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Michael Easton Interview: His Shocking GH Exit, If He Would Do Another Soap, Leading Ladies & The Support From His Fans!

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On the July 31st episode of ABC’s General Hospital viewers saw the lifeless body of Dr. Silas Clay with a knife in his back, ushering in a murder mystery with more than a handful of suspects who wanted to keep the guy quiet.  However sadly, Silas’ death spelled the end of the line for daytime favorite Michael Easton.

Easton was killed off the 52-year-old soap opera in a role that just never really caught fire, or had the chance to.  The actor who is beloved by his fan base, and treasured by his colleagues was definitely caught s bit off guard by the news that he would be leaving the ABC Network. It was a place he has called home for more than 12 years with memorable roles such as Caleb Morley on Port Charles, and One Life to Live’s  John McBain.

Speaking of McBain, the character headed to General Hospital following the cancellation of ABC’s One Life to Live.  At that time, Prospect Park was able to mount their second attempt at an online version of the series, and a major dispute erupted between the two companies that saw cast members: Easton, Kristen Alderson (Ex-Starr and Kiki), and Roger Howarth (Ex-Todd, now Franco) caught in the crossfire.  Ultimately, GH could no longer use the characters of John, Starr or Todd in their stories, and thus for Easton, the character of Dr. Clay was born to keep him on the canvas.

With all the twists, and turns, and upheaval in Easton’s soap life over the last few years, On-Air On-Soaps sat down with Michael following his GHFCW 2015 fan event appearance, where an outpouring of support and love rained down upon on him.  Those in attendance tried to let Michael know they are there for him, while he tried to make the reality of the situation, and his exit from GH … OK for them!  It was, to say the least, a very touching moment.

In a very candid conversation, Michael opens up about how he found out he was exiting GH, if he would ever entertain the notion of appearing on another soap, how he has coped and dealt with being shown the front door, his thoughts on his soap opera leading ladies, and what this all now means for his real life family … and as they say, ‘when one door closes, another opens.’  Now with all that behind him, and a clean slate for the future, Easton whose latest graphic novel Credence: Lose This Skin is being released, and his short film, Ultraviolent starring best friend and former One Life co-star Trevor St. John (Victor Jr.), which is already receiving awards, is certainly keeping busy.  But still, saying goodbye is sometimes the hardest thing in life we have to do.  So, here’s what Michael let us know, and wanted you to know … until we can all meet again.

Did you have any clue, and did you see it coming, that your character was going to be killed off of GH after they were starting to give the character a bit of story?  It must have been a bit of shock, and a jolt.


MICHAEL:  Yes, and I’m always reminded when I started on One Life to Live with Kamar de los Reyes, Dan Gauthier, Trevor St. John, Nathaniel Marston, and David Fumero these guys were all there, and by the end of 8 years all that was left was Bob Woods and I.  So, I went through it with all of those guys.  You are always prepared for it … at the same time you are not prepared for it at all.  They let me know at General Hospital what was going to go down a couple of months beforehand.  I was then kind of walking around having to hold this secret for story purposes.  I had to carry it around for a couple of months, which was a little tricky.  I knew some people knew before me, obviously.  I kind of felt that “Dead Man Walking” thing for a while.  But, we are big boys and girls.  We sign on the dotted line.  They lived up to their end of the agreement, and I lived up to mine.

You mentioned to your fans at your event that the last day of shooting at GH was difficult, and you kind of wandered home afterwards.  I thought that statement was perfectly said on how someone would feel after something like this.  How was it for you at the very end?  Did you just say, “Goodbye, guys”?


MICHAEL:  We have been saying goodbyes over the last few years, first to One Life to Live and the crew.  You become almost closer to the crew than you do the cast because you see them every single day.  It was a little numbing for a couple of days.  You don’t want to ever say you get used to it, but you handle it.

You had mentioned that if you had known this was the role you were going to end up playing (Dr. Silas Clay) you wouldn’t have wound up going out for that role.  This was the part that followed-up your incredibly nuanced performances as John McBain on One Life to Live, and General Hospital.   Then to see you as Silas, the writers had to do a quick adjustment and turnaround to figure out what to do with you because of the lawsuit with Prospect Park involving the One Life characters that came to GH.  When you were in the middle of that were you thinking to yourself, “What am I going to do to make this new role work?”

MICHAEL:  Certainly, when I came back after the Prospect Park situation, I never unpacked the suitcase, if you know what I mean, especially coming back the second time around.  Writing on a soap is a tough job.  It’s an uphill battle.  It’s on me to make that part work.  I never quite got a hold on it.  That being said, there was not a lot of consistency to it for me, like a consistent story or throughline.  It felt like I was just with this girl, and then you let her go and you never see her again, and now you are with this girl.  There was a lot of stuff where I was just reacting to things, and it was very hard to drive story being in that position.  But I really tried my best, and really fought to try and make it work.  However, in the last year I really didn’t work that much, maybe one or two days a week.  It’s really hard to turn things around when you are in that position.

Photo Credit: MF Soaps, Inc.

Are people still coming up to you with the hopes that you would one day return to a reboot of One Life to Live?

MICHAEL:  Someone told me that ABC was working with Prospect Park on a primetime show.  I don’t think that solves any of the daytime soap issues, but they are obviously making other deals together.  Someone had told me optimistically at the fan event, “Does this mean anything?”  I honestly feel, and I have been pretty good at this, that I usually know if I am walking out of a building if I will ever walk in there again.  And, I don’t think I will walk in there again.  I wish it was some sort of hoax, or something that we were playing, and this is all sort of a gimmick.  It really isn’t.  It’s very serious.  I just got the sense when I walked out of there… that was that.

Where do you see the next chapter of your journey going?  You mentioned at your event that you, and your wife and kids, may take some time to figure out what that is, and where that will be.  This seems to be the moment in time to figure out what you want to do with you life, and your career.  You are such a fantastic writer, and I assume with your writing you would continue doing that.  I was so excited to see you win an award for your short film Ultraviolent starring Trevor St. John.  Do you feel ready to move forward with what lies ahead for you after finishing up your run on GH?

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MICHAEL:  When you get over a bit of the hurt, I walked out of it feeling blessed it happened. Then very quickly I felt inspired, and I felt liberated, and I felt like going out there and doing something again.  I became very aware that I never wanted to be frightened by life, and I did not ever want to be playing it safe.  So in a way, being let-go from GH was a wake up call to all of those things.  It’s just circumstances, and it’s not the vision I had for myself.  Hanging on to the part and coming in one day a week was not the vision I had for myself … and for my career.   If that is the way that it was going to be, better that it ends this way, as I didn’t want it to drag on like that any longer, anyway.  I have a good vision in mind, and I just have to go to find a way to make it become a reality.  Within that vision is my children.  The other day I built sandcastles in the beach with them.  It was one of the happiest days I had in a long, long time.

Photo Credit: Sue Coflin Max Photos

Ultraviolent starring Trevor St. John, and directed and written by you, is something that so many of your fans are anticipating seeing.  What was that like working with Trevor in this film that was so dark that even the character kills himself in it?

MICHAEL:  Trevor St. John is on another level in this film.  It’s what all the people are used to seeing with Todd Manning, but to the tenth degree!  It’s such a beautifully nuanced performance that he does.  It was just Trevor and I in a room with one camera guy, and one sound guy.  We did something really beautiful.  We rehearsed it, and it’s really something terrific.

Do you think if Days of our Lives called you up to reprise your first soap role as Tanner Scofield, that you would consider the notion of going there, or to another soap opera if they pitched you a great story where you could be a main focus on the show?  Or, do you think your daytime soap career is over?  You have kind of done soaps all over the place, especially on the ABC brand.  However, you have such huge popularity with the fans that you would think some other network, or series would tap into this.  Is that even something you would even entertain?

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MICHAEL:  I think I might have one more in me.  It would have to be the right thing, and you can’t be cavalier when you have two young ones at home.  But at the same time, I want to do something that I love.  I want to be passionate about it again.  I want to have a storyline that is driven by passion, and I think that is something I had very much on Port Charles and on One Life to Live for a long time.  There were some real ups and downs certainly there, but there were some really great moments where there was some beautiful storytelling.  That’s what it’s all about.  It’s really about the storytelling, but as attractive as it might be for some powers-that-be to say let’s bring this audience over to someplace else … it seems very gaudy to do that.

You mean, it feels a bit like prostitution?

MICHAEL: Yeah, a bit.  It would be nice to do another soap for a beautiful reason, because there is this great part that is right for you, and it is that part you would want to go in for.  Then you would get to work with these certain actors that you admire and trust, and you get to work in an environment that is right for you.  And of course, then you would think about if that will ever happen again.  I honestly really don’t know what genre that will come from, but it will work itself out.

You have some of the most incredible fans, and fan bases that have supported you, and cared about you.  What have they meant to you during this difficult time?  It’s so interesting that while they were trying to ease your pain, I think with your appearance and discussions with them, you are helping them deal with the loss.


MICHAEL: Well, I wish I could buy them all a drink, which I tried to do at the fan event by having a proper wake for the character! (Laughs)  I’m honestly humbled, and I mean this for their outpouring of support.  I am pretty thick-skinned, and I have been doing this a long time.  Very little stings me.  And I admit, this stung me a little bit, and it’s been the fan’s kindness, and their generosity, and their outpouring that’s really made me feel like I was doing something semi-worthwhile.  It’s made me feel much better about what happened.  They have actually eased my pain a bit.  I’m actually kind of trying to ease their pain, which is so interesting.  But they are very genuine, and I hope they realize that I am very genuine.  I hope they realize we have a very genuine relationship.  It’s a very honest relationship when you hear us talk.  I think it’s one of the most unique relationships of any group of people.  I almost feel weird calling them “fans” because they are honestly more like “friends”.  Most of these people know about my family, and I know about their family.  It’s a very loyal and beautiful group.  They mean a lot to me.

Let’s talk a bit about your two most notable leading ladies: Kelly Monaco (Sam, GH) and Melissa Archer (Natalie, OLTL).  What is your takeaway during your daytime career having built this incredible and enduring on-screen chemistry with them that struck a nerve with the viewing public?

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MICHAEL: As far as Kelly goes it’s right there.  It’s Kelly Monaco!  You just look in those eyes.  I never locked eyes with someone that I have worked with quite like I have with her.  Kelly is just easy to get lost with.  I think when you can do that some very natural things happen with actors.  I trust everything that she does, and hopefully, she would trust what I do.  Melissa Archer is different in the sense that we are very different, and you talk about opposites attracting?  We come from two very different worlds, and two very different techniques, but there was just something so passionate about her.  Melissa is funny, and she is all of these beautiful qualities, and it made for a great partnership.  Honestly, I am the luckiest guy.  Everyone of my on-screen partners has made me look better.  I have said this before, as in life a good actress, and a good woman will make you better, and that is: my wife makes me a better person, but these actresses I have worked with in every case made me a better actor, and made for a better story because of them.

Michelle Stafford, who played Silas’ crazy wife, Nina Clay, told me that you were “extraordinary”, “one of the classiest guys”, and “so smart.”  What was working with Michelle like on General Hospital, where the two of you had to create this back-story?


MICHAEL: In the back of your mind, because of the weird relationship between Silas and Nina that always puts up a bit of a barrier.  I was always fond of working with Michelle.  She is obviously an amazing talent.  Michelle has a generous heart, and she is a kind person.  Her work is incredible.  The circumstances that we were sort of thrown into from the get-go were difficult, but she was terrific.  No one gets more out of scenes than she does.  Michelle and Maura West (Ava) have an amazing technique were there might not be that much there. and yet they are able to make so much out of them.  It’s a skill I wish I understood, or I was better at.  I didn’t watch Michelle’s work on Y&R, but I was well-aware of her, “the dynamo”, and she didn’t fail to disappoint.  She had all of that in her and she was great to work with.  And of course, Thorsten Kaye (Ridge, B&B) warned me about her! (Laughs)

It has seemed like GH was playing with pairing Silas with Ava for a minute, especially after he saved her from dying of cancer in such an unorthodox method – kidnapping her baby girl, Avery and using her bone marrow.  Did you think that was going to be a start of story, not the end of one?


MICHAEL:  Yeah, it seemed a bit weird for Silas to save her life, and then get killed-off.  I imagine from her point, she could have just killed him off.  That also seems strange for some reason, because you can just be in conflict with someone.  I really enjoyed working with Maura, too.  Maura brings so much to every scene, and she is so interesting to work with.  I think in the scenes where we had some material to play there were some interesting moments in there.  I just would have liked more of them. 

Very simply, I ask, “How do we heal you?  What can we do for you?”

MICHAEL:  That is sweet, Michael.  It was lovely closure, and I am glad my fan event wasn’t six months from now, because I would have had a hard time coming back.  I still have some tears, and make-up on my shoulder where people cried.  I fought back tears a couple of times.  Again, I probably shouldn’t have had that much Irish whiskey before coming to the event! (Laughs)  I hate to admit that. (Laughs)  In many, many ways GH is already in the rear view mirror.  I have something of a lengthy resume, which includes a lot of shows that have been cancelled.  I have had to say a lot of goodbyes to people, professionally.


As GH viewers are currently watching the murder mystery whodunit of, “Who Killed Silas?”, how many days did you actually have to lay there with a knife in your back?

MICHAEL:  Oh!  Quite a few days!  Quite a few people had to put a knife in my back, (laughs) so they could do flashbacks of all the suspects.  I am sure at some point they will decide who did it, or someone will imagine they did.  You will see it.  It will be like a “Slasher’ flick! (Laughs)

Were you able to talk to Trevor St. John as a sounding board after you were let-go by GH?  I know how close the two of you are.

Photo Credit: Sue Coflin/Max Photo

MICHAEL:  Oh yeah!  Trevor had great advice for me, and I had another friend who had a very nice bit of advice for me, which was, “They played their hand and it was big hand they played.  You’re still in the game, now you have to go play your hand.”  Honestly that is what it is.  I will always look back at this time so fondly, and all of the people that I met.  Many of these people are still in my life, in particular those from the earlier ABC times in terms of Trevor, Kamar, and Bob Woods, who are such a part of my life now.  When I started I was a single guy, and now I have a wife and two kids.  I have almost grown through this during the dozen or more years with ABC.   I look back on all of this so fondly.  I am so glad it happened.  To paraphrase Dr. Seuss: “Don’t be upset that it ended.  Be grateful that it happened at all.”  I really look at it that way.  I think when I walk away from today I will probably put it away for a while.  I will miss people a lot, but I will be OK with it.

What did you think of Michael’s thoughts on his exit from General Hospital?  Where would you like to see Michael turn up next… another soap? What do you think about the unique relationship that Michael discussed that he has with his fans? Who was your favorite leading lady for the fan favorite?   Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Michael Easton fans the Online Petition to BRING Michael back to GH has almost 11,000 signatures and counting. Please if you would like to see Michael make a GH return then sign the PETITION. Our Collective Voices can make a difference. Thanks in advance to all who sign the Petition:

Don’t know if I’d want to come back to GH/ABC if I was Michael…”once bit, twice shy.” Actually “twice bit” after the dumping of OLTL.

I can understand that…they really left him on the back burner and didn’t develop Silas properly. However, we want Michael to have that choice. We feel after 14 Loyal Years with ABC that he deserves that decision. If Michael decides to move on if offered to come back then we will respect that decision. We just want him to have the opportunity to return in a role that fits him with much better story.

Another reliable soap blogger was reporting that Frank said a reason Michael was let go was due to budget and they needed to free up money that eventually went to Rebecca Budig. I guess there weren’t any more vets to kill or kick to the curb.

I can’t stand the massive influx of new characters and they are all for the most part terribly written as the whole show has been. Vets are written OOC and new characters are terrible from conception.

Of all the new characters, Michael as well as Billy Miller, didn’t bother me the and I have respect for the actors because I always felt that they had respect for the show. They aren’t scenery chewers and they don’t give off an attitude or vibe that they were stars on another show and just their mere presence on GH gives them that status and the ability to just takeover scenes and the show.

Michael is very much a class act and I really enjoyed him as McBain when he came to GH. I hadn’t watched OLTL. He had a very good working relationship with Anna and fit in well. When he came on as Silas, the role called for him to be a jerk, but he didn’t play it in a way that was offensive to the other characters and to the show in general.

When he came back, it was the same time that Franco, Kiki, Ava and Julian came on. They all came on front burner and were in conflict with veteran characters. Franco with everyone and then focusing in on the Q’s where he proceeded to squat in the Q living room like he owned it with Ava who did the same. Kiki was an in your face tart playing Michael and Morgan who also wound up in the mansion. Julian came on and kicked Connie to the curb. It was all slash and burn, there was nothing positive to their existence and GH was their playground and vets were their marks and foils.

Silas was arrogant, but he was there to help and Michael played it in a way that when he did connect with Sam and build a relationship you could accept it. Franco and Ava were so destructive that nothing they could do would ever make you accept them. Michael played it right, even if he didn’t have much to work with.

It goes back to respect. Michael said in his exit interview that fans have a right to be protective of their show. That shows a real understanding of the genre and the fan base. It shows a real respect for the situation and that showed in his portrayal and attitude. He’s a class act and I wish him well as do many.

Good point Leah. I signed your petition. I sign lots of their animal rights ones, why not for Michael.

Thanks so much Rose for signing and as you can tell from this interview, the fan’s support and outpouring has meant everything to Michael and is actually healing him. So even if he doesn’t get back to GH at least you can be sure your signing did that for him. Also, I appreciate your support, so Thank you again!!

Carolyn,who says Michael would not do a online soap those online soaps seem to be snapping up soap stars left & right John – Paul Lavissaire,Sean Kanan, TrevorSaint-John,Bryan Datiilo & & 2 of those actors are also going to do network soap as well JPL ON DOOL & SK ON B&B..SO SOAP ACTORS/ACTRESSES DO BOTH ONLINE SOAPS & NETWORK SOAPS! I’m not sure if Melissa is doing both YD & BH BUT IT WOULD BE EVEN GREATER IF MICHAEL JOINED HER ON EITHER OF THOSE SOAPS OR BOTH, THEY SEEM TO BE VERY POPULAR &.DOING VERY WELL!! I just wish you did not have to pay to watch them! Right now I’m just missing ME&MA ON MY TV SCREEN DAILY SOOOO MUCH I MEAN TOGETHER ON A NETWORK SOAP. LIKE.A FELLOW POSTER ABOVE ME SAID A NETWORK SOAP NEEDS TO GRAB THESE 2 TALENTED MEGA SOAP STARS ASAP! So we can have our JOLIE/MA/ME BACK!!!

ME is an actor, a writer, a director, why would he do an online soaps? I suppose anything is possible, but he has options, and some don’t.

I signed it – why not? It doesn’t sound like he wants to go back, but one never knows. At the very least he’ll know what a fan base he has. When Rebecca Herbst was let go, I called the studio. Enough of us must have because they changed their mind.

Thanks for signing the Petition. Why not?? Right, I love that. Michael was fired by ABC so I can see why he believes here that he won’t return. Hopefully, our Fighting for Michael will make the Network see they made a BIG MISTAKE listening to the last Head Writer and Michael is an ASSET to any Soap Opera including GH.
I called for Becky as well when she was fired and I believe together, GH fans are a MIGHTY BUNCH and can get MICHAEL back on GH in a Role Worthy of His Talent with Much BETTER Stories.
However, if he doesn’t come back, all fans who signed the PETITION can know that their EFFORTS were not in Vein because they Meant Something to Michael, who did A LOT WORTHWHILE in his 14 Years with ABC DAYTIME.

Well, I hope you saved that phone number, I love gh, because an often accurate spoiler website insists that the lovely Liz is the next one to head out of Port Charles. It sounds hard to believe, but then again, who would have ever thought the magnificent Michael Easton would have been on the chopping block? Rather beggars belief that the most beautiful and beloved GH players are the ones seemingly marked for extinction, and for what? More mediocrity courtesy of Nina, Hayden, Val-Chops, Sappy, Jordan, Franco, et al….

I loved john mcbain especially with sam i think that he would make a great Dimera he could help find EJ alive. I think him and Hope would make a great couple.

I think GH made a big mistake taking John Mcbain off the soap. He added a lot to the show. He’s an actor that you stayed drawn to. Would love to see him return. He has a special charisma that a lot of the other male actors do not have. He is greatly missed!

I Would Love to see Michael Easton go back to Days. I want him on my TV

Yes Pam, me too.

Well, Y&R has just revealed that the Genoa City Police department has a crooked, killer cop so he will be out soon.
Paul Williams could use a new side kick and ME is nothing but great as a cop and as a cop’s best friend. CAST HIM! And he would be fabulous paired up with Victoria Newman.
This interview was so well done, Michael Fairman’s introduction and poignant observations and questions brought out some really insightful answers from Michael. I know some complain that Mr Fairman is too objective but clearly he takes a stand here and in his other interviews. And ME continues to be a class act as he offers some very gentle criticism about how his character was written. Well done–great interview.

TPTB at General Hospital made a huge mistake. They lost an extremely talented actor team player and just an all around classy guy.

Michael Easton’s talent was certainly wasted on GH, he’s an amazing actor that truly connects with the audience. He has such passion with just his eye contact that draws us all into the story line, not many can do that. GH should offer him a wonderful and exciting part, more money and beg him to come back. I’m so sick of new people coming and going……it’s totally tearing GH down. I’ve watched for over 40 years and I’m about to call it quits if something doesn’t change. The Luke and Jason thing has gotten old and boring. Wake up GH.

He is so classy they should get bring him back on Days he would be perfect!

Great interview! I especially agree with his statement about the consistency of the character and/or storyline. How he’s with this girl and thinks she’s “the one”, then suddenly he’s not with her anymore and he’s with someone else, and that’s how I saw Silas! Who IS he anyway, I feel like I never really got to know him at all. RC really did not write character development for Silas at all, it was all about just having Michael Easton on GH. He thought that would be enough to bring in fans. Throw him and Kelly Monaco into each others’ orbits, the Calivia and McBam fans would come. Regardless of story. He must have been asking himself every day, “What’s my motivation?” the #1 thing an actor needs to know for his character. I hope another soap will offer Michael a great role in a great story, where he can shine like he did with John McBain for all those years.

So true. He really did shine because they cultivated his story. He had a wonderful relationship with his brother, friends , a job that made sense and he could identify with,AND a dynamite pairing.

Agree with Beth. Loved McBain and loved him with Melissa Archer as Natalie. Jolie 4ever!

Agree with Beth and Nikki! John&Natalie, one of the greatest soap couples of all time! John McBain, one of soaps’ greatest characters. I guess I love cops, because I’m also partial to Robert Scorpio and Frisco Jones. 🙂

Yes, he and Melissa were pure magic together. And he had a whole story; a whole history on OLTL and it was just the best. I will always miss it and him. I have watched OLTL since I was a little girl but I was hitting and missing it at one point but when he joined and said that infamous line “YOU’RE Natalie?…Well if I didn’t have a reason before; I got one now.” THAT CHEMISTRY WAS JUST ALL OVER THE PLACE. Hooked me and I didn’t miss a beat for 8 years. Best wishes to you, Michael and Melissa. But at least I get to watch her new online series.

Michael Easton was given a role on GH that took away what a great a actor he is….Always loved him on OLTL The writers were totally wrong putting him in role that was’t good and didn’t fit what a great actor he is….. they let go one of the best…

They certainly did let go one of the best. Placing him in this role was not an appropriate fit. You could tell he was uncomfortable. I felt uncomfortable watching. This is all water under the bridge. Moving forward I wish Michael the absolute best and hope we see both him and Melissa on our screens soon!

Michael Easton is awesome. I’ve been a fan since Port Charles. Very talented man. I’ve been a GH fan for over 3 decades. Watching was something I start doing at the age of 4.
I continued to watch because of Michael Easton. This is also an end of an era for me. I stopped watching. I would love to see him return. I would also love to see him on a different soap or quite possibly a primetime show. He’s going to do great things . We will be blessed to see him on screen again. I have faith that it will be soon. He’s an awesome writer also. Just so talented and loved by so many if us.

I feel the same way I watched GH forever and loved Michael since I first saw him on Ally McBeal. I too have stopped watching GH. I hope Michael turns up on our screens soon. He is so talented and classy. This was a wonderful interview. Michael is so honest that’s why his fans love him.

I loved him on Ally McBeal too.

Now this is an interview! No bashing just good questions and respectful answers. He will land on his feet and thanks Michael for sharing such a kind interview without trying to offend or put the blame on someone .

Oh it also helps that Easton is best friends with one of the sexiest men ever on daytime Trevor St John.

I was just so happy to see him mention Kamar; I wondered if their friendship was still intact because I only hear TSJ mentioned (I adore him too). But Michael said Kamar was his best on an interview in 2008 and they were each other’s best man at their weddings. He also mentioned Kamar in his dedications in his book “Eighteen Straight Whiskeys.” I loved Kamar’s character, Antonio Vega and loved it when he and John worked together on cases. They were both such great actors. I also loved how he mentioned Dan Gauthier (Kevin Buchanan), David Fumero (Cristian Vega) and Nathaniel Marston (Michael McBain). That was when OLTL was in a really good place. I missed all those actors and characters.

Kay, you’re right, he did not bash but he did criticize the writing when he said Silas was written with little consistency. He wasn’t in-your-face about it, but it’s clear he is really disappointed with the bad writing which was afforded him. As he says, all he could do was react. That’s never a good thing.

Oh Michael I have a feeling you will get many responses here. Yes Michael has chemistry with many women but my all time favorite has to be Melissa Archer she brought him to life. LOVED JOLIE and their story. I really hope we get to see them together again. They were magic!

I completely agree with you they had so much chemistry! It was also a couple that came together over years. The actors always brought their “a” game. Michael and Melissa are magic together. I will keep Michael and his family in my prayers and I will hope that ABC or some other soap will come snap up these two talented people. I miss ME on GH please sign the petition if you haven’t already just to let TPTB that they made a big mistake.

Would love to see this Terri..I miss them both!

Loved Jolie! They had so much more story to tell. I wish nothing but the best for Michael and Melisa.

No, question in my mind we will see them together again really,really,really soon!!! Either back on a network soap where they belong or onliNE where I believe Melissa is doing Beacon Hill and/or Youthful Daze he can join her there either way I just want them together!!!! And Online soaps seem to love to grab up big name soap stars who were let go off the soap they were on like what was shamelessly done to Michael& Melissa when they were Silas & Serena, I HATED SEEING THOSE CHARACTERS KILLED OFF LIKE THAT WHEN THEY COULD’VE JUST HAD THEM LEAVE TOWN!!! Meaning the characters were not catching on personally I liked them but that is because Michael & Melissa were playing them I just love them SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much & together!!!! But frankly ME & MA WERE WAY TOO GOOD FOR GH & DAYS THEY ARE LUCKY TOO BE OUT & FREE!! Now Y&R OR B&B NEEDS TO GRAB THEM UP ASAP!!!! You can do both online soap and/or a network soap together because online soaps run just a few months out of the year. Bottomline is MA&ME need to be online together and/or a networK soap together or preferably both!!!!! I certainly want a network soap because they need to be front & center not on a computer screen where you pay money which I would do just too see them! Look at Sean Kanan he is doing both Youthful Daze & B&B.

Wrong, Micheal doesn’t have to stoop to working some internet show. He’s not that desperate. He has so many other ventures working for him, movies, books.

Class and humility personified.

Michael Easton, I wanna give you a BIG {{{{{{{ HUG}}}}}}} !

Life is not always fair but life has many doors..
God did not put us on earth to be never changing, change is growth into new life!
Leave the past in the past where it belongs and roll onward into the next journey..
I’m sure we’ll be seeing you again; a different time a different place..

Nicely said su0000……

Beautifully said. I felt you were talking to me and others going through a unexpected season of change. I hope he is able to see your respond.

God Bless You.

Well, that was weird.
Honk if you love Jesus weird.

Great interview Michael thank you. It is good to hear Michael speak freely . He validates what was obvious to the fans that love him, he was not crazy about this Silas character. Yes he and kelly were great in PC but the role that he grew in and made his own was McBain on OLTL. In saying that I loved and still am a fan of his with Melissa Archer. He is right about opposites attracting. They sizzled! Would love to see him reconnect with her again.

Yes Michael and Melissa were awesome!

Yes they sizzled; Natalie’s fire mixed with John’s character so much because John was just a different person when he was with Natalie; he just came ALIVE. It was clear when he first becasme Silas that he wasn’t happy with that character. Jolie was his long standing and popular pairing; such a shame the way things turned out.

Agree 100%. Jolie was his longest and most popular pairing.

A doctor on any soap is Limited, if he’s not connected to a core family or character. Once they separated Sam from Silas the character seemed lost. After the craziness with Nina ended the writers didn’t know where to take Silas. The character just fizzled before our eyes.

They should have introduced Michael’s character as a independent self made billionaire, something like a Demitris Marek of AMC. A handsome, confident, sensitive businessman who had every woman in town interested. I think Silas was boring, although I did like the ponytail and glasses.

About ME saying opposites attract regarding MA, ME is a trained experienced actor and MA wasn’t. OLTL was her first acting job to speak of, OLTL was an on the job experience for her. ME was teacher and she a student and it showed.

I completely agree with your last paragraph. I could not get into that pairing because of that. Now when Evangeline showed up, thats when I saw two experienced actors and fell in love.

That man is a class act. Gonna miss him on GH and wish him every happiness.

I love your interview Michael, thanks both for sharing . We are going to miss Michael he is sure a great actor and person. We would love to see him on another soap or prime tv show. Good luck in whatever he decides to do.

Silas was a flop and he knows it. I enjoy the actor but this role sucked for him. What a let down after playing McBain for so long. He said earlier McBain haunts him. It sounds like he is open to another good role. I hope he finds it and honestly, I hope Melissa is right there alongside him.

Yes Pete I do as well.

It was so obvious his role as Silas was not working. I wish him success and fulfillment .

There were times when the character didn’t work, but Silas came alive when he was around Ava. I was really looking forward to their story… He brought out the humanity in her and she brought out his fire.

I think this was a money decision to bring in new characters… Christina, Hayden, Dillan & his dad…

I totally agree with you “I love GH.” It was so sad to see what ME could bring to the character if only the writing was there. His last scenes with Maura West were absolutely extraordinary. If you give it to him, he will bring it!

Why did you have to kill off a favorite

Thank you Michael Fairman for this touching interview with Michael Easton.. I am SO sad that he is off GH. Words can not describe how much I miss him as one of his fans. I can NOT understand how GH could throw this talent under the bus like they have. He was NOT given a CHOICE what character he was to play returning from the PP mess!! How unjust can ABC be??!! I would love for him to return as ANY character on GH. But quite frankly after reading this I would not blame him if he didn’t. 🙁

Great interview Michael Fairman! You hit it out of the park.

Clear as day Silas Clay was not the role for Michael. What a damn shame. It is clear he has a lot to offer and am glad to hear he would be open to another role. I enjoyed him with both Kelly and Melissa but he clearly developed more as an actor as well as his story as McBain. Melissa and Michael together were great!

Wow, what a great interview. Michael Airman thanks so much for this. I was in attendance for his fan event. Michael is so genuine. He tried to ease our loss. But as I told him in person.
Wherever life may take you, whatever project or role. He will ALWAYS have my support and love. He just that kind of man and artist you can support.

On to the next adventure.. I can’t wait to see it!

Sounds like he really hated playing Silas. Hope he finds something else that he enjoys.

I remember in his interview in 2013 after the PP mess started, he said that they were “pawns” of a much bigger game, or something like that. But he said how much he really wanted to do both shows. He said he missed playing John but it was clear that he didn’t care for the role of Silas and he said he was reacting to other things. They just threw that character in there and as much as I ADORE MICHAEL EASTON; it just wasn’t his best role. So I just wish him the best as well.

Waaaaaaaay too much class!

Yes but its refreshing for someone in Hollywood to actually take the high road. He is a good man and he will resurface. I’m hoping on Y&R.

Seriously this makes my heart ache. It is obvious OLTL impacted so many of these actors as they still maintain their friendships with actors from this show. It makes me realize how special the show was. I’ll admit I was and am a huge Jolie fan. So as far as which leading lady I enjoyed him with it is a no brainer, Melissa Archer.

Agreed. They had more to bring.

So true, love those two together.

Michael will do well. This role was not right for him. He is right however about his pairing with Melissa. They rocked it, love them to this day. His best pairing in my opinion.

Marianne, I couldn’t agree more. Jolie was a force to be reckoned with; hate that two great couples had to be tampered with at the hands of Ron Carlivati.

Absolutely. Melissa was his longest leading lady; I remember he said in a paster interview how he had a special relationship witih her. But for some reason, they just pushed this Sam pairing and I am all for Sam but I was all for her with JASON and John with Natalie.

Especially after we saw them find their way back together and agree to move forward as a family. We never got to see that dynamic. Instead we got to see him go after a married woman and be apart from his family. That sucked big time.

Yeah he was totally written out of character on GH



Ever the gentleman!

He made many good points, many of them things I thought myself. He ended up with a role he never wanted.

Such class. I will miss ME very much. I could feel that the mojo had blown out of all three of the OLTL transplanted actors, once those characters had to be retired but I thought that all three of them did very well with what they were given. I loved the Sam and Silas pairing and thought they had much more chemistry than SamTrick. I for one was very sad when TPTB put and end to that relationship. It took Silas some time to recover but I loved MIchael’s chemistry with both Michelle and Maura and thought that an Ava/Silas pairing was on its way! Imagine my sadness when they killed Silas off! I also love ghost Silas. Everything ME does, is awesome! He has a fan in me no matter what he does or where he goes though I can’t tell a lie, I did sign the petition trying to get him back on GH. I say bring back Caleb!

The role of McBain was made for Michael and he embraced it and made it his own. It is a shame what happened between PP and ABC. Characters that fans had embraced were destroyed and their integrity compromised. That is no way to treat fans that honored and enjoyed characters and shows. It was stated here before and well stated. I enjoyed Michael as John McBain. John would never have left his family to stay in PC. TPTB alienated Jasam and Jolie fans for what? ME and MA brought the heat and had unfinished business. Hope they attend to it in the future…

Wishing him well. I cannot lie, I would love to see Michael and Melissa work together again

So would I.

Me too

This is probably the 1st interview I’ve read w/Michael Easton & my 1st thought is what a class act. No need to slam the work or co-workers. I know he is also an author & has his hand in many other projects yet he sounds like one of the most real, down to earth actors I’ve read interviewed. He certainly has some diehard fans & seems to really appreciate them. I understand that he senses he is done w/the show but I would love if they rolled him back in as John McBain.

As far as the character, he had some nice moments with Sam and Ava for the most part IMO. Ever since he helped Ava w/her pregnancy at the brownstone I was hoping for a romance but RC went another way. Loved his friction with Morgan!! Many gripe about new Kiki but I very much enjoy her scenes w/Silas! I finally felt like Silas was getting some traction. He is fantastic when Silas gets mad. Love his ghost raging at Ava & once again I have to ask, “Dear Ron, why do you wait until the character is being killed off to give them their best work on GH??????” He did similar w/AJ, Carlos…I mean HELL Ron, write for them while they are there!! Ir just shows me Ron knew how to he just chose not to write for certain folks!

Getting fired always stings no matter the situation. No worries Mr. Easton-we have all been through it. It’s the nature of the entertainment business. I’m sure he will land on his feet!

Ron’s dubious hat trick, AJ, Silas and Carlos! Disgusting!

“GH is in the rear view mirror.” As badly as I feel for Michael currently being unemployed the role of Silas was not his future. Yes Michael had chemistry with Kelly on Port Charles, but I didn’t see it with Siam. Forced pairings might work but for the short term only. Moving on I wish him the best. Nothing would make me happier than seeing him reunited with Melissa. Jolie fans were screwed with the ABC/PP mess and it would be nice to see the actors together again. Golden couple.

I so agree. Too bad things worked out the way they did. He wanted PP to work out too.

Why do you ignore Renee Elise Goldsberry as one of Michael’s leading ladies. Michael and Renee created one of the most popular couples in daytime and the two had a large following. Not to mention that of all his leading ladies she is by far the most successful, as the female lead in Broadway’s Hamilton. I as a fan of Michael’s would love to read his thoughts about her.

I agree…I thought Renee Goldsberry and Michael Easton had incredible chemistry together. It really looked like Michael enjoyed working with her.

I agree I never liked him with Melissa Archer and I stopped watching OLTL when they went with Jolie. Renee and Michael where magic and they had and still do have a lot of fans. How could John and Sam work but not Sam and Silas easy RC. He never developed Silas, he gave up on Silas, moved Sam on to Patrick and soon Jason. ME deserved better and I hope they listen to all the fans signing that petition to get him back.

Carolyn, Thank you for remembering Renee Elise Goldsberry. She did a terrific job on OLTL. The chemistry between her Evangeline Williamson and Michael’s John McBain was wonderful.

I thought John and Evangeline were smoking hot together!
I remember that one time where he had her up against the wall…oh my.
Possibly one of the sexist, steamiest love scenes in daytime history. It’s up there with Robert and Holly in the sauna wearing nothing but their towels.
The sad thing is we never got to see ME in love scenes on GH–not really. And it’s one of the many things at which he excels.
What a waste of a treasure, GH. As Julia Roberts said to the snotty boutique saleswomen in Pretty Woman, “Big mistake! HUGE!”

My thoughts exactly, Carolyn! I posted something similar below without even knowing you wrote basically the same thing! It really makes no sense as to why Michael wasn’t asked about Renee. Their characters were a VERY, VERY popular couple, and as actors, they were colleagues for years.

It’s almost like if Renee isn’t mentioned, then that’s like JoVan didn’t happen? I’m guessing here because to mention John without mentioning Evangeline is just ridiculous.

I think a lot of people would like to forget Renee Goldsbeery or John and Evangeline ever existed. Maybe it’s because Jovan upstaged Jolie, just a thought. Bottom line is Renee is not included in the questioning for fear of what Michael may say. Michael leaving GH is a blessing, better things lay ahead for him. Who knows maybe a prime time show with Renee.

This was a great article to have a cup of coffee and sit down with. It was lengthy but well deserved for ME and for his fans. He has been with ABC for a very long time. A genuinely sensitive soul. He was very truthful and sincere. I too agree, it was definitely hard for him to find his way with this character. It is too bad ABC doesn’t appreciate the stars that have a huge fan base. I think they got it with Tony G and Maurice B but ignore the rest.

Wishing you the best Michael. I can only hope we see a reboot of OLTL and some of our favorite actors.

I hope ABC reconsiders and find a way to bring him back.

What a nice guy. A class act.

I hope they do reconsider Sly and bring him back.

It will not happen. They do whats best for business and not whats best for the fans!

TIIC should have tried other pairings for Michael instead of force feeding fans Siam. If MA had been brought on as Nina the Nina, Silas and Sam triangle would have been more interesting. MS and ME were so awkward together. Love, love love Archer and Easton. Much more multi-dimensional than ME and KM.

Couldn’t agree more!

Absolutely, he could have worked with others.


Great interview. While I haven’t watched GH since 2005, I love Michael Easton from his Port Charles days and certainly from One Life to Live. (John McBain was wonderful.) He’s a terrific actor who appears to be an honest, level headed person in real life. I wish him the very best in the future.

I watched him since Days of Our Lives he is a very good actor. GH failed to write or develop Silas Clay who fires an actor for a wrtiers failure oh I know GH.

TPTB at the alphabet network are knows for making bad decisions.

he is too good of anchor to be cut like that. Get him on Days or Y&R. Oh, and gorgeous too.


Agree, Archer and Easton need to be reunited like yesterday!

Silas was not well thought out and because of that Michael Easton is where he is now. It is unfortunate but the character did not catch on and that is the reality. His most successful role was John McBain and his most successful pairing with Melissa Archer his fiery redhead!

Yes they were great. I miss my Jolie and Jasam with Steve Burton.

I’d like to see Michael back on GH as another character, I really miss him as I do Anthony Geary! The best leading lady for Michael is Kelly Monaco! I also like her a lot as well!

I love Michael Easton, he is a terrific actor. GH made a huge mistake in firing him. I hope ABC and GH choke on it. They should hire Michael on The Bold and The Beautiful in a new role and pair him with Katherine Kelly Lange Brooke needs a new love.

Michael, I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and I thank you for all the great entertainment that you provided during the years on ABC. I will be looking forward to seeing you again soon in some form or another. Thanks again!

Michael is a class act, and a brilliant actor. I am sorry to see him leave General Hospital. i wish him well with his future endeavors. He will be missed by his loyal fans.

This is just one more bad decision Frank and Vicki have made. I fear for GH as it seems that the powers that be have lost their way. This show is a legacy and that is not being honored with the current storytelling. Hopefully the new writers will save the show. Casting has been hit or miss. They could have done so much more with Silas, Kiki is miscast. Ava -Denise was an awesome choice., Really sorry to see Michael go.

I have always been a huge fan of Michael Easton. I have watched him since he started on port Charles and then followed him to One Life and then General Hospital. I hope the new writers see the error made by getting rid of Easton and reconsider, but I have had Michael Easton in my life for the 12 years on my television I would follow him to whatever show he decided to do. He is correct in saying that his fans are like his friends and he is so honest and humble with us. I hope to see Michael Easton back on my television sooner than later. Any show that acquires him would be so fortunate.

Twelve years on my screen also thereabout. Any show would indeed be fortunate to acquire him.


Michael Easton and Melissa Archer need to be reunited on our screens!

Yes they do and soon!

Yes, yes they do.

I so agree. They rocked. I just went to his event and he confirmed that MA was supposed to join him on GH but things kept falling through. He also said he wished PP would have worked. He loved working with her.

No they don’t they were and still are the worst couple Ever on any soap. They had NO and I mean NO Chemistry at all. Michael is totally BETTER off without her. Michael ONLY Had Wonderful Chemistry with Renee Goldberry Kassie Depaiva on OLTL and Kelly Monaco and Maura West on GH

Well, to each his own . In my opinion Michael and Melissa rocked. The characters were developed and their love grew. Awesome chemistry. He comes to life around Melissa.

I absolutely agree with you, Pam! The characters of John and Natalie NEVER EVER made any sense. John was a mature man, and Natalie was a bratty, insecure child. One of the worst soap couples ever.

As far as chemistry with both the actors and the characters — that would be Michael and Renee Goldsberry as John and Evangeline. They made PERFECT sense character wise, and the chemistry between the actors was absolutely undeniable. John and Evangeline remain one of the best couples ever on soaps. So real, and so natural! They were such a pleasure to watch, and you could tell in interviews that Michael and Renee really loved working together!

Pam I agree they had zero chemistry I do not want to see that mess on my screen ever again.

Michael Easton is the best romantic lead ever in the history of daytime, in my humble opinion. If I were to use one word to describe him it would be passion. Look how passionate fans are about Jovan and Jolie ten years after. Natalie was pulled from the pit the debate continues. Fans see what they want to see, some saw chemistry between Melissa and Michael, I didn’t. Jolie made my eyes hurt they were like watching paint dry., but that’ just’s just me.
I truly do believe the Jolie vs Jovan debate will always exist because neither fan fan base received a payoff.

In his exit interview Michael wrote Renee Goldsberry is a superstar, and she is on the path to stardom, no doubt. I believe Michael recognized Renee’s talent and beauty early on and welcomed the opportunity to work with her. In my opinion the two of them fit like hand in glove, their chemistry was incredible. They were the couple to watch, from their very first kiss they were explosive. Talk about tune in tomorrow, you wanted them on screen 24/7. I know people
who adjusted their schedule just to watch them.

Michael is a very gracious and classy guy and he would never speak ill of any of his leading ladies. He would always find something positive to say about each and every one of them. However, when the questioner asked about Renee Goldsberry in his exit interview she stated that Renee was his greatest acting partner and Michael didn’t dispute it.


No your wrong. Anyone that thinks MA brings out the Best in Michael is Nuts. The only actresses that brought out the Best in Michael and Renee, Kelly and Kassie. They have the Best chemistry with Michael, Cause MA had No chemistry at all. She don’t have chemistry with anyone. Cause she is the worst actress ever. How she became an actress is beyond me. Everytiume she came on my screen I tuned out.

No they don’t, they were the worst couple in the history of daytime soaps. In my humble opinion Micheal was happy to be rid of Joilie and free of Melissa. Jolie hurt his reputation as a romantic lead, turned his character into nothing more than a babysitter. What idiot thought ME and MA would work as a couple. I know the pair had fans, I understand some saw something great., but I’d be willing to bet ME didn’t see it. My thought is ME fought like crazy to continue working with Renee Goldsberry because of her talent and acting abilities. ME didn’t have to deal with her not knowing how to do love scenes , she knew. Jolie was on continuous mess, Jovan was a couple of substance and it elevated his reputation as being a great romantic lead. I hope I never see them again, ever

I started watching OLTL because of Jovan and stopped once I saw TPTB would make Jolie endgame. ME seemed so bored and annoyed when working with MA, it was all over his face. On the other hand, with Renee, he just seemed to light up. I do miss that pair on my screen.

John and Evangeline (Jovan) brought OLTL to life. I truly believer the majority of viewers loved the couple like no other. The show lost a lot when the producers decided to walk away from Jovan, and lost even more when they allowed Renne Elise Goldsberry to leave. The sow never was rhe same, it never recovered.

Couldn’t disagree more. They were very awkward to watch because the level of experience between the two actors was always so evident. Melissa is a beautiful girl but there is a reason she doesn’t get too much work no a days.

I’ve watched soaps for decades and l’ never known fans to fight over an actor, or a couple. OLTL had a choice and choosing Jolie had a really negative impact on the show. I remember Michael making a comment in one of his interveiws about payoffs, how it’s not right to leave fans hanging. I truly believe if the writers had given both fan bases a payoff, OLTL would still be on the air.

Michael Easton and Renee Goldsberry, two really talented actors created one of the best daytime couples ever. When I watched them in scenes together all I saw was a man and a woman in love. The two of them made John and Evangeline (Jovan) believable.

I have said this in other posts since the news broke, that Michael is a class act, he will get over this quickly and he will come back even stronger, he is polite and humble, and he is “genuine” as he said. Thank you for being you and hope to see you on a TV screen in the near future, enjoy this time with your Wife and Children. We as fans will “never say goodbye” to you Michael. General Hospital lost a good man!



GH killer story is so lame…Ava threatens Nina with a picture of Nina holding knife over Silas’s body if Nina tells that Denise is really Ava…how can she use that picture…the cops would ask Ava how she got the picture, what was she doing there in the first place, and why didnt she come right away to the police with the evidence!!!

Thinking it throughhhhhhhh wasn’t part of Ron’s thought process. So many
holes in this LAME excuse for A MURDER MYSTERY I wouldn’t know where
yo start.

He doesnt seem to stop and give any thought to what he is writing…like some school kid rushing his homework just to get it done without a care about mistakes he might have made!!!

Hi Jimh- That ^^^ is pure soap 101 .. 😉

Sad to see Michael go. And unlike some one else who just left, Michael has shown a lot of class, acknowledged his fans, and knows how to make an exit. Especially under the circumstances with no good storylines since he came to GH, and the ABC suits. But they have a history, not just with Michael but with their loyal soap fans. And while my opinion of RC could be up and down, probably with him as well.

The other thing that really bothers me is there are very few stand-up guys on GH right now. Just mobsters, a bit of a crazy, and characters with dark sides. Michael, with good writing, could have helped fill this void. His swan song as Ava’s ghost has really been impressive and passionate and shows he has the chops. Something a lot of other actors, male and female, could have been inspired by.

I am going to miss seeing him daily on my tv so much! Loved Caleb,(PC) McBain and Silas! Kelly was my fave leading lady with him especially on PC. All the best to you! Hopefully see you soon, daily again!!! Thank you for the great entertainment on screen, xo!

The ending of this interview actually choked me up. I miss OLTL so much, and John McBain was so much a part of it… I’ll always appreciate Michael for his part in that series and wish him all the best.

Michael is and has always been a class act. I hope he and Melissa Archer are on screen together again. In the meantime, I wish him all the best. He is one of my favorite soap actors and incredibly kind and gracious to his fans.


Michael likes to work with real talent like Broadwaty superstar Renee Goldsberry. I hope I never see him on my screen with Melissa ever, they stunk together.

Class act of a real man

Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors Michael and I really hope they include you joining DOOL…miss you xx oo

Thanks for the interview Mr. Fairman. Whew! Mr. Easton has 1 more soap in him:) I hope he does reunite w/Ms. Archer. I would tune in all the time. Regardless, I will be cheering for him to move on to bigger and better things. Good soul/character. All the best Mr. Easton!!:)

General Hospital

Elizabeth MacRae, ‘General Hospital’s’ Meg Baldwin, Passes Away at 88

Veteran actress, Elizabeth MacRae best-known as the third Meg Baldwin on General Hospital and as Gomer Pyle’s girlfriend, Lou-An Ann Poovie, in Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C has died at the age of 88. MacRae passed away in Fayetteville, North Carolina, where she grew up.

On General Hospital, Elizabeth played Meg Baldwin who had a young son, Scott (Kin Shriner) from a previous relationship and who married Lee Baldwin (Peter Hansen). The role was originated by Patricia Breslin from 1965-1969. Breslin was temporarily replaced by Jan Shepherd for three weeks in the summer of 1967. MacRae took over the part from Breslin full time from 1969-70 and again from 1972-73.

In story, the character of Meg suffered a nervous breakdown and Lee had her committed to an institution. In 1971, Meg was released and came home, but suffered from severe hypertension. In 1973, Dr Lesley Webber was assigned to her case. Meg became jealous of Lesley and began to think that she was trying to get to have sex with Lee. During an argument with Lee, Meg died of a stroke and soon after Lee adopted Scott.

Photo: ABC

MacRae also appeared on other notable soaps, having roles on Another WorldDays of Our LivesGuiding Light, and Search for Tomorrow.  Elizabeth’s career spanned over two and half decades having also appeared in classic TV shows and countless movies such as: Route 66Surfside 6RendezvousThe FugitiveJudd for the DefenseGunsmokeBonanzaI Dream of Jeannie, and The Andy Griffith Show.

Photo: CBS

She is survived by five stepchildren, Terry Halsey, Peter Halsey, Hugh Halsey, Cate Halsey, and Alex Halsey Topper.

Share your remembrances of GH’s Elizabeth MacRae via the comment section below.

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LAPD Continue to Seek Johnny Wactor’s Killers Who Remain At Large; Asks Public for Tips and Leads

The Los Angeles police department is ramping up its search for to the whereabouts of the three thieves, who got away after one fatally shot former General Hospital cast member, Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando Corbin) in the early morning hours of Saturday, May 26th in downtown Los Angeles.

Law enforcement sources told the LA Times that police are trying to pull fingerprints from Wactor’s vehicle and are looking for video from the area. They also are checking to see whether there are any connections to other nearby catalytic converter thefts.

The thieves were attempting to steal the catalytic converter from Wactor’s car at the time of his death. Sadly, the LAPD investigators shared they have seen an uptick in violence when these types of thieves are confronted.

Photo: ABC

Catalytic converters contain precious metals in which thieves can make hundreds of dollars selling them to auto parts suppliers or scrap yards, where they can be melted down and the valuable metals extracted.

In addition, on Tuesday May 28th, the LAPD shared more on the incident that took Wactor’s life, stating, “Without provocation, the victim was shot by one of the individuals. The three suspects involved were wearing all dark clothing and driving a dark-colored sedan. The suspects fled northbound on Hope Street. Central Bureau Homicide is investigating this case and is requesting the public’s help.”

Photo: ABC

If you have tip: y0u are urged to call LAPD Detectives Gonzales or Martinez at Central Bureau Homicide, at (213) 996-4142. During non-business hours or on weekends, calls should be directed to (877) LAPD-24-7 (877-527-3247).

In addition, Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should call the LA Regional Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS (800-222-8477) or go to

Wactor played General Hospital’s Brando Corbin from 2020 to 2022. According to the LA Times, “Wactor recently had been exploring opportunities in screenwriting while working as a bartender.”

Share your thoughts on this developing story as the LAPD tries to seek justice for the death of Johnny Wactor via the comment section below.

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Nicholas Chavez Speaks Out on the Death of Friend and Former GH Castmate Johnny Wactor: “I’m Beside Myself with Sadness”

It has been another rough go for the General Hospital family following the news surrounding the shooting that killed beloved former cast member, Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando Corbin) over the weekend.

Since that time, there has been an outpouring of grief, shock and sadness, and remembrances for the actor who died at 37-years-old.  Many of Johnny’s castmates have spoken out about the loss and shared heartbreaking tributes.

Now, Nicholas Chavez (ex-Spencer Cassadine) who is soon-to-be-seen in Ryan Murphy’s limited series on Netflix, Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story, has also shared his sentiments. With heartfelt words, along with a photo of himself and Johnny, and another former GH co-star, Marcus Coloma (ex-Nikolas), Chavez explained the difficulty he is having processing Johnny’s death and the unbreakable bond they shared.

Photo: Facebook

Nick began, “Johnny — I’m beside myself with sadness. The last time I saw you, we ran into each other by accident in Los Angeles. When we recognized each other your face lit up and you ran essentially across the room to give me a big and tight hug. You were a strong and kind person”

He went on to say, these heartfelt words to Johnny, “You were a phenomenal friend and you always made me feel welcomed and loved. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been a part of your life and I’m praying for you and your family. I will miss you very much.”

Johnny Wactor run on GH lasted from 2020-2022, while Nicholas Chavez appeared from 2021 till early in 2024.

Share your thoughts on Nicholas’ remembrances of Johnny Wactor via the comment section below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Michael Easton as Finn

General Hospital

Airdates: 5-20/24-2024