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General Hospital's John J. York Chats On: If Mac Could Be Levi's Dad, Zachary Garred, Jon Lindstrom, & 23 Plus Years in Port Charles!

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Last week on General Hospital, perennial good guy Mac Scorpio (John J. York) was shot by none other than treacherous Levi Dunkleman (Zachary Garred), after Levi’s true colors were revealed!  As Mac stood there witnessing Maxie’s (Kirsten Storms) wedding by Felicia’s (Kristina Wagner) side, the camera panned to a hilarious shot of Mac crossing his fingers hoping that the wedding would be stopped.  Mac has never liked Levi, and always thought something was off about the guy, and that the professed self help guru was completely the wrong man for Maxie.

As the wedding played out, it was revealed that Levi was after Felicia’s Aztec jewels and had tied up our hero Nathan (Ryan Paevey) in the process.  When Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) found Nathan, the hot shot cop went to save Maxie from Dunkleman, only in the process, Maxie and Lulu (Emme Rylan) were taken hostage and Mac got shot! The story continues this week!

On-Air On-Soaps caught up with one of our favorite all-time General Hospital stalwarts John J. York at the recent GHFCW 2014 to get his thoughts on: what if it turned out that Levi was Mac’s biological son … or if he thinks we are way off the mark?  Plus, John tells us if he is digging the current story involving “Dunkleman” and his on-screen family, and we take a moment to discuss the long time relationship between Mac and best bud, Kevin (Jon Lindstrom)!

I love the fact that Mac cannot stand Levi Dunkleman (Zachary Garred) which leads me to believe … he could possibly be his son?

Courtesy/Pinterest Photo: Becca Gomez Farrell

JOHN:  I don’t thinks so, but it would be crazy if he was. How ironic if Levi is a little mysterious rogue kind of pirate like Mac was when he first came on the show.

And Mac had an Australian accent when he first came on the show, too!

JOHN:  That’s right … Mac did too!  So there are a lot of things that are going to be surprises coming up!

Do you like the current story?  I always love checking in with you to get your thoughts on what’s unraveling on GH, since you always level with me and have great respect for fans of the show.

JOHN:  I love the story, and I love Zachary. He’s great!  You have to embrace the bad guy, and he got a lot of flack from fans at first.  Many people for hundreds of years have gone through that.  Some people didn’t like Susan Lucci when she played the more villainess side of Erica Kane on All My Children.  So there is that love/hate thing, but Zachary is awesome.


I haven’t had the opportunity to tell you how much I liked the touching, albeit brief, moment between Mac and Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) at this years Nurses Ball when Kevin found out that Lucy (Lynn Herring) cheated on him with Scott (Kin Shriner). Kevin’s good bud Mac was there for him, as Kevin was walking out of the ball, and Mac walked out with him with his arm around his shoulder to support his friend.  I think longtime fans of GH really understood that moment.

JOHN:  Thank you very much.  You know how I feel about Jon.  I love him.  I love him as a brother. We have had some really great memorable times: shaving our legs, smoking cigars, playing Norma and Eve, oh, my gosh.  There has been so much great stuff.  I always like when Jon comes back on the show.  I really liked the scene after that, when it came out that Mac knew about the affair, and we had the fight. That was even more special to me, and then having a shot of whiskey and laughing about it afterwards.  It was like two young brothers getting pissed off at each other and hamming it up.


It’s been 51 years of General Hospital and you are still here and beloved by the audience!

JOHN:  It’s been 23 and half years for me.  I am thrilled to still be a part of the show, I truly am.

So, do you think there is a chance that Mac and Levi are related?  What do you think will happen next in the story as Mac is shot?

Have you enjoyed John J. York’s performance as Mac Scorpio over the last few decades?  What do you think of the relationship between Mac and Kevin?  Weigh-in on John’s comments in the interview below!

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It was good to see Mac and Felicia used more…if Levi is Mac’s son who is Levi’s mum…who was Mac involved with before Felicia and is this woman Levis mum…maybe she’s been angry at Mac for whatever reason, told Levi a whole bunch of untrue lies about his DunkleDaddy Mac who was honestly unware he had a son, then Levi did research on Mac and thinking this is his daddy and was very mean to his mummy, decided revenge and that would be to steal the jewels but i still think he could be Flukes or Victors…maybe Levis mum lied and said Mac was his daddy when either Fluke or Victor really is and will find out long after Mac thinks he is the DunkleDaddy?

Levi could be Frisco’s kid Frankie. Frankie Jones could be the son of one of Frisco’s affairs while working at the WSB. He sent Frankie to steal the jewels off Felicia since she chose Mac over him?

But that would mean that Levi slept with his own half sister.

Yeah, I didnt think about the Maxi factor. That would be gross but so is Milo and Epiphany!

Thats a good possibilty, Trimm…i like that one!

But Karen is right…that would make Maxi and Levi half siblings but since someone blatantly pointed out recently a certain unrelated subject happen in relife…maybe it could still be Levi’s father is Frisco’s…this wouldnt be the first time on a soap for an almost bro and sis pairing!!!

But if he Frisco son Frankie, why would he wan to marry his sister? unless Maxie is not Fricso daughter, but Mac is.

Maxie was born Oct 31 1990,Mac didn’t come to PC untill 1991

I totally love John J York’s performance and role as Mac. I would like to see him have some higher profile story lines like he did years ago. Such as him hunting down where Maxie and Felicia are. Alot of exciting things could come out of all that. Maybe Mac will be bandaged up quickly and go in pursuit of hunting them down!

I cannot believe “Uncle Mac” has been on GH for over 23 years! This is a great character and a great guy. I only hope Levi is his son so Mac gets more air time. Him and Felicia kind of just hold up scenes with Maxi and Lucy right now and I would love it if Mac was back on the front burner again. The Aztec treasure could also bring back Frisco and Sean Donnely.

Frisco and Sean wow ! no thanks really . All FrankenRon have done is ruin all the characters they brought back. Love Mac, and would love to see him and Kevin on more. Plus Lucy away from the garbage they have her in now. I loved the old stories. They could at least put these four on more when the kids come back. They need Parents. Right now I dvr the show but I have no desire to watch it. The boards tell me all I need to know. Levi Dunklebore can return as his twin only if it gives us more mac.

You have a good idea Janet. Levi could have a twin and the actor recently cut his hair really short so who knows, maybe they are writing that very story?

Timmm….Throughout this entire Dunkleman escapade, I have thought that the circumstances were screaming for Frisco to make an appearance. (In addition to other ongoing storylines that could easily and logically have featured his presence, too.) I love the idea of using legacy characters, but most of the ones currently on canvas simply bore me….they didn’t grab me the first time around, so to see them today really doesn’t gladden my heart, particularly when they are so spectacularly ridiculous in the storylines they are assigned. Lucy is a complete waste, as is Bobbie…their triangle with Scotty is ludicrous! As for Felicia, for me she has never been a stand-alone sensation…she owes her popularity to her ex, so to see her being propped up at his expense with the snarky remarks and jokes really dismays me. While Mac may be a perfectly decent fellow, he does nothing for me as he has been recently written….he’s just so ineffective….first as police commissioner, then with “Mr. Marbles'” and his corny shtick. I have nothing against York, but I often wonder why he is still around when other much more exciting male actors, like Jack Wagner and Rick Springfield, have been brushed aside. Since both are fathers to children who are major players in Port Charles, it would make much more sense to have them show up, even if only now and then…the excuses for and digs at their being absent fathers really rub me the wrong way, since I have only the fondest memories of both Frisco Jones and Noah Drake in their heyday. They helped make GH great, and for their images to be besmirched is just so wrong! In terms of Mac being the possible “Dunkledaddy” (Hat tip to jimh for coining that clever moniker!) I really don’t see it….if Levi (or whoever he is) should be attached to anyone in Port Charles it would probably be FLuke, and since the most feverish speculation points to him actually being Bill Eckert, then that would make Levi his real son, Sly. That would work for me, even though I can also think of some wildcard picks for other paternal figures for the “Dunkster.”

Excellent points Shay. Yes, why haven’t we seen or heard from Noah. Patrick has been through hell and back and this would actually give him a story line and not a stunt casting to satisfy us super fans like they have with Scotty, Lucy, and Bobbie. Plus, Bobbie and Noah have history. Lucy has been a bust since Alan died. Your right about Felicia. Frisco could have sang “Lady of my Heart” to anyone and they would have been a fixture as long as Frisco was around.

@Timmm….Yes, Noah’s conspicuous absence is mystifying. All we have heard of him as of late is that he dumped Bobbie for former GH nurse Anne Logan. Of course, I never could figure out why they put him back with the abominable Bobbie to begin with, other than that they were both supposedly at the same Seattle hospital. He broke up with her the first time because her past as a hooker caught up with her when the original Dr. Drake’s blue-blooded senator uncle visited Port Charles and recognized Nurse Spencer from one of his assignations at her Aunt Ruby’s cathouse. That should have been enough for him to swear off of her for good!!! At any rate, it has been quite unnatural not to see hide nor hair of Noah during Patrick’s many crises. Ditto for Frisco with all of Maxie’s melodrama….although I enjoyed his performance of “All I Need” at last year’s NB, it was an odd choice because it was not meant for Felicia, but Tania. (who I never liked…yuck!) I realize the fact that the song was a big hit for Jack Wagner was probably the reason behind the selection, but a much more appropriate choice would have been “Too Young.” The lyrics perfectly fit the situation and that tune was one of his finest! I still love it……

“Too Young” was his best song EVER! It only charted at 52. It should have been #1!

I agree. All I Need was the wrong choice for Frisco to sing to Felicia, Too Young, would have been better. I think Anna should contact Frisco, his Daughter has been kidnapped, his ex-Wives jewels were stolen. It makes sense that He would make an appearance. Why bring up the Aztec Jewels. That is Felicia and Frisco’s storyline, not Mac’s. Spinelli too, should know what is going on with Maxie. She’s his Baby Mama.

@Wendelyn Sullivan….So right on all points! It truly irks me that we currently have so many worthless and unnecessary filler characters on the GH canvas, while a great legacy role like Frisco Jones is overlooked and cast aside when it would be perfectly logical for him to be present and accounted for….ditto for Noah!!!

Totally agree with you, Timmm! The BEST! : )

I would like Levi to be related to Fluke. I think it fits!

He is as awesome off camera as he is on. As long as he is on screen, I will enjoy whatever they throw his way! He doesn’t strike me though, (as Mac) to have created such a vile child, or to have had a child that he was never told of. Mac would also never abandon his child if he did know of one.

I have my own theory on how Levi and Mac could be father and son and rambled it on Tumblr: Take the time to read it- it makes sense and gives a theory on Levi’s mother- one with connections to Mac and the Jacks family.

I’ve always been surprise that Mac didn’t have an offspring out there somewhere but I’m not sure I want it to be Levi although I no longer loath the character . I was a kid when Felicia first ce on but I remember all those adventures she had with frisco. Current fans might not know this but back in the days characters like Anna ,Felicia and Laura had stories that where fun and dangerous , today’s girls like Maxie n Sam have nothing on them one would think the daughters of Laura Anna and Felicia would be more kick ass like their mothers use to be..


Long live da`Dunkleman !!!!

I’m thinking Levi is either part of Victor’s WSB or Fluke’s plan– or maybe both! Still hoping that if Fluke is Bill Eckert, then Levi is his son Sly Eckert who we last saw as Lucky’s best friend/cousin. Which would also relate him to Lulu.

I love John York’s Mac. He has always been the epitome of paternal love, as well as friend, husband. He has never veered off course. Good looking, responsible…yet never boring. It’s not so much that he has exciting story lines…but there’s something about his demeanor that draws you in. Soaps are divided between good vs. evil. For those that enjoy the family/friend/homey sort of feel…that’s the embodiment of Mac. He held the fort down when Felicia left…he raised Maxie, Georgie and Robin as his own…he participated in their girly antics…while all the while being a strong leader in the police force.

What I don’t like is how he’s been relegated to the back. I think he, Felicia, Lucy, Scott all still quite a lot to give to Port Charles rather than be the supportive older generation in the background. Because, in actuality, they’re not even old! The give Sonny and Carly more airtime…and they’re in the same age bracket.

They threw Mac to the back of the story when Anna and Duke were trying to find Robin…they’ve rendered him useless when he used to be/still should have a cop’s mind and attitude.

So, I’d like to see him back on the force. At this point they should change Anna’s name to Detective Clouseau (female version). Or, they can somehow pair them together…put Felicia and her private investigative mind back in action…revive these characters!

As for Levi…still not sure who he “belongs to.” Definitely needs work on his American accent. I can still hear traces of his Aussie accent…

Hoping the kidnapping of Maxie and Lulu get Mac back in the running. As for John York? He sounds as nice and genuine as his character. And I always like to hear an actor enthusiastic about the role he plays/show he’s on.

I totally agree. There is no reason for Mac not to have good story lines. He did at one time. And I’m sick of Sonny and Carly. I don’t know why Sonny always has such big story lines. And felicia always seems to stupid, but that was not always true.

I have been saying (to myself) for years that John York deserves a front and center storyline.

Good grief I hope Levi is not Mac’s soon. Why would he be ? I can’t stand Levi since day one. As far as Kevin and Mac’s friendship, everyone should have one like that.

I love John J. York/Mac but I really hope Levi is not his son. Too many surprise children in too few months.

I like the actor the plays Mac..But his character has become sooooo stale and boring for the last few years and it needs to be changed up a bit..After the shooting why not make Mac a little bit more of a gerk..Give him a little bit of an edgier storyline..Not like Fluke, but something to bring him a little to the wildside!

And making him Levi’s dad is stupid at best!!

Omar…dude…AGREED!!!!! I mean…the possibility of Mac being Levi’s dad…AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!! Anyway, Mac and Levi as father and son??? Big help…as in N-O-T!!!!! Man…if this is GH’s attempt to make Levi more likable, sorry but this ain’t the way to do it. No. It’s only gonna make me dislike that loony-tune Levi EVEN MORE!!!!! Bottom Line Here: GH had better N-O-T go there with this sudden lunacy!!!!! No.

Take care, Omar. A-C-E-S!!!!!

That is true about the stale and boring. Sadly, GH does this to the older, classic characters. They don’t have their own storyline, but only incidentally support the young/newer stories. Still, I do like Mac and Felicia and hope to see more of them with this Aztec/Levi storyline.

I’m with you, Charday (love the name, btw), bore is the key word. But, I still love GH. It just irks me to have recycled storylines resurface….such as Carly and Sonny. Again? Somebody…..gimme a break. Yuck.

If Levi has to be related to someone in Port Charles, let him be a son of Jimmy Lee Holt and thus a Quartermaine. We know Levi is NOT Australian so let’s immediately eliminate the possibility of him being Mac’s son — Heaven Forbid.

But why would you want to tie such a terrible person to the Q family? I know the Q-count has been running low on GH for a while now, but I don’t think this would be the way to expand the family, considering the character Levi is universally hated.

Plus, it would work better if Jimmy Lee Holt was actually on the show now. To be honest, when ABC announced Michael Easton, Kris Alderson and Roger Howarth were returning as new characters, I was hoping Roger would play Jimmy Lee or another member of the Q family – him playing Franco is a bummer and just doesn’t work considering Franco’s past.

@Engrady Pind- Think you are forgetting that Robin has NO accent- her Mom, Anna is British and her Dad, Robert, is Australian. Same with Ethan- he is Australian- his Mom, Holly is British and his Dad,Luke is American. ACCENTS do not matter !! Levi COULD be just about ANYONE’s son. Think with Mac’s shady past and when Mac first arrived to Port Charles he was not well liked either. Heck, Robert could not stand Mac- they were estranged for YEARS!! Could be that Robert’s fiance, Lilly, back before coming to Port Charles had an affair with Mac- maybe that added to their animosity. When Mac first arrived and Robert pulled him out of the water – he immediately pushed him back in when he saw it was Mac. Robert did not forgive Mac until Robert got shot and needed a transfusion and it was Mac that saved his life.

Ugh, Levi better not be Mac’s son.

Hmmmm…I don’t know if I buy that it’s Mac’s son because then it’s almost an element of incest. The actor’s good I sjut don’t want no offense to the actor the character around anymore. I know Im not alone on this.

Steve, Mac and Frisco are NOT related. Mac’s brother is Robert. Frisco’s brother is Tony!! Levi and Maxie would not be related at all if Mac was Levi’s biological brother.

Yes but Mac has always considered himself Maxie’s father which we all know so therefore even though not reallly..whihc is why I put down almost a form of…….

General Hospital

Haley Pullos Attempts to Strike Deal with Prosecutors and Change Plea to “Guilty” for Lower Sentence in DUI Crash Case

At a hearing this week, the attorney’s for General Hospital actress Haley Pullos (ex-Molly) and the LA District attorney met with a judge in Pasadena, California who was informed the parties were working out a “potential settlement.” Pullos did not attend the hearing.

Haley is allegedly attempting to negotiate a deal with prosecutors, that if she changes her plea to “guilty,” that she would receive a lesser sentence which could result in limited or no jail time. Another part of the negotiation could potentially give Pullos a suspended sentence or house arrest.

Currently, Pullos is facing up to three years in prison after she pleaded ‘not guilty’ to a DUI and a second charge for a hit-and-run. Pullos was in a near-fatal car crash back in June of 2023, when she drove the wrong way on a Pasadena freeway while she was under the influence. and crashed into a another car.

Photo: Pasadena Fire Dept

The other driver, Courtney Wilder, was rushed in critical condition to a local hospital to undergo emergency surgery, and is now suing the GH actress in civil court, plus seeking damages for negligence. Last month, Wilder allegedly added Pasadena’s No Comment Lounge to his lawsuit, where reportedly Pullos was working as a hostess the night of the accident. Wilder is accusing the nightspot of plying Pullos with liquor, and then allowing her to drive home in her car, which later caused his injuries.

Photo: Apple+TV

After the Wednesday February 28th hearing, the judge has now scheduled yet another hearing on April 8 which he said ‘should be the final’ one.

According to the Daily Mail, “Deputy District Attorney Melany Avanessians told Judge Smerling that if no plea agreement is in place by April 8, ‘we will send her to a preliminary hearing’ meaning Pullos would be on her way to a full trial.”

Photo: JPI

Since Pullos’ legal troubles, GH has recast her role of Molly Lansing-Davis three different times. First with Holiday Mia Kriegel, and she was followed by Brooke Anne Smith. The latest Molly, Kristen Vaganos, seems to be a keeper at the moment during the Molly, TJ (Tajh Bell0w) and Kristina (Kate Mansi) surrogacy storyline.

Pullos joined GH as Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Ric Lansing’s (Rick Hearst) daughter back in 2009 and was with the show till the  summer of 2023 prior to the car collision.

What are your thoughts on Haley trying to change her plea to ‘guilty’ to receive a lesser sentence? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Steve Burton’s ‘General Hospital’ Return Previews Jason Has Blood on His Hands

Monday, March 4th is the day that Steve Burton returns to General Hospital in the pivotal role of Jason Morgan. The story of Jason’s re-emergence on the canvas has been kept under wraps.

However, PEOPLE has a first-look photo, and in it, Jason has blood on his hand. Not only does he have crimson on him, but he is dressed in black and standing behind a dumpster.

When viewers last saw Jason it was back in November of 2021, when a tunnel collapsed on him as he was attempting to save his brother Drew (Cameron Mathison). For the past two plus years, every one in Port Charles has believed that Jason had died.

Photo: ABC

Burton’s initial run as Jason was from from 1991 till 2012. After exiting and signing on with Y&R to play Dylan McAcoy, the actor eventually returned to the daytime drama that was his home in 2017. Later, during the Covid-19 pandemic, he was let go from the series by the end of 2021 for not adhering to the Disney/ABC vaccine mandates at that time.

While away from GH, he rejoined the cast of Days of our Lives in 2023, resuming his original soap role of Harris Michaels that he played in 1988 and the year prior on the Peacock limited-series Days of our Lives: Beyond Salem Chapter Two. With the tape schedule well ahead of streaming, Burton will be doing double duty for a short term, where fans can catch him on DAYS, and now on GH.

Photo: JPI

Previously, Burton said on his upcoming GH storyline, “I got to talk to the head writers. This story is going to be sick. It’s gonna be awesome. So, make sure you keep watching, because the pieces of the puzzle are gonna be fit for when I return.”

Fans should also make sure to catch today’s Friday, March 1st episode of GH as Jason’s return story begins to unfold.

So, what do you think will be how Jason returns to GH starting next week on all-new episodes of GH? Comment below.

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‘General Hospital’ Reignites Scott’s Feud with Sonny Over His Past Misdeeds of His Late Daughter, Karen Wexler

In what now seems like many moons ago, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) was a small-time mobster who owned a strip club in Port Charles. He enticed a young Karen Wexler (Cari Shayne) to work as a stripper at the Paradise Lounge.

But things got worse from there! Sonny convinced Karen that stripping was her idea, and he eventually got her hooked on drugs and into his bed!

Karen’s father, Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) has never forgotten what Sonny did Karen and for years wanted to take him down when he was the D.A. Fast-forward and on Wednesday’s February 28th episode of GH, Scott visited Karen’s gravesite on her birthday.


However, Scott had a visitor at the gravesite when John “Jagger” Cates also showed up to pay respects to his ex-wife.  This was the first time Scott laid eyes on the new incarnation of “Jagger’ on-screen as played by Adam J. Harrington.

Scott realizes he might have an ally to put the screws to Sonny after John reveals the pain and sorrow he still has over what Sonny did to Karen. Speaking to his former son-in-law about the break-up of his daughter’s marriage to him, Scott pipes up that Sonny, “walks around like he’s the mayor.” Then, Scott shouts to John, “Make him pay! Take him out!”‘

Photo: ABC

In Karen’s backstory: after getting help, Karen was reunited with “Jagger” and left Sonny. The two married and left Port Charles. Karen returned as medical student and had divorced “Jagger” in 1997, and the character landed on the General Hospital spinoff soap opera, Port Charles. Eventually, Karen was struck by a car and died. Three actresses played the role during Karen’s history: Cari Shayne, Jennifer Hammon and Marie Wilson.

Watch Scott and John talk about their vendetta against Sonny Corinthos in key scenes from GH below. Now let us know, do you think Sonny should pay for his manipulation of Karen Wexler many years ago? Comment below.

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