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GH Cast Delivers Power Performances In Aftermath Of Morgan's Death!



Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital was one of the saddest we have seen in a long time, and with it brought outstanding performances by those in the Corinthos and Jerome clans on the ABC daytime drama series.

First, Laura Wright (Carly) and Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) delivered gut-wrenching moments. Viewers learn that after Carly found out that Morgan died, she was given a sedative to calm her down and to help her rest.  When she awoke the next morning with her mother, Bobbie (Jackie Zeman) by her bedside, Carly thinks she was having a bad dream, and she can’t wait for Morgan to get home to tell him how much she loves him.  Bobbie tells Carly to snap out of it, and that Morgan is not coming home.  Carly rushes downstairs where she sees Sonny’s muddied jacket.  Carly is now allowing herself to let the realization of what happened to Morgan start to set in.


But later in the saddest moment of the episode, Dante comes to see Carly to hand her Morgan’s cell phone found in the wreckage, only she wants to know details of what happened.  Carly learns Morgan was the victim of a bomb explosion in Julian Jerome’s (William deVry) car.   Carly wants to throw up and needs air.  She starts to give details about how Sonny (Maurice Benard) wanted to seek revenge on Julian, but Dante tells her to stop talking about what she knows, or he will have to lose his brother and arrest his father all on the same night.  Dante is grief-stricken, angry, and beside himself.  While, Carly is trying to cope with the unimaginable – her son killed by a bomb explosion meant for Julian.


In a heartbreaking turn by Wright, Carly looks all over her house for a charger to plug in Morgan’s broken cell phone, so she can listen to the messages on it.  When she does get the phone connected, she is sitting on the floor listening to the message she left Morgan, and just then Sonny walks in.  Maurice Benard playing Sonny’s pain, understated and in tears, watches as Carly lets him know that she knows that there was a bomb meant for Julian in the car that killed their son.

Chad Duell (Michael) proved once again why he can always bring the drama, when Dante tells Michael that his brother died, and via a bomb explosion.   Michael is wracked with quilt that he didn’t see Morgan spiraling out of control and that he should have paid more attention. When Sonny comes to the police station, Michael is irate and blaming Morgan’s death on Sonny.


And in another stellar performance Hayley Erin’s Kiki, learned from her mother Ava, that Morgan died.  Kiki can’t breathe. She has been trying to reach Morgan all night and has been worried sick. She is also wracked with quilt over wanting to be with Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins) over Morgan.

After she goes to tell Dillon what happened to Morgan, she can’t be with him and gets in the elevator and collapses sobbing.


And Maura West showed the complexity of Ava, when she runs into Bobbie at the Metro Court. Bobbie confronts Ava and wants to know if she ever loved her grandson.  Ava replies, she did, and adds that Morgan was probably the only person who ever saw any good in her.  She cries.

Finally, Dante alone loses it in the interrogation room at the PCPD. Lulu (Emme Rylan) happens upon the scene, and we are reminded by Dante that when he first came to town Morgan was the first Corinthos he met.  Lulu hugs Dante.  At the end of the episode, Carly holding a picture of Morgan in front of Sonny, smashes it to the ground screaming, “You killed him!”


Laura Wright, Dominic Zamprogna, Maurice Benard, Hayley Erin, Maura West, and Chad Duell each added to the high intensity of this riveting drama, while the audience gets to see their favorites shine with heavy dramatic material.

So, what did you think of the performances on Wednesday’s episode of GH in the aftermath of Morgan’s death? What moment broke your heart? Share your comments below.


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Meanwhile Billy Miller stood there like a statue and once again decided not to emote. Does he even care anymore?

Give him a break maybe its how gh wants him to act you ever think of that instead you come on here with negatively BM is doing great also

I agree, I think Billy is doing a great job acting like JASON would act!

Maurice, Maura and Laura are doing an amazing job and breaking my heart.

I’ve never been a fan of Sam and Jason; however, I was a fan of Jake Doe. NuJason is just so boring.

Thanks for bringing the distinction…. because Jake Doe was phenomenal… who even remembers that?

If Billy Miller continues to be his version of nuJason… then we are all in wasteland… it’s like wow…. he even makes Sam look better… and that’s a lie

the writing is on the wall… their is absolutely no chemistry between the THREE STARS : Billy Miller / Maurice Benard / Laura Wright

for the first time, Billy Miller acted like the REAL Jason, his performance until now was so wrong all over the place. the joking, smiling, constant PDA’s were inconsistent with the character of Jason Morgan. i wanted to reach through the tv and shake Billy Miller so often just to tell him, “Jason remembers who he is, why aren’t you acting like Jason?”
. perhaps you don’t remember SB as Jason Q….well i do. he was a snooze of a character….so boring. then the writers of that era, made him Jason “M” after the accident and SB was suddenly a STAR. since SB left, and BM was introduced, i have had to ff thru so many scenes….he just did not understand Jason Morgan.

Joanne, I appreciate much of what you’ve analyzed here. I’m a huge Billy fan and feel that he’s tried to inject some more humanity into Jason. Probably more than the powers that be are looking for. What I don’t get is why an actor of proven talents and audience appeal AND 3 Emmys isn’t allowed more input into his character. I get the feeling he was allowed much more expression on Y&R, hence his real personality and charm AND humanity showed through. I still support him and enjoy his work, I just wish he looked happier. What do you think?

Okay, yes, Spinelli called Steve Burton’s Jason “Stoneface” for a reason. However, Burton was able to emote just using his eyes when hit with a devastating loss. He broke your heart while grieving the loss of loved ones such as Emily, Edward or when Sam’s baby died.
Burton showed without telling and yes, he emoted. I happen to be a great fan of Miller’s. He really pulled it in when dealing with his daughter’s death on Y&R–he is capable of breaking our hearts.
That said, Miller’s performance was lukewarm and ironically enough, left me cold. I expected more of him because I know he’s capable of doing better.
I though DZ (Dante) was emotionally gut wrenching and he really broke my heart while proving what a thoroughly gifted actor he is.
The same holds true for Maura West and Laura Wright. Near the end of yesterday’s show, MB (Sonny) brought it.
Maria, I am afraid I agree with Callie and I think she should be allowed to voice her opinion without you calling her negative.


GH needs to cut their losses… and NOT renew Billy Miller contract… and FIRE Kelly Monaco

let’s see them ride off in to the sunset on their motorcycle…. c’ya

let’s see how much apples and oranges stem

share the wealth and get more diversity… this may be the hour of distraction and relish…

what an opportune time to change … prior to this storyline… of Morgan MIA… I certainly didnt’ read Oscar


not just a Debbie downer – I celebrate GH and DAYS

these two shows are far and away better than the top 2 @CBS

His contract is up soon, he wants out! He may be “Acting” robotic like “Jason” but he showed no emotions with Michael which is not accurate at all.

Laura Wright (Carly) is a phenomenal actor, she doesn’t get the credit she deserves..
All, the Corinthos are the best of the best actors.

Ok, folks.. remember I said this so I will win the prize..

== Sonny did NOT put or have the bomb put in Julian’s car ==

((( they will never write/have Sonny kill his son )))

My feelings exactly su0000, it wasn’t Sonny’s doing!

I agree it’s not Sonny…but is it possible that Alexis hired someone in her drunken desperation to get her life back and be rid of Julian?

OMG… finally a worthy thought… and HUGE distraction from all the laud going on….

it’s Alexis…. for all the posting I’ve shared on NLG… can she truly beat to a different drum?

it’s like come on !!!!! she’s a grown woman… the way she even acts with Sam and Molly…. “are you drinking”

she went ballistic and over the top… when Julian came to collect his last box of things

if her mob history is that fargone… that she as a lawyer doesn’t recall all the goings on in Port Charles that she hasn’t made peace with her choices

and it’s all Julians fault

poo poo shame shame… Alexis is falling off the cross

I believe it was Hornsby that tried to kill Julian

Agreed on all ends. It will be another rival family or enemy, one the audience has never heard of and has no emotional ties to.

Based on what we know right now, Sonny is responsible. He put out a hit on Julian and it backfired. So what if he tried to call it off, he set this into motion.

That said, of course, we’ll eventually find out that it wasn’t Sonny’s fault after all because the show is always giving him a get out of jail free card. Literally, in the case of AJ’s murder.

I also agree. Sonny wanted an “accident” to take care of Julian. A bomb could not be conceived as an accident, and would automatically make Sonny the obvious perpetrator. It has to be someone else.

what do you mean she doesn’t get the credit she deserves (laura wright) she’s got an emmy already, should she have an Oscar too?

Su and all…Just curious. Don’t car bombings only take place when the ignition turns on, or they turn the radio on, or open the door, etc? Why would It take several miles of driving Julian’s car for it to blow? On the other hand I don’t think Morgan would set something like this up. But who? So I do have trouble thinking Morgan was in the explosion.

Sonny’s mobster buddy probably has a car bomb app!

I also agree with Suooo. However, it is perfectly fine that Sonny is grappling with guilt–his violent life has come full circle. Let us not forget that Sonny, while in a manic state of confusion, shot Carly in the head just as she was giving birth to Morgan. Morgan was born in a swirl of violence and he allegedly died in a swirl of violence. It’s come full circle–Sonny’s vicious cycles, so I love that he feels guilt.
But yes, Sonny has frequently mentioned how Lily’s father killed his own daughter by planting a bomb meant for Sonny. There is no way Sonny would replicate that action which could invariably harm innocent victims. I do know Sonny called off the hit and I do not believe that originally planned hit involved a car bomb–Sonny just would not do go that route given how Lily died.
I think Tivette might be on to something by suggesting that it might have been Alexis.

Harry, I just want to tell you how brilliant your assessment of Steve Burton’s Jason was to Billy Miller’s. Its all in the eyes! Great observation.

Of course Sonny isn’t responsible — even when he IS responsible it’s someone else’s fault (like when he killed AJ and it was all Ava’s fault).

In addition to the fantastic acting, credit must be given for the outstanding writing this week. Having Bobbie interact with Ava and showing the Q reaction were excellent ways to work in the vets.

Haley Erin’s performance highlights how much she has grown as an actress since the low point of Silas’ death. Impressive.

Best GH episode of the year, by far.

Steve, I do agree with you on all counts. I had forgotten to mention Hayley’s (Kiki) performance.
She was also outstanding.

I’m in tears myself after watching today’s episode. Haven’t felt this genuinely emotionally moved about anything on GH since the death of Duke last year. GH always has and still to this day has the best cast in daytime. The quality of the writing comes and goes, has its ups and downs. But this was a case where the writing, the acting, everything came together perfectly.

My hats off to Jean & Shelly for a brilliant story. They get crapped on by most of the people that post here, but I like what they’ve done with the show since taking over. They’ve brought real drama and emotion back to the show. Something it was sorely lacking under the previous head writer.

And of course, brilliant performances by so many. Maurice Benard, Laura Wright, Maura West, Dominic Zamprogna, Chad Duell, Haley Erin, and how great was it to see Jackie Zeman remind us of how great she is and can still be when given emotional material to play. Not to forget Bryan Craig in his final scenes, showing Morgan spiraling out of control.

I absolutely loved the scenes with Sonny and Griffin at the church. I thought they were some of the best written scenes I’ve seen on this show in a long time. Matt Cohen has been a real find as Griffin. If the show hadn’t stupidly and unnecessarily killed off Duke, I would have loved to see him work opposite the incomparable Ian Buchanan as father and son.

Hats off to everyone at GH! They have their Emmy episode to submit for next year’s awards, as far as I’m concerned. If you watched this show and still want to come here with negativity, then seriously, go watch something else.

I admit I criticize the writing but this week so far the writing has been great. Like you said, the acting and writing came together and it has been brilliant. I am so happy Bobbi was there for Carly. It frustrates me when Bobbi, Monica and Laura are missing when their children need them most. Case in point, Maxie. She could use her mother or Mac right now! And yes, Duke and Griffin would have been magical together!

I agree with you, Dan. GH has really delivered this week.
The church scene with Griffin and Sonny served us up some damn fine writing and acting.
However, I was frustrated that as Sonny spoke of seeking vengeance and as Griffin reminded him that vengeance is the Lord’s. with the thought that no one sought vengeance for AJ’s death. Sonny murdered AJ in cold blood and got away with it.
Also, it’s hard to fathom that Sonny is so dead set on seeking revenge on Julian for killing Duke. He and Duke didn’t actually share this great Bromance like he and Jason shared. So his motivation for killing Julian wasn’t very convincing to me.

It has surprisingly been a good week of shows. It seems ever since Anna returned and put Paul in jail, the show has been moving forward after months of transition and a rough summer. I hope all the discussion of morality and killing between Griffin and Sonny is there for a grander reason than just an amazing scene. I really love what Jean & Shelly have done with the show so far. I think it’s taking a lot longer for them to rework the show than most head writers and fans have not been patient enough with them. For whatever reason, they had to move things slowly. (They have decades of stuff to clean up as well) But I see the strides forward and I want it to continue. I didn’t want to watch again after they killed off Duke, but with all the mentions of him, and the changing morality on the show, I can’t help but think PC will be a more suitable place for him and Anna (and Griffin) once it is reworked. And it will be a better show for me to watch overall. I can only be so invested in watching the same families, the Corinthoses and Jeromes, on the front burner abusing the characters I like & winning but as I saw them move Julian to his proper place and now Sonny perhaps, I have hope. And the way they blended the various romances today and weaved in all the right connections on canvas was exciting (probably a little more exciting than it should be due to poor writing from previous writers.) So I am intrigued. I will keep checking into GH. Maybe by the end of the year, Jean and Shelly will be able to 100% fix this mess of a show and set it on a new course.

Great acting! Wonderful performances by all-particularly Chad and Laura! Wow!

I just hate the fact that our beloved daytime actors do not receive the credit or respect they deserve from the rest of the television industry for their magnificent performances. Why do the soaps have to be separated out from the “evening” Emmys? Clearly today’s GH episode was a perfect example.

I an so sorry I missed this episode. Sounds like Emmy worthy performances. Definitely will watch today!

I think a lot of the time its because of the material that gets the attention is the evil twins or the back from the dead stuff. Even the actors will do talk shows and make fun of all their marriages and murders. The stuff with Morgan’s death is great. Maxie getting BJ’s heart was legendary but it never gets talked about. However, when stars like James Franco, Liz Taylor or Donna Mills do GH, they always walk away impressed with how much work is involved and how talented the daytime actors are.

Gh has outstanding actors that are slaying this s/l they had me in tears since Friday

Amazing performances by all the cast…and I think Jason was appropriately being stoic for Sonny and all. Kudos to Maura for showing such a complex series of emotions from fear to self-recriminations to abject horror at the realization of what she’s done and underneath it all, her unrequited love for Morgan. Love the writing and looking forward to all the fallout and who really was responsible. Stellar storyline and acting!


abject horror at the realization of what she’s done and underneath it all, her unrequited love

so well said…. that’s a lot of REEL…

Maura West

the Jerome women have had their lot chock full of recriminations and “crime”

LOL…. oy… all at the expense of the dullard Corinthos

Kiki…. along with mom Ava… RULE

it’s a tour de force acting troupe…. along with the sublime Avery.

I can’t even prop one over the other… I love them both… equal pairing

Kiki and Morgan
Kiki and Dillon

Hayley Erin… you ARE the best

Best acting as always. Laura should get an
Award for her acting. I cried with her. Dante needs to
Pick a side. Thus oh I might have to arrest my father
Is stupid. Great show.

The keystone cop, Dante, needs to be removed from the case.

Dante is a poor police officer ; when his family is involved in incidences , he allows them to go to extremes without intervening.

I think the whole cast is wonderful in their own way, Carly is a fabulous actor…She brought me to tears. Carly made her grief so real, it really tugged at my heart….and at the end, with Sonny breaking down….the ultimate. I love GH and have been watching it for more years than I care to admit to….Love you all!!!!

This is the stuff that keeps me watching!

Days like today remind us that “GH” has some great actors who do fantastic jobs when they actually have good material. More, please. (And I agree: It will turn out the bomb was planted by someone else. Boo.)

Really showing their acting chops. The director did a great job with this episode! Watching Sonny telling Carly though the window. We could not hear the words but we didn’t need to. The director made us feel like neighbors or friends who should not be with a couple sharing this Bravo.

Also Ava’s realization through short memories was brilliant , each flashback hurting her deeper. Great work Ms. West.

Sonny, Carly, Dante, Michael, Kiki, and Ava put an acting clinic on! Again, the writers are writing and I once again commend them. It is great stuff. Carly on the floor with Morgan,s cellphone was just heartbreaking. My FAVORITE part is at the end of the scene at the police station, everyone leaves the room except Sonny. He stares for a moment and lets out a big sigh, and CUT! It was perfect. That simple gesture told the audience that Sonny knows that he messed up big time AND his life will never be the same as he tries to face Carly and explain how this happened without him being responsible. That sigh tells me there is no way out of this one and Sonny knows it!

The actress that plays Kiki has improved a lot since she first started I don’t have to cringe anymore nice to see someone young realize they need work and really improve.

She has. Some criticize her because she cannot cry correctly. Hey look, I’ve seen people who cry look like they are laughing! Give the girl a break! I like her better than Kristen, for sure.

I have no sympathy or empathy for Sonny! Reaping what’s sown is a monster even if some fans believe that he didn’t have it done. Maybe , he stopped it in time or maybe not. Sonny’s character has been exonerated from too many crimes; I’m still having problems with his release for A.J.’s murder.

Lets talk about Michael. He did forgive Sonny for killing AJ. IF he does the same for Morgan Michael is a weak individual. He should be living with grandma Monica! Sonny should be dead to him, regardless!

This here is what daytime soaps are all about. Telling great stories and some of the finest acting. This single episode should win many Emmy awards.

so true.. Timmm.. could not have said it better, but must add Jason/Billy Miller was exceptional as well .. all the actors amazing.. keep it up writers.. thats what our GH writers wait for… Amazing scripts and stories.. thats when the audience can truly watch them shine.. Bravo

You know what I love about Laura Wright? It’s that when she has scenes where she is supposed to cry, she really is pouring waterworks on us. Her nose gets so red that you know it’s the real thing. I noticed that about her when she played Cassie on GL and had to show emotion in Richard’s death scenes. I remember how her acting blew me away and it still does to this day. she is one of those actresses who could be doing so much of a bigger thing but she gives us her powerful talent on soaps and that is something I will always take from her and from anyone who wants to entertain me this way!!!

James, great observations….Laura Wright is amazing.

I’m sorry but this is tired. They’ve done this story and aftermath with Robin and many others. It’s very easy to play surprise death and trot out the vets. They mishandled Cragi’s character for the entire run. And the fact that Julian’s still around. Terrible.

I agree about Bryan Craig. Wasn’t a fan. The car bomb storyline was done exceptionally well in the 90’s when Lily was in the car, in the “clink boom” episode. Nowadays, it’s rehashed material; however, the actors did a great job with the material (Laura, Maura, and Maurice, especially).

You mean that you aren’t upset that Sonny still exists?

It’s a better episode than we’ve seen in a while.

I have been a Maura West fan since her early days on ATWT. She is the main reason (along with my Y&R faves Billy Miller and Michelle Stafford), I tune on occasion. Billy Miller was wonderful as Billy Abbott, but not being connected to the history of Sam and Jason, I can take or leave the couple and I feel Mr Miller isn’t I into the role the way he was when he was on Y&R. As for Maura West, she gave a flawless performance. The show as a whole was excellent. The cast really gave gut wrenching, heart stopping performances. Congrats to all.

Omg it was very sad I cried and cried

I totally agree, soap Queen forever. But I’m convinced the fault does not lie with Billy, but with the conception of who Jason actually is now. At this point I’d say leave it up to Billy to find his own way. Sometimes when an actor is that creative, he can do a better job fleshing out a character than a writer. He didn’t win 3 Emmys by being an enigma, which seems to be the box they’re trying to write him into. Unless they just don’t want him to be as “adored” as Sonny or some other possibly jealous cast mate.

I felt really bad for Carly she really loves all of her children & is very protective. Laura Wright gave a stellar performance.

Maura was superb!

There has been a lot wrong with GH for a long time, but this week has been a shining example of everything RIGHT with GH.
This week every episode has been firing on all cylinders with no stop in sight.
I agree with posters above, GH has some of the most talented actors in television. And this week their talent has been displayed at every turn.
I’ve been mesmerized by the writing, the production, the camera work, and the acting has been outstanding. A shining example of what these talented people are capable of when they get material that challenges them and makes them dig deep and go to those places that bring us to our knees.
Laura Wright, Maurice Benard, Dominic Zamprogna, Maura West, Chad Duell have pulled out all the stops.
It’s always a treat to see our vets used to add even more depth and history to scenes. Jacklyn Zeiman is always a welcome sight and her part in this story has brought even more connection to the past.
One very touching scene for me was Dante telling Lulu about meeting Morgan for the first time. It’s the little details, the nuances that most of the time get left behind, but in this case led to an even deeper connection for the characters.
I know this is a huge story, a very significant story and I also realize all stories can’t be as deep, intense or emotional, but now that we’ve been shown what Jean and Shelly and the other writers are capable of, I hope this trend continues.

I whole heartily agree they all played their greif excellant. As a mother I lost my daughter over a year ago and felt all those emotions to a tee. The writers and actors really showed how loosing a child is the worst excruciating pain a parent could feel. Also she was bi polar and looked to Maurice as example. Ive been watching GH for 53 years and this episode was. Excellant.


Standing O to the cast of GH. By far one of the most spectacular and talented casts in the industry. Right now I am still wiping away tears from watching Ava deal with the death of Morgan. Maura West manages to convey so much depth in her portrayals of so many characters. I have followed Maura West everywhere she has been. She is one of the few ladies in daytime who knows how to bring it EACH and EVERY time. The story was just a great story from the time they introduced the concept of Morgan being bipolar. Bryan Craig is a huge hole that will be difficult to fill. He was multi-dimensional in his portrayal of Morgon Corinthos. The last few scenes with Morgan were flawless. When he stepped out of the car and it exploded I literally just held my breath. I knew it was coming. I knew a disaster would happen but it still took my breath away. I already expressed my love of Maura West but then I watched Maurice Benard. Sweet Lord, when he is given meat to perform he does it with relish. The slow revelation of the horror that he may have been responsible for the death of his OWN son was beyond phenomenal. His looks. His eyes. His actions. Like every good man does – and father – he dealt with the family around him. Watching him tell Carly yanked the tears out of my eyes. Then when he fell apart when Carly confronted him on being responsible for Morgan’s death I just fell apart. Everything hit at once. Dante’s anger. Michael’s fury and pain. His own loss and then the woman he loved…no man would handle that well. But Sonny’s reaction was just gut punching real. I wiped away tears and held my stomach because it literally was in pain. Laura Wright as Carly – perfect. I love this lady so much. Her character may do some crazy ass crap but Laura Wright makes it all too real. I love Carly Jax Corinthos and I am not ashamed. Hayley Erin as Kiki has taken awhile to adjust to. She was the best she has ever been in this last episode. I believed her pain and felt for her which is more than I did when Silas died. Chad Duell as Michael just gets me. This man has lost so much in the last few weeks. Sabrina. Teddy. And now Morgan. He may lose a relationship with Sonny too. Chad Duell is just stunning in his portrayal of Michael. Just leaves me speechless. He deserves so much applause. Billy Miller is a great actor. He does the very best he can with the dribble he is given. All the comparisons to Steve Burton’s portrayal of Jason are unfair. Billy Miller has more talent in his pinky than Steve Burton will ever have in his entire body. Billy’s reactions are everything. His timing is spot on. Jason is referred to as “Stone Cold” and he usually carries that through. His reaction to Morgan’s death was in keeping with his character. He had to break this news to so many people and hold it together. Most of all keeping Sonny in check. I can’t say anything bad about this man. He just is what he is with no pretense. Dominic Zomprogna — dear lord, he makes me cry when he gets emotional. He holds it back till he is just about to break and then lets it go and instant payoff. That man needs more stories about him written. I love the character but I love that actor. He is amazing. Right now I am going to stop ranting and raving and be like Ava Jerome and get in the elevator and cry myself to sleep. Kudos to the cast this week for the best performances on ANY soap. I love GH for a reason and this week was proof positive as to the reason why. EXCELLENT WORK!!!!!

When sonny told Carly and they both dropped to the floor crying

the powerhouse performances are once again weighed on Ava and Kiki

two of the strongest women on the show… with guts character aplomb… to continue carrying the show

even when it seems like they may never get their share of LOVE

stand alone acts

Hayley Erin has made a huge improvement since she started as Kiki….great job!! Your hard work is paying off!

Carly was amazing . I love Sunny and feel so sorry for him.
I hope it won’t take months to figure out what Ava did.

Laura Wright : APB / STAT to wardrobe

please … if you want to ease on down the road… with character driven

let’s be statuesque…. check your pumps flats or heels

you move like a john deere tractor

is it because you tower over Maurice Benard

you should be able to pivot streamline your bod

take a look at Claudette / and/or Nina back in her Y&R days

before you even open your mouth… you’ve mowed every one down.

Amazing job by all!!!!!

This episode is definitely Emmy-worthy. I loved it. Laura Wright especially was magnificent!

I’d like to also take this time to say kudos to GH for its updated opening credits. I love the new pictures of the cast…especially Finola Hughes! Finally this gorgeous woman has a picture that does her justice. Good job!

Lastly, can someone please put the extremely annoying Sam in her place? I’m weary of watching this skank walk into other people’s homes and start ripping them for their misdeeds and shortcomings. Really, I was hoping Elizabeth would bitch slap her out her front door when she had the audacity to trash her budding relationship with Franco in this woman’s own living room. Her holier than thou attitude is working my last nerve. There are times that I could vomit just looking at her.


So much of this storyline rings hollow for me.

As always the biggest problem with the story (and the show in general) for me is the writing for Sonny and Carly. The man is a career criminal whose lifestyle has resulted in his family being hurt time and again (he shot Carly in the head when she was in labor, he shot Dante when he thought he was just an undercover cop and not his own son, Michael was shot in the head as a result of an attempt on Sonny’s life) and Carly has made a career out of looking the other way and standing by her man no matter what (including her children being exposed to danger) so they just come off looking kind of stupid when they react with such surprise that violence has entered their lives on such a personal level yet again. (Of course the show won’t be brave enough to actually let Sonny be responsible for Morgan’s death because it’s just easier to make him a victim of bad things instead of writing him as someone capable of doing bad things).

As for Michael — oy. If he could forgive Sonny for killing AJ, you know this Morgan thing will barely be a speed bump in their father/son relationship. I would think that a guy who lost his girlfriend to a serial killer and his brother to a mob-war car bombing possibly perpetrated by his “father” in the space of a few weeks would be beyond devastated and denounce violence and those who commit it. Nope, not Mikey — he’s ready to let Sonny off the hook and go blame Kiki instead.

Maura West’s Ava was the only character who I truly felt sorry for. Ava is her own worst enemy, acting on impulse and regretting her actions later. It always amazes me how much this actress does with the material she is given.

What was with Lulu’s reaction to Morgan’s death today? The characters have probably spent an hour of airtime together (if that) since Morgan came back to town so I really didn’t buy the extreme reaction. Just another example of why shorthand writing doesn’t pay off on soaps.

And of course I can’t help but wonder if the death of his nephew will be the impetus to finally bring Lucas’ never-ending honeymoon to a close and send him back to Port Charles…

Brilliant writing,Brilliant performances! I predict Outstanding Lead Actress Category to be dominated by GH actresses !! And this is Domenic Zamprogna year – he is so underrated !!

GH delivers again. Emmy powerhouse! Congrats to all but will miss Bryan Craig’s character of Morgan.

Wow, this story is really pulling out incredible performances from everyone involved!! But I have to give props again to my fav, Dom Zamprogna. I love that he has material that is getting him some recognition for the talent that he is. Dom moved me with Dante’s quiet intensity and real, raw emotion. I love how Dante tries to be strong for everyone while his heart is breaking, and Dom captures that perfectly.

To me the standout scenes were the ones with Dom and the always terrific Laura Wright. Dante and Carly have never been the best of friends but these scenes showed them united in their grief. It was heartwrenching to watch Dante struggle to describe the events of the previous night, to the distraught Carly, while fighting back his own tears and pain. Emmy worthy performances.

I loved the last scene when Dante unleashed his anger on the furniture and Dom made me feel Dante’s relief when he could finally let out his pain and grief and find comfort in the arms of his love, Lulu. While short, the scenes displayed the connection between Dom and Emme Rylan, that make it work

Kudos to the writers, directors and actors for character driven, engrossing drama that is GH at it’s finest.

I believe it was Paul Hornsby.

General Hospital

GH’s Mark Teschner Tells Casting Stories of Johnny Wactor, Giovanni Mazza, Rebecca Herbst & Nicholas Chavez

This week during a very informative and insightful conversation, General Hospital’s 11-time Emmy-winning casting director and now a Daytime Emmy Silver Circle honoree, Mark Teschner spoke on finding the talent for specific roles on the ABC daytime drama series throughout his near three and half decades with the show.

During a livestream chat on the Michael Fairman Channel, Teschner recalled some of the behind the scenes casting stories that brought many beloved favorites to the GH family including the late Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando), the newly-arrived, Giovanni Mazza (Gio), longtime fan favorite, Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth), and rising star, Nicholas Chavez (ex-Spencer) to name but a few.

When speaking with sadness over the loss of Wactor, who was shot and killed back on May 25th, and what he brought to the character of Brando, Teschner recalled, “With Johnny, what you see is what you get. You see the most kind decent, standup guy, and that’s innately who he is. So, that quality comes through in his work and with the character.”

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Mark explained, “Brando was a raw kind of hothead, troubled kind of character, and Johnny was able to go there. He had a real intensity that he was able to bring to the role, but at the same time, the character of Brando had to have this depth and this giant heart that he doesn’t necessarily reveal when you first see him. Well, Johnny had the biggest heart of anyone you’ll ever meet. So that essence was already there, and then his acting and his skill played the character. Johnny brought so much of who he was to the character, and there was something so authentic about him.”

Photo: ABC

Giovanni Mazza recently debuted on GH as “Gio”, so what was his road to landing in Port Charles? Teschner shared, “I was casting a recurring role for a 15-year-old on the show, but when I’m doing the audition, sometimes I’ll open it up because we try to cast true to age, really within a year or so.  If you think about it, all the kids in our show are the exact age of the characters that they’re playing. Because if you have somebody that’s older playing younger, it sticks out because they’re not going to blend age-wise. But I did read a number of actors that were older just because they looked interesting. Gio’s audition came in. I was viewing this through self tapes, and there was just something about him. It wasn’t just that he was a great-looking kid, it was just there’s something very soulful about him and something very compelling, and he draws you in. ”

Photo: ABC

Mark continued, “So with the group of the 15-year-olds that I sent to Frank Valeintini (EP, GH), I said, ‘Hey, I’m including this kid, Giovanni Mazza. I’m well aware he’s too old, but I just want you to see him.’

After having him come into audition, two weeks later, Frank called Mark and told him they were putting Gio under contract. Teschner added, “So, that was an example where it was his first week in LA, it was his first and ever audition. So we got  before anybody else.  I think he’s really gonna develop into, you know, quite a young actor.”

Becky Herbst has been beloved as Elizabeth for decades, and Teschner recounted her audition process and how she came to the role of Elizabeth. “She (originally) auditioned for the role of Sarah Webber. But the role of Elizabeth was created for Becky. While the character of Sarah did not last long, here we are with Becky 30 years later.”

Teschner cited Becky’s casting as a great example. “I always tell actors when they come into audition, you lay it out, you put it all out there, you bring everything you have to that role. You may not get the role, but if you do good work, you get remembered. And it’s so true.”

Photo: ABC

Nicholas Chavez popped in the role of Spencer Cassadine before exiting the series. Teschner tells how Chavez came onto the GH casting radar. “Nicholas sent his self tape in from Florida and the rest is history. He had a meteoric impact on the show.” Mark added, “You always have an expectation and the hope that they’re (the actor) going to nail it and run with it. But sure, there are actors, you think, ‘They’re gonna be awesome,’ and then all of a sudden it goes to another level. With Nicholas Chavez, we knew he’d be amazing, but you know, who knew? Well, we did.”

Watch the full conversation with Mark Teschner below where he talks about even more of the casting stories behind some of your GH favorites, then and now.

What you think of the Teschner’s eye for talent casting the characters of General Hospital? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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General Hospital

(WATCH) 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Winners Interviews

Last Friday night at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, many of the daytime drama series and performer winners took to the ‘Winners Walk’ to share their reactions on taking home the gold in their respective categories.

Speaking with Michael Fairman TV were: Outstanding Lead Actress winner, Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, The Young and the Restless), Outstanding Lead Actor, Thorsten Kaye (Ridge, The Bold and the Beautiful) along with friend and former B&B co-star, Alley Mills (ex-Pam, now Heather, GH), and his daughter McKenna, who attended the ceremonies with her dad.

In addition, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Daytime Drama Series, Robert Gossett (Marshall, General Hospital) stopped by to celebrate his win, as did Outstanding Supporting Actress, Courtney Hope (Sally, The Young and the Restless).

Photo: NATAS

General Hospital won both Outstanding Directing Team in a Daytime Drama Series and Outstanding Writing for a Daytime Drama Series, and both former co-head writers, Dan O’Connor and Chris Van Etten, spoke to us following their victories, as did the Directing team led by Robert Markham, Tina Keller and Allison Reames.

The Young and the Restless icon star, Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) along with her husband, The Bold and the Beautiful’s producer Edward J. Scott were the recipients of the Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award honors, and spoke on what it was like to take the stage and deliver their acceptance speeches after the moving tribute from many of their colleagues.

Photo: NATAS

Make sure to check out our red carpet interviews from soap’s biggest night and all the winners conversations via You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel.

Now, watch our 2024 Daytime Emmy winners interviews below.  Then, let us know who you were most happy to see taking home an Emmy for their work via the comment section.

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General Hospital

Bryan Craig Teases ‘Who Could It Be’ in Response to General Hospital’s Returning Mystery Man

Since General Hospital’s executive producer, Frank Valentini dropped a major bombshell of what’s to come on the long-running daytime drama at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, the guessing games have begun of just what former GH actor is returning to the cast this summer.

Speaking with ABC’s On The Red Carpet, as previously reported, Valentini shared, “A former cast member is coming back. And I think that the audience will go crazy for HIM.”

That has led to major online speculation that it could be anyone from: Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky), Greg Vaughn (ex-Lucky), Ted King (ex-Lorenzo Alcazar), Nicholas Chavez (ex-Spencer), and Bryan Craig (ex-Morgan) among others, that might be the gentlemen being referenced.

Photo: JPI

On Wednesday, responding to a post on the subject from Soap Opera Digest, Bryan Craig commented, “Who could it be ….”  Now, clearly he can just be having some fun with the situation to throw fans off-track, or he might be giving us a tease of what’s to come.

Before exiting GH, the actor won two Daytime Emmys for his performances as Morgan Corinthos in 2016 and 2017.  Craig appeared on GH from 2013-2016 and made a return in 2018. Since departing GH, Bryan has appeared most recently in Freeform’s Good Trouble and ABC’s Grand Hotel, plus several independent films.

The character of Morgan was killed-off the show when Olivia Jerome set a bomb that exploded in the car that Morgan got into, but was meant to kill Olivia’s brother Julian Jerome. Morgan’s death caused a huge split in the relationship of Carly and Sonny.

So, do you think Bryan Craig is just having fun with the audience, or do you think it’s possible he is the big return Frank Valentini is talking about? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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