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General Hospital

General Hospital Scores Its Most Watched Telecast In Over Six Years In Total Viewers!



More great news for the soaps for the week of January 6th through January 10th!  This time it’s for General Hospital!  In the latest Nielsen ratings research and via an official press release from ABC,  the soap opera garnered its most watched telecast in over six years for last Tuesday’s January 7th episode!

The numbers for the audience that the episode brought in were 3.55 million and that is the highest single episode since November 12th, 2007 of the daytime drama series.

So what was going down on the most watched episode?  Sam (Kelly Monaco) was about to learn about Silas (Michael Easton) mysterious past from Detective Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) and then Silas himself, while Heather (Robin Mattson) was about to kidnap Carly (Laura Wright), while Morgan  (Bryan Craig) came to see Sonny (Maurice Benard) and more!

In addition for the ratings week,  With four week highs, GH ranked as the week’s #1 program in daytime among Women 18-34 (254,000/0.8 rating – tied on rating) and was the #2 program in Women 18-49 (776,000/1.2 rating) and Women 25-54 (1.05 million/1.7 rating).

What do you think about GH having its most watched telecast in over six years?

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Fabulous news! I am looking forward to the mystery of Silas being revealed and Sam especially back in PI mode helping to solve the mystery

Me too!

Love GH and Days…glad they are doing great…rumor is ABC wants OLTL and AMC back to create a two hour daytime mega soap…characters from those soaps would appear on daytimes first two hour mega soap the expanded General Hospital which would air from 2 to 4 five days a week! And if you believe that i have some swamp property down in Florida id like to sell you…lol

I didn’t believe for a minute about OLTL &AMC…GH ROCKS!

LOL..You had me up to the very last sentence!! But great idea!!

and now they’re bringing in Donna Mills to play another guest character… I’m done with it. They can bring in Shirley Jones, Donna Mills, but not Genie Francis? A thousand years’ pox on them.

Genie left not because they ask her to but because of her mother being ill. I applaud Genie for putting family before GH. No one knows how her mother is doing so I am giving everyone the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Um, that was one of about twelve rumors as to why Genie left the show. What made you believe that one in particular – it was no more proven than any of the other ones. Why would Genie have not said to her fans that she needed to leave for some personal business?

Genie is not there because Ron does not like writing for her. Period. Plain and simple. He has made that abundantly clear. He has trampled on the legacy of soaps’ original supercouple time and time again. He relegated Laura to a weak willed woman who felt her only option, other than Luke, was to waffle to her old boyfriend Scotty. Ron is not good at writing for straight up, good, heroic characters. He has a lot of tricks in his arsenal, but that is not one of them. They either come off as stupid, weak, overly noble, or victims. The show has made it clear that there is no place for Laura while this regime isin charge. They can spin it however they want…and they have!! “We loved having her….we would love to write more for her…..she is unavailable to us….” etc, etc. If they wanted to write for her they would. The way Ron writes is that characters cannot grow or change or mature. If they did, he would have to write something surprising or unusual. For instance, Tracy has lost most of her family to death. Tracy is a woman pushing 70. Wuld she REALLY continue to be a power hungry, caustic, snide, rude, mouthy bitch ALL the time???? It is not entertaining anymore whatsoever. Tracy has had three moments of nice in the last year and they were breathtaking. Just because Tracy has always been a bitch…does not mean she always has to be one. Why couldnt she grow and mature and become nice…while retaining her inner bitch for when it could really have an impact? As written now she is just a loud, harping, shrieking, annoying blabbermouth who never shuts up but never has anything good or worthwhile to say. And that is who Ron wants Luke with. That way, he can continue to write Luke as a soulless, non committal drunkard like he was before he fell for Laura. Personally… I never enjoyed Luke more than during the Claire Labine era, and thats the regime Tony Geary hated…go figure. Under Claire, Luke was happy but still had that wanderlust and need for excitement. He was not a 70 year old drunk buffoon then. He was a middle aged man wanting some magic and youthful excitement. The story worked on every level. Not so much now. Now Luke is a grand child killer, an unrepentant drunk, a wanna be action hero….and thatis what Geary wants to play and that is what the show continues to write. It is exhausting and ridiculous. I strayed from my original point…LOL….which was about Genie. But I think my rant was interrelated….Ron writes what he wants for whom he wants. If he had any interest in writing for Genie, he would. End of story.

SO agree with you about TG and Luke… I enjoyed Luke under Labine as well. And for TG to say how much he doesn’t want Luke to be domesticated, well, now he follows Tracy around the Quartermaine mansion like a dog. “Yes dear….” and is the live in vermin exterminator saying stupid things like “Come to papa….” Frankly it’s a downright pathetic ending to a legendary character. Couldn’t care less if Luke were found dead in his Quartermaine bed at this point. And Tracy’s repetitive shtick is just annoying at this point.

Best show in all of tv. I wish that ABC knew it. They never have anything to comment about how awesome GH is. I am a nobody and I can see the damage that they did with their moronish cancellations. Now most their shows last a few episodes. No wonder CBS claims the best in daytime lineup. Why can’t ABC at least try to achieve some kind of respected shows.

Yeah! Instead of those crappy cooking & talk shows..

Not having Soapnet will help the original airing ratings. People who are home in the afternoon will watch in at that time now that the SaopNet option is gone. I personally watch inon ABC 0On Demand

On hulu .com (regular hulu (Free)…

Not having Soapnet will help the original airing ratings. People who are home in the afternoon will watch it at that time now that the SaopNet option is gone. I personally watch inon ABC 0On Demand

Loving GH these days. My favorites are Carly, Franco, and Morgan

Nice to see Tracy back finally!

If your favourites are Carly, Franco, and Morgan…then you are Ron Carlivati.

It is too weird that everyone numbers jumped that week– I don’t think it has to do with the soaps, but the weather. Wasn’t there a few storms that week? I bet a lot of folks normally at work were catching up their guilty pleasure– when they got a snow day. That would be my guess– because what was on screen on GH wasn’t nearly as good as some episodes in November, so that would make sense– lets see what next week is– when everyone is back to work.

I agree with you Mary that the ratings for that day were probably due to people being at home because of the weather. I wasn’t impressed with the episode.

I enjoy all GH’s episodes..It keeps my interest every day. I have no complaints. The stories rock and the ratings prove it. And not because of bad weather everyone was watching that particular day..

Why do people keep misunderstanding my point. I didn’t say they watched only because of the weather– Of course the weather wasn’t the only reason, but when I see a big spike after the holidays when soap ratings normally dip or stay normal I look for another factor to explain it. And the weather was bad that week which just meant GH fans normally at work or out were able to watch the show– that is a good thing, it means if those fans were not working they would be watching. It proves the genre isn’t dead just that a large number of fans cannot watch when the show airs.
Also there was nothing wrong with the show that day, but in comparison to say Robin’s return, or the baby reveal in November, what was on screen that date to get the largest audience in six years just doesn’t make sense if the jump was about was on screen. Historically that episode, a regular everyday show, would not attracted that many viewers unless there was another cause- like being able to stay home to watch when normally they were at work.
I wasn’t putting the soaps down, or trying to burst anyone’s bubble, I was just trying to explain a rating number that don’t seem fit the history of the ratings pattern of the soaps for early Jan.
It is still good news, even if the weather may have contribute for the networks don’t really care why the ratings were up just that they were, which meant more eyeballs to watch the ads, which is all they care about.
If next week ratings are just as high then I will believe this is a trend but if the ratings go back to normal, then my theory stands that the weather help spike them that week by allowing more people to be home — but when they were home they still chose to watch the soap and that is great news for all the soaps.

I find it interesting that they aren’t making public what the last half of the weeks viewing numbers were… i.e., when they switched to the Franco/Carly/Heather crap.

I watch the show because it is great right now and those episodes were some of the best. I don’t believe for one minute the weather had anything to do with it.

Well I just check the ratings for the following week after this one and all the numbers were down for all four soaps, and down in that important female 18-49 group. So if the stories were the reason for the spike, the numbers would have stayed the same, but as I predicted they all fell —so despite what you might like to believe, the weather did help to boast the ratings– more folks at home, equals more eyeballs.


Triple Ditto!

Certainly wasn’t the best episode in 6 years. But congrats.

Great news. hoping since the idiot at ABC cancelled soapnet the ratings will go even higher. We need that live ratings. Its the only thing that counts on ratings. I still will never get over any soap fan watching The Chew. After Clinton Kelly called soap fans on his facebook morons and turds and Mario skimmed millions off his staff I wouldn’t give those to guys the time of day.

The Chew’s ratings aren’t real. It piggybacks on GH by spilling over for a minute into GH’s timeslot. It’s a ratings racket for ABC to promote yet one more failing talkshow.
Clinton Kelly and the crew of rejects will be in the junkheap, gone and forgotten long before that happens to GH if there is ANY justice.
Not that we can count on ABC for any justice.

The ratings of The Chew are real. AMC’s last minute also overlapped on OLTL when both shows were on ABC. I know because I always got the ending of AMC when I tuned in at 2:00pm to watch OLTL when both shows were on ABC. Are you going to say that AMC’s ratings weren’t real and that they were robbing OLTL’s ratings. Good grief. Get over yourself boes.

You don’t like The Chew and that’s fine. But just because YOU don’t like it does not mean everybody else doesn’t. As far as I’m concerned, The Chew is way BETTER than All My Children. If it was up to me, ABC’s lineup would be composed of The Chew at 1:00pm, OLTL at 2:00pm and GH at 3:00pm. All My Children can either stay dead or with Prospect Park.

I support my stories. And will never support a cooking show .. Never watch them and have no interest in any of them..I like stories and characters you can follow each week or daily! That’s entertainment.. Erika Slezak said cooking shows where boring and they aren’t entertaining…I agree with her she is a class act…Plus who cares how to make fish tacos . I don’t..

I agree what you said about The Chew! That’s one show we can do without asap..

AMC was good what was left after Frons took over the writing. I didn’t watch OLTL but being a soap fan I would never put down OLTL. And I sure wouldn’t want a soap hater and a thief to replace my soap. Wasn’t for us fans of Amc and OLtL going to backing GH, it would be gone to like ABC planned. We are not only fighting for OLTL and AMC will fought for GH too.Even Anthony Geary said Just think we were going to be cancel for a boob job gone bad. So backing these stupid replacement show is only showing ABC how to get rid of the soaps. Like Frons said we can train our viewers like dogs to watch what we put on to replace the soaps. I’m not a dog and can’t be trained to watch watch a rook and an idiot..

And that Carla on The Chew makes me throw-up… ABC thinks we will watch anything they replaced our beloved soaps with…Like The Chew & Talk Shows… Not me , I refuse to watch what abc dishes out as replacements! I am and always will be a LOYAL SOAP FAN and a LOYAL VIEWER! Loyal to GH! I like and enjoy the stories.. Drama ,suspense,excitment, & love…I always like the soaps and watched them for a very long time and will continue to do so! GH ROCKS!

Ha, ha, me too!!!! Ms. Hall always looks and acts like she just escaped from Ferncliff. Can’t stand her……

P.S. Actually, the entire bunch of them appear and behave like a zoo collection, save for Daphne Oz. It’s like she is the only normal one amongst the specimens….feel sorry for her!!!!


That’s great news!!! General Hospital is my most favorite show. I never miss an episode!!!!

I love GH!! It has been so good with all the vets coming back and the Nurses ball. The fans do love their soaps!

GH is on fire lately. I have become a daily viewer since RC took over. I love the show as a whole but especially love Michael Easton and Kelly monaco together. They prove that lightning always strikes when it comes to them. I am glued to the tv whenever they are onscreen.

…………JASON WHO!!!!!



Great comment! I have with you about Michael and Kelly, they are great together no matter what they are doing. There scenes on Friday were fabulous plus adding Franco was fun to watch. I wish they change Roger’s character though, feel bad for him.


You Got That Right!!!!!!!

They are gorgeous!!!!!

Yes, Please Keep Them Together

I LOVE GH. I LOVE THE STORY LINES. I use to watch this show in the late 70’s and 80’s. I caught up with it again last year around march or april and hooked on it again. I wish they could bring Genie Francis back but with a better storyline. I know she wants a better role or a more exciting one. I love Luke… but want to see more of Robin and Patrick and want lucky to come back. I also want Elizabeth Rebecca to have a new storyline. I like her acting..

Great for GH, but that (and the Mon, Jan 6th episode) were two very boring episodes for me. Too much Sonny and crowd.

Great news! We live in fear of losing GH just like the others. Have been watching since they started and look forward to that very special hour each day.

It looks like ABC has a winning combination in The Chew followed by GH. Both shows are performing very well. Congrats to both shows!

The Chew piggybacks on GH’s ratings. If you record you’ll notice that in many markets the last minute of the Chew records on the GH timeslot, hence their ratings.
GH is the winner, the Chew is the parasite.

Actualy you would be incorrect on that. The Chew on some days is doing higher numbers than GH. THe only good part for GH is they tend to perform a bit better and jsut a bit better in the younger demographic.

People need to get over the hate of The Chew. The show has proven to be a success. Oh and get it through your head AMC and OLTL are not coming back to ABC. Be happy we still have GH.

Congrats again to The Chew for record numbers and congrats to GH for having is best season in 7 years

I don’t think so, boes. When both soaps were on ABC, AMC’s last minute also overlapped on OLTL.

Just because YOU don’t like The Chew does not mean everybody else share you dislike for the show.

Love GH.. it is as good as prime time TV..!

GH is the most intriguing, thrilling, suspenseful, heartfelt soap..!!

It has variety, lots and lots of variety..
Never a dull moment!!!


Love Sam, lulu, Dante ,Patrick & Robin, anxious to see how it all plays out for
Patrick & Robin!! Lulu & Dante need to have their baby, please give them Ben before
He walks. I have been watching this show since high school and I am now

For whatever the reasons are I am so happy about great ratings results because even though I am having a hard time with the GH writing again, I don’t want to see GH hit the dust. If the PTB read our posts, I am pleading with you give back the intelligence that you are taking away from so many key characters. You are dumbing them down, and insulting me. I cant speak for other fans, but it’s really getting to the point ridiculous as far as I’m concerned eg Heather Webber coming and going as she pleases, this time stabbed back from the grave without a scratch. oh it’s soap you say? In this case it’s pure BS. it’s not campy or cartoony. It’s not digestible. What’s going on with Patrick and Robin. they have no chemistry anymore. Where is the best actress on the show ,little Brooklyn (Emma) I honestly can’t stand how Sonny ever got to be a God-Father- in all these years I’ve been waiting to see the brilliant strategist and sharp intuitive man a God Father is known to be (besides ruthlessness and a great full army) This cartoon gangster Sonny cant even see the handwriting on the wall re. Morgan’s dilemma – Shawn is such a shadow of a replacement for Jason. Carly is known for being spitfire. not a victim ever.What happened to Olivia the see all. and why isn’t the Ben baby story getting resolved. Lulu doesn’t deserve Dante. And my initial take on the new hunk has changed. I still think he’s some great eye candy, but pretty stiff as an actor. BTW I have been watching GH since it started and I’d like to see it survive. It’s the only soap I record since I’ve only watched ABC’s. I don’t watch any other show on ABC because of what they did. Please PTB keep GH great. don’t let it go any further into stupid mode. Yank it out now .

As for Patrick and Robin. they have no chemistry anymore, it is all in the writing and the writing suck for them . The writers has not stayed true to their characters.

Youre right Liz. And it is totally due to the writing. As I have stated in other posts Ron Carlivati does not know how to write for “good” characters. It is the way James Reilly used to write. Good characters have to be victims all the time. Thats how we as an audience are to know they are good. It is totally plot driven writing. Character traits are what should drive the story…characters should not be changed and pigeon holed to fit into whatever story the writers want to push. Robin was always headstrong and fought for what she wanted and believed in. Now, suddenly, she is all wishy washy and overly concerned that Sabrinas baby will be an insurmountable obstacle. To write a realistic reason for the change in Robin would be easy…post traumatic disorder from being held hostage for 2 years. But thats not what is being written. That has been completely swept under the rug in order to tell another baby lie storyline. Not every baby story has to involve a paternity puzzle or a lie or a dragged out meandering story. Patrick and Robin were never that typical soap couple that sat around gazing and talking about how much they loved each other. They were busy doctors, full of life and passion and fire and we knew they loved each other without them always having to state it. Going down this sophomoric road with them is such a mistake. At this point, Carlos and Sabrina are just non entities eating up screen time with no purpose other than to manufacture plot driven drama.

Monaco and Easton are a sure fire hit every time! The entire ensemble at GH is fantastic. Lots of talent from the Producers, Writers, Actors, and the entire Staff behind the scenes and they consistently produce a quality product. Congratulations to everyone at GH and ABC.

I believe Ron is doing a wonderful job,with bringing the stories together

But some of it, has to be the weather…

Kelly Monaco & Michael Easton, was so dam sexy for New Years….


I watched it over and over again!!!

Nathan West, can a man be so sexy!!!


Thanks Ron!!!!
(p.s., Give my girl a baby!)

Can somebody give me the name of their song, I know it was “Don’t Let Go
But whose the artist?

One one of there love scenes on YT it gives you the name of the artist if you look down through the comments. I know the name begins with an A

The song is “Don’t let go”..written by AJ cheek and Phillip Larue.
performed by “Armon Jay” Cheek, also know as( A. J.)..It is not
released yet, but will be this year..He has a new album releasing
1/2/14 called “Everything’s Different, nothings changed”..
Will be on itunes….ck it out

Yeah right a baby solves everything!

I Didn’t say it would solve anything…..I just want Sam and Silas to have a baby,,,gee whiz!!!

gh is like homemade mac and cheese. Comfort.

Great news , I am lovin the missiing Carly sl , love the scenes with Heather & Carly , love how it involves alot of the other characters.Bravo to the cast of GH , another fabo ratings week!!!

Excellent news. Congrats to GH. Love it.

Sounds like Great news to me :)))

I wonder what it will be for this week?
All Franco all the time has left me ff’ding through every episode. Loved RH on OLTL, hate him on GH.
Oh well, the show isn’t for everyone and right now it’s not for me. But it looks like I’m in the minority.

Good for GH.

I agree. Loved Roger Howarth as Todd on OLTL. Do not like Franco no matter who is portraying the character or who is writing the script.

Love it!

Franco (Roger Howarth) is building an intense character, non-other than RH could have played Franco..
RH has me on the edge watching his Franco transformation!

His eyes, the way he looks at others, his mannerisms, the persona he has created for his Franco, is pure acting genius !!!

Roger Howarth is a brilliant actor, not Todd Manning..

roger howarth forever will be todd maning even when he play franco
people see him as todd

For me it is Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco (Silas and Sam). I love this coupling! I am also loving a break from the baby mama drama into these two new mystery story lines! Intrigued at the mystery of Silas background and surprisingly, I am enjoying this Carly disappearance/Franco murder frame.

Maybe the key was not who was on the highest rated episode, but was NOT. Any guesses as to the character we were so mercifully spared that day? (Hint….there was no sobbing or whining…..)

LOL! I loved the fact sobber was not on

Not to be a downer, but it seems the more ridiculous GH becomes the higher its ratings go. I don’t get it.

I know I have not seen a full episode in 4 weeks nothing against RM/Heather but I do not remember in the old days her being a cartoon. She was very lethal. I also have never cared for Sabrina she gets way too much air time.

Heather is not a”cartoon” that is nonsense..
where do people come up with such absurd crapola.
Heather is a campy villain, a true soap character..

soaps are known for being campy, and Heather is queen of sometimes, not always, campy..
Heather has been lethal, gotta love it !!!

Sabrina has developed into a great character, she is among the high cast!!!
The Sabrina character is being played by a great actress and is Robins better 😉

I agree. In fact, it saddens me that the entire show has become cartoonish. There is very little, if any, reality to it. I’ve watched soaps, day and night time, most of my life and, while they may be a bit outlandish at times, nothing compares to the “high” camp of GH. Camp and comedy is fine, so long as its balanced with true realistic drama. I don’t want to quit my GH habit but I’m becoming less and less interested.

Heather was once a viable character. Despite her crazy, it was balanced. She could have affairs and love interests. As written by Ron, she is a complete cartoonish whack job only there to manufacture suspense. By now, she has brandished her knife on most of the cast, and the Friday cliffhanger of Heather with a knife lost any oomph it ever had about 47 times ago. If Heather was more like Mattson was as Gina…she could be a sustainable character. A funny villainess who could do outrageous things, but was redeemable.

At least Sabrina wasn’t in this episode! She is becoming a real nuisance- just leave with The Frito Bandito and never come back! And why is Sonny once again being a stupid hypocrite, accusing BOTH A.J. and Franco of crimes they didn’t commit as he has gotten away with so damn much? For once I’d really love to see The Manic Mobster really sent up the river! And why hasn’t ANYONE ON THE SHOW realized that “A.J.” also stands for “Ava Jerome”? Come on now!

Congrats to the writer and producer.
They truely understand the daytime audience.
The pacing is great.. and fun to watch.

Wish the execs at abc would recognize the the pendulum is swinging back towards soaps being popular again.. Maybe they need to grap hold of this trend and do something about it.

This proves the soaps are not dead but alive and well. GH has some talented actors and has benefited from new writing and some actors from cancelled soaps. It is my dream that OLTL and AMC return but I’m not going to hold my breath waiting.

So happy GH is doing well in the ratings… They have a really good cast & crew! Keep it coming!!!

What about the over 54 women’s percentage. Don’t we count anymore?

Whoever came up with the miracle rag that shut Carly up and caused her to be silent deserves a Nobel Peace Prize. I wish I knew how they deactivate it when Heather is around but hav eit silence her when Monica and AJ are near! For a normal looking rag, its quite an engineering marvel!!

Historically…soap viewership has always increased in late December and early January. It is the holiday season…people are at home. Kids are out of school. Its cold outside…and people are inside watching tv. It is never a sustained or prolonged ratings spike and what is presented onscreen has little or nothing to do with why the ratings increased. The Nielsen ratings are bous anyway. A small random sampling of what a tv is tuned into in NO way reflects the enormity of what is being watched. I guess without going all Big Brother, it is the only system, but I have never met, or known, or even known someone who had a friend whose uncle’s cousin’s ex wife had a Nielsen box.

Enjoyed your character analyses, particularly that of Tracy. I have long thought exactly the same regarding Ms. Quartermaine….her ongoing malice and gleeful malevolence toward AJ ceased to be amusing long before midpoint of last year. She finally got her beloved company and nothing much has been made of said business since, yet her wicked demeaning of her nephew continues….to the point that we are once again witnessing Alan’s son’s meltdown into alcoholism….this is not entertaining in the least and a true waste of SK’s talents. He should be front and center as a leading man and heir apparent to the Quartermaine legacy, and yet we only get pathetic crumbs every now and then of his personal self-destruction. As for Tracy, she is now just tiresome…she doesn’t even seem to try to be “fantastic” anymore….she is simply a nasty old crone waiting around for her reprobate, occasional lover of convenience, Luke, to show up at her door to give her a pathetic dose of attention and affection before his (or should I say, AG’s) latest disappearance (to accommodate his Amsterdam adventures.) Boring….just plain boring. If this is the best Geary can come up with as opposed to his much-refused romancing of “true love” Laura, then perhaps both he and JE should ride off into the sunset together once and for all…as soon as Heather is finished with him, of course!!! (And there is another hackneyed plot device done to death…adore Robin Mattson, but her constant flights into maniacal mayhem have become ghoulish as opposed to comical.)

BTW, why isn’t anyone releasing the day-by-day ratings detail for this particular week, what is in the data that no one wants the public to see…. is it because after that record Tuesday the ratings fell out of bed on the Franco/Carly/Heather crap?

Breaking News

Daytime Stars We Lost Remembered in 2024 SAG Awards In-Memoriam Tribute

On Saturday night at the 30th annual SAG Awards streaming on Netflix, several stars from the world of soap opera were remembered in a very moving In-Memoriam segment.

Honoring those actors we lost this past year, and set to the song “How do I Say Goodbye” by Dean Lewis, the screen was filled with so many heartbreaking losses.

Those who were remembered in the tribute included: Bill Hayes (Doug, Days of our Lives), Ellen Holly (Carla, One Life to Live), Nicolas Coster (Lionel, Santa Barbara et al), Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GH, Stefan DAYS), Billy Miller (Billy, Y&R and Drew, GH), Sharon Farrell (Flo, Y&R), Arlene Sorkin (Calliope, DAYS), Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio, OLTL), Jeffrey Carlson (Zoe/Zarf, AMC) and Mark Goddard (Ted, OLTL).

Photo: ABC

Other notable stars who passed away and were included in the tribute were: Chita Rivera, Andre Braugher, Suzanne Somers, and Matthew Perry.

Before the video package was played, actress Naomi Watts took to the stage and shared, “We have lost so many extraordinary actors in the past year, but because they touched the world with their talent, we all share their loss. To those of us who worked with them, alongside them, we feel their loss and their absence deeply.”

Photo: Netflix

She added, “Of course their memory will live on in our recollections of the precious time we shared together — and through their work, their performances captured in countless frames of images, ever ready to dance across the screen and come to life again, if only for a while.”

What did you think of the In-Memoriam Tribute at the 2024 SAG Awards and seeing a lot of familiar faces being included who represent the soaps? Comment. below.

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David Gail, Former ‘Port Charles’ Star, Cause of Death Determined; Mother Speaks Out on Dangers of Pharmaceutical Addiction and Fentanyl Epidemic

David Gail, who played Dr. Joe Scanlon on Port Charles (1999-2000), and who also appeared on Beverly Hills 90210, cause of death has been revealed. The actor passed away on January 16th at the age of 58.

According to the toxicology report, Gail died of anoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, which is a brain injury caused by a a lack of blood flow, following resuscitation from cardio pulmonary arrest due to the drug intoxication. The report also revealed that drug intoxication with amphetamines, cocaine, ethanol and fentanyl, were also involved.

Gail’s mother, Mary Painter, spoke to Deadline on the findings and opened up to what led to David’s ultimate passing. Gail was found unresponsive by emergency personnel who attempted to save his life. Eventually, he was put on life support where he remained for several days till his death.

Photo: ABC

In her statement, Painter shared, “It breaks my heart to learn that my son died this way. David became reliant on medicine many years ago, after multiple surgeries on his hands and wrists. He lived in enough pain to prevent him from working for almost a decade, with relief only achieved through full disability, physical therapy and pain medicine.”

She then added, “He struggled to stop taking pharmaceuticals and did before turning toward a more Eastern pain management including acupuncture and natural medicines. I can only assume that his former opioid dependence played a part in self-medicating from uncontrolled sources.”

David’s mother expressed a very important social message for our time about addiction that she hopes other parents remain aware of: “David’s death shines a light on the countless innocent victims of pharmaceutical addiction and the fentanyl epidemic that has taken so many of our sons and daughters. Please keep David and others battling pain or dependence, in your thoughts and prayers.”

Gail’s other TV credits included parts on: Savannah, Matlock, Murder, She Wrote, Doogie Howser, M.D., and Perfect Opposites.

What do you think about the poignant statement offered up by the late David Gail’s mother, Mary Painter? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Spinelli Serenades Maxie Then They Kiss! Are you in Favor of a ‘Spixie’ Reunion?

Spixie fans finally got their wish, sort of, on Thursday’s February 22nd episode of ABC’s General Hospital.

While Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) have been each others orbit and married to other people, have had children, and been each other’s best friends, it’s apparent that they belong together, or do they?

In story, Spinelli took to the stage on Karaoke night when he, Maxie, Cody (Josh Kelly) and Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) went out together.  When Spinelli sang, it featured a touching solo performance by Bradford Anderson, where Spinelli wears his heart on his sleeve for Maxie.

Maxie is all smiles watching Spinelli sing, and afterwards he walks towards her. The two talk about his living situation and how he would do anything for her. Maxie says she always knows she can count on him. She admits she loves listening to him sing to her, and she loves having him around. Spinelli says he considers her more than a friend. The two eventually share a kiss, but Maxie runs away.

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The pick-up of the story happens on next week’s Tuesday, February 27th episode when in teasers, Maxie and Spinelli get closer.

Looking at the history of Spixie: they first got together from 2008-2010 when they were engaged. Then, in 2013 the duo had a one night stand. Next, they dated again in 2015, and flash-forward to 2024, and it looks like Maxie and Spinelli might be willing to try their romantic relationship one more time.

Photo: JPI

So, do you hope Spixie gets back together, or do you want Maxie and Spinelli with some other characters on the Port Charles canvas? Let us know. But first, check out the scene where Spinelli sings to Maxie below.

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