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DAYS Arianne Zucker Speaks Out On Being Thrust Into Public Spotlight: "I'm Ready To Use It For Positivity"



On Thursday morning’s installment of Today on NBC, Days of our Lives star Arianne Zucker (Nicole), who unknowingly became thrust into the middle of a media firestorm, when lewd remarks said by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and former Access Hollywood host, Billy Bush surfaced in a 2005 videotape, had a chance to speak out publicly for the first time.  As fans of the soap now know, Trump and Bush were on their way to Days of our Lives in 2005 for Trump to do a guest appearance while he was host of The Apprentice, and were greeted by Zucker, who was nothing but professional and courteous.

In a sit-down interview with NBC’s Janet Shamlian, the talented and eloquent Zucker addressed Trump’s comments, and how she hopes to use being in the public spotlight since the video surfaced, to enlighten lives moving forward. Arianne first noted that the whole experience has been “surreal”.

The Daytime Emmy-nominated performer said she wants to use her notoriety in the most positive of ways and hopes what she has gone through will also help her young daughter, Isabella, in life as well: “I want to teach my daughter that if she ever gets put in a situation like mommy is in right now, that she will hold her head high. And if she has learned anything from this, how can she share this with other women, or young girls. or whoever is around her, boys even.  I think young men can learn from this on how not to be when they are in front of women, or when they are speaking about women.”

When asked what she thought of Donald Trump’s remarks in the video, she expressed: “They are offensive comments for women, period  Yes, they are.”  After seeing how Trump apologized for the “locker room talk” as he now refers to it from the video, Zucker added, “That was an interesting apology.”

So many of Arianne’s DAYS co-stars past and present have been very supportive of the high road she has taken through this whole ordeal, and in the interview with Today, she summed it up best about how she plans to move forward with what she gained from this public scandal: “I am ready to use it in a proper way.  I am ready to use it for positivity, and I’m ready to use it for women to step forward, and to do good things in my life, and for other people.”  On-Air On-Soaps has always found Zucker inspiring through her constant charity work, and her work ethic.

Watch Arianne’s segment on Today below.  Then let us know what you thought of her remarks, and how she has handled herself in this most difficult of situations in the comment section below.

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Good for her…i am not sticking up for Trump but i do put part of the blame on an oversexed entertainment industry that puts lewd remarks and sex in everything from movies, tv and music…look how much bed hopping is shown…it is forced fed to us to a point its made acceptable to most…no wonder some people act atrocious to and around others…when i was a kid you rarely heard people use four letter words or act out sexually in public and when they did they were chastised for it or fined or even jailed…i can accept a few bedroom scenes here and there but not the graphic near porno stuff…i’ve been called an old prude because of my opinions but i dont care-at least you wont see me acting like some pig around others!!!

AS for president i still think no Trump wont take any b.s. out there…I met Hiliary and she was nice but i find her a bit weak…

she is far from weak.. just because she doesn’t yell and pound her chest, she is a lady, she has enduring strength, and has accomplished mush against all the odds..
and– Hillary doesn’t brag about grabbing guys dicks, and she doesn’t sexual abuse anyone..

Trump or Hillary will be president..
Hillary has 30yrs experience. worked with 2 presidents, and she knows how while Trump is void of all knowledge and I do not want an easily angered Kindergarten President in training when our world is a powder keg.. LOL ..

Hillary is a controlled Hawk… 😉

Trump is a rich, arrogant, and classless loud mouth. If he’s elected President his foot in mouth disease will land us in WWIII.

Classy, Ari…..she is handling this with so much finesse. More than I can say for others. I will not sit here and condone what Trump said. Disgusting and reprehensible. I just hope it was all man-show. The ‘star’ trying to be the he-man. Obnoxious talk, nonetheless.
I question the veracity of both sides, at this point. Lesser of the two evils? But, actions speak louder than words. From what I understand, there is corruption within the corruption: Hillary’s team. Pay attention to the leaked emails. ….makes my hair stand on end. Ignoble and criminal, is what is circulating. The ‘bleaching’? The playing ignorant?

The media has been so biased……Hollywood and its ‘refined’ residents are not the most intelligent crowd. Let’s be fair.
It is more than a coincidence for these women coming out just when the Hillary scathing emails were leaked.
Good heavens, imagine if Trump had made disparaging remarks about Catholics and Evangelicals???? But, Hillary comes out smelling like a rose?
So, her team skirts the issue by saying Russia is responsible for the hacking. Be that as it may, the content speaks for itself. It is a ploy to obfuscate the obvious.
Mrs. Clinton, according to many, who know this as fact….all documented…..feel that she has enabled her husband for his behavior by blaming and going after his alleged victims. But, it happened when? Who cares about what she did or Trump did. Give me your policies. Stop pointing fingers.
Bill was a baaaad boy. Gross. Nonetheless, he ran the country well. So, how do we know what Trump can do? I wish Pence were running.
Let’s not forget the twelve-year-old little girl whose rapist Hillary defended and won. This is the woman who is all for women’s and children’s rights?
Who to choose? I know that I do not want open borders…..or my taxes skyrocket, or a continuation of Obamacare.
Another plane went down in East Hartford, CT…( some think E Hartford is Hartford; no, East Hartford is a town, Hartford is the capital and a city).
A Jordanian with a visa, taking flying lessons. Huh? Remember 9/11, anyone? Why was this allowed in the first place? I love America. This is my home, and, at the risk of sounding ‘unfeeling’, our tax dollars are going to thousands and thousands of refugees…..people are starving in our country. People are still suffering from Katrina and Sandy. But, here we are; HARVESTING!!!!!
I was waiting for a woman to run for the presidency!!!! Finally!!! But, Lo and Behold; what a bitter pill to swallow. I am sick of this election. God help us!!
I do not care about their private lives….things that happened years ago……but I do care about giving out classified info that can potentially destroy us. There is too much of a cover-up going on!!! Who to trust? This is really bad.

Poor Ari…she is unwillingly stuck in this predicament. I do appreciate her diplomacy….I wish more people were as fair and realistic as she. She spoke her mind without insulting anyone, but instead she put avpositive spin to her answer and outlook. What a wonderful quality to have.

Suooo is right–Hillary is a bit of a hawk and more of a Republican than Donald.
I voted for Bernie in the primary and how I miss him. Trump compares himself to Ronald Reagan. Can you imagine Ronald Reagan speaking in such a vile and disgusting way?
However, vowed I would support her after I saw the threat of the Orange Menace looming our way.
I know it’s Halloween, but I am really tired of scary and lurking clowns.

To Celia, Though I don’t want to discuss the 2016 election here, I would like to note the Hillary Clinton did NOT make ANY disparaging remarks about Catholic or Evangelicals. There’s a lot to unpack in your comments, but this is just a quick fact-check.

As to Ari, she’s a classy lady and I love her positive approach. All the best to her.

CeeCee…don’t believe the false information. Hillary Did NOT want to defend that man. She was a young lawyer and a judge assigned her to the case. She didn’t want to take it and asked to be excused; the judge refused. She is on record saying she didn’t want it and was uncomfortable with it. She was also said to be laughing about the case. Again, out of context.

If you despise our fictitious Sonny…well…Trump? Hmmmm.. As far as 9/11, Hillary fought to get health coverage for first responders. Children? She fought and eventually got legislation passed so all children would have health care.

Trump is a New Yorker. he’s supposedly worth billions. While not his legal obligation to help anyone or anything…his “moral” obligation seems to be lacking. He was nowhere during 9/11, he contributed nothing, there is no proof of any charitable causes he’s ever contributed to and by his own admittance…not because he disclosed but because it was exposed…he hadn’t paid federal taxes in 20 years. His Trump Foundation is not properly legally registered and there is no evidence what he does with the money that he gets from others.a billionaire asking money from others!

He knows and respects Putin…then lol in the next breath says he doesn’t know him. He says he doesn’t know who the white supremacists are. Really? If one of our soap characters was pursued like The Donald…you’d despise him. This man is not qualified. He dares ask what Hillary has done in the last 30 years. She did and tried as much as she could in whatever role she was in. She’s served the public for thirty years trying to implement change while trump was running beauty pageants, nightclubbing, trading in wives ( he’s on record as saying he dumps women after 35.) sigh…it’s exhausting. People can have all the questions or doubts they want about Hillary but our choice is what it is…these two. Trump is not an empathetic man. He’s power hungry and a control freak, a manipulator who twists words to take the blame off himself. Remember our recent NY scare? I’d feel much more confident with Hillary in charge than the sel-proclaimed Apprentice/Tv reality star who runs pageants.

Correction: if one of our soap characters was “portrayed” not pursued Like “The Donald…”

Mollie…Thanks for clarifying what many of us already knew. Baffles me where these rumours start…sort of. And Rebecca good comment on your part as well,..again. Again baffling that it has to be repeated in different ways when all you have to do is look at the Donald “perform” right in front of your very eyes. Incredible!

Mollie…P.S. I can’t promise, but I’m going to try to not discuss the election on MF as well. It’s better for the soul. 🙂

Donald Trump has quite the ego…

he’s a self-made millionaire… with help from his father… roughly ??? 1 million dollars start up… so his assets , on paper, may be billionaire

corporate greed is not a foreign term… lobbyists factor in to all those who are voted in to office; are suspect… this is where the ??? 1 to 10% of the rich “govern” are livelihood ?

he’s stood atop HIS world… with nary a naysay…. that’s power… is he minding the store with equanimity ? caring for all people… regardless of their socio-economic class ?

NO … is not part of his vocabulary

it’s just as Hillary said in the last debate… how to find common ground and bi-partisan with a majority run by republicans in both the house and senate.

this is where Donald Trump is going to balk and his real colors show… how to compromise and explain to the people that are adversely affected

it just riles me to no end… the enormity of the middle and lower classes are always being gouged to pay more.. and prices go up… all the time … with rents, mortgages, food…. just the staples alone is trying.

E-MAIL: why didn’t the FBI find fault ? why didn’t they just nip this in the bud ? because the legal process won out ? their was reasonable doubt? I wish it was in the media… that she or he are not the first nor will they be the last to be subject to all the new technologies out their to adhere.

HACKERS… come from all walks of life … all over the world. why wouldn’t OUR United States of America be targeted… AND to the detriment of our fair practices and to the advantage of foreign countries who would benefit ? ie: Russia / ISIS / so many other countries who’s economies are failing and help … from the US and other foreign countries are waning.

“sadly” it’s become to each his own.

I am so excited that a woman could be governing our judicial system. the democratic process finds her eligible fair and with leadership skil… a mind that is worth her person… her 30 plus years in our government… plus she said… is invaluable

I liken it to going back to our beginnings… when MOM minds the store and all her family…. children and husband… rally. she’d be the new Queen of England. let’s just go back to the state of independence and adhere to our bylaws statutes that are all inclusive. declarations are not unfounded but simply rallied around … Ms. Hillary Clinton. the world knows the United States of America. it’s making good decisions to lead

men can be such dolts.. its no wonder all the infighting… why the power is always fought over…. QUIT the struggle… a women in office could be key to lessening all our masculinity pride and bring out a mindset that gives all the men in office an even keel… stability folks…. and forge ahead when a consensus is reached

oy ! I love the Clintons.

so… what is the real key ?

because she’s a woman ?
because he’s channeling his empire for strategic connections to other countries who’d benefit each other ?

so the backlash and visceral is still not abated.. because all the little people who have one vote… are not angry enough to trust.

it’s all more drama than needs to be…

yet… it’s alarming… because the USA suffers the consequences of the world market… it’s like a no win situation… and has been… since George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan were in office… we’ve made headway and bounced back… WITH Mr. Barrack Obama…. I so admire Barack and Michelle.

Long live America

the long and short of it…. I would LOVE for California to buck up and heed warning…

legalize marijuana

it’s estimated that CA return on taxes… upwards of a BILLION dollars a year

how do you like them apples…

so much fighting … wasting time for our economies

Haven’t talked to you CeeCee in a long time. I totally agree with everything you said. I love my soaps but this is politics and it turned into a dirty soap. Mud slinging back and forth. I want to hear politics Q & A not “well on like her” ” on like him” junk either. Donald with the tape…disgusting. Hillary with the lies, email leaks, Bengazi etc. dangerous. Nuff said.


“… I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything,” ”

the operative word… careless

“I don’t even wait”

I don’t know how an article about Arianne Zucker’s response to Trump’s “locker room” talk turned into a commentary about Hillary Clinton. This presidential election has been beyond depressing and Trump and his sueeogates have been engaging in a whole lot of projection and deflection.
As Mollie asserts, Hillary didn’t makes disparaging remarks about Catholics. The remarks came from an employee of hers and that employee is a Catholic herself. She was merely pontificating about the power of the Vatican.
Patrick, Mollie and Rebecca, I completely concur with your comments.
Bec, my brother is a public defender. When he was young idealist and just starting out he went through a rude awakening when he was forced to defend defendants he knew were guilty. You’re correct when you say young Hillary requested that she not defend this man. But under the Miranda rights all citizens have a right to a proper defense and the judge appointed Hillary as the defender despite her protestations. When you hear her laugh a bit about the process and having to defend a man she knew is guilty, what you heard was the idealist turning into a cynic–that was a sad laugh, a cynical laugh. After this case Hillary Clinton started a rape crisis clinic.
In any case, Arianne Zucker is to commended for speaking out against this type of speech, sexual assaults and for using it as teachable moment for her daughter.

Y’all are quite smart! Love your feedback. 🙂

One thing we probably all agree on is that Arianna Zucker handled that disgusting situation with dignity. Proud of her !

CeeCee my friend it’s been so long. You are so right. I think H.C. will win but lets see what the country looks like in 4 more years. To bring over that many refuges wow! Take a look at Europe/Germany/and lately Italy not to mention soon they will become citizens and able to vote. How long before we all wear Hijab’s showing only our eyeballs. The media is cruel in this election and the only outlet that is honest is Fox. CeeCee you will never change the mind of a Trump supporter nor a Hillary supporter. The best you can do is vote with your heart.

I think it’s more the violence that they have put in the entertainment industry that is the problem. Donald’s words are violence.

What a terrible position to be put in. Glad she’s using it for positive, esp to uplift others and teach about respect. Good for her.

she handled herself just the right way, but how creepy is Donald Trump? theres no getting around his creepiness.

I will still vote for trump , clinton is a lying women who things shes is better than other people do you what a women that who will take away your relious freedom who cant tell the trurth she lyed to the F.B.I need I say more

Hilary nor any other elected President can take away our religious freedom.

Agreed, Judy.

Celia…Thoughts on media bias…when I listen to CNN both sides are well represented. And I see the Trump spokespersons everywhere else as well. Right now a Pence is on CBS Morning show.

For more info with substance, I will suggest a very good interview Charlie Rose did yesterday on his PBS show with John Carlin, Asst Attorney General for Nat’l Security, which includes cyber hacking, the Russian involvement, and agendas. Some would say the recent hacks might have been literally doctored because the Russians have an end game…Donald and his ego would be easier to “deal with” than Hillary who has shown she is tough in the past. And whose to say they weren’t doctored?

But Donald isn’t so cryptic. If what you see is what you get, if you’ve followed him, watched him, listened to what he has said since the beginning of his “campaign,” it’s hard for me to believe that anyone would want him to represent our country and it’s values…especially women for their own self- esteem, and as a role model for children and teens.

Bill’s been bad but he’s not running for President. If I can give any excuse for how Hillary may or may not have gone after these women (echos of what Trump is alleged to have done and continues to say?), maybe it was denial, anger, betrayal, or woman scorned. All I know is she didn’t fade into the woodwork and has still dedicated herself to women, children and families. Oh, and international politics. Donald doesn’t have such a good track record of public service, but he did have a good accountant after bankruptcies, and he really can relate to the 99% from his literally golden penthouse and airplane.

By the way my brother lives in Indiana. Pence has been not so good for the education system. And for gays.

Not sure where anyone thought Hillary would take away their religious freedom.

Like you, I’ll be glad when this circus of a campaign season is over. We just may support different candidates.

Excellent post up above there, “CeeCeeGirl! Your numerous thoughts completely echo my own and you’ve covered the bases quite capably….I need not elaborate upon most of what you have already stated so very well. I merely wish to expand upon your canny reference to the dispersal of the highly disturbing and still ongoing Wikileaks information: if people would dare access it for themselves—since the mainstream media will never distribute it to the masses—that alone should be enough for any sane, patriotic American (not to mention one of the Catholic or other Christian faiths…) to say these words and deeds are absolutely NOT acceptable under any circumstances and cannot be allowed to continue and flourish at the highest levels of the U.S. government…our very civilization and culture are at risk here…the stakes are that high in this election. In terms of your take on DJT, I am also in agreement….his proposed policies speak far louder than any ” naughty boy talk,” no matter how much one personally disapproves…and yes, I do!!!! But…..compared to the reams of utterly reprehensible sentiments expressed in the Wikileaks files, his “fraternity house chatter” is at best a non-issue given the immediate gravity of this election, and at worst, something with which to be taken to task down the road, yet certainly not considered a disqualifier for a Trump presidency. However, I must add that I fully expected when Bill’s multitude of decades long sexual sins finally made the light of day that the left would employ the old Alinskyite tactic of projecting similar behavior upon their opponent, so sadly, none of these scurrilous allegations being thrown rapid fire at The Donald surprises me. As Karl Marx advised, “Accuse others of what you do.” Enough said…..Later, mia amica!

Scary times, Celia!

It seems that Trump’s hands were where they didn’t belong quite often, so why should his hands be anywhere near the nuclear codes and/or button? Hillary’s hands are dirty and she may want to show the world how tough a woman can be in a man’s world. She may be willing to blow countries up if they’re leaders are as nasty as her husband.

On a lighter note, I liked Arianne speaking out. The impression she gave me is she really didn’t want to be there. She’s not wanting the attention that so many people would grab onto and never let go.

We need a President that commands attention for the right reasons, but neither candidate can be trusted.

Sad times too, Celia.

*their leaders

CeeCee…Russia is suspected of hacking into wikileaks and trying to influence the election inTrump’s favor. Hillary is a pm experienced politician and they have more to risk with her as president than Trump who they seem to have in their pocket. IF…and that’s IF, those emails were real, well, it was a Catholic person on Hillary’s team…not Hilllary.

As far as RpTrump Nd religion? We know FACTS:

He has white supremacist supporters who hate anything other than the ” white race”… Their color, their religion. Trump never denounced them

trump was given years ago a book of Hitler’s Speeches which he kept by his bedside and read every night…also has kept it in his office

Picked an Evangelical ax VP Taking a calculated risk it would get the evangelical vote

His pick for VP doesn’t respect separation of Church and State and said as much in the vp debate. This is OUR America…it’s not for any leader to impose his or her religion on the country.

Once again, Trump tries to turn the table. You have to be smart enough to see him do it…

On a personal note, he makes me cringe. Whenever he opens that puckered mouth I want to scream. Pompous ass.

@Shay: What Trump was heard saying on that video was not “naughty boy talk” or “locker room talk”, or “fraternity house chatter”, he was talking about sexual assault, plain and simple. Let’s stop trying to explain it away or sugar coat it, and call it what it really is.

And for those that further want to defend Trump’s abhorrent words by saying they were just words, he didn’t actually sexually assault anyone, well I think the parade of women bravely coming out of the shadows to have their stories told about this reprehensible piece of garbage would say otherwise.

I was a proud Bernie Sanders supporter, and I’m no fan of Hillary by any means. But when it comes down to her or Trump, the choice is very easy. I will vote for Hillary any day over letting that vile, mentally unhinged, disgusting, thin skinned orange sleaze bag sit in the White House with his finger on the red button. Have a good day.

Hello, my friend,
I can’t take it anymore. LOL. This is really stressing me out. More so because I am familiar with him….I know people who know people who know people….he has always been the gentleman.
My gripe is why doesn’t the media talk about Hillary and her indescretion? Present a balance?
I have a brain; I think I can descern between right or wrong, good and evil.
She has allegedly committed political crimes agsinst her own country… know; spilling classified info to leaders of other countries. She has rubbed shoulders with Putin. She and her husband accepted monies for giving a speech in Russia. Then, she truns the tables and calls Trump someone to suspect? Let us not forget the Iran nuclear enrichment; the millions ‘given’ to that dangerous, back-stabbing nation; Ssudi Arabia and Isis.
I have dug deep Rose. Eight years ago I voted for Hillary, who lost to Obama for whom I voted in the next election.
I have seen videos where Hillary bashes gays and was against gay marriages. One of my very good friends is gay….he is Godfsther to one of my children…I love him like a brother.
Why aren’t these videos shown? I had to ho on the internet, where I found her eulogize her mentor, Robert Byrd. Vhevk it out: Hillary and Robert bird. This man’s words against blacks, wherever he is, certainly not in heaven, make my skin crawl.
While driving to the DMV with my husband, today….stuck with him……listening to his sports news, where 90% of the reception is static, LOL, you know what I mean??….well, there was “breaking news”.
Two more women came out accusing Trump of ‘groping’.
Apparently, Trump walked into a bar ( sounds like the beginning of a joke, lol) he approached a woman and fondled her. Now, this woman was sitting on a red velvet sofa; she said she vividly remembers the color. Gee, Rose, I wonder why….her place of assignations, perhaps?
I was all up in arms. Then, when the dust settled, I listend to my husband as he explained, rationally. He reminded me to think about it and not jump the gun. He said, Donald Trump just doesn’t walk into a bar!!
I was pleasantly surprised when the broadcaster kept it at an even keel and spoke of more of the emails that surfaced today. That is, Hillary and her team, apparently wanted to bring to the fore eight years ago, during that election, that Obama grew up amongst Moslems, practised Islam because his father was Moslem. I really don’t care what denomination a person is. I look at the person, his ideology, his integrity. I happen to like Obama. He is honest, I think? He has personality and a great orator. Smsrt as heck. Funny in a very sarcastic way.
That is where Trump got the rumor.
To top it all off her team wanted to expose Obama for allegedly using cocaine.
My mind will soon explode. I have decided to purposely not watch CNN, FOX or anything pertaining to the election….the question is…how to get away from it?
Oh, lest I forget, there is also a video of Michelle Obama before graduating to her coiffed, elite and tailored self, when she was rooting fot her husband, she went after Hillay with a fork-tongue. Hillary swung right back. To say, “when they go high, we go low” was meant for Hillary many years ago….Michelle still chants it…..more hypocrisy. I like Mickelle, too.

But, going back to the ‘bar’ thing…..After being groped, the woman, it seems, runs across the bar to join her friends and asks, “who is that guy”? I ask you, why was she sitting all by her lonesome and not with her friends?
Now, The Donald is known by one and all, especially in Manhattan….before I was even born. So, the fact that this woman did not know who he was, sounds fishy to me.
He said he can prove these women are lying. It just seems contrived to me how these women all came out at this precice, ‘precipitous’ moment.
I want to feel sure that the person sitting next to my children is not ‘harvested’….I am terrified, Rose. Open borders? Refugees? Taxes?
Oh, and speaking of taxes…Bill Clinton, who shoud not talk about anyone’s morality, stands there and says Trump does not pay his taxes. Says who? He pays whater he is legally supposed to pay. Who would not, among us, not take advantage of paying less taxes? None of us is a martyr. And, it is legal. Everyone in his position does it.
Bill Clinton, if I had been a prosecutor, and if there were still such a medieval law; he would have been castrated…and Hillary? Well, sainted Hillary……..
I do not trust anyone…but, to say I will not vote would go against my priciples. I hope this third debate will save me from this dilemma. The only thing is….how do I stop this rancor I have developed for Hillary?

Ari showed us how to behave in the face of gossip and adversity. I wish ‘Nicole’ who is turning a new leaf, would be a little more like Ari. I love you Ari. See you Monday.

Hey, 4ever,
Short and sweet….but so en pointe; ye of wise words.
Yes, Arianne was caught between a rock and a hard place. Love your pun, ‘grab’, 4ever…..clever!!

Hi Celia…Finally caught up with another comment you addressed to me. First I do think your decision on who to vote for is based a lot on what you said…being terrified. It’s not that I love Hillary and don’t see some flaws, who doesn’t have them, certainly in the world of politics. But I’m terrified of Trump. And I do think you have a brain and know the difference between right and wrong. But right now there is a tug of war on our brains, info sources, common sense, down deep baggage, and emotions.

Just some short responses…I think Hillary’s change on gay marriage vs civil rights marriage has evolved. She’s not the only one. In a fairly religious country with a Christian background it does take some time to change the terminology. Civil marriage was still giving gays the rights before it became more comfortable to call it a marriage. But if you still have a problem with this explanation maybe you should look at Pence’s record on gay and woman’s rights. Not so sure he would even come close to meeting your standards.

Robert Byrd…Yes he was a despicable KKK person at one time.. But he also changed and evolved to promote progressive legislation. I thought this was allowable in the USA. But historians will have the last say on this.

I’ve tried to catch up,on the uranium issue. Complicated, and I still wouldn’t put Hillary as the “mastermind” or the person totally responsible for how all of these things go down. Did Bill give a speech in Russia…”yes.” He gives them all over the world. That’s how you build partnerships, even with your adversaries, and fund the humanitarian projects the Foundation is giving to. And the picture with Putin…the standard photo-op opportunity for both of them.

Trump and the women…Trump has said these things public ally. Just like Bill lied on camera to the American public. And Billy Bush doesn’t come out much better. Or Donald’s interview with trash talk Howard Stern. At least acknowledge where there is smoke there is fire…just the type I’m sure you wouldn’t want as your children’s president. As for Bill, he’s not running. Really sorry when Hillary is being made a “victim” yet again for his zipper problem. And what’s wrong with her not acting like a victim, But maybe was too public with her anger…but not unreasonably angry with women supposedly involved, She didn’t hide away but continued her goals in life. I consider this a strength.

I will also add I saw a very informative piece on Huff Post about their own investigation into Benghazi. Was incredibly dismayed to read that security contacts are to be given to the lowest bidder as per legislation from Congress 1992. Not sure this was on Hillary’s to-do list as Secretary Of State, but regardless, whoever selects security has their hand’s tied. I’m property manager at my condo. I have to get at least three bids for projects. I don’t judge on just price but quality, followup, etc. Imagine not having the same type standards for our personnel overseas. Now that’s criminal. 🙂

Celia…I TOTALLY understand where you’re coming from. Fair enough.

Love you, too, Celia.

Take care.

Hello Dear Friend! And thanks so much for graciously reaching out to me. My plan was to simply reply to you in a later thread on a new topic and avoid any debate with you on this one. I suppose each of us has read the other’s comments in this particularly polarizing thread, and we are entitled to our opinions, just as everyone is. Always know that I respect, admire, and genuinely think the world of you! You have grace, manners, and intelligence in abundance, all apparent through your insightful and adept writing. I also admire your strongly held beliefs. None of that will change…

I wasn’t very familiar with the Veritas Videos you mentioned. I did some research. From what I’ve found, it’s possible that Democratic campaign staffers (not Hillary) might have maligned Catholicism. There is no justification for that. I am sorry that you feel so demoralized about that. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with me (and others here) — is anyone still checking in on this thread? 🙂

I’ve made my feelings on Trump quite clear in this discussion, so I won’t belabor any points, other than to say that I am also feeling offended and ill at ease at the possibility of a Trump presidency. People clearly react to different stimuli (news, quotes, etc.) differently. And voters may hold onto one event or quote (or even one theme) and use that as the basis for choosing a candidate, sometimes to the detriment of facts, acts, or quotes that are in conflict. His words and deeds tend to reinforce my impressions of him. But I suppose that a Trump supporter would find reinforcement in Hillary’s words and deeds.

As I’ve mentioned, even though I may disagree with others, I can still respect those on the other political side, maybe not everyone, but certainly some I know, including family and friends. And I sincerely count you among them… Many on both sides are well-intentioned. I am hoping and praying that, whatever happens on Election Day, our country will be able to heal and come together, and I know that you feel the same way.

Having interacted with you here has been a very bright spot for me. And thanks for calling me “sagacious.” I had to look it up! So I’m not quite as keen as might be perceived… 🙂 Best to you, always, Friend!

In the political climate of the last few years whenever a candidate accuses their opponent of wanting to take away religious freedom they often aren’t referring to losing one’s right to believe as they choose but instead not being able to use their religious beliefs to justify discrimination.

I hope voters are able to make that distinction.

Great point, Alan.

Hi, Alan,
I want you to know that I respect your opinion more than you’ll ever realize. Not that you care, but…LOL.
That is the crux of the matter. I do make that distinction.
This is no accusation. Palmieri, a member of Hillary’s team, said it.
Also, as far as I can see, it was Hillary who first accused Trump of restricting religious freedom because he would demand “extreme vetting”. Hillary ran with this…her speeches speak for themselves.
After all the terrorist attacks, do you blame him? I don’t . I am all for extreme vetting….not just of muslims….for any immigrant, from any land.
Later, Alan.

Agreed Judy .

Hello Nikki! Just wanted to send a quick greeting from one Trump supporter to another….like you, I feared an electoral victory counter to our fervent wishes, but my faith has been restored in both the people of our country and the notion of a fair, free voting process. That alone makes this past November 8th a reason for utter joy….on top of the sheer pleasure of being able to say “President-Elect Donald J. Trump! See you on the GH threads!

Hi Nikki, what Shay said! I have red, white and blue tears running down my cheeks! President Trump!

Alan, bravo. I honestly cannot fathom how any sane, educated rational person can vote for this misogynistic, racist bully. He is the utter personification of hate and while Hillary may have faults, she’s not insane, she’s experienced, she’d damn intelligent and utilizes good judgment. You do not see her in the wee hours of the night Tweeting in a rabid rage.
I could go on and on about how abhorrent this man is but suffice to say, he imitated and mocked a disabled man. As the parent of a son with disabilities, I can tell you that yes, I take this personally and no, I cannot be friends or associate with anyone who would support this heinous, deplorable, hate filled man.
Can you imagine what the rest of the country would think if we elected that Orange Nightmare as president? The only good thing which could come out of it is we would no longer have to query,”Why do they hate us?”
We would know why.

Harry, you said it. Trump i”a misogynistic, racist bully.,”
Moreover, his race has turned out to be a referendum on women. So very depressing. The subterranean and subliminal “message” is that women are objectified by so many in the populance. I’m with Michelle Obama when she says she “has been “shaken to the core.” Ugly business, indeed.

Well said Harry! I completely agree.

Hi Harry…Hope this reaches you. Had to backtrack to find a reply under your name. Just wanted so say I hope you are okay. 🙂

Hillary is a Christian, Judy. She has no interest in taking away any one’s religious freedom. Go ahead and hate Hillary if you want, but predicate that disdain on truth, not fiction. I am tired of folks making things to support their hatred of her It reminds me of when folks called President Obama a Muslim, or stayed steadfast with their belief that he was not born in this country despite his showing the country his birth certificate two times. Who headed the birther movement and sustained it for almost 7 years? Yep, you guessed it–the Orange Menace.
And Shay and Cee? I am sorry but that was not mere locker room talk. Trump boasted about how his celebrity status afforded him the opportunity to grab women by their private parts without their consent. There are about ten women stepping up now to say that was not just idiotic boasting, and he really did act on upon it. They are stepping up after he lied at the last debate and said he never actually did it. Moreover, this is not mere locker room talk. I have two teenage sons and I know their friends very well. They all maintain that even adolescent males do not speak this way. They found his words to be vile, disrespectful and disgusting. Yes, I know Trump was a young man of sixty (cough, cough) when he said it, but even his youth cannot explain this away.

Trump supporters confuse me because they say they support him because he says what he thinks. Then when he says something ugly, cruel, and hateful they say,”Oh, he didn’t really mean that.”

I vowed I would not engage in political debates here but I saw red when I read some of these comments. It’s also disheartening to see them come from intelligent folks I’ve grown to respect and like.
I know I cannot change anyone’s mind and it’s fruitless to try.
As Jonathan Swift once said,”It’s useless to try to reason a man out of his position when it wasn’t reason which put him there in the first place” Or something to that effect.

Excellent posts, Harry. I agree with you 100 percent…and agreeing on this is a lot more important than agreeing on all things soap! I recommend comic relief. From Kimmel to Fallon…their comments, observations and Trump impersonations are priceless. (They’ve gotten a lifetime of comedic material just by playing him verbatim!)

Harry…Very good posts. You did say one thing…”Go ahead, hate Hillary,” Therein lies why I think the anti-Hillary people are so against her, to the point of not being rational. They “hate” her. I think it comes from some primal, baggage place, and they try to support it with what they call facts, and distortion of the truth. That’s hard to fight against. What also gets me is the intensity of the venom they use against her.

By the way, my niece was also a public prosecutor for the state and finally had to quit because she was successful in winning against those who should never have been in court in the first place because of poverty, etc. It took a while but now she’s found a position working for a law firm that specializes in environmental causes. Let’s just hope that sanity prevails. 🙂

Harry, very well said! And I have just read your other posts as well!

Like you, my first inclination was to avoid posting anything political here. And I am saddened that people here are so divided. But so is our country, including (I’m sorry to say) my own family. I try to find common ground with the other side. And that is exactly what Hillary has done in her political life. That is the type of President she will be. We could be proud of her presidency, but definitely not the alternative…

Take care, Friend!

One last thing: in addition to all your great remarks, on a tangential point, you wrote, “pontificating about the power of the Vatican.” Love it ! Love the word play!

Ari has held her head high indeed. She is the picture of class.

Kudos to Arianne Zucker for handling this difficult situation with class and dignity. Trump could learn some lessons from her.

And, given that this is turning into a political discussion, I will throw my hat in the ring as a staunch Hillary supporter and a strong Trump condemner.

This is an important time in our nation’s history. People need to take a moral stand. People have a deeply serious choice. Choosing the evil that is Trump is being on the wrong side of history. Voting for him is, although a right, a shameful act…

I am shocked and outraged that so-called religious people can even consider supporting a candidate who is so far removed from religious teachings. He is a heinous, thin-skinned, impulsive, divisive, misogynistic, racist, unintelligent, selfish, uncouthe, unthoughtful, classless, uncontemplative, narcissistic, boorish man. He has exhibited countless episodes of racism, rampant sexism, and misogyny. And the world recently learned about his assaults and unwanted sexual advances on women — these are indeed crimes. And for anyone who doubts these claims, his own words with Billy Bush, moments before meeting Arianne Zucker, outline his pattern of such abhorrent behavior and highlight his belief that, because he is famous, he can get away with anything.

There are good people on both sides of the political aisle. There are great arguments to be made for the philosophy of Republicans as well as Democrats. There are many well-intentioned politicians who routinely do good work on behalf of their constituents. Trump is not one of them.

He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and developed a heightened sense of entitlement. That allowed him to mistreat anyone he deemed beneath him, including minorities and women.

Hillary, on the other hand, has vast experience, has spent most of her life in service of children and families. For some, she may not seem genuine or warm enough. But even when she was a senator, she was able to work across the aisle. Indeed, she is not even an extreme left-winger. She is more of a moderate. Witness the countless number of traditionally Republican-leaning newspapers that have endorsed Clinton or, at least, advised against voting for Trump. Witness the unprecedented number of Republican office-holders who have unendorsed or refused to endorse Trump.

For those who believe that this is a contest between the lesser of two evils, Trump is the much worse evil; in fact, he is in a class all to himself…

Hear hear!! Very well said.

Thank you, GramS!

@Jamesj79….Since we have always enjoyed a very cordial correspondence here at MFSoaps, I won’t get into the many areas where we obviously have diametrically-opposed views on this election and the candidates, but I must respectfully disagree with you on one major aspect. Donald J. Trump has never displayed the entitled attitude you have so eagerly described in reference to his seeking of the presidency…he has worked tirelessly to win the GOP nomination from the moment he announced his intentions, and that included hitting the campaign trail for months on end to honestly and energetically garner the votes of the people. He initially faced a daunting list of experienced primary opponents and managed to outflank each and every one through the sheer tenacity and strength of his character, against all odds as a political outsider, and he did so with the largest number of votes ever achieved in the history of Republican primaries. Since accomplishing that feat, he has continued to regularly meet his enthusiastic supporters in several scheduled daily appearances across the country and has done so nearly day in and day out—sometimes even seven days a week with no breaks—perhaps with only a brief timeout for personal business. This man has performed more than his share of grunt work to deserve an electoral victory, and he has done it the old-fashioned way…he’s earned it!!!! Conversely, we have his counterpart on the left who has most certainly behaved as though not only her nomination, but the presidency itself, was an expected given, and hers simply for the taking on the way to her coronation….Furthermore, the shenanigans utilized to disenfranchise Bernie Sanders supporters during the primaries were blatantly disgusting and obvious….there was never a genuine contest to contrast ideas and policies on a fair and even basis. Once the inconvenience of the Bernie Bunch was handily dismissed, the arrogance continued….very little actual groundwork has ever been done by the candidate herself, unless you count all those fundraising junkets….instead, it’s nearly always Dem surrogates who show up for campaign stops, along with the very willing accomplices (see Wikileaks) in the media who are all but exclusively doing this woman’s bidding on her behalf. Quite frankly, I’ve never seen anyone run for the highest office in the land under more cushy, self-indulgent and pampered conditions, mysteriously disappearing from the public eye for extended periods, and we won’t even speculate here as to why that is the case, but suffice to say, it would not bode well for any other prospective “president” to try to get away with a routine schedule such as that one. Simply on this single consideration alone, I have far more respect for Mr. Trump than I shall ever possess for your chosen candidate…of course, I have a myriad of other far more substantial reasons of political policy and philosophy which I will not enumerate at this point for my overwhelming and proud support of DJT. Needless to say, I could certainly rebut each of your points toe-to-toe were I to wish to debate you, which I don’t, mainly in deference to both you and your trademark courtesy for which I have previously complimented you. All I can add in closing is that when it comes to defining the lesser of two evils, we have very different criteria, as I cannot imagine a more unsettling, disturbing and disastrous outcome to this election than another Clinton victory.

Shay, thanks a million for your detailed and thoughtful reply. Thank you also for acknowledging our longstanding great rapport here. We concur on that point! 🙂

Jumping into politics in any open forum is fraught with peril. When there was a thread here about soap stars stumping for Trump at the Republican convention, I commented but tried to keep my affiliation hidden, so as not to alienate anyone. Let’s face it: our country is clearly divided. With my post above, I just felt that the issues of the day are far too important to sit idly by.

I included in my above post a defense of Hillary because (1) I didn’t want to be accused of an inability to say something positive about her; and (2) I didn’t want to be accused of simply Trump bashing (although I do plead guilty to that one!). I will submit that both candidates are flawed. Both have baggage. Pollsters tell us that they are the 2 most unpopular presidential candidates in history. So it’s no wonder that there are people like you who feel so negatively about Hillary as well as people like me who feel so negatively about Trump.

I will acknowledge Trump’s unprecedented vote tallies in the Republican primary and his ability to excite his base, as evident in his numerous, well-attended rallies.

I wouldn’t want to argue with you point by point either. (And Lord knows, I can be longwinded…) I don’t expect to change any minds. As I said, there are good people on both sides, you certainly among them!

In conclusion, this election (primaries and general) has been off-the-charts contentious. (We may disagree on the reasons for that.) However this election turns out, I hope our populace can find some common ground and greater mutual respect.

Best to you always, Shay! 🙂 were right the first time. Eveything you wrote about Trump is on point… Trump “earned it the old-fashioned way? ” No. He screamed and grunted…shouted, strutted and sniffed his way through a crowd of disgruntled people who think his tough guy talk is going to save them and the country. “Make America Great Again?” How’s he going to do that? By example? Make money but don’t pay your workers, don’t pay federal taxes, grab women by their privates if you’re in the limelight, make fun of disabled people, take away health benefits for the poor, throw people out by force from a convention, cheat on every wife you have and dump her once she hits 35, praise your sons to gun down innocent animals on safari, encourage white supremacists (but deny knowing they support you), condescend to the “uneducated… .put down a war hero, state that t a soldier is less if he was captured? He needs to better himself before he can better a nation.
Honestly, it’s a sad, eye-opening sociological thing to witness in our lifetime…Trump has the same effect as Hitler. Hopefully he’s not as evil or maniacal…but he has the power to draw a following no matter how crass, despicable and ignorant he is just by rallying the troops…playing to what they want to hear and forming this us vs them mentality. For all his economic status, he’s as base and as crude as they come. I doubt many of his supporters look for truth in anything he says…they just buy the crap that he’s selling.

I watched a PBS show the other day and they documented with footage both Hillary-and Trump’s lives. Hillary’s story centered around politics, her ups and downs with the public, but what came through was her fierce devotion to society and her desire to make a difference. Trump’s story was about him hitting all the hottest clubs in NY, dating models, growing richer but never gaining the respect he wanted among the wealthy. He also learned how to sue, how to never admit he’s wrong…this is documented…His desire to be important, to be powerful. Looks like they’re both living out their truth…Hillary wanting to make a difference…a Trump wanting more power…

Yes and the fact that old honest Hillary stayed with classy Bill Clinton counts for nothing.

Trump a cheater; Hillary married to one. I’d go with the victim (Hillary) not the perp (the lunatic…I mean, Trump. Who has thirty years experience…who’s dedicated her life to politics…Hillary. Who’s dedicated his life to himself…Trump,

James, love your comment. James for president. Rose can be your running mate.

Thanks a million, Harry! You’re too kind… Please take care, Friend!

@Jamesj75….Thank you for your thoughtful reply! It’s always a pleasure to engage in a discussion with you because whatever the subject and no matter how controversial it is, you are polite and receptive to others’ opinions whilst defending your own with both charm and candor…..that’s your special gift and I truly appreciate it!!! And I certainly agree with many of your general observations about this particular election season….my word, it’s a wilder ride than any soap opera I’ve ever encountered, yet sadly, not nearly as entertaining to behold. We simply part company on our respective visions for the desired future direction of our country and it really comes down to just that….beyond all the blather and polarizing personalities of both campaigns, we each passionately feels that our side is the one of right. Fair enough…..As I said, I could list chapter and verse all my objections to your party’s standard bearer based upon the issues and my personal perceptions and research of many years, but I chose not to since I think the time has passed for such debates here…all they manage to do is turn into name-calling and mad ranting and that is just plain unnecessary at this point. Having said that, whether one loves or loathes Trump, he has managed to create an excitement during this election and appealed to those who may have never before participated—or previously given up—in the voting process, along with expanding the oft-maligned as “too narrow” GOP “tent,” so to speak…..I consider those inspiring consequences of his candidacy to be very good things, so although we may bemoan the negative nature of this particular presidential race as it has evolved, it has without a doubt re-awakened the American spirit as I believe our founders intended…quite frankly, the divisive maelstrom we are currently witnessing is probably nothing compared to the fiery circumstances of the birth of our nation!!! At any rate, James, thank you again for being such a lovely chap…I like that we can vehemently disagree on this most major matter of great importance whilst still remaining friends!!!! Take care, “Kind Sir!”.

Just a quick reply, Shay. Thank you again for your kindness to me! Even if we disagree on the big political picture, I do admire your voracity and intelligence. I think it’s admirable that people on all sides of the political spectrum take active part in the discussion and process. I’m not as taken with those who are apathetic, uninformed, or —God forbid — undecided!!

So glad we can remain friends. 🙂 I should point out that I’m not much of a soap viewer anymore, so my contributions to this site are pretty minimal.

Please take care, Friend!

You are always most welcome, James! Even if we cannot relate on a political basis, we certainly can on our rarity of soap viewing these days….it’s all I can do to occasionally tune into GH…I mainly keep up on the show and its happenings here instead of actually watching! As for my musings, they tend to run hot and cold, depending upon the topic….it’s a busy time of the year and just gets more hectic, particularly with this election season occurring right before the holidays! Having said that, it remains a great treat to check in with my regular and not-so-regular MFSoaps friends, and I do count you amongst that small and special group! So, in case we fail to touch base again in the near future, best of luck to you and your family….it sounds as though it should be an, ummm, interesting Thanksgiving no matter the outcome of this once-in-a-lifetime election!!!! ; )

James…Brother…as far as I’m concerned, that ‘silver spoon in Trump’s mouth’ is nothing but awful, bitter and EVEN MORE CREEPY!!!!! And, I think that Trump’s ‘heightened sense of entitlement’ is EVEN WORSE!!!!! Oh. Make. It. Stop. Already.

Take care, Brother.

Thanks for the thoughtful backup, Jay! Take care, Brother!

My sweet, sweet, Jay. You know how much I appreciate the person you are, through your posts, and your kindness to me, personally.
But, ‘silver’ spoons do not make the person. Having been born into money does not embody someone’s essence.
And, speaking of entitlement? Try spending just one day on Martha’s Vineyard while the Clintons are there.
Not even the beautiful Princess Diana, of kind heart, expected so much.
Love you, Jay.

Arianne has acted dignified and professional. Her responses have been appropriate. She has handled a difficult, awkward, and uncomfortable situation well with grace and sophistication. I have always had a lot of respect for Arianne as an actor and human being, and she has clearly acted in accordance with what Michelle Obama said, ‘When they go low, we go high.’

I agree with you rj. That was a very mature, responsible and dignified response to a very difficult situation. My hat is off to Arianne.

I fell sorry for all you clinton backers she going to raise your taxs you need to wake up and smell the roses if she get in office the united states will go down the drain I have a brain tumor I ask god if he would let me live to see you won the the vote it hard to write a email but just had to tell you the truth and god is wonderfull belive in him you cant go wrong god bless all you people who back clinton your golng to need all help you can get why would god let clinton we couse if your that foolish he will let it happend he who is with out sin cast the frist stone dont you like it funny that it can up just just about at the time that wtgge likes likes the email and if happend year ago why didnt they say something sooner

Your so right Judy. This should have been brought forward a long time ago. The email leaks could ruin the country. She talked about Latino’s, religion etc. yet every time it was brought up they we’re more interested in D.T’s sex life from yrs. ago. I believe it’s to keep the leaks on the back burner. The new claim is he stocked her around the second debate. I re-watched it. He walked around the stage while he was talking as well. He never sat down. As for being mad of course he was. I’d be mad as heck if I we’re him. Let me guess next week “he shouldn’t be president because he has an outstanding book from the library that he never turned in from 1960.

I you are so right bless you for beliveing

Nikki? You support a man who MOCKED the disabled!!! Can you imagine anyone…anyone you know personally, or any President getting up on national TV who would start flailing his/her arms in that way??? He’s called women, publicly, fat pigs, said they can’t have a great body if they’re flat-chested; he’s said to his audience, “I love the uneducated” condescending much? I would list all that he’s said and done, all the ways he’s unqualified, all the ways he’s taken something out of the news about Hillsry and spun it into a lie. He is so unpresidential in every way. He’s so infantile, so power-hungry…

Example of how he twists things? Hillary doesn’t want to do away with the second amendment…the right to bear arms. She wants stricter background checks…she wants sellers to be licensed. From that he’s riled up a bunch of people to scream “she’s not taking away my gun!” I actually had some lunatic tell me he and his friends dare her to try…THESE are the very people who shouldn’t own guns. I’ll just say this isn’t right or left…it’s right or wrong.

Nikki…I watched the whole debate, too. It wasn’t a claim. The first thing that hit me is how he was lurking and hovering over Hillary. That’s a power play trying to intimidate. His expression was one of disdain, etc. Hillary on the other hand stood next to her stool when he was asked a question and answered. And she was not rattled and ignored his 6ft+ hulk in back of her pacing back in forth as he also made sure he was in her camera space. And let me guess, I’m very sure I don’t want someone for president who acts so undisciplined and “spontaneous” as the Donald.

Thank you, Nikki.
We all know this has not been a fair run from the beginning. It is very unfair, I believe, to discuss all one-sided negatives of one candidate and not the other.
I honestly believe that Trump’s words are just ‘show-off’ words. All these women coming out, mean nothing without substantiated proof. I do not buy it. Too coincidental. They have been recruited. No doubt in my mind.
But, that does not excuse Trump’s words. Awful.
However, be that as it may, Wikileaks and the Veritas tapes are chilling. A lot worse than words.
It is all out in the open now. ….not certainly fabricated.

I did not arrive at this easily, Nikki. I frequent the city….without saying too much, I think you get my drift.
But, my integrity and yours, and any other ‘deplorable’ became an issue on this very site. By contrast, I cannot, in my heart of hearts vote for someone who seems to have conspired in destroying what would be considered government issue. Not to mention the FBI gave her snd five of her team a pass…unreal!!
She will win….agreed, but at what cost! Obamacare is exploding. …, the integrity of all involved is being questioned. What a mess. The rates are rising because we are depleted.
Today we learned that ‘that’ money went to taking care of illegal immigrants.
To add salt to injury, more of our hard earned money goes to the thousands and thousands of refugees and more to come under her ‘dominance’. This is heading towards socialism…..she wants to tax the rich heavily just to prove she’s Robin Hood? Far from it!!
The Clintons are leeches, whose only vision is power and lining their pockets.
I trust, my comment will be posted along with everyone else’s.
All I know is that someone in my family has known Donald for 30 years. Such a kind, giving man. Never a negative vibe about him. And, always respectful.
Love you, Nikki.

Um, Trump the billionaire has not paid any taxes for over 2 decades and wants to sustain a tax code in which the one percent continue to be able to leap through the loop holes.
Hillary wants to raise the taxes for that 1 % and not for the ever disappearing middle class. Trump does not represent the blue collar worker who is barely making ends meet. Also, when running his failed clothing empire, he outsourced all his jobs to China,

Since I am Canadian I will not speak directly on the politics of the situation, but I will say this most woman are not shocked to discover men speak about them behind their backs in sexual terms– hence the slang term “locker room” talk— Mr. Trump choice of words were offensive and vulgar– but I cannot not blame him for doing what most powerful men do in the company of other men– brag about their sexual exploits — HOWEVER– times have changed and both women and men who respect woman are no longer standing by quietly— no longer tolerating egos that need to demean others in order to make themselves feel superior. I seriously doubt if Mr. Trump heard another man speak about his mother, wife or daughter like that he would meekly shrug his shoulders and say it is harmless locker room talk— and that is what I find troubling– not that he said it, but doesn’t seem to understand why people would get upset about it.

I don’t know if his comments should disqualify him from being elected to office that is up to the American people to decide –BUT– in general I do know this– the people who make the best politicians are those who want to serve the people not their own agendas– and even if a candidate personal agenda meshes with one’s own and you vote for them– don’t be shock when in office they will change everything they said they believed if it serves their best interest to do so— the system that started out quite noble has been corrupted—but if citizens in a free society don’t engage in the process, if they don’t hold their public officials to a higher standard and demand them live up to them– then you are going to get what you are willing to settle for-


Michael Buble’…. has to be … the sexiest ; the dreamiest ; Man+ alive

“Haven’t met you yet” need I say more

what’s really fun… and swoon…. his duet w/Mariah Carey… he took her song

“All I want for Christmas ( is you)


Trump engages in vile speech about his own daughter. Howard Stern said,”That’s some piece of ass” after Trump boasted about how well endowed his daughter was upstairs.
He has no moral code, no boundaries and he’s dangerous.
But Putin loves him and Isis is really hoping he wins–that should give us all pause.

Again, Harry, I say amen and amen.

Well said Mary SF…but I must point out that Trump is so twisted that he’s even made references to his own daughter’s body…he’s said he’d date her if she wasn’t his, he told dj Howard Stern on the radio that it’s okay to call his daughter “a nice piece of ass” and that she’s always been “voluptuous.” This is s man talking about his DAUGHTER! The man is unhinged. He’s mocked a disabled reporter, literally moving his arms in a spasmodic way as he imitated him…he’s called women pigs…he’s said he’s not proud of soldiers “who get captured.” He’s said Canada’s healthcare is a disaster and wants to eliminate obamacare which allows millions who couldn’t afford health insurance to have it…and covers pre-existing conditions. Hillary wants to keep it but improve it so those who aren’t on it will save money too by lowering their premiums. Trump has no alternative plan…but he’s getting rid of it. Hie entire campaign was based on talking “street” to his supporters… Like he’s one of them and not a politician. That’s the only thing he’s ever said that’s true…he’s not a politician. He appeals to his supporters by mocking, degrading, threatening others..he even insults his supporters! Fat women, unattractive women, uneducated, the minority supporters… He’s a disaster of a human being…he’d be a disaster for the United States…but he’s a master at manipulation. Scary times for the United States!

Hello Rebecca! Sometimes finding a “Reply” button and/or a reply can be so difficult here…

Thanks for your reply to me. I really appreciate it. I do stand behind my comments as well. My comments to Shay didn’t negate any of that. I am willing to acknowledge that there are well-intentioned people on both sides, despite my complete disbelief that anyone can support him. And I am extremely saddened to report that members of my own family are evidently supporting Trump…

And thanks for being so diligent in getting the truth out. In large part, I rattled off a lot of (legitimate) adjectives to describe Trump. But you and others have cited numerous examples of his deplorable behavior as well as the great work that Hillary has done. The misdeeds and vile language on display by the Republican candidate continue to mount, and for many, finding a bridge too far has been a farce. So much of what he has said and done is unforgivable. I was personally shocked and outraged when he mocked the disabled reporter. That is the type of action by someone who lacks decency. But that is just one example.

His treatment of women, including Hillary, is completely despicable. As many have stated, he is mentally unbalanced — that is evident! Our country as well as the world will be in dire straits with such a person as US president.

Trump’s running mate is just as dangerous. Sure, he is more polished and polite. But his disdain for gays is well documented. He even voted against the Hate Crimes Bill, which emerged in the aftermath of the murder of Matthew Shepard. He wishes to overturn marriage equality, which — SPOILER ALERT! — impacts me directly… I am frightened by any politician who doesn’t respect the separation of church and state.

Keep fighting the good fight, Rebecca. Please take care, Friend!

Hey, Rebecca.
I am really tired of this election as it is.
But, to your point….this is mine: why are we obsessing over Trump’s sex life instead of the corruption thst is Hillary?
We had her husband rule the coiuntry and he did a darn good job, dedpite his ‘jsunticed’ sexual behavior…IN THE WHITE HOUSE.
Trump was not president.
So, as I said, bringing up Trump’s peccadillos is done specifically to obfuscate, Wikileaks, Project Veritas, destruction of flashdrives, private servors and bleaching of emsils…snd the fraudulent behavior of her foundation. And, lets not forget inciting fights at the Trump rallies by sending thugs. Where is the morality?
Let’s be fair here. How does she stand there and say Trump pushes violence?
She is dishonest. And, honestly, I woukd rather have someone who cares about people than domeone who cares more about herself.
She left the White House broke, with furniture and china that did not belong to her. Now she is worth hundreds of millions.
Trump worked his whole life and so do his children.
I struggled with this for so long. I do know what I am doing and I quite do not underdtand why I am not alliwed to make up my own mind and be given a subtle lecture, Rebecca, by some.
For someone to come out on this dite and say that he cannot associate himself with irrational people who support Trump? Seriously? That’s going a bit too far.
I could say I cannot associate myself with those who ally themselves with those who desl in corrution in government, but I won’t. I am fsir, and accept wherever a perdon’s mind wants to accept.
No hard feelings, Rebecca. You expressed yourself, now, this is how I feel.

Love Ari but still wont vote for Hillary Clinton.

Good for you you have to stand someting clinton stands for nothing

Honestly, this is such an uneducated remark. WTG, Ari. When they go low we go high.

Yes, we need to ‘rise’, with a ‘robust economy’….so far, the Democratic Administration is not delivering.

Ari has a young daughter that she must consider in the words and actions she chooses. I have loved Nicole since she came on DOOL with Jensen Ackles. I am amazed at the people who continue to support Trump even after numerous women come out with basically the same story. If this man said the things about you or your daughter that Trump has said about Ari and Nancy O’Dell, would you still support him? Ari is someone’s mother, spouse and daughter. We all deserve respect as humans. BTW, men do not talk that way in a locker room unless they are deprived or an insecure narcissist.

Well said, Ray.

That’s exactly the point, Ray. Everything you say is true. No way, as a mother, would Trump’s remarks sit well with me, or anyone. Does his apology count? I do not know! Did Hillary’s? She is so disingenuous, in so many aspects….more so than he.
But, we have had presidents who were much worse in their expressions and actions….Buchanan, Grant and to a certain degree, FDR. Of course, there is no excuse.
All I want is for the media to be fair. That, I realize, is asking for the moon with whipped cream on it.
Hillary is not a victim. She is a strategizer, mad-scientist-type, to fill the Clinton coffers….fame!!
The problem with Trump is that he knows not how do politicize….how to turn the words with cunning , with conviction….he runs at the mouth. I know for a fact he cares for this country. He is very honest about that. He has wanted to make changes for a long type….as he sees what goes on in his beloved city, to start……
Hillary is a vixen, wily, mistress of manipulation; she chooses her words with that deceitfully razor-sharp mind of hers ( which will soon deteriorate….the eoman is not well) , except for ‘deplorable’……which is very close to what Harry is saying…..and these words can be pungent….appealing to the crowd. Welcome to Revolutionary France and Charles Dickens.
Great post, Ray. You always make good, thoughtful points, albeit you seldom post. Love it!!

I admire your tenacity, CeeCee….You keep making such passionate and sage points, but alas, most of it is apparently for naught, at least here! It never fails to amaze me how some simply cannot grasp what is happening right before their own eyes…they refuse to see how one-sided this fight for the future of our country has become, instead buying hook, line and sinker into the mainstream media’s steady diet of spoonfed Pravda-esque propaganda. For all of his falsely-accused foibles and supposed shortcomings, Donald Trump gets it…and that is what his massive display of support is all about….it’s not just the man himself, but the movement behind the man that inspires such an unwavering sense of loyalty! Hence no amount of “Hail Mary” mudslinging from the left is going to alter that because what it really boils down to is he’s the only person that remains standing in the way of forever changing the state of America’s sovereignty as we have always known it. As he observed in Charlotte, NC: “This election will determine whether we are a free nation or whether we have only the illusion of democracy.” How very well said…..

Clothes not close, daughter’s not daughters

Dropped my iPad more than once…it’s cracked…etc…have to hit send even with mistakes before it shuts off or leaves the page. Till I fix it or get a new one….bear with me…

Was going to add, you mentioned Trump loved our country. So do I, you and most Americans. (Can’t speak for all obviously). But He doesn’t love people. He loves himself…with all of his money he’s done nothing charitable, he’s thrown the elderly out of their homes for the real estate property they sit on, he hasn’t paid federal taxes which contribute to many of the program’s we receive. Hillary, on the other hand, has worked to bring change for thirty years. The comparisons are striking.

Trump’s latest campaign is to shut down Saturday Night Luve because he doesn’t like their jokes and impersonations about him. First, that’s a scary thought…a presidential nominee who wants censorship. Second…this “adult ‘nice’ man…cough, splat…insults and mocks everybody…his finest yet…a DISABLED man! But, his widdle feelings are hurt at big bad SNL. This election can’t be reality…nothing in our soaps compares to the effort I have to make to suspend my disbelief.

Hi, again, Rose,
I just read your comment about ‘hating’ Hillary. I cannot speak for anyone else, I can only speak for myself. The word, hate, as I said so many times, does not exist in my vocabulary. I was not reared to feel those ugly feelings, and I hope I will succeed in doing the same with my own children.
Politics has always been a topic of discussion in my home, growing up. I do not base my views on others’ views, statements or opinions. I base my opinions on facts.
I voted for Hillary, her first time around. I am an Independent; therefore I vote for whom, I feel I can trust the most.
As I have stated, Trump’s words were obnoxious—no defense there. But, when speaking of morality? I have seen what has been going on. The spinning of words–rhetoric, QUID PRO QUO.
I need not repeat what, I am sure you watched on TV ( debate).
I always got the feeling that the Clintons only look out for themselves, not for the American people. She pivoted on every question about the private server, Wikileaks, pay for play. She actually threw in Trump’s face that his rallies incited violence. Helloo!!
She actually said this with her usual straight, unemotional face ?? Does she think we are stupid? Of course she does. She knows darn well the violence at the Trump rallies were started purposely by thugs employed by Hillary’s team.
How can I ignore that, Rose? How can anyone? Morality, according to some, has just acquired a new definition.
How can anyone ignore the destruction of flash-drives? Of emails etc.
Those things go straight to her veracity. Hillary has proven to be a liar over and over. Scary stuff.
Donald Trump did not leak the emails, which are now over 20,000. So why is the democratic team shift the blame on him just to confuse and confound the public?
Regardless of whom was responsible for the leaks, we cannot refute the contents.
Later, my friend.

CeeCee..few things…
Wanted to clarify that in one of my posts I stated that you have to be smart enough to see through Trump. That “you” didn’t mean YOU. It was a general use..meaning…people. People have to be smart enough to see through his machinations. Clarifying this because I think you thought I was making a dig at you…

As for Trump, you mentioned that you were discussing the accusers with your husband who basically suggested they couldn’t be telling the truth…can you see Trump walking into a bar….the answer to that is…yes. Trump has walked, talked, danced and picked up many a woman in bars/clubs. Google Trump and Roy Cohn, his mentor. They hit all the clubs and used to frequent The China Club. Trump also owns nightclubs and strip clubs. On a further note, I just found out my cousin’s wife grew up with one of the latest accusers. Said she’s a great person and her claim is true. ( I!d have to go back to find out which won an…she’s prrobably in her 40s now).

Hoping for a peaceful transition of office…

Stick with your gut feelings CeeCee and you won’t go wrong. I believe H.C. will get it but it will be a fixed election. My fear is what it looks like in four years of another Clinton. There is nothing we can do about it. You know so many said they feared Trump. Do they forget he has a cabinet just like H.C. does and Judge Jeanine and Spence along with the others are good Christians. That’s good enough for me, but you have to decide on your own. Getting on sites like this & fighting is going nowhere but making bad soap friends for the future. Speaking of How many people hate Victor? How many people love him? You have to judge. God bless you!

Laughing OUT Loud… this site is expansive… it’s a treat even so… because the regulars are just as passionate about life outside , serial

as I’ve long said…. serial … LOL… are so devoted and contend with so much… yet we mind the goings ons regardless… and have two cents

so … long time viewers… have an attention span

not unlike… but still



Again, finding a “Reply” button here can be so difficult…

I want to commend you on your comments! Great posts!

You are correct about the regulars being “just as passionate about life outside, serial.” In the grand scheme of things, soaps are not important. Real life is! And the presidential election is extremely important. I know that Trump has his multitudes of backers — I simply cannot understand why anyone could support this man, certainly not so-called religious people, not women, not Hispanics, not other minorities, not the working class. I could go on and on. (And I have…)

Take care, Friend!

Jamesj75…Real life is important, but sometimes I think one of the beauties of soaps is that we get another place to re-evaluate who we are, how we think, or how we would respond by seeing so many scenarios played out in a fictional universe.

Hello James :

I want to “end” this blog… with an update on our current president, Mr. Obama

to be fair… this headline reads… U.S. Budget Deficit increases to 587B.

The latest figures show that the government is borrowing 15 CENTS of every dollar it spends. Government spending went up almost 5 percent to $3.9 trillion in fiscal 2016, but revenues stayed flat at $3.3 trillion.

OBAMA came to power after the 2008 financial crisis and as the economy was still emerging from a deep recession, and the deficit spiked to $1.4 trillion, which required Treasury to borrow 40 CENTS for every dollar spent by the government. it remained above $1 trillion for three more years before DECLINING to $439 billion last year as the U.S. ECONOMY CONTNUES TO SLOWLY GROW.

The Obama Administrations agenda has spurred durable economic growth and the longest streak of job growth on record. while sharply reducing the deficit to a sustainable level. Treasury Secretary Jaco Lew said in a statement. “we have built a solid foundation for continued investment in economic growth and opportunity for all, while maintaining fiscal disclipine and using fiscal space appropriately to grow the economy.”


I’m at peace with Barack Obama presiding over OUR country. all we’ve ever heard … at the forefront… is Obamacare… that’s a bullet… and I can’t even go their… other than to say it’s a beautiful thing… that WE try to give every citizen plus… HEALTHCARE. why is it that every republican is so against this ? because of corporate greed

I’ve never watched so much news… and I will continue to until November 7, 2016. I want that collective gasp… sucker punch… that shot to the heart… heard round the world

Hillary Rodham Clinton


PS: I’m never giving up “my” serials… I watch 2 of the 4. it gets pretty randy and obtuse, and hell hath no fury like posts scorned

certainly not what draws … as these 4 shows are a life long treasure and treat


@Rose – whew!

you hit it on the nail… how I’d describe … why … we continue to watch

for all of our own reasons… expressing oneself

“so many scenarios from – All – walks of life “

Wow! I give compliments and support to those on the same side politically. And I get blowback for stating, “In the grand scheme of things, soaps are not important. Real life is!” As in the current presidential race.

As someone who was clearly addicted to soaps for decades, of course, I understand their allure and enjoyment. But anytime in my own life when I have faced sadness, betrayal, disappointment, or loss, soap watching seems so unimportant and superfluous. When someone faces health issues, for instance, how can that person worry about what’s happening to characters on a fictional TV show?

Further, it is when we face such challenges (as in, for example, the terrorist attack and mass murder in Orlando), we learn what is truly important and we cling to those we love. I’m not knocking soap viewing per se; I’m just stating that there is a hierarchy of what should be held dear.

I stand by my last post… I was so touched and completely taken aback

Barack Obama… knocked it out of the park and back !

I learned something … the article from the associated press

“U.S. Budget Deficit increases to 587B”

when he first took office in year 2008; the budget deficit ; 1.4 trillion dollars

the article states… for the following 3 years… over a trillion dollars

fiscal year; 2015 the deficit “plunged” to 439 billion.

fiscal year; 2016 the deficit rose to 587 billion.

i’m not an economist… I just can’t stand how the republicans have bludgeoned Barack and all democrats… playing the blame game

accordingly as the article ends…. these numbers may seem astronomical to layperson… the bottom line; they are sustainable… meaning theirs no reason to believe that our government will come crashing down around us.

love to keep my word

PS: I’m never giving up “my” serials… I watch 2 of the 4. it gets pretty;

randy ( 1.sexually aroused or excited.)

and obtuse, (1. annoyingly insensitive or slow to understand.)

and hell hath no fury like – POSTS – scorned ( like a woman; like a man)

open ended

I would be with donold trump till he wins wins the election hilary for open borders and she will take your 2 admendment right all she wants is power she wont to noting for you can you name one thing she done in 45 years think about it and she wants to raise you taxes go trump

Judy I just mentioned this above. Hillary doesn’t want to take away the right to bear arms. She just wants stricter background checks and sellers to be licensed…that’s for the safety of all.

Your right Judy and lets not forget countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Syria etc. they are all friends of hers and she has taken money from them for her campaign. Those same countries hate Donald because they know if he’s in power he will not take their cr–. They only need to try one attack and he will go in and take over their oil leaving them with nothing to see for weapons.

Ms. Ari Zucker

I love being in Salem with

Lots of Love to you and your daughter

Arianne is very classy, intelligent and kind hearted. I don’t think she could’ve handled it any better. Using this to help others is wonderful. She is a very good person.

Clinton pulled the same thing on Mike Hukebee ever time he ran for govermor us people with brains no better ever sense the brain I cant remember how to spell I have 3 deeges send emails is hard but I enjoyed talking with all you people Us people from Tx are consevtive and all my neighors are proud to stand for Trump all the newsmen are in the except fox news are in the tank for Clinton need I say more

Dearest Judy,
Thank you for your intellectual input. No worries, I caught every word; every thought you expressed.
I truly appreciate the effort compiling this must have taken.
I will keep you in my prayers (every night, at bedtime with my children, on cue). Now, we will add your name to the list.
I wish you a speedy recovery and joy; so much joy!! God bless you!!

I wish her the best.

Interesting comments. I am thrilled to read these because my feelings about this closely reflect the posters I usually agree with nearly 100% of the time. I prefer an adult be President. Great comments from Harry, MarySF, Rebecca, Patrick, James and many others. Way to go, Ari Zucker!

Hi Mackenzie Grey! Thank you for mentioning me in your post. I don’t recognize your name…perhaps you read but don’t usually post? Or you go by another name? Either way…nice post. Nice to meet like-minded people…even in cyberspace! Best…

I usually just read the posts. I’ve only posted a couple of times. I love reading posts where the person truly cares about others and their well-being. It is nice to meet people like that. Thanks for replying.

“…I am thrilled to read these because my feelings about ”


Thank you, Mackenzie! And welcome!

Yeah, we all have our favorites. Good luck!

Since James brought it up, my spiritual beliefs will not let me support Trump. I cannot figure a way (nor do I want to) that his beliefs and the things he says can fit into my beliefs. If he took the spiritual high road… ever… maybe i would feel differently. But he doesn’t. He seems to take any comment or situation and make it cringe-worthy at best and disgusting at worse. There seems to be no middle ground with him, nothing that says he is truly a human being who respects others (I see him mocking the disabled reporter, among other behavior that I cannot support). Also because it came up, no one can ever take our religious beliefs or freedoms away (if we truly believe and have those convictions inside of us), but at the same time I cannot compromise my beliefs by supporting someone whose behavior I would never condone if it were a stranger I’d just met. Period. I can and do, however, support Ari Z!

Matthew, thank you for sharing your views here. I am so pleased to read what you have written: “my spiritual beliefs will not let me support Trump.” I wish more faith leaders and other religious types would espouse the same position. And I appreciate your saying, “no one can ever take our religious beliefs or freedoms away.” There are so many things Trump has said and done, particularly during this campaign, I find so reprehensible. Mocking the disabled reporter was unforgivable and quite telling…

Take care, Friend!

James, my very revered, good-hearted friend.
You and I have always engaged in the most positive conversations. You are, probably, the most sagacious poster on these sites. Your words always hit home.
As yourself, my spiritual beliefs are strong, as my background and upbringing is very, very R.Catholic, which, I feel, has been attacked lately….. therefore, I read your mind and heart, But, regardless of religion, noblesse of heart and goodness are innate: the soul is a living ‘thing’!
I believe that our core is what dictates our actions. For this reason, the VERITAS videos have shot right through that core, which I thought was my strongest attribute……my being, my essense; every moral and ethical standard in which I, as a person and citizen believe, are in tatters and bleeding. I do not like this feeling very much. Demoralizing!!!! I must believe that a higher force will ‘pick me up’ and lead me to the right path. I have innocent babes who depend on me.
Peace, James; my friend…..much love.

That church ceiling would fall on Hillary just as easy as it would Donald!

Hey, Timmmy,
I think we can all agree that everyone is being affected, one way or another, by what this election has unleashed. I have never been so torn about anything in my life.
I don’t know if I am that naive and I cannot see the forest for the trees; or just someone with strong convictions. A little of both?
Yes, ‘that’ ceiling can actually fall on any of us; as none of us is perfect.
We all have flaws….the point is: which flaw will be detrimental to this country??

Nice deflection (BTW Trump is masterful at this, I have noticed). But it’s so much more than the church ceiling. It’s our core beliefs and compromising those beliefs. At the end of the day, my core beliefs have to remain solid or I have NO reason to believe in anything. Period.

Well said! I agree with Mackenzie. Excellent post. It’s great to see like-minded people who watch and enjoy soaps. BTW Thank you, James.

Mackenzie…glad to see you’re posting again. As you know…we agree.

Guess what? I think Mackenzie is playing a joke on us?? LOL.
His/her writing style is so akin to Harry’s. Very nice writing, though!!

Well minded people Matthew? So tell me, spiritually speaking, the fact that Hillary lied, [lying] cheated and was deceptive to the American public, calling her oppositions voters “Diplorables” is “Spiritually” acceptable? NO! It is no more acceptable than the accusations and facts spewed about Donald Trump! They are both guilty of unacceptable behavior! Be fair Matthew, you will sleep better.

Thank you!!!
Yes, Timmmy….both their ‘behavior’ is ‘deplorable’……with the exception that the ‘leaking’ of CLASSIFIED information has the potential of bringing any country down. Trump did not do that.

Oh Timmm Im so proud of you & Celia as well. Great post.

@Timmm….”Red, white and blue tears….” How beautifully put! I believe many of us experienced that same reaction when we finally prevailed and heard those magnificent words “President-elect Donald J. Trump!” Hoping to get back to debating and dissecting GH now….Take care, my friend!!!!!! P.S. Thought of you this morning as I shooed a most unwelcome cat out of my yard!!!!! LOL….

A new poll just came out and cliton is ahead by 3 point witch proves people are not beliving all the crap that the clinton machine is making up Go Go Go Trump

Hopefully this will also bring some awarenews to soap operas

How would it it has nothing to with soaps

CeeCee…glad u received my clarification because we’ve come so far…

However, couple of things. This election is important to us all.

You state that Trump cares about people but Hillary doesn’t? I must admit that statement shocks me. What evidence have you seen that Trump cares for anyone but himself.

Hillary Clinton has served for thirty years. She fought for universal healthcare for children and for New York first responders. You can watch a PBS documentary with footage of Hillary campaigning for the rights of people since she was in her 2os. By contrast, Trump was going to nightclubs and trying to win favor with the elite of NY. He was mentored by a friend/lawyer, Roy Cohn, who taught him to sue for anything and everything and how to play the game. Trump made his money…a part of it exploiting women and throwing the elderly out of their homes so he could build more. A good man? With his money…if he was so good..he could have built low income housing, shelters, hospitals…he didn’t. He built casinos and hotels.

A good man doesn’t call women fat pigs, doesn’t compare his wife’s looks to his opponents and certainly doesn’t mock a disabled person. How many times can one see him imitating spasticity…is that a “good man!” A good person who “cares about people? Aren’t we all taught to not make fun of others.. Do we even NEED to be taught? This is the same rule I stand by when I resent soap actors being critiqued for their “big teeth”, “old breasts” etc. Making fun of people is not a good character trait. Especially of someone disabled! A good person doesn’t approve and praise his sons for killing innocent wildlife and a good person doesn’t accept support from white supremicists. There’s a reason they support him and not Hillary. Why is that??? Have u heard of the alt right? A racist group? They also support him. Deplorable was accurate for a portion of his base.

Finally, our mutual friend who decided he couldn’t be friendly with those who praise Trump disclosed he has a disabled son. As a parent you can imagine the disgust he feels for Trump and how that would cause him hurt and anger, with Trump supporters who need to ask themselves what makes an emotionally immature businessman qualified to be the President of the United States, an esteemed position to go down in history…a position where one has to be qualified to direct the armed forces, to interact with foreign leaders, to understand politics, allies, strategy. What makes him more qualufied than any of us.. If u took away his money and celebrity what would be left???

Finally, (again) if people support gay rights. Freedom if choice…Trump’s VP pick is not for either and is a hypocrite as well. If he’s so religious how does he join forces with a man who doesn’t love his fellow man
but rather mocks, hurts, cheats, insults. And I resent that he thinks it’s his right to govern by his evangelical beliefs. Can u imagine if we had a Jewish President or a Mormon or a Buddhist…etc..who wanted to impose his is her religious doctrine in the whole country? This is not “how we roll…”

Yes, we’re entitled and should cast our vote for whom we choose. I just hope America chooses the person with maturity and experience. Perfect? No. But qualified and capable.

Hi, Rebecca,
Yes, we must vote for whom we feel will pick this country up. As Nikki said, Hillary will probably get the vote. But, it will be fixed. The system is rigged, thanks to the media.
I have think, we, as Americans are forgiving and forgetful people. Let’s not forget that Hillary called Bill’s victims bimbos , laying the onus on their lap, not her husband’s.
I think we have come a long way, and I do respect your opinion. I feel badly for Harry, as I am well aware what it is like to have a child with special care. Mine died. But, for the poster to offend, innocent people on this site just because their views do not match his is no excuse to step on us.

Oh, yes, Hillary has experience. What has she done? Her foundation and whatever else she dis provided millions into her family coffers. This was no altruistic gesture.
I cannot ignore Benghazi, Wikileaks, Veritas project, Iran, Russia, Morocco, Isis, Saudi Arabia …and the list goes on.
I am aware of everything she is and is not.

Regardless of how the public sees Donald Trump; he brought and still brings jobs to thousands. That’s a lot more than what she did.
We will have more of the same wit Hillary. I would like to see what Donald and team will do, albeit it will not happen. Yes, he has a mouth. It happened years ago, and he has apologized.

My dear, Rebecca. We can talk and talk about the same stuff until the cows come home.
Frankly, Hillary scares me with her open borders and refugee policy. People work hard for their money. But, most importantly, i have kids to worry about.
With her in charge, I see a very bleak future.

Lastly, Rebecca, with all due respect, you agree with all the damage Hillary has done to this country with her less than judicious decisions; or her behavior ? Not once did you mention her emails, flash-drive, or private server. The irony is, she plays dumb and says she did not know what ‘C’ stood for.
Yes, she is sooo experienced. After more than half her life in the political forum, she does not know ‘ ‘C’ meant ‘Classified’ . Right. It is frustrating that she got away with it.
Peace, Rebecca.

Hello again, dearest CeeCee!!!!….I’ve been waiting to get in touch until after this long and bitter election cycle was concluded….at the time this thread was “fresh,” I repeatedly responded not just to you, but others here, as well, and despite the fact that most of what I said differed little from the few other “deplorables” who dared share their dissenting views (with cold, hard facts) from the majority of posters, I was pretty much moderated out of existence, so I decided to dedicate my efforts to “making America great again” in other, more meaningful ways….and all I can add to that is….”Mission accomplished!” Quite honestly, I went into Tuesday evening hoping for the best, but fearing the worst, and when the results began to trickle in, I slowly but surely began to believe that we were living in the midst of an absolute miracle. As midnight went into early morning, such was thus….HE did it….WE did it!!!!! Our voices were heard and our prayers were answered! I’m still over the moon, pinching myself and celebrating even two days later….but it is time to get back to life as we know it and look forward to a brighter future for all Americans….hence I shall leave you with these sentiments….God Bless America and God Bless President-Elect Donald J. Trump!!!!!!! How wonderful it is to be able to say that! Later, CeeCeeGirl! P.S. Hope to meet up with you soon on newer threads….now that our country’s future shall be in safe hands, we can once more concentrate on the mundane things, like making GH great again! Take care, mia amica!

Hi, Shay, my love,
You have been so missed. Hope all is well, cara.
Yes, thank goodness it is over. Believe me, I had my doubts and trepidations. Thanks to the media who reported skewed polls.
And, of course, Donald was so demonized, the crowds protesting last night thought it was their tight to protest what the majority wanted. The people have spoken. I have never witnessed such horror ……respect what Trump’s win represents. Our Constitution is being disregarded and reduced to just a piece of paper.
They haven’t a clue.
All these celebs ready to leave? All talk. They should, then they will realize their loss. I say, good riddance!

As I said, Shay, I was so surprised. Jude never wavered. He was positive Trump would win. He reads Salina Zito–national Political Reporter, who had called Trump’s win months ago. Such a good read.
And, he calls Donald a phenomenon–not since Andrew Jackson, has the country seen what some may regard as a tyrant or hard taskmaster. But, he so much good for the country.
The one thing about Trump is the fact of distancing himself from elitists.
Some people regard those with money as lepers. One has no choice but to ‘hang’ with those with similar social and financial standing. Little do they know.not everyone who have been blessed to live a ‘rich’ life is destructive, selfish and self-centered.
I trust Trump because he is the opposite of what people think. That’s not to say that he put his foot in his mouth many times, with the foul language. He has apologized and I, among many, have forgiven him.
What is important, and always has been, is the future of this country. The sun will shine again.

We all want the same thing, Shay….unity, happiness, liberty and prosperity. I was so pleasantly surprised how gracious Hillary and Obama were to Trump. It fill the heart with hope. This was a show of encouragement and good will on all their parts.

I love my country. My roots are deep, far and wide. I wish everyone under the sky well. The priority is looking positively towards a peaceful future ….a healthy change. God bless us….God bless America.

Please, peek into GH once in a while, amica mia. You do watch, yes? I would love to hear your take on Valentin.
Do you get the impression TPTB are pushed him and Nina together? Makes so much sense to me, as Charlotte just fell onto her lap. What a gift for Nina!! LOL.
Pardon the typos….later, bella.

Days Of Our Lives

Jamie Martin Mann and Ashley Puzemis Join the Cast of Days of our Lives

Some SORASing is going down on Days of our Lives! Announced today, Jamie Martin Mann will now be portraying the teenage version of Brady (Eric Martsolf) and Theresa’s (Jen Lilley) son, Tate Black.

In addition, Ashley Puzemis joins the Peacock streaming soap opera as Holly, the now teenaged daughter of the late Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian) and Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker).

According to Soap Opera Digest, both actors are set to make their debuts on the October 9th episode, as it looks like DAYS is beefing up its teen scene with some fresh faces for some teen angst.

Will Tate or Holly be a troublemaker causing drama for their parents?  Will they fall for each other? Stay tuned.

Puzemis had appeared in television roles including: BF For Hire and Danger Force.  As for Mann, he recently appeared in the Netflix series Country Comfort starring Katherine McPhee and Eddie Cibrian (ex-Sunset Beach and Y&R).

So, what do you think about teenaged Tate and Holly hitting the Salem canvas and Days of our Lives? Comment below.

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WGA and AMPTP Reach Tentative Deal to End Writers Strike

Looks like we are close, very close, to the writing teams at your favorite soap operas returning to their jobs with news on Sunday that finally the WGA and AMPTP have reached a tentative deal. What remains is the fine print, and having the WGA vote to ratify their contracts.

This is welcome news to the television, streaming and motion picture industry that after five months of a strike has put the 2023-2024 TV season in deep water.

In a statement, the Writers Guild shared, “We have reached a tentative agreement on a new 2023 MBA (Minimum Basic Agreement), which is to say an agreement in principle on all deal points, subject to drafting final contract language. We can say, with great pride, that this deal is exceptional — with meaningful gains and protections for writers in every sector of the membership.”

As the deal goes through its final stages, the writers are still technically on strike, but picketing outside studios and shows has now been suspended.

Photo: ABC

Among the writers’ demands that they fought for are: higher residuals from streaming shows, minimum staff sizes to prevent the use of “mini rooms” and protections from the use of AI.  The hope within the entertainment industry is that the new deal for the WGA will move along a new contract for SAG-AFTRA (actors) with the AMPTP.  As of Monday, SAG-AFTRA is still on strike.

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As for your favorite soap operas, during the strikes, the shows were written by non-union writers or “fi-core” writers who gave up their union benefits in order to continue working.

The next steps in process will see the WGA negotiating committee vote on “whether to recommend the agreement and send it on to the WGAW Board and WGAE Council for approval,” tentatively scheduled for Tuesday.  Another vote by the board and council could lift the strike “restraining order”and allow scribes to “return to work during the ratification vote”.

So, are you happy to know that the writing teams from your favorite soaps are about to return to work and helm the scripts and the vision of the shows? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Alex is Revealed to Be Victor’s Son; How Do You Feel About the Revelation?

By now, Days of our Lives fans have figured out that Alex Kiriakis (Rob Scott Wilson) will be revealed as Victor’s (the late John Aniston) son, not Justin’s (Wally Kurth), on upcoming episodes of the Peacock streaming soap opera.

On Friday’s cliffhanger, after Justin and Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) open the contents from Victor’s briefcase located in Greece, they are stunned to see a brand new will. But, what will stun them even more is that Justin will learn that Alex is not his biological son. In addition, the latest promo for next week’s DAYS, also shows an emotional Justin telling Alex he is not his father.

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Rob Scott Wilson shares on the Kiriakis family bombshell: “It’s such a huge plot twist. Obviously, it’s going to change the dynamic within the family and the power within the business.”

Photo: JPI

Wilson added on the key scene where Justin and Maggie just found out Victor had a ‘secret’ son: “Justin is definitely freaking out. It’s like he’s just seen a ghost. He wasn’t prepared to read this and then have Alex walk in on it.”

After the revelation, Rob expressed how the relationship between Alex and Justin will never be the same: “It’s like a goodbye to the relationship that we built and established in not too long of a time. It was really heartfelt.”

Photo: JPI

There will be much more to this story, as Alex tries to process how Victor lied to him while he was alive, and never told him he was his son.

Check out the promo for next week’s DAYS below.

Now let us know, are you happy or unhappy that Alex is turning out to be the biological son of Victor Kiriakis? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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