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GH Nurses' Ball 2016 Part Two: What Was Your Favorite Moment?



On Tuesday’s second installment of the 2016 GH Nurses’ Ball, it was cuteness abound when Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer) and Ned (Wally Kurth) took to the stage for their duet, a rendition of Elton John and Kiki Dee’s version of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.”  Kudos to the costume department for their nod to Elton’s garb, which made the whole number even go higher on the cuteness chart.  Following the number, Lucy (Lynn Herring) ensures the audience there will be no nurses’ ball interuptus (that’s you, Liesl, she is talking about).  However, Epiphany (Sonya Eddy) stumbles across Liesl (Kathleen Gati) gagged and tied up, and unties her.

In a second high cuteness factor musical number that also drives a further wedge between Jason (Billy Miller) and Sam (Kelly Monaco), and Franco (Roger Howarth) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), little Jake (Hudson West) is about to making his singing debut at the ball.   When Lucy informs him, due to the missing Lucas (Ryan Carnes), they have to move up Jake’s number, he gets scared.  But Franco is Johnny-on-the-spot and tells Jake to just envision everyone in the audience as duck’s “quacking”.


When it’s his turn to take the stage, Jake freezes.  But it’s Franco to the rescue, who accompanies him on a percussion shaker, and even sings a few bars, along with the guitarist to the tune, “This Changes Everything.”   Elizabeth could not be more proud.

Nina (Michelle Stafford) is visibly shaken and upset. Backstage, Jake is happy to see his dad, Jason.   However, Jake says he doesn’t know what he would have done without Franco.  Everyone glares at each other! Later, Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) hands Jason a legal document informing him he is being sued by Nikolas (Tyler Christopher).  She says the dark prince claims the money Jason used to buy ELQ is from organized crime.  She goes on to tell Jason that the money has been scrubbed clean, but the IRS has frozen his assets!  He is furious.


There’s nothing better than a diva beat down bitchfight, and that is what GH’s Daytime Emmy winning actresses, Laura Wright (Carly) and Maura West (Ava) provided the viewers!  When Carly shows the gloating Ava that she has the flash drive and the video of Ava’s S&M sex romp with D.A. Paul Horsnby (Richard Burgi), she tells Ava she will never get custody of baby Avery now.  But Ava laughs in Carly’s face, and says do her best to bring her down, she has suffered much worse.  Carly says she will post it online.   A catfight ensues and somehow Ava flushes the flash drive down the toilet.  Carly laughs at her and says she has a copy of it saved on a cloud.  Carly then texts the video over to Paul’s cell.  He is mortified!  Paul finds Ava and tells her to make this go away and do whatever Carly wants, as he still has the tape of her confessing to the murder of Connie Falconeri.

While Lucas has gone MIA, after finding a knocked-out Bobbie (Jackie Zeman) and taking her to the hospital, there is panic in the ballroom as they need another guy to be part of the Magic Milo and the Magic Wands strip tease act.  They rope in Dr. Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen).  Soon, Griffin, Milo (Drew Cheetwood), Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel), Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins), and Curtis (Donnell Turner) take to the stage to the delight of the females in the audience.


At GH, Finn (Michael Easton) checks out Bobbie, and she tells her son to get back to the ball and go get married to Brad (Parry Shen) who is waiting for him so they can say their “I do’s”.  Lucas says he is not leaving.  Bobbie demands that he goes.  After he leaves, he realizes he left his car keys in Bobbie’s hospital room.  He comes back to happen upon a stranger about to inject a syringe into his mother!  We next find out Lucas has been attacked and is lying on the floor not moving, just after Lucy begins presiding over the Brucas wedding ceremony.  Brad has come out on stage, but when they introduce Lucas as the other groom; he is nowhere to be found.

So, what did you think of the second part of the 2016 GH Nurses’ Ball?  What was your favorite musical number?  What was your favorite moment in the episode? Are you looking forward today’s third and final part of the ball? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! But first check out the three main performanced from the episode below.

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NB part II was a little better. I am not a fan of interloping other stories while the Ball goes on BUT it worked out fairly well this year.

I love Wally Kurth but he is Eddie Maine, the rocker, not a flashy stage hound like Elton John. I thought the song was atrocious!

Little Jake was cute. I really thought the guy who played the guitar was very good and should record the song himself!

The Carly/Ava fight was LAME!

The striptease was okay this year. The ladies in the beginning made it classier. The guys looked good BUT, to have a priest or a “Priest on Leave!” do a strip is VERY tasteless!

I hope to hell they dont kill Lucas off. He is not front burner BUT he is connected to Legacy characters and the guy is a good actor.

Lucas is in an induced , as it were… “coma”

just enough alive and warm to harvest his bodacious internal organ

I do believe you are on to something, Patrick!

Until Jerry Jax makes PC aware of his demands! I pray Robert Scorpio comes in on this case and kicks ass!

Hands down–Wally Kurth and Brooklyn S.–Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”–Wally is a great talent and a real warm presence on screen. Need more of him on GH–though the number went on a tad to long–probably to indulge the little cutie singing with him.

The Franco,Jake and Elizabeth scene. Hands down!

Who wrote the song that jake sang?

The guy that played the guitar and sang a bit wrote it. Saw his name on this vid on YouTube.

That was my favorite part of the NB on day 2. I love seeing Franco interact with Jake. He seems to be a much better person when he has scenes with the boy.

I agree loved Jake , Franco and Liz.

agreed – hands down. Best of the Ball to me. The new Jake is great.

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Emma and Ned’s rendition of Elton and Kiki’s duet “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” It was so adorable and really well-done! I love Wally Kurth, always have, and love when he is welcomed back to Port Charles. The same goes for Brooklyn; she has more talent than most of the adult actresses on the show! Way to go, guys!!!

I agree completely.

I haven’t liked that song until I saw them do it. I plan to watch it many more times. And their voices complemented each other so well. The staging and costumes were perfect. A brilliant idea well executed.

no doubt about it. they stole the show

I agree completely.

it is possible to fall in love that much more…. “husband material” Ned Quartermaine

they sounded great together… very believable as a “show” classiest part

But kiki(Jerome)i shouldve been part of that number,,,lol

Kiki is my pick for best dressed… and just va-va-voom

I agree with some one’ post… that Father Griffin should not have been out their…. ala Magic Mike.

he looked a little uncomfortable … which is OK… I can appreciate that an “actor” would not be in to doing this

on the other hand… what a beautiful face

Oh my G-d!!!! Wally Kurth and Brooklyn couldn’t have been more adorable, heartwarming and entertaining! Wally Kurth just exudes cute and likeability with those dimples and his intangible warmth…and Brooklyn is a modern day Shirley Temple sans curls! This beautiful little girl is over-the-top talented and together they just blew the roof over charming. Loved them!

Next was Roger and Hudson. Their number was so sweet, this lost little boy and the lost man helping each other, bonding..just a great relationship to watch. Roger was soooo cute and his sexy self singing and rockin’ the shaker…and the look of relief and trust on lil Jake’s face, priceless. Great number! Two kids accompanied by two wonderful adult male actors…beautifully done by all.

Loved Ned and Emma singing “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” too. I could not decide who was cuter, Ned or Emma. (why oh why don’t they sign Wally Kurth to contract and give him front burner stories?).
I did like the Todd, er, I mean, Franco and Jake singing together and it reminded me very much of similar scene from the movie “About a Boy” starring Hugh Grant.
Laura looked beautiful and she was a sight for sore eyes–love her with Kevin. I also adored watching Lucy Co strut her stuff with such eloquence, as I wondered if she has discovered the fountain of youth.
I really, really, really could have done without that damn Magic Milo striptease for the third time. Once was more than enough thank you very much.

I love Wally, but he’s doing Days as well. Amazing that he manages to go back and forth in a short time frame and still be able to immerse himself in completely different characters. But, yeah, another missed opportunity on GH’s part to keep and feature this treasure aka Wally Kurth. As for the male dance number, lol, I’m not one to complain ’bout gorgeous guys “gone wild.”
Lucy, another favorite, is getting on my nerves as host this year. Still, would love her to stay on…

Harry, forgot to mention, About A Boy was adapted to a TV show as well which was adorable. Yes, Franco and Jake are reminiscent of that. As for Franco-Todd, I don’t even care if the two characters merged or if he’s Todd by another name. Just love Roger and have really grown fo love whoever it is he’s playing!

I didn’t know that “About a Boy” was made into a television sitcom, Rebecca.
I do believe Wally Kurth would be open to working full time on GH had an offer been made but since it hasn’t, he elects to work on Days.
I also cannot understand why Tristan Rogers has not been offered a contract on GH. He was really needed today when his daughter delivered her heart felt speech.
However, Finola Hughes was amazing and so good with her reaction to Robin’s speech that one could not tell if she was even acting. Her reaction felt real.

Harry, as usual, I am totally in agreement with you.
And, yes, Genie was lovely as usual.
Re: Magic Milo striptease–what in the h–l was that UGLY get-up they had on? Gee, whiz–what a complete turnoff–I could see only the UGLY blue, ill-fitting “TRUNKS??

Another point I wanted to add is I love that the CAST is actually at the Ball and not a bunch of fillers. It’s very well done…take the scene where Lucy is trying to convince Munro to be in the number…if you look behind her shoulder you can see Franco, Dante, Lulu, etc all chatting at their tables. I feel like they paid more attention to these details than in recent years.

Loved this episode from start to finish.

I honestly can not recall a better opening to GH then what I saw on that stage with Ned and Emma. One of the most enjoyable unexcepted surprises and such a upbeat feelgood performance by Wally and Brooklyn. Ned is my third favorite male character of all time (only behind Sonny and Frisco) and Emma is my favorite GH kid of all time so I couldn’t have been more pleased with this matchup.

The Magic Milo performance this year was a major improvement over last years and I really liked everything about it. Griffin was way more loose and natural with his moves than Nathan was last year. Doc certainly pulled off one impressive windmill and make me think of Ozone/Turbo from the Breakin movies in 84. Bravo Father! Curtis was amazing with those nunchakus and looked like a pro up there. Dillon was also more loose and natural with his moves than Michael was last year. He did a pretty good job in doing the worm on stage. Milo and Felix were solid again this year. I loved it when Milo, Griffin, Curtis, and Dillon all did those body rolls at the side of their current/possible love interests.

EYE CANDY unmomento

Milo and Dillan…. more please

love how you mentioned : “…all did those body rolls at the side of their current/possible love interests ”

I fell over… watching Dillon

Carly overkill… playing GOD…

telling Ava she’s lost custody of her daughter Avery!

that would make any mother go ballistic

damn IT… wouldn’t it be oh so delicious to see Ava take out the most annoying character… Carly

as I’ve posted before… what the point of having Carly on the show

“…isn’t it just tiring… to tell Carly to just calm the expletive down… but as we all know… no one approaches Carly in the first place…. she has to barge in every ones face to get attention, hence Carly is forced on every one… what is the point? where’s the interest and fun of her character”

Avery in her “uggs” is the cutest thing

all these plot points to feature and highlight… what GH is leading with: Sonny and Carly are the end all and be all

it’s all for their kids … right ?

the rest of the cast must have serious eye roll

It’s disgusting how Carly pulls out all the stops for a child who isn’t even hers but can’t be concerned with her own daughter other than those monthly “where’d Jocelyn’s donated organs come from?” moments.

No matter her faults, at least Ava actively tries to be a mother to her daughters instead of ignoring them and trying to obtain custody of other people’s children.

NO ONE to pull for in THAT cat fight!

i love Carley!!

Don’t get me started on the character of Carly everybody slams Liz as a mother but when did Carly get the award never have cared for the character Tamara Braun brought a little warmth to her but basically she is a miserable over bearing individual!

K/Kay–I know I get on your last nerve but I love every one of your comments.

Hi Patrick..
Women no longer slappy catfight..
Ava would have coldcocked Carly, one solid punch straight on, in real life.
I thought it was a schoolyard scuffle going on LOL ..
It was weak, very weak considering the two brawlers and the stakes.

J&S are focusing on the Corinthos family, and will continue to put them upfront.

Harry you do not get on my last nerve nobody does on this board for the most part I think everybody is pretty good about accepting other people’s opinions etc . I get out of line from time to time with my sarcasm trying to work on that! Best to you


Excuse me, but I thought the show’s title was General Hospital not General Mafia?!

Why su0000? Tell me why?????!

Emma and Ned were the highlight of the Nurses Ball. Everything else before or after thus far has been lackluster.

Loved Franco and little Jake. They were so cute. I’m very happy Jake was recast with an actor who can act. The previous Jake creeped me out.

Ned and Emma was hand down the best part of the show! Ava/ Carly was hyped to be more I jus don’t get it why is Ava being handed these little parts miss the days she was headlining it seems like they find Carly something to do every day but Ava is left behind.. Should I remind the writers about the crypt sex, Nina/Ava scenes giving birth, Ava first coming to port Charles the killings I just don’t like this writing regime everyone said Ron was boring stories since they took over I have not really enjoyed no story at all so many untold characters and stories they are boring…. GH needs new writing before it’s too late. Who’s a quality writer out there?

Ned and Emma’s’ song was just so darn adorable!!! LOVED IT! A solid A.

Little beats were not played and were noticed. Like, why was Jake asked to sing? The audience never heard mention of his ability to do so. Of course, it was all a plot point to show the calming influence of bad-guy Franco on the kid. But Jake’s little brothers MIA ~ along with Grandma Audrey ~ stuck out to me. I think the song was cute and the guys all sounded good together. Who knew a kid would soften Franco? It was heart-breaking to see Nina’s reaction to him with a kid. If only those two would see their way to the middle.

Build-up to the NB was pretty sparse, so the audience was really asked to draw on our memories and when that didn’t work, to simply assume and accept why Milo couldn’t be there on Day1, why he was even back for the strip-tease and was only given a two-syllable word to say all day, and perhaps even more baffling ~ from a character perspective ~ why Griffin was so quickly willing to be intimidated by Lucy Coe and agreed to strip??? I don’t mind all the oogeling. We do that every time some good looking guy or girl in on our screen; now a bunch were gratuitously on at one time. Big deal! But poor Epiphany and Milo deserve some screen time. Their relationship sends such a positive message out there!

I liked Carly and Ava’s cat fight. I had to laugh when the scene returned to the bathroom and doors were off the hinges! I would have loved to have seen that happen! But have mercy, Ava! You touched a public toilet! Wash your hands! Yuck!

As for Lucas…If they kill him off I will spit nails for weeks!

Day 2 was nice because more characters were there. I appreciate that so much. Lucy’s gowns were beautiful and the kids were adorable.

Low point of NB-Part 2 was Lucy mentioning the Q’s (and the camera only shows Dillion. Where were Monica and Tracy? Ned? He was just there a moment ago.) and then the Scorpio-Drakes (and Mac and Felicia ware not there…because they’re planning a sleep-over with Emma???? PLEASE!) ~ I realize budgets are a key player as possibly well as recurring actor’s schedules, but it would be nice to get the entire cast into that room for the Ball one year and skip the day players so much.

Agree–no Tracy and Monica? PL-EEEE–SE!?

GH viewers who may not have seen Roger Howarth’s amazing work for all those years on One Life To Live got a glimpse of his profound talent in the musical number with Jake. When he is called upon to play relatable emotions and drama grounded in reality rather then B.S. and nonsense he can bring it like nobody else. Watching Howarth connect with Franco’s innate humanity was the highlight for me.

Hi Mister Media, lol. I replied to your post regarding Roger H but it wound up further down the page .

I agree on all fronts Mister M. That number was awesome and is what stayed with me. I love any scenes with Roger. And loving the new Jake.

Okay call me Ms. Wet Blanket, but my favorite part was the closing credits. I have never liked the Nurse’s Ball, but I know it is something I have to endure yearly, like getting my teeth clean– only wish if we have to go through three day waste of time, that ABC would at least put a phone number up for viewers to actually donate to AMFAR and let some real good come out of this tedious yearly ritual.

I used to feel that way but like them giving the actors a chance to do something different. Great idea on making it real fundraiser tho.

Applause, applause to Ned and Emma. Same to Dylan and KiKi. Overall the Nurses Ball is delightful.

Several things, though, bugged me. First allowing Griffin as a priest to strip was kinda sick, even for a soap. Not that he didn’t do a great job. Little Jake is a winning performer, but who would allow a child with Jake’s history and issues to be on a stage singing at this point? He and Franco were great together, but the premise was wrong.

I know I’ll be criticized for this, but the idea of pairing Milo and Epiphany was absurd several years ago and it doesn’t work any better now.

I applaud the restraint of saving Lucy from being caught in her underwear. Now if they would just stop her from yammering so much before all the acts.

Anne, you will not be lambasted by the likes of me.
But if I start to explain why Milo and Epiphany are such an incongruous and unbelievable pairing, someone will cry out,”Racist!’ or “Ageist!” or “Body Weight Police!”
The sad thing is that the two actors involved seem to feel it too and look embarrassed.

Yep we have gotten so wrapped up in this country with color of skin sexuality that it is getting tiresome! I expect any day for Snicker candy bars to be pulled off the shelves because the black wrapper has to be racist! If there is a God and I am positive in my heart their is he certainly does not care about those things he loves us all!

Again, Harry–your comments are spot-on!

I was captivated by Franco & Jake’s number; wish I could know guitarist’s name and who wrote the song (one and same?). Could not find it on YouTube (although there are other songs with same title). And part III of the ball shown today — can I reveal? — the “You’re Not Alone” rendition by nurse Amy, Sabrina and Epiphany. Made me cry! So many good vocal talents in the GH cast.

Pamela, for a minute there I thought that guitarist was John Meyer.
But I guess if he were John Meyer he’d be hitting on Maxie, Lizzy and Kiki.


Yes, that’s it! Embarrassment. What the writers could have done was create a strong friendship between Milo and Epiphany, kind of like what she had with Patrick, or maybe have Milo work to get E in shape. When Lulu was with Milo when she lost her memory, didn’t he constantly try to get her to work out with him? And she had no body fat whatsover.


This one is easy and no competition: Ava and Carly’s fight. LOVED IT. (I like how Ava just silently starts taking off her jewelry…)

Ned and Emma were easily the best moment of the show.

The worst moment was a tie between Lucas being unable to find Brad in that “crowd” of 20 people to tell him he was leaving minutes before their nuptials and Carly acting all superior to Ava (I just can’t with Carly and her ridiculous argument that Avery’s murderous mother is an inferior parent compared to Avery’s murderous father who was actually convicted for his crime…)

So well said…Franco’s inate humanity. This version, Franco2, has evolved into a very complex charactor. Roger injects humor and pathos into the role. His number with Jake completely blew me away…

Gotta hand him that–RH TRIED in a horrible part!

Your version of horrible is my version of fantastic Nancy. And I don’t think RH even has to try..

I’m with Rebecca on this one.

Lol Anne. I’m a Lucy fan but I completely agree with your last paragraph. I commented to Harry in another post that she’s getting on my nerves. Her announcements and intros are just so pretentious, affected…very grating. I find her less so when she’s sincerely frantic!

We need Sigmund the duck, with lucy again lol


I mean, she does grate on my nerves at times, but Lynne Herring has a way of allowing her humanity to glint through her character’s eyes. As they did so today when she introduced Robin.
Considering that Lucy is only now on about once a year, it is amazing how Lynne Herring finds her footing as this character so seamlessly.


I’ve slways loved Scorpio too. We’d probably have to search far and wide to find a viewer who waytched him “back in the day” who doesn’t. I do wonder though where his place would be now…no Sean, Tiffany, Luke, Mac, Holly, Lucky, Frisco, Helena, spy escapades…no Robin! His last few appearances had him uttering a few sentences and sitting in the back of his daughter’s wedding. We can’t recreate the past and I think they finished Anna and Robert’s love story a long time ago. Would I like to see it rekindled? If done right it could be great, dunno. I know everyone hates Paul but I’ve taken a liking to him lately and if he is redeemed think he could be interesting with Anna. Robert and Paul aside it’s been obvious that she’s had an attraction to Andre from tbe beginning. That could be a good way to go. He’s grounded, caring, professional…and has worked with Robert on WSB cases…
About A Boy aired from 2014 to 2015. It starred verrrry good looking David Walton and Minnie Driver. I thought it was charming…very witty, heartwarming. Worth a look!

Now, now, Harry, give your fellow posters some credit. Cries of ageism have been well warranted in much of the archives here. Racism and “weightism” (I just coined that and Iike it!) exists out here too, as all sites are a microcosm of the real world. But that doesn’t mean you have to like or shouldn’t say you don’t like a particular person or pairing, depends on how it’s expressed and fhe reasoning.
By the way, I responded to your About A Boy and Scorpio reply…it wound up on toward the bottom of rhis page.

Little Jake’s number posed a musical question for me. Unfortunately, the question was “Are we being punished?”

oh no! amazing how different folks view things. I loved it on many levels and have watched it several times since on YouTube. No one had really spoken of what Jake may have been thru at the hands of Helena. The song was just right.

what was the song name that kiki sang today

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