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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Silas Is Murdered! Whodunit?



It was the end of the line for Dr. Silas Clay on Friday’s cliffhanger of an episode on General Hospital! 

And that means also the end of the line (although we suspect some flashbacks are in order) for fan favorite Michael Easton (Silas) who is out at the ABC daytime drama series. To open up the story with a major murder plot, following the on-screen exit this week of legacy series star, Anthony Geary Luke Spencer), GH murdered Silas.  Now we have the suspects who are mounting, and everyone looking guilty and needing drinks after committing the act, or stumbling upon the scene.

One thing was clear, Silas got a knife to the back!  The person immediately looking most guilty is his ex-wife Nina Clay (Michelle Stafford), who found out earlier in the episode from Franco (Roger Howarth) that it was Silas who kidnapped baby Avery and pinned the crime on her to help Ava survive her cancer with Avery’s bone marrow.  At the end of Friday’s airshow, Nina was holding the knife in her hand sitting over Dr. Clay’s lifeless body as Franco happened upon the scene.  But might he have gotten there earlier himself …  even though he followed Nina out of the hospital knowing she was going to confront Silas?

Then there is Denice AKA Ava (Maura West), who we know will kill anyone to keep her identity a secret, and to avoid prison time for murdering Connie Falconeri!  With Silas armed with the truth of her true identify and complicit in resurrecting her in the first place, and furious to find Ava in bed with Morgan (Bryan Craig), he calls their daughter Kiki (Haley Erin) saying he has to talk to her ASAP!  Ava clearly does not want her scam to come to light!

Elsewhere, Morgan who told Denice he has to stop Silas from telling Kiki that he is cheating on her … made his move to shut Silas up once and for all.   Later, we find Morgan very discombobulated at the Metro Court bar by Michael (Chad Duell).  Morgan is clearly shaken up.  Did he stab Silas?

Watch the final moments of Friday’s episode after the jump and a preview pick-up scene for Monday featuring: Michelle Stafford, Roger Howarth and Easton.  Then weigh-in:  Whodunit?  Who killed Silas Clay?  Any of the obvious suspects … or you think it was someone else like Ric (Rick Hearst) or Madeline (Donna Mills)?  Be our private investigators and name your top suspect and why in the comment section below!

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She didn’t do it, too easy. The serial killer did. Of course Morgan is a Coninthious and they NEVER pay for any thing. In the back no less. With all garbage this show has, we could have kept Silas and killed a lot of others Morgan ,Nina, Franco , Dense/ava. Half the show needed the knife in the back. I didn’t mind Silas. I doubt it was Sonny he shoots everyone in the face in cold blood.

Morgan ‘done’ it….of course, ‘they’ want us to believe either he or Nina did it.
I am glad, in a way, I won’t be here to witness another mysterious trail. Why did ‘they’ have to go and kill Silas?

PS……Hmmmm! I’m thinking that perhaps Michael Easton will not, completely, disappear from the GH landscape.
He may return as Stephen/Caleb, the Vampire. Is he truly dead? Was a stake driven through his heart? Did the power of the sun evaporate him? Was he doused with Holy Water? Caleb vanished and Dr. Clay was born, no? Never say never!!

CeeCee kill off the one person no one really cares about canvas wise..and so…Denise/Ava have all these powerhouse actors and they are wrote into a corner and then thrown into a who cares whodunnit into November sweeps silly story. Either RC did this out of spite or the new team is reworking story already and we see what this will lead to. ELLEN WHEELER EP..RIGHT NOW..ASAP..give her free reign and a workable budget.

Morgan killed Silas. To bAd kiki will nEvEr know the truth about Ava ad Morgan and that stinks

I just hope that Nichol does not get sent to prison for ordering the hit on Hayden because Who will take care litte Spener?.


wow, can’t imagine why you even watch the show…

As you can see , they are having FUN with it..
And anytime you can laugh and have banter fun about it, well it doesn’t get any better than that 🙂

(beats complaining, every time)

I mostly don’t. we will see if it gets any better with Ron gone .

Leslie…I’m truly beginning to wonder why I watch the show anymore. While I appreciate su”s undying loyalty to Ron, the writers have done a woefully poor job writing for the likes of Michael, Roger, Michelle, etc. I won’t even revisit Fluke anymore. And I just haven’t seen the “fun” in GH for a long time.


I did not realize there was a serial killer in Port Charles, Janet. He’s over yonder, in Genoa City, no? Now, I’m getting confused. LOL.
Did MadMaddie, Nina, Ava or Morgan have time to do the deed? Each one of them was engaged doing something else; either talking to each other or with Franco. I think Nina found Silas on the floor with either the knife already embedded in his back and pulled it out (which does not sound feasible….she’d need a strong stomach to muster that); or she picked it up from the floor.
Franco will wipe off the fingerprints and put the knife back on the floor. No? Not good? I tried!!
The best guess is Rick. He somehow found out Silas held all the cards …..had to be eliminated. While everyone else was seen on stage, where was Rick? By the way, how did he or MadMaddie manage to get an exact replica of the baby blanket? How did they know what it looked like? I am not being facetious, I am curious.
I have said it a million times…MadMaddie is the crazy viper, not Nina. I wonder if Miss Cruella De Vil is her kin? And here I thought Liesl was the worst. Well, who to choose, really! I wish Donna Mills had been written as a normal, concerned mother….I love her acting…especially when she and Maxie go at it. I really enjoyed their scene together.
MadMaddie attempted to convince whomever that Nina had been a rebel child with mental issues. This thought was instilled in Nina’s brain…over and over. Lord only knows what Cruella did to her! This has been the woman’s lifetime chant, in order to get her withered hands on Nina’s money. I have also said that the mother and daughter relationship holds more than one dark nightmare for Nina, as a child, and then, a young woman, who spent half her life in a coma….thanks to MOMMY DEAREST.

….All packed….and, I can’t sleep. This site is addictive…hard to let go….like my coffee. Gee, Mr. Fairman, thanks a lot….LOL.
I hope I can get on Hulu and catch a couple of episodes when possible……Vaarwel!

Detective West will miss you!

cee cee. Franco was a serial killer. Killed placed the bodies in a diorama of sorts. I know he had a tumor ? he killed a lot.

I hope that Nina catches her mother and her husband (Rick) in bed

Emmerdale in the U.K. years ago had the passenger jetliner destroy and devastate the village..August 3rd Charity and Cain’s daughter Debbie has her wedding reception crashed into by a HELICOPTER!!!..The whole Cameron after causing multiple deaths WoolPack scenes..he was electrocuted in the flooding basement after trying to kill Chas and Debbie after killing Carl with a brick..and killing Genny after he caused her car crash and soulessly walked up to the wreckage and covered her nose and mouth till she suffocated..MY U.K. SOAPS ARE THE BOMB..poor Ian’s tour de force on EastEnders after Lucy was killed…oh and on and on..sorry had to get it in..LOL

And Sally and Ashley and Laurel on that was a sick cow (sally)..LOL..and yummy Aaron who came back…I just wanna scream about good soaps that draw in millions..R.I.P. Deirdre…

So sad that they called Ellen Wheeler the doomsday slayer of GL..remember the death of that character by Phillip..and the shot of that cliff and the cell phone ringing and echoing..Ellen Wheeler knew what soaps needed..viewers resisted and the end of all our shows were we have the same writers who wrote shows into a box writing them into a cup of soup container..really no room for mistakes or loss of viewers..if the networks want their shows they will buck up and change the genre or just throw a whole bunch of returning actors into implausible situations and throw the death of Caroline Brady on top of it for sympathy factor..i know where all that’s heading otherwise Sami wouldn’t even come back..and after that’s all said and doze to watch further episodes. Bet this remark won’t make it on the blog. LOL

I love Coronation Street…right now there is a widow who is a hoarder…you wont see that kind of realism in American soaps…UK soaps are the best…their plots are far more realisitic, entertaining, and still escapism from our everday life…character driven too!!!

Jimi, agree about Coronation Street. In particular the kid storylines, which I FF in American soaps, are incredibly well written.

Coronation is very different in tone but really well done.

Wish they hadn’t killed Silas I followed him over from OLTL ditto Roger Howarth.
Morgan and Nina need to go but,. I think Madeline will be the killer .

I think it’s none of them it going to be a shocker when we find out.

I think it will be one of them, probably Madeline. She’s expendable and Donna Mills just may not want to keep coming back. If it is Ric and they kill another popular vet, people are really going to be pissed. At some point, TPTB just can’t be that tone deaf.

The funny thing about this murder mystery is that it basically involves all new characetrs, actors, Cartini creations. Nina, Franco, Ava, Madeline, Kiki, Morgan.

Nina, Ava, Madeline, Kiki; all new creations.
Franco basically a new creation as he was recreated by RC and played by a new actor.
Morgan, who’s been sorased and basically thrown in with this crew from the beginning.

It just shows you how isolated this whole crew is and how they never really have been integrated onto the canvas.

Guiding Light typically got the murder storylines right while ABC has a terrible history on these .

I hope it’s not MadMaddy. That scene with Maxie was the best. Imagine Tracy and Maddie going toe to toe! Sweet Jeebus that would be swell.

There is an abundance of great talent on this show. I hope the new writers realize that and start writing to the level of this talent.

Let’s wrap this up quickly and get on with advancing some plotlines and characters.

What a shame I could think of several characters that could of be killed off that are not as great as actor as Michael. GH just didn’t write for him. They lost one of the best

I agree with you Carol!!!

I believe either Caleb Morley or John McBain … motive .. identidy theft

If only so we could have Michael Easton back with an interesting story that showcases his talent.

I totally agree, angie. They gave him nothing. Just when it could have gotten interesting, they kill him. At least he should have confessed. If they wanted to send him to jail, at least he could have come back. Why not kill Ava instead.

I believe it was the vampire, zombie Rafe or baby Avery…lol

Or maybe add the Fluke/Luke part as a goodbye gift.

That is FUNNY!

I betcha the angel guy was there to take him away!
Then of course if Silas was really the vampire all along, then he ain’t dead !!

In my opinion it would have been a real surprise if we hadn’t heard a few days earlier that ME was leaving. As for Nina, I agree that it’s too obvious for her to be the guilty party. I expect this will drag on forever just like all the other s/l’s. In the end we won’t care who did it.

You got that right, Carol. It will drag forever…wait,…. till I do several of the Gwyneth-Paltrow-yawns.

Obviously it will go on until November! That’s 3+ months of BS we’ll have to sit through!
We know Ron C. started this storyline, but how will the new writers finish it? It’s entirely possible it will end much differently than originally planned…if it was actually PLANNED. Seems like so many stories have started out one way and then been changed mid-storyline. Michael Easton has already played three characters on GH. Who’s to say one of them won’t come back? And don’t even bring up the fact that they’re dead, LOL!

If it is Donna Mills sorry could not think of her name they will save a lot of money on make up! If it is KiKi they will save a lot of money on acting lessons. If it is Denise we will save us all from insanity on the lousy wig and fake accent . But if Silas only has seven dollars in his pocket then we know it is Morgan isn’t that the actor who gets on Twitter to his fans for seven dollars. One thing is for sure ME won’t be giving any nasty interviews about his show and cast members and writers etc. the man is a very smart classy guy!

k/kay, this is hysterical! And your ending line about this particular actor having class (as opposed to a certain other one) is entirely legit!


To be honest I don’t care who did it I care that wonderful Michael Easton will be gone from GH.

I totally agree with you! I will miss his great lines like “cut the crap Ava” and not looking forward to long dragged out s/l’s 🙁

Read his statement about leaving the man was only there for three years thanked his fans everyone for the great ride! Class act all the way this people is how you exit a show it makes people want to work with you etc. Doesn’t B&B need a cop named John on their force???

Me, too, Terri. The scenes between Silas and Ava when she was dying in the hospital were incredible… I expected a romance between them, not for her to instantly hate him and for him to sneer at her. This seems like a rushed decision, a bad one. How hard is it to give a doctor a storyline? At General HOSPITAL. I know it was hard to create an instant character when McBain was no longer allowed contractually, but they threw him in scene after scene, and he handled it like a pro. Who is going to handle Danny’s medical care? Josslyn’s?

This stinks.

I love GH…Excellent point…how hard is it to give a doctor a storyline on General Hospital? Even Lucas and Patrick’s are a bit thin. And come to think of it, a lot of the action that takes place at GH isn’t very hospitally.


I totally agree. Get rid of Ava first. Either give madelin something more interesting or buh bye. Can not stand Ric. He may be cute , but sleeping with madelyn and trying to make Nina go crazy, it’s disgusting. Morgan is worthless. Send him away. he can come back with a new personality and actor.

I can’t believe what I’m reading. Last week fans wanted Silas gone from General Hospital. Now that he was killed off everybody is a Silas fan. Just like when Duke was killed off.

It’s the classic case of not appreciating what you have until it is gone.

Not all of us wanted Silas and Duke gone. Want we wanted was good story-lines to be written for actors who we really liked and felt were being either mis or underused.


I wasn’t implying you, Rose. It is just the way lou worded things.


I think different people are speaking up. I am a huge Mihael Easton fan, and I don’t care what role he plays.


already said several times on the other posts that I’m sad they let MicHael Easton go. Horrible decision; he gave his all to the scene where he found Ava and Morgan together. Truly powerful depiction f a father enraged. If they had only written for him…

And with that, i think Madeleine did it.

Yes, it would have been very interesting to watch how he told Kiki and tried to help her through it. Much more interesting than a murder.


It’s obvious Nina’s innocent…she’s not a back stabber like some others we know.
Ava & Morgan for sure, Mad Maddie & Rick definitely… However they weren’t
aware Silas was the one who’d taken Avery….. But whose to say they didn’t
follow after Franco and overhear him tell Nina what Silas had done….
Anything’s possible….

Ric …
Ric is the killer, of course it’s all about the money..
But then again, how it plays out will be in the hands of the new writers and if it’s anything like 2014 Y&R never ending boring stories, terribly boring stories, well…….???

@su0000…. Rick has done some pretty heinous things in the past…
He would never be able to come back from this!!! Stabbing Silas
in the back is a COWARDLY play.. OR was it someone who panicked?


They will probably have to play a lot of this OFF screen which is really sloppy storytelling. My money is on Madeline.

Ava can’t kill anymore people because she is already painted into that corner. Morgan doesn’t have the cojones to do it (nor should he).

Talk about the Mothers from Hell!

Maybe eliminate by those who knew Nina was at the “place?” Ric, Silas, Madeline, Franco.

My money’s on Madeline since I think it’s more of a female thing to stab in the back or poison someone.

Morgan’s too much in your face and a bit of a screw up, even if he knew where Silas had gone. And Ric’s just too much of a screw up/wimp who doesn’t like to get his hands dirty.

Or, maybe Heather Webber was lurking in the hallway and did it. We haven’t seen her for a while. She did sort of befriend Nina once in her own way, and has been known to use a knife.

And I’ll pull a Jimh and say it was one last unseen, parting gift by Fluke/Luke.

Actually, I hadn’t thought of Heather… Perfect scapegoat if one of
them is written into a corner. Good one!

Ava did it and will let Nina take the blame. Franco will confess to save Nina. Morgan is too stupid to pull it off.

Madeline did it….she knew Si cod ruin the farce her and Ric are pulling on Nina

Sandy – I agree ..Ava did it. Just like she killed Connie F.

I agree with Terry on losing the wonderful Micheal Easton, but in my opinion & let the negative comments start this is how the Almighty self proclamed king of daytime TG should have gone out!

ME is much better and more compelling actor than TG, in my opinion.

Definitely a more gracious human being.

Lay off the sauce!

@Timmm, can YOU be any funnier ❗️

Tony Geary chewed the scenery every time he was on camera. He was an overacting, overrated ham. Why do you think he never made it in movies or stage? He certainly tried. And with his pal, Elizabeth Taylor, you’d think he would have had some connections.

I’m going with Madeline. She hated Silas from the beginning because he was not good enough for her Nina. She did everything in her power to destroy him, unsuccessfully. So she had to kill him before he ruined her plot to get Nina’s money. Plus, the actress is not a cast regular, so she’s expendable.

I think Madeleine did it too…but I don’t think she hated Silas because he wasn’t good enough for Nina…a mother who puts her daughter into a coma then plots against her…by making her think she’s losing her mind…is not exactly what I’d call overprotective. Lol…

I believe she didn’t want him to get any piece of Nina’s money…and whatever other secret Madeleine’s harboring about Nina’s childhood.

@Rebecca… Like perhaps KiKi is really Nina & Silas’s daughter?
MadMaddie would have taken the newborn and given her to Ava,
since she’d originally paid Ava to lure & seduce Silas away from
Nina. She placed her daughter in a coma, giving away her grand-
daughter would’ve been easy… MadMaddie couldn’t take the
chance Kiki would inherit Nina’s millions….

Hi Fanny…I must say though much of GH is predictable, I’ve wavered on whether Kiki is Nina’s daughter. Might be because I think Ron may have wavered, too. It seemed like all indications were pointing in that direction…then I felt he changed course and went back to dropping hints that, “no fans, you figured out wrong! She really IS Ava’s.” Though, it might explain why she doesn’t feel too creepy about sleeping with her daughter’s boyfriend…but if that’s the case that would imply adoptive mothers don’t love their children as much…so…

But, yes. He promised some “big secret” so let’s have it already! Lol…

Haven’t yet watched the other True Blood-esque shows you recommended. I thought they ‘d be offered on Comcast On Demand but they were charging a lot for the seasons…

I hope it’s all a hallucination of Nina ‘ s and this didn’t really happen. I can’t imagine GH without Michael Easton

I thought that could be a good way to get out of this mess…it could be Nina’s, Mad Momma Maddie’s, Rick’s, Morgan’s…any of them imagining a way to prevent their plots or lies from being revealed. But alas, too much time/taping has gone by since they did the dastardly deed…and by that I mean firing Michael Eastman.


It’s a women since a knife to the back was used, and it’s either Madeline or Ava, but let’s see how this plays out, sorry Michael Easton left but maybe hopefully he can return down the line and be john McCain agian. Now if this murder mystery is solved under Jordan Asher reign as top cop then how insulting will this be for Anna? Hmmmm maybe this murder will go unsolved .

Ha! That’s what I said! It’s definitely a woman … if the writing is smart, but who are we kidding?!

Aria – I agree with you – I think that Ava did it.

Where is Michael Eton going to go now. I will miss him. My favorite actor since port charles. and then one life to l ive. I was happy when he

Sadly, I don’t really care about any of the suspects. In fact, I hope it was all these newbies (Ava, Nina, Kiki, Madeline, etc.) so they could all be sent to prison. Oh, wait, what am I saying… killers never pay on GH, they just continue to roam around Port Charles… so ultimately, it doesn’t matter who killed Silas. Any stakes or jeopardy has been removed, and any compelling reason to actually watch has been diluted, because crimes never have consequences on this show…

amazing you would say that Ava…Maura West is amazing, she hasn’t won 3 leading actress Emmy’s for being a bad actress…3 TIME winner… No one else can say that on GH

Actually, Billy Miller can say that. He is also a three-time Emmy winner… though obviously not in the leading actress category!

I agree that Maura is amazing, but her character has been painted into a corner.

I guess with Silas gone there isn’t much need for Kiki … eventually.

Yes, Maura West is a great actress. Loved her as Carly on ATWT, too. The problem is her character has done too many heinous things, all just to shock the viewers. I am no longer shocked. Just numb. Ava has been written into a corner and she is no longer redeemable in my eyes.

I don’t care who did it. I only care about the fact that they killed off Silas and we have no more Michael Easton on the show… I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes but I don’t care – I’m furious, disappointed, heartbroken. I won’t mention the fact that giving this actor such terrible last scenes is beyond disgusting to me.

I know, Sophie. It is a terrible shame to waste amazing talent and an amazing actor like this, but we can only HOPE that he is onto better things. Hopefully Sony will pick him up for either DOOL or Y&R.

Hang in there! 🙂

Agreed Sophie. Michael Easton’s talents were wasted on this show with horrible writing for his character.
There are so many useless bad actors on the show that should leave and GH eliminates MIchael? Not fair at all.

What a shame to have Silas killed. There is so much dead weight and far too many side story lines – GH has wondered off track. Love the Nina/Franco storyline (huge Roger Hoawarth fan) – those two could do some serious damage if the writers gave them a story line…the Rick/Madeline story line is totally disgusting -not a fan of Donna Mills – loose her. As for sending off Luke – couldn’t it have been done differently? How long before he wants to come back….probably as a loon…
I can see why the ratings have dropped and glad RC is gone..who is next or …will the show get the ax?

It will be twists and turns and a shocker!
RC is back to his best!
The past week has rocked!! RC is bringing it !

I hate seeing ME go but we know and the soap actors know they can be let go at any given minute..
He is busy man writing and recently wrote and produced his movie that won an award!!
He will do well..

I knew RC would bring his A-game as soon as he was no longer stuck in the all the Luke drama.. And he has 🙂
RC has started some really good drama intrigue stories , hope the two new snooze writers can keep them going with the twists and turns, surprises, shocker as RC is known for..

I doubt that it will be any of the 3 .. but then again because I doubt it might be lol
but– I will say– Killer is — Ric !!

Look at the way Nina is holding the knife. Also Michelle Stafford is pregnant in real life so I expect her to be locked up for the crime while she goes on maternity leave possibly permanently!!

CeeCee , informed;
Michelle is having baby by surrogate..
(no baby bump gonna happen)

ehhh Nina pulled the knife out, she didn’t push it in .. lol

I must amend what I said, su. I apologize. I read two conflicting reports….one stating that Michelle Stafford is having a second child via surrogacy, and earlier, my sister sent me a link that states she is pregnant. Now, I am not sure. We’ll see. Bye, su.

Wow, that sure was final. I thought they would use Silas being a doctor as a reason to send him out of town, say he was going to treat a patient or something. But to be honest, I didn’t have much use for the character. They did a poor job writing and developing it.

I’m a fan of Michael Easton, but he was much better as John McBain. Maybe some day ABC and Prospect Park will settle their pissing contest, and Michael will be able to return as John McBain. I would love to see that.

As far as who killed Silas, if RC was continuing as head writer, I would say that maybe we’ll find out by around October 2037. But with the new writers taking over soon, hopefully they will be much better about moving stories along.


Love your “October 2037.” I agree Silas was not fleshed out as a character. I would have liked to see him tell Kiki- to see how he did it and how he helped her through it. The show needs more doctors.It’s General Hospital for heavens sake!

well said Dan!

I think Nina’s mother Madeline did the deed to keep Silas from confessing to lil Avery’s kidnapping and ruining her plan to steal Nina’s inheritance.

hi Alan.
nawww Maddy is too prissy to get bloody by stabbing lol
stabbing is not her style and she doesn’t have moxy to do it..

what puzzles;
Silas was stabbed in the back..
He didn’t see it coming..
A cowardly move = Rick..

both Morgan and Nina were raged and that would be an eye to eye death , they didn’t do any backstabbing, nope..

I hope it was ric and he is caught and connected. Cant’ stand him and him with Madeline is disgusting on so many levels.

Give Mad Maddie a little more credit…she’s an ambitious killer just like Ava when need be…just with a more “class.”

just thought of a twist—when Michael Easton first came to GH he had a twin brother who was killed (or so we thought – as we watched someone walk thru morgue/hospital doors) perhaps he was killed by his brother and we get to keep Michael Easton on the air…I would vote for this….Michael Easton is a wonderful actor who was under utilized on GH…bring him back and give him a storyline worth his talent!

Such a shame and such a waste of unutilized potential. Silas Clay deserved a better fate than this and Michael Easton deserved better acting material than what he has suffered with for the last year. The amazing thing is that he was able to do so much with so little he was given… the death of what should feel like a recurring character is impacted by the likability and realness Mr. Easton brought to the role. He truly put his heart and soul into Silas Clay and never complained about his lack of story or air time. He will truly be missed on General Hospital.

As for suspects, I’m all in on the killer being Madeline Reeves. She always hated Silas; it was even hinted at during the Nina/Ava/Maddie scenes where Ava was forced to give birth to Avery that Maddie and Ava had worked together and that Maddie had some secrets she was keeping from Nina (the true parentage of Kiki, maybe, and that Kiki’s mother was really Nina after all?). To kill the man that Nina once loved so deeply AND to frame Nina so she can collect Nina’s inheritance… just an all-around perfect plan and afterwards with Nina locked away well, Maddie won’t need Ric soon. He better watch out for a knife in his back.

I betcha a Dairy Queen, that Ric is the killer !

second thought..

Franco but a knife to Morgan, he likes knives lol ..
he stabbed mommy dearest with a knife..
thing wrong with Franco doing it-
He would not stab Silas in the back..
Franco is more personal than that, he would build up his own pleasurable drama before the kill..
He would look Silas in eye, for sure..
well, back to Ric as the cowardly backstabbing killer..

I don’t think it was Franco…unless they plan on wiping out the last of the OLTL 3. I also don’t think he’d risk being sent to jail or worse now that he has Nina back. My vote is Mad Momma Maddie!

My money’s on Madeline. She’s an unlikeable, minor character who no one would miss (as opposed to Morgan, Ava or Nina, who all have some degree of rooting value). I’m also willing to bet Donna Mills doesn’t work cheap, even on a recurring basis, so removing her character would make sense from a bottom line perspective as well.

I think whomever it was, it was a WOMAN. I don’t think Silas would turn his back on Fracno. Maybe he was napping on the floor and Franco stabbed him? Ha! Ha! That is the only way I see THAT scenario played out.

It was either Nina, Ava, or another woman – maybe even Madeline.

Well, if Ric didn’t do it the Silas slipped and fell on the knife and then rolled over and died LOL ..]

(it was Rick, yup.. money needs killing for)

ohhh no!! maybe Heather escaped, again!! lol

I’ll let you hold onto your theory, su, but I think stabbing is a crime of passion which would make it be a woman. That is unless the writers are adding another angle to this story and Silas and Ric had something going on off screen. 😉

If we’re looking for a twist with someone who has a history with knives, how about Heather Webber. Maybe this is where she was last “locked up”, and she was “fond” of Nina, in her own way, once.

I am really sad that Michael Easton will no longer be on GH. I’m hoping it was Madeline that did the deed, because she is definitely an expendable character, more so in my opinion than the other suspects. I just don’t think that writing new stories for a cancer specialist in a hospital, on a show called General Hospital, should be so difficult! Michael Easton is an excellent actor and he did a lot of great work the last three years, even with the crap that Carlivati wrote for him. I think it would be great if the lawsuit between Prospect Park and ABC would be over and then maybe John McBain could return and work for the PCPD. They certainly could use a very smart detective on the force! Then maybe Franco could be gone and Todd and Starr Manning would be able to return!

Rosalie will be the culprit.

Speaking of Rosalie…..where has she been? Haven’t seen her in weeks.

This is the LAMEST whodunit ever!! You mean to tell me in just one episode, all the sudden three people want to kill Silas???? stupid and pointless storyline and probably RC’s last crap to write til he exits.
I’m SO no getting wrapped up in this dumb story. Poor Michael Easton for his character going out like this. To top it off? Now we’ll have to endure even more Kiki moaning.

There is a lot more going on in GH than a murder mystery, a lot more..

I hope Morgan did it that way we can finally get rid of the character wich is useless. Send him to jail, to sonnys island to hide , whateva just get rid of him.

Morgan is in a core family..
GH’s families are down to 2 or 3 members, Morgan is a Corinthos and a great character played a talented actor 🙂

It may end up that Silas committed suicide.

As I read through the comments, there are pros and cons for all that were mentioned and I really thought it would probably be Heather Weber since the writers always pile the bad stuff on her but then someone said Rosalie and I remembered reading on some spoilers that Rosalie was still on the scene. It could be her although I can’t imagine why. I do think whoever it was that killed Silas also killed AJ and the only one connected to both of them is Ava.

As long as it isn’t the Maura West character(s) – I don’t care. She is one of the few actors I look forward to seeing each day!

Best possible outcome for this story would be the following……

Nina, will of course be arrested because the was hovering over the body with a bloody knife in her hands. But there will be another set of prints on the knife, namely Frodd’s. Remember that he was in Silas’s apartment the previous day, making all sorts of ridiculous “threats” against Morgan, and handled many objects, including the knife. Out of his new found “love” for Nina, Frodd will “confess”.

Now the key here is how much of this story was already written by ReRon before he was fired, and whether it will be dragged out (as his stories usually were) to the point where the new writers get to finish the story.

So memo to Shelly & Jean: Let Frodd’s confession stand. Send him to Pentonville. Get this useless character off the screen. And leave Kiki gone too. Having all three of the OLTL characters (spare me the argument about the new names, we all know what happened) gone for good, is the first step in restoring General Hospital to the great show it stopped being in February 2012.

I don’t care who killed Silas. He’s part of what I call the new GH (Franco, Nina, Madeline, Silas, Kiki) full of characters that have no connection whatsoever to the GH we know and love.

I’ve been waiting for a chance to expound on my theory. Here goes: Kiki is really Nina’s daughter. A switch was made, Ava was paid, and the writers have been looking for a way to break the news to us. It begins here and now………


digusting that u let silas go. get rid of liz, nicholas, nina,morgan but you had silas leave??our favorite you couldn’t give him a better part. your show is getting boring too and u let han go to. crazy no more gh for us loyal fans and u wont be on much longer at the rate your going . thanks for kiling off our favorite!!!!!!!!!!this jason thing is boring too toooo long

I think it’s Kiki. I never really connected with the new Kiki, and plez someone just tell Jake Doe who he is, they have pulled this out way too
long. I’m hoping the new writers will not have so many storylines going at
one time.

It was Rick and Nina’s mom who offed Silas! Franco eluded that he knew who really kidnapped baby Avery and they realized it was Silas and had to stop him so they can still take Ninas money.

I think I have a storyline that could work. Silas Clay is dead. Bring back John (ME) McBain to investigate the murder do to possible mob ties. Plus McBain could be tossed into the mix of Patrick/Sam/Jason-Jake/Elizabeth. Or TPTB could have McBain return to Port Charles with Anna Devane. It was announced that the character would be returning after Finola Hughes is done directing a movie. As for the killer, it’s gotta be Ava. Heather is insane, so that’s how she can keep popping up here and there. Sonny, much to my displeasure, was given a pardon, so I don’t see that being used to a save Ava. I would be really surprised if Morgan was Silas’ killer. I honestly believe that any of us here with the knowledge we have of GH, could fix these characters and save the show!

Ava or Ric.

Madeline has already killed a person and she is someone they won’t keep around so she is likely the one. One thing I know for sure is that it is not Morgan, Ava, or Nina.
Why haven’t we seen more of the Brad and Lucas storyline? Is Brad really married? I thought his father was in the mob and he didn’t want his family to come to Port Charles but saying he is married is bad!
Also, Nathan,Franco, and Nina keep asking Ric if he is the mother’s lawyer. Isn’t it an easy public record that could be looked up, especially by Nathan?

I think that lady that sat at the table with Sonny is Brads mom

If the new writers let Ron’s story play out, my money is on Deila/Roxy to avenge her daughters. It will be a total surprise, no major GH character will have to go and Deila did it to protect Ava. Also, Roxy did it to avenge Natalie. You can bet Ron will have Delia justify it with a general speech that applies to both Ava and Natalie just like when Kristen and Roger said goodbye.

Its Avea the girl who killed Connie ..she kill Silas because he found outhat Morgan sleeping with Ava.

Morgan thinks he did it, Ava thinks she did it and I think Madeline did it!!!! Maybe Anna found John McBain and is bringing him back with her to crack the case!!!

Oh I wish John McBain could come back! ‘Fraid not.

Patrick Drake

My bet is on Madeline. She probably followed Franco and overheard Silas and Franco talking about who really took the baby.

And I think that Morgan thinks Denise did it and Denise thinks Morgan did it.

hehe .brilliant! Get new writers to finely put a fork in GH. Its about time as the shows run its course and the stores are just plain stupid.

General Hospital

Ryan Paevey Makes Statement on Why He is Stepping Back from Acting While Being ‘Grateful to General Hospital for Giving a Green Actor a Chance’ and ‘Hallmark for Changing My Life’

GH and Hallmark fan favorite, Ryan Paevey (ex-Nathan West) wanted to clear the air after numerous reports and rumors had him quitting acting altogether and what that meant for any future projects in Hollywood he may have had planned.

Paevey released an exclusive statement to where he shared what is going on in his life. Back on June 19th, Ryan deactivated his Twitter and Facebook accounts and he may have deactivated his Instagram account on Friday as well, or as of this writing.

For Ryan, the decision to change his current life’s trajectory came after a series of events; chief among them moving closer to home to take care of his ailing mother who is battling lung cancer and social media scammers.

Photo: JPI

Here is what Ryan shared: “Hey everyone…so first and foremost, I am a bit apprehensive that I even have to make a statement like this. I am certainly accustomed to a certain degree of gossip, but the past few weeks in particular have gotten out of control with speculation from third parties that have taken my words and expanded upon them to meet their narrative, or flat out misrepresented my words or misconstrued their meaning. I have always been an open book, and one who speaks his mind truthfully and directly, and it is unfortunate that we live in a world where social media makes it very easy to twist one’s words; I am often unaware it is even happening until someone from my team messages me in a panic, and so I feel it best to make a formal statement through HEAVY.”

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General Hospital

GH’s Dominic Zamprogna Opens Up on Concerns that Dante Was A-Goner: “There’s Any Number of Ways Comas Can Go”

When Detective Dante Falconeri was shot by a Pikeman henchman, and Jason (Steve Burton) was revealed alive and well, it put actor Dominic Zamprogna in a coma, and a bad one in soap terms, at that. For awhile there, it was touch and go for Dante.

The good news is Dante pulled through and is now back to his old self, and just in time for Dominic Zamprogna’s 15th anniversary with the ABC daytime drama series, which is June 22nd.

Dominic spoke to Soap Opera Digest on his milestone, and reflected back on the fan response from earlier this year when it may have appeared he was exiting the show for a second time.


Zamprogna shared, “It’s nice to hear you say that people were worried about me – when I went into Frank’s (Valentini, EP, GH) office and he told me I was going into a coma, I started to worry about me (laughs)!”

From working on GH for a decade and a half now, Zamprogna has seen his fair share of comas, and in fact, his then on-screen wife, Lulu Spencer Falconeri was written off the show having never awakened from her coma.

Photo: ABC

“There’s any number of ways comas can go,” said the popular GH star. “People joke, ‘Oh, you’ve got easy work.’ And it’s like, ‘Yeah, as long as it’s an on-screen coma! I don’t want to be in an off-screen coma, because then I’m not on the show!” But honestly, that means the world because we all care what people think about us, you know? And if people are happy to have me around, it feels good, obviously. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t.”

So, are you glad that Dante is still alive and kicking? Did you think the show might write-off Dante after he was shot a few months back? Is it time, as Dominic head towards his 20th anniversary with the soap opera, for the powers-that-be to bring Lulu out of her coma? Should Dante and Sam (Kelly Monaco) eventually tie the knot? Comment below.

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General Hospital


You probably needed the hankies during today’s Wednesday, June 19th episode of General Hospital, for it marked the return of fan favorite John J. York to his role as Mac Scorpio.

This was to be York’s first episode back on-screen since he underwent treatment for two blood cancers and revealed his health diagnosis and battle publicly back in September of 2023.

The scenes involving Mac gave viewers all the feels, and it looked as if reality and the soap blurred, especially in York’s scenes with his on-screen children, Maxie (who Max raised) and grandchildren, Georgie, James, and Bailey Louise, and wife, Felicia (Kristina Wagner).


Since Mac was out of town supposedly down in South America helping a ‘friend’, some things have changed, including Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). having moved in with Maxie and the kids, to which Mac does not disapprove.


In the meantime, Cody (Josh Kelly) is a man in conflict when he has second thoughts about not telling Mac he is his biological son.  When James shows up Maxie’s with Cody in tow, he lays his eyes upon the just-arrived-back-in-town Mac. The two share pleasant “hellos.” Later, back at the Quartermaine stables, Cody tells Tracy (Jane Elliot) the long and winding road story of not knowing who is father was for most of his life. Cody shares he finally found his father in Port Charles, but his father doesn’t know he has a son. Tracy thinks Cody now has a chance to re-set some things and should come clean.


Meanwhile, Felicia keeps getting calls from Maxie while she is work at General Hospital and does not pick up. So, Felicia is unaware that her husband is back. Eventually, Felicia arrives at Maxie’s and is in for a big surprise when Mac appears and the two hug and share a kiss.

After the episode aired, and seeing the reaction from GH fans, John J. York took to his account on X. York expressed, “WOW!!! I’m just so humbled by your warm, kind and gracious words as Mac returned to PC! Your support has been monumental! I have a feeling, things are about to get interesting!”

So, what did you think about Mac’s homecoming on GH? Were you touched just seeing John J. York back in action on the ABC soap opera? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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