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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Sasha and Valentin’s Secret Out Of The Bag: So Where Is Nina’s Real Daughter?


As many had suspected, there was something up in the relationship between Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) and relative newbie to Port Charles, Sasha Gilmore (Sofia Mattsson).

The young woman who was introduced on the show back in the middle of September, and “turned out” to be Nina’s (Michelle Stafford) biological daughter (the one she gave birth to years ago), is not telling the truth, nor is Valentin,

At the end of Friday’s episode of General Hospital, Sasha is visiting Valentin at Wyndemere, where he tells her he wants her to go back to where she came from, and that if she sticks around, the truth will come out.

A confident Sasha says she won’t blow this and that no one will ever find out that she is not Nina’s daughter.  Thus meaning, Valentin set this whole ruse up to wrangle Nina back into a romance and marriage with him.

But as for Sasha, she clearly is intent on not leaving town, and getting her claws into Griffin (Matt Cohen), even though he is dating her “sister” Kiki (Hayley Erin).

Even Ava (Maura West) is telling Sasha to go after her daughter’s man, because, as we know, Ava is a woman scorned in regard to Griffin. And let’s not forget that Ava and Nina are longtime nemesis, too.  Adding to the confusion and deception are those second DNA results that came back positive to prove to Nina that Sasha is her bio-daughter, but she clearly isn’t.

So now that we know Sasha is a fake, that begs the questions … Is Nina’s daughter even alive?  If she is alive, where is she, and who is she?

Share your thoughts on where, or who Nina’s real daughter is, and what you think of the collision between Valentin and Sasha, via the comment section below.

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It’s Kiki

No it’s not.


That was the obvious answer when this whole storyline began. But now that it seems Kiki will soon be leaving town (most likely via the Ryan Chamberlain express) it would seem like a waste of time for Valentini to give one of his pets a dead daughter.

So either they will bring on yet another newbie, or it will be the one of the two age appropriate newbies already on the canvas. And since one of Michael Easton’s previous 666 characters (Silas? I forget which one) is the kid’s alleged father, that probably eliminates the Asian girl (forgot her name) from possibilities. Which – by process of elimination – leaves Willow the teacher.

OH no you’re probably right, Satan. Twillow probably is her daughter. Meanwhile, Jimmy is still cracking corn and I still don’t care.

Lol. Willow it is

Another lame mistake identity story? If I have to hear one more character defend their brainless decisions with “I did it for you, I didn’t want you to be hurt” idiocy, I’ll toss my remote — right at their faces! Just when I thought there’d be hope for Valentin, he disappoints again.

I think Kiki is

This latest stunt of Valentin’s makes him irredeemable as far as I’m concerned.
How could he do that to Nina – whose one ambition was to be a mother.
If it’s not Sasha,I’m wondering if it could be Willow Tate,Aidan’s new teacher.
She could certainly fill the bill,obviously she is a grieving mother,(maybe she is the bio mom of Brad and Lucas original baby that died).When it comes to light that Sasha isn’t Nina’s daughter that may send Nina to the same support group.I think that would be a great story.
I had thought for a very long time that Kiki is Nina’s,but if Kiki winds up being one of Ryan’s victims and Nina were to find that out – it would be a double tragedy.So I don’t think it’s Kiki.

gawd.. what a heartfelt story… and YEAH, for Nina sake… let’s HOPE it’s not Kiki whos her daughter.. to experience death again and again.. .would surely send Nina over the edge… ALL Valentin fault !!!! WHAT is the reasoning by Shelly and Chris ????? for frigging sake.. eff it

as I’ve shared from the start.. before the exalted one… bat manned out of the sky in to metro court… Steve Burton.

with Charlotte .. @GH still has all the makings of a go to family to fill so many voids and gaping wound. Valentin Nina and Charlotte still coulda woulda shoulda be

I wasn’t that taken with watching Willow @school with Franco…oh wait … Liz . just how lame are Shelly and Chris to 2nd fiddle Liz. Roger Howarth and Michael Easton NEED to be FIRED

it’s a very provocative heart right their… if not for Chad Duell.. perhaps when this story does play out.. for the sake of keeping this interesting.. if it seems like Chase was besotted with Willow as well. Michael Corinthos lacks

I don’t see Shelly and Chris steering away from the dullest feature of all time : Carly and Sonny ; Jason and Sam ; Michael/Finn/Franco/Peter

The show is not enjoyable, and hard to watch.

hi Patrick..
It was a Huge mistake to write Nina as all messed up wanting a child..
they should have never come up with her baby survived..
It just not the making of a good story.
so she might have a son or a daughter, so what- what does that accomplish in the realm of things it goes nowhere, actually.
much like Henrik/Petter and Anna, nothing.

hi Lisa.
Valentin IS a Cassdine, billed to be the most feared of them all..
He needs no redeeming he needs to become what and who he is, the devil incarnate Cassidine ..

People expect Valentin to be the cuddly lovesick puppy that he should have never been written as being, he is the feared Cassidine.


He’s supposed to be “the Devil incarnate”??

When a person show you who they are, believe them. Valentine is a snake and does not deserve a wife or child. I do believe that Kiki is her daughter and I pray that she won’t be killed off. Nina deserves better

I was wrong! I had faith in Valentin! So disappointed in him. I think Willow is Nina’s daughter, and Willow is also the birth mother.

I knew he and Sasha were in cshoots,,,,and Yes…Willow is Nina’s and its her baby that died-the one Brad switched with Nina’s…she will also be Micheals new love interest

Kiki is Nina’s daughter

Kiki is the lost child

Tiresome and too predictable. Nina, how long are you going to allow yourself to be duped?????

Well for years, most of us thought it was Kiki, but with her soon leaving GH, I can’t see that revelation being true. We now know that Sasha is a fake, so where does that leave us? Could it be Willow, also the birth mother of Lucas and Brad’s adopted baby, that died? Will Michael bond with her during the grieving sessions at GH, or will Chase get there first? Another obvious thing is now that we know Valentin’s part in setting up Sasha to impersonate Nina’s real daughter, it will be the end of him and Nina, when he is found out. He’s a dead man walking, as we know it will all come out, as it always does.

Well, Valentin’s done it again. Maybe he didn’t kill anyone this time but he is going to shatter Nina’s heart. That’s just as bad as when he shot Nikolas to his supposed death.

i love GH but I am sick of the introduction of characters who mean nothing and have no purpose. Who is writing this tripe? Thankfully GH has a cast that can turn lemons into lemonade but seriously they need to get it together…….


Kiki is nina daughter

OK: cast me once again in the ditz pool : I liked Sasha from the start… till the writing started playing out… especially about the part of Sasha EYEING Griffin NAKED as Kiki “looked” on

the thing that pisses me off !!!! Shelly and Chris w/Frank execution … ARE RUINING any thing good that could be between Valentin and Nina… my first thought.. may as well dump Nina.. because Jason Patrick Stuart.. tho not written for.. is still the top draw .. HE ACTS

maybe this is what Shelly and Chris have in mind… ??? Nina would never even give him a thought after all this BS

IS NINA’ DAUGHTER EVEN ALIVE !!!!! what crap is this ? this should send Nina tailspinning and then some… certainly now… completely over Valentin

this is writing ? this is Frank Valentini doing his job

it’s amazing how easy it is to say what crap stinks … Shelly and Chris

to the two of you for desecrating and RUINING Finola Hughes’ Anna. she’s boring

AGREED, 100%! Although, I liked Nina and Valentin, and was hoping for a reconciliation. NOT. NOW.

I am waiting for Valentin, the most feared Cassidine the one that frightened Helena to come into play..
So far Valentin is a lovesick puppy begging Nina to love him, that’s it..
I want the devil incarnate Cassidine Valentin to be as advertised.
The Cassidines would be disgraced and shamed by the wussy Valentin.

You are so right Patrick…So on point on everything..Great post!!

I don’t like Saucy and her checking out Griffin’s butt while licking her chops was disgusting. I can’t stand Riffin either. He pretends to be so pious and saintly but so far he’s slept with another man’s wife and slept with his girl friend’s daughter.

Willow is the likely daughter, if there actually was one. The Kiki is Nina’s daughter idea would have happened years ago.

They are setting the wheels in motion for a Valentin departure. If the mystery Cassadine holding Cassandra captive turns out to be a recast Nikolas, that completes Valentin’s arc.

If the show insists on keeping Nina around, a pairing with Griffin might be in the cards.

IF, Nina has a living child it’s a boy, a son somewhere.
It is not in stone that she had a daughter or a living child, it’s another lie of mama’s to get out.

I bet Sasha is Britt’s. Knocked up as a young teenager!

The do resemble each other…

Teenager? I don’t think there are that many years between Britch & Sasha. Doubt Britch would have even been out of grade school when Sasha was born. Which would make her being the mother biologically near impossible, and morally too disgusting for TV. Who would they make the father in that situation? The dead pedo who abused Drew & Frodd when they were little kids?

laughing out loud… too funny

yet, I thought the same thing… this past “Fridays” ep… watching Sasha.. she could totally be Britta daughter.. even have the same mannerisms…

Britta is the total package tho… what fun would it to see her back @GH… working and mingling… and just keeping the mystery alive. she gells with every body.

I am so disappointed in this story line turn. I wanted Valentin to be a semi-good person…this solidifies he’s BAD…sad for Nina 🙁 Now if they make Peter a BAD guy…I might quit watching. We need some new good love stories to unfold.

Yeah. Kiki.

OK…you know what: To me, this is the most CRUELEST (and dumbest!!!!!) thing that Valentin has ever done…PERIOD!!!!!


It HAS to be Kiki!!

I don’t care for Saucy. She’s a dead ringer for Britt without the personality, charming over bite and delightful wit. She’s Britt-Lite. As far as who is Nina’s daughter is concerned? I don’t care. I am tired of this maternity-confusion story lines.

@Harry……..I’ve previously opined that “Saucy” could be Britt’s sister…meaning Dr. O. really was one busy babymaking machine back in the day! Only question that would pose is whether “Cesar” is also Sasha’s daddy….or could this one belong to Victor???? Now that would be a storyline I would welcome! It certainly beats the notion that Nina spawned a long lost child..I prefer to leave her barren and an insane usurper of other people’s offspring to mother….

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