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GENERAL HOSPITAL: What's Wrong With Luke? What On Earth Did They Do To Him At Miscavige?



It’s become quite clear there is something completely off-kilter in the personality of one Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) on General Hospital!  Since he was rescued from the Miscavige Institute, after Heather (Robin Mattson) put him in there, he has been prone to insensitive outbursts, confusion, and a mean streak we haven’t seen before … or have we?

There was no better example of the “new” Luke when on Friday’s episode he tore into Monica (Leslie Charleson)!  First, Tracy (Jane Elliot) had accepted Luke’s marriage proposal and agreed to become Luke’s wife for the second time.  When Monica heard the news she questioned Tracy, and Luke’s motives, to which Luke went off on Monica and called her a “serial cheater” and a slut! Next, when Monica learned that AJ (Sean Kanan) had been shot, Luke showed no empathy and basically told Monica that its karma that AJ is in the hospital fighting for his life.

And in a preview that everyone is talking about for tomorrow’s upcoming Monday episode, it appears that Luke is hitting on the much younger Kiki (Kristen Alderson)!  So what gives?  Several theories have been bantered out including: could Luke’s brain been scrambled or drugged so badly that he has regressed to the Luke Spencer of his young adult life, when he was a “bad boy”?  Is Luke not really Luke, but an alive Faison (Anders Hove) with another prosthetic mask … although the height different would seem odd? Is there a psychological reason Luke is acting out this way?

Let us know your theory on what is wrong with Luke, but first watch the clip of Tracy accepting Luke’s proposal and then Monday’s preview where Luke hits on Kiki!

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I was thinking Jerry Jax in a Luke mask!

Thats one of them who i thought when commented a few posts ago…but i like Dannys suggestion that its Bill like he posted below…

You know what i think? I think he had a mental breakdown and he regressed to his own father, smarmy TIM SPENCER whom we don’t know enough about.

now i like Chris Rs idea that Luke thinks hes his father…Tim Spencer!!!

I think it’s a doble , he was doing business with Julian way before he was at the mental institution, this is a Luke impersonator and the real Luke is still at that place

I agree! I picked up on the same clues as you, Serena!

Serena has hit the nail on the head! That is not Luke and he’s been pulling Julian’s strings all along. So, where is the “real” Luke? That’s the question

I agree because I don’t think he would ever betray Sonny. Also has anyone else noticed he hasn’t been wearing his earings latley? I can’t remember him ever not wearing that hoop earing.

Its not Luke for sure. He is still in the mental institution. I don’t know who Eckert is but if he is the one involved with the Barret companys and wanting to bring Sonny down that would make sense. This is not a bad boy streak, it is a cold calculating evil Robot of a personality in total-not just an aspect of somones past personality.

I agree with Serena. I know this can not be our Luke. I have watched GH since Luke came on the show in the late 70’s. The Luke we are seeing is an imposter and I believe too it is Faison with a prosthetic Mask. Remember no one ever really dies on a soap, or at least they find ways to bring these characters back. ( Since they never showed the dead body from Anna and Scorpio supposedly offing him, it is just assumed.) If is not Faison, it is a mortal enemy of the Sonny Cornithos. Perhaps someone from Sonny’s supposed dead wife Lily and her crime family. But yes indeed, it could really be Jerry Jax. He is recovered supposedly from the cure don’t forget. And he hates Sonny.
Someone who def. hates Sonny Corinthos. I believe the real Luke is being kept at Miscavage. Only time will tell. I am hating this storyline because we all have loved Luke all these years as one of the strongest actors and characters on the show.. Please bring our Luke, the real Luke back soon.

I agree! It’s either Jerry jax or The one Anna got rid of faison (the one who started the mask thing) or Jason who maybe aj will come back in as (twin brother) Faison and bill were in a cartel together

I agree that it is Jerry Jacks! That would make the most sense with the ongoing plot especially since Julian rescued Jerry Jacks and his current behavior. To save Jerry when he fell Julian made a deal with him to financially back the company. He is now wearing a mask just like previous characters and the real Luke is still locked away some where in the mental institution. Maybe, he and Heather are now room mates. 😉

i think it damian smith

it is not jerry jax. luke told the hit man to kill which ever of the three he wanted and jerry would never hurt alexis

At this point, I really don’t care. It is not entertaining AT ALL. I’m sure its a way to get Geary off to Europe and they have run out of ideas as to how to do it. I ff through his scenes as they are unwatchable. This is a soap, for crying out loud. Not Dexter.

I am astonished that not one person has brought up what I’m about to say yet:

That’s not Luke Spencer, it’s Bill Eckert.

It’s as clear as day to me, why isn’t it clear to anyone else? Especially since Bill Eckert once had a romance with one JULIA BARRETT, who was mentioned recently as possibly being the owner of Barrett Enterprises, which is funding Julian’s efforts against Sonny. And I’d bet Donna Mills is playing Julia Barrett, too. Would not shock me one iota.

I previously mention Luke was an imposter but i totally forgot about Bill…and that would make a lot more sense too me than who i suggested and i like yours better!!!

Interesting idea Danny!

However Donna Mills… love her… sorry Donna… is too old to be Julia Barrett… she could be her mother!

Luke has new hair, more hair, a piece perhaps and that gives him another look, eerie..

ummmmm bill echert died, and yes i know everbody under RC has been brought back from the dead , so who the freak knows……..

Donna Mills is playing Nina’s mother

I had thought about Donna Mills playing Julia Barrett, too-to get revenge on Sonny for hurting Brenda. I think she is playing Nina’s mother, though. Or, perhaps, the “dead” Olivia Jerome. Image Donna and Maura West playing off each other in scenes, as mob sisters?!

My thoughts exactly. – Luke is gone, Bill is back.

Yes I forgot about Bill Eckert. That was a rather strange GH storyline at the time. Very confusing then and now.

I hope ii is something chemical and not another switcheroo storyline. We also have enough crazies roaming Port Charles, do we really need another? Compelling stories and not shock value please!

I, for one, like the ”shocks” .. they are thrilling and exciting..
Luke is not a crazy, it is something else going on..

I miss the real LUKE! !!! Bring him back ASAP. I feel sorry for poor Tracy!

I agree Lew S. , the imposter/switcheroo stuff would be going to the well one too many times. But Maybe it’s Luke and instead of his brain being just being scrambled, maybe he’s been programmed to do someone else’s dirty work.

I GH50, I never thought of that!

Maybe its just Luke’s time of month…lol…Seriously, on two previous post i commented that is it really Luke or a mask imposter such as Jerry Jacks, Faison or even Mitch Williams…could he be Victor Jerome too…endless possibilities…but maybe Luke’s just nuts!!!

So true, endless possibilities– but in my book if John on DAYS can go through about ten personalities changes since first being kidnapped and brainwashed by Stefano– this could just be Luke being a victim of mind control– or perhaps, Robin’s cure is having some kind of odd side effect– I mean she didn’t have time to test it– Those are two more plausible theories, but if it turns out Luke was abducted by aliens and this is a clone I think my GH viewing days will be over. LOL

I hope your right…that its either mind control or a side effect from Robin’s cure…i dont mind a little campiness in my soaps but GH is going too far overboard even for me…GH has been somewhat better recently but if it doesnt get more grounded soon i believe itll start loosing viewers! However, i think it could gain some new viewers if repeated on the cartoon network…lol

I would not be apposed to it being a switcheroo as Lew says… but I hope it something chemical too. However after seeing the preview… Luke would never come on to Kiki like that… so I think that rules out something chemical… a lobotomy or massive shock therapy or could it be the horrible Mitch Lawrence in a cross over… I hope not!!! Would much rather see it be Bill Eckert… which would fit more with the Barrett Enterprises and Faison connection. I would love to see Harlan Barrett (Michael Cole) come back too!!! Wouldn’t it be great to see Michael Cole play with Donna Mills! All of the possibilities are so much fun!!!

I just thought they have the real Luke and are using his blood to get the cure for Jerry Jacks and this is an imposter… likely Bill Eckert or someone else. Robin will have to work on the formula again before she can save Jason. Very clever!!!

good possibility with that blood thing…

Maybe, he was bitten by a distant Cassadine and is now turning into a Vampire. LOL

Can’t Luke just be Luke? There is not one stable relationship in Port Charles. Not since Edward and Lila Quartermaine. It is time for another one. Luke & Tracy are old enough to become that go to couple if the writers would just quit thinking they have to mess up every relationship and make people into something else!

I agree; let’s end the frozen bodies, masks, and cures to rare and unknown illnesses (that only Robin can create) and people returning from the dead. It’s ridiculous.

I agree with you! I just wanted them to be the one stable relationship and to finally see them happily married, supporting, and giving other people advise along with going on the occasional adventure!

Well since we just had a Luke’s dying story, it won’t be a medical problem. And they just did that switched identity thing, so I doubt they will do it again. I will go the Days route and saw Luke has been brainwashed while he was captive– much like John was the Pawn on Days for Stefano, Luke is still Luke but brainwashed and will be controlled by ?????– — Jerry, Dr. O, Victor or maybe Donna Mill’s character whoever she is.

Maybe he’s yet another incarnation of an evil Cassadine. And the real Luke is still drugged up and imprisoned in the dungeon at Miscavage. Have to say, I was expecting Nina or Nina’s mom to be a Cassadine brought back to life. And I thought for sure the hunky cop had to be Silas & Nina’s son.

Gotta be some reason Tony diMera/Victor Cassadine has been back in Port Charles.

I do not know what has happened to Luke, I do know I like it!!
He is now a mystery and a puzzle..
Tony is doing an excellent job playing this version of Luke, it actually creeps me out, and that is good!!!
His eyes have me on edge wondering what will he do next!
I am excited for this strange Luke story!!

something out of the box for Luke!!!!!

Luke really ripped Monica a new one—the “go-to” girl at the hospital. Meantime, I hope Sonny is sent to prison for life (and off the show) for his attempt to murder AJ.

First of all Sonny is great he just lost it thinking about Connie no one has said any thing about the evil Ava she needs to be gone.

I think the writers need to come up with some better storylines than the ones lately!! Been disappointed for awhile!! When the hell is lulu going to find out Ben isher son ,when is Ava going to be caught for all she has done. These storys I would like to come to a end before starting another ridicolous story!!

But what if Lulu really isnt Bens momma…what if Britt really is Bens momma and Dante is the father…Bad momma Dr.O is clever enough to convince her daughter Britt she isnt Bens momma just to have control over her and to blackmail if she needs something from Britt who is really Bens momma after all?

Remember Britt used Lulu’s fertilized egg….I thought Luke was acting like Bill Eckert too especially with the hair style. I know there’s a lot of back from the dead stories but its a wonderful way to resurrect beloved characters and actors to come back since a bunch of them were killed off by bad writing. Anyone who has been an ABC Soap fan for a long time is loving GH’s writing , bringing in characters or making reference to RH, AMC & OLTL. I for one want to keep GH on the air, so adjusting to some fantasies and not complaining might help with that.

I don’t like the Sonny story line I think they just wrecked his character shooting A.J. In cold blood how many times can he get off attempted murder without going to jail. They make Sonny look weak believing every word out of Ava mouth and breaking his word to Michael.

I agree with you Mary, I hated the storyline of Sonny shooting AJ. Just awful what is going on. Not another Ghost again.. Remember when Allan died and his ghost hung around for Traci to see only. Then when Emily died the same thing with Nicholas and Monica.. So ridiculous.

Let’s see….. Luke is rude, vulgar, still a manchild in an aging body with no social skills and a certain pride at being an ass, a guy who only cares about himself and has continuing delusions of both grandeur and adequacy,….

So what’s the difference????

I’m glad they’re giving Tony Geary something interesting to play again. Luke has been kind of wandering around Port Charles without much purpose for the past few years, since the storyline where he killed Lucky and Elizabeth’s son Jake. When he’s given good material to work with, he’s still one of the best actors in all of daytime. He didn’t get all those Emmy awards on his mantle by accident.

Looking forward to seeing where this new storyline is headed!

I still hate the fact that he ran over Jake. I hate, hate, hate that.

I still don’t believe Luke killed Jake. They made a huge story out of it but there was a clip of Michael at Carly’s car fixing something, or cleaning the bumper. I think it’s actually Carly and she has no idea and for some reason the writers changed their mind and went with the Luke story. I don’t believe there is a Jason and Robin will find out when she arrives she has been duped into another Jax incarceration and I think Luke has been transferred something of Jerry Jax in the medical test.

Think they took Luke and that’s Jerry.

Bill Ekert or Grant Putnam

Maybe Luke had a stroke and it affected his censoring, like Sophia on ‘The Golden Girls.’ Just give him a handbag and a laugh track. Seriously I love GH and I’m curious to see where this is going. Luke is no spring chicken.

Maybe Jerry Jacks had yet ANOTHER facelift and came back to steal Luke’s identity while he was locked up at Heather’s nuthouse!

Please, no more Kiki. Last week was so nice, hardly any Kiki air-time. The character and the acting makes me cringe. Certainly not a powerhouse performer capable of sharing a scene with Tony Geary. And please, no more masks. I thought something was “off” with Luke when he was rescued (and at the hospital) and he referred to Lulu as “Leslie Lu,” which he hardly ever does. Love Tracy. Jane Elliot is an amazing performer. Love the scenes she shares with Tony, with anyone, really. She’s brings her “A-Game” to every scene.

I’m so glad to see that it wasn’t me that was going crazy. I was wondering who that was dressed up in a Luke suit. . . . It doesn’t matter I have never been so surprised as when Todd showed up as Franco with no explanation of how he looked just like Todd and nothing like Franco but when everyone saw him they recognized him as Franco. What the H? If we believe that we’ll believe anything! I would at least expect some reference to plastic surgery.
As for Luke, he’ll be okay. He always is.

Since Roger was a re-cast, that’s a different situation. We have had 4 Carlys and everyone always knows who she is. And when Sarah Brown came back to play Claudia, no one yelled “Wait! You used to be Carly!” :0)

The thing with Roger and Kristin and Michael as you know happened when Prospect Park puled the rug out from everyone by claiming they owned the characters Star, Todd and John McBain. Franco doesn’t look like Todd because he and Star and John now never existed on GH.

But getting back to NotLuke…. 🙂

it’s not really Luke…
it’s Heather with a Luke mask on! bwahahahahaha

Well, no, I really think it is someone who hasn’t been in Port Charles for many years since he thought he still owed a club & wanted to go to the Outback. Did this Bill guy hate Monica and AJ?

I hope they don’t string this out for long…

I was joking, of course. Are you referring to Bill Ekert? Luke’s cousin? They killed that character off — “In 1991, Geary returned to General Hospital as Luke’s cousin and look-alike Bill Eckert, due to the actor’s desire to play something other than Luke. However, due to audience feedback and demand, the character was killed off and Geary resumed the role of Luke in 1993.”

I don’t recall that that character behaved this way. It just seems like he’s acting more like Heather, than himself… like they brainwashed him and obviously drugged him at the institute.

The scenes with Luke & Kiki on Monday’s show utterly creeped me out! If I wanted to see a decrepit, snarky septuagenarian trying to seduce a nubile young ingenue, I’d watch any Woody Allen movie from the last 20 years.

I dont think its a mask, I think we have had enough of that. Too bad that he is remembering saying and doing those things, because Tony Geary would have been fantastic doing a split personality story. Brainwashed – that sounds too campy who knows, as far as a health issue he just had one so this is really mind boggling but if anything the GH writers know that character best I am sure it will NOT be a disappointment. Not Faison, or not anyone else, cant believe that they would continue that over and over. Faison was Duke, then Britts mother was Anna, I dont see GH going down that road over and over

I understand that we are seeing a Luke Spencer with his worst qualities in full operation. But the fondling of Kiki’s thigh is unacceptable. When Luke raped Laura, his story was written in a way to redeem him, because he and the Luke/Laura phenomenon brought such high ratings, the blow was softened, she forgave him, and they got married and went on to be the first soap super couple. Geary was also a lot younger and more attractive then, (though had quite a few years on Genie Francis). I about wanted to spew when Luke grinned lecherously at Kiki. He reminded me of Chester the Molester. I have always accepted Luke who is a debaucher but kept it in his relative age bracket. Even though Kiki is legal age (I think) Geary could be her grandfather – this better be nipped, because they will lose a viewer who has watched for close 40 plus years.

I didn’t see anyone mention that “Luke” wanted to go to The Outback, which hasn’t existed for many years, and then I think it was Tracy who mentioned Luke’s old nightclub and he sort of lit up about that.

I don’t want any more silly masks – that was embarrassing to watch! I don’t thin there is any way this is Luke…. and it is someone who isn’t at all up-to-date with things in Port Charles. And if he touches Kiki’s leg again, iiiccckk!!

Unless it’s Jerry Jax, someone will have to come back from the dead. I think it might be Anthony Zaccara! He was in love with Tracy, has a personal vendeta for Sonny and doesn’t know the changes in Port Charles. Who knows?! I just hope this doesn’t go on forever!

well after yesterday I will not be able to watch any scenes with Luke in them. The writers are actually showing us that the Luke who raped Laura is actually a sexual predator and not a guy who couldn’t stop himself (with Laura who he really loved) and we actually forgave him that one time because Laura loved him back and married him. But this lecherous dirty old man who caresses Kiki’s thigh and buttocks should be reported and locked up. And it is even more frustrating that the character of Kiki who was so bold and defiant in the beginning, has not smacked him, screamed, told anyone about it especially Tracy, and most importantly reported it to the police. The dirty ole b–stard needs some kind of admonishment and punishment. The writers do too,

I remember Bill Eckert as being kind of serious and boring. I know he was involved with the cartel, but I thought they tricked him into doing work for them. I don’t remember him being manipulative or malicious. I think Luke’s behavior reminds me more of Stavros.

He is not really luke Spencer.

He is not really luke

Maybe Luke is Jerry Jacks or the old Franco. he’s had some sort of brain swap or he’s wearing a mask

I’ve been watching this show since it started and never liked stupid story lines like frozen towns etc. I wish they would quit messing with characters and be at least a little realistic. I always liked Sonny , even though considered a mobster he seemed to have a good side but shooting AJ, shouldn’t have happened and this Luke sucks! I don’t know what his problem is or who he really is but acting like a dirty old man and going against a friend (Sonny) is also whacked ! Robin coming and going etc. Are there new writers or what the hell is going on???

I’m confused.

Maybe Anthony Zacharra?

I believe he had some sort of brain treatment over there, and his brain is switched with someone else’s brain. Maybe one of the characters mentioned above.

now that everybody know that Luke is not Luke can we see where Luke is and who is he now working with Julian we want some clues ,every body come back to life .why not Lily sonny wife ,maybe her lost twin sister sonny didn t know about

Believe its Jerry jax

I think he’s wearing a mask cause Luke would never go after Sonny

He’s Ric Lansing’s Dad, as far as I can see, after piecing all the hints together. Poor Luke is probably locked up somewhere and will be found by Robin if she’s scheduled to come back soon or maybe he’s off on a spree unaware of the havoc his lookalike is wreaking havoc in PC!


I think about Luke Spencer was drugged by Heather Webber and two goons. He needed changed his mind from bad to good. Anna will stop him and send to Kevin Collin who will be able to help him from evil to good.

I know years ago Luke had an evil twin brother. I think it’s his evil twin and Luke is locked up some where.

I hate seeing this Luke it makes you want to throw up. He was a bad boy in his young years but never evil. Hitting on young girls doing drugs and now threatening to shoot Natasha as he callshet

Hate, Hate, HATE! Lukes new role.
I want the lovable, quirky Luke back…..NOW

Faison would never threaten anyone in Anna’s family, especially Emma. Luke is either Anthony Zacchara or Jerry J. AZ has absolutely no heart and would threaten a child. After all he tried to kill his own son and daughter. He killed his wife. Fluke is being set up. Maybe Heather will rescue the real Luke and redeem herself. Fluke is over. That DEA undercover will be the one to pull off his mask when she confronts him about the next shipment. And everyone will converge on Fluke. Sounds good? LOL

It was the mask of Luke Spencer . It was masquaded by Cesar Faison.

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What do you think about the nominations for the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards? Who do you think deserved to get in that did? Who do you think got snubbed? Who are you happiest to see receive a nomination? Let us know via the comment section below.

Make sure to be with us live starting tonight Friday, April 19th at 8pm ET/5pm PT for the Michael Fairman Channel’s 10th anniversary edition of its Daytime Emmy Nomination Special 2024, featuring some of the just announced daytime drama nominees. 







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51st Daytime Emmys: Outstanding Daytime Drama Series Nominations

On Thursday, the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards revealed nominations in several key categories via four entertainment news programs: Access Hollywood, E! News, Extra and Access Hollywood.

Three of the four announcements were major categories in the field of Daytime Dramas.

The nominees in the Outstanding Daytime Drama Series category are: The Bay, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital, Neighbours and The Young and the Restless.

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General Hospital won this category last year, and has the most all-time wins for a series in this category. For the first time, the beloved Australian-based soap opera, Neighbours is now eligible for competition due to its reboot which streams on Amazon Freevee.

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The 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be handed out in ceremonies in Los Angeles and broadcast live on CBS and streaming on Paramount+ on Friday night, June 7th.

Previous categories announced tonight via the entertainment news outlet included: Lead Actor and Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

So, what do you think about this year’s nominee for the Outstanding Daytime Drama Series? Who do you think should win? Comment below.

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