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General Hospital Set To Reignite The Jason/Franco Feud!



Born out of a conflict between Franco’s (Roger Howarth) growing fondness and time spent helping little Jake (Hudson West) through a tough time in his childhood, and Jake’s real father Jason (Billy Miller), it will prove to be the springboard for a major torque in the story between the bitter rivals on General Hospital. 

According to this week’s Soap Opera Digest on newstands now, GH head writers Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante preview that another event will trigger Jason’s memory of the ruthless encounter between the two men from their past that sums up their enmity with each other.

Viewers can look for Franco to seeingly try to make Jason see he is a changed man, but according to the GH preview on Jason’s memories and the Franco feud, the scribes shared:  “The return of his memories won’t necessarily turn him back into exactly the man he was when he disappeared from Port Charles.  So the real impact of Jason’s memories returning is yet to be felt.  We, the audience should worry, however, that the return of Jason memories causes a tweak in Franco and makes him seem to start obsessing over Jason and Sam … and resenting them … a little too much.”

So, are you glad that GH is reigniting the Jason/Franco feud? Do you want to see an obsessive Franco?  Are you glad that Jason is going to have some major memories back? Share your thoughts on the upcoming story beat!

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Zzzzzzz! Can’t they just write good plots anymore? I get Jason getting his memory and all but at this point they’ve dragged that out for so long. I’d like to see some more original storytelling from GH. They have a large enough cast to tell some really great stories and not these endless ramblings.

I’m happy to see this story play out. It’s about time we see Jason’s POV about Franco’s return and everything he did to him. I never fully accepted the rewrite about Franco’s tumor being the cause of everything because he himself have said those urges go back to his childhood.

I want to see how this plays out, but I don’t want to to be as extreme as it was in the past. Yes, both men are different, but the underlying issues are still there and need to be played out.

This is an awful decision. Unless Roger is leaving the show and it’s an exit story for him, you can not drag the character of Franco back into this. People are just barely starting to accept him now.

I agree with this 100 percent.

Exit storyline… that was my thought, too. Hopefully not, given all the effort that has gone into evolving the character. However, a lot of fans continue to resist that, so…?

I’m sure Roger will do it justice no matter the outcome!


No, a million times NO! It was a horrible story when James Franco was playing it. Roger Howarth is an entirely different character and he should have come on as a different character to start with.

Yes, the character is a dead end for sure!

The Jason/Franco feud can’t be reignited in an acceptable way because of the favoritism that Frank shows Roger. For the story to work, it would need to end with Franco ending, whether he’s dead or he flees for his life. Franco is the villain here.

But that won’t happen. We’ll get conflict but no resolution that will be satisfying for GH fans, it will be the opposite. It will only be satisfying or tolerable to Roger’s fans, people who put him above the character and the show, and they are not the majority. Unfortunately Frank caters to them.


I don’t even like Jason, but Franco is a terrible (as in written, I’m not complaining about his morality or lack thereof) and has gotta go already.

Besides that AJQ, Franco and Jason are now cartoon characters. Franco acts like Goofy and Billy Miler, who tends to whistle through his nose, acts like Donald Duck.
These two goof balls trying to reignite their passionate hatred for one another would be akin to Goofy putting a pail of water under Donald Duck’s door.

I mean, over Donald Duck’s door.

Spot on Harry! Why revisit this anyway? Franco’s tumor gives him an excuse to be what he was? Now he is just like you said, a Goof ball! Why not have Jason go after Sonny for killing AJ?

Yeah, Harry–as usual, you say it best!

Even worse, there are rumours that Franco and Liz are to be paired. Meaning…more fan wars since they will be in “Jasam’s” holy orbit! Did Becky fight to stay, for this?

Instead of writing quality stories centered around General Hospital characters that General Hospital fans would tune in for, Frank runs GH like a child, baiting fan wars and utilizing his pets to muck up the works.

Whoever is in charge at ABC who allows this nonsense should be fired.

If done right it could be great. Both Roger & Billy can handle the material if the feelings ring true between them. Jason’s transformation to his “new” life hasn’t been fully explored.

sorry but i am NOT looking forward to this snooze-fest of a storyline…………….

No,no,no please don’t reignite the feud between these two – there is enough conflict just with Franco being little Jake’s art therapist.
Franco may actually do some good getting to what happened to that little boy at Helena’s hands.
I do have a question though – is Roger channeling Todd Manning ? He seems to be growing his hair out.

GH is channeling some “big” hair



talk about 3 hot diverse GOOD actors

so many layers and intriguing stuff

I was “almost” going to add “Finn” but his locks are not yet at shoulder length

does any one miss Levi…

Yes, Patrick. I agree, though I liked Franco’s hair lighter (and with far less ‘product’). Now if only they’d let Jason & Michael’s hair growth a little, I’d be very happy.

“any” way

back to Franco and his untapped energies with Liz and Jake

argh! GH ! forever and day already…. do not lose this

DO NOT lose momentum

why ???? would GH waste more airtime on Jason and Liz… double snore

what ??? now that Jason has laid waste of Nicholas… it’s now… that quickly on to Franco ????

what’s the point? these two characters are being played by two entirely different actors…. Steve Burton and James Franco

I can’t believe I can say this… Jason and Sam… are the only times I CAN FF’d

kinda pisses me off… that it’s quality that’s being wasted vs.. what ??? A lollapalooza sex fest ??? with Jason and Sam…. wow ! dull

i’m hitting myself…

“…why ???? would GH waste more airtime on Jason and Liz… double snore”

i’m so caustic

that should read… Jason and Sam… double snore

What? Why would Franco obsess over Jason & Sam? He neither likes nor respects Sam–and certainly doesn’t want her.

This seems like a convoluted attempt to get viewers (ALL viewers) to root for them–and it won’t work. And if they want those same viewers to view a potential Franco/Liz relationship–this isn’t the way to do it

thank you @ Lucy… gavel this

the writing for Jason and Sam stinks enough as it is !!!!

does GH really have to cheapen drag down and spiral every body else ! ?

he’s telling Sam… if any one else touches her… he’ll Kill them….

I just cant believe how dull they are…. and this is the enigmatic Billy Miller

GH ! LEAVE Franco and Liz w/ Jake… in their own orbit… mixing and HOPING for what? intrigue ? DRAMA at its best ??? Sam doe eyed bambi cling on much ?

the character of Jason is done… DOA

neatly bow tie the return of ELQ
lay waste to the character of Nicholas

not good news at all….

You’re right Patrick. This is only going to make it worse. I’m interested to see where they go with Liz & Franco and I don’t need the deadly dull duo messing with that

The “enigmatic” Billy Miller looks disgustingly bored out of his gourd!

@nancy dillingham…..That’s probably because he is….as am I! Even reading the recaps as of late has been enough to put one to sleep, let alone actually watching this atrocious bilge!

Truly awful.

RH is too likable to slide back into bad Franco. I never did care to JF when he played this role. RH should either continue to be redeemed or play an entirely different character.

Hey, here’s a novel idea. TPTB can “kill” off the character of Franco–and bring back RH as a different character! Sound familiar? MMMM–I’m seeing a new doctor with a lizard.

I dont see this Jason/Franco feud coming to a satisfying conclusion…but i will wait and see before i pass final judgement-would like to see Franco seriously injured rescuing Jake from some dangerous situation and a reluctant Jason saves his life and when praise from Liz and others come in, Jason finally decides to become Dr. Q and he gets his medical degree in just 6 months!!!-lol

RH Should’ve been another character period never liked Freako I hope Jason kills him all that his done #Team Kill Franko NOW

Same feelings here

I said it before, when James Franco died, thats it, the character should have stayed dead! Roger is and has been wasted on this stupid resurrection!


If anyone can play a bad Franco other than the original, it is RH. Remember when Todd was REALLY bad? Oh, it was sooo good. I never could buy that Jason would accept Franco after all he did. Sam too. She should rake his eyes out. As for Jake, too close for comfort. I never could understand how anyone, even Obrect, could allow Franco to be any kind of therapist, even and art therapist with his CRAZY loo-loo background. Only on the soaps!

Guess I’m in the minority based on the comments I’m reading here, but I like where this is headed. Anything that gives Billy Miller and Roger Howarth some good stuff to play is fine with me. Neither has really had anything juicy to play in quite a while. For me, crazy Franco is better than art therapist Franco any day of the week. I like that they’re going back to the core of what makes each character, and that Jason is finally delving into more of his past, which is long overdue. There’s only so many scenes I can take of him and Sam sitting around the table talking. So I think they have some good ideas here, and I’m intrigued to see how things play out.

Yes both actors are talented and would like material that showcases that

I’m going to go with it too, Dan. Nearly every story seems to be in underwater slow motion these days so I’m more than willing to let my two favorite GH actors play some intense scenes. That’s what they do best, not playing house.

GH is grossly underutilizing RH. He’s been nothing but a second banana in various Storylines. Sparking up the feud will give him the opportunity spread his true Franco/Todd abilities. GH should also rehire Cassie DeP & put her in the mix so she can reignite her insanely wild chemistry that she has w him.

i’m with you 110 % that Roger Howarth is WORTH MORE material… and good scripts to drive RH acting talent

it’s truly tho… like apples and oranges… OK I bite… Jason and Sam are DULL

if I have to sit… through another story of the cheap weak characters of Jason and Sam Nancy Drewing all of Port Charles, in matching leather jackets sickening me with their lame romance with NO tantalize

FANS have posted wondrously just how much GH should capitalize on a relationship with Franco and Liz…. SPARKS

I really don’t like that fans NEED a character to be redeemed… especially when the writing TEAM may not have the scripts to bring this about. if a character or storyline is not true to form of the history of the show… it happens

I think Franco has been wonderful of late… especially with Kiki… and yeah it’s not making any sense that he is so terse and absolute that he’s not father material… and so ends his relationship with Nina… WHICH i’m OK with.. as GH … ONCE AGAIN… needs to capitalize on Julian and Nina… major sparks

doesn’t it all stem from how GH is focusing solely on : Carly and Sonny… and Jason and Sam any way

NOT A GOOD WAY to produce this show

it’s lacking with … these 4

RoHo should have been cast as any character from GH’s 53 year history NOT named Franco. Otherwise, Franco can die any day now.

Poor Roger he should have come on as another character. Franco should have stayed dead. This tumor bull just doesn’t fly and if he reverts back to his obsession with Jason he needs to commit suicide because he hates what is happening to him. This is a death sentence one way or another and would be the best way out and to regain some redemption for this despicable character.

Franco has the brain tumor
Jason has ??? brain freeze ??? with no taste in women…. Sam gotta go

they’ve both had brain surgeries

at this rate… GH is going to go through their whole cast … trying, and failing.. to prop the two characters they think are all that

Roger Howarth must be cringing… I hope they at least solidify a relationship with LIz… before getting all super hero… with cheap theatrics…

Brain tumor bull. What a ridiculous excuse. Jason is doing fine and so is BM. Franco is not working and if you took a poll I guarantee Hate him would win. Franco wasn’t mean to be long term.

Yes, what I said!

It could be terrific of done in the proper way – especially for Jason and Sam. Jason finally getting a chance to understand and acknowledge everything Franco did to terrorize Sam and the pain of believing she was raped and Franco was Danny’s father is overdue. The tumor excuse rings hollow since Franco’s mom is nuts, and his “dark impulses” self-admitted go back to childhood. The problem is Jason would need serious recall with emotions to play this out properly, but I don’t know if the writers are prepared to go there yet. But if/when the memories come, Jason and Sam need and DESERVE a chance to explore and heal what happened after their honeymoon, leading up to the shooting on the docks – ESPECIALLY Jason’s completely OOC reaction. They can go there, but only if Sam, Danny and Jason remain united and largely unscathed. They have lost enough to the fingerprinting psychopath.

I gotta say;

The highly dramatic actor, Roger H, has been written as an empty vessel ..
I’ve been wishing Franco would grow his tumor back and blow the top off off GH , with Roger in high gear acting..

I am so sick and tired Jean & Shelly and their climatic dry drab writing..

I want Franco back! This powderpuff pansy Franco, is not Roger or Franco.

Jean and Shelley need to go write for the Waltons and get the H outta my GH ..

ohh geez! big big ooops!
to be ” ANTiclimactic writing..

god… i’ll say… doing some serious eye roll… with

ANTI – (CLIMAX) climactic stuff… that GH focuses

Sonny and Carly
Jason and Sam


do not care for the writers,they are too soft and put their own agendas in the scripts.I want Jason to have all his memories back with full blown feelings.At least give Billy Miller his chance to play the real Jason Morgan not the writers version as this character is an icon and billy is a 3 time emmy winner

does… any one… wonder… if the writing were up to par… and we finally… get Billy Miller… acting craft bar none… @Y&R would translate to Port Charles ?

if the writing… up to this point… with a 2nd regime… since his debut… would make a difference ?

I don’t see it

the way Jason and Sam are written… and they don’t even “try” to venture in to his being a Quartermaine… that they just don’t have the “right” stuff to showcase and feature.. how dynamic this could be?

they certainly are showing… with Ms. Tracy

so… geez !

he’s been on the show.. for well over a year… I give up

let him snore and dull the senses with Sam… FF time



They need to leave Franco alone. He’s not that man anymore and if anyone should understand that, it’s Jason. They need to get Nina, Franco and Kiki together, some family adventures, maybe another woman, but PLEASE not Liz.

No new fued. I like Franco how he is, and with Nina appearing to crack I don’t need Franco cracking. I like Jason how he is too, no memories.

Agreed, Michelle. I loved the scene with Roger and the puppy he named Daisy the other day.
I hated Michelle Stafford’s over-the-top screeching and yelling. I am a dog person and I know from experience that dogs, especially puppies, hate screaming and shouting. Can’t Stafford ever emote without shrieking? That was not just some bad acting, that was animal cruelty.
I will take that four legged bitch over the two legged bitch any day. Franco, please choose the puppy.

I thought the same Harry, puppies and infants shouldnt be yelled at or yelled around! It was disturbing.

At this point, I would also take the adorable little puppy if I were Franco. Stafford is an Emmy winner but sometimes her acting is atrocious and painful to watch.
I’m rooting for Friz!!! I hope Franco moves on with Elizabeth!!!!

Harry, you crack me up! I loved Daisy too! Dogs aren’t balls to be tossed about.

Too boring for words!! Please move them each on to some other storylines! ZZZZZZZZZZ is right!!

Hope Jason don’t like that Liz and Franco are becoming close. Think he might realize he belongs with Liz.

This development does not interest nor intrigue me. I have never seen a more wasted opportunity than that of the return of Jason as played by Billy Miller. There is so much complex and rich history which could be mined in the service of the Jason character but it is just not being written. Miller’s immense talent has been squandered. Roger Howarth’s immense talent is being squandered. Watching them squander it together in a pointless plot development with no real payoff will result in a squandering of my time. GH has the most talented cast in daytime but the stories lack depth and often lack a satisfying resolution. Long live GH! PS: What’s going on with the sudden proliferation of outdoor scenes? It’s too reminiscent of Guiding Light’s death throes. Should I be worried?

Yeah, that certain in “a worn path”–if I may borrow a Eudora Welty title.
And I kept seeing that same little house on the hill. Must be a really tiny spot where they filmed–maybe right outside the studio? LOL!

Feel bad that Roger inherited Franco. He’s such a talented actor, why couldn’t he have at least got an interesting character like Finn. Never liked the Franco story with what seemed a James Franco omage to himself. It was a dark, dark story, and don’t want to see it rehashed in any form again.

Rose, we all wanted Roger to be a Cassadine. Why not have Jason kill off Franco and have Roger reboot like Michael Easton?


Oh yes please let Jason recall all is memories..EVERYTHING nasty thing Sam has done to Liz and her sons…Let him recall Everything Liz has done to be by his side…IMO NuJason has NOW lost his memories that Liz has done for him since he returned from the dead…

yeah, isn’t that something… and convenient

altho… Jason , I think was talking with Diane about his estate… or even Liz.. that she and Jake would be well taken care off

it just bites… because.. when he first showed up at GH… plastic surgery and amnesia…

oh… good gosh… we all could have swore… this was blooming big time romance… and was going GOING boom…. gone

had all the trappings of audience want…. Jake/Jason ???? N. Ms. Webber

it was all so innocent and natural… we watched Liz being taken… falling… and heart soar


his amnesia now includes stupid and MACHISMO being gangly and mobsterish without being…

OK.. I’ve just about had my fill

bye bye Jason and Sam

I’ll take me front rows seats and wait for Liz and Franco

Nope I do not want Liz romantically involved with Franco (yes he had a brain tumor) but I just can not get over all the nasty things he has done…I understand TIIC had to address Jasluts WHY i dont know since they always forget/drop that ball or rewrite history but for the sake of it…WHY did the BREAK up for Liason be over a LIE when EVERYONE in PC has lied…Liz did NOT lie to HURT anyone…people need to go back and re watch that day Nik told Liz who JAKE way…Liz went out to tell Jake BUT she watched SAMHO kissing Dr Patrick all happy,so she allowed once agaon to put others before what was the RIGHT thing to do/NuJason also told LIZ he didnt care who he WAS he didnt want to know his past he only knew he wanted LIZ and to be with her….BS i tell you BS…NOW NuJason is nasty to Liz/not seeing his son who by the way was hurt very badly BY once again b/c of Samho action….Liz has not home/no NOTHING yet Nujason has a lot of $$$$ BS again…..NOTHING has changed with NuJason….since he was told who he really was ……………….

As long as Jason remembers that Sonny shot his brother AJ

Always hated the mobster Jason character as played by Steve Burton. The current actor is playing Jason as human with a wonderful Quartermaine connection which was sorely missed with Burton. I sure hope the writers don’t turn the Billy Miller’s Jason into a “cyborg” — it’s bad enough they have stuck him in a storyline with Sam. As for Roger Howath – oh well.

I absolutely loathe Jason and Sam paired together. Both characters suffer IMO together. I like RH I wished they had made him Liz brother. I could care less about seeing the Martyrism of Jasam again on this show. Sounds like a snooze fest.

I like this idea ONLY if ABC is now allowed to use the Todd Manning character once again. If so, Franco should exit, Roger should be off canvas for a month, then Todd should buy the paper from Julian and make a roaring return to PC.

Hey–sounds like a winner to me!


BOTH actors can walk away and be hired immediately! I wonder when their contracts are up on GH and what they plan on doing? They have to be embarrassed over the crap that is written down on paper they call a script!

I love Roger Howarth. Wish they would leave the old Franco out of this JaSam story. It was bad enough when James Franco played the part.

Aren’t Jason n Franco second cousins? Not that it matters at least to Jason, he was horrible and unforgiving to his own brother, still I hope it’s not true that Roger is leaving the show, I’m sure Jason will go crazy n do his bullying and then use his brain damage as an excuse, prob try to set up Franco up for something but Liz will hopefully help Franco out .

So over Franco and all Corinthos (except Michael Quartermaine).

Me too! You start with a flawed storyline–no where to go but to end with a flawed storyline!

Please don’t reignite the feud between Jason and Franco. This was played out when SB played Jason and JF was Franco. Jason and Franco have both different people now and I like the new Jason and Franco much more. I’m all for Jason getting memories back but Do Not want him to get mixed up with Sonny and especially Carly! RH is one of the best actors in daytime.

NO, could care less! SLEEPY Miller and ROHO are not the original two characters. The feud would be like eating a Snackwell when all you really want is a Oreo! This will suck!


Be sure Samho will tell NUJason only her sweet side of her past…..Samho has always SUGAR COATED her nasty.then has the balls to throw crap up to others on what they have done!!!!!

I’m not sure I really care for this idea. I might be in the minority, but I like Franco. I was’t around to see the other Franco and all the terrible things he did so I don’t have anything but Roger’s interpretation to go off of. I like how they are making him work through all the bad he’s done and the hurt. That’s interesting to me. So Jason, who I can’t hear half the time, getting his memories back only to fight with Franco just doesn’t interest me. I guess every character needs an enemy to play off but I don’t want it to be this big explosive thing where one or the other gets killed. If they HAVE to do it, can’t they just go to Sonny’s gym and duke it out?

This storyline sounds boring and rehashed. I liked nu-Jason while he was with Elizabeth. I find Sam to be very boring and I think Sam with Jason is very boring. I would like to continue to see Jason interact more with the Quartermaine’s. I have loved having Ned back on the canvas, always love Tracy, and I’ve enjoyed seeing Monica more and Michael interacting with his family, too. I miss the Quartermaine’s.

No, I do not want to see trouble between Franco & Jason. That story line was long over. Please don’t start it up again. Let them dislike each other but please no extreme stuff again.

The best scripts for Roger Howarth currently revolve around his surrogate father/daughter relationship with Hayley Erin (Kiki). I was on board for the Franco/Nina romance–but since they left Shady Brook–it has been steadily downhill. The passion is gone and I’m done with the bickering over having kids and getting married.
I sorely miss Todd Manning and wish Roger could be a major mover and shaker life he was on OLTL. His vast talents have been languishing for far too long on GH. At this point, I wish Ron Carlivati would return; he seemed to appreciate Roger more than the current writers.
I guess I’ll withhold any opinion on revisiting the Jason/Franco conflict to see where it goes. I have no frame of reference, because I never saw any of James Franco’s work and don’t know that much about the overall history.
What I definitely do want is for the writers to explore the unmistakable chemistry between Roger and Rebecca Herbst. Hopefully , they won’t waste much time creating romance for these two upon Rebecca’s return.
Bravo to the incomparable Roger Howarth for making the most of the material he is given!!!

I LOVE both actors! I really hate them being enemies! Roger Haworth is finially getting his bad boy on again and I think it’s hot! I soooooo love his hair long..,,

Makes no sense to make Franco obsess over Sam – SUDDENLY. The change is too extreme. Perhaps some other kind of trauma could change who he is, but not buying that he could just forget about Nina and all that has happened over something Jason said.

At least you could show signs that Franco has had enough (we know he has), but show it. Whatever… you know RH will make it great! Just please, take time to make it more believable.

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