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Sonny Says Goodbye To Will & Leaves Salem As Freddie Smith Exits DAYS! What Does This Mean For The Gay Characters Left On The Canvas?



After months of trouble in his marriage to a manipulative Will Horton (Guy Wilson), Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) makes a decision that will rock the world of his husband and his ex Paul Narita (Christopher Sean).

Next week on Tuesday’s episode of DAYS, Sonny leaves Will and Paul heartbroken. when he takes an offer from his Uncle Victor (John Aniston) to work in Europe.  Thus signaling the end of Daytime Emmy winner Freddie Smith’s run on the NBC soap opera.

Smith teased in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest on newsstands now, “I’ll be back.”  And there have been reports in the months since Freddie wrapped six months ago, that he was seen at the set.

Freddie related to SOD on his on-screen exit:  “As Sonny I was saying goodbye to the people that I’ve worked with for four years. My life in Salem as Sonny, and my job at DAYS melded together.  It was very emotional.”

Just exactly what Smith’s exit means for Guy Wilson and Christopher Sean’s storyline remains to be seen, although rumors have surfaced recently that Wilson was also out on the NBC soap opera, although unconfirmed.  However, SOD also reported this week that when DAYS murder mystery begins to unravel, “One of the victims is a name that the soap has kept under wraps, and will shake one of Salem’s first families to the core.”   Could it be Will?

In an update from Saturday night: Guy Wilson tweeted to a fan on Twitter who asked if he was leaving the show and said she would miss him if he was to exit.  Wilson related: “Thank you for saying that Kathleen, but don’t worry I’m not going anywhere!:)”

Watch the latest promo below from NBC featuring Sonny and Will’s goodbye.  Then let us know, are you glad Sonny is leaving Will after all that he has done?  Do you think Smith will be back ?  What do you think will happen to the gay characters on the canvas in Salem during the 50th anniversary storyline? Share your thoughts below!

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Rumors are will will be killed off, and Sonny may be back for the funeral.

They should have had Sonnie killed by a drunk driver.

The irony since Smith himself was caught driving under the influence of alcohol a few months ago.

For which he has already been taken to task over and sentenced for..there’s no irony in forcing an actor to play out a problem they are struggling with and working on..what planet are you from?..don’t be a lowlife..and both he and his passenger why go to that extreme even in your teeny little mind?

Could be Victor. I don’t really want Will killed off, just recast with a good actor.

Even though the recent writing has virtually destroyed the character of Will, I don’t believe that they will kill him. He is a legacy character from a core family. I think they will send him away when Guy leaves, and probably not reunite him with Sonny in Europe. Meanwhile they will dream that Chandler will return, and hope that they can get Freddie to return. Then they can rebuild the relationship. If they can get one, they will recast the other and try again.

The “first family” character they will kill is Bo. Rafe will be reinstated on the police force, and he and Hope will investigate the murders, while falling in love at the same time. That should be at least a year of story.

I hope you’re right. I would hate to lose Will.

I don’t believe that the writers will kill off Bo!

I think it is very likely. Bo has been off the canvas for quite some time, and there is no indication that they will ever work out a deal for Peter Reckell to return full time. There seems to be no willingness to recast, or it would have happened by now. Even if Peter did return full time, they would never center a story on a character as old as Bo at this point. (Can you believe that Peter is 60 years old??). They currently have Victor, Stefano, Abe, and Roman played by men over 60. Wally Kurth (Justin) is not far behind. Like it or not, Bo is a part of the past. Killing him would be intensely emotional and very dramatic. It would also leave Hope available for a relationship with Rafe, a story that has been simmering for a few years now.

I forgot John. Drake Hogestyn is 61.

Yeah I don’t think they will kill off Bo either, especially when Ken Corday is saying when someone dies now it’s for good. Though I highly doubt that, like Kristen will never come back. Yeah right.

I hope they don’t kill off Will. He is Sami & Lucas’s son, a legacy character. I would like it if he discovered he is “bi”, because, after all, he was in love with Gabi before Sonny. And they have a daughter together. I know this wouldn’t be “PC” and DAYS would probably get all kinds of hate from GLAAD, so it’s probably not gonna happen. But a girl can dream, can’t she? 😉

I think Paul should be bi because his scenes with Theresa were really good!

Let’s hope that Theo isn’t bi because he’s already black and white and autistic and could be the newest serial killer…that’s just too much to grasp! lol

Paul and Theresa did have good chemistry together…lets have a transgender storyline for Will…he leaves town and returns as Willow Horton!!!…lol

I agree! That would be a fantastic story!! There are bisexual people out there, so the GLAAD and whoever else should just settle their kettles. They only want to see gay storylines with unicorns and rainbows and 100% family and friend acceptance, and thats not at all how gay life is. Will should definitely go straight for a whIle! That would knock everyone for a loop! I love how they write Will now, and I love Guy’s portrayal of Will! He cracks me up!! Let’s get him and Theresa hanging out!!

Aww .. thanks you guys! I was afraid the “PC police” were gonna jump down my throat at the mere suggestion of making Will anything but gay, lol. I’d like to see DAYS get off its “soapbox” and be entertaining again.

Aden…i agree…i have a gay relative who went straight for a while…this could bring in more drama for this storyline!!!

Some time ago i once said Will should be bi…i think this could add more drama to the storyline!!!

Given the history of the character, that idea is very realistic. Since Paul is gay, and very popular, they should introduce a new romance for him. Paul has to be able to hold a story without Sonny or Will, since both will soon be gone.

will was never bi… he was confused and essentially using gabi to sort out his real feelings. speaking of that time, it reminds me how much i miss chandler massey in the role! he was so conflicted, angry at the world and full of angst! i remember he hated his mom for not caring about him and he marriage to rafe! i loved when e.j was using him and they were toying with will s crush on ej!! oh that was such good soap! around the same time sami was still angry with marlena! and marlena and will were tight! … now will s chracter sadly is crap!
i hope derrick and paul hang around!

I hope the gay characters won’t be thrown under the proverbial bus. Days took wonderful strides in the development of this story during the last four years. It would be sad to see it all fall by the wayside.

I agree.

All the indications are that Christopher Sean is still a significant cast member, and extremely popular, so there must be a new story for Will and Paul. Since Guy left this month; his story should run into the new year, probably February.

Guy recently replied to a Twitter follower that he is still on and moving forward. As long as that’s true I think their stories will remain alive.

I hope not too…if the characters of Sonny (who may or may not be re-cast from what I gather) and Derrick and Will and Paul disappear from the Canvas I don’t think there would be much for me to watch…..that is not to say that they are the only characters, I like Nicole and Daniel and Eric, but honestly, that particular love Triangle is played out – I like Ben and Abby too…..I don’t want to give the impression that only the gay characters appeal to me (although they could give more air time to Derrick and I wouldn’t complain) because I like all the characters. My only complaint is the “pace” of the show in general – it’s very, very drawn out. They need to speed it up a little.

well first of all let me say i absolutely adore freddie smith & i will certainly miss the character of sonny…………….
there are so many rumors online with the latest being that guy wilson is out at dool – all i can say is it will be up to the new writers & tptb as to what will come of the gay storyline – it will be a major set back for the lgbt community since this is the only soap that has a gay storyline presently……………..

How is a a fictional soap story a “setback” for anyone? Them splitting up has been the most realistic part of the entire story! These are Soaps, not Soap Boxes,, and any organization with an agenda that they deem important should hardly be looking to these shows as support.

Amen, Aden .. that’s the problem with the “historic” gay storyline, everybody has been on their “soap box” making speeches, and it’s just UGH!

While it would be a setback in terms of visibility, as one less gay man would be represented on American Daytime, the story of Will & Sonny under TomSell has been frustrating, largely due to their decision to let Will get away with doing increasingly horrible things. I am glad that the pair will have the opportunity to be written by a different team, because I maintain the hope that some writing regime will write Days gay characters as well as did Marlene McPherson & Co. The power of that team brought me back to Days. TomSell’s Days-asterous vision has never sit right with me.

i am not talking about splitting them up – i mean if tptb get rid of the gay storyline all together………………….

The writers got into quite a mess with this one. They did a great job writing Sonny, and Freddie did a great job making him popular and central to the story. Then Freddie left. They did a great job creating Paul, and hiring Christopher to play him. Then they wrote a story that shows that Paul loves Sonny, and anyone else is second best. Meanwhile they hired Guy, who pales in comparison to Chandler’s talent and popularity, and created a story that destroyed the character and managed to undo everything that Chandler did to make Will so popular. Where do they go from here?? Do we want to see a story where a good guy and a disreputable sneak both settle for second best?

On the one hand, how does Sonny just decide to take a job in Europe and leave, not only his husband but the baby? On the other hand, that’s exactly what Will did when he trotted off to California. Seems like neither one of them were in this marriage for the long haul.

Oops, don’t anyone get mad at me! I forgot Will took Ari with him, didn’t he?

It DID seem a bit extreme that Sonny almost on impulse decided to fly to Europe and the heck with Will and the little girl – but, you know, it’s a soap, they had to write him out somehow and eventually I think Sonny may return as portrayed by another dark-haired actor.

There’s a lot of interesting speculation involving the exit and supposed return of Freddie Smith and the possible exit of Guy Wilson and return of Chandler Massey.

When all is said and done, Christopher Shean will remain!

DAYS has now surpassed GH in the ratings Demos and has even passed B&B in the 18-34 demo. DAYS is about to make a killing in the ratings with the actual killings!

Great DAYS ahead!

I s Christopher Sean till with the show? I read somewhere that Hawaii 50 had a major story arc for him as Gabriel. Of course, daytime actors have had breaks during which they work on other shows.

Yes, he’s still on. He recently stated he’s doing both shows.

As far as I can tell, Christopher Sean is still working at DAYS and NBC.

Gabriel, his H5O character, is somewhat a replacement for Wo Fat, a character who would always come and go, and never stay for long. I don’t think H5O has any intention of making Gabriel a full time regular.

I would love for Chandler Massey to return as Will.

Kill Will…but shouldnt that shake four families…Horton, Brady and even Kiriakis and Herendez? Of course Hortons are and should always remain Salem’s first family but Will’s death should shake all four families in one way or another since Will is connected to all four…father Lucas is a Horton, mom Sami is a Brady, daughter Ariana is a Herendez, and husband Sonny is a Kiriakis!!!…Sonny and Paul will have a future once Will is a goner…will this lead to all families involved in a custody battle over Ariana???

I’m glad to hear Freddie came back, I’m hoping he will want to return for good.

I’m glad to hear that Guy Wilson might be off the show. I wouldn’t be upset about Will dying because it would get Guy off the show and it could leave the door open for Will to return with a recast because no one ever really dies on soaps. And I would rather it be Will killed off than Bo.

I hope this doesn’t end with the gay characters. Derrick is off the show now it seems and if Will and Sonny leave then that just leaves Paul.

The prospect of having Paul as the only remaining gay character does not make me happy. I don’t like Paul and I don’t trust him. That has nothing to do with the actor. Christopher Sean is doing an excellent job. There is just something about Paul that rubs me the wrong way.

I’ve always been suspicious that Paul did know that Sonny lived in Salem, and that he asked Sonix to write his story because he knew Will was Sonny’s husband.

If Will gets killed off, he will not be brought back. Ken Corday has said from now on once a character is killed off, they will stay dead, never to return.

I get confused, pardon me for sounding dense. Where did you hear that the character of “Derrick” is off the show? They hardly developed his character at all….he wanted a chance with Paul….I guess Will screwed that up. But I thought the storyline would go in another direction.

There really should be an older Horten come back to the town in time for the bicentennial . Eve’s big plan for Jennifer has started but not much is happening. I wonder if that will be one of the big stories in Oct. At least I hope so.Her parents should be brought back. Lucas needs a father. Love to see Jamie Lynn Bauer as Laura Horten again.

Rumors are a bad thing. With the exit of Freddie Smith it would be easy for the executives at DAYS to let Guy Wilson go. He really never fit in as Will Horton. He is always scowling and upset. The other actor, Chandler Massey who played Will gave him some depth and kindness in addition to his manipulative behaviors that he inherited from Sami. DAYS may be up in ratings in some demos but there is more turmoil on the writing staff with Dena Higley out on “personal” leave. This show has what it needs to be a strong soap opera but they need to fix the problems within.

I think we will hear something about the writing situation soon. If Dena Higley’s leave is open ended , they will bring someone new in. I don’t think they will give the job to Josh Griffin alone for long.

I would be very disappointed if Will is killed off. I think there’s a lot more story that could be told with this character whether it’s with Sonny or someone else.

Unlike others, I have enjoyed Guy Wilson as Will, but if the show wants to recast the part, I won’t be devastated. It would be nice to see Chandler Massey come back, but after how he was fired, I would think he would want too much money for him to be affordable long term.

I guess my hope for the characters is that 2 or 3 years from now after Will has matured a lot, Sonny would come back and the two would remarry.

Eddie, I too, very much Guy Wilson as Will and am a big fan of Guy. We all change, and the fact is, so has Will, he’s insecure to the point it only hurts his marriage to Sonny. Anyways, I am hoping, even though Freddie is apparently returning as Sonny short-term, I would love to see Will & Sonny remain, married. I hope we see DAYS in the horizon for the next 2 to 3 years, as I too, would want to see mature up, and find that self-confidence once again, and be a great family man with Sonny and Ari.

I don’t really think it’s accurate to say that Chandler was fired. He gave his notice, he had every intention of leaving the show. In every day life, these things happen – if I were to tell my Boss “I’m leaving” he could very well turn around and say “that’s fine, you can leave now”. I’m not taking sides, but the producers at DOOL may have felt they wanted the viewers to get used to a new Will as soon as possible for the storyline they were developing at the time. Chandler left a good paying job to seek other acting opportunities while he is young, before getting pigeon holed into that “soap to soap” casting mill – I do not mean to sound like I am being critical but the Producers had their reasons for doing what they did.

Days needs to kill off Maggie Horton and Eve Donovan. both of them are very annoying. I love Hope, Marlena, jennnifer and Bo Brady.

I’m hoping that they don’t kill Will off. He was a very popular character until the miscast recast – and on top of that, the villain writing he’s been getting the last few months (which, while actually suited for the way Guy was portraying Will anyway – thus they were writing to his strengths – was an unexplained about face from who Will has been for several years). All it would take is one good recast and Will could be a viable character again – and to kill off the first openly gay character on Days? Talk about bad PR. I don’t believe soaps have to hold their gay characters to higher standards or should be limited to what they can do with them – but even so, killing Will off would be an eye-brow raising move. I would rather they kill off Sonny unexpectedly when he returns to town, perhaps to reunite with Will. His death rocks Will to the point that he decides to leave town, leaving Ari with Gabi – and when he returns in a couple of months, there is a new actor in the role! Then we can have him dealing with being a single gay father, trying to date and be a better person after Sonny’s death.

I hope they bring Chandler Massey back! I love the current Will but Chandler WAS Will to me. He was just incredible!

Personally I’m majorly pissed off. The writers have ruined good characters and not the first time either. There are a couple of other characters they could get rid of and the show would be better for it. . .like Eve and Theresa!!!

Sad to see Sonny leave the show… But soooo glad he is leaving that annoying, lying husband of his!

If FS chooses to stay gone from the show for good then I wish they would re-cast Sonny. There’s just too much potential storyline with him and Paul to waste.

I agree. There do seem to be many story possibilities for Sonny, particularly if he is played by Freddie or an equally talented recast. A recast would be tough though. Freddie is extremely popular, and almost any recast would face the same type of backlash that Guy Wilson is getting. The choice would have to be superior avoid that.

Earlier today, Guy responded to a Twitter follower “don’t worry, I”m not going anywhere.”

But then, if he is already gone, then he would “not (be) going anywhere” by staying gone.

It is sad that some of the writing has caused such damage to the relationship of Will and Sonny. What happens next? Well, it seems to me that Paul is already in love with Will. He has been for a long time. This story was written as a Will love story. It’s misleading unless you pay close attention.

Hopefully, Sonny will return and more story can be told for Will and Sonny. But it is awesome to also look forward to Paul and Will. They have great chemistry. They are good for each other and there is lots of potential, with good writing to make this phenomenal.

Christopher Sean and Guy Wilson work very well together. It’s always exciting to watch them together in a scene. Whether Will and Paul are talking, fighting, laughing or loving together, they keep the sparks flying.

Would DOOL kill off Will? Well, it would be a mistake to lose such a popular character. People either madly love Will or desperately hate him. Either way, Will brings the drama and the viewers and the debates.

Thanks sent out to Guy Wilson and Christipher Sean for continuing to give us great performances. I can’t get enough. Thanks sent out to Freddie Smith for all your hard work that we were able to enjoy and best wishes for your future projects!

I would never say Paul is in love with Will, but he did seem to be smitten with him initially, when he seduced him and before he found out he was married to Sonny. He has acted like a complete jack-ass, but lately they are making the characters more cordial to each other. I assumed they were doing it to start the future relationship of the 2 of them. Will’s character got so, so much backlash recently under Guy,I’m not sure what is going on. It was only after Will returned from California. He was bearable until then. If the new writer writes him truly repentant and grow him, he could be bearable again. What happened to Derrick?

They honestly should’ve made Ben a gay character. Maybe they still can make him bi.

In this post I’m talking about Will being a jack-ass.

i feell no sonny should nto leave will jsut because what he ahs done and I donot think will would be victum of t he murder cause if he is then he would be dying soon or by nivermber a nd if his contract is in august he would be on till janary and if is leaving just cause he w ants to I see him and sonny reuntiing and hten bring ging back chandler some day


I hope the [rumoured] exit of Guy Wilson is not true; he’s been excellent in the role of Will Horton, despite the horrific writing and direction that they have taken the character. I hope he is kept as the soap and that under the new regime he is redeemed as a character; I have a feeling I am going to be bawling my eyes out with Sonny leaving the soap.

I was planning on returning to DOOL since it seems set to go back to story lines and characters I had once invested in. But if they kill off Will Horton, I’ll just skip it. I think he’s too important to the fabric of the show to kill off. Hopefully, it will be someone less seen on the canvass.

According to Guy Wilson he isn’t going anywhere.

I don’t want Will to be killed off, but would like to see the role recast and the character get a personality change.

Sad to see how wasted Sonny and FS were by tomsell. Tomsell turned Sonny to pod person. I’m okay with Sonny leaving and not returning either as recast or with FS as long as the writers treat him like shit. If Sonny ever returns for good, I want it to be how he should have been to began with. Edgy and very Kiriakis. Not some pushover doormat. He should return as someone who is more guarded and keeping potential love interests at arms length because of the trust issues he would have as a result of his relationships with Paul and Will. I want Sonny to either be with Paul if the show hasn’t ruined Paul by hooking him up with Will that is or hopefully with new man. Maybe a new Dimera. It would be great to see love affair between a Kiriakis and Dimera.

I happy that Sonny is leaving will’s ass but I’m not happy that WilSon are still married. I don’t get why the writers won’t let them divorce. Sonny needs that payoff for all the pain Will put him true. Will didn’t suffer for his cheating twice on Sonny, lying and manipulations. He got Sonny taking all the blame for him and leaving him still married to him. When FS returns briefly in nov/oct, they would probably have them all leaving together. I would hate that.

I think it would be great if the show killed Will. He is damaged forever for me no matter who plays him. His death would have most impact for the canvas.

nice read on Freddie Smith’ Sonny.

it’s always been said that Will is the one who didn’t know what it was like to be a single gay man finding himself… exploring… past coming out

yet… Freddie Smith… as the better actor… was the one who would be more interesting to explore.

“…If Sonny ever returns for good, I want it to be how he should have been to began with. Edgy and very Kiriakis. Not some pushover doormat. He should return as someone who is more guarded and keeping potential love interests at arms length”

we never really got to see different layers to FS’ character.. yet.. it was all right their.. just simmering and waiting

what a delightful character and person… to have taken on this character and delivered …. carried the show… with both Will’… GW and CM

I really hope this is not the last we’ll see of Sonny…. truth? I’d rather have Sonny on the canvas… if we can’t have Chandler Massey or a recast for Will.

last chance I’ll have… what a sexy charismatic man

No No I don’t want Sonny to leave the show and I surely don’t want Will to be killed off. I love these guys.

I have nothing against Guy Wilson, but his was a real miscast. He brings only gloom to the role. There’s no affect on his face except for a constant look of sadness. Chandler Massey should be urged to return to the role he made his own. Hopefully, Freddie Smith will return at some point soon, even if only on a recurring status. I don’t want either character to be killed off.

well said

Replace , do not kill, Will. Bring back Chandler and pair him with Spencer Neville.

If a main character is to be murdered, Will is a good choice. I wish Guy Wilson well in his career, but I won’t miss the character of Will Horton. Will be sad for Arianna Grace though. I wonder who will get custody of her while her Mom is in prison?

I think Gabi will be released from prison, but her release would not be because of Ari. Maybe Caroline Brady shot and killed Nick.

You are completely misinformed about GLAAD. They don’t just advocate for fair representation in media for gays and lesbians. GLAAD would have zero problem with Will discovering that he is actually bisexual not gay just as long as the character remained written with attractions to both sexes regardless of whom he is paired with.

The new Will never caught on for me.

If they kill off Will, I would be done. It’s completely irrational, and I am not a huge fan of Guy Wilson in the role, but we’ve shared too much of Will’s journey to have him die so young. He is a great character– if the writing is there, thinking about how his upbringing by Sami would have affected him. I don’t know, I would just lose enthusiasm for the show if they killed him.

Chandler Massey caught
Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith stormfronted

standing ovation

Chandler Massey exits… Guy Wilson.. stagnates and this couple do not reignite

Guy Wilson and Freddie Smith.. are just another couple on the canvas… neither, together, as a couple or singularly…. sparked again

Freddie Smith is leaving… last of the .. and I’ll soapbox this…

Freddie Smith and Chandler Massey could easily be added in the history books of supercoupledom

Guy Wilson ??? I don’t know that I care

factor in the enigmatic stirringly draws big… “Paul” Christopher Sean… what a coop

PLEASE BEYOND PLEASE : DAYS Production… cast and take the time to find that quality actor to chemistry with Paul… and carry on, with; a story for the ages… along with

Amen! A coop indeed.

I want to know what kind of shot was given to EJ by Kristen after he died. Was this something that could make it so you could bring him back later. The show doesn’t need all the old characters taken off. Bo needs to come back and break up her engagement. If he doesn’t stay then get Hope and Rafe together. I don’t think that Will should have been killed. You could have put in him in a coma and brought him back later as someone else. Is Kristen really dead or is she coming back for awhile? You leave us hanging not knowing anything. Ben needs to get caught and Chad needs to be cleared.

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Friday night’s 51st annual Daytime Emmy telecast on CBS drew solid numbers according to the overnight ratings. The ceremony brought in an average of 2.82 million total viewers making it the annual daytime kudofest’s largest audience in four years.

The last time the Emmys drew more eyeballs was during the virtual ceremony during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic back in June of 2020, which averaged 3.3 million total viewers.

Meanwhile, over at the network’s streaming companion, Paramount+, and according to TV Line, Friday’s Daytime Emmys were up over 87% from last year, to make it the largest live streaming audience to date for the show.

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The 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards featured 98-year-old television icon, Dick Van Dyke receiving the first Daytime Emmy in his career for his performance as Timothy Robicheaux on Days of our Lives in the Outstanding Guest Performer category.

In addition, Kelly Clarkson made a live appearance at the Daytime Emmys for the first time in several years, and her series, The Kelly Clarkson Show, took home the Outstanding Talk Show award for the fourth year in a row.

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Speaking of four in a row, Laura Wright (Carly, GH) and Steve Burton (Jason, GH) ripped open the final envelope of the night revealing that it was ABC’s General Hospital that would take home the coveted Outstanding Daytime Drama series award. That makes it the 17th time overall that the 61-year old soap opera has received this honor.

In the top acting prizes of the night, it was B&B’s Thorsten Kaye (Ridge) winning back-to-back Lead Actor Emmys, and Y&R’s Michelle Stafford taking home the gold for the third time in her career for her role as Genoa City’s Phyllis.

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The show also featured a touching In-Memoriam segment that reflected just the amount of loss and mourning the daytime community has gone through this past Emmy season, and Y&R’s Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) and her husband, producer B&B’s Edward Scott received the Lifetime Achievement Award honors.

What do you think of the preliminary ratings for the 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Award? Is it an encouraging sign that the daytime audience remains steadfast and die-hard? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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