms way, it would have a much bigger impact. This is what I would have liked to see:

We don’t know much about Andre’s past, so why not connect him to Susan as her psychiatrist in the mental hospital, who messed up on her treatment somehow? Then he moved to GH because he felt ashamed of himself. Bam, another victim.

Similarly, we don’t know much about Aaron’s past, so he could have been Susan’s boyfriend at one time and was the one to get her hooked on drugs in the first place. Bam, another victim.

Darby (again, we don’t know much about her past aside from the fact that she’s a bad influence) could have been a druggie once, and Susan’s friend in the halfway house who caused her to relapse. Bam, another victim.

Amy, being the blabby nurse she is, could have spread a rumor about Susan that she made up her rape to get attention when she first got to the hospital, since Dr. Mayes screwed up her rape kit. Bam, another victim.

Finally, Valerie could have turned around to see Paul that day in the lab, forcing him to kill her as collateral damage (like he did to Sabrina) instead of just knocking her out. Bam, another victim.

And thus, 5 more characters could have been added to the victim pile, and ones that should be taken off the canvas anyway because of how useless they are. But, at least they are people we know, and would have some sort of impact on the show. Instead, the list of victims was all day-players we had never heard of before, save for Sabrina. And with Andre and Valerie’s deaths, it could have brought Jordan and Curtis closer because they each lost someone they cared about, and eventually they could become a couple (which I am rooting for because I can’t stand Andre and Valerie).

Side note: I find it hilarious that Anna was back in town for about 5 minutes and single-handedly solved the case, with very minimal help from Jordan. See how much better Port Charles (and the show, for that matter) is with Anna? Finola Hughes is brilliant.

That would had made it so much better had they knocked off those characters instead of some forgettable day players…love how you connected them to Susan,,,good job-better than the writers!!!

The real serial killers are the GH head writers. They have killed off other daytime serials in the past and are in the process of killing off GH. Was there any explanation given for why Hornsby attacked Bobbie and then Lucas? This ill conceived story was obviously re-written on the fly and was neither entertaining nor satisfying. I am a loyal GH fan and I have to say that the show is a giant mess right now. Long live GH!

Ha! Good one, I think these write-as-we go writers forgot to mention Lucas & Bobbie! Is Lucas aluvw? Havent seen him in ages!

Glad the story line is over Get back to love in the afternoon.

I have to mention this;

It is a SERIAL KILLER .. A man that murders several people, and it is totally BLAH..
No thrills, intrigue, intense suspense, it’s simply BLAH stale..

We simply need to notice that for a GH Serial Killer story on GH, the thread has 16, just 16 replies, why– because everyone is sleeping through it..

Also, I want to mention;
when RC was writing (love or hate him) his murder cases the threads would go up to 200 ..
There was always controversy, the GH boards were bursting with fans commenting one way or another, and that was a very good thing because it showed RC had our attention..

J&S are NOT the correct the type of writers for GH..

To add—-
A Serial Killer- murdering people in The General Hospital and also attempting to kill its’ own as Monaca and murdering Sabrina, and-
not once, not once was I Interesse on the edge of my seat, not once.
Not once was there a ”WOW” moment, and it doesn’t get worse/stale than that for a serial killer story.

It can not get any worsley write than a serial killer story that I near slept through it all.
It was horribly empty of all drama.

C’mon!! it was Serial Killer murdering people in the hospital, and it was a snoooooz fest.

Have to agree again, su–a “snoooooz fest.”

True, true, true, and true, SuzieQ. Hmmmm, that rhymes. LOL.
But, su, I thoroughly enjoyed the players, Paul and Tracy. I love these guys. They are that good, in my eyes.

True, true, true, and true, SuziQ. Hmmm, that rhymes, LOL.
But, I must say; I thoroughly enjoyed watching Paul and Tracy do their thing. These guys are amazing, in my eyes.
Anna disappointed me, somewhat. Perhaps I’m not being fairbecause my expactations on her return were too high? Oh, well!!

Totally agreed. They dragged out the serial killer plotline for way too long. The way Paul was captured was so low-budget and uninteresting. Happened away from Port Chucky, so the police dept wasn’t in on it. One law enforcement individual was there to make the arrest, just one for a serial killer? There was no suspense to it. Back in the days of the old GH writing, they would have turned it into a multi-hostage situation, did a good chase on foot, with helicopters (remember how Anna and Robert used to do some cool stuff?) But those days are gone. Sad times now.

I think the writing was horrible. Anna was “scoring” Paul…rejecting the suggestion that she wasn’t a serial killer like him. I would think instead of speaking to him in anger…you calmly talk him down with some type of logic he can grasp on to. Obviously he’s not an evil man ala Valentin Cassadine…he’s a man who lost his mental faculties and has been existing by passing for normal. He was so grief-stricken by the rape and consequential emotional loss of his daughter thT he snapped a while ago. His judgment is gone..he’s broken. So Anna’s approach made no sense to me.

Further, he’s telling them he had to kill Tracy because she knows what he’s done. Did it not occur to him…or Anna and Dillon to say…”ummmm, now we know too. Matter of fact, we’re about to WATCH you kill her. So, ummm, maybe you don’t have to kill her now…”

Poor Paul….

I hope Susan knows what a loving daddy she has. 🙂

Just a few random thoughts…

Why would a smart cookie like Anna go apprehend Paul without any back-up — and risk Dylan’s life by taking him along with her?

Why is Ava consistently portrayed as a villain for killing Connie/Kate but Sonny is practically canonized as a saint after killing AJ?

Why did today’s episode have Michael finding out off-camera that his great-aunt’s ex-husband killed his girlfriend?

Why is a talented veteran like Kin Shriner wasted in throwaway scenes every few months yet Morgan and his boring problems are front and center?

I’m predicting that after the events of today’s show Michael will go to shoot Paul but Morgan will grab the gun from his brother and do it himself thus allowing the show to write Bryan Craig out while making resident villain Ava the real party responsible because of the medication switch (her “punishment” will be that Paul dies before she is able to learn the location of the flashdrive with her confession on it). Of course Dylan and Kiki will get back together (they’ll both have the sads because her boyfriend killed his father), Dylan will get the flashdrive in a box of his father’s things, and Ava will use Kiki to gain access to the Quartermaine mansion to her hands on it (and with these writers I’m not ruling out the flashdrive being marked with a piece of masking tape with AVA’S MURDER CONFESSION written on it that no one seems to notice…)

Oh, be still my heart!!!!
Why do you always verbalize what I am thinking, Alan? LOL. perfect post; as usual.

Why is Ava consistently portrayed as a villain for killing Connie/Kate but Sonny is practically canonized as a saint after killing AJ? EXCELLENT question!

Excellent post and on point!!
I so wish Kin had a storyline of his very own!

So do I Ces. Always loved Scotty!

Where’s Douglas Marland and Claire Labine? Writers who knew where they were going when they began a story. This is seriously one of the worst storyline resolutions in daytime history. The acting has been spot on for the most part (it always is on GH) but it’s almost as bad of a rewrite as the whole Fluke storyline. Very disappointing!

It will be a WHODUNIT soon with Ava. As all discover her duplicity with Paul, her past with sonny, what she’s done to Morgan and even double crossing Julian, the writers are setting it up for one big “who killed a character played by one of daytime’s best actresses?”

Sadly the writers of this show can’t write themselves in so they will come up with stupid logic. Since the actor playing Morgan is leaving I will lay claim to it being him.

Why do I think Ava will die? Well, because they have written the character into the smallest corner possible and how will any of us root for her?!

It’s sad because the actress could easily have been a counterbalance to Carly or any other female on the show. She didn’t have to be a hitperson or a killer in any way. She could have been Carly from ATWT from the early days. A woman who goes after what she wants and gets it no matter what… EXCEPT MURDER. Allike carly wealth and her children are her only Achilles heel and how she sells herself for doing bad things… EXCEPT MURDER!

Look at Phyllis on Y&R… she’s a cheating adulterer and a liar and DARE I SAY IT bitch for all she’s done. Even with victors manipulations added in she had freewill to decide on good vs evil and she chose STUPIDITY. She didn’t kill Billy to hide her secret, she lied and tried to cover it up. Ava could have been the same sort of vixen.

It will happen. Trust me.

AVA HAS TO GO–along with her brother Julian. Killing people AND tampering with medication? TAKE HER DOWN!

So tired of characters doing stupid things. Yes, they’re soaps, but create balance and continuity as well as sospense.There have to be repercussions.I am so tired of Ava and Nina and all the bad things they’ve done. Personally, they could leave GH and I would not miss the one bit.

This storyline is getting old, but Richerd Burgi is very good.

Yeah, I hate to see Richard leave because he is so very talented and he was just getting to show some other emotions. Much of the last year his character just went around “cold” like Julian. It was nice to see him get to portray different emotions for a change.

Agree Michelle. I hope they find a way to keep him, even if, LOL, as I mentioned on another post he’s locked up with Heather!

GH needs new head writers fast. Y n R fans were screaming, yelling and kicking for months to get rid of Phelps n Pratt and Sony finally listened. I say gh fans need to start the campaign to get these writers out. Bring in someone like Claire labine, lorraine broderick, or someone new at this point. I d even take ron calavarti back. He’s had time to regroup n relax and write something clever again.

hi Jp..
I totally agree..
J&S are Not the correct writers for GH.
Their style of writing is not GH, their writing has no drama and they should write skits for nursing homes..

RC was great until FV invented Fluke, and there were too many thrown into the writing of Tony’s exit, including Tony..
And yet.. RC managed to get an emmy from the black&white reveal ..
Also, RC had no co-writer, he has lots of pressure, alone.

I love Ava and I love Maura West. She is one of the only consistently good things to watch on “GH” these days. Back off. LOL

Franco is broke. Why doesnt he move in with Scott? These two are great together! Why do we fans have all the great ideas? Use the freakin talent and trim the freakin fat!

Yeah Timmm I enjoy the father-son scenes between Franco and Scott also. Today’s soaps need more humor and those two always deliver. I wish execs would welcome and allow more improv like they used to.

Soaps seem to be the LAST thing on networks minds these days so I’m surprised there is not more improvisation.

Lol!! Love Scott & Franco scenes. Wish Paul would have taken out more than just day players and Sabrina.

I want Monica to find love again and I thought her and the cranky Dr. Mayes would have been interesting!

That would have been nice but of course GH isn’t fond of stories for the vets.

It’s so hard to comment when this storyline is so stupid!
A few points though … Thought Richard Burgi did a fine job with the crap he’s been given. Always happy to see Finola on the show and lookie there, Anna cracked the case and drove fast & furiously to save Tracy all in her first day back. Where was Jordan? Pouting in the corner applying lipstick or patting herself on the back *for assisting with Paul’s capture* total BS she even had the nerve to say she had a hand in it!! While I’m on the subject of stupid Jordan ….. Does she send all her lovers upstream? First she narks on Curtis years ago then she snitches on Sean; Andre better watch his back against this viper.
Can we move on to better stories now?

I agree Alan and Timmm,
Sonny is treated as a saint or royalty after killing A.J. in cold blood ;however, his family and friends never mention it. Yet, everyone calls Julian a killer and says that he needs to get what he deserves. Amazing! Even Michael , Monica and, Tracy have amnesia . Unbelievable! This situation reminds me of Young and the Restless’ story of Phyllis when she did a hit and run against Paul and Christine years ago; however, writers chose to give everyone amnesia and present Phyllis as a saint who has never done anything wrong! (especially when she went after Victor) Even Christine and Paul don’t mention what she did; yet, Jill’s affair with Jack was thrown in her face. Unreal writing!

I think having Paul being the GH killer was great. Who would have ever suspected him. So what they rewrite history…All of the soaps do. I’m just waiting for Nelle’s true colors to be shown. It would be neat if Kiki turned out to be Nina’s daughter.

Leave the writers alone. They have to start rebuilding somewhere. They are not going to please everyone. Give them a chance.

I just heard Sonny tell Griffin that no child of his would ever suffer for his (Sonny’s) sins because he protects them. He and the writers have forgotten that Michael spent a year in a coma because of a bullet that was meant for Sonny.

Yes and by association Michael also killed Claudia, went to jail, got raped and Morgan would have gotten shot if Kiki hadn’t taken the bullet….

General Hospital

Bryan Craig Wishes General Hospital’s Maurice Benard ‘Happy Father’s Day’; Is He Trolling Us … or is This the Ultimate Return Tease?

Sunday is Father’s Day, and it’s the time when many soap stars and celebrities take to social media to give love and shout outs to their dads.

In an another post that got General Hospital fans to take notice, two-time Daytime Emmy-winner Bryan Craig (ex-Morgan Corinthos) dropped a blast from the past photo of himself alongside Maurice Benard (Sonny). Accompanying the photo, Bryan wrote: ‘Happy Father’s Day” Maurice Benard.

The post on X comes on the heels of a previous response by Craig to a post on Frank Valentini’s (executive producer, General Hospital) comment to On the Red Carpet, where he revealed that this summer, “A former cast member is coming back. And I think that the audience will go crazy for HIM.” In response, Craig teased, “Who could it be…”

Photo: ABC

Now on Sunday responses to Craig’s post were met with varied responses from GH fans from “Stop playing with us” to “Now you’re just trolling us, lol. We really need you back right now.”  Still others took it as a potential confirmation that Craig is the mystery man on his way back to General Hospital stating, “I hope you’re going to back to GH!” to “Can’t wait!”

Craig last appeared on GH from 2013-2016 and made a brief return in 2018. Since departing GH, Bryan has appeared in numerous TV and film projects including: Freeform’s Good Trouble and ABC’s Grand Hotel.

So, is Bryan Craig yanking GH viewers chain, or is he slyly teasing us, because he knows he is the one returning to the ABC soap opera? Weigh-in on your theories below.

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Days Of Our Lives

(WATCH) 51st Annual Daytime Emmys Red Carpet Interviews

A week ago, at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, many of your favorite soap opera stars took to the red carpet prior to the telecast on CBS and streaming on Paramount + and posed for pictures for the paparazzi and several spoke to the media before going inside and taking in the ceremonies and rooting on their castmates and shows.

While on the red carpet, Michael Fairman TV interviewed those who stopped performers who stopped by and those we could catch on the action-packed bustling arrivals. All of the video interviews are now posted and complete on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel.

Look for conversations with Days of our Lives, Tamara Braun (Ava), Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) with Rob Scott Wilson (Alex) and Paul Telfer (Xander), Dan Feuerriegel (EJ), Greg Rikaart (Leo), and Eric Martsolf (Brady) with wife Lisa and their twin sons, Chase and Mason.

Photo: JPI

Stopping by to chat from General Hospital were Maura West (Ava) and Finola Hughes (Anna), and from The Bold and the Beautiful, Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) and his daughter, McKenna, Annika Noelle (Hope), Kimberlin Brown (Sheila) and John McCook (Eric) and his wife, Laurette.

Photo: JPI

From The Young and the Restless, Peter Bergman (Jack), Courtney Hope (Sally), Christian LeBlanc and Tracey Bregman (Michael and Lauren), Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea), Michael Mealor (Kyle), Melissa Ordway (Abby), Kate Linder (Esther) and Bryton James (Devon), and making their first appearance on a Daytime Emmy red carpet were Neighbours stars: Stefan Dennis, Annie Jones and Georgie Stone.

Photo: JPI

Below is the complete playlist of 2024 Daytime Emmy Red Carpet interviews. Make sure to check them out. Then let us know who you loved seeing and hearing from the most via the comment section below.


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General Hospital

GH’s Evan Hofer Talks Life for Dex After Sonny’s Beatdown, Giovanni Mazza, and If Josslyn is Love Endgame

General Hospital’s Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) has been at the epicenter of Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) paranoia, which led to the beatdown of Sonny’s former right hand man.

Now, Dex is licking his wounds, and trying to move on with his life after joining the PCPD; following attempting to move away from working for the mob and under Sonny’s thumb. Problem is, Dex has a soft spot for Sonny. Meanwhile, looks like there still may be a future for Dex and Josslyn (Eden McCoy) as the two are trying to mend their once-fractured relationship.

Michael Fairman TV caught up with Evan Hofer at the 51st annual Daytime Creative Arts and Lifestyle Emmys (in which Hofer was a presenter during the ceremonies), to discuss the current life and times of his Port Charles alter-ego.

Photo: DHoferIG

Evan has now gotten to see and feel first-hand what is like working in soaps and television, when you have to wear prosthetics on your face after Sonny accosted Dex at Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding reception.

Hofer recalled the experience. “Our makeup team is incredible. Priscilla, my makeup artist is just so talented. She layered silicone every day so she could control the swelling, so that way, she would have control over how it looked as it progressed and, you know, decreased, increased,” Hofer revealed. “She was incredible and very, very detailed.”

Paying a nod to actors who have to take on TV or movie roles where they have to wear complete facial prosthetics, Evan shared, “I do not envy people who wear full face prosthetics. I think my longest tape day was probably seven hours in it. I got a little claustrophobic. It does cause you to have a lack of of depth perception, which is a rough one.”

Photo: ABC

Hofer weighed-in on if he thinks Dex will ever turn in Sonny and press charges against him for his character’s recent beatdown. “I hope he doesn’t. It’s hard though, because he loves him (Sonny) and that’s the problem,” stated Evan. “That’s what we do with people we love. It’s almost an abusive parent relationship, isn’t it? I have this theory that Dex almost feels like he deserves these things.”

Now might be the time for the GH writers to explore more of Dex’s backstory which could include a backstory of abuse. “I really would love them to. I think it’d be incredible,” hoped Evan. However, he added, “I’m just grateful for whatever I get to do every day and excited for whatever story we get to tell.  Something like The Departed – undercover with the mob- would be cool (for a storyline), and then everybody’s wondering which side I’m on the whole time.”

Photo: ABC

Is there hope for Dex and Josslyn fans that they will still may be each other’s love endgame? Hofer teased, “I think they start spending a little more time together, but who knows what’ll happen. You never know on a soap opera. Maybe Dex’s evil twin will show up and steal Josslyn away.”

Photo: ABC

A few months back, Evan shared some major scenes with the one and only Finola Hughes (Anna). In story, Dex admits he was going to kill Cyrus on Sonny’s orders. Hofer shared it was a big moment for him since his time being on GH. “What an honor to get to do those scenes with Finola. I had only worked with her once before and that was when Dex broke her out of prison and he got shot the first time,” recalls Hofer. “She’s all about working the scenes ahead of time, which I am, too. We got to get a lot of reps in and when we get up there on stage, she’s incredibly affecting. I’ll kind of have an idea of maybe of how the scene will go, and then I’ll just look in her eyes and suddenly I am just so in a different space that she’s pulled me into. In those scenes, having Dex feel like someone cares about him was really beautiful.”

Photo: ABC

Recently, Giovanni Mazza premiered as Gio. In Hofer’s first on-screen scenes with Mazza, the two talk about Gio’s dad having been in the military and Dex’s experience in the Army and serving in Afghanistan.

This raised some GH viewers eyebrows to what if the two characters could somehow be related? Perhaps, brothers? Evan responded to those inquiring minds, “Oh, I don’t know. We look pretty alike. There is the military connection. I think it’ll be interesting. Those first scenes we had together were incredible. I was so excited to work with Geo. He couldn’t be any nicer really. He’s an incredible person. He’s so easy to be around. We hang out outside of work all the time, already.”

Photo: JPI

Does Evan think there will come a day where Jason (Steve Burton), Dex and Sonny will all be working together on the same side, and thus, Sonny will have both his former henchman at his disposal?  While Hofer doesn’t know what’s coming down the pike, he expressed, “It’s been incredible to have Steve around. He’s a really wonderful man. I’d only met him on Zoom previously to him coming back.  I hope we get to work together more. We got one batch of scenes together and I hope we get to do more soon.”

Photo: ABC

As to what GH viewers should be on the lookout for in the weeks ahead, Evan teased, “We’ll see what Joss and Dex get into, and we’ll see what happens within the police department.”

So, are you rooting for Dex and Joss? Do you want Dex back working for Sonny, or hope he stays with the PCPD? Would you want to see more of Dex’s backstory explored? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Michael Easton as Finn

General Hospital

Airdates: 5-20/24-2024