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General Hospital’s Wedding To Die For: Will Michael’s Plan Succeed Or Be A Major Fail?

This week on General Hospital, Michael (Chad Duell) and Nelle (Chloe Lanier) are set to tie the knot as Michael has fast-tracked their wedding date all part of his plan to bring down his fiancée!

Michael has now taken it upon himself to free his mom, Carly (Laura Wright) from Ferncliff and he wants to prove that his mother is innocent, is not insane, and did not cause Nelle’s fall down the stairs.  Will his plan work, or backfire?  That plan puts him in ca-hoots with another man, Chase (Josh Swickard), who wants payback for ‘Janelle’s’ attempt at ruining his career, and who is all too familiar with the drowning death of Nelle’s ex.

In story. Michael meets with his attorney with Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and tells her: “After today … everything changes.”

But in this latest promo from ABC, dressed in her bridal gown, Nelle walks down the aisle as Jason (Steve Burton) disapproves.  “Til death do us part.” a conniving Nelle exclaims.

Now, what will actually go down? Will Michael fake his death and set Nelle up for it?  Will Nelle try to kill Michael?  Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below, but first check out this week’s promo.

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You know it’s bad when all you can think of during all this is, “Wow, Michael looks good in a tux.” So far Nelle has outwitted everyone so I’m not sure this will be her comeuppance yet. At least we get to see more of Chase.

I know exactly the part you are talking about, she is an amazing actress. She knows how to use them eyes for sure!

She will probably go into labor…her water breaks and Micheal drowns in it-lol

Yeah, she pulls her own plug and her water breaks!

Very funny, but actually have read she goes out with a big bang, or explosion. I sure hope its after the baby is born.

They wouldnt kill the baby. Its another murder mystery that I’m sure will suck! At least Carly will be locked away and not a suspect. The suspects will be Sonny, Michael, Ava, and Chase. All of which could go be with Blackie for all I care!

No doubt, Jimh! ..And why not? It will add the crowning touch to this marital circus since nothing is so classy as a heavily-pregnant bride!!!!

Im almost done with the show…only watch for this story!!!

Say what you will about Chloe Lanier and this storyline, but, she is a great actress! I think she is smart to jump ship. She has her Emmy and she has done an outstanding job delivering this material. I wish her well in her future endeavors. As far as this storyline, I hope there is a “catch”, a real surprise for us viewers. With Colonel Sanders visiting “Heiny’s Hospital” we are do for a soapy treat. The show has been unwatchable for the past few (if not more) months.

You know, dmr, I was watching Chloe the other day and couldn’t get over how great she is in this role. She said something to Michael that was sincere but, behind her eyes, I started thinking, “She’s on to him”. That’s what a multilayered performance should be and she truly deserved that Emmy. I hope she isn’t gone forever. Evil hasn’t been so well-acted since Maura West joined the show.

I think Nelle is on to Michael, too. Michael isn’t very smart, and Nelle is very devious and can outsmart them, all! She has street smarts!

Hi, dmr,
Could the big surprise be the baby is not Michael’s? Oh, how I wish that were the case!!!!…..I desperately hope Carly does not get her hands on another baby.
Somehow, I get this nagging feeling that Lucas and Brad will be involved in the baby-drama in a big way.
As far as Michael, I consider him a nonentity and waaaay toooo big for his britches…..he tries to do the Sonny-stare, which Is so annoyingly-Sonny; but works … yet, it is lost on Michael……not a charming guy….he does as much for me as Devon or Kyle….and now Nate ( Y&R).
I have missed a few eps…..still have not had the chance to catch-up….but, I sense that TPTB are trying to make it look like Sonny killed AJ in self defense?? Gimme a break–say it ain’t so!!
I will never forgive Michael’s betrayal–his best acting, I feel, was when he stood up to both his mother and Sonny and took Avery. I saw a man then….took the bull by the horns and ran with it.
This whole thing of ” let’s get Nelle” scheming is pathetic…..I’ve seen better sleuthing on Nickelodeon.

I caught the show the other day, and “The Dimpled Don” mentioned killing AJ right in front of Jason and Michael, neither flinched. Now, I haven’t watched religiously, but, I don’t recall Jason knowing that Sonny killed AJ. Jason has returned, and is CarSon’s lapdog, and Michael thinks he is the next “Enforcer.” The kid has no brains.
I share the same opinion with you about Devon and Kyle on Y&R. Daytime TV is in the gutter.

Josslyn setting up Nelle-Joss is part of plan to expose her…its why Oliver wearing that perfume!!!!

You are right, Jimmy. Joss caught on. What will happen is anyone’s guess. I’m stumped. I had ideas, but Carly’s charging-in like a bull…ummm…dozer ( clunky shoes or not), deflated my brainstorming and dimmed my lightbulb.


i did mean Oscar-lol

Nelle and Micheal in cae accident with Brad…Brad’s baby dies and Nelle goes into labor and switches her son with Brad’s dead one…Micheal and Brad unconcious in all this!!!

I can’t figure out whether Michael of GH or Sonny of DOOL is the dumbest. Really? Marry a psycopathic killer to bring her down? What has marriage to do with it? All anyone has to do is ask the most important question. (pay attention Jason) Who went upstairs after the accident? If Carly is telling the truth, somebody took it. And Sonny? What numbnut CEO who is being accused of sexual harassment meet with the accuser? And who would cover up what was most definitely self defense? Good grief.

Sonny makes me laugh-especially when he tries to be all “gangstah” with his hair slicked by packing heat! HAHAHAHA! Seriously, Sonny, you don’t have what it takes to pull it off!
& in today’s world, what company doesn’t have an updated Harassment Policy/investigation practices?-so stupid!

Me thinks he’s been watching the other Sonny too much.

You are too funny, dmr….How many times have I said that Sonny has the Vito Corleone syndrome?
I guess Sonny has never been to Sicily….the mannerisms are waaaay off and Sonny’s affectation doesn’t even come close.
Doesn’t even look Italian—-he should probably mimic another bandido…..Italians have a distinct accent….regional, even in their own country.
So Carly got out of Hades…..did Kevin/Ryan facilitate her escape somehow. So bizarre… nutty as Mary Pat. She belongs there ….with the loonies.

I agree ConnieMac. It’s supposed to be Drew with the memory loss, not Jason. I mean, Nelle works with Ava and pals around with her on occasion, what else does he need to know? As far as Sonny on DAYS…it’s a good thing Freddie Smith is so handsome (though the chest hair is too much for my taste), because his character often elicits giggles. And not the intentional kind. But that smile and that gorgeous hair go a long way. And I’ll really miss one of my favorite daytime actors, Greg Rikaart. Hopefully GH can find a spot for him.

Thank you, ConnieMac….Exactly!! As I said, this is all child’s play.
The cover-up business is actully comedic…..this is drama??
You mention Sonny Kiriakis—-another dumb move ( I do Love Sonny K) , en par with “let’s get rid of the body in the rug” brainstorm—–self-defense on both counts.
If this new “plot” of marrying Nelle to “trap” her was designed to prop-up Michael; to give him the “jewels” to be a man? I don’t know what to say—-failing miserably. Michael is the ‘forever-boy’ for me.
Another thing? I am done with the Carly-Kevin sessions ( if he is, indeed, Kevin)……I will chalk them up as some of the most painful scenes I have ever seen—-does anyone really care about her nostalgic memories with Morgan?……or, coming to grips with his death so she could go on with her life?… it her own guilt of having been a non-existent, selfish mother?…..seems to me she was doing just fine appropriating another woman’s baby.
Good or bad, Ava is Avery’s mother…….and, what makes Carly a ‘better’ parent? Good grief is right!!! Right up my alley…..

Nelle is one of those soap opera characters who will never pay completely for her sins. She may be taken away but one day but she will escape only to come back and wreak havoc once again. Or… she will evade this trap, taking the baby (or perhaps leaving it in a safe place for Michael, thereby showing a shred of humanity), and the threat of her return will always remain hanging over Carly and Co.

This whole story and this sneak peak does NOTHING for me! I really dont care if Michael dies and Nelle takes Chase out as well! Who cares anymore? GH is a shell of itself and Frank has cheapened the show into a high school play!

Then why do you keep watching?

Because JILLIE, like some here who QUIT because of a story, a cast member being let go or a recast, Thats not me! I’m a fan until the end.

Well said, Timmm. Half the fun of daytime is making fun of the dumb stuff. For example, when have we EVER seen a soap detective as smart or diligent as Olivia Benson from SVU or any of the forensic folks from any CSI? Paul Williams is denser than concrete. And Dante? He spent more time on his hair than on any case.

& it’s like a train wreck, you just can’t take your eyes off of it.

Because that’s what we do, Jillie…..more out of loyalty….then we come on here, as warranted, and give out take on plots, situations, and whatnots.
It is a natural reaction…..those who love soaps, truly loooove soaps, become disenchanted and almost hurt by the nonsense that is taking place in practically all the shows. It seems they are copying each other….no variables. I think the PTB should hear this—-no effort or originality. Have they run-out of ideas? I hope not….the thought is funebral.

Stay well.

lol right I agree lol

True, right, GH fan?
We love our soaps….we do accept, grudgingly, what the ‘elders’ dish out, whether we agree or not. Thus, the ofttimes, verbal ‘rebellions’, LOL.

The bigger question… Will there be KFC extra crispy served at the reception?


I am being silly, but I had to really laugh,at that photo they took of Nelle and Michael after their wedding. She looked OK, but he looked stoned or something, and I am still laughing as I write this.

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‘The Talk’ Renewed For 15th and Final Season to End in December; Does Its Cancellation Make Room for ‘The Gates’?

Things just got very interesting over at CBS daytime with the announcement today that The Talk is going to end its run on the network after its 15th season, and that season looks to be shortened as the series will come to its conclusion in December of 2024.

In a joint statement, Amy Reisenbach, President, CBS Entertainment and David Stapf, President, CBS Studio, shared, “The Talk broke new ground when it launched 14 years ago by returning daytime talk to CBS with a refreshing and award-winning format. Throughout the years, it has been a key program on CBS’ top rated daytime line-up as it brought timely, important and entertaining topics and discussions into living rooms around the globe.”

Reisenback and Stapf added, “It goes without saying that hosting and producing a year-round talk show is no easy task, and we express our sincere gratitude to our amazing hosts Akbar Gbajabiamila, Amanda Kloots, Natalie Morales, Jerry O’Connell and Sheryl Underwood, our Executive Producer/Showrunner Rob Crabbe and the hardworking producing team and crew.

Photo: CBS

Giving props to those who co-hosted or worked on the show through the years including: Sara Gilbert, Julie Chen Moonves, Carrie Ann Inaba Leah Ramimi, Marissa Janet Winokur, Holly Robinson Peete, Eve, Aisha Tyler, and Sharon Osbourne, the joint statement added, “We also want to acknowledge our former show hosts and colleagues who contributed throughout the seasons. We truly appreciate the skill, creativity, and dedication everyone involved brought to the show every day.  And of course, we thank the numerous guests who appeared, and the millions of viewers who tuned in daily. For the final season, we plan to celebrate the show and give it the proper sendoff it deserves when it concludes in December 2024.”

While no firm decision or announcement has been given at this time, it seems most likely that The Talk’s time slot could be given to the new soap opera in development The Gates from CBS Studio Ventures and from longtime soap opera writer. Michele Val Jean.  As previously reported, The Gates features the lives of a wealthy Black family who reside in a posh, gated community.

Photo: JPI

The Talk was originally the brainchild of Sara Gilbert, who had developed the show when it launched back 2010 and it replaced the beloved As the World Turns which went off the air after 54 years when CBS canceled it.

So, what do you think of The Talk being canceled? Will this make room for The Gates to begin to air in its spot beginning in 2025? Share your reactions to the news via the comment section.

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O. J. Simpson Dead at 76: Real-Life Murder Trial in Which He Was Acquitted, Changed the Trajectory of Soap Operas

Former Pro Football superstar, O. J. Simpson, who became infamous for being on trial for the murders of his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, has passed away at the age of 76 of cancer.

Simpson’s family put out a statement sharing, “Our father, Orenthal James Simpson, succumbed to his battle with cancer. He was surrounded by his children and grandchildren. During this time of transition, his family asks that you please respect their wishes for privacy and grace.”

It was the murder trial that overtook the airwaves back in late 1994 and through most of 1995 that changed the landscape of daytime television forever, and in particular soap operas that many will recall.

Photo: AP

On June 12, 1994, Nicole Simpson, O.J.’s former wife, and her friend, Ron Goldman, were brutally murdered. When O.J. became the prime suspect, a wild pursuant of him by the police while in his white Ford Bronco was viewed on every network by some 95 million viewers. This June marks 30-years since the incident.

Ultimately, Simpson was charged with Brown Simpson and Goldman’s murders, though he was acquitted in what was dubbed The Trial of the Century.

The trial permeated the airwaves of every network and any time of day. Networks consistently interrupted soap operas while covering the day in and day out of the spectacle that was this star athlete and TV and film star’s trial.

With many of the soaps pre-empted on a regular basis, the public fascination of Simpson’s trial was to many better than a soap opera as it has all the ingredients. Writer Dominic Dunne noted the themes via an article in Vanity Fair of “interracial marriage, love, lust, lies, hate, fame, wealth, beauty, obsession, spousal abuse, stalking, brokenhearted children, the bloodiest of bloody knife-slashing homicides, and all the justice that money can buy.”

Because of the trial, soap operas lost a significant amount of their audiences. The murder trial went on for 11 months from November 9, 1994, to October 3, 1995.  They never were able to fully rebound as reality television became the next big thing.

O.J. Simpson is survived by four children: Arnelle and Jason, from his first marriage, and Sydney and Justin, from his marriage to Nicole Brown Simpson.

So, do you remember being frustrated that your favorite soaps could not air during the O.J. trial, or did you find the murder trial more intriuing than the soaps themselves? Comment below.

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‘Melrose Place’ Reboot in the Works with Heather Locklear, Daphne Zuniga and Laura Leighton

Looks like some of former residents of Melrose Place will be getting back together in a revival of the popular Fox primetime soap opera of the 90s.

Now comes word that original series stars, Heather Locklear, Daphne Zuniga and Laura Leighton are set to reprise their signature roles of Amanda Woodward, Jo Reynolds, and Sydney Andrews.

The project is currently being shopped and looking for a TV or streaming home and coming from CBS Studios. The new offering is written by Lauren Gussis, and in story, Melrose Place picks up years after the original series and would provide an update on the characters, one of whom may no longer be with us.

Photo: Fox

In the premise, former residents will reunite “when one of their dearest friends dies suddenly.” However, things don’t go smoothly when old traumas, the reigniting of old romances and old resentments, and new secrets are revealed. Thus, throwing our characters into chaotic drama that’s reminiscent of the past, but with a much more modern perspective.

The original Melrose Place debuted on Fox back in 1992 and aired for seven seasons till 1999, and followed the young residents of a Los Angeles apartment complex. Locklear’s Amanda was a ruthless advertising executive. Leighton played Jane’s sister Sydney and Zuniga played photographer Jo. The cast also included: Marcia Cross, Josie Bissett, Andrew Shue, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Grant Show, Thomas Calabro, Doug Savant, Rob Estes, Brooke Langton, Lisa Rinna, Kristin Davis and Alyssa Milano.

According to Deadline, more original cast member will sign on if the show gets the green light. This is not the first time a Melrose Place reboot has made its way to television.  The CW revived the series in 2009 with a new cast which lasted only one season. However, Locklear, Zuniga and Leighton all made guest appearances.

So, do you hope a Melrose Place reboot with several of its original cast makes its way back on network TV or a streaming platform? Comment below.

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