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This Week On DAYS: Theo’s Got A Gun, But Who Will Get Shot?


As the three villains: Orpheus (George DelHoyo), Xander (Paul Telfer) and Clyde (James Read) rip through the town of Salem and cause havoc for all of their enemies, it is young Theo (Kyler Pettis), who is about to take them on!

It all goes down after a disraught Theo is reeling from his father Abe Carver (James Reynolds) being shot, and his best friend, Joey (James Lastovic) being kidnapped.  So Theo armed with a gun is put in harm’s way as he is tries to avenge his loved one’s peril, but he may just find himself in life-threatening peril instead!

Meanwhile, it’s the showdown between decade old rivals, Orpheus and John (Drake Hogestyn)! What will happen when these two face-off in the park?

Watch this week’s promo from Days of our Lives after the jump. Then let us know, who you think will get shot? And what you think of the story twist that has Theo in hero-mode! Comment below.

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this PAST YEAR on days:
NO ONE CARES!!!!!!!!!!
YES… I hope theo gets shot and killed along with all the rest of the shitty younger set,
the return of eric cant come fast enough along with the unfortunatley only brief return of carrie and austin which i hope turns long term
days need s the former headd writer of days already… the past year on days has been the worst and i have little faith dena hegley will be any better than the last two times she headwrote… hopefully three strikes and she ll be out

Please don’t speak for me, damien. I care. We all have opinions. So, do you wish Theo to be shot and killed because he’s black or because he’s autistic?

My opinion is the actor is doing a fine job as Theo. That’s not bad acting, it’s a realistic portrayal of an autistic teen on the higher end of the spectrum.

While watching Kyler, I was thinking how hard it must be to play someone with autism. I think he is doing a good job too.

I don’t necessarily love the teen stories and certainly don’t care for Vivian who plays Ciara. They have needed to recast that role for quite a while.

why would you assume i m referring to his condition or his skin colour?!…
did i allude to any of that in my post or before you got all pissy and paranoid did you read the rest of my post about the younger set as a whole?!
i dont judge anyone about the way they were born but it sounds like you re doing a fine job doing the judging… im simply airing my frustrations about the direction a show i truly love going down the drain …and if im speaking on any ones behalf its the almost million viewers who have tuned out, mr forever days

I hope it’s Ciara.

Hey Mo…ME, TOO!!!!! As far as I’m concerned, Ciara’s time IS UP!!!!! BYE BYE BYE!!!!!

Have a good one, Mo.


please…let ciara show up and a startled theo shoots her…

The poor actress, she is in way over her head. TPTB should send the entire teen scene off-air. None of them seem to have the experience to carry such emotional storylines. They really should be seen and not heard, and not on every day. They are more filler-IMO. None of the storylines are interesting. Blind leading the blind-in writing, it seems.

She is fine in short scenes telling her mom things like “I am worried about Theo” but her acting range isn’t strong enough to hold her own storyline together. For the time being, they should relegate the character to a small supporting role around her mom and relatives. I do not wish to be unkind, so I will say that the young actress who currently portrays Ciarra just simply needs more seasoning.

This story is embarrassingly bad even for Days which has been scraping the bottom of the creative barrel for 18 months now. Dena is partial to Theo character because of her personal circumstances, but the actor, along with those playing Joey, Claire and Ciara are so poor that it makes a bad story so much worse. And I feel for these young folks who are so miscast and in over their heads, and yes, even the actress who plays Claire is super green and only stands out as acceptable because she’s placed with non-actors in the other teen roles. But overall, the story is beyond laughable. They went from Griffith’s dark, suicidal depression stories to Higley’s scooby doo cartoons. Aye. And how are these executives still collecting salaries: Meng and Alaar are completely incompetent. But we know the Trump of soaps at the top of the ticket is ultimately responsible: Corday. As Betty and Ted spin…

Agreed, Tony, albeit I love Theo. He stands out as the flower amongst the weeds. He is an exceptional young actor with an unfortunate role. I can’t even follow these storylines, any longer. Sad!!!!
I wish TPTB would make up their minds about Aiden. On one hand, he was killed and buried. Then, it turns out it was actually a look-alike imposter who was the dead bad guy, thanks to Andre??
The real Aiden had been held prisoner…, he comes back with good intentions, or so it seemed. But, lo and behold, as soon as Hope ( who belongs in jail for murder, with Rafe, as an accomplice after the fact) rejects him, Aiden turns evil; subtly blackmailing her to either submit, or else.
The look on Hope’s face; the wide-eyed stupefied stare, was just that; stupid. Yeah, she looked really scared……
I ask, why turn a completely nice guy to Dr. Jekyll with a Mr. Hyde complex? So to throw Hope and Rafe in each other’s arms?
Maybe Theo will shoot Hope just because. LOL.

Celia, my dear…on today’s DOOL episode, the moment that Rafe and Hope (together) appeared on my TV screen, I IMMEDIATELY pressed the Mute button on my remote control. Yep. Hey…I am all for May/December romances, but, Rafe/Hope (for me) are a TOTAL SNOOZE-FEST!!!!! And don’t get me started on Aiden #1/Aiden #2…LOL!!!!! Make. It. Stop.

Have a good night, my friend.

i do eat my scooby snacks while i watch…and it helps-‘Scooby Dooby Do!’-lol

I do agree but i still feel the escapees picked up a bit…instead of aging the children which meant more story.which is wasted on these poorly acting teen set..Days should had concentrated more on the adults and young set it already had like JJ, Paige, Bev and Rory who were ten times more interesting and can act…and had Theo been 13 or 14 avenging his father’s shooting would had been controversial but more riveting and interesting!!!

I love the storyline and Theo is a teen standout as is Claire. Joey has made great strides too. Ciara should be recast.

Claire is growing on me. Ciara should just not open her mouth, period. Joey isn’t doing it for me either, 4ever, my friend of friends. LOL.
But, we agree on Theo. He is the only sorased teen I really, really love…have since day one. He’s good looking, and such a talent.

I thought of a new name for VJ (Ciara), Celia…Abercrombie Zombie, LOL!

I have to agree with you 4everDays about two of the actors. The young man playing Theo and the young woman playing Claire are doing good work. Both of them are alert and present in their scenes and playing their characters. I really enjoy both of them. The rest of the teens can go at anytime.

It would be so nice if They got rid of that whole younger set.. This “young” storyline sucks. The girl who plays Ciara is the worst actress on the show. Unbearable to watch.

Oh no. Bad plot twist in a frustrating storyline. Also if days allows hope to get back with Aidan to stay out of jail, this show will be yoadt

Wow, I can’t believe the nasty comments. I just hope the actors aren’t reading this. I know Damien, Mo, Jimh, and Tony that all of you are so perfect. It must be so hard to be all of you….

We are here to comment, Mark. Good or bad….
Perfection has nothing to do with it. Have you even taken an English Lit class? The point is ……constructive criticism. I do not ignore the elephant in the room.
I remember you….I remember the personal remarks to me. So, do not call the kettle black. Not fair.

I think you have the wrong Mark. I very rarely comment on this site and I have never commented on anything you have said. On that note I just feel there is always so much negativity. The younger actors are trying. Remember Sami was green in the beginning too. BTW, yes I have taken an English Literature class. LOL

Hi, Mark,
If I have mistaken you for another Mark, I do, wholeheartedly apologize. Perhaps it was the Mark who spells his name with a diminuative “m”. This was back in April, where his comments had been very scathing. So, please accept my sincere regrets. A very inane April Fool’s kind of joke? Yet, very insulting.
As far as the English class bit, I was trying to be facetious. But, sadly, my stupid jokes/sarcasm never take root. LOL. Forgive me? I forgot to insert the usual ‘ LOL’. Double LOL.
Nevertheless, I still think, we have the right to express our opinions; likes and dislikes, about actors, plots and substance of a show.
It is because I love the show that I, and others, vehemently object to the ‘deflated’ storylines DOOL is offering, for a loooong while now.
I was a tot when Alison Sweeney joined the cast, Mark…LOL. But, one cannot compare the stories of back then, to the stories now. I remember the show, as in a dream, watching with my Gran.
Yes, Alison was young, but the stories built her character, as everyone else’s. There is no MEAT on any of the stories. Everything is soooo convoluted…I cannot make heads or tails about any of them….unravel any of the plots or get invested in any of these kids. Only Theo deserves any kind of ‘clamor’, or accolades.
I do not want ANY of the remaining shows to fail. These soaps are part od our lives. It would be the tragic end of an era.

i’m not disappointed

for the first time duo out the gate …. Ryan Quan and Dena Higley

come on… it’s got to start somewhere… and end

I do not think this is dark… I LIKE ALL 3 of the guys acting skill

I like the dynamic difference these three bring

at the very least… we are getting the whole cast involved

September 6th was the start of the Quan / Higley START GATE

like GH… as with DAYS… i’m watching to keep up

with both show… I won’t turn them off

I want these shows to TURN…..

Kyler Pettis as Theo

Lexie’ son…. dang it

of the 4 SORAS teens… Kyler is the more comfortable one… in front of the camera and in all his relationships… even if he is at times shy…. which Kyler pulls off

endearingly… gawd… he’s Abe and Lexie son

it’s a sweet thing he’s got going with Claire

when the lights went out in Salem… and Theo was with Arianna and Thomas

Theo got caught up in the “excitement” and his REEL surprised me… “no no, Theo” Keep it together

which was a surprising turn for me… I so wanted Lexie spirit to show up

Kyler Pettis gets to REEL

Abe and Chad will be right by his side

DAYS tries to be exciting but it’s not. It’s campy, wimpy in it’s story telling and featuring the worst part of the cast. The teen actors are AWFUL. How much do people have to say it before the powers that be listen. The new head writing team is no different than the last. The stories are mired in mediocrity. Three criminals holding a whole town hostage with each of them pretending to be in disguise. They aren’t in disguise. The kindergarten class at Salem Academy could identify them. Here is what needs to happen: Marlena is possessed once again and throws each of the 3 villains into the fiery pit of hell. For good measure she throws in Patch because he looks like a cheap porn actor stuck on an 80’s film set. Deimos discovers that he isn’t a Kiriakis but rather he is John’s long lost father. Brain damage caused Deimos to think he was younger than he actually is. Hope gets a little angry again and knocks off Aidan and Phillip – because he is just annoying. Nicole is lying in bed and cries out “Oh Daniel I wish you were here” and the camera flashes to Daniel in the shower, and he says, “I am here Nicole, you must have been having some crazy nightmare.” Sonny is sitting in Paul’s bed after a crazy night together. The doorbell rings and it’s Will. Will tells Paul that he isn’t John’s son after all but rather Sonny’s brother and that they have just been incestuous together. Sonny has a nervous breakdown but after a few months of therapy realizes that he still loves Will. Rafe leaves town to become a cowboy in Montana. Gaby becomes a model and appears on Project Runway. Kayla decides she isn’t a doctor any more and becomes an escort and her first client is Abe. Caroline finally kicks the bucket making her last bucket of the chowder and leaves her recipe to Maggie, in her will, as an apology for all the ways she made her feel inferior with Victor. Andre decides to give up being a bad guy and finally admits that he really wants to audition for RuPaul’s Drag Race. RuPaul makes a guest appearance. Roman and Kate get back together but not before Kate has a summer fling with John Travolta. When DAYS finally gets their act together and follows my story line suggestions I may start watching again. But right now it’s painful to watch even for ten minutes during it’s air time.

Hey Mateo…to me, your ideas make W-A-Y MORE SENSE than the current (G-A-G!!!!!!!!!!) DOOL writing!!!!! Dude…oh, how I WISH you were one of the DOOL writers!!!!! TOTALLY!!!!!

Have a good one, dude.

HEY if they would follow these suggestions I would gladly not complain anymore. But I cannot take Ciarra’s incessant whining nor Claire groaning about her singing career even though her voice sounds like air escaping from a party balloon.
I think they need a Transgender character on the show and her name could be Kate Lynn Jenkins but she used to be a famous athlete. It turns out that she (when he was a he) was involved with Paul (the once famous pro ball player) and when Sonny finds out about this, he goes crazy and tries to commit suicide – but he is stopped by a mysterious stranger who turns out to be the reincarnation of Will!
But instead…..we have….(yawn) Nicole telling Deimos that she knows he is disappointed in not being the father of Chloe’s baby…..(yawn)….ZZZZZ……

Mateo…where Caroline is concerned, I’ll put it like this: If Caroline were to be killed off, oh, say, ‘tomorrow’ (or whenever), it wouldn’t exactly sadden me. Sorry, but, to me, NOTHING about Caroline makes sense ANYMORE!!!!! NONE!!!!! Bottom Line Here: Caroline’s time IS UP!!!!!

Just saying……….

Take care, dude.

They should have him acidently shoot Adain he,s one of the most wothless person to ever been on the show I cant stand him

Ciara Alice Brady.

Who’s played Ciara Alice Brady over the years?
Vivian Jovanni (October 30, 2015 – present)
Lauren Boles (2008 – September 30, 2015)
Dakoda and Danica Hobbs (2007 – 2008)

It’s pretty clear and obvious…. the recast SORAS Teen… played by Vivian Jovanni has to go. unfortunately

she’s been given a year to parlay something …. ANY thing

Ryan Quan and Dena Higley… should right the wrong.. and simply bring back Lauren Boles

this would bring Kristian Alfonso ; ALIVE

RETURN the SORAS Chase… for his father Aiden

Wallah two families that belong together

forget the rape…. I truly think by bringing back Lauren Boles… this will right ALOT

Do you mean to tell me the poor, unfortunate young woman who is trying, unsuccessfully, to play Ciara has been doing so for year????????????? Clearly, TPTB at Days are just as asleep as she is when she’s doing her scenes. We know they have no respect for their audience. They also have no respect for their show.

“…TPTB at Days are just as asleep as she is ”

I lay all the blame on Betty and Ted Corday’ – son – Ken Corday

Who’s niece IS this actress anyway? The producer’s? I think they just need to cut her scenes way down, just have her telling Hope that she wants to go up to her room and study for a while, or scenes like that. Give her very little screen time. She is fine in quick supportive scenes but really she can’t be the center of attention, the show is bad enough as it is.

Llanviewer717…AGREED!!!!! Oh…as far as I’m concerned, TIIC at DOOL have NO RESPECT for ANYONE ELSE…PERIOD!!!!!

Have a good one.

I know I have expressed my opinion before, but this ‘villain’ storyline bringing down the town is just not what I want to watch on Days. The actors are all trying and doing the best they can with the material, so no criticism of them just not the type of storyline I want to see on Days. Just expressing my opinion and vote for the record. It seems I am not a lone in this, but if others like it, and ratings are up, I can respect that. I suppose even though it is actually sad, it could be viewed as humorous how it is done (so bad that it is good), so may be it could be funny to watch even though for me I put it on for a few minutes and have had enough. With that said, I always wish Days the best, love the cast, and give the writers credit for their hard work I am just more interested in storylines around relationships, and contemporary human drama, not revenge, mean, ugly, dark storylines. Look for soaps for light romantic escape, etc. Enough dark, ugly, meaness on the news.

Just want to add to my last comment. I like Theo, and glad that he will be a hero, but just not into this type of storyline or any shooting, violence, etc. on soaps or TV for that matter. Would be glad and love to have seen Theo as a hero in another capacity.

4 ever Days, MO, Celia , and everyone who thinks Theo’s character is doing a wonderful job, I totally agree. He is the best of the teens on the show. I love this young man; perhaps, the show can find some other teens to support Theo’s great work.

I’ll admit it. I don’t watch Days. However I note that it has it’s loyal viewers commenting on MF. So I have been trying to see the appeal. But when I see a header to this page about guns and killing, or suicides in the past, it’s not my idea of another soap I would add for my “escape” in the afternoon. Already too much crime and killing on GH, and the real world news.

I agree!

Days Of Our Lives

Jason Cook Recalls Landing His Soap Roles as DAYS Shawn-Douglas Brady and GH’s Matt Hunter

Daytime fans remember Jason Cook when he became wildly-popular as Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Bo’s (Peter Reckell) son, Shawn-Douglas Brady on Days of our Lives from 1999-2006. He later made a brief return in the role in 2015 for the series 50th anniversary.

After departing DAYS, Cook was offered a role on General Hospital as Dr. Matt Hunter, the younger brother to Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) from 2008-2012. However, during his time on the soaps, and after, Cook has been focusing on his behind the scenes roles and passion as writer and a director of feature films.

Last week, the Michael Fairman Channel welcomed Jason, along with two of the stars of his latest film, Four for Fun, Brytni Sarpy (Elena, Y&R) and Jacob Young (ex-AMC, B&B, GH). During the conversation, Cook revealed his continued admiration for the soap medium and the actors who work in it, and how it came to pass that he landed his parts on Days of our Lives, and then on General Hospital.

Photo: JPI

Cook spoke on becoming the on-screen son of soap opera’s most iconic couples, Bo and Hope: “I auditioned for Fran Bascom. She was the Days of our Lives casting director at the time. I was never a great auditioner, I don’t think. She made me feel really comfortable. I remember that screen test. And then, I remember when I got the part, I was actually working at a company at a desk job. I got the call at work and I just screamed, and at the time I didn’t quit my job. But then, I got that contract when I was 19-years-old and it totally changed my life.”

Photo: JPI

But, was Jason aware how key to the show being Bo and Hope’s son would be? “Yeah, my older sister was a fan of the show. She definitely let me know that I better not mess it up, because I was gonna ruin her favorite couple,” he shared. “I remember she printed out the family tree and it looked like a physics diagram. It was so complicated. A lot of detailed work went into it. But, I was excited.”

After being a known entity with a large fan following, eventually Cook made his way to a new role on General Hospital. Jason explained, “GH was fun. That was a situation where Brian Frons (ex-ABC Daytime President) brought me over there. I just told him I didn’t want to be like or want to do Shawn. He’s like, ‘Well, what do you wanna do?’ I said, ‘How can I screw things up around here and shake things up?'”

Photo: JPI

From that conversation things began to formulate. Cook revealed, “We started talking about the TV series House. I think in soaps, there’s an assumption if you’re going on a show that everybody wants to be the hero. I was like, ‘I don’t want to (be). I want to screw everything up.’ And then, they wrote it in that Matt Hunter burns the hospital down within like six months. I was like really proud about that. The other part that I loved about that character is that Matt, and his older brother Patrick (Jason Thompson), were both neurosurgeons. And if you (an actor) resigned your contract (with the show) you go to Patrick, you see Patrick. And if you don’t resign your contract, you see my character, because my character was going to kill you every time.”

For more on the interview, make sure to check out the replay of the livestream conversation below with Jason, Brytni Sarpy and Jacob Young.  Now let us know, did you enjoy Jason as Shawn-D and Matt on GH? Do you hope someday he might return on-screen to the soaps? Let us know in the comment section.

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All My Children

EXCLUSIVE: Jacob Young, Joan Collins and Nadia Bjorlin to Prague to Film ‘Murder Between Friends’

On Thursday night during the Michael Fairman Channel’s livestream interview centering around Jason Cook’s (ex-Shawn, DAYS and ex-Matt, GH) latest movie Four For Fun which stars Brytni Sarpy (Elena, Y&R) and Jacob Young (ex-JR, AMC, ex-Rick, B&B and ex-Lucky, GH), revealed another upcoming film project with some very familiar faces.

Jacob Young shared an exclusive that he is set to direct, produce and star in a Agatha Christie-like murder mystery feature film aptly tiled Murder Between Friends.

Speaking on the upcoming project, Jacob said, “I’m flying at the end of the March to Prague to direct, produce and star in a film with Joan Collins (ex-Dynasty). Nadia Bjorlin (ex-Chloe, Days of our Lives) is in it, and Toby Alexander Smith from Eastenders (ex-Gray Atkins). Plus, a couple of my Broadway friends and a very well known Czech actress (Hana Vagnerova).”

Photo: BBC

According to Jacob, the production start date is April 1st. He added on the premise of the film, “It’s very Agatha Christie sort of ‘Knives Out’ without having a hundred million dollars to shoot it, but still will be a lovely film nonetheless.” Young said the plan is to finish all principal photography by April 17th.

Photo: JPI

IMDb has more on the film. It shared that former All My Children star Trent Garrett (ex-Asher Pike) is listed as co-directing the feature. Mark Rozzano is listed as writer of Murder Between Friends.

So, what do you think about this upcoming feature from Jacob that will feature Joan Collins, Nadia Bjorlin et al? Share your thoughts in the comment section. 

Then below, check out the full livestream conversation with Jason Cook, Brytni Sarpy and Jacob Young on ‘Four For Fun’ and their notable soap roles.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Star Blake Berris Chats On the Everett Lynch/Bobby Stein Mystery, Working with His New Co-Stars, and the Last Christmas Episode with Bill Hayes

On Days of our Lives, the return of Blake Berris is making for some very intriguing drama, with the audience guessing just which way the story will go.

When Berris arrived back on Days of our Lives, after previously playing Nick Fallon, he was taking on the new role of Everett Lynch, who has a past with Stephanie Johnson (Abigail Klein) and Jada Hunter (Elia Cantu). Only, as it has been revealed, the past he had with Jada was under the name “Bobby Stein,” who from what we can tell was far from a nice guy.

Blake visited the Michael Fairman Channel for a livestream interview this week, where fans in the live chat were weighing-on what could be the truth about the guy – is he a split personality suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder? Did the accident that cost him a year of his life in a coma, never happen? Recently, someone set fire to the beloved Horton house. Fans are suspecting it would have been “Bobby” who is working for Clyde Weston (James Read). Others believe that Everett/Bobby could actually be Clyde’s son. With upcoming therapy sessions with Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) about to start, things are about to get more juicy in Salem.

Photo: JPI

Here are just a few excerpts from our conversation with Blake on a myriad of Everett/Bobby subjects. Make sure to check out the full interview for more.

Did you know that they were going to make Everett Lynch a Jewish character? This is only the second time in the history of the show that they have even had a Jewish character on the canvas. Didn’t they reveal this at the Horton family Christmas episode?

BLAKE: No, they never asked me. I am half-Jewish on my dad’s side. There was never like, ‘You’re Jewish, right? We can call you Jewish on the show?’ At the Horton Christmas, “They made a real point of it, yeah.”

And now the new ‘character’ is “Bobby Stein” …

BLAKE: “Right, and that suggests more Jewish, and then Lynch must be coming from somewhere else, maybe the mother. I was so curious because I think the show has been historically, I’m gonna say, Catholic more than like Wasps. With the Bradys there’s this sort of Irish influence, and then the DiMeras, that’s Italian. So, we’ve got Catholics sort of on both sides that are dominant. Now I, “represent”.

Photo: JPI

What has it been like working with Abigail Klein?

BLAKE: I think she is extraordinary. We start off sort of frosty, or she’s frosty with me, like she doesn’t want to let me in. And then, for a while things are going really well. I just could not adore Abigail more. She’s such a good actor. I could always rely on her to bring me back into a scene and be there in this emotionally, supportive way.

Photo: JPI

Everett and Chad seemed to be becoming friend-ish, when all went awry when at the PCPD interrogation room, Everett let him know about Elia and Bobby Stein, and Chad let him have it for worming his way back in to Stephanie’s life.

BLAKE: Billy would call us the ‘disgusting brothers’ and that’s a reference from Succession, because all of a sudden they’re just so chummy with each other. It’s like all of a sudden we just had this like ‘Bernstein and Woodward’, sort of dynamic duo. I think that Everett really started to think of Chad as a friend and feels sort of disappointed, and he feels, “Oh, it’s that easy? I just needed to have some other identity and now you’re a fair-weather friend?”‘

Photo: JPI

In recent scenes, Jada sees Bobby Stein for the first time, and we see you and Elia Cantu share scenes with each other for the first time. What is it like working with Elia?

BLAKE: She’s fire, man. She comes in hot and she tells you the way it’s going to be. I think early on, we were trying to suss each other out and the more we worked together, the more comfortable you get with somebody. I think actors do this sometimes with each other; if there’s spice on screen, you like to keep some of what you have on-screen in your (real-life) interactions because it helps … it helps the work.  Eventually, we just sort of wore each other down and we’re like, ‘I actually totally get you, and you’re great.'”

Did you know that they were going to make Everett Lynch a Jewish character? This is only the second time in the history of the show that they have even had a Jewish character and didn’t they reveal this at the Horton family Christmas episode?

BLAKE: No, they never asked me. I am half-Jewish on my dad’s side. There was never like, ‘You’re Jewish, right? We can call you Jewish on the show?’ At the Horton Christmas, “They made a real point of it, yeah.”

And now the new ‘character’ is “Bobby Stein” …

BLAKE: “Right, and that suggests more Jewish, and then Lynch must be coming from somewhere else, maybe the mother. I was so curious because I think the show has been historically, I’m gonna say, Catholic more than like Wasps. With the Bradys there’s this sort of Irish influence, and then the DiMeras, that’s Italian. So we’ve got Catholics sort of on both sides that are dominant. Now I, “represent”.

Photo: JPI

You were on set and in the annual Horton Christmas episode which sadly marked the last for Days of our Lives legendary Bill Hayes, who passed away in January of this year.  What do you recall of that tape day?

BLAKE: It was the Christmas episode when we were watching Susan (Julie) and Bill, say ‘Merry Christmas.’  And there was something about it that just felt like it could be the last time. I mean, it wrecked us all on set. Bill gets so choked up and there was something really profound about the moment. They kiss each other as they have so many times before on the show. It was just beautiful. It felt beautiful to be there for that last Christmas. He’s just such an icon. Every time I’d see him, he was so with it … he knew my name, he knew his lines. What an incredible, incredible man.

Photo: JPI

Fans will get to see Everett in therapy sessions with Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall)? Would you say she is helping the guy?

BLAKE: Deidre’s always making jokes about Marlena, ‘She’s the worst therapist in the world’ (Laughs) I remember in the first therapy session, we almost couldn’t get through the scenes because it’s just so clear that Everett has a litany of very profound psychological issues that he is going to have to work through. He’ll keep coming back. This guy’s gonna pay the bills!

Photo: JPI

Viewers are waiting to see how they mystery of Everett Lynch/Bobby Stein plays out. What can you say as a tease for what’s to come?

BLAKE: As far as a tease, I would say, you have all these characters sort of, trying to wake up the ‘sleeping giant’ in a way. I think it’s safe to say that like if you poke a bear, the bear might wake up.

Watch the livestream chat with Blake in full below.

Now let us know, what do you think is going with Everett/Bobby? What has happened to him in his past? Share your theories in the comment section below, and make sure to catch Days of our Lives next week on Peacock for more to his story.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

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