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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Zeke to Jordan on His Arrival Back in Port Charles: “This Place Is Looking Better By The Minute”


As many had predicted, it turned out that Portia’s (Brook Kerr) brother, Zeke (Gavin Houston) did pick-up and promptly hit the sheets with Curtis’ (Donnell Turner) ex-wife, PCPD commissioner, Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper). It all happened on Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital.

Jordan, who was already reeling and trying to get over Curtis, after he went back to Portia, is having a drink at the Metro Court pool. She meets a handsome man at the bar.  The guy happens to be Zeke.  That’s ‘Zeke’ as in Portia’s brother, who is back in town.

Zeke introduces himself to Jordan. At first, she is a bit dismissive. However, she quickly realizes her mood is her own doing when she admits to kissing her ex, who then went back to his wife.

As she looks at Zeke, Jordan says she is not wasting another minute on her former flame and offers to buy Zeke a drink.  When Jordan asks where he’s from, Zeke shares that he’s new to Port Charles, and adds, “The place is starting to look better by the minute.”

What followed … and quickly … was Zeke and Jordan heading to his hotel room for a night of steamy passion.  We also see that Jordan took off her ring when a pool boy found it when he cleaned up the bar.

So, what do you think will be the fallout when Jordan learns Zeke is Portia’s brother? Are you all-in for a Jordan/Zeke romance? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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You go Jordan, forget Curtis, he’s lame, boring and self righteous and Zeke looks good. Now the only one I feel sorry for is Portia, because Curtis is one boring dude.

Zeke is handsome

Are you kidding? If anyone is boring it’s Portia, both personal and professional. The only thing she’s got going is her looks.

LOL—agreed, Violet—I am tired of Mrs. Robinson’s bubble-head. She nods too much. She’s perfidious—HaHa.
But, i don’t think she has good looks either. Pug nose and buck teeth—too infantile—-no sec appeal. But, Jordan? Her eyes? WOW!! —-that “come hither “ look!! Love her.

Ha, ha, do you know you got three old songs out of your comment? Mrs. Robinson, Perfidia and Witchcraft, that come hither look. Wow!

Ok-didn’t realize—you got me cracking up—I needed that—-

Always happy to give someone a laugh, best medicine, right?

Yes, dear Violet— sometimes it feels like life passes right by without realizing how fast the days go by. My firstborn baby will start High School in September——he was just born yesterday—or so it seems ….

I’m sure this won’t go over well with “Dudley Dooright,” when he finds out.

Lew S, I totally agree with you. Curtis is going to blow a gasket.

I hope so, Edie—-blow right out of town—take Trina and her mother with him. But leave aunt Stella!! Love her.

Perfect name, Lew—Curtis is so morally above all others. He deserves a halo—NOT!!

Can’t wait for Gavin’s stories to explode. He is such a talented actor and feel he will bring his best for us.

Would love for Jordan/Zeke to get deeply involved in a romance.

Love to see ut

I would love to see Jordan have a great storyline with Zeke

We need more black on black couples sick of these interracial couples these way it should be anyway

Sick of Portia, and when her daughter finds out what she’s planning all hell will break loose. Also, hurry up with Nina getting what’s coming to her. What a whiner

I can’t wait til Nina’get hers all of it

I feel the same way Peggy

Ms wu fixed the lab results Trina is Curtis daughter

Hi, Barbara—what do you mean? I think she’s Taggert’s daughter—and, Wu fixed the lab test results in Curtis’ favor.

Definitely Taggert”s daughter, that’s what all Ms. WU’S fixing is about. Wish she’d fix Gladys once and for all, I can’t stand that woman another minute. Poor Cody trying to help Sasha and gets himself in trouble and now with that old witch Tracy. They need to tune her broom up so she can be on her way, back to whatever Bat’s nest she came from.

Yes, three conniving and trouble making shrews, Nina, Portia and “Granny” Tracy, which one is worse?

Tracy is the worst in my book. She thinks that because she has money she’s entitled. I never have liked her!

Edie Joyce,
Me either, don’t know what everyone sees in her. Great actress, lousy character.

Yes me too. Did you see her with Esme the other day? Esme came in to the hospital to get checked out and Portia was really being nice to her then I got what she was trying to do. Get her to leave Port Charles so Spencer would follow her. What’s the matter with Portia? Doesn’t she want her “baby girl” to get justice? She seems to only care about keeping Spencer away from her daughter. I can’t wait until Portia finds out that Curtis and Jordan kissed. I love that Curtis is holding a secret because we all know how secrets always are found out. I hope it’s Portia’s brother telling his sister but not knowing her ex is Curtis. I think Curtis needs to have his ego bruised a little bit. When he finds out he will definitely lose a gasket and I hope Portia see’s it. I will love it.

Same here, Peggy—Portia is vile—I agree about Nina to a certain point. I do not like deceit or subterfuge—as usual, Nina acted both impulsively and irrationally and she should face the consequences—-which will be a break up from Sonny. But, it’s about time Carly faced all her crimes and paid for them. She’s obnoxious. But, she will be “saved” by Sonny. I want this Drew gone. Yuck!!

No because Jordan is still in love with Curtis and Zeke need some one who is not in the rebound

What happens to Tagger, I feel bad for him but I feel good for Jordan

Yes Jordan and Zeke should get together everybody needs love


Yesss he seems into her an bout good for her, an hope Curtis don’t think shes trying to make him jealous

Good for her. Hope they make it into more than a one nighter.

I call it AWESOMEMESS!!! I actually was hoping for Andre’ Maddox to return, but Zeke is equally yummy. Finally someone for poor Jordan. Kick Rocks stupid Curtis you sanctimonious hypocrit. Yeah GH


Glad to see a storyline for Jordan.

Jordan needs to move on with her life. A Jordan and Zeke relationship will be just what Port Charles need.

Yes!!! Jordan needs love too

I hope Curtis will stay with his wife and have a great relationship with his daughter Trina. Curtis massif get jealous,have sex with Jordan, she get pregnant.

I like that story line..payback and lesson learned.

The young man is a good actor!

Finally something soapy go Jordan he’s sexy af

Yes yes yes he is so fine Zeke needs to show Curtis exactly what he let go and what they each Jordan and Zeke that is gets to play with

Does anyone else think that hookup with Jordan and Zeke was disgusting, even for daytime? Two total strangers going at it like the Donner Party with fresh roadkill! Bad message to send, especially for young women. For all Jordan knew, this guy could have been a serial killer and we’ve established she’s not exactly the most instinctive person. So far, Zeke is a big Zero to me.

They sure seem to be pushing this “Zeke” guy a little too much. Right out of the gate, he’s a newbie who is on almost every day, and actually gets a sex scene his first week??

And now he’s not only Drew’s attorney, but they talk as if they’re old friends… which is going to get awkward when the whole thing with Jordan, Curtis, and Portia blows up… because Curtis actually IS Drew’s old friend.

Curtis is actually the only friend the original Drew actually had, since he’s the only one in Port Charles who didn’t accept Drew on the false pretense that he was “Jason” – as Curtis wasn’t in town before 2012 to know the real Jason.

You know. Soaphound?—now I do. I hear you—I was so happy Jordan hooked-up with that guy, I didn’t stop to think. I guess it’s because we, as the viewers knew him? Maybe?
But, you’re right—she had no clue who he was—
-I don’t think kids watch soaps these days as we used to—-it’s a whole new world.

Jordan is so boring & one dimensional and needs someone like Zeke to brighten her up.

I like Jordan and Zeke together .it’s fun time for them both..although I wouldn’t do it myself..they need each other .come on ppl .it’s a soap opera and we need new suspenses with different couples..

I don’t know—Jordan seems boring because she is never given something “unbolting” to do—always dressed in pant suits etc.
I agree with Satan, suddenly, out of the blue this Zeke guy knows everyone in PC—he’s boring to me—nothing special—-I would love to see Taggert with Jordan—But, the same token, maybe a short hook-up with Zeke will drive both Mrs Robinson and ego-swelled-Curtis nuts//I will relish that—finger-lock-in’ good. Pardon typos.

Porsha is a snake Curtis is not the father taggert is her dad dam bye porsha I know it’s gon fuc Curtis up knowing Jordan gave her cookies away period

It’s not Curtis’s business who she gives her” cookies” to. He gave up that right when he left her because she couldn’t share all her police business with him,then claimed she was keeping secrets from him, which was actually none of his business or concerns.I’d rather see her with Taggert, they are already close friends anyway.I think she jumped in bed with Zeke on a wim while she was still pissed at Curtis.

Isn’t Zeke a former GH character? At first I thought former TJ but unsure.

Did you watch the “haves and have not’s?” He was a main character on that show.

Good for Jordan—she needs a storyline, but not with this guy/—Go for Taggert/-Love him. Curtis was my idol but now I lost all respect—-he’s a coward and a hypocrite. He divorced Jordan’s for such a weak, stupid excuse, yet he forgives “Mrs Robinson” after keeping a life-altering secret.

Hi Celia, long time, no talk to. I’ve been so bored with most of the sl’s that I can’t muster the sincerity anymore. This Jordan/Taggart/Curtis/Portia and now Zero, er, Zeke quintangle(?) just bores me to tears. The only upside of Trina these days is that we get to see Spencer. Now that they cut his hair and improved his wardrobe, he’s more of a walking dreamboat than ever. And I love his expressions when he’s impatient or skeptical of someone… he’s just a pleasure to watch.

Hello, gohhgeous!! Yes, it has been a while—-so busy—tons of finals to grade—-
Anyway—-I’ve been catching up here and there —- yes, I am a little bored, too, with these people—-who cares about Zero?—ahem, Zeke ( weird name anyway). As I said earlier—Spencer is hot even with those strange looking “swims”—but, I do not like what he’s up to—unfortunately I only admire and eat him all up when Trina is not in the picture, otherwise I completely shut her out, or I’ll go into a fit of convulsions if I watch her ( and her mother, too). Ciao, bella.

Go Jordan you deserve a family. Jordon and Zelle Yeah. I have following zeke a long time His family is from GUyana . I love Jordon and Zeke.

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Writers Strike Comes to an End; Leadership Votes To Conclude Work Stoppage

It’s over! After 148 days, the 2023 Writers strike will go down as the second longest in WGA union history, only a labor stoppage in 1988 was longer.

The strike will officially come to end on Wednesday at 12:01am PT.  This was due to a vote from the guild’s leadership that now has authorized its over 11,500 members to return to work.

That means: pitching and selling scripts, taking meetings, responding to notes, writers’ rooms opening up again, and more, can now restart.

Photo: JPI

The WGA committee shared that the vote, “Allows writers to return to work during the ratification process, but does not affect the membership’s right to make a final determination on contract approval.” However, WGA East and West voted unanimously to lift the “restraining order” on Tuesday.

As the negotiators shared, the end of the strike doesn’t mean that the tentative agreement that the union reached with producers on Sunday night is a surefire thing: Union members still need to vote to ratify the contract. Union leadership announced on Tuesday that will take place between October 2nd and October 9th.

Photo: JPI

However, SAG-AFTRA still remains on strike. So, even with the writers returning to work, many productions can’t move forward without their principal actors and performers.

So soap fans, how do you feel about this news for your favorite shows? Glad that the head writers and their writing teams will be back at work as soon as this week from Days of our Lives, General Hospital, and The Bold and the Beautiful? Y&R’s Josh Griffith, who previously had gone Fi-Core during the 2008 strike, remained at the top rated show during the last several months.

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WGA and AMPTP Reach Tentative Deal to End Writers Strike

Looks like we are close, very close, to the writing teams at your favorite soap operas returning to their jobs with news on Sunday that finally the WGA and AMPTP have reached a tentative deal. What remains is the fine print, and having the WGA vote to ratify their contracts.

This is welcome news to the television, streaming and motion picture industry that after five months of a strike has put the 2023-2024 TV season in deep water.

In a statement, the Writers Guild shared, “We have reached a tentative agreement on a new 2023 MBA (Minimum Basic Agreement), which is to say an agreement in principle on all deal points, subject to drafting final contract language. We can say, with great pride, that this deal is exceptional — with meaningful gains and protections for writers in every sector of the membership.”

As the deal goes through its final stages, the writers are still technically on strike, but picketing outside studios and shows has now been suspended.

Photo: ABC

Among the writers’ demands that they fought for are: higher residuals from streaming shows, minimum staff sizes to prevent the use of “mini rooms” and protections from the use of AI.  The hope within the entertainment industry is that the new deal for the WGA will move along a new contract for SAG-AFTRA (actors) with the AMPTP.  As of Monday, SAG-AFTRA is still on strike.

Photo: JPI

As for your favorite soap operas, during the strikes, the shows were written by non-union writers or “fi-core” writers who gave up their union benefits in order to continue working.

The next steps in process will see the WGA negotiating committee vote on “whether to recommend the agreement and send it on to the WGAW Board and WGAE Council for approval,” tentatively scheduled for Tuesday.  Another vote by the board and council could lift the strike “restraining order”and allow scribes to “return to work during the ratification vote”.

So, are you happy to know that the writing teams from your favorite soaps are about to return to work and helm the scripts and the vision of the shows? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital Alum Richard Simmons ‘Not Interested’ In Biopic with Pauly Shore Portraying Him

Former General Hospital guest star and fitness guru, the reclusive Richard Simmons, has come forward and addressed actor and comedian, Pauly Shore’s wish to play the 70’s and 80’s pop culture icon in a biopic about his life.

Shore previously took to social media and on X shared a side-by-side of him and Simmons. Accompanying the post, Pauly expressed: I’ve noticed the reactions to me playing #RichardSimmons in a biopic. I heard he’s living in Big Bear. We’ve been playing phone tag (yes, he has a phone). I’m trying to make it happen, you guys. In the meantime, hit up all the big producers. I’ll see you at @TheAcademy 2025!”

However, TMZ’s sources are reporting on Saturday that Simmons is not in favor of Shore playing him in a film or anyone else, or any biopic on his life.

The outlet shared that Richard’s reaction was that he was aware of the effort behind a biopic, mostly spear-headed by Pauly. but that he just doesn’t want to be involved. Simmons also added that he likes Pauly a lot, but he’s not biting, despite the public’s urging on social media about the idea of a movie on his life.

Photo: ABC

Born Milton Teagle “Richard” Simmons, he became part of the public conscious back in the 70’s and 80’s with exercise studios and the ability to help his clients lose weight; many of them were celebrities. Simmons himself, admitted to at one time to being overweight, and getting into fitness helped him maintain a healthy living style and he wanted to help others.

Later, he began a four-year recurring run on General Hospital playing himself from 1979-1983.  Simmons returned to the show in 2013 for the Nurses’ Ball to taunt Lucy (Lynn Herring). He also was host of the Emmy-award winning, The Richard Simmons Show, which focused on personal health, fitness, exercise, and healthy cooking.  Over the last several years, Simmons has withdrawn from public life.

What would you think of a Richard Simmons biopic and if it included some moments in front of the camera and behind the scenes of what went down when he appeared on GH? Do you think it will ever happen given Simmons current position on the matter? Let us know in the comment section.

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