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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sabrina Is Murdered!



On Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital, it was the end of the line for Nurse Sabrina Santiago, when she was brutually murdered by the hospital serial killer, Paul Hornsby (Richard Burgi).

The death of Sabrina ends the four year plus run of her portrayer, Teresa Castillo.  In story, after Monica (Leslie Charleson) finds herself in the clutches of Paul along with a syringe filled with derisifol, he injects her in the neck. After she crumbles to the floor, Paul mutters under his breath, “how she brought this on herself.”  But once again Paul bumps into Sabrina, who has now been newly reinstated at General Hospital to the nursing staff.

Sabrina goes past Paul and finds Monica needing urgent help as she starts CPR.  She then asks DA Hornsby, what happened?  Paul lies and says he found Monica, but was on his way out of her office to get some help.   Sabrina begs Paul to hurry and bring help. Next, when Paul never returns to the scene, Sabrina calls for a crash team.  When the doctor arrives he finds an injecton site on Monica’s neck.

Next, Sabrina rushes out into the hospital corridor to find Paul to alert him that Monica was injected/attacked! Unfortunately for Sabrina, she was once again at the wrong place at the wrong time, as she suddenly realizes Paul never called for back-up!  As a nervous Paul grabs for his phone, a surgical glove comes out of his suit jacket pocket!  Sabrina realizes she is next to the serial killer, and as she tries to back away from him as her hysteria mounts, he grabs her and from their brutally begins to dispense with her!

Meanwhile at the Metro Court, Michael (Chad Duell) tells Tracy (Jane Elliot) he plans on asking Sabrina to marry him tonight and even picked out quite the ring to give to her!  Tracy approves of Michael and Sabrina together, but not Carly (Laura Wright).  When Michael’s mother shows up and gets herself into the conversation, she tells Michael she thinks he is moving to fast with Sabrina, and that she wants him to feel an enduring and sustaining love with the woman he choses to marry.  Carly goes on to say that thus far Sabrina’s love for Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) was obvious, even running away with him and having his baby!

Michael doesn’t care what his mother says.  He is very excited to meet up with Sabrina after her shift at GH and propose to her.  However, when we cut to the final shot of the episode, viewers see a dead Sabrina laid out on the hospital floor, as Michael sends her a text!  As for Paul, a quite unglued DA shows up at Julian’s (William deVry) trial having just murdered Sabrina!

So, what did you think about the murder of Sabrina? What is Paul’s motive for injecting unsuspecting people at the hospital and killing them? Will you miss Teresa Castillo?  What will happen when Michael finds out Sabrina is dead? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Ding Dong……

I hated the fact that Sabrina had to be killed off. She was one of my favorite characters. The writers could have re-cast her if Teresa Castillo wanted to leave to be with her children. By re-casting her it would have left the door open for Michael & her to continue to grow their relationship and possible marriage. Now that won’t happen.

Makes me wonder if the GH writers are trying to drive the 53-year old soap into the ground because they are not doing enough to make rating soar, but instead killing off people or just not including them in any type of story line.

I respect your opinion but killing off Sabrina would NOT be a key factor if ABC wanted to kill the soap! She was a minor, mostly unpopular player.

I’m so disappointed in the steer of this show

I got caught up in the sappy moments… AND that was easy to do… because HE was Robins’ husband… Dr. Patrick. she didn’t have a chance… bad writing that time around… the writing and production value this time around is WORSE !

killing off Sabrina… ( whether it was her choice to leave, or not ) as she was making inroads… to character vitality

dang it ! Sabrina and Lizs scenes as new BFFs ! argh! I wanted this new relationship… PLUS Sabrina and Dr. Joe… could have skirted the lovestruck and delved …. he’s HOT and JVP worked and brought Magic to Sabrina… plus… Tracy and Sabrina friendship ; worked… she added her own turn in the hospital… Michael is so dullsville… HE CAN BE FIRED.

I can’t imagine she was an expensive contract… or recurring… she brought a mix of color… a mix of Puerto rican flavor… a mix of people

GH production values… blow

between Sabrina and Nicholas… being axed

this just begs the question…. why ???? the dullards win again

Sonny / Carly / Jason / Sam…. are losing

HOW in gods name are we to find any thing relatable about;

Sonny / Carly / Jason / Sam… they LACK … they’re sinking this show

GH production… fired… 3 very unique characters

Paul… dynamic leading man … with lots of sex appeal… and was spot on as Dillons father and ex-wife to Tracy… Quartermainia loses again.

Nicholas… is the mystique of the SHOW… “Cassadine” very much in the same context as DiMera of DAYS… a family dynasty that is being laid bare… what a joke of a show without

Sabrina… she brought much more than a PERSON (s) of COLOR are NEEDED on this show… that has no variation… no world market for people of all colors creed religion… etc… I”M SICK of the token black latino Asian person, because it’s standard practice to not draw attention to… PEOPLE OF ALL COLOR watch serials.

so we are left with bland blah and boring characters who are irrelevant to all of the audience to care about… I’ll take it…

Sonny / Carly / Jason / & Sam are DULL

Oh, Lori….I know, my friend…I commiserate with you.
Sooo sad. I cried with Michael…..especially when he put the ring on her finger.
I knew there was going to be a ‘disturbance’ regarding Paul and Sabrina. When she, Liz and Paul were in Liz’s hospital room, Sabrina sort of gave him a funny look. I suspected Paul would TRY to kill her…Never did I expect it to become a reality. I actually thought he would finish Liz off, as it were.
That’s not to say he still won’t try, Lisa. I mean, Paul knows Liz saw him with the needle; the reason he pushed her down the stairs….she has blocked this fact. Paul must realize that sooner or later, Liz will remember, and Paul cannot take that chance.
Well, Liz can’t die. She has too much story attached to her.

I am so disappointed that they killed of Sabrina. Sabrina may not be very popular, but many fans were excited that they were getting together and could feel the heat brewing. If the writers would have been up for the challenges, they could have created a hot and heavy love affair or super couple

Gh does appeal to people of color hello Jordan,TJ,Curtis,Andre,Valarie,Sonny. Sabrina needed to be killed she had no storyline left.

Patrick…You really said it for me except for Sam and Jason. I do like the together, but do admit they are writing boring for them. I have always liked Sabrina and was glad they were finally giving her Michael, a place back at GH again as a nurse, and even having her strike up a friendship with Liz. Hope they don’t ruin Joe/JVP now that he’s back…at least sometimes. What’s up here? Don’t like what they have turned Paul into. He could have been such a major, strong influence within the Q family. And thumbs down on what they are doing with Ava since she came back from Cassadine Island. She had such a nice thing going with Nik, now they have her destroying Morgan in a very despicable way. I know she has a lot to answer for, especially Connie. But was hoping she was on her way to sort of reforming her image. ..a little. And now Avery is probably only going to have Sonny and Carly. Poor little girl. But then Michael should have never given her back to Sonny. Like Hayden and Finn, too. As two lost souls, they have a nice, natural chemistry with each other. As do Laura and Kevin.

Nicely said Rose.

OH @Rose

now, i’m all riled up again….

“…now Avery is probably only going to have Sonny and Carly. Poor little girl. ”

I couldn’t agree, more

the GH writers , for whatever it’s worth.. have to give Ava a let

which just stinks.. because… now that Nicholas may or may not be on the canvas

w/Paul leaving ?

what’s going to REEL for Ava ?

argh! I just can’t stand it… w/ the renewal of FV with “Jelly” contracts

does any one else draw blanks… it’s total dismay

it hurts stinks and balk !

Michael and the ring surely rushed–writers doing double time to “catch up”–not convincing at all. Yes, I know. It’s the set up for Michael to grieve and for some melodrama. And so it goes . . . .

Michael has become such a boring character.

Michael wanted to marry Sabrina and raise the baby before she left with Carlos and after he found out the baby wasn’t his. He did everything he could to find her and rescued her. I think his wanting to marry her is consistent with the feelings he’s displayed for a long time.

it’s going to be painful to watch… he thinks he’s studmuffin

ARGH ! Nelle is going to be wasted on Michael… he lacks , no muster, no value

and so it goes… Lord and savior Sonny w/screeching Carly

Stop Hating on Michael geeze.

In spite of her running away to be with Carlos, Sabrina was a very good person and quite dutiful in her role as a caring person and a nurse (someone with morals, which is rare on the soaps) Once she and Michael found each other again, I so looked forward to them being great parents to her son. It always seems that the ones that have experienced conflict in their love lives are rarely given the opportunity to enjoy it once they find real love.

I am soooo upset that they killed Sabrina off. The writers are lossing it! They should do a show named so you think you can write. I am a writer andbwould like to write a episode. Ava is the character that paul should have killed! Ava has never paid for anything she has done!!!!!!!

Why can’t they just let Michael be happy, I love Sabrina and her story line was just starting to get good.

why kill her she was so awesome i hated when she wasnt there
michael deserves love
i was crying gh is my favorite show but they are losing their minds why

Its so sad that Sabrina was killed off. She did bring some pizzazz to the show.
She had a very good heart she was a very pretty girl and I feel that she bought a lot to General Hospital in the short time that she was there and it’s just so sad that you always take the good out and leave the bad behind because Ava should be gone by now that monster. I know it’s just a story but Ava is a kilo she should be gone.

I think it sucks they killed her off. Michael had a role and they were good together. They keep bringing in new characters and they are so boring and there is no crossover of these characters. She git in with everyone. I really don’t watch GH anymore because everything drags on. And they have ruined so many characters. These writers stink!

It seems like all the story lines I become invested in, always go the opposite of what I’d like. Was always in Sabrina’s corner because I loved her character. Even after they messed up her story line with Patrick, I still stuck in there because as much as I loved her and Drake together, Sabrina and Michael made a cute couple. They complimented each other. Haven’t been able to look at it for the past 2 months but with Sabrina’s death, I think this avid watcher for the past 34 years, is done

Hi Dee, I totally agree with your post! I am so mad at this. She was a fan favorite. Maybe not every fan, but she was a favorite to a lot of people, and it could have been anyone who was not on the show often. Also, where has “Lucas” been? I am off to doctor now for my own drama, will rant later. Peace

I can not believe they wrote her off and did this to Michael yet again Remember the girl was in love with years ago and she was killed in some freak train accident? I’m so disappointed in the writers for this.

To me this is a sign General Hospital is going DOWN!!! This is sign of the new generation. GH actors if I were you I’ll start looking for another job, that’s what happened to me after being on a job for 20 year I got fired. New and younger managers are driving us out of work.

I totally agree with all of you. I’ve been watching GH for about 15 years and lately it’s just been going down hill. I was so happy that Michael and Sabrina were finally getting back on track and they just had to ruin it all. Killing Sabrina off was the last straw for me. I won’t be watching GH anymore.

I really liked the Sabrina character and the Sabrina/Michael relationship.
Sorry to see her killed off…

Micheal and Nelle gets involved but Nelle is the daughter of Carly and Tony Jones…

We got a winner! Crazy thing, she really could pass for their daughter if you remember Tony Jones. [Brad Maule]

That is absurd. This is exactly the type of story line that is losing viewers right and left.

Or, Nina’s daughter, Jimmy. Kiki or Nelle. Maybe both. Twins?
But, Nelle being Carly’s daughter makes more sense since her kidney was a match for Joss.

If she were the Daughter of Carly and Tony don’t you think GH would have brought her on years ago

Why can’t Michael be happy?

What an island!

I’ve watching GH for many years but I believe I’m done! I was mad when they killed Silas but then they brought him back so I was happy with that. But to have Michael & Sonny plan & carry out that big rescue to bring Sabrina back to Port Charles just to kill her is the last straw for me!! Goodbye GH! Terrible writers!!

With Sabrina dead, who gets her baby Teddy ???
Seems his Uncle Joe will take custody ..

Joe and Tracy/Micheal will fight for custody as i predicted…

I hope Michael is Teddy’s father and Uncle Joe go to hell, or Tracy is going to fight for custody for him also.


Let’s hope so, su0000.

if it does go to trial…. “what” an opportune time… to flesh out.. and multi layer his character that much more

JVP will carry the torch for… (Sabrina) and will win the good fight and be a Mr. Mom… with his doctorate

can we say yummier

hate that they call him teddy, little Edward was more of a hope for future Quartermaine life even thou he was not one.

As Jimh said….there will be a custody battle between Joe and Tracy. Normally, the closest relative assumes custody….but, it also depends on circumstances.
LOL… This is a soap, so, of course, absolute drama must reign.

@GRANTLOVER!….Personally, I prefer “Teduardo!!!!” It’s snappy cool!

Maybe uncle Joe isn’t as squeaky clean as he says…could be back to revenge Carlos…or maybe he was posing as Carlos when he slept with Sabrina…so custody will eventually fall back to Tracy!

Hmmmm….great thought, Rebecca.
What about this: Joe, secretly came to PC wanting to see Sabrina. One ‘enchanted evening’ LOL), he pretended to be Carlos and slept with her. With a heavy heart, he left, knowing he would carry Sabrina in his heart forever. Lo and Behold!! Teddy is actually Joe’s son??

That’s what I’m thinking CeeCee. If Joe is really the father…but turns out to be a psycho…he duped Sabrina…ugh…so sad talking about her when she’s not here anymore…lol but :(… Into sleeping with him…maybe he too will get killed off or sent away to the big house…and thus Tracy and/or Michael gets custody. What if…aye yi yi…what if Michael falls prey to Nell and She tries to sell lil Ed’s kidney!!!! Then she’d be sorta doing a mommy dearest Nina thing…does it never end!!!!!! 🙂

Or…maybe Carlos is alive! Maybe Carlos went to hide out at Joe’s when Anna thought she killed him…Joe held Carlos captive so he could pretend to be Carlos and be with Sabrina, but got killed. Carlos escaped, heard of his brother’s death and now has a new lease on life living as Joe. Carlos, posing as Joe, can sue for custody…and stay in Port Charles hiding in plain sight… But then what would be the point of that…none of this is interesting without Sabrina!!! Sigh…
Lol. Tired…need to rethink my plot!

I CAN NOT believe they have killed off Sabrina…..and rather harsh scenes! She has yet to be happy for very long, I find it absolutely ridiculous this happened to her! Teresaa is a wonderful actress and I pray the TPTB come to their senses and right this wrong…Give Teresa a new role! If they can do it for one, they can do it for her! And poor Michael, losing another GF to death….he should of been celebrating his future w/Sabrina, not mourning her death! And Teddy has lost both parents! Make all this right, prove Michael’S the daddy and bring TC back in a new role…put Michael and her together to raise Teddy! PLEASEEEEE or I may be done for good w/GH!

Now an ex viewer of General Hospital ! She was the best character on that show and the actress was outstanding ! Michael and Sabrina were THE general hospital couple ! It ‘s scandalous and outraging . They were the reason i was still invested in the show . After having failed to reunite Luke and Laura after Geary left we had that bright spot with Michael and Sabrina ! And on more sad news Tyler Christopher has quit General hospital . I am no longer watching General Hospital . The soap is turned off for good in my home along with Bold and beautiful that i stopped watching for good when Stephanie Forrester died in 2012 ! Can’t the soaps get good writers these days that have the intelligence to see they have talent when they see it ! The potential of Sabrina and Michael was endless and of course of Sabrina herself . I am beyond furious !

Well said! I totally agree!

I agree too! Deleted my 258 episodes I was behind in & am DONE! What’s the point now with the reasons I still watched the show basically irrelevant now.

Buh Bye Ashlee

Sabrina did not have to die such a terrifying, brutal death! While certainly not perfect, she was essentially a kind person. If they wanted to write the character off, they could’ve done it differently. Sabrina has the baby she always wanted and will now never be able to watch him grow up. What was the point of bringing in the character of Joe, Carlos’s twin brother, if Sabrina is not on the canvas? I was actually hoping that Sabrina would be instrumental in bringing Paul to justice, not dying at his hands. I, for one, can’t wait for that SOB to get what’s coming to him and for GH to write this deplorable character off the show!

Joel, I agree. This is an axe I’ve been grinding for years. It happens in movies and prime time also: Good people meet ugly, violent ends (no true fan enjoys that), while the evil ones either get off scot free (like Ava and probably Julian) or get dispatched quickly and painlessly. They don’t even let us have the visceral release anymore of letting us enjoy seeing good win out over evil; they should take a lesson from Old Hollywood. But everything now is “grey areas”. Sorry, but real life is already like that. I don’t need it in my soaps as well. How about some “enjoyable” stories once in a while. If they still know how to write them!

I agree with both you and Joel.

They should of let Carlos and Sabrina sail off into the sunset happily and wait for better writers to return. Both characters got butchered pointlessly for the sake of it fit into a worthless story . If JVP were not still there this would of been the last straw for me

GH has lost their minds. Killing Sabrina? Paul as the serial killer? The writers would rather pursue the age old cassadine boring when will it ever end story line? Sabrina was a breath of fresh air, I’ve loved Paul all the way back to his desperate housewives days. now they are both gone. GH just isn’t worth it anymore.

I know, when these new writers took over I thought things would get better, but OH my they are worse than ever. Where has “Lucas” been for so long? ON a honeymoon for three months? What is going on with this show? Killing off “Sabrina” was a very bad move for sure.

Oh, Hope, how right you are. We lose Sabrina & probably Paul, but we keep Jordan; T.J.; Aaron; Parker; Andre the bore; Nurse Amy; Officer (?) Valerie; Claudette; Hayden’s mother, that college girl who casually shares social diseases like some people pass out chewing gum. Where will it End? I’m surprised they didn’t bump off Monica, too.

Bring Sabrina back!
Let her be happy!

Thank you, thank you—(THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!)—oh ye mighty SoapGods!!!!!….My fervent prayers have FINALLY been answered….yes, yes, YES!!!!!!! It’s been an absolute age waiting (and waiting….AND waiting…..) for this long-desired moment of wish fulfillment to actually happen, and as gloriously rapturous as it is, I’m quite disappointed that it had to occur at the hands of that dishy devil, Paul Hornsby….whoever thought up the idea to make him the hospital serial killer deserves a thousand lashes with a wet noodle…Richard Burgi was an inspired addition rarely seen for GH and despite the fact murderers walk free in Port Charles on an alarmingly regular basis, I cannot see any conceivable way out for this character which would allow Paul’s commanding presence to continue much into the future…(Unless he pleads diminished mental capacity, in which case he could possibly hook up with Heather in her nuthouse for the criminally-insane???? Hmmmm….now there’s a meaty thought!) As for Sabs….so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye! (Shades of Dr. O…..) Oh, and adios, ciao, and au revoir, too!!!! This parting is a VERY sweet non-sorrow…a considerable capper to a week positively brimming with sublimely satisfying schadenfreude!!!!! Now if we can just do something about that atrociously annoying Nina…….

but her twin shows up-lol

Oh, jimh…..I just knew that was you when I saw your comment in my inbox! LOL…but seriously, even as a joke, that notion is SO NOT funny!!!! We suffered for FOUR LONG years waiting for this day to arrive….can we not just enjoy it to the utmost extremity now that my fondest dream has come to fruition????? (Thank you.)

Jim, you’re evil!!! Sabrina’s twin sister? HA!
Now seriously, Shay, didn’t you feel a little bit sad when Sparkle Pony took one last gasp? Didn’t you feel sad when a tearful Michael placed a ring on her little hoof?
The funny thing is that when she started shrieking as Paul started to wring her neck, I realized she did the exact same thing when Patrick left her at the alter.

Amen!! Preach!!! One down!!! Oh please, oh please, oh please can Nina be next?????!!!

×××I have to keep in mind that an opinion is just like an a-hole, we all have one!!!!!!!

We wont be so lucky…

i’d love to see Carly down for the count

everyone in Port Charles and the audience can take a breath

mow the bitch down

From you lips!! Nina is really not finding her footing in Port Charles–is she?

Very classy re(butt)al there, Vimoda!

Shay a virtual toast with our martinis!

I agree Patrick! Carly has become quite the annoyance & painful to watch.

No Harry, I really don’t think Nina fits into this cast. GH has tried but failed.

Shaybelle, HaHaHaHaHa….that’s a classic line in itself, re(butt)? Perfect. I love it!!

Hi Rebecca1, it’s looks as though Patrick has made a complete 180 or was that another Patrick? Well anyway, I like this Patrick (the poster) and I think timmm is softening up a bit, nawww just my imagination!!! Lmbo

Surely you haven’t looked in the mirror in a very looong time because offensive, long words don’t make one classy!!! Let’s just say that I am not impressed!!!

but what connection does Paul and his daughter have to GH…was she Finn’s wife so Paul is trying to blackmail Finn-maybe Finn-who doesnt know his father-in-law is Paul-is responsible for whatever happened to Susan…this is the only way i can make sense of this almost senseless plot which is not senseless anymore since Sabs was a victim-lol

It’s a mess, Jimmy. I hope this killing spree/farce climaxes with a point made. No rhyme or reason, so far…well, the phone call; does that mean anything? Paul seemed to be talking to a child on the phone. Is this all in his head?
If it is, he must have moments of lucidity if he can methodically kill this way.
Also, didn’t I say Alexis was going to go haywire? ….well, loopy….The point is Paul put something in Alexis’s drink.
Will Jorblivious figure it out? Will anyone ZOOM in on the cup? If someone figures out the water has been laced with something; Paul will feel the noose tightening.

But i still have that fear she will return somehow-maybe even as a ghost-i need therapy fast!!!

Oh please no ghosts…. I want this death to stick!

Too bad Nina is not going anywhere and i doubt Paul is going anywhere ether,.

Re you reply to my comment above: “You say Stop Hating On Michael–geeze.”

I say go back and re read my comment: I said NOTHING about Michael–but about the SCENE–which would be commenting on the WRITING of the scene
“Geez”! 🙂 🙂

Nina is untouchable. Why? I say so. !!!!!!! LOL.
No, please. ‘They’ wouldn’t do that, would ‘they’? I will cry, if that happened, GH Fan. I know, I know; I’m in the minority. LOL.

I will say this–today the actor who plays Felix proved himself as an actor. I am sorry I do not know his name. While I really didn’t harbor feelings of affection for the character of Sabrina due to the Fast Food Approach to her character which the actress was unable to rise above, the actor who plays Felix was able to rise above the brevity of character development afforded to him. He had me close to tears due to his beautiful and heartfelt acting today.
This is an actor and a character who deserves his own front burner story, He is too good to be relegated as a girl’s best friend and potential bride’s maid.

HEREwe agree Harry! I’ve ALWAYS loved Felix! Was so upset when they basically diminished whatever little screen time he had. I jut mentioned on another post that I hope this doesn’t mark the end of his presence. We need more of this great character and actor, not less! At least let something good come out of this debacle..

I’m not at all invested in this storyline. My only hope is that now Chad Duell will get a story – he’s had nothing to do since he won an Emmy. The show is appalling these days, too many characters – most of whom I don’t care about – and storylines that go nowhere. I’m assuming Brad and Lucas have one hell of a sex life since we don’t see them. Kristina and her professor just fizzled. The REAL story there was a PROFESSOR leading on a student. K didn’t just make bad choices she was involved with someone who nearly killed her.

Without a lead up to Julian’s change of heart, this remains the worst s/l of all time.

And WTF was Rosalie’s secret

who cares Rosalie was a useless character

I miss her already.
I was hoping she’d survive, but the ending of the ep made it clear she would not. 🙁


Just wrong. She was a great actress who never really got a good story line after breaking up with Drake. I’ve been watching for 45 years and GH is getting lousy story lines. Might give it up. Bad move letting her go.

I think it was wrong to murder sabrina. I will no longer be watching this show


I admire your decision, Brad. This is a bad move for the show and a very disturbing way to remove Sabrina. We have enough violence against women in the world already. We don’t need it reenacted so unpleasantly. Shame on GH!

how can serials continue to be so … generic… white… and easy to sum up

pure laziness on the writers part

WHO are they catering to… middle age plus… since GH is the mob… will always continue to be ? because its all we know ?

how can any one … as a newbie fan… comprehend… that mob related stories are that interesting… if I want that… I’d gladly watch the sopranos… or some rated r or rated x for realism

Sonny and Carly continue to come out on top… barely unscathed… untouched and boring

so we continue to plod along with all the entourage that is Corinthos

so bland with no color… no layers of intrigue that make up the genetic of humane

I’ve lost a lot of verve and energy to prop and support such a wasted show

no Sabrina, no Nicholas, soon enough ; no Paul, no Morgan…


I’m clearly hoping that Mal and Sally .. new regime heading up Y&R take flight

bye bye GH

I think GH needs a group of new writers. They are all over the place. The Sabrina character help make the show interesting and watchable, as did the Spenelli character. Something is wrong when you start casting uninteresting people with no passion for acting or improvising. Furthermore, this show has fallen waaay short from what it used to be.

wow, i didn’t see this coming, i have a lot to say but it won’t really matter, it was so sad seeing her beg for her life, it was kind of violent way for a good character to go. just sad!

It was, aria, and I am profoundly disturbed by yesterday’s episode. SHAME on GH for adding to the glorification of violence against women on television. We DO NOT need to see these scenes shown in such detail. It was reprehensible!

As you say, Soaphound….there’s enough violence. The scene was very disturbing for me, as well.
It seemed to have gone on and on forever. I had the ridiculous impulse to reach in there and help her out. That was waaay too graphic for Daytime Television, I say!!!!!!
Shame on the writers. I always liked Sabrina’s sweetness. I don’t think She was a mediocre character….not compared to some, as you mentioned above, Soaphound.
I welcomed seeing Sabrina’s happy face….such a refreshing character. Yet, I have to watch unctuous Sonny every day.

Aria…Absolutely agree. Plus I haven’t liked how they have Finn shooting up with his magic cure. It reminds me of the bad stuff that’s out there in real life, and didn’t need to be so graphic on GH.

I just wanna know why? Sabrina was a great character I was rooting for her, that’s not right

They did NOT just bring her back to kill her off! This is crazy!! This whole killing people at GH is nuts! Get it together GH!!

Why why do they always get rid of the good ones why don’t they get rid of Carly so sick of her getting away with hurting
everybody I love Sabrina . GH is going down the tube real fast. All the good actors are being let go or quitting is GH that hard up for money

Because Carly is 1000 times more popular than Sabrinnnnnnna!

Carly is an established character… i’ll give her that… SHE will never be the Carly of original… that belongs to Sarah Browne.. with Tamara Braun

Laura Wright needs to thank her lucky stars… they cemented this character

Sabrina… with writers changing that much quicker .. with newie actors… was never given the care

it’s a joke to watch anything Sonny and Carly… they do not stir or affect the audience

Oh this is too bad. I was hoping Hornsby hadn’t finished the job and Sabrina would pull through. I loved her friendship with Tracy. I’m sure now there will be a custody battle between the baby’s uncle and Tracy. Michael’s next love interest is going to be Nell. Carly is going to love Michael and Nell as a couple and Tracy is going to see right through Nell.

This is highly annoying. I like Sabrina and was looking forward to a triangle with her, Michael, and Joe. I really don’t get the point of Joe without Sanrina on canvas. Yes, I can see a custody battle coming. What a snooze fest that will be.

I’ve been a fan of Sabrina since day one? was Theresa let go or chose to leave? if she was let go there was tons of potential story with michael. why not kill of someone like Hayden or Finn or Kiki ? Sabrina was one of the few breaths of fresh air gh had left

she choose to leave to be with her children

How many characters have died on GH this year? How many serial killers have been featured in the last five years, please?

I don’t know what else to call it, Mark, except either lack of imagination or, worse, lack of courage by becoming just like the endless parade of violent prime time shows. A scene of a decent young mother begging for her life in vain was extremely well-acted by Teresa Castillo, but that made it all the more troubling. It adds to the sick perception that violence against women is entertaining. I guarantee you when or if Paul Hornsby meets his end, it will be a quick, painless arrest or a similarly respectable end. SHAME on GH!

Soaphound…Well said. Even Julian’s treatment of Alexis from tearing her clothes off, dragging her and then putting the knife to her throat was pretty awful. Makes you wonder about what kind of writers GH has if they can show this on what is supposed to be love, or at least a break in the afternoon.

@Rose….It would seem to me that just a few mere months ago those first two actions you attributed to Julian’s handling of Alexis were considered hot foreplay between two consenting adults. It certainly didn’t appeal to me, but there was plenty of pleased-as-punch panting from “Julexis” fans who couldn’t seem to get enough of their raunchy rutting routine.

Shay…There’s a night and day difference between tearing off someone’s blouse or whatever so as to have a better, unobstructed path to get to her throat to kill her, than the both of them tearing at each other’s clothes in a moment of hot passion so they could have consensual lovemaking. And I don’t recall what I said exactly, but I don’t think I would have included dragging Alexis as hot, foreplay between two consenting adults. Especially when she was terrified and tying to get away.

So hoping it isn’t true…bc I love Sabrina! She & Michael make a wonderful couple! I’m so bummed!!! Booo, hisssss to the writers!!!

No!!! I don’t believe GH went this way!! We need Sabrina!! I’m hoping against hope she makes it. We haven’t heard from her or GH have we?!? Why bring JVP back as a totally new character. I assumed Dr. Joe would be the third party in Michael and Sabrina’s relationship along with Nell. Please GH Say it ain’t so!!! Nurse Sanitago!!! ❤️#Patrina4Ever

I am glad she gone never liked her character. Now Tyler Christopher not returning to the show makes me upset.


With Sabrina gone,I wonder if this will eventually lead to a possible Michael and Nelle pairing in the future?

Nelle might be the daughter of Carly and Tony Jones…

How could Carly have a daughter from Tony and not remember her?

Forgetting one had a child is a soapy thing-lol…she could had her but gave her up as a baby-but doesnt know this is her…Bobbi might know its her-she did act strangely seeing her-hey, its GH-it often doesnt make sense-lol

Actually, Jimmy, I thought there was an awkwatd moment between Nina and Nelle. I saw a glint of a connection between them.
Are the writers teasing me? Am I seeing things that aren’t there?
The way Nina took Nelle’s hand and left for Crimson in search of a dress leaves much to the imagination. And, mine is gallopping a million miles an hour right now.
You tell me, Jimmy…’re the best when it comes to predictions and storytelling.
I have learned much from you, LOL. I am getting better at guessing, yes?
If Michael and Nelle are meant to be together, then she cannot be Carly’s. Ewwww, Jimmy. LOL.

I don’t think Michael and Nell are meant to be together in a lasting sense. Unless the writers do another about face, seems they’ve been leading us to believe she’s a con…up to something not good. But until they find that out, seems Michael will eventually turn to her which will thrill Carly…and then they’ll find out she’s evil. And Michael will be hurt AGAIN!!! No….they wouldn’t do that to him, would they? Why not, they did it to his father…AJ!

If Nell is Nina’s daughter ( Michelle Stafford looked gorgeous) maybe Nell will be redeemed as lost child gone bad..ala Carly and Nina…and be somewhat in the middle of good and evil like everyone else…except Sabrina who was all good!!! Why, why, why… Sigh.

OR, LOL…Michael can go crazy with grief and he and evil Nell could become the Bonnie & Clyde of Port Charles!

But then, I could be wrong.

Oh…but I agree CeeCee, the thought crossed my mind too re: Nina and Nell…and they have such similar stature..tall, thin…would be good casting from a physical standpoint.

Stupid mive….they should have recast when the actress who plays her quit.
Carly is going to feel terrible when she hears, especially after what she said about Sabrina yesterday.
Poor Michael. The man just can’t catch a break.
What IS Paul’s problem? Other than he is nuts!
I hope this all makes sense and doesn’t just fizzle at the end.

I will miss Sabrina but her exit was really well done.

Sorry my prediction came true Celia…lol

I said she would be killed and there would be a custody battle between Joe and the Qs…

I think Tracy wins and goes off the show as a new mommy.

I suppose you would like a pat on the. Whatever dude!!!

Vimoda!-whoever you really are-yes, i would like one!-lol

I think its Rebecca2!

It was sad that no one was around to save Sabrina but I’m okay with her being gone. I did not miss her when she was gone on maternity leave. I’m not sure why Carly was so against Sabrina when Carly did way more horrible things when she arrived to town. Michael and Sabrina were cute together but I did not see super couple in them.

I don’t remember a time when I didn’t watch GH, but lately I’ve found myself letting the show record on the DVR. There are times where I will skip multiple shows because it’s hard to get invested in a show when things seen to be so in flux. Storylines are dragging again, case in point Dr. Finn’s illness. Storylines make no sense, example, Sabrina’s having Carlos’ baby, running away with him, her murder and Hornsby being a serial killer. All these new faces that bring nothing to the storylines while folks we want to see, Ric for one, don’t get airtime. I’m not usually one for negative posts but this SL feels like the nail in the coffin to me. I’m feeling done with GH and I so don’t want to be done. I have loved this show forever and I want the real GH back.

Your DVR is NOT broke, the writers are confused and we see the finished product as confusion!

i’m not stirring the pot… I just want… so much .. that the production teams of shows… take better care

and mix the shows… with all shades of life… imbue … percolate…

what did they see wrong… with Paul; with Sabrina; with Nicholas;

three characters with so many reasons left untouched to explore

yes… fans complain that vets arent’ frontburner

I guess we should “thankless” TPTB that these 4 shows are still REELING

once again… seems like every other year.. the shows tailspin dive and it’s rehire behind the scenes to bring these shows back to life

GH is letting go characters that CAUGHT ON… get that GH ???? caught on… with an audience

Y&R has a new EP and headwriting team… thank GOD …

DAYS once again has a new headwriting team… officially airing new material since September 6, 2016

so … the long time audience is out shopping for popcorn and fresh out of idea… that front seat expectation is baren

Just sick over Teresa Castillo leaving! They could have got anyone else, but they take a favorite and the show is getting on my nerves with this story line. PS I liked Richard “Paul” also, and they messed that up.

I get your sadness and it is horrid that good people die while the evil, murdering characters are able to live happy and free lives with their children in the fictional land that is Port Charles.
That is my main complaint about GH.
I will say this–at least Sabrina was given a decent send off which is more than I can say about other core characters such as AJ Quartermaine.
I mean, hell, GH pretty much closed main street and gave Sabrina her own parade.
I think I even saw Ferris Bueller dancing on one of the Sabrina floats..

“Twist and Shout,” Harry….”Twist and Shout!!!!!”

What the hell GH!!!! Why did you kill her off??? I loved her character! First Nicholas now Sabrina… Jeez

Nikolas will be back….where did I hear that line? LOL.

I can’t believe Sabrina was killed at the hands of the serial killer but I guess there had to be that sacrificial lamb to make the story shocking. Paul had already attacked Bobbie and Valerie and they both lived to tell about it however, I thought Monica was going to be the one that got killed and would really leave us upset and when Sabrina was able to get her to at least breathe, I thought that it was just a rumor that was leaked about somebody getting killed. when I saw Sabrina was in the room alone with Paul, I got nervous and yelled at the TV when he started attacking her. I can’t wait for him to get caught although I have a good feeling we are still a little ways off from that happening.

Very sorry to see Teresa Castillo go, but the writers never seem to know what to do with her. There’s a surplus of 30-ish women at GH and not enough ideas. Really hope that this isn’t going to lead to another custody battle with Michael trying to keep a child that isn’t his.

Stupid! So you bring her back just to kill her off. Then what was the point of bringing on Joe? He has no usefulness without her.

not necessarily so… JVP has yet to even air… his own self.. all we know is that he’s hired on @ the hospital with a grant… and that he wants to spend more time with his nephew

all systems go.. for ANOTHER actor who caught on; with an audience

he’s a blast

Will miss Sabina, but not surprised. This sets up a good storyline,, “the fight for Teddy” Thinking maybe Teresa wanted out to have time with her real family. As far as the killings, I think Paul is being blackmailed by Mayor Lomax which has some reason to shut down the hospital. I’m hoping she is found out so we she more of Felicia as she will become the Mayor. I would like Scott back as DA. Maybe this would bring a little more comedy to General Hospital. I really miss the comedy of the Quatermaines.

Paul wouldn’t kill people because he was blackmailed. It probably has something to do with the death of his daughter…some deep grief, twisted revenge.

Rebecca…I (also) LOVE Felix!!!!! At this point, I’m curious about something: Is Marc Anthony Samuel (Felix) even on contract anymore??? Who knows.

Have a good one, Rebecca.

Hi jaybird369…Marc was taken off contract and put on recurring in November 2014. As far as I know nothing’s changed. He’s so good….character-wise and as an actor…darn the budget! Necessary evil…unless they can come up with a major story for him. For now, I just hope we don’t lose him altogether!

This makes no sense. Why bring her back from maternity leave just to kill her off? Why bring Jeffrey P. In as her baby’s uncle? What purpose does the uncle serve now with no ties to the canvas? Why have Michael want to marry her? The proposal was rushed and rings false. I don’t see any reason for this particular choice when she simply could have left with Carlos. Poor story-telling.

Good riddance of a ruined character. There was no chemistry between and Michael. I liked her with Patrick.

I loved her with Patrick as well. After being a die hard fan from the late seventies to mid eighties, I stopped watching for a long while, and picked it back for the 50th anniversary show l got hooked on the whole Sabrina/Patrick storyline. And after that I stayed with the show. But lately I’ve had enough and I maybe watch 2 to 3 times a week. It doesn’t have the excitement it use to

Who’s gonna sing You’re Not Alone at the Nurses Ball?


With some luck, NOBODY! But seriously, Sly, I already smell a super-sized “Sabspalooza Salute” for the next NB. Not good…..not good at all!

Epiphany she sings beautifully

Ding dong Sabs is gone Sabs is gone Sabs is gone ding the wicked scene killer is gone!

Scarey thought…her lookalike shows up…

Joe brings her to town. SERENA!

Don’t say that. Shhhh. No twins.

no more twins

Indeed, Timmmbo, INDEED!!!! What cause for celebration!!!!…(As long as the showrunners don’t pull a resuscitation or have a Sabs twin/ doppelganger materialize….would that totally diss the bliss or what?????) I cannot even go there….

SOMEONE has to read these posts attached to the show and realize MOST of us despised her. NO freaking twins! Nothing against the actress, its the character! She was okay as Ugly Betty BUT when she took off the glasses and started appearing EVERYWHERE and bringing the show down, ENOUGH! Just like Glummer over at Y&R!

Like Archie Bunker would say “boos to yous”!!!

Just curious, why do you dislike the character so much? I was not her biggest fan, take her or leave her, but she was a kind hearted character and to have here brutally murdered, was so stupidly done by the writers..Plus she had good chemistry with those she shared scenes with the last 4plus years.

What is it that you and other that posted here, dislike so much about this character, or the actress herself it seems??? Latina factor maybe???

I agree Vimodal, Omar and Vuctoria. The two or three posters on this site thought it hilarious to roll their virtual tongues imitating how Sabrina pronounced Carlos…they did it constantly. Also insinuated the character was manipulative, etc. there are a few here who think it okay to mock, hiding under the guise they’re just talking about tepee “fictional character.” Ignore them…

Theresa Castillo… never had a chance… after the “debacle” with Dr. Patrick Drake.

bam… she was out the door… and slammed

as posted.. the writers then.. and writers now… have finished this show

Sabrina grew… she became pregnant.. lost one.. had another.. got her job back … fell in love with Michael… even had Dr. Joe… interested

Tracy friendship.. sealed the deal with me.. Theresa Castillo.. found her character

she was on the verge of a new BFF with Liz.. dang it how great was that

I dreamed of Carlos and Sabrina cooking up tortillas… listening to salsa regae blues.. soul.. with a bundle of joy

their own pie on GH… their own mesh of life inspired

J and S will forever be lambasted

how dare they diss .. I will bring up people of color lacking

my heart beats like

i’m responding to behind the scenes production… it stinks

@Omar….My objection to this character has always come down to the very basic fact that she was brought to Port Charles in a manner where she suddenly materialized out of nowhere, never possessed any real or substantial attachment or purpose to the GH canvas—yet was kept on way past her expiration date—and was shoved down our throats at every possible opportunity ad nauseam for at least the first few years of her less than interesting existence…Sabs (and her seemingly never-ending “star turn”) literally ate the show for months on end, just as Ava, Nina, and Hayden subsequently did, as well. This has been a very noticeable and disturbing pattern of inserting interlopers into the forefront of GH storylines and steering the direction away from the well-established legacy characters that we really wanted to see instead, and it all began with Sabs….

Oh, c’mon, you guys. I understand you don’t like the character…but, Timmmbo; despise?
I am guilty of despising Sonny, Julian and their ilk. He is a bad, despicable guy, but, Sabrina was a good girl. ‘Despise’ is too strong a word to fit this sweet character.
Shay, Timmm, Harry, Jimh, and anyone else who feels this way: REPENT!!!!! HaHaHa and triple LOL.

Hey, Shay, and Timmmy.
You know I tease, yes? These are characters….in a soap…on a stage…LOL.
I am constantly arguing with my grandmother about Sabrina. She agrees with you. I respect that. We can’t all like the same characters.
My Gran does not post, but I know how she feels. She also thinks that Sabrina was a waste of space. Not in a vicious way, Guys….I don’t think any of us uses that tool of meanness. We just get passionate about the characters we like and dislike. Never hatefully. The motion of using the word hate is ridiculous.
My Gran loves to say, “Where’s the beef’. She thought Sabrina had no substance or purpose. Can’t argue with her. I won’t even try….but, I really liked Sabrina.
We all have our opinions. We must not only respect others’ opinions but also accept them.
I have always said, what a woeful life this would be, if we all thought the same way.
Sometimes we take these discussions too seriously.
But, bullying is a no-no. Love you both…

Again, my Shay and Timmmy,
I do not regard you as bullies. I have NEVER considered you as such. You are, always were, my champions.
I was speaking in general terms. We exchange our feelings, but, as Timmm says, we do not bully each other. Never have, never will.

Can we all please agree to stop the misuse and over use of the word,”bullying”?
Expressing intense dislike of a FICTIONAL character is not an example of bullying.
The misuse and overuse of the word bullying is taking away from real instances of bullying. Folks, I am really tired and fed up with many of you and like Morgan, I am going to take my playthings and run away until you notice me.
Now just wait….someone is going to call me a bully for picking on Morgan, a fictional character.

This was a blow to diversity on GH. There has always been a minority of GH fans who made fun of Sabrina’s and Carlos’ accents, in a thinly disguised bigoted statement. So sorry they killed off the character, they could have done quite a bit on the “mixed marriage” angle with Sabrina and Michael, with Carly’s motives for objection revealed as anti-Latina sentiment. GH has often taken on social topics, and they really missed the boat on this one (especially considering they could have educated the more ignorant fans who basically hate all Latino/a characters and make comments making fun of their accents or calling them “greasy”). Absolutely wrong and disgusting on the part of the PTB.

Lets not make this about race. She was a very boring character. The actress was lovely, the character; not so much.

There is one huge problem with that proposed scenario, Victoria…..Carly herself is in an “interracial marriage!” People seem to (conveniently) forget all the time that Sonny is of partial Latin extraction. His mother was full-fledged Cuban, meaning that Dimples, Ric and all of their biological offspring are of mixed race….I don’t know why that germane fact escapes so many….right here you already have one of the most established, prominent core families in Port Charles possessing minority blood and yet there’s never a peep about it….have they become so assimilated/accepted that this issue is no longer relevant? If so, isn’t that a good thing???? (Just asking….) Also, please remember that Carly additionally had a quickie fling with Shawn, not to mention a marriage to Lorenzo Alcazar, so if there is anyone on GH who has objections to mates of other races, it would most certainly NOT be the current Mrs. Corinthos. Nice try, though….


merely pointing out..

representation of all walks of life inspires and tunes in

I got a secret for you VICTORIA, you are causing a stink on this site and I am going to shut it down NOW! For those of us who “Made fun” of Sabrina or Carlos’s accents were not attacking their race or nationality, we made fun of them, especially Sabrina because she would use and drop her dialect on a drop of a time. She would say Carlos and then in the next scene she would say Carrrrrrrlos! It was funny and embarrassing for the actress at the same time. Carlos would also pick and choose his usage of English punctuation and Latino punctuation. Plus Victoria, if you are a fan of GH, one of the biggest stars to drop by and become a worldwide sensation was Ricky Martin and GH fans loved him and didnt make fun of him either!

Thank you for clarifying the Carly-Sonny inter-racial marriage. I had a certain amount of temerity broaching the subject.
I read somewhere ( can’t remember where–perhaps one of those soap magazines) that Maurice Benard plays the part of an Italian. He is Salvadorian….so far out of reach from an Italian. He looks indigenous.
Sonny thinks he’s Italian. He tries emulating Michael Corleone, without much success. LOL.
I really like Maurice, though. He always looks like he knows something no one else does. I get the feeling he’s a jokester.
I could never understand how Morgan looks the way he does. Brown eyes is a dominant gene, as is the darker complexion.
Dante makes a little more sense…slightly. His features are not Mestizo. But, TPTB could get away with this gaffe because Dante is a bit darker than the average Italian, and Olivia is white. Yet, he is sooo Italian looking to me. Sonny is not!! Europeans are Caucasian.
Obviously, that’s not the point. We are what we are, and should be proud. But, I wish TPTB would keep it straight.
I, also, always thought that Carlos does not fit the norm. The name Parise could be either Italian or French. He does not look indigenous either.
I honestly did not think that Ric was also part indigenous. Did he and Sonny have the same mother? He does not look like the product of an interracial coupling to me….just as Morgan does not.
I think it depends on who’s doing the talking, Shay. I mean,there’s something to be said about Bandera’s Castilian accent. Sexy. Notice the difference? Same goes for Penelope Cruz and her husband, Javier Bardem–Spaniards.

Celia, I am sorry, but blasting a fictional Disney like character does not constitute as bullying.
I know you mean well, but come on.

No actually Timmm…someone needs to go back to math class. Count the number of fans supporting Sabrina on this page compared to you and how many? Three others? Because mocking someone’s accent and dubbing them “sparklepony” repeatedly, ad nauseum, by two, maybe four of you over and over again since the character appeared, does not a majority make.

I usually DO NOT reply to ANY of your posts since you have bullied my friends on this site in the past. I will speak up for ME and remind you, this is a site to post your opinions on. The sane people on this site at times do not always agree. BUT, we do not bully each other. Stay away from me. Mr Fairman already warned you before about your actions. LISTEN TO HIM OR LEAVE!

Hi Rebecca1, thanks for the sound advice!!! I will “ignore them,”!!!

Oh Timmmmmmmmmmmmm. I was counting on you not respond. But since you did, let me school you. Your “friends are Shay, who, well, I’ll refrain…and CeeCee, who as you know, is a “friend” of mine here too. Somehow, she and I were able to get past our discussions here and have found great similarities in sentiment, etc. You, on the other hand, interjected yourself into a dialog that had nothing to do with you and have been consistently rude and obnoxious.
As for Mr. Fairman, I suggest you go back and read a note he addressed specifically to you and Shay about your rude, inappropriate comments and his warning that if you persist on making fun of actors such as Nancy Graham with your ageist comments, your middle-age comments, making fun of Teresa Castillo’s heritage by rolling your (written tongue) and mocking her Spanish accent, your comments (yours and Shay’s) about the character Valerie and her buck teeth…it goes on and on. Take a look at yourself. A little self reflection goes a long way. Anyone can read my comments and see that I find the good in almost every character and defend almost every actor that’s been insulted. The opposite can’t be said about you. And by the way, you insinuated yourself into the issues I had with ageist comments and had a freaking attitude ever since. I get you…you flirt with whom you ” imagine” to be your type and you become their “knight in shining armor” here in virtual reality. Cute.

You’re welcome Vimoda! (I should probably take my own advice, LOL. I was doing so well, sigh…;) but then I got sucked in to the negative again.) 😉

Sigh. Rebecca, we only mocked her for the exaggerated manner in which she rolled her Rs when uttering Carlos. It would be fine if she over exaggerated her R s all of the time but it was only when she said Carlos.
This hardly constitutes hate speech, folks.
Getting angry at those of us who never cared for the character of Sabrina is as silly as getting mad at Scooby Doo purists who never warmed up to Scrappy Doo,
Honestly, I hated Scrappy Doo–he spoke eloquently and did not struggle with his bilabials the way Scooby Doo did, Moreover, he walked on two feet.
It is my contention that Scappy Doo is the antichrist of cartoon figures.

Harry…let’s get real. I mean really. You’ve been on this site long enough to know that this has been a breeding ground of arguments and immaturity and personal attacks. We’ve refrained and a few of us “regulars” have gotten past our dissension but the real core of the arguments have NEVER been about fictional characters. I personally, when defending Alexis, and the actress Nancy, could care less if anyone likes or dislikes the fictional character. I took offense to and still do when I perceive ageist comments about people past a certain age which are deemed too old to have sex, want sex, enjoy sex. People past a certain age who, if infatuated and giddy in love should “grow up” and stop acting like a teenager. I find, and found, this judgmental critique regarding people past a certain age offensive and yes, ageist.

Some will say, “No; It’s just that Alexis and Julian were only about sex. If that’s his or her opinion, while I don’t agree, is fine. Opinion. But it’s different when it’s ridiculous because of how OLD they are. So, the discussion is based on fictional characters but the assumptions and insinuations are about people in REAL life who are THAT age. Calling people old and wrinkled…guess what…offensive! Same as some saying past a certain age a person shouldn’t have career goals but should be home knitting..offensive!

Now. Stating a rebuttal to those comments prompted obnoxious arguments from a handful, less than a handful of regulars. It escalated and yes…there was actual bullying. When two or three posters decide they’re on the same “team” and ” love” each other…when each can do or say no wrong and are constantly passing virtual “eye-rolling”, virtual “winks”…egging each other on…it’s bullying. And what could have been a growing experience from an older poster to a younger poster instead became grounds for “bullying” and mocking.

The same resentment has occurred if a poster takes offense at perhaps how someone views a gay character or a non-white character, but never escalated because either it didn’t involve regulars…people who frequent this site too often…or “offenders” not repeating their offensive statements so the argument or disagreement was quickly put to rest.

Anyone can love or hate, like or dislike a character…that’s fine and fun and creates conversation. But I’ve said this before…calling a REAL actress’s breasts “old and wrinkled” , making fun of an actress’s REAL teeth, and continuing to do so, particularly on a public forum where there are those who like the character and/or actor is grating and yes, offensive. Not to mention rude and wrong.

Arguing over Liz vs Sam is arguing over fictional characters. Arguing over Liz and Sam which leads to unbelievably verbally violent fights on other social media from what I hear is beyond over-the-top to put it mildly. To me, that’s the epitome of crossing a line from fiction to reality. Of course you can have a favorite character or couple. But to actually have brutal arguments about it???? Something’s obviously amiss. That’s not what’s happened here. Arguments have been, as said, about REAL issues regarding fictional characters…as well as personalities clashing.

When some set up antagonistic “alliances” and take joy when one poster is singled out as they revel in their perceived “victory”… That’s bullying. Now, I’m not going to get specific because I don’t want to ruin a peace with someone…but think back to a recent event. Comments about Nina. You getting involved…you said something one of our mutual friends didn’t appreciate…and said person expressed her anger at you rather strongly several different times…if you saw them/read them. You didn’t respond, no one else joined in…eventually it passes and now the two of you are good again. Which is great! But had that same altercation happened with someone else…said posters “friends” would have made snarky comments to take a side…and thus bullying. I hope you get what I’m referring to.

And for the record, I never mentioned the word bully. Ever. Until this post. But don’t assume your intentions when rolling your r’s is the same as another poster who thrives on ridicule.

I have just put my daughter down for a nap, in my parent’s NYC apartment. I came up to relax, after shopping most of the morning into afternoon…….but, here I am, responding to your “out-of-the-blue, abrasive remark. What the hey???
Of course I NEEDED to check the sites…it is an addiction. LOL.
What the heck are you talking about?.
Have you been hitting the sauce, Harry? Double LOL. Not once did I say that people were bullying Sabrina. Please re-read. I merely stated I liked Sabrina and jocularly said you guys need to repent! I mean well? Oh, my darling, Harry. Are you patronizing me perchance?? Triple LOL.
I was referring to a comment, my dear Timmmy made about bullying other posters. And, I agreed. We agree to disagree without bullying each other.
Besides, Harry. Do not call the kettle black. I was very clear and specific. God gave me the gift of glib. I may be a scientist….but, scientific theories snd numbers are not my only ‘thing’. I deserve an apology, Harry. Quadruple LOL.
Enjoy the rest of your week-end, Harry-O.

Glad to see the big rally for Sabrina. It seems there are way more for her than against, and in a decent way. Not the “cutesy,” or “clever” way (not) that some very few have said about Sabrina and a couple of others on GH they don’t like. You can have your opinions, but you don’t have to name-call or be cruel. We get enough of this in real life lately, from one in particular.

“Big rally?” What I largely see are the names of many unfamiliar posters who must have answered the Sabs Fan Club clarion call to raise Hades at all the soap websites over this latest development. Not really any different than the Sam vs. Liz social media groupies we occasionally encounter here….as a matter of fact, weren’t you the one lamenting that very notion not long ago, Rose???? Don’t get me wrong…I welcome one and all for discussion and debate, as long as it doesn’t get personally nasty….but once again, a certain few have felt the need to label and/or define those with whom they don’t agree in pejorative terms…..typical. Why don’t they just call us “deplorables” and have done with it??????

Shay…Always interesting to me to see how much we see things in common, and others not so much so. And I do agree when it comes to the serious likes and dislikes on some of MF stories…we do see a lot of new names. So if many on this story are casual, at least they are mainly civil just saying they are disappointed about Sabrina being killed off in an awful way, etc. Wasn’t always that way. And between you and me, I don’t like the term deplorable either, as well as many others I’ve heard in the last while.

Lol…doesn’t like the “unfamiliar posters” answering the “sabs call…” But yet embraced, welcomed, reveled, egged on… the “unfamiliar faces” who rallied to attack on that three day spree. So funny.

I agree with Shay, rose. All these new names come on to trash other posters. Just a week or so ago, someone, anonymously started swearing at me because I said Liz should pay for the crime of harboring a criminal ( Nik). She knew what he did but did not report him to the police.
I have never encountered any comments, by either Shay or Timmm, where she or he was rude or blasted another poster for his/her opinion… myself, unless to defend ourselves. What’s good for the goose.
So, I am in a quandary, as to the point you are trying to make. The same confusion occurred with GH Fan. Could not grasp her argument.
As far as one particular person calling others names? I think as much is given as taken.
I abhor liars and dishonesty. I do not think any of us considers herself/himself deplorable. But, since you so unsubtly introduced the subject; I’d rather gravitate towards the lesser of the two evils. I like the basket of deplorable.
There are sooo many preachers on this thread….an imaginary pulpit should be provided…

Celia…I too am “in a quandry.” It’s a mystery to me what you read into my comments. ???!!! And never brought up the word deplorable. Shay did, and I followed up by saying I didn’t like the term.

I saw people come out of the wood work when they killed off Austin on Y&R. One lady posted and posted and posted on how Y&R would be cancelled and she would never watch and blah blah blah! [Austin was a two bit player who was unfortunately attached to Glummer!] Y&R is STILL on and I have never seen this lady post again!

Well said Rose!!! Agree with you completely!

But the real question is, why are they also killing GH as well?

That is the real mystery isn’t it? Why networks don’t want to invest in their daytime dramas– the audience is still out there if they would produce a half decent program–the ratings will be there– but instead they keep slashing budgets, hire okay, but not outstanding writers and then use lack of ratings to cancel the show–they are doing that over at NBC with Days and I think ABC is doing it with GH—

I’m bummed. I really liked Sabrina. I don’t understand why they brought her back only to kill her. Why not leave her living happily in Puerto Rico? At least she she would be alive. And, her death only affects a few people on canvas, so it isn’t earth shattering drama-wise. Bad move, GH

Hate when the writers do away with young mothers on the show now leaving Sabrina’s son an orphan! Teresa will be missed and so will the DA, Richard Burgi. I liked his character when he was involved with Anna. Sorry to see them leave.

Not Sabrina!!!! I can think of a few other characters that could have been the victim instead. Then again, this is General Hospital where no one stays dead. She just may be found alive on Cassadine Island one day having given birth to another Cassadine spawn against her will. RIP Sabrina 🙁

I feel terrible for Sabrina and the whole Michael/Teddy/Tracey family! Tracey’s going to take it very hard as is Michael and Joe! GH- Why bring back Jeffrey (Joe) if you are going to kill off Sabrina? This was starting to be a LOVE TRIANGLE, But TPTB CUT IT WAY TOO SOON! Please stop KILLING OFF characters, especially when we are invested in them! I was born in 1961 and my Mother put me in front of the tv since GH came on the air April 1, 1963! I HAVE WATCHED THE SHOW EVER SINCE!!

Tracy and Joe story line.

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Dante is Shot as Jason Reveals Himself

Just how was General Hospital going to reintroduce the character of Jason Morgan to the canvas with the highly-anticipated return of Steve Burton in the pivotal role? Well, why we don’t have all the answers, the show wasted no time, and Burton first appeared at the beginning of the Monday, March 4th episode.

In story, while Sonny (Maurice Benard), Selena (Lydia Look) and Ava (Maura West) are at the warehouse, they are facing off with the FBI and the PCPD when John (Adam J. Harrington), Anna (Finola Hughes), Dante (Dominic Zamprogna), Chase (Josh Swickard) et al show up.  Meanwhile on the roof, a man kneels over a skylight window who pipes up with, “it appears they are late to the party.” It’s then revealed just who the man is talking to, and it turns out it’s JASON!

Meanwhile, John and Anna are questioning Sonny and Selina on what they are doing in the warehouse. Selina says they are planning a poker game. Next, the man with Jason aims his gun at Sonny. However, Jason messes up his shot, but the shot rings out. Inside the warehouse everyone scatters about. They realize the show came from the skylight.

Photo: ABC

Jason tells the other man they’ve been compromised and need to leave the location. Below, in the warehouse, Dante thinks that he and Chase can get onto the roof since the shooter didn’t see them. So, Dante takes off with Chase to find the culprit. In the meantime, John orders a CSI unit. Next, Chase returns and says the building is all clear and Dante is pursuing the suspects.

Now on the pier, Dante catches up with Jason (who’s back is to him) and the other man. Dante orders them to freeze. While the other man gets away, Jason stays put and Dante orders him to turn around slowly with his hands up. Dante is shocked to see its Jason. Confused, Dante says, “What the hell?” Next, the other man returns and fires two shots into Dante’s chest.

Photo: ABC

As Dante goes down, Jason runs over to him. The other man calls Jason “Jacobs” and tell him to leave the cop to die. Jason tells the other man to go to the planned site and he will find another way out. Next, the man attempts to fire at Jason who is hovering over Dante, but Jason shoots at him first and takes him out.

Back at the warehouse, Ava sees a bullet hole in Sonny sleeve, as John says that it confirms that Sonny is the intended target. John and Sonny stare each other down due to their dark past.  It’s clear that Sonny doesn’t trust John and vice-versa.  Anna tells Sonny she is not out to get him and doesn’t want him to die. She adds that Sonny, “Must have had an angel on his shoulder because she doesn’t see how that sniper missed from this range.”

Chase returns to the warehouse having dropped everyone off at the PCPD, but says Dante hasn’t checked in with him. Sonny looks very concerned, as Jason is looking very concerned over Dante’s body.

So, what did you think of the first episode back for Steve Burton as Jason Morgan? Will it be revealed that he has been infiltrating this organization to save Sonny? Does Jason not know his true identify? What do you think is going on?  As for Dante, will he pass out from his injuries and not identify Jason was even there on the roof with him? Comment below.

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General Hospital

Steve Burton Confirms ‘General Hospital’ Head Writer Switch Changed Jason’s Comeback Storyline

General Hospital viewers will see today, Monday, March 4th, the beginnings of the return storyline for Steve Burton and his character of Jason Morgan.

Just how did the recent head writing regime change at GH alter the plans for story for Jason’s comeback? As had been rumored, seems plenty. Back on January 22nd, it was revealed that Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor had been replaced by Patrick Mulcahey and Elizabeth Korte. At that time, Burton had already signed-on to return to the daytime drama for the first time since being let go towards the end of 2021.

Speaking with Soap Opera Digest, Steve confirmed that what we will see on-air is from the new head writers and that the direction of the story changed, “So apparently there was a whole different story planned and then the head writer switch happened and then they kind of rebooted (the story arc). I know Patrick (Mulcahey, one of the new head writers) a little bit, but I really know Elizabeth Korte (who was promoted to co-head writer).”

Photo: JPI

Burton added, “There’s no one in the building that loves that show, knows the history of the character, and is invested in it 100 percent than Elizabeth. There has never been a more deserved promotion, ever. Once I know that she was (one of the head writers), I was like, ‘Oh, this is gonna be good! I cannot wait.’ And it has been exactly that. Everything has been amazing.”‘

Photo: JPI

In addition, during an Instagram live on Monday with his podcast and comedy show partner, GH star, Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), Burton also commented on the upcoming story arc which brings Jason back to Port Charles. Steve expressed, “The story is not going to disappoint. The scenes are super deep. Frank (Valentini, EP, GH)  and the new head writers took some time to really think this out.”

Burton, being a longtime veteran of the soaps, said Jason’s return is not just isolated to be about him. “Great story on daytime should involve a myriad of people across the board and where it effects everybody,” he shared. The popular fan favorite feels that this story delivers on all levels.

So, what do you think about the head writer change and how it prompted the plans for Jason’s return? Comment below.


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Days Of Our Lives

Jason Cook Recalls Landing His Soap Roles as DAYS Shawn-Douglas Brady and GH’s Matt Hunter

Daytime fans remember Jason Cook when he became wildly-popular as Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Bo’s (Peter Reckell) son, Shawn-Douglas Brady on Days of our Lives from 1999-2006. He later made a brief return in the role in 2015 for the series 50th anniversary.

After departing DAYS, Cook was offered a role on General Hospital as Dr. Matt Hunter, the younger brother to Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) from 2008-2012. However, during his time on the soaps, and after, Cook has been focusing on his behind the scenes roles and passion as writer and a director of feature films.

Last week, the Michael Fairman Channel welcomed Jason, along with two of the stars of his latest film, Four for Fun, Brytni Sarpy (Elena, Y&R) and Jacob Young (ex-AMC, B&B, GH). During the conversation, Cook revealed his continued admiration for the soap medium and the actors who work in it, and how it came to pass that he landed his parts on Days of our Lives, and then on General Hospital.

Photo: JPI

Cook spoke on becoming the on-screen son of soap opera’s most iconic couples, Bo and Hope: “I auditioned for Fran Bascom. She was the Days of our Lives casting director at the time. I was never a great auditioner, I don’t think. She made me feel really comfortable. I remember that screen test. And then, I remember when I got the part, I was actually working at a company at a desk job. I got the call at work and I just screamed, and at the time I didn’t quit my job. But then, I got that contract when I was 19-years-old and it totally changed my life.”

Photo: JPI

But, was Jason aware how key to the show being Bo and Hope’s son would be? “Yeah, my older sister was a fan of the show. She definitely let me know that I better not mess it up, because I was gonna ruin her favorite couple,” he shared. “I remember she printed out the family tree and it looked like a physics diagram. It was so complicated. A lot of detailed work went into it. But, I was excited.”

After being a known entity with a large fan following, eventually Cook made his way to a new role on General Hospital. Jason explained, “GH was fun. That was a situation where Brian Frons (ex-ABC Daytime President) brought me over there. I just told him I didn’t want to be like or want to do Shawn. He’s like, ‘Well, what do you wanna do?’ I said, ‘How can I screw things up around here and shake things up?'”

Photo: JPI

From that conversation things began to formulate. Cook revealed, “We started talking about the TV series House. I think in soaps, there’s an assumption if you’re going on a show that everybody wants to be the hero. I was like, ‘I don’t want to (be). I want to screw everything up.’ And then, they wrote it in that Matt Hunter burns the hospital down within like six months. I was like really proud about that. The other part that I loved about that character is that Matt, and his older brother Patrick (Jason Thompson), were both neurosurgeons. And if you (an actor) resigned your contract (with the show) you go to Patrick, you see Patrick. And if you don’t resign your contract, you see my character, because my character was going to kill you every time.”

For more on the interview, make sure to check out the replay of the livestream conversation below with Jason, Brytni Sarpy and Jacob Young.  Now let us know, did you enjoy Jason as Shawn-D and Matt on GH? Do you hope someday he might return on-screen to the soaps? Let us know in the comment section.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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