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GH Has Fireworks, Bombshells & A Summer Stunner: Watch Jonathan Jackson In Latest Promo With Tony Geary!



General Hospital is setting off it’s own set of fireworks just in time for this weekend’s fourth of July celebration!

In the new promo released this morning from ABC, looks like while Valerie (Brytni Sarpi) and Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) are locking lips, Luke (Anthony Geary) and Laura’s (Genie Francis) hunt for Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) seems to reveal some one shocking is behind their son’s kidnapping! But meanwhile, the promo shows a dramatic moment between Lucky and Luke for the first time in years, as played by long time scene partners, Jonathan Jackson and Tony Geary.  Jackson is back for a short story arc to help wrap-up Luke and Geary’s final GH storyline.

Watch the latest promo from GH after the jump and then let us know … what do you think of Valerie and Dante’s passionate moment?  Who do you think is behind this plot against Luke Spencer and his family? Comment below!

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The best thing to happen with GH since Maura West took home the Outstanding Lead Actress Daytime Emmy this year? The return of Emma Samms! WTF took so damn long?!? She is, in a word, ESSENTIAL.

Someone should tell her she is not allowed to change her lines any more in the future.

Well, it appears that her “return” is short–like all the other “returns” of formerly loved characters. She tweeted about the revisionist history she laid out on Wed: “Big confession, re GH. Tony & I couldn’t remember the Bill/Holly thing so changed line. Not fault of @carlivatiron and @valentinifrank.”

Very revealing tweet, indeed. Just appears to verify what we’ve been saying all along. Since when it is the ACTOR’S responsibility to remember the facts of the backstory? Where are TPTB/writers? And couldn’t they simply film another CORRECTED scene? Who’s minding the store? Just bring an actor in for a day, let him/her improvise a few lines and then leave? Is that the way the deal is going down–in this “greatest of all sendoffs ” for Tony Geary? And is that the way they welcome back Genie Francis? Have her stand there and hear Emma Samms wipe away her history in one fell swoop?

And where is Emma Samms’ tweet about revising the conception of Ethan? She said “it happened over one weekend” and that she didn’t know “Luke was married.”
That “she didn’t ask” and that he “didn’t tell.” GMAB! “Holly” would have to be deaf and blind not to know. She was there when Laura “returned from the dead” and she and Laura made their peace. And she’s been in Port Charles not long ago.

It’s patently obvious that TPTB/writers do not care about accuracy–and that they take the viewers for fools.

And Genie Francis had to stand there with tears glistening in her eyes and listen to her character’s history being wipe out in a moment’s time. Felt so very sorry for Genie.

Back in 1984, Laura and Luke announced to Robert and Holly, who were married to each other at the time, that they were expecting a child.
Holly of course knew Luke was pregnant.
This revision of history was started by Bob Guza who had Luke cheat on Laura with Holly and is being further revised by Ron C. At the time Ethan was conceived, Luke was head over heels in love with Laura–the sun rose and set in her eyes for him.
I think Emma Samms is trying to be helpful–by all accounts she is a lovely person. But there is no way she re wrote those lines. Moreover, she says she and Tony agreed to rewrite the lines together because they could not remember their characters’ history. But the lines in question were said by Holly to Laura, not to Laura.
I think she is just trying to make herself the fall guy. I don’t blame her one bit.

Ahem. Of course everyone knows I meant to write that Laura was pregnant, not Luke.
I mean, I know Luke was a ground breaking character an all, but don’t think he played the first male antihero who becomes impregnated.

That apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree now does it Dante? What a jerk. He should have respected Lulu’s feelings about her new “cousin” enough to stay the heck away from her! But nope, in true jerk fashion, Dante is tossing his son and wife away for some ridiculous cheap trick. Obviously she wants Lulu’s life.

This seems to happen in all soaps. Revenge sex. Now that Dante thinks he has seen the proof of Lulu’s infidelity, he will run straight to Valerie’s bed. I hope he won’t. I hope he will rationalize and remember how much his wife loves him and Rocco. He should know better, right, Angela?
I didn’t buy Valerie’s good girl act either. She was dying to jump his bones….one could sense it. Dante felt it too. He has had the feeling for a while. But, as you say, he will throw his life away for a cheap trick. ” The pen(is) Is Mightier Than The Sword”. LOL…a little different version than what Edward George Bulwer-Lytton, wrote. Sorry, couldn’t resist it, Angela.

I hate myself for predicting Vante…Dante better keep his sword away from Val…one bite with that mouth and she’ll Valchop it into tiny toothpicks which it probably is already…lol

Yeah, jimh. I already warned Dante, about those choppers, a few posts ago.
You are a naughty boy…LOL

It is Dante and Lulu’s turn for the break-up..
All couples must have their break up it is inevitable..
It surprising they went as long as did lol

I can do without Valerie.. It’s petty but, I don’t find her pleasing to look at .. lol

I like Dillon but not with Lulu..
I’d prefer him mixed in with Hayden and Nikolas..

And YOU are a naughty girl, CeeCee, although I truly appreciated your clever twist on that famous quote! However, while the sword may not prove so mighty in this case, I do share jimh’s—and your—-concerns about them “Val-Choppers!” Dante could be getting MUCH more than he bargained for with his kissin’ cousin-in-law…..especially if this too-willing chippy turns out to be of psycho-stalker breed. Oh my!!!! Having said that, this contrived little moral dilemma that Dante is about to step into big time is a truly unnecessary distraction from the marquee moments we are awaiting with Luke and Laura. I’m not liking it one bit…..the least Sonny’s boy could do is resist until fall….whatever happened to extended pent-up sexual tension as part of a good storyline? Now everything has to be right here, right now!!!! And speaking of, today’s episode was totally ruined with the interspersing of Mikey and Sappy’s nauseating, giddy afterglow activities…..not to mention that the gold-digging git has now glued herself to the hip of the clueless Q…..wherever he goes, she will, too….just like with Patrick. How unoriginal!

Ha ha, Cee Cee.
Val Chops was almost dry humping Dante the other day in the police station. She makes my neighbor’s horny, yellow, uncut male Labrador look pristine by comparison.
Now Dante seems to have inherited his father’s brains which is not a good thing. Remember when Sonny was sure that AJ had killed Connie despite all the evidence to the contrary? He ignored all the signs, but mostly he demonstrated he had poor instincts. Dante knows Lulu better than anyone and he knows she would not cheat on him when there was nothing leading up to it. Again, Dante is demonstrating that he either has horrible instincts or that he is ignoring his instincts which would be telling him that he doesn’t have the whole picture. I think he’s ignoring his instincts because he really wants to have sex with that woman just as Sonny really wanted to kill AJ.
Moreover, he finds Lulu’s long sleeved pajamas on the bed? If Lulu were having some torrid affair with Dylan, would there not be some lace Teddy on the bed.
Dante should know something is up other than this you-know-what.

I agree w/Angela,Harry & CeeCee, Dante should know better. Wait until he finds out the truth, he is going to feel sooooooo guilty and wrong. Don’t mention Maxie finding out [o’ my God]. Changing the subject a bit, does anybody think Sean Donnelly might be who kidnapped the “sons”?

Hi, Virginia.
I wish I knew who Sean Donnelly was, LOL. Someone else will be better informed than I, since I am a newbie. The only thing that crossed my mind by the shock on everyone’s face is that the mystery kidnapper is the last person Luke, Laura, Holly and the rest expected to see. A friend? How about Lucky himself?
Has this been all a hoax? Oh, well….what do I know? Right?

I said the same thing. Jimh that is hilarious, i always say when you invite another woman to stay, its like the vampire rule. CeeCee I guess Dante didn’t listen. Now did they actually do it? He could at least not do it in their house. Take her to Metro and see what Carly would say or do.

Virginia…yes! I was going to suggest spSean Donnelly. If I remember correctly Luke wasn’t able to get him the antedote for his uranium poisoning, did he? Perhaps it’s some revenge…or he needs some of Luke’s blood? Although..not even sure if he didn’t receive the antedote…but if not he’d be dead already.

Always loved Sean…Tiffany, Robert, Holly days…would be great to have him back in any capacity.

im loving the chemistry between laura and holly,,,general hospital could have found gold with these 2,,could be a new thelma and louise arc,,,,but like most soap writers these days ,,theylll miss this golden opertunity…and we will go back to the very boreing mob stories that are forced opon us,,,

yup, that would be awesome! very tired of the mob.

The ” mob” is all talk no action in Port Charles these past few months. Sonny, or Julian, for that matter, don’t seem to have any enemies but for each other. Now, Julian is supposedly out…once again. Years back, there used to be other crime families, meetings…we had the really sexy Alcazar, Jerry…criminal, not mob. Now? Not too much…

glad for some closure for luke before he leaves, his two sons and holly. scorpio would be nice. LOVE THAT NAXIE IS IN THE PROMO, wish dante could slow down, this will have a ripple effect. summer is looking HOT in port charles!!

Great pun, sharon….’HOT SUMMER’.

GH is really a mess right now, sad to say. Each day feels pasted together and many of the casting and story choices are not working. Valerie is a perfect example; she needs to exit as does Denise Too Much IO along with nuKiki, Nathan, Nina, and Franco.

maybe you should quit watching for a while as you don’t like anything. I love it all. Franco is the best and adds so much laughter to the show.

Roger Howarth… had me laughing out loud

wasn’t he the best… when he and Denise started kissing

with onlookers… Nina, Morgan, Carly, ….

the KISSing stops , franco lets loose


he turns… camera pans

his mouth is covered in slopped up lipstick and he’s chewing her gum New Jersey style



Roger Howarth is a blast-loved when Franco mimicked Denise and her New York accent-and how they were all over each other at the Metro Court-the red lipstick all over Franco’s cheeks. So funny (and cheap). Maura and Roger are hysterical.
I agree with Tony on nuKiki-ugh. As much as I could not stand Kristen Alderson as Starr or Kiki-I can’t stand nuKiki either. The character is just plain dumb and serves no purpose to the canvas. Nina-the way that Michelle Stafford (who I think is very talented) portrays her is like that of a little girl-very immature. Nina’s best scenes are with Franco, IMO.

“Pasted together” is an excellent way of putting it, Tony! This show has been such an awkward hodgepodge of far-flung scenarios that it has been impossible to watch an entire torturous episode all the way through. I’ve pretty much just been focusing on L&L’s (up-until-now-not-so) “excellent adventure” even though thus far, it has seemed to be more an afterthought than the premiere storyline of the summer! However, yesterday it finally appeared that perhaps we’re getting this show on the road! The Laura and Holly stuff was surprisingly satisfying, and it’s really anybody’s guess who shall be revealed as Lucky and Ethan’s kidnapper…..there are so many obvious choices: Pick a Cassadine, any Cassadine will do! (Helena, Nik, Stavros, Stephan, or Victor, the previously frozen-solid Mikkos or Tony….orrrr even Valentin???) Then there are some long- thought dead Smiths and or Jeromes to consider. What about Grant Putnam/Andrews, another throwback to the “Ice Princess” days? Plus, there’s always Jerry Jacks, the frighteningly frazzled Faison, a yet-to-be-resurrected dead Alcazar or two, and even loonytune Heather Webber, who never fail to make superb suspects! And what if it’s none of the above, but a real shocker….could Bill Eckert truly be alive, well and behind this caper? Maybe his son Sly is the culprit! Could “Frisco Jones” have gone to the dark side? (Say it isn’t so!) What about a return of David Gray and/or the Templeton Sisters? So many scintillating options upon which to ruminate!!!! Furthermore, what if this is not a sinister plot, but one designed by the captives themselves to be a last-ditch effort to reunite the Spencers? Most likely a longshot, but just a notion….yeah, I’m overthinking it (again!)

Gee, Shay. I wish I could contribute something crucially important in solving this mystery. Alas, I have nothing! No backstory to BACK me up? LOL. However I, also, agree with the ‘pasted together’ concept. I am tired of Denise, I am tired of Sonny getting away with murder, once again. I am particularly seething over the fact that Michael gave up custody of Avery because of a word from the wise, Sabrina? I like her , but too much credit has been given to one who is practically a stranger and not part of the family. Leave it up to a guy to follow the lead of the skirt he’s chasing and sniffing. LOL. Sorry, gentlemen.
My mother-in-law is also seething, in her own little way. LOL. She cannot fathom how Carlivati and Valentini, both with Italian names dare confuse Italian with Spanish. Firstly, yesterday Tracy called Denise señorita DiMuccio. Then, today, in print, we saw Mucho DiMuccio. Italians are very ‘fussy’ about their culture and language….so melodic when Florentine (closest to Italian proper) is spoken.
Señorita and mucho are both Spanish words.
Signorina and molto, respectively, are Italian words.
La signora says Carlivati and Valentini should know better…LOL

I would also like to point out that I wanted to hug Sam today, and, kiss her feet. Her reaction to Nik is what I want to see from her more often. Didn’t know she had it in her. Wow…impressive!!! Good girl, Sam. Give me more.!!!!

Ohhh!! That was really rich. Sonny calling Franco a freak? He does not trust Denise? I could understand those words coming out of Michael; not, slimy Sonny. “Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark” Willy S. Later, Girl.

I love the idea of it being Sly, Shay.
I have a weird feeling (is there any other kind?) that Jackie Templeton will be making an appearance.

@Harry….That would make it interesting, eh? I’m just hoping the big reveal of the culprit’s identity is a real shocker…it’s about time Cartini did something truly surprising. If not now, I ask you, when???? (Oh, how about Janine Turner as “The Other Laura?” I’d love to see BOTH Templetons!) Orrr, if the show runners really want to spring someone unexpected on us, “Blackie”—NOT “Whitey”–Parrish would certainly not go amiss in that category. However, something tells me that shall not be happening…LOL. (But perhaps sometime he could be driving through Port Chuck and make an unplanned detour to the PCPD for suspected DUI? Just a thought….John Stamos does have a wicked sense of humor!)

Hiyaa, Shay,
I hope your festivities went well, also. I love this country of ours. I visited many places, Shay….no other country even comes close.
No, Jude and I never went to school together…he was ALWAYS ahead of me. Four years….His parents also have a home on MV….he and my brothers were and still are friends. My husband did not really like me, as a kid……Teased me a lot, just as my brothers did. He sang a different song as I grew….LOL.
I went to boarding school in Connecticut. He in Massachusetts . But, we both attended University in Boston….including medical school, for him.
The Hartford area has the most prep schools in the Northeast, probably the country. Actually Katherine Hepburn went to Kingswood-Oxford , and Jackie O (Kennedy) went to Miss Porter’s. …West Hartford and Farmington, respectively. But, the school which housed some of the most notable people/personalities (such as John F. Kennedy) in the country, is Choate Rosemary Hall….Go, Wild Boars!!!!!

Anyway, I was actually shocked that none of the Cassadine gang appeared to bid Luke ‘fare-thee-well. Shocked also, am I, that no one was resurrected. LOL.
Shatner? Imagine that! It would have really been an episode to remember, Shay.
It broke my heart to see Valerie and Dante go at it. Why, oh, why did the writers go there?
I wish I were as nonchalant as Su. She knew….but, accepts the fact because it is, after-all, a soap. To Su, this is good soap drama. Perhaps, it is. I don’t want to underestimate what Su predicts because more oft than not she is right. I have said this so many times, I really must be getting on everyone’s nerves.
She likes the turmoil; the dark side of the characters; ….so, we cannot castigate, negate or condemn what she opines and feels. Sometimes I agree, sometimes, I do not. I truly like Su, so I pretty much tolerate much. I find that Su is easy-going. She takes all the less than praise-worthy responses to her with a grain of salt, and with grace. She is never rude. I respect that.
When I disagree with some of her “stuff”, I call her on it. She answers me politely.
As far as other sites? I was talking about Y&R and DOOL. I do not Tweet, nor am I on Facebook. No Way!!!!! I believe you do not either, right?
I love my three soaps. I need not go outside of these sites….enough for me. What would we do without Michael Fairman? I really mean that, Shay, Girl….Later.
PS. Thank you for answering so fast.

Awwwww, Tonyyyy… way, no!!!! Not Nina, not Franco, not Nathan; they stay…love them….but, yes, bring back AVA; somehow.

Yes, CeeCee…the Denise act is wearing mighty thin! Whilst highly amusing, it is now crossing into annoyance territory, and really, how can this farce continue much longer? Sonny has Ava’s number….he’s knows she is not Ms. DeMuccio and has been just lying in wait to prove it. Having the adorable Avery back in his abode will be the ultimate trap for Ava…she will not be able to resist the lure of her precious daughter! As for Sappy, you already know full well my opinion of this social-climbing senorita (Now there is the appropriate application of “El Espanol!”…LOL!) As soon as she moves in on her clueless dupes, her m.o. is that she takes over their lives…that’s one bossy broad there, albeit dipped in a deceptively sugar-sweet coating!!!! (I did LOVE the way Denise laid into her as “snooty.”…..) But back to the language discussion….I don’t blame your “suocera” for being miffed at the poorly used Italian mash-up….the Roman empire was one of the greatest in civilization and still deserves the awe and respect it historically has for its contributions, particularly to cultural and culinary matters. Coming from two “paesanos” makes this strange slight all the more unforgiveable and egregious! (By the way, please tell “Nonna” I said “Ciao!”) In terms of our Sammy, yeah, the girl is finally hitting her stride….now if she could just get some decent duds to highlight her impressive form! Honestly, is that asking TOO much????? (Obviously, yes!) Oh well….must run! Have a safe and wonderful “4th” weekend with your family! P.S. I’ll bet Rosalba is a beautiful little vision in her sunwear!!!! Hope she’s enjoying her summer thus far!

LOL, Shay…we’re off to the beach, ourselves……yup, my baby is wearing a bikini…wish you could see all that sweet cuteness….chubby legs and all.
Nonna is my husband’s grandmother. I have a Gran and a Nanna…but I will say hi to Jude’s grandmother for you…LOL. Or, did you mean my mother-in-law?
You’re right, I paesani, Frank and Ron should do their homework.
So, you also see the change in Sam? I am getting warmer and warmer toward her, each passing day. I hope she can maintain her spunk. When she shows that somewhat feisty side of her, I cheer her on.
You really think Sonny is on to ‘Denise’? If not yet, he will definitely figure her out. Weasels can weed out anyone and anything which could be a threat to them.
Ava’s face changes completely just at the mere mention of Avery. Maura is incredibly convincing as the anxious, forlorn mother. I pay attention to the different, but fleeting facial expressions which convey so much of her inner turmoil concerning her daughter. I love that woman!!!!!…LOL.

I still don’t believe Sabrina is deceitful or a usurper, but, I do see your point of view, Shay. This character is so misplaced…..she sticks out like a sore thumb…..later, Girl…I am being summoned……

YES!!! Happy 4th, my friend.

Sorry for the confusion, CeeCee!….I meant your mother-in-law, since we were discussing how Cartini gave her “agita” over their less than respectful use of the Italian language….I guess I chose the term “Nonna” because she is, in fact, a grandmother….to your cherubs, but what a fine family tree you have with all those strong and wise matriarchs! Your Scottish gran sounds particularly wonderful….just the sort of lady with whom one would love to take tea! At any rate, send my warmest regards to all concerned, or perhaps only those who may have heard of your MFSoaps “bestie,” “Shay!” LOL. As for your darling little Rosalba, she already sounds like a fashion plate….taking after “Mommy?” (I’ll bet her wardrobe bests both Georgie Jones’ and Avery Jerome’s…..combined!!!!!) And how about that Sam? She was quite enchanting with Jake in today’s episode…sparks are a-flying between those two! Kinda like with Denise and Morgan! Given that woman’s passion for both her baby daughter and her ex-boyfriend, I don’t see how the cat won’t be leaping out of the proverbial bag here VERY soon….her uber-intense emotions for them make no sense for a long-lost relative who supposedly just met these individuals. Whenever there is a scene with either Avery or Morgan, the words may come out ala De Muccio, but the expressions are all Ava’s! This ruse certainly cannot last for much longer! And yes, I do think Sonny knows the truth…instinctually, at least…..and now he simply needs to find the conclusive proof to nail Ava. Maybe Sappy can come and stick her nose in his business, too, since she loves to impose herself in other people’s family matters…the Quartermaines should be getting mighty sick of her quite soon, so she’ll be looking for someone else upon which to intrude….next thing you know, she’ll want to be Carly’s BFF! Oh well, must go….by the way, I may be “offline” for a few days, so once again, have a great holiday weekend! Later! P.S. Forgot to add that I absolutely LOVED Laura in her “pistol-packin’ Mama mode!” Nothing like an angelic-looking woman who knows how to handle her firearms!

Awwww, Shay…too bad you’ll be off line. I think I am addicted to these sites…LOL. no matter what I am doing, I will take a minute here and there and check ‘things’ out.
Yes, Marcella, my mother-in-law does get “acido” reflux when it comes to anything Italian.
Oh, yes, Laura is a babe. I am such a fan. Sometimes we, inexplicably, take to an actor/actress or someone we just meet. Look at us, Shay. We hit it off instantly.
By the same token, I sometimes swing from disliking a character to completely loving him/her. The best example is Ava. She absolutely irritated me. But, I could watch her indefinitely. I cannot deny her talent. Not only that, but the woman is charismatic. I am hooked.

Have fun…enjoy the 4th with family and friends. We traditionally celebrate on the Vineyard….The ocean is practically in our back yard….so gorgeous….
The first time I saw my husband was here, on the 4th. I was six years old….he was ten. He called me a gnat…nice!!!!LOL. ….Soon!

@CeeCee….I’m back!!! Just needed a few days off to refresh and recharge! (But I did look in to see what was happening here….only I didn’t post until late last night!) At any rate, I hope you enjoyed a super Vineyard holiday weekend with your family….sounds like a lovely tradition, and the background story with your husband is simply too cute! (I don’t know why, but I always had the notion you two met during your prep school days….) Yes, there are those with whom we immediately strike an initial “like,” both in real life and online…..quite an interesting phenomenon how one can just know when they’ve encountered a kindred spirit, eh???? I have a true intuition for such things and I’ve very seldom been wrong, so I always trust my first impressions!!! (Same thing pretty much goes for soap characters…’s either love ’em right off or loathe them to eternity….witness “Sappy,” for example. LOL….) However, one notable exception was with Ava….I found a way to tolerate her once she became with child and at odds with the reptilian Nina….that really made me root for Ms. Jerome. But prior to that, I couldn’t stand her hoity-toity hitwoman with the phony airs and graces….as for her current guise as Denise? It’s beginning to wear mighty thin, because it’s hard to imagine a credible endgame to her masquerade. I do believe that recruiting Franco to aid in her scheme could prove to be interesting for the both of them, and will hopefully get RoHo away from Nina since that whole storyline is going nowhere….sorry. but MS is dragging him down…he is at his best when mixing with others…most particularly Dr. O.! In terms of Laura, she is an absolute sight for sore eyes….and has been the saving grace of the entire Luke exit strategy, which has otherwise been so dry and banal, with the exceptions of the blink-of-an-eye appearances of Emma Samms and Nathan Parsons. Sooo….Frank Smith is alive! Kinda obvious in retrospect, so not a huge surprise….I think a defrosted Mikkos Cassadine would have been a better shocker. Of course, it also would have had to be in a reconstituted form— just like Mr. Smith—because the original actor who portrayed the matriarch of that kooky clan is also deceased….just like the previous two “Franks.” Having said that, I definitely could have envisioned William Shatner as a revived Mikkos… THAT would have been great fun! I’m just not sure what more this Smith storyline can offer, although we still have Lucky to anticipate, and hopefully, a few other unexpected treats before Luke and TG sing “Happy Trails!” By the way, you have made mention of other sites where you enjoy posting…are they also soap-oriented or of different varieties??? This is generally my only “discussion destination,” as the “company” here is (for the most part) so highly intelligent, engaging and enjoyable, but I did have cause to wonder when you previously commented about them with the always off-the-wall su….perhaps I need to explore and expand my cyber horizons???? Just a thought! Have a great Monday, CeeCeeGirl! Later…..

@CeeCee….It’s my pleasure to respond….sometimes more rapidly than others, but it’s always a treat to trade thoughts with you! I was actually waylaid by a computer dilemma…..sometimes my Norton won’t cooperate when there’s a huge update concerned, and at some point, I have to solely address that before I can get back to the “fun stuff,” which is what happened over the long Fourth weekend. I knew it would take me awhile, which is why I forewarned you of my absence. Thankfully, in the wee hours of our nation’s 239th birthday, I finally nailed it, but after spending four consecutive overnight sessions working on that drudgery, I needed a break. Hence, that is exactly what I did! I enjoyed a rainy and peaceful few days….which was just what the doctor ordered! Oh yeah!!! Anyway, as for Dante….well, pop went that weasel with the Val-debeast, and in Lulu’s— and his—own marital bed, no less! What a complete betrayal…the least that snake could have done was taken his infidelity to an alternative location, but no! I found it to be utterly disgusting and distasteful…no excuses there whatsoever. So, Mr. Falconeri’s “man pride” took a beating….aww, poor baby! I just want Olivia to get back to Port Charles and smack her “cocco di mama” upside the head when she finds out what he has done! (I guess his apple didn’t fall from the Corinthos family tree after all…..) I’m just hoping that “Val-Chops” doesn’t try to trap this clueless cop with a well-planned pregnancy….ick, ick, ick!!!! In terms of your ardent defense(s) of su, they are to be admired, even if the majority of the posters here don’t agree with you…..what a loyal and steadfast friend you are! I myself simply find a little of her goes a very long way….then again, without su, there would be no prolific Harry retorts to her often predictable comments, so I do try to focus on that silver lining in an otherwise dreary cloud….I cannot imagine going without those near-daily, rapier sharp replies! (Thank you, Harry!!!!) Sooo….now I get the Jude and CeeCee story. How sweet….there really is nothing like the familiarity of someone with whom one grew up…shared history is such a strong basis for a truly grounded and enduring relationship. I’m still good friends with my first love….I’ve known him since I was 13—he’s also a bit older than me, and even though we ultimately weren’t meant to be, it’s still a kick to reminisce with him….we actually laugh every July4th about an incident back in the day…we were at our local country club, and he offered me a ride to a later evening fireworks display out of town that a group of us were already planning to attend, and even though I SO wanted to accept, my mother had told me just the week before, that I wasn’t allowed to go cruising around with boys in cars because I was tooo young. Hence, being the good child that I was–and also knowing that there were friends of my parents present who would report my disobedience—I said no. He never understood why I turned him down until years later when I finally confessed the truth. It became a running joke that we now revisit every Fourth of July. Hah! Speaking of Katherine Hepburn, I followed in her footsteps by attending my first years of college in Bryn Mawr…beautiful place, and living on the Main Line spoiled me for life! Loved it! (I still have a soft spot for Philly…well, at least the suburbs!) I truly had a great time hitting the parties at many of the other institutions in the vicinity….Haverford, Villanova, Drexel and of course, U of P. (That area is much like Connecticut and Massachusetts in that there is some such school on at least every corner!) I met many wonderful people from the Eastern seaboard there, and while I would love to reconnect with them, like yourself, I do not engage in either Facebook or Twitter. I’m just an extremely private person….I was brought up that way, and I simply cannot fathom giving out all that personal info about myself for free….plus, this website keeps me busy enough. I think I would get too caught up in the constant interaction were I to jump on the social bandwagon, because I’ve known a lot of interesting individuals in my lifetime, and there are only so many hours in the day! My most near and dear know how to reach me via my email or unlisted phone lines, and that’s more than enough for me! At any rate, yes, I was also eaagerly anticipating some Cassadine interference in the Luke farewell…perhaps it is yet to come? Not sure I am that thrilled with the so-called Jake revelation….sometimes one simply should let sleeping dogs lie, and all of these numerous GH resurrections really beggar belief. However, it was a true thrill to see JJ as Lucky reunited with his mother and father…..I’m going to just savor his brief stint before I place judgment on the failure or success of the Luca Lorenzo Spencer swansong. Perhaps there are a few surprises left to come???? One can keep wishing!….Later, Girl!

I will miss Tony Geary. I was born in 1980, so my first memories of Tony were as Bill Eckert. Bill was not my favorite character and at the time, I did not realize the magnitude of Tony or the history of Luke and Laura. I have watched some clips on YouTube. I did watch Luke and Laura in the 90’s when they returned to Port Charles with Lucky. My favorite scenes of Tony’s have always been with Jane Elliot. I loved their scenes in Vegas with Ethan and Maya. I loved when he bought her Skittles, the pony. They are a great comedic team. That is what I miss most about General Hospital-the comedy. I loved the Quartermaines-back in the day, squabbling. I also miss the romance-supercouples, Frisco and Felicia, Sonny and Brenda, etc. The friendships-Brenda and Ned, Brenda and Lois, etc. (Obviously, I was a huge fan of the ’90’s). I can’t stomach anymore new characters or recasts-Dillon, Lulu, Kiki (neither Kiki worked-just write the character off the canvas). I’m just tired of the show and its lackluster storylines. Is the summer really going to “sizzle?” Sorry for the rant.

You’re right about the friendships, dmr. There really is no interaction between characters. They stay in their couple, or they talk to one person they run into at the diner or the hospital. That’s so integral to what’s missing…family and friendship. Bobby used to own the brownstone…not sure what years those were…and people either lived there or came and went all the time. People used to go to dinner together, meet at Rubys, storm in and out of the Q’s. Lois, Ned, Brenda, Sonny…Ned, Alexis, Jax . Scorpio, Shawn, Tiffany, Holly…on and on and on. Different show/ feel. As they say…you can never go back home… 😉

Have you watched the Luke, Laura, Scotty, Bobbie, and Ruby years (1978-1981; 1983) on youtube? Not just a few clips but entire stories? Some fabulous stuff. No soap was doing what GH was doing back then! Must see TV. And I mean that. Though VHS/VCR’s were around then, most people didn’t have them at this time. So people stopped EVERYTHING to watch GH. It was amazing!

ppage: Yes, I watch a lot of old clips on YouTube. Remember way back when-“cliff-hanger Fridays?” haha

ppage, I watch it all the time and marvel and laugh and cry and experience again the wonderment of it all.

Then I come back to the current GH and #$?!!!^&*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahhh looking good..
I knew RC, FV and team would turn it up !
Tony will have an exit befitting him 🙂

It’s bitter sweet–
looking forward to Tony’s exit story but not looking forward to losing him ..

Ok, loving the promo. Jonathan Jackson looks so HAWT! All I can say is, I hope GH does Anthony Geary Proud, bring it!.

He’s great on Nashville. He’s really in his element on that show…playing music and acting. IT was very easy to transition from Lucky to his character, Avery. Oh, and he looks great on that show too!

Jonathan Jackson and Tony Geary= power power performance, to come..
It doesn’t get any better than having two exceptional actors playing off each other..
Sooooo looking forward to Jonathan Jackson and Tony Geary bringing it home!!

Those two are and always have been screen magic!

I’ll hide and watch. If it’s like all the other returns–zzzzzzzzzz. I’d just as soon go back and watch the earlier scenes on Youtube.

Well. Su…for me? Jonathan/Lucky doesn’t have to do a thing. I will just sit there wide-eyed, agape, enraptured while taking in all that beatudiness. He’s a wonder among wonders. Yeah!!!!
I never can follow any storyline on NASHVILLE because Jonathan ‘sends me’….LOL

And you know also “Jonathan Jackson and Tony Geary=power power performance, to come”–where’d you get that crystal ball???????????

Nancy, I think just putting Jonathan Jackson together with Tony will be emotionally powerful for those of us who watched the two of them since Jonathan was a little boy and Tony had his own hair…. 😉 Sad to think they, and their wonderful relationship, are forever gone from the show.

Get ready for it Baby Jake is alive and kicking! Thank you RC for correcting one of the worst tragedies ever created !

Jake, Elizabeth’s son with Jason?? How would that be possible?? Where has he been?? And what plot would that serve?? Hmmmm…..

Well, Helena does spring to mind. Remember she’s the one who held Jason and made Robin bring him back to life along with Stavros. And, Helena is also known for driving Liz insane.

Sheer gossip but we brought everybody else back from the dead and remember Liz never got to see the body you know that was when Guza & Phelps thought it would be cool to get rid of Liz a character from a legacy family and white wash the character Sam who had only been with the show since 2004. This great love everybody proclaims with Jason and Sam geeze I thought he threatened to kill her for what she did concerning Baby Jake getting kidnapped. I hate what RC is doing to Liz but I am not a fan of Sam either.

K/Kay…I don’t remember Jason threatening to kill Sam…but I DO remember not too long ago Sonny threatened to kill Carly if Olivia died. Seems love is stronger than death threats! And mother/daughter relationships are stronger than a little thing like sleeping with your mother’s husband, ie Sam/Rick, Carly/Tony. Or, your ex wife’s mother…Morgan!

Sigh. I’ve always been a Sam fan, though. And, I like the way she dresses though a few don’t. It’s who she is…a tough chick with a heart of gold and a slammin’ body. She’s rough around the edges, not prissy like Lulu and Maxi, both whom I also love…

I am not a fan of Sam either, Kay…I have said that often enough. But, she has come a long way in the year I’ve been watching. Today was actually the first time I witnessed actual feelings from her. She has a voice.LOL. We shall see if she continues in this vein. Now, all she needs to do is shed the “uniform”.
Poor Liz…so disappointed. I am not liking her as the baddie.

what does Ethan say to Luke in the promo??

I can’t wait to c Liz face when she sees lucky!!!!!

I didn’t like Valarie the first day she was on the show. She served her purpose by ushering in Pat, Luke and Bobbie’s sister. Now Pat has died, Val needs to step it on down the road. Lulu and Dante have a good marriage. I hope that the bed-hopping Lizzie isn’t pregnant but I’m sure it isn’t for her trying and I hope that when Lucky leaves she will ride off into the sunset with him. Jason belongs with Sam and Jake/Jason and Sam do have some chemistry brewing. Patrick, who has just about as much personality as Silas, is only good with Robin and then it’s pretty iffy not Sam. Glad Laura will be staying for a while. She is a very good actress and will bring some good storylines, if the the writers provide them. Not crazy about the new Kiki but she isn’t on enough to really care about. The Ava/Denise storyline is rather stupid but… Nichols is acting his part as a Cassadine. Maybe Laura can soften him a little but he is better now than the Princely babysitter he has been for a while. I noticed someone brought up Fresco and Felicia. I enjoyed their stories in the past. I think they would be a good mix to bring back some life to the show. Where Mac is a good guy, he and Felicia are just not interesting characters like Fresco and Felicia were. Maxie is a trip and I love her with Nathan, although I think she and Spinelli are a trip and Spinelli is an entertaining sidekick for Jason and Sam. Love the Quartermaines but it is sad so many aren’t there any more.

Nikolas… brought chills… steamy… and manned to the gills

wow… as he’s deriding Rosalie… to go to the police station and recant her statement



so agree, about Val… she ushered in sister, Pat… and that should have been it

if anything seems forced so fast… it’s Dante “attraction”
Emmi Rylan’ acting as Lulu doesn’t make me scream out … that either or do not deserve this…. as i”ve always said… Dante carries a big part of Sonny pie on GH.
even i’ll soapbox… this couple truly do love each other

Hi, Patrick.
I hope that by ‘manned’ you mean ‘armed’, as in ammunition; and, not as a man of honor and integrity.
Nikolas’s actions are despicable. A real man uses no subterfuge and respects that which is not his. You are right, Patrick…..Nikolas does give me chills…..the disgusting kind; the eerie kind; the stay-away kind !! He feels entitled because he is a prince, part of a monarchy that is in exile……LOL. The gall, right, Patrick? Commanding Rosalie to recant proves what a complete jerk he is. He has RAT written all over him. He is preaching altruism by announcing that he is doing this for the Quartermaine’s and the company. He just finished sewing up what Helena , Fluke and cohorts started. Right!!!! How noble. No honorable man would pull a stunt like that and be called friend. He did it because the Cassadine holdings are neck-deep in both the Ionian and Aegean Seas. However, there is still that minuscule chance he is being controlled by his grandmother. I don’t think the writers have decided yet. As with the Fluke storyline, they’re just traipsing along. Ultimately, when the writers come to THE crossroads, I think they will utilize the Helena-control-method….OR, Jake and Sam will split Nikolas wide open and take back what rightfully belongs to the Q’s.
Yeah. Lulu and Dante love each other. But, he is vacillating…..we will see if this couple is meant to weather this hurricane (Valerie) disguised as a little rain shower. We do agree, Valerie should have kept Dante at arms’ length. And, no matter how many times she tells him he is married to her cousin…..well, her eyes say otherwise. Dante is aware of the attraction…, what does she do? She gets a job at the police station. Yup! I guess THE urge is too powerful?
Believe me, Patrick. No complaints here. I am actually interested. I’d like to see the willpower Dante will display. Could he be experiencing the seven-year itch? How long have they been married?
Uh oh!!! I better keep an eye on my husband, Patrick! LOL. later, my friend.

Patrick…I’m getting the feeling you’re liking the bad boy in Nicolas. He has joined the ranks with Julian and Sonny. Capable of great love, loyalty…devoted father…but ruthless. I could ALMOST buy his despicable takeover of ELQ (I’m routing for Michael to get it back) …but unless he’s being controlled or had a latent killer Cassadine gene that just broke loose (either naturally or via Helena), there’s no coming back from putting a hit out on Hayden.

Okay, so Holly says she didn’t know Luke was married – but she was in PC when Laura returned and left PC with Luke – she was there when Laura announced her pregnancy. And Holly didn’t know Bill Eckert? Uh, she was sleeping with him and he was the main reason she left PC the second time around.

What’s baffling is that there was no point to these rewrites. And they have to be rewrites – if RC did it by mistake, Emma and Tony and Genie would have brought it to his attention. So, it had to be done on purpose – but to what end? That is absolutely no reason for the changes – it brings nothing, adds nothing so it just seems like it was done ‘because’. Which, why mess with history if there is no need – and there was no need.

Emma Samms responded to this on Twitter today. She said she and TG completely forgot and that’s why they went with the wording the way we saw it. Mistakes happen it’s not the end of the world

hey Mike,,
Holly does know Bill..
yah gotta read the tweets they interact with the soap..

Ron Carlivati ‏@carlivatiron 8h8 hours ago

Also, Holly & Robert are still together OC. In the outline, she said he was in the field & couldn’t be reached. Line was cut in script. #GH
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Ron Carlivati ‏@carlivatiron 8h8 hours ago
Today’s script made clear Holly knew Bill. Don’t know why the line was changed.

there ya go ^^^^ not RC’s fault it was cut..

@Mike: I just finished watching Tuesday’s episode and I couldn’t believe all of the continuity errors! Holly was with Robert in the lobby of Mariah’s B&B in Texas when Luke & Laura yelled from their room that they were pregnant. Now, I could justify Holly saying to Laura “Luke didn’t say you and he were still together, and I didn’t ask him” but I can’t justify the idea she didn’t know they were pregnant back in the mid 80’s.

And while I didn’t watch much of the show when Bill Eckert was on, I was pretty sure he was involved with Holly (and I think her lookalike “cousin,” or was it a half-sister?), Paloma. When I Googled this, sure enough, there it was, that Bill cheated on Holly with someone named Victoria.

Another terrible attempt to rewrite history. Originally, I had thought that Ethan was older than Lucky and was conceived during the time that Laura was kidnapped and living with the Cassadines, when Nikolas was conceived-before she returned to Port Charles and Luke saw her at the Governor’s or Mayor’s Mansion (I can’t remember)-when Luke yelled “Laura!” I thought it was later written that both Luke and Laura had other children during THAT time they were apart. I didn’t realize it was while Luke was married to Laura and they had already had Lucky-that he was unfaithful. It doesn’t make any sense.
Laura was sort of being controlled by the Cassadines while she was kidnapped and living with them (I believe), but Luke-with Holly, while married to Laura, doesn’t to me. Another desperate ill-fated attempt to rewrite history-all of it.

I’m VERY VERY DISGUSTED and SICKENED with the writers putting Dante and Valerie’s lips together!! Out of ALL the couples on GH Dante and Lulu are the POWER couple!! Dante has been head over heels in love with Lulu since the day he laid eyes on her and EVERYONE who watches GH knows it, so why in the hell would they put a story line so UNbelieveable? If he REALLY thought Lulu was doing it with Dillion (which we ALL know he wouldn’t think that), Dante woulda went straight to Lulu to find out what’s going on!! AND he wouldn’t see some dang Tee Shirt & think Lulu slept with Dillion!! He would FIND Lulu & FIND what’s going on!! I’m SICK of the writers trying to break them up!! Dante should find Lulu & FIND OUT THE TRUTH!! Anything NOT that will just SUCK!!! SUCK BIG TIME!!


Why, you ask, Dottie? Because “Beelzebub has a devil (the writers) put aside for” us, ( Queen… My Beautiful Freddie) to put a wedge in anyone’s happiness.
This is the one couple who brought a modicum of harmony to PC. I am still hopeful Dante will not give Valerie a taste of what God gave him. Even if it is only the size of a toothpick (that one’s for you, jimh)…. LOL

I am also hoping (against hope) that Dante resists the mighty mating call of the “Val-debeast,” but when one mixes alcohol, fireworks and a bed at-the-ready, things certainly don’t look very good on the “fidelity front,” do they?

Dottie, its a soap and couple cannot remain happy or they would be Mac and Felicia and they are off canvas. Dumbte is the worst! For a detective he comes to the conclusion that a t-shirt means his wife cheated on him? That shows he is either stupid or has no faith in Lulu!

That just about sums it up, Timmm. I said the same thing.
Let us hope, at least, that Sam and Jake reunite. I came a long way to arrive at this conclusion. I am finally appreciating Ms Monaco.
But, Lizzie broke my heart. I loved her. Schemers and I do not do well together.
As I said in another thread, Jake and Sam will work together as sleuths and get to the truth. They will fall in love all over again. When Sam realizes who Jake really is, she will run , slo mo, into his outstretched arms….her hair tossed and tousled by the wind. LOL
Then, I hope Sam will kick Lizzie’s a$$. HA!

Timmm…I don’t think the t-shirt did it. I think Valerie’s accurate recounting that Dillon and Lulu were in an embrace and shared a secret they didn’t want him to know, Dante following her to the Q’s and seeing a shirtless, toweled Dilon answer the door, hearing Lulu say I love you to someone on the phone and quickly hanging up, telling him..out of the blue, she’s flying to Italy because Leslie’s sick…him finding out she’s not in Europe but in a hotel room with Dillon…might, lol, lead him to the conclusion he’s jumped to. Who, in real life, wouldn’t?

I don’t see it so out of character. He was jumping out of his skin when he found out Lulu was staying with Milo way back. The only difference there was that Lulu had amnesia..felt more secure there…so he let it slide.

Lulu is jealous of Valerie. No difference. Insecurity reigns…

Dante knows Lulu’s history with Dillon. He was her first love…she was pregnant with his child. She also seemed to waiver a bit when Johnny came to town. She was attracted…but, like now, didn’t act on it.

As for Valerie, I’m behind two shows so unless something’s happened I’m not suspicious of her yet. But I can see how a hurt Dante would come on to her.

Obviously the writers are shaking up the Falconeri pot. We shall see….

Pretty exciting! Love Jonathan Jackson and Holly .looking forward to ‘ll the excitement

The Dante storyline line is rushed. Not believable. Dante would have trusted Lulu and know that there was trouble. Especially with the way her family is. He would investigate not cheat. Why can’t we believe in a hero, a knight, instead of a doubter/cheater.
Loving “prince Nic” right now. For whatever the reason, his universe has changed and he feels entitled. Very uncharacteristic, and curious to see how this plays out.
Franco, just plain O’l cracks me up. Although, I wish this Prospect Park issue would go away and bring back Todd, and Starr. I’ve watched old clips of Michael and Starr, and that was his best match. Sabrina brings the best out in Michael, but no chemistry for me. Sorry.
I don’t get the GH haters. It’s a show that evolves, you don’t have to like every storyline, but the hard work and amazing actors put there time in. If you hate it, tune out.

I can’t believe that Dante and Valerie are doing this, and to hear Dante say he doesn’t care. What happened to his great love for Lulu. You should NEVER let another woman live in your home with you and your husband. Scandalous. The first thought is always to do the same thing you think your spouse is doing. But Dante and Lulu would usually talk things out before making assumptions. I guess that has now changed. So disgusted that they would do this, so shocked at Dante but we don’t know much about Valerie this may have been her plan all the time. Y’ll always messing up good couples. I know that’s what soaps do but there can be couples who stay together and still be exciting. DISGUSTED!!!

Yesterday Dante told Valerie that there was something between them.
I could have sworn the two of them glanced down when he uttered those ill chosen words.

Valerie is a little snake who has been slithering her way into Dante’s arms and he has been too stupid all this time to detect her motives. She needs to stay away from Dante and Lulu.

Dante is going to screw Val in his home with Lulu.? I like JJ and NP but. How long has the kidnapper had them, they both look like a shower and a hair cut would be in order. JJ’s hair is soo long. Re-Ron said the actors got it wrong, we all know he knows it all and never makes mistakes. Holly had a fling with Bill, why who cares. .It was great to see Holly and Laura together when Luke left. The only actual part I watched. I use to like Holly all the evil the last IIC did to her made no sense. She loved Robin. Why does the next IIC always seem to want to destroy what the fans liked and remember. I don’t reconize this show any more, all these actors and the rewritten history, who needs it.Ratings tell all.

You could see it coming from a mile away that events would play out this way between Dante and Valerie. Not only don’t I like the plot twist I don’t like Valerie. Her portrayer is not a good actress and I think she’s unattractive.

And she has a flat personality. I can’t get into Valerie. I think she’s a tease, too. She is well aware that Dante is attracted to her ( God only knows why?). If Valerie were as decent as she would like us to believe, then she should get out of Dodge; to avoid friction. Dante? Luke should just beat him up. LOL.
I don’t know…..I could never understand this, because it does happen in real life, also…..that is, I would think that if one suspects his/her spouse is cheating, he/she would want solitude and not in the mood to see people….just sulk, right? Beside the fact that he knows his wife so well. He must be really dumb not suspecting anything out of the ordinary. Would she just up and leave her child like that? Isn’t this behavior out of character for Lulu?
Once a couple loses that trust….hmmmm. Trust is everything in a marriage. Can’t survive without it.

The writers are at it once again, wiping out the old and rewriting new history, (absurd as that sounds) deconstructing or completely negating a character’s integrity- in this case Dante (as well as Nikolas).
When Lulu lost her memory and left Dante to be “magic Milo”, Dante didn’t cheat on her. He stayed true to his character, faithful/loyal, honest , direct, patient,understanding and above all loving. Now the tptb want us to believe that detective Falconeri cannot even detect what Valerie is up to. and doesn’t for a second question her integrity, intention or motive as to why she would come running to him with news of Lulu and Dillon to begin with.
It galls me that the t p t b are writing Dante to trust this leeching, needy, seemingly mentally unstable woman (whom he’s known for a minute), with his child, his home and himself. I also can’t stand how the writers have destroyed Nikolas. I would understand some change, e.g. Nik becomes a corporate raider (never ELQ) to recoup money losses incurred by his family. I will never accept any rhyme or reason that Nikolas is becoming like most of his psychopathic, killing,blood thirsty, narcissistic relatives. The foundation of Nikolas’s character was his true nobility, kindness, generosity, honesty, and loyalty. Things turned around a bit when he bedded Elizabeth, but that behavior, though out of character and hard to swallow, was still explainable (though unacceptable). The old Nikolas has left the building with the rest of the heart and souls of General Hospital’s assassinated characters Il miss him already.

Bohemien, the writers are doing what soap writers do..
Soap writing 101-
ALL couples must have their break up– it is soap drama, a cornerstone of the soaps; no happy ever afters..
Break up to get people all emotional over it, as yourself.. That is the way it supposed to be..
They will eventual get back together..
Some soap couples break up many times are remarry 5 times ah ha!!

Nik is a Cassidine, shocking yes! lol ..
I love the ”Cassadine” Nikolas, it’s the best thing that has happened to the Nik character!! 🙂
No Cassidine is ” true nobility, kindness, generosity, honesty, and loyalty.”
Nik has finally broken out!!! it was inevitable, him being one of the last Cassadines..
The Cassidine blood runs in Nikolas vaines the Cassidine DNA is embedded in his being, a true blood!!
He is Prince Cassidine !!
He should take the head of the Cassidine table, indeed.
and- it fits Tyler so very well.. Nik is now alive!!!

Once again you are trying to teach people like myself, old timers,who have been watching some if not all ABC and other network soaps from their inceptions. I usually fast-forward when i see your posts, but since I got your reply in my email without knowing who it was from (though I had a strong idea ) I decided to come aboard to confirm it. So here I am honoring you with my reply.

You purport to be the only one on this board who understands the workings of soap opera-you actually tell people whether or not they “get it” and that you in fact are the only one that does. In all my experience on boards I find you to be the most condescending and smug. -how others tolerate you here is beyond me.
But this is in reply to your comments on my original post regarding Dante, Nikolas and character assassination.
How dare you tell me how i should think, feel or not feel about a character that I’ve watched since the day he appeared on the GH canvas. (or anything or anyone else for that matter) Nikolas, is everything I stated he was in my post.
You are entitled to your opinion just like everyone else who posts here, love this Nikolas as much as you want, but it is not your job to teach people how to perceive anything, or state your opinion as though it were better or more informed than anyone else’s.unless there is an error in factual information about the soap, or character et al that needs to be corrected.

After all, you are just a newbie when it comes to G.H.
Before you make your sarcastic, overbearing ,condescending, remarks that you think are witty but are far from it, you should try graduating from soap 101 as you put it. and also learn how to spell along on your journey.. Do some homework and watch G.H. from the get go . Then maybe you too will actually “get it” like the old timers do. And try to develop a nicer way express yourself without discounting what others have to say.

“Writing 101” means not violating characters and their motivation–not complicated, very simple–but not when you have a different agenda and are a lazy PTB.

hold some class..
Never ever attack a fellow poster, that is not cool..
Never ever get heckling, mean, personal with another person..
I am sorry you have anger issues, take care dear..

(I am happy I am not a grumpy ol’timer and that I do not carry around 40 years of old soap bagge because I love ALL of GH, it rocks!!
I can have a good time watching 🙂


Soooo how’s breaking up all these couples or keeping them apart working for these remaining soaps? Maybe that’s what’s wrong with the soaps today. They sure don’t have that love in the afternoon thing going for them anymore. That’s what got me started on soaps and the reason I hardly watch anymore.

General Hospital

Ryan Paevey Makes Statement on Why He is Stepping Back from Acting While Being ‘Grateful to General Hospital for Giving a Green Actor a Chance’ and ‘Hallmark for Changing My Life’

GH and Hallmark fan favorite, Ryan Paevey (ex-Nathan West) wanted to clear the air after numerous reports and rumors had him quitting acting altogether and what that meant for any future projects in Hollywood he may have had planned.

Paevey released an exclusive statement to where he shared what is going on in his life. Back on June 19th, Ryan deactivated his Twitter and Facebook accounts and he may have deactivated his Instagram account on Friday as well, or as of this writing.

For Ryan, the decision to change his current life’s trajectory came after a series of events; chief among them moving closer to home to take care of his ailing mother who is battling lung cancer and social media scammers.

Photo: JPI

Here is what Ryan shared: “Hey everyone…so first and foremost, I am a bit apprehensive that I even have to make a statement like this. I am certainly accustomed to a certain degree of gossip, but the past few weeks in particular have gotten out of control with speculation from third parties that have taken my words and expanded upon them to meet their narrative, or flat out misrepresented my words or misconstrued their meaning. I have always been an open book, and one who speaks his mind truthfully and directly, and it is unfortunate that we live in a world where social media makes it very easy to twist one’s words; I am often unaware it is even happening until someone from my team messages me in a panic, and so I feel it best to make a formal statement through HEAVY.”

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General Hospital

GH’s Dominic Zamprogna Opens Up on Concerns that Dante Was A-Goner: “There’s Any Number of Ways Comas Can Go”

When Detective Dante Falconeri was shot by a Pikeman henchman, and Jason (Steve Burton) was revealed alive and well, it put actor Dominic Zamprogna in a coma, and a bad one in soap terms, at that. For awhile there, it was touch and go for Dante.

The good news is Dante pulled through and is now back to his old self, and just in time for Dominic Zamprogna’s 15th anniversary with the ABC daytime drama series, which is June 22nd.

Dominic spoke to Soap Opera Digest on his milestone, and reflected back on the fan response from earlier this year when it may have appeared he was exiting the show for a second time.


Zamprogna shared, “It’s nice to hear you say that people were worried about me – when I went into Frank’s (Valentini, EP, GH) office and he told me I was going into a coma, I started to worry about me (laughs)!”

From working on GH for a decade and a half now, Zamprogna has seen his fair share of comas, and in fact, his then on-screen wife, Lulu Spencer Falconeri was written off the show having never awakened from her coma.

Photo: ABC

“There’s any number of ways comas can go,” said the popular GH star. “People joke, ‘Oh, you’ve got easy work.’ And it’s like, ‘Yeah, as long as it’s an on-screen coma! I don’t want to be in an off-screen coma, because then I’m not on the show!” But honestly, that means the world because we all care what people think about us, you know? And if people are happy to have me around, it feels good, obviously. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t.”

So, are you glad that Dante is still alive and kicking? Did you think the show might write-off Dante after he was shot a few months back? Is it time, as Dominic head towards his 20th anniversary with the soap opera, for the powers-that-be to bring Lulu out of her coma? Should Dante and Sam (Kelly Monaco) eventually tie the knot? Comment below.

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General Hospital


You probably needed the hankies during today’s Wednesday, June 19th episode of General Hospital, for it marked the return of fan favorite John J. York to his role as Mac Scorpio.

This was to be York’s first episode back on-screen since he underwent treatment for two blood cancers and revealed his health diagnosis and battle publicly back in September of 2023.

The scenes involving Mac gave viewers all the feels, and it looked as if reality and the soap blurred, especially in York’s scenes with his on-screen children, Maxie (who Max raised) and grandchildren, Georgie, James, and Bailey Louise, and wife, Felicia (Kristina Wagner).


Since Mac was out of town supposedly down in South America helping a ‘friend’, some things have changed, including Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). having moved in with Maxie and the kids, to which Mac does not disapprove.


In the meantime, Cody (Josh Kelly) is a man in conflict when he has second thoughts about not telling Mac he is his biological son.  When James shows up Maxie’s with Cody in tow, he lays his eyes upon the just-arrived-back-in-town Mac. The two share pleasant “hellos.” Later, back at the Quartermaine stables, Cody tells Tracy (Jane Elliot) the long and winding road story of not knowing who is father was for most of his life. Cody shares he finally found his father in Port Charles, but his father doesn’t know he has a son. Tracy thinks Cody now has a chance to re-set some things and should come clean.


Meanwhile, Felicia keeps getting calls from Maxie while she is work at General Hospital and does not pick up. So, Felicia is unaware that her husband is back. Eventually, Felicia arrives at Maxie’s and is in for a big surprise when Mac appears and the two hug and share a kiss.

After the episode aired, and seeing the reaction from GH fans, John J. York took to his account on X. York expressed, “WOW!!! I’m just so humbled by your warm, kind and gracious words as Mac returned to PC! Your support has been monumental! I have a feeling, things are about to get interesting!”

So, what did you think about Mac’s homecoming on GH? Were you touched just seeing John J. York back in action on the ABC soap opera? Comment below.

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