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General Hospital's Rebecca Budig Talks On Jean Passanante, Potential Port Charles Leading Men & What's Up With Hayden?

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Oh hell, yeah!  Daytime drama favorite Rebecca Budig has just returned to General Hospital for her second go-round as the mysterious Hayden.  And with that came the news via a tweet from ABC Soap In Depth that Budig has signed a new four-year deal with the series.

Budig, who previously played take-no-prisoners Greenlee Smythe on All My Children, will now be re-teamed with the head writer who generated many of her stories in Pine Valley, Jean Passanante.

On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Budig this past weekend at GHFCW 2015 to get the skinny on her Port Charles return, the ramifications of Hayden awakening for her coma (Watch out Nikolas, Liz, Jake, Sam, et al), the potential GH on-screen love interests and leading men for this fan favorite, her performance on the GH Live Shows, and the road that led her to the 52-year-old soap opera following the birth of her baby girl, Charlotte and more.   

Jean Passanante, the new co-head writer of General Hospital, has a very interesting history with you.  She truly was instrumental in bringing the character of Greenlee to life on All My Children, correct?


REBECCA:  I think if my memory serves me: Agnes Nixon (creator, AMC), who was very involved at the time with All My Children named Greenlee, but Jean Passanante was the head writer of the series at that time, and she wrote for the character.  Jean wrote the Greenlee and Leo (Josh Duhamel) romance and story.  I think it was one of the best love stories ever on the soaps.

Hayden has awakened from her coma after being shot in the head, thanks to a bullet from a hit man hired by Nikolas (Tyler Christopher!  We don’t what she remembers or she doesn’t, since she was about to tell Jake (Billy Miller) that he was really Jason.  Are you intrigued to see what your character will ultimately be about?

REBECCA:  I don’t know what this character is ultimately going to be and I am just getting started.   It will be interesting to see. Believe me, I keep bugging our executive producer Frank Valentini going, “Who is she? What’s going to happen?”

Was your first stint on GH really supposed to be only very short term?  Now you are on a major contract with the ABC daytime drama series!


REBECCA:  It was originally only suppose to be two or three episodes, and so I said, “Sure”.   I am still a new mom with a baby, and I didn’t know if I was really ready to get back into it.  I thought this would be a good test to see if I am! (Laughs)  I am very happy to be here.

Many GH fans commented that you rocked the GH Live Shows back in May.  I concur!

REBECCA:  Really, you think so?  You say that to everybody! (Laughs)  Becky Herbst (Elizabeth) and Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) and I wanted to rehearse and rehearse, which I loved.  You know, some people like to just run lines twice, but we did it over and over.  I felt like we had a good handle on the scenes going into the live shows.

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How is working with Tyler Christopher?  I actually think your character is going to end up with Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) down the line, after his relationship with Sam (Kelly Monaco) takes a tumble when everyone learns that Jake is Jason.

REBECCA:  I love Tyler!  You do think Hayden is going to end up with Patrick?  Listen, I’ll take Jason Thompson.  He’s kind of hot, too! (Laughs)  Of all the men in the cast I get to work with I get Tyler and Jason … I mean, c’mon!  Not only are they gorgeous human beings, they are incredible guys with no ego, really easy going, funny, and hard-working.

Had you known Jason Thompson previously, before coming aboard General Hospital?

REBECCA:  Yes, I knew Jason.  I had watched General Hospital off on and on before I was on it.  I go to know Jason from Super Soap Weekends, and we knew each other sort of socially.  But Tyler, I did not know at all.  I also get to work with another guy, Nicolas Bechtel as Spencer, who is the cutest!


Viewers are in for a ride as to whether Hayden is lying and she does  know who was responsible for shooting her in the head, and if she does remember that Jake is really Jason.  And if she does know, the question becomes what will she do with this ammo?

REBECCA:  We will see.  Even if I did not know, I wouldn’t say.  But right now, I don’t actually know!

How has motherhood been treating you?  You gave birth to your beautiful baby girl Charlotte in the fall of last year.

REBECCA:  Motherhood is amazing and challenging in many ways.  It is also gratifying in so many ways.  I also want to act and have my life, and I don’t want to not be able to do that just because I have a child.  Trust me!  My whole life and my brain are devoted to Charlotte when I am not with her.  Before you know it, she will be in pre-school in 3 years and right now Charlotte is already 11-months-old.  It is going by so fast.


What happened to The Better Show, your first foray into being a talk show host?  I thought you did an excellent job.  A lot of actors who attempt to become hosts fail miserably, but that was not the case with you.

REBECCA:  They cancelled it, and I was so sad.  I really enjoyed that experience.  I actually feel that JD Roberto who was my co-host was incredible.  JD was so smart, and he taught me a lot, and we just jived.  To be a good host you have to be able to listen and not make it about yourself.  Actually, there are a lot of hosts out there that don’t listen.  I’m not even talking about “actor hosts” … I’m talking about “hosts”.  When they don’t listen, they miss things and seem so aware of themselves.  And that was one of the things I loved about hosting, and that was it was not about me, it was about the guests.  

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I still will never forget our final All My Children interview together with Cameron Mathison (Ex-Ryan) … so many tears.  What are your thoughts on where Cameron has taken his career and your special relationship with him?

REBECCA: Cameron is doing so well … look at him on Entertainment Tonight now!  I love him so deeply that I can’t even explain.  We grew up together.  We were on All My Children and we were so young.  We evolved as human beings together, and went through so much together in our lives and in our personal lives.  Cameron is amazing.  He is the best dad, and best husband.  He really is like the perfect guy.  I am so proud of who he has become and who he is, and as my friend.  He is incredible.

So, who do you hope will ultimately be the leading men for Rebecca Budig on GH … Tyler Christopher, Jason Thompson, or someone else?  Do you think Hayden knows exactly what happened to her and remembers that Jake is Jason? If so, what will be her next move?  Do you think it will be revealed that Hayden has a connection to someone else in the town of Port Charles?  If so, who?  Are you happy to hear that Rebecca will be sticking around GH for quite some time to come?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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If Emily is not alive I would hope that Hayden and Nicholas stay together. They are explosive! He invited her back to stay with him to keep a close eye on her. I actually think he will drug her to keep her from remembering Jake’s identity. Regardless, I am so happy to hear Rebecca signed a four year contract. She is beautiful, talented and seems sweet. Good for her and her family.

What if Hayden…like Jake…got a new face and identity because of Helene…Hayden is really Emily!!!

Hayden could be Robin she did come out of no were anything is

I sure hope not!

Word on the street she is related to Elizabeth. I think that would be perfect., she needs someone to be in her corner.

I’m an unapologetic member of Liason Nation. I want them to stay together and they can. Why do you ask? Cause it’s a soap. Murders, rapist, adulterers, fornicators, bully, etc have been redeemed….and they are 10X worse than Liz.

Come on GH show some guts do something different for a change not the same old Jake gets his memory back, yells at Liz and all the other hypocrites do to. Jake reunites with Sam and Liz is left on the outside looking in. I’m trusting yawl give me some twist.

No I agree, Liz was vanilla for many years. I’m glad they gave her an edge along with Nick. Sonny gets to do whatever the hell he wants. Why not Liz?

I agree–would love to see Jason stick with Lizzy. Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco have no chemistry.

A daughter of Heather and Jeff Webber would make her a half-sister to Elizabeth, full sister to Steven Lars, and half-sister to Franco… Could be worth it.

I agree: Miller and Monaco have NO CHEMISTRY.
As for Jake, I’d like to see him with Liz for some time, even if he learns he is really Jason Quartermaine Morgan. Relationships never last on soaps, but they don’t have to destroy Jake and Liz so soon.
I could go for a Jake Hayden pairing for a while. Just keep him away from Sam.

I am happy to see Rebecca back as Hayden. She plays the female villian perfectly as she did with the Greenlee role on AMC

Jean Passanante wrote Leo & Greenlee? Ugh .. I hated them. I know I’m in the minority, lol. The problem with that story, is that AMC was already building up a very sweet love story with Leo & Becca. And then they suddenly switched gears and gave the sweet love story to Leo & Greenlee. Even gave them a lot of the same lines to say, same music, settings and scenarios. And they got rid of Becca without a “by your leave”. Soaps do this a lot. Build up a couple and then drop them, hoping the audience will forget about the past 9 months they’ve invested in the pairing and now root for the NEW pairing. Guess what, Ms. Passanante? We don’t like it when you do that! It takes away the romance and makes everybody look fickle. We want to see true love, we want to see a guy who once he falls for his lady, she is IT. No one else will do. Even if he’s paired with someone else, he is always thinking of HER. Ms. Passanante, if you’re reading this, please don’t turn Jake into Leo. He’s been invested in Elizabeth for the past 9 months, and ONLY her. We like a man like that. We like a one-woman man. That’s what romance is all about. Sure, he’s going to be torn between Liz & Sam, but don’t drop his feelings for Elizabeth like a hot potato. The way you did Leo’s feelings for Becca.

Leo and Becca were a snoozefest!!!!!! Hahahaha…so boring….i did enjoy the triangle with Becca/Leo/Greenlee….Becca was clearly no match!!!

well, clearly I disagree, lol. Greenlee was just a nasty little witch, no morals whatsoever, couldn’t see how ANY man could love her, especially not Leo! Greenlee was just like his selfish, gold-digging mom! Greens and Leo had a bet that he could “de-virginize” Becca. How horrible and despicable! But he fell for Becca for real and couldn’t go through with it. Just like “Cruel Intentions”. Except, the twist, suddenly he decided he wanted the nasty witch instead of the sweet princess. It made me so mad I quit watching after being an AMC fan for 15 years. Came back for the final episodes though, especially Josh Duhamel’s 😉

Was Becca the one who trotted around the Opal’s Glamorama tossing her long hair about?
I agree with Richard–she was a goody-goody bore who seemed to be a creation of Disney’s. She was a precurser to GH’s Sparkle Pony.
Moreover, the actress who played Becca could not act.

I loved Greenlee and Lee.
but totally agree with your thoughts on Jakeson


Becca was BORING. Sparks flew between Leo and Greenlee. Or Greenpea as Reggie called her. I miss AMC!!

I seem to be the only one in here who remembers Leo & Becca, lol. But let me tell ya, at the time, the on-line debates were FIERCE. And polls in SOD and SID were pretty much 50-50. Same thing happened when Greenlee was temporarily paired with Jake. There was no overwhelming support for her with Leo. Half preferred her with Jake. Interestingly, though, almost EVERYBODY hated Leo with Laura, LOL.

I love my soaps. I hated ABC FOR cancelling OLTL AND AMC. They replaced with a talk show come on. This will be a good thing for General Hospital. Can’t wait to see where it goes. Wooo hoooo I love GH.

All roads now lead to more mob and cancellation. It’s a shame, if I cared what Moe was mumbling, I put on the cc, but now I’ll have to FF half the show.

Hayden Hospital here we come! It’ll be AMC all over again.

Yes thats a good thing. Rebecca is a wonderful actress. Now they need to cast Marj Dusay or Elizabeth Hubbard ex Lucinda As The World Turns as Haydens Mother.

Why? It sure would be nice if Liz’s parents finally made an appearance instead of constantly giving newbies more and more family members! After eighteen years, it sure would be nice to know the name of Liz’s mother and we have not seen Dr. Jeff Webber since 1984!

You are right… Elizabeth Hubbard would be great period. Just get her on the show already! They need some older actors or at the very least, use the ones they already have.

can’t stand hayden. she needs to leave asap. this show is redic. you have great female leads already. but instead you bring on this woman to what? shove her down our throats. no thank you. she brings nothing to the table, but white noise. leave.

love hayden. so glad she’s staying. this show is wonderful. they have great female leads. they brought on this woman to be another. yes thank you. she brings a lot more to the table than white noise. stay.

I’m sorry but I just don’t see the need for another actress from another soap. The cast is so bloated as it is and the focus on new characters portrayed by high profile actors from other soaps has lead to 15 week lows in the key demographic. I have nothing against RB, but how about focus on existing female characters like Anna, Alexis, Tracy, Sam, Liz, etc who have basically been either relegated to supporting roles of newbie actors or have disappeared altogether for long stretches. I do not understand why this show continues to repeat a failed approach. Have they not learned anything from this Nina, Franco, Silas fiasco, not to mention a few others. I think Maura West was the only successful transplant and of course the writers had to screw that up with this Denise disaster.

Franco is one of the best GH characters..
Nina and Franco are magic and they have a great following!

Roger and his Franco is captivating, indeed . 🙂 He has a great many fans!

The truth has come out that the executive suits had a choice of letting go of one of daytimes’s most popular actors (Michael Easton) in order to propel a stupid who dunnit storyline or letting go a new character whom no one cares about (Hayden).
For some unfathomable and idiotic reason, they chose to kill Silas, and not Hayden.
I swear to God, ABC is trying to run GH down to the ground. They are going out of their way to make everything wrong.

That Franco and Nina have a great following is the funniest thing I’ve read in weeks! Lol. Su0000 look at the ratings. New characters like Nina are killing this show. Wake up!

Roger Howarth had a great many fans before he came to GH. They are (for the most part, at least) the Franco fans you’re referring to; they love everything Roger does, uncritically, and they love him as Franco, the same way they loved him as Todd on One Life to Live (a role in which he was very, very good) and loved him as Paul on As the World Turns (a role in which he was very, very, VERY bad).

Aside from them, I’ve run into very few people who think Franco is a particularly successful character or adds much to the GH canvas. But because of their sheer numbers, yes, I think Franco does have fans.

A “four-year contract.” What is the point when your butt can be canned every 13 weeks? Not to mention that if GH doesn’t get turned around, she probably won’t have four years left in her.

Adding yet another high profile former soap star from another show isn’t going to cure what ails this show. 2015 its Hayden, 2014 it was Nina and yet the show continues to falter and the audience is leaving. Get back to the basics, cut the unneeded cast and start crafting stories that make sense. GH doesn’t need Hayden to work. She should have left when her purpose was done.

The Hayden character is a great addition to GH..
She is bringing the vets stories interacting with her..
Rebeca is a good actress and anytime GH can bring in prime talent that is a very good thing..
Hayden will keep things fresh and interesting, I like her ..

A cast of hundreds gives no one focus, the bane of all storytelling. Obviously the strategy of employing everyone under the sun isn’t working. The audience continues to shrink, week by week. At the current rate of decline the 18-49 should be at zero within 10 weeks. ( clearly I jest, but the declining audience is a fact) Bringing on yet another actress, destined for the front line will not correct the shows problems.

Popular actors from previous soaps don’t seem to do too well at least on GH!

2013 it was Ava. Or as we know her now unfortunately, (Denise). I agree with all that you said!

Stunt casting is killing this show. Why can’t they see that. MissySnow is right, new characters/popular actors from other shows, just don’t work on GH.

I could not agree with you more, Reen.

The last thing GH needs is another cast member. Stories and actors already go missing and beats are missed.
Hayden should have just been a short term character.
If we have to have her I’d like to see her with Patrick. Patrick needs a long term pairing since Robin’s gone I’d also love to see Nik & Liz finally get a true romance. They need to turn to each other once they’re deemed pariahs,

Patrick needs Robin. Doesn’t mean because some want Jasam and Nic with Liz that Patrick belongs with Hayden. FV needs to work with kMC same way FV works with everyone else. kMC is Robin and belongs with her daughter and Patrick.

I agree, Robin needs to be with Patrick. Maybe Kim doesnt want to return? Then recast!

I agree KMC needs to come back, and FV needs to work with her. She has been with the show since she was 6. Come on, I think she is due.

Eh, it doesn’t matter what we think because the writers do not put characters together like they should.

Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller might be together off screen but onscreen they do not have he chemistry that Miller has with Rebecca Herbst. It won’t matter though because they will put Sam and Jason back together and leave Elizabeth twisting in the wind … again. Why can’t the character of Elizabeth be written as the smart, sassy person she is instead of making her conniving? She deserves better than this and what makes me so mad is that ELIZABETH has been on the canvas far longer than sainted SAM!

I completely agree with you! Miller has the best chemistry with Herbst. That is where they should keep their focus after all of this reveal mess happens. Herbst is killing her material but the writing for Liz has been horrible.

Elizabeth is upfront in a great story and highlighting her talents..
There is much more to come for Elizabeth when the Jason secret comes out.
Liz is only on halftime with this story..
how the new writers perceive the Liz character and what they have planned for her, we will find out … lol

as of now she is hitting it outta the park! a great story for her..

OMG I SO agree with you!!!! She has 3 kids, stop writing her as so wanton!!! Kellly and Billy really don’t have onscreen chemistry and he sizzles with Rebecca Herbst!!!!

And again, YES, RH, have been on for 2 decades!!! And I feel llike they will put jason and Sam back together “just because”….like just bc he has a son with Sam, wellllll he has a son with Liz too!!!

totally agree

GH is in a transitional state; there are many characters who need a reset and multiple stories that require fixing – this means the show needs good, solid, creative writing! It does NOT mean that GH needs another head writer who hires one of their favorites! That’s what Ron and Frank did – they played favorites and it did not work! The hiring of Budig in a contract but untested role means the new writers don’t care what the fans think! If they wanted to bring Hayden back they should have done so on a recurring basis until they saw how the characters was received and how the character would fit with the revamped show! Now, Hayden is another character they will need to work into the show which is a bad idea! Very disappointed in the new writers!

Correction: Frank hires favorites. Ron has nothing to do with casting. Not much is going to change under the new writers, I’m afraid, when the problem is the Executive Producer, NOT the head writer.

Hayden is already worked into the soap..
She is entangled with Jake/Jason, Nik, and others.
Rebeca is a great talent to bring in creating some really good drama..
GH did very well getting her on contract with a 13 week clause?

Rebeca was brought back before the new writers who have not yet written were brought on..

I agree Tracy. The show is full of actors from other shows while the GH talent is completely missing. Enough with the stunt casting and hiring favorites, it is killing the show. Don’t believe me, check out the ratings.

Who really and truly knows what all has happened “behind the scenes” at really any filmed television show, soap opera or not? We can all sit here and continue to write and think that… THIS one does this, and that THIS one does THAT… but at least in my opinion, what good does that do to any of us? Yes, I understand the fact that we all have our own rights to our own opinions. Because, well, we DO. But saying that Frank makes this decision, and Ron has made that decision, and so on and so fourth… That’s just more guessing than not. Even IF we are told through spoilers and interviews and “The Powers That Be” / ” The People That Be” that they made this decision and why… Then begs the question, what are we to really believe? That what they are telling all of us is true? Okay, yes. Ron is a Head Writer (or, now WAS) Frank is still an Executive Producer. In the job descriptions, Frank makes more of the financial and bigger decisions, but it is ALSO quite possible that he had help through collaboration with at least some if not all of the writers, on bringing a particular actor and or actress onto the canvas. As a writer myself, it is easier for me to make my own writing decisions when I collaborate with others.and to get a better vision on how to write certain character, it isa lot better and sometimes easier if I am given at least an idea as to whom will be portraying the character looks-wise, that way I can mix some of the way they present themselves into the way I write the character for them. Because vision matters. And with vision, at least sometimes comes the “looks” sides of things. And collaboration and producing a show is a team effort, and clashing ideas from Executive Producer to Head Writer is part of a team.

So, case in point, I think its both possible that Ron did have a say in the Hayden character and Rebecca Budig coming on, but its very well possible he did not as well…as you are saying. Who really knows? Only they do, and maybe this is all the whole besides the point. Lol. Idk.

That’s just my two sense! 🙂

hmmm….. a four year contract – wow – i just can not wrap my head around that……….sorry but i just don’t get it and my thoughts have nothing to do with the actress either.
i am not getting excited because michael easton signed his new contract in march 2015 & he is now gone………………..

i hope she last more then four years, i really like her, but as to your question about the 4 year contract, i hear its now the standard, it benefits the network more then the actor i would think because the show has a clause were they can get rid of you every 13 week cycle, yet the actor if they want out, it s not that easy for them, they are obligated to finish off their sign agreement.

What I’m guessing is that for the next four years this character will be shoved down our throats.

Oh boy Hayden Hospital! NOT. Plus the rumor she was supposed to be recast Robin which blindsided KMc but ABC told FV no. No thanks. Sick of this pets over vets mentality.

That is the most ridiculous stuff I have recently read ….

It’s KM choice NOT to be on GH so life goes on and soaps need the best actors and those that fans love and will tune in for so if u don’t like that GH is trying to get the best actors available then simply don’t watch!!

Hats off Robyn!

ABC is dedicated to KMC. They will never let her be recast as she has been with the show since she was a little girl. And it’s up to ABC not FV to agree to let it happen. If you notice all her directing gigs are coming from ABC also..

KMC left and was willing to do both GH and direct if FV worked with her schedule (like he works with others most not even vets or yoriginal GH characters). She said that numerous times in interviews that she is willing to work but it is FV as to when she returns. KMC has been available and came back EVERYtime FV asked her. FV can work with KMC like he does others. TG screwed up her last return.

RB isn’t the best for many like myself. If she was so great last time people would have tuned in and
ratings would have gone up and they didn’t. That’s a fact.

I would’ve been ok with that. Robin is needed and I believe RB would’ve done a great job.

I certainly hope she doesn’t end up with Patrick. This is why General Hospital is in the shape it’s end…its too vanilla. Why would Sam dump Patrick? I hope Jake never remembers he is Jason M, Jason Q yes. Jason and Sam made me go to YR, Jason and Sam part deux…almost there.

agree. I have no interest in seeing Jasam 2.0.

So happy Rebecca is back as Hayden, what a great actress and character. Looking forward to this upcoming story.

NO THANKS Hayden and RB are NOT needed. She did nothing her last time. Don’t know where ABC gets its info or maybe ABC, FV and others are pimping trying to get viewers to buy into Hayden being a hit. ABC should have checked with the viewers who left. Hayden was More of a BIG MISS! Bring ROBIN Played by the talented KMC back. WORK WITH KMC MR FV. why don’t you listen to those viewers, the ones you lost and need back. Patrick belongs with Robin, always has and always will. RB can NEVER play Robin. What an insult to KMC. How many pairings are they going to do with Patrick. He belongs with Robin and only ROBIN, KMC Robin. Seems FV works with his pets and the newest one RB. So now a New Head Writer who worked with RB and said head eriter stated she is thrilled RB is back so she can write for her. Tired of the pets of writers and FV. Never thought I would say this but I now wish GH got cancelled with THE REAL GH actors not OLTL, Y& R or AMC actors. This regime completely ruined GH.

oh please, talk about drama queen, i’m not a fan of RC but his gh has more gh vets then the previous regime, so i have no idea what you are talking about, sure not all are being used, but scott, bobbie, and lucy,felicia robert anna, were all gone under the previous regime, robin is gone cause the actress chose to leave, thats why brenda is gone too, emily is dead, not every new actor is going to work out but the newbies are needed to infuse new life to the show, the fact is, none of the actors currently on are the problem for GH ratings, that fall on RC and the AbC honchos who let it play out so long, viewers have been complaining about how horrible the stories were, and how long they were taking. characters like franco, hayden, and nina can really take off under the right writers, so i’m staying positive and sticking with GH, hope those who have left will come back when (hopefully) the show gets better.. I hear Kristina is on her way back, Robert might come back too, so lets keep fingers cross…

Oh my gosh! THAT explains why AMC tanked. Passanante ruined it, too. Takes credit for Leo and Greenlee and, as with ATWT, klonk! We’ll see how Rebecca likes Passanante when she kills yet another one. Why do people still hire that thing?

PS: I adore Rebecca Budig!

did you see how she wrecked Y&R 2014.. like a wrecking ball!!
keep your fingers crossed!
The Queens of Snore will be writing for GH ..

i didn’t see it but I know she leaves destruction in her wake. She may be a lovely woman personally, but as a writer, I don’t know how she gets jobs. Hasn’t she ripped through most of the soaps by now?

I am a bit uneasy hearing that the new HW had a hand in creating Greenlee. There was too much Greenlee on AMC! I’m hoping we don’t have too much Hayden now on GH! I liked her short visit before because she was used sparingly. I enjoy Rebecca Budig but I definitely don’t want Hayden overtaking the show. Put her with Nik. No need to pair her up with Patrick. I’m actually hoping the show does something unexpected and doesn’t reunite Jason/Sam.

The twist is Hayden, is a transexual. That will come out in february sweeps.

Oh Scott, that would be fine with me. Hayden might be a man. Good one lol.

Rebecca Budig would be so good with any of the GH leading men!! Nikolas and Hayden we know are HOT together but it needs to be about more than SEX!!LOL!! Patrick could use a woman to kick him in the backside when he needs it and liven up his dullsville character!! I would enjoy either but leaning toward Hayden with Nik. Their Lust/Hate relationship would be interesting to watch develop into deeper feelings and dare I say it……Love!!?? With 4-year deal we’ll certainly see a lot of Hayden!!
Love RB and so happy she’s now long term at GH!!!!!

She is so talented. Her and Nick blew it up when they were last on screen together before her coma. Love her AND she can act!

The ONE woman that should kick Patrick in backside is Robin. She owes him for being stupid ignopriong her TWO phones calls when he listened to the Disney Princess and for ignoring (he and Anna both) when Robin skyped and he and Anna both knew something was up. Instead the next day they acted like it never happened. Idiots! I won’t even get into Patrick moving the gross women he bedded in Robin’s home. No interest in another pet of JP and FV. FV can work with Kimberly since she worked with him. He works with others so he can with Kimberly. Hayden isn’t needed and neither is RB. THis is GH not AMC, OLTL or Y& R which FV has no problem hiring actors from those cancelled soaps and working with their schedules.

We all know soaps could disappear unless actors and fans r willing to except change!! GH has their vintage veteran actors but that doesn’t mean no other actor or new characters can or should ever become a part of the show!! When players like KM want to do other things it leaves holes in SL’s and hurts the actorsworking with them namely JT in this instance. The actors themselves said things were going wrong recently at GH & welcomed change and new direction. If that means KM returns for short stints, fine but GH is bringing in others & new writers to try & draw more viewers to GH long term &improve ratings so what if an actor was previously on OLTL or AMC?? I want to watch the best actors avail and who want to be a part of this show!!

Nothing at all against the actress but she is one more reason why Genie isn’t staying, why Felicia, Lucy, Monica, Bobbie and more are on about 12 episodes a year and why TPTB still don’t realize that powerhouse actors from other shows will not boost the ratings while relationships, great characters and consistency in storytelling will.

Dan S, if I’m not mistaken Genie is just on leave she is coming back in October. Also RC or FV said they killed Silas (let ME go) so they could sign RBu. Also on a podcast last night NV said that GH would focus on the Quartermaines.

huh? what?
no way on this earth would
”RC or FV say they killed Silas (let ME go) so they could sign RBu”
(that would never be said)

There are no Q’s to focus on ..
there are Tracy, Dillon and sporadically Moana.. so 2 Q’s .. lol
-feeling Jason will be a Q .. 🙂

I’ve wanted Hayden with Paddy since she came on. I so hope that happens. Love RB. and I do agree GreenLeo were one of the best.

Nothing against the actress, but I am so bored with this character. You have Jake walking around for two years not knowing he’s Jason and Hayden, who was going to blow this secret out of the water, awakes from her coma also suffering from memory loss.
I am bored out of my mind with GH right now and the only way to fix what ails it is stop introducing new characters and conduct some damage control on the established characters. And please, clear out the inventory–get rid of Ava, Nina, Franco, Kiki, Rosalie and Donna Mills.

I tune in at the end to see previews of the next episode to see if its worth watching…i only watch once or twice a week now…too much Franco, Nina, Kiki and Ava turn me off…as for Kiki, please no more grieving scenes for her…she’s starting to make Y&Rs Summer look good!!!

Nina/Michelle gave a hard drama scene with Ava wow!
it was powerful, Nina has had quite a change..
Franco has had a change, he has been awesome!
characters go through changes and recently is has been Franco and Nina..
Ava had better not turn her back on Nina she is now cunning sane and someone to deal with..

Ava needs to stay, I love Maura West. She is a wonderful actress. Harry I agree with you Nina needs to go, Kiki, Rosalie, Elizabeth and Madeline. Donna Mills character is boring.

Frank, Maura West may be a very good actress but Ava has been written into a corner.
If I have to hear that phony accent and see that stupid, black wig one more time, I am going to punch the television screen in.

awww Harry..
Franco and Nina have a huge following/luved by many
they are awesomely unique, the best love story GH has had in years..
Ava is powerhouse and now one of a main GH family, the Jeromes and her baby Avery story will be Sonny’s nightmare lol ..
That story will be powerful, IF the 2 new writers can write intense drama, and what I seen, the 2014 Y&R was a lowkey total snore, so not holding my breath..
Rosalie? she is rarely seen, why would she bother you LOL..
Dona Mills is a soapy treat, seldom on screen..
Kiki needs to be killed-off!

Hayden has not yet been put to action, she just woke up how on earth can you be bored with the character lol …

(these past weeks of GH have been awesome!! RC did good, real good..
–best hope the Snooze Dual will be near as good..

Agree, except I would keep Ava. But not Denise. For the love of God, end this Denise farce once and for all. How can any other character on the show look at Denise and think that’s a real person? Dreadfully insulting to the audience, the other actors, Maura West, anyone from New York, anyone who’s breathing…

The Deniese character for the past two weeks has been mostly Ava with black hair.. lol
Her scenes with Silas, which are awesome!, she has been Ava,,
Her scenes with Franco she is Ava..
I’m near sure Julian knows/feels she is Ava but keeping it to himself, until ….
It is now up to the new writers to out Ava..
RC had it going for Franco or Dr O to get the tape, how the new writers do it, we’ll see.

It’s a soap and having Ava as Deniese is just soap stuff it is storytelling- out of the real world stuff.. We know but nobody else knows and that drives us crazy LOL..

I hear you, Harry! This tiresome, troublesome tart I termed “BrazenHayden” was tedious enough the first time around….she should have stayed gone. To bring RB back whilst bragging on her big, fat new contract is just another reason to strongly resent her presence in light of Michael Easton’s unjust dismissal. I swear this show has plunged into the depths of being utterly unwatchable with the likes of Nina, Val-Chops, Grossalie, nuKiki, Sappy, Jordan, et al, constantly being shoved down out throats. (Ditto for Ric, Sonny, Carly and Alexis along with her two favorite “co-stars”….) I also have just about run out of patience with Ava and Franco, as well. It’s time to remind people that this program is called “General Hospital,” not “General Nobodies,” which is what this endless parade of mainly defunct soap remnants has become. It needs to be seriously streamlined and focused upon those with real ties to the Port Charles of yore….pronto!!!!!!

It really sucks when the soap is not our personal property to do with as we please.
If some would stop believing their wants are needs are the way it should it be, all would be happy..
All wants are nothing but trash, can’t make it your way..
I do notice the people who hate most everything about GH watch it, daily possibly to find whatever’s to complain about is-> LOL.
why people keep watching what they fine to be disgusting and painful for them to watch, well that is not logical, not at all (sumting aint right)

I like GH, a lot.. As do most others..
I enjoy it every day and look forward to the next day ..

As is so often the case with you, su, you have completely missed the point here. Many of us are stating that we are NOT watching this show on a daily basis and we are explaining WHY! It’s been over two weeks since I have been able to sit through an entire GH episode….many days have been totally skipped….and even before then I frequently had to force myself to watch simply to see it through to the end of the Luke saga, crushingly disappointing as it turned out to be. No sooner did we receive the joyous news that Ron C. and his inane writing was to be history, then we were gobsmacked with the shock departure of Michael Easton, which truly was just one too many unwelcome casting decisions for a large number of fans. Compounding this immense displeasure was the breathless coverage of the useless Hayden’s return in the form of a juicy new contract for RB…..this loudly stated discontent is all connected, and not just griping for the sake of it. People are tuning out of GH in droves….very few are finding this train wreck of soap opera to be even a fraction as entertaining as you so reliably do, and we are trying our best to get the show runners to take notice, accept our input and correct this God awful mess before it’s too late!!!!!

Harry…re one of you other comments about the Suits choosing to kill off Silas instead of Hayden. First of all why do you have to kill off anyone to make a clever mystery. Second, Michael/Silas is doing a bravo performance as Ava’s ghost. Think there’s maybe a little in-your-face to execs, and to writers, who had up to that time given him boring one-liners? Third, dare I say Michael’s swan song has a lot more passion and pizzaz than Tony’s?

Agree with you Harry! I only watch or read the previews to see who’s on and if it’s the Ava/Franco/Nina mess I don’t even bother watching. How sad.

Harry, I agree with your pink slips but i like Hayden and she could be a long time cast member if they write her right. She is a good actress.

I would really love to see Hayden and Jake together.

I would love to see Hayden and Jake together.

I’m wondering what it would have been like if there had been social media or MF since soaps started. In reading some of the Rebecca naysayer and over inventory of marginal characters comments, many seem to forget that many of the now GH favorites “burst” into the Port Charles and were new, non- Q’s, etc. once. Some stick, some don’t.

Is it really just the actors/characters that are bothering some? That will always be the case, we all have our favs/none-favs. I for one don’t care about Robin, or Robin/Patrick, or Kimberly coming back. Love Dr. O as the fly in the ointment. And some of the new, transplanted actors really haven’t had great stories to work with.

Or is it that some of the storylines that need a reset/refresh like getting back to the basics that inspired the GH show name…or the overkill of the mob/crazies stories…lack of real romance and fun adventure…the same old Sonny/Carly show…real relationships instead of continual backstabbing and self-interest…lack of consequences for misdeeds…residual Fluke/Tony fatigue.

Another soap ex. No way. It hasn’t worked with the others, what makes them think it will work with her. I am so bored with the show right now, the only way I know what’s going on, is reading the boards. I just went to YT and watched the old As the world Turns written by guess who ? Doug Marland. It had loads of stories old and new characters. The shows were so good I couldn’t turn it off. This from a fans of the show who had already watched it.. In the end Calhoun murdered the show ands I did , just like GH shut it off. WHO knows maybe when tiic START TO LISTEN TO THE FANS WHAT THEY WILL WATCH MAYBE SOAPS WILL RETURN.This show is already over loaded with all the actors from shows that were cancelled.

I am a huge fan, and I do not agree with you..
It is not all fans just the ones who have a place to vent lol
fans who are content are usually happily silent..

the ”soap x” actors have been a great addition to GH, as is Rebecca/Hayden

Maura/Ava is awesome.. Billy Miller/Jake is awesome..
Roger/Franco is awesome.. Michelle/Nina is awesome..Julian is awesome, even Anna/FH was in other soaps, most were..
What soaps do and have always done and will always do is bring actors from other soaps because they are tried & true, seasoned and ready to go ..
soaps need new characters to keep moving forward and it is great when they can bring in the best talent..

GH has a recurring rotating cast that are used when needed, they are not often on screen..
Rebeca is one of the chosen ones to come in full, good for her .. 🙂

((if one looks at soaps casts most were from others soaps lol)

we never agree, so why should this be any different. Whatever anyone doesn’t like you love. Do you work for ABC ?

Love the addition of Rebecca Budig as ANY character, new and or old. I think her personality does fit in well with the Port Charles canvas.

I can see her somehow being the recast Robin, if that rumor out of many will come out to be true. She does have at least a bit of a resemblance to Kimberly McCulough, as well as looks like she could be related somehow to both Emma Drake (Brooklynn Rae Silzer) and Anna Devane (Finola Hughes). And I say related somehow, because even if not as a recastRobin… Could be another long-lost daughter or younger relatives of Anna’s. Things could get even MORE interesting if Vincent Irrizarry (ex-David Hayward, ALL MY CHILDREN) somehow becomes apart of the General Hospital / Port Chuck canvas. BOTH Rebecca Budig AND Finola Hughes have worked opposite Vincent Irizarry on ALL MY CHILDREN.

Even if that doesn’t come to fruition, then she could still be a potential viable love interest for the steamy doc, Doctor Patrick Drake! I do really like the dynamic taking place between Hayden and Nikolas. The foundation of this whole “Jake is really Jason” secret, has set up quite the emotional forefront, whether it would be a negative one or a positive one! Sometimes some of the best relationships form and or become their own, when they are overcome with all of the surrounding and potential obstacles alike! I can see the twinkle in Nikolas’s eye for Hayden…. no matter if the chemistry and or connection is a sexual one, an emotional one, or more so EVEN BOTH!

Leo and Greenlee were “one of the best love stories ever on the soaps”?

I must’ve been watching a different AMC back then…

Thank you! They were awful. Greenlee was the nastiest piece of work ever to grace a screen. Some compared her to a young Erica – PLEASE! Erica was self-centered, but she did have a heart. Greenlee was more like a young Vanessa, Leo’s mom. Selfish and materialistic, without a good word to say for anybody. The only time I started to like her is when she was paired with Jake Martin, who was starting to bring out some good in her. But then it was back to Leo, who indulged her bad side. Leo&Greenlee remind me of Franco&Nina. If that’s Ms. Passanante’s idea of a great love story, I’ll pass.

Good news for you!

Rebeca is no longer ”Greenlee” / AMC

She is now ”Hayden” / GH .. (without Leo)


yes su0000, Hayden is a piece of work, but she is a lot nicer than Greenlee! I am liking her chemistry with Nick. 🙂

Good morning Mr. Fairman,

First I want to thank you for always giving the viewers a close up view of Generall Hospital. I appreciate you so much and you are a true professional. Next if you would please relay to the powers that be at General Hospital for me core families, focus on relationships and romance, less plot points (they are needed very now and again) and twist get us something that will leave us saying, “WOW” or “Oh my goodness, I can’t believe that happened.” One more thing I would like you to relay, they have liquid gold in the couplings of Carson (Carly and Sonny) Liason/Lake (Liz and Jason/Liz and Jake), SamTrick (Sam and Patrick) and now Nayden (Nick and Hayden) with these 4 couples you have unmatched chemistry and storylines for decades to come. How about an adventure featurning these 4 couples in the vein of the GH of the 1980;s. Thank you again for all you do for the fans and viewers. God Bless you real good, sir.

since general hospital contract is up in sept 2016 will it go off air in Chicago here it sometimes does not air due to baseball we can watch it at 2 in the morning I called the station and it will be interrupted 4 more times

I loved RB as Greenlee she one of my favorite characters on AMC. Even with the shooting I am hoping that Hayden and Nicholas get together. If she is Emily… Awesome. Otherwise, Nicholas is going dark and he needs someone whose been there or maybe understands where he is going. I actually enjoy a bada$$ girl on the show. One who doesn’t make excuses. Carly is written so well that for the most part you accept her and all her crap. And i love Carly. This coming from an Elizabeth fan. I would like Hayden to be written and portrayed as she was when she came on the show. There are still many variables about who she is and where she came from and i hope that she is so well written that you can enjoy the con artist and whatever else the writing team has in-store for her. Could you love a man who had you shot? I am so over the changing of history and how my favorite character is being destroyed and basically making Elizabeth a manic depressive. I won’t even get started on the goody goody too shoes. It’s hard to watch but I’m tuning in faithfully. I could accept her evolving or changing getting stronger and going after what she wants especially given all that she been thru. I can’t accept this total about face and spitting on everything that made her Elizabeth. She wasn’t perfect she was flawed which is one of the things her fans love about her. Wanting to do what’s right and not knowing exactly what that is. And for the most part make the wrong discussion first and suffering thru it and get beat up about it. But this Lie is to much. It wasn’t well developed. Elizabeth will never act on impulse you can see her struggles we lived them with her. Especially with something of this magnitude it’s not her. This is supposed to be about Hayden and i apologize for getting sidetracked. I want GH to get back on top and you can’t do that by destroying it’s history as you loose fans. Hayden needs to be that bada$$ we need some spice back not another side kick. Emily and Hayden would be ideal. But that is just my wishful thinking.

Cannot stand Hayden UGH!

General Hospital

John J. York Returns as General Hospital’s Mac Scorpio and Shares, “Expect The You-Know-What to Hit the Fan”

General Hospital fans were overjoyed when John J. York (Mac Scorpio) revealed he was back on set and taping all-new episodes of the ABC daytime drama series.

The beloved GH star was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) and multiple smoldering myeloma, two blood and bone marrow disorders, back in 2022.  Later, he underwent treatment for the cancer in September of 2023, which took him off the show while he went through a blood stem cell transplant and the recovery.

Now, those who have waited for Mac to finally get to the truth – that Cody Bell (Josh Kelly) is his biological son – may finally get their wish!  Speaking with TV Insider on his imminent return (he is back on-screen this coming Wednesday, June 19th), York shared on what’s about to go down, “Expect the you-know-what to hit the fan and let the dust come down and settle where it will, so get ready.”

Photo: ABC

York also prepped viewers that he will look a little different when he first seen back in Port Charles, due to his cancer treatments, “My hair grew back nice. I was not sure how my hair would look because I was bald. Now it’s short, like a military cut.”

Photo: JYorkIG

Speaking on his own health and life, John shared, “With the MDS, if everything goes well with the bone marrow transplant, that should be handled. With the multiple smoldering myeloma, smoldering being the key word, it just kind of stays there in my system. There is a small chance that it could turn into full-blown leukemia at some point, but the goal is for me to die of old age before I die of any kind of blood cancer. I feel fantastic and all the blood tests that I take once a month have all pointed in the direction that things are all going in the right direction, which is really good.”

Photo: ABC

Are you looking forward to the moment that Mac realizes Cody is his son? What do you think his reaction will be as he has been duped all this time? Happy, as we are, that John is back on-screen on GH? Comment below.

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General Hospital

THIS WEEK on General Hospital: Anna Tries to Get Evidence on Valentin; But Will Her Love for Him Get in the Way?

In previews for the action this week on General Hospital, it looks like things may be reaching a critical point for Jason (Steve Burton), Anna (Finola Hughes) and Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), among others.

Valentin has been running Pikeman, Anna suspects it and wants to find die-hard evidence against him, but she is conflicted because she still loves the guy. Will she be able to stay the course and figure out all that Valentin had perpetrated including switching out Sonny’s meds?

In the latest promo for the ABC soap opera,  Jason shares, “I’m running out of time.” He wants to go to Cates (Adam J. Harrington), but Anna wants him to hold up a minute, when she says, “I’m having dinner with Valentin,” adding “I will get the evidence we need.” But can she? Will she?

Photo: ABC

At the recent 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards Michael Fairman TV caught up with Finola Hughes to ask her at this present time, just how does Anna feel about her ex, Valentin Cassadine? To which she replied, “There’s a lot of conflict. C’mon, what does she do? She loves him, but he’s been lying .. again.  We’ll see.  It’s been really nicely written, so I think you (the fans) will enjoy it.”

Also this week in official teasers from GH:


Mac Scorpio returns! Cody confides in Tracy. Stella encourages Chase. Alexis gets big news. Natalia and Sonny bond. Brook Lynn ponders her options

THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 2024  

Carly warns Jason. Sam is livid. Finn lashes out. Nina confides in Maxie. Gio learns more about Trina.

FRIDAY , JUNE 21, 2024

Jason faces a big decision. Carly makes a shocking realization. Maxie and Spinelli are concerned. Sam is on the warpath. Tracy fields an emergency.

Now below check out this week’s promo for GH, followed by our chat with Finola. Do you want to see Anna and Valentin to get back together? Do you hope Valentin pays for his crimes? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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General Hospital

Bryan Craig Wishes General Hospital’s Maurice Benard ‘Happy Father’s Day’; Is He Trolling Us … or is This the Ultimate Return Tease?

Sunday is Father’s Day, and it’s the time when many soap stars and celebrities take to social media to give love and shout outs to their dads.

In an another post that got General Hospital fans to take notice, two-time Daytime Emmy-winner Bryan Craig (ex-Morgan Corinthos) dropped a blast from the past photo of himself alongside Maurice Benard (Sonny). Accompanying the photo, Bryan wrote: ‘Happy Father’s Day” Maurice Benard.

The post on X comes on the heels of a previous response by Craig to a post on Frank Valentini’s (executive producer, General Hospital) comment to On the Red Carpet, where he revealed that this summer, “A former cast member is coming back. And I think that the audience will go crazy for HIM.” In response, Craig teased, “Who could it be…”

Photo: ABC

Now on Sunday responses to Craig’s post were met with varied responses from GH fans from “Stop playing with us” to “Now you’re just trolling us, lol. We really need you back right now.”  Still others took it as a potential confirmation that Craig is the mystery man on his way back to General Hospital stating, “I hope you’re going to back to GH!” to “Can’t wait!”

Craig last appeared on GH from 2013-2016 and made a brief return in 2018. Since departing GH, Bryan has appeared in numerous TV and film projects including: Freeform’s Good Trouble and ABC’s Grand Hotel.

So, is Bryan Craig yanking GH viewers chain, or is he slyly teasing us, because he knows he is the one returning to the ABC soap opera? Weigh-in on your theories below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Michael Easton as Finn

General Hospital

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