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General Hospital

General Hospital's Ryan Paevey To Co-Host THE VIEW!

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Clearly, with all the drama behind-the-scenes with the women of the panel of ABC’s morning talker The View, it’s time for a man to step in and shake things up some more!

And, that guy just happens to be General Hospital heartthrob Ryan Paevey (Nathan), who will make his talk show co-host debut on the upcoming Tuesday, February 17th episode of the long-running morning show.  Glee’s Naya Rivera will also be along as guest co-host along with the Port Charles favorite.

Ryan and Naya, and the rest of the ladies of the panel, will welcome to the show John Slattery and Amy Morton, who will be on-hand promoting their new film Blue Bird.  In addition, Ella Henderson will perform her hit single Ghost.

The View has been grabbing headlines again of late for the departure of Rosie O’Donnell, who last aired on Thursday, and Rosie Perez, who was rumored to be exiting, but instead is staying put. Although, recently surfaced reports from Radar Online say she is still on her way out the door!

Ryan tweeted an image and teaser of what he was going to be going next Tuesday below!

So, what would you think if The View had a man finally join their panel in an on-going capacity? Are you looking forward to seeing Ryan co-host next Tuesday’s episode?  Share your thoughts below!

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Just as long as he stays on GH as well, I’ll be happy.

Yes! Please stay on GH! I just showed a couple co-workers one of his many, fabulous, jaw dropping, print commercial photos… saying this is fabulous eye candy I get on my soap! 😀

He is gorgeous. and a good actor! te he he I’m not surprised he got snagged to be seen by a larger audience. they’ll probably get more people turning into GH to watch him.

Oh crud! The View set is in New York! General Hospital studios are in LA…

Damn! I was hoping this would read: “GH star Ryan Paevey set to LEAVE the soap this spring!” 🙁

He co-hosting for a day not joining the show permanently.

he is only on for 1 day. relax he is not leaving GH

The View needs to remain a woman’s panel. Stop believing that woman cannot get along.

Women are more catty BUT no mater the sex, if you get people in a room conversing about issues, they will disagree, man or woman.

What a refreshing addition

He’s not an addition. He’s just a guest host for the day.

Even only 4 a day.

I feel sorry for Ryan..
Poor guy has to suffer through being on the The View ..
Really. I do feel for the guy.. lol

They shouldv’e hired Bruce Jenner…lol

Another Women’s point of VIEW. THATS A MAN BABY! [Austin Powers]

It will be interesting to see how he survives the ladies on The View. Someone probably told him it was a good career move. We’ll see. One of the comments said that The View is in NY, GH in L.A. Going to be hard to juggle both. But it’s not the first time ABC has used one of their actors/hosts on two different shows.

Rose…he’s not becoming one of the hosts. It’s just a one time guest host appearance.

Next they will force him to appear on The Chew.
ABC is run by morons, Brian Frons may have been a particularly despicable one,but the executive suites at the networks are populated by many more of these losers who wield a great deal of power
and don’t know what they are doing.ABC/Disney is all about brand promotion and cross-promotion -not about providing quality entertainment for the audience.
The View should have been put out of its misery (and the audience’s)a long time ago.It’s a disgrace.

What makes them think he has enough personality to be in front of a live audience….uggh disappointing LOL

Dude has a guardian angel (or a relative) at GH he’s being well marketed/promed …he doesn’t suffer for story either.

He’s just a guest host. And he has a lot of personality. Actually quite intelligent with varied interests…

I hate The View..a bunch of cackling, screaming, fighting assine women.

He will fit right in. Oh and those yentas with fall all over him. The only thing worse is that crazy hostess from the TALK, Sheryl Underwood, she is stalker crazy!

He will definitely be the prettiest one on the show!


Barbra knew what she was doing, for sure.

I think RP is smart to try and get exposure on a show like The View. I’ve seen him a couple of times on Extra and he’s pretty good. Something like that would probably be a much better career path than acting for him to follow.

He had nothing to do with this one-off booking-he was told to do it to attempt to draw his fans into watching the sinking ship the View.

Oh, sweet Jesus…I think I shall swoon…LOL.
I must remember to watch. I feel badly for THE VIEW as it has not been up to par with the new crew aboard.
Ryan is such a welcomed guest host…I can’t believe it. Good for you, producers of the show!!
I am truly looking forward to this….with bated breath….LOL.
I hope he will be asked personal questions….I like those. Seriously.

Hi CeeCee 🙂
I am going to send you a life sized photo of Ryan, the one of his tight butt and rippling abs..

Make room under your bed to hide it from hubby 😉

Send her his audition tapes, acting lessons, and Emmy, oh right they dont exist! You two better behave!

I thought this show was supposed to be womens point of view with a women only panel???…lol

They’ve had men in the panel before…

A guest host or regular ? yes, as long as he stays with GH !

I am not a fan of the View. I liked when Barbara appeared.. sometimes. Can’t stand Rosie Perez who appears not very smart.. to be kind. But i will watch when Ryan is on. I don’t care if they get a man on there, but don’t want it to be Ryan, I want him to stay on GH.

Hi, Lin.
Rosie Perez is one of the smartest women to grace TV. She is a College graduate and then some.
Yes, I have a hard time understanding her speech sometimes, however that does not , by any means, suggest she is stupid. She is very altruistic with her charities and works hard for the rights of the underdog.
If you would just take a moment and listen with a positive attitude, or read her bio, you would automatically be aware of how well-versed this woman Really is …..socially, politically and worldly

I agree CeeCee. This Rosie is tight, that other Rosie is a big mouth bully who walked away again. Thank God.

Rosie Perez needs to be fired from the view. She is a stupid lady and a troll. Very annoying and her wigs looks cheap. lol.

@Darren…I’d love to see what you look like…

Ugh, why does he want to do that crappy show? Hopefully, he does better than Jason Thompson (where those yentas wouldn’t let him get a word in edgewise!).

The view needs to be cancelled, Ryan please talk and cutt off these annoying ladies. They are all has beens. Rosie O Donnell was smart to leave. the view again. The view is no longer watchable, but I will watch Ryan next week.

What is your definition of ‘has been’, Gino? Someone who does not exist any longer? Would you like to be thought of as an ‘has been?’ Say you do not like the panel or disagree with what they impart….but don’t call anyone THAT. They exist.
I don’t care what anyone says. I like what these women represent. I support and applaud their individualism and their Frank approach. Yes, the show has been losing steam. Yes, this musical chairs effect is irritating….I do not like the concept of all the different guest hosts showing up ( except Ryan, of course)… gives the show a sense of disconnection. But, for everyone to come down on the show is not fair. If ‘they’ use gimmicks to stay afloat, sobeit. ‘They’ have the right to try to salvage the show, if they are able. More power to ‘them’. I am not afraid to speak my mind, within the limits of decorum…I never have been. I will not speak the words that everyone else speaks just to be part of the in-group. I have my own voice and I will use it. I haven’t been called the Ice Princess throughout my College and graduate years for nothing.
“Walters and company started a great thing with THE VIEW. Everyone else is a copycat”. …words of wisdom from my Gran.

Well….. Ryan is actually a descent interviewer. I’ll watch that ONE episode of the view….

I think some of you are misinterpreting. He’s not a new permant host of this hideous show…he’s a one time guest host…to boost ratings. I hate being manipulated, and I hate The View…bit I’ll dvr this one edpisode because I love this guy!

@rebecca1….I don’t think there has ever been a time I’ve been more in agreement with you!!!! I also loathe this appalling show—I always have and actually refer to it as “The Shrew(s)” because none of the women featured on it has ever spoken to or for me. Quite frankly, I find it to be an embarrassment to the female species, and I also have to add that there would be a far better cross-section of ladies and opinions, not to mention more intelligent conversation and debate, were Mr. Fairman to take the two of us, plus k/Kay, CeeCee and even su and put us together in a studio!!!! Now THAT would be EPIC! ……P.S. Of course, referees—and possibly bouncers—would be required! Perhaps Harry, jimh, Patrick, Timmm and some of our other favorite male regulars here at MFSoaps could provide assistance, although I’m sure YOU would prefer Ryan Paevey!!!! LOL…..

I gotta say…I pretty much quit watching The View after Joy Behar left. B-u-t…since that VERY RUGGEDLY DREAMY Ryan Paevey will be Co-Hosting The View this upcoming Tuesday (February 17th), I will definitely be watching!!!!! RYAN TRULY ROCKS!!!!!

Yes jaybird Ryan rocks and he is one hot hot dude. Very sexy eye candy, I am drooling LOL. My boyfriend will kill me. lmao. I am a bad bad boy.

So guys, do we agree, Ryan is smoking hot but is not a good actor?

Mario cantone is sort of a semi regular and he’s annoying but in my opinion a men would ruin it and Mario is prove of that. I find it interesting though that the view under the entertainment umbrella barely ever invited anyone from soaps or gh specifically yet under the news umbrella they have Ryan coming in to co host do thumbs up to that…

Mario Cantone is a cutie, not annoying at all. Aria take your meds and please have a nice day.

I love Mario. He has this wry, sardonic sense of humor (reminds me a little of harry) , where I’m somewhat bewildered…is he serious? I can’t tell sometimes. LOL.

I will be taping it to watch. Depending on how good it is I may want to watch it more than once. I like when they shake things up. Ryan is an awesome shake up. Looking forward to seeing him natural and talking with others instead of just acting. Besides the eye candy he has an excellent voice.

They are shaking things up because they are desperate. The show is tanking. Ryan will try and sway females to watch GH. Thats it. Excellent voice? He sounds like he has marbles in his mouth when he speaks! Just saying.

Lol, Timmmm. You REALLY don’t like Ryan’s acting. I think he’s adorable both in looks and execution. He doesn’t seem like he IS acting…there’s almost a naivete or in-the- moment subtle quality that makes him more real to me. He doesn’t overact, nor does he make exaggerated expressions or reactions. Just comes off as a good guy, earnest, moral and an everyday guy despite his exquisite looks. Yes, he spoke with very stilted, clipped sentences when he first appeared…I think he’s warmed up and relaxed which makes for a more realistic delivery. Now leave him alone! 😉

I’m sure Ryan is a good guy. I guess my biggest problem is if he is so green, why cast him in THIS role who has so many scenes with key characters of which most our veterans of the show?

I don’t think he’s been thrown in with the vets. Most of his scenes are with Dante and Maxi…less so with Dr. O and Anna. Either way , he never ruins a scene for me…I like his character and him in the role. I think the major distraction is his stunning looks….you just can’t help but be aware of them!

GH is not tanking! There are plenty of people out there that have been watching since they were kids just like me! Females are already watching because of him. Of course it would not hurt to have some more people watching. Variety is what keeps people watching shows so when the View has men on that is the show shaking things up and that is a good thing. Bottom line is that the network is keeping itself alive!

I think he meant The View is tanking.

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Tracy Learns Gregory Died from Cody; Finn and Chase Share Their Grief

Friday’s May 24th episode of General Hospital featured some very touching scenes.

First, when Tracy (Jane Elliot) returned to the stables for a ride, she is met by Cody (Josh Kelly). He tells her she is needed in the house. Tracy doesn’t think anyone needs her there.

Tracy relates how Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) are on a plane to Florence. Cody tells her that they couldn’t get on that plane. Cody can only say, “He’s sorry.” It’s at that moment Tracy is hit with the realization that Gregory passed away.

Cody tells her what he knows of Gregory’s passing, but Tracy says that she knew this was eventually going to happen, but this feels so sudden. Cody is sorry she had to hear the news from him.  Tracy says, she’s not. She poignantly thinks Gregory must have been a lot like Cody when he was younger. Tracy goes on to say they both have an open way about them as he doesn’t miss a thing, doesn’t talk much, doesn’t push people around, and that he gives people a lot of grace. Cody is moved. Tracy decides she needs to head out.


Next, Tracy comes to the hospital and meets with Stella. Knowing Stella (Vernee Watson) is a patient advocate, Tracy tells her if anything comes up for Gregory’s death regarding bills or anything she can handle with her hands or her checkbook, to let her know. Tracy reveals that she doesn’t want Gregory’s family to worry about anything right now. She goes on to say to keep her name out of it.

Stella tells Tracy this is her loss to and its OK for her to grieve. Tracy shared that Gregory changed her, and she doesn’t want to let him down, at least not so soon.

At Finn’s, Chase tries to console his brother. Finn tells Chase he also lost his dad, but Chase can see how hard finding Gregory dead has hit Finn; given he has been drinking. Finn tells Chase that the person he found in that bed didn’t look their dad.  He cries that he didn’t want this to happen and Chase hugs his brother tight and says neither did he.

Sitting down together, the two brothers have a heart-to-heart. Finn realizes he handled the entire situation the wrong way and even pushed Elizabeth away.  Chase says there is no correct way to grieve. Finn feels such guilt over how many times in their lives he hurt their father, and now he threw his sobriety away, which Gregory was proud of him for.

Chase says he rebuilt his relationship with their dad, and he can do the same now with his sobriety. Finn asks Chase to get rid of the liquor bottle and so Chase takes care of it.  When Violet (Jophielle Love) and Brook Lynn return, Finn tells Brook Lynn he is so sorry that she and Chase had to miss their honeymoon. Brook Lynn assures him she is here for him for whatever he needs. Next, Finn says he needs a meeting and Chase says he thinks that is a good idea.


Meanwhile, in Albany, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is having all sorts of trouble in her attempt to get her law license reinstated during her her hearing vs. Fergus Byrne (Lane Davies). The judges will render their decision within 30 days and notify the parties. Will she head back to Port Charles, find out about Gregory, and wind up at an AA meeting with Finn?

In this episode, the always fabulous Jane Elliot touched out hearts in her scenes as well as Josh Kelly, Michael Easton and Josh Swickard.

So, what did you think about Tracy’s reaction to Gregory’s death? The scenes between Finn and Chase and what will happen to Alexis next? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital to Air Encore Episode for Memorial Day

Coming up on Monday, May 27th, ABC’s General Hospital is the only daytime drama slated to air an encore presentation of a previously aired episode. The episode that is said to have originally aired on October 5, 2023.

The episode features the following storypoints: Spencer and Trina return from a private tour of the MET’s archives. They make love again and lament that this is their last day in New York. Trina thanks their hotel room before leaving with Spencer.

Cody, having kicked open the door, stops Montague from hurting Sasha. Dante arrives with Mac and other cops. Montague is placed under arrest and charged with attempted murder. Cody and Sasha leave Ferncliff together.


Sonny confronts Gladys for her lies as Sam witnesses. Sonny accuses Gladys of using Mike, then Brando, then Sasha. After Sam goes, Sonny tells Gladys she’s leaving town and returning to Bridgeport. Sonny implies Gladys will die if she ever leaves Bridgeport. Sonny has Frank escort Gladys away without a single bag.


Charlotte listens from a hiding spot as Val explains to Anna he bought this house after Anna’s place burned down so he, Charlotte, and Anna could live in it. Val kept it from Anna because he didn’t want to get her hopes up. Val explains Charlotte needs his attention, so Anna can’t move in yet. Charlotte thinks back to reading Victor’s letter that says she must defeat Anna.

So, are you looking forward to seeing this encore presentation of GH on Memorial Day? Let us know via the comment section below.

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GH’s Jophielle Love Releases Daytime Emmy-Nominated Song, ‘Shine’ on Major Music Streaming Platforms

It’s been a big week for General Hospital’s young star, Jophielle Love (Violet). First, viewers witnessed her character of Violet learning the news that her Grandpa Gregory (Gregory Harrison) had passed away in which she delivered a touching performance, and now she has released her very first single as a singer and a songwriter.

Love first performed the song entitled Shine during a December 2023 Christmas-related episode of GH. In it, Finn (Michael Easton) along with his family decorated the tree. It was then, Love as Violet, sang her original song, “Shine,” surrounded by her TV castmates.

In addition, the song is in the running at this year’s 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards for Best Original Song. Jophielle took to her Instagram account on the release of the track sharing that part of the proceeds from the single will go to Save The Children, an organization that strives to improve children’s lives.

Photo: ABC

Love shared via the IG account run by her mom, “My first original song ‘Shine’ which I sang on General Hospital over Christmas is now available on all digital platforms ! Part of the proceeds are donated to ‘Save the Children’ who helps kids all over the world in the middle of horrible conflicts. We encourage you to donate as well, or … listen to, like and share this song and post! Let’s bring light to the world,… anything helps. More to come soon as Shone is heading to the Daytime Emmy’s, since nominated in the “Best Original Song” category”

Already beginning to aspire to be a young Taylor Swift (as in writing and singing at such a young age), Love’s second song, “True Love” debuted at Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) wedding when Violet sang it to the newlyweds and for all the enduring couples in attendance.

Photo: JLoveIG/Spotify

Jophielle shared a little video of moments from the taping of Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding accompanied by her tune, “True Love. You can see it below, and can stream and download “Shine via Spotify here or Apple music

What do you think of Jophielle’s single ‘Shine’? Comment below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Jophielle Love (@jophiellelove)

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