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GH's Bree Williamson Talks Her Debut As Claudette, Her New Leading Men And Co-Stars, OLTL & Coming Back To Daytime!

Photo Credit: Jeff Lorch

This week, soap audiences saw the return of Bree Williamson to their daytime screens when she brought her delicious new character of Claudette West to General Hospital.  Williamson, who wowed One Life to Live fans for over 8 years as Jessica Buchanan and all of her alters, made the decision to return to the world of daytime drama when this seemingly take-no-prisoners character was offered to her.

As GH viewers have witnessed in short order, Claudette is already spinning her web in an effort to her claws back into her ex-husband, Nathan (Ryan Paevey), at the expense of the woman he loves, Maxie Jones (temporarily Molly Burnett/then returning Kirsten Storms).

But Claudette’s past with Nathan is quite complex which is an understatement, and that will provide Bree and GH fans with plenty of story ahead.  For Claudette was having an affair with then Father Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) behind her hubby’s back.  But as luck would have it, now Dr. Munro has also relocated to Port Charles.

Ultimately, what will happen when all parties know they are in the same town, and the truth is out that Nathan shot Griffin, while the man of the cloth was in the throes of passion with Claudette?  What will become of Maxie’s relationship with Nathan in all of this? On-Air On-Soaps chatted with Bree to get her take on Claudette’s debut on to the scene in Port Charles.  Plus, Bree weighed-in on: working with her new leading men, her two Maxie’s, reteaming with executive producer Frank Valentini who steered the ship while she was at One Life, her thoughts now looking back at her time in Llanview almost five years later, and teased some other upcoming projects.   Bree’s back!  That’s good news for soap fans.  Here’s what she shared.

So many daytime fans were most excited to hear you were coming to GH.  The series head writers, Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman, spoke about you in a recent interview with On-Air On-Soaps, and on the creation and the casting of Claudette.  Jean related about you coming aboard: “I have to say we were absolutely thrilled, because both of us, when we started thinking of this character, thought of Bree Williamson!”


BREE:  That’s so nice and so sweet.  I love to hear that!  I know them both, and they both did write for Jessica on One Life to Live.

How did it you find out that GH wanted you for the role?

BREE:   I found out through my manager.  She informed me that Frank Valentini called, and said, “They thought about you when they wrote this part … and what do you think?” I said, “Yes, I will do it.”  It just seemed like the right time, and to be able to go back to work with Frank and these writers, I knew it was going to be good.  I thought this will be a lot of fun, and it has really has been.

You are recurring on GH, but you also have some other very exciting projects and other roles coming up, as well.


BREE:  I did a pilot called Rebel for BET, and from what I understand the series got picked up.  I play a character named Dolores, and that’s a really exciting show, too.  John Singleton is executive producer of it, and he directed the pilot.  It was amazing to work with him.  All the actors in the show are really wonderful.  In Rebel, I play Rebecca’s (Danielle Mone Truitt, who is the lead in the show) old friend from school, and I don’t know how much more I can say! (Laughs)   I can’t say whether my character is good or bad.  It’s complicated, and little bit more nuanced than that.  Also, I am going to Ottawa, Canada over the GH hiatus to film another movie, and I got a notice today about that which said, “You can’t reveal anything about this one on social media.”  (Laughs)

You are a mother to your five-year-old son Mac.  Was this the perfect time for you to entertain going back into the demands of a soap while being a mom?  Has it been at all difficult to leave home and come to the studio?

BREE:  General Hospital’s schedule is great.   I am home for bedtime every night.   I don’t mind early mornings.  In the morning is when my husband and my son hang out.  They do breakfast together and it’s totally cool, and I am home later, and my child is happy.  Being on GH works out wonderfully, and is better than other projects I have done, in which I have had to fly, and get on a plane, and had to leave him.  There is everything to be said about ‘we are here in L.A’.  I don’t have to fly anywhere, and even if there are one or two late days on set, it’s not a big deal.  Mac is old enough, and he can handle it.  It also gives him time with his dad, which he totally digs.  It works very well for me.

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What was your first day back on a soap like for you, but now on General Hospital?

BREE:  It was very weird.  It felt foreign to me, but familiar.  I felt nervous, and I felt excited.  Nervous in a way that I am not nervous anywhere else, because I know everybody, and yet I don’t know what everybody is thinking about me being there.   I had a lot of feelings, but I walked in and everybody was like, “Hi!  How are you?  So nice to see you!”  There were plenty of hugs, too.  I went, “Oh, this is nice!” 

Did you run into Michael Easton (Finn) and Roger Howarth (Franco), your former castmates from One Life?

BREE:  I saw both those dudes!   They were great.  But I also got to see people I have always wanted to meet, like Michelle Stafford (Nina) who I have always just seen in passing at awards shows.  Another is Jane Elliot (Tracy).  I just dug her.  I know both Rebecca’s; Herbst (Elizabeth) and Budig (Hayden), but I think my first day I talked to Rebecca Budig a lot.  I know Emme Rylan (Lulu) and Vinessa Antoine (Jordan).  Vinessa and I had worked on the same series Haven.   So it was really exciting to see her.  I know Finola Hughes (Anna) and she gave me a big hug and said, “Oh, my God!  You are going to love everything here!”  Then she would say, “This is what you’re going to do, and this is who you are working with.” (Laughs)  I loved it.  It was like talking to a producer.  Finola went on to say, “You are going to love Matt Cohen, and you are going to love Ryan Paevey.”   She was really funny and so sweet.


I am so sorry Bree that you have to work in a storyline with two unattractive men such as … Matt Cohen and Ryan Paevey.  (Laughs)  When you first found out you were working with them, did you look them up online, or did you know them?

BREE:  I didn’t know them.  Here’s the deal: All soap dudes are good-looking, but you know what’s nice?  They are both really nice guys!  Look, it’s always really nice to hang out with a very attractive guy, but they are both so nice, and that’s the good news.  They are super cool to be around.

What were your first impressions of Ryan, and Matt?


BREE:  Ryan is like this gentleman with the deep voice going, “Hi. I’m Ryan.  I’m very serious, but then I also do funny stuff!”   He is a dude.  Then, when I first met Matt Cohen, I knew who he was.  But, then I went, “Oh, you’re Ryan.”  And Ryan Paevey goes. “I’m Ryan!”   I go, “Oh my, God.  I’m so confused.  What your name?  Because there is a Ryan and a Bryan …” (Laughs)   So, I totally screwed up Matt’s name thinking, “Oh, my God!  This guy hates me now!”  But, when we recently worked together for the first time, he is the nicest guy ever, and so hilarious.  Matt is great to work, and is very enthusiastic.  He has a wife and a kid, and I really, really like him.   He is happy to be at GH, and he is always there to run lines with you, and he thinks, “Let’s just go and make some good TV.”   I am thinking, “Yay for me! (Laughs) That’s great.”

This week we saw your first scenes where CJ (a.k.a. Claudette) interviews with Maxie (temporarily Molly Burnett) for the graphic designer position they are looking to fill at Crimson.  Claudette certainly was shrewed on how she pulled this off, knowing full well who Maxie was!


BREE:  Yes, she was.  My first scenes were with Molly Burnett, and I just have to say a few words about Molly.  We all know that soap fans are very enthusiastic, and most of the time that is the nicest thing in the world.  But on social media, I was doing a sweeping “be nice to her”, because she is kick-ass.  She did a wonderful and amazing job filling in for Kirsten.   She was a total hero.  So, if you care at all about GH, you should be applauding Molly.  And if you care about Kirsten it was amazing, because Molly kept the character going for her while she was away, and did a great job.  In no way shape, or form was Molly like, “I want her job.

Now that Kirsten Storms (Maxie) is back in the role she made famous, how has it been working with this talented fan favorite?

Photo Credit:

BREE:  I just got to work with Kirsten for the first time now that she is back, and I love her!  I so adore her.  We are going to have so much fun together.  Kirsten is really, really great.   She is a great human being, and I like her a lot.  Kirsten is a mom like me.  She just wants to do good work, and have a fun time doing it.

Soap fans have strong opinions on their particular show, storylines, or the actors, or the characters.  What can you say about being back in this side of fandom?

BREE:  It took me stepping away from daytime for a second to see how the soap fans follow you everywhere you go, and are also so enthusiastic about other jobs you do, and are still enthusiastic about you, and are very loyal.  I have really appreciated their loyalty and awesomeness, but I get it   When I am watching a show, and there is something happening that I am totally not digging, I would be like, “Oh, man this is b*s.”  I was just trying to say to the fans; it may not be exactly how we want it, but it’s an amazing alterative, and the actress playing the part right now deserves our patience, and our respect.  Honestly, I don’t know if I could have done what Molly did.

On social media, and on this website, so many fans were over the moon that you were returning to daytime, having loved your work on One Life to Live.

BREE:  You never know how the reaction will be.  You think, “Is anyone going to care?   Are they going to want me to come back?  Are they going to see me in this role?”  But it was really nice, because the fans were really warm.  It’s thus far been a very positive experience.


What is Claudette all about?  What’s her deal?  What is motivating her?

BREE:  Listen, (laughs), Claudette is such a story-spinner that it’s amazing.  What is the truth?  I love it!  What Claudette do you want? (Laughs)   Her story that she tells Nathan is that its been hard for her in New York, and that she has been unemployed for awhile, and she has had to expand her job search to other places, and she found this great magazine in Port Charles.  So, she threw her hat into the graphic designer position Crimson was hiring for, and she got the job!  She had no idea that Nathan’s fiancée was there.  Now, I believe her motivations are: she is coming back to Port Charles, and checking up on her ex-husband, and to see if she can get him back, or at least still get his attention.  That happens, and he has a fiancée, and that hits a nerve with her and makes her a little jealous.  She is thinking, “How dare you move on without me?”  But at a point he really loved her.  Nathan loved her a lot.  He loved her enough to shoot a man over her.  I think Claudette enjoys attention, and she wants his attention back.

And that man Nathan shot, and who she was cheating with was Griffin … who Claudette clearly has a past with, as well.  

BREE:   She has no idea that Griffin is in Port Charles.  Griffin was always something she could really never have, because he was a priest, and someone who would always reject her, and something she could never really do anything about.  It wasn’t like a woman she could get rid of.  It was more of an unmovable obstacle, which is probably why she liked Griffin so much.


How do you view why Nathan and Claudette were having problems in their relationship in the first place, which in turn caused her to cheat on him with then “Father” Munro?

BREE:  The problem in their relationship is it started off as a green card marriage.  She wants things her way, but she genuinely fell in love with Nathan and wanted to make it work.  She was trying to figure out the marriage, but at the time he was really wrapped up in his career.  He was not coming home, and he was not hanging out with her and being with her.  She was lonely, and felt much neglected, and not like a newlywed, and not loved and not important.  Those are very valid feelings and complaints about a marriage.  She went to Griffin for guidance, and they ended up having a really strong connection, because he understood in her in a way, at the time, and maybe in general, that Nathan didn’t at all.  Griffin was giving her attention, empathy, and understanding in a way that Nathan wasn’t and probably never had.  They had an affair, and Nathan caught them.

Do you see Claudette as “Miss Evil Bitch”? (Laughs)

BREE:  I know everybody thinks Claudette is evil, but she genuinely thinks she is going back to make things right with her first husband.  She is trying to say she is sorry about the affair, and trying to push Maxie out of the way and not give her a second thought. 

Is there vulnerability to Claudette, or is she just conniving?


BREE:  Oh, no!  I don’t think you can play a character as just conniving, because I don’t think human beings exist that way.  I think Claudette is smart enough to know when she is being manipulative, and what she is doing, but her intentions are not pure evil in any way.   She just wants what she wants.  She doesn’t know Maxie, and she doesn’t care.  She is thinking, “Sorry.  Nathan was mine first.  We ended horribly, and we have some unfinished business.  He went on to you, and he probably shouldn’t have, because we still have unfinished business.  I’m sorry.  We had a real marriage.  It ended badly, and I need to talk to him about it, and get closure and figure it out, because he once was my husband!”

What was it like working with Frank Valentini again after several years, and being on the set with him, since he is known for always being on the floor with his actors and the crew?

Photo Credit: ABC

BREE:   It was great.  I trust Frank.  I love him.  Like I said, this is the perfect way that I would want to come back to daytime, and to work with Frank.  It’s important to say, because Frank cares about the show a lot.   He spends a lot of time on the floor, and then in the edit to make sure the episodes are the best they can be going out on air.

You and I talked in November of 2011 when One Life to Live was wrapping its run. When you reflect back on that time now, and have had some distance from it, how do you view it?  Was it a gratifying experience for you?  They gave you incredible material to work with when you got to play Jessica’s alters, since she suffered from DID (Dissociative identity disorder).

BREE:  One Life was such a great time.  You work other jobs, but it’s so rare you get a part where you get to play so much, and there is so much to dig into.  It was really a special moment in time.

Have you stayed in touch with your former on-screen mom, Erika Slezak (Viki, OLTL)?


BREE:  I have, not how I would have liked to.  I fully think with most, or all, of the people on One Life to Live, if anybody needed a couch, a place to stay, or needs to make an emergency phone call to someone, because of the kind of connection we all had and have as a group, we would be there for each other.  We would be like, “Hey Melissa (Archer)! What’s up?”  Look, it’s all love that we all have for one another.

Have you felt any pressure to make sure Claudette is a lot different than Jessica?

BREE:  Not at all.  I’m a different person, and I’m a different actor now.  It’s the same genre, and that’s the only thing that’s similar.  People might feel something about me not being Jessica, but I think they saw me as Tess, Bess, and Wes, and so it’s totally going to be fine.  I have faith in the soap opera fans that they will be OK with this character on GH, not being Jessica.

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You are also good friends with the General Hospital’s beloved Kimberly McCullough (Robin).  Did she give you any tips before you started on the show? Have you ever watched some of Kimberly’s past work on GH?

BREE:  Besides the drive from the beach to the studio, Kimberly just told me: “Finola is great, and Kirsten is great, and you are going to have a great time.  I did catch some of Kimberly as Robin on GH, and I thought she was wonderful.

In closing, what should fans watch for as Claudette continues to ingratiate herself into the town of Port Charles?

Photo Credit: Jeff Lorch

BREE:  She comes to Port Charles to get what she wants in everyway; and not let anyone stand in her way.  Claudette is a strong woman.

So, what were your first impressions of Bree Williamson and the character of Claudette West in her debut week on GH? What do you think will happen in the story with Nathan and Griffin? What did you think of Bree’s sentiments about all of her new GH co-stars? Reflecting back on her time on OLTL? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Bree is tremendous and the character is awesome. She captured and held my interest from the first moment and I look forward to seeing more. I’m delighted that she is back! She is really a gifted actor AND a stunning beauty. She has reignited my passion for GH. Also, similar kudos to Molly Burnett. She lit up the screen and is, in my opinion, a major talent. Long live GH!

Hi, Mr M….
…..yeah, Bree was okay, for me. She did what she was supposed to do without oomph. Bree is very pretty, in my opinion. However, Huma Qureshi is a stunning beauty in my eyes. ‘Different strokes for different folks’. Bree will always be Jessica to me….and I adored her; still do. I guess I’m not being fair.
But, this story will be another abysmal farce….I have lost interest already. Same fare, same reel. Girl wants boy; boy loves another, girl causes big problems. We can all fill in the blanks. Only if Valentin turns out to be Nathan’s father, will ring my bell.
Perhaps Claudette knows Valentin is a prince; thus, his scion (Nathan) is also blue-blooded. The makings of a diabolical plot if Claudette has set her cap for either father or son. Hmmmmm. Well, it could happen, Mr. M. LOL.
Molly, on the other hand made me do a double-take….she gave so much more than I expected; and, I liked her representation of Maxie. No, she isn’t Kirsten, but if our beloved girl were not to come back; I would gladly welcome Molly full time.

Erika Slezak should play Claudette’s mum…i also wonder if Valentin is somehow connected to the ‘fake’ Jake plot???…i wish they had kept creepy Jake-he fit in with the sinister Cassidines so well…current moppet Jake is too much a Disney-type kid!!-lol

@jimh (leave it to beaver).
Hey, Jimmy,
Wouldn’t that be something? I think so many of us would jump for joy if Erika were to join GH….as Claudette’s mother, to boot.
I agree about Jake. Maybe, ‘they’ changed actors exactly for that reason, Jimmy. TPTB wanted to dispel the ‘creepy’ effect for a sweater, less cryptic type of kid.
Sad to say, I am not into the Claudette-Maxie-Nathan joy ride, at all. If Erica appeared suddenly, then the story would wake me up; definitely.
Another compelling story, Jimmy, is one that Shay just suggested in her comment to me ( June 28, 2016 site)……where Alexis falls for her own half brother, Valentin, unaware he is her brother.
If that’s not a twisted Cassadine plot, I don’t know what is, albeit I don’t want it to go too ‘far’….Ewwww. But, if it does? Well, then we find out, Mikko (sp) was really not Alexis’ father. LOL.

Erika Slezak should NOT play Claudette’s mum. We have more than enough actors to placate the OLTL viewers.

Sweater? Really? Thst should read sweeter. HaHa.

Are Kidding Me?? Get over It!! This is “GENERAL HOSPITAL”

Well, many of us are fans of OLTL. We appreciate anyone who walks through GH’s doors; it does not mean we are obsessed or need to get over anything. So, stop YELLING at me. It’s a soap…life will go on with or without it. Peace out!!

So sorry to say that, for me, the introduction of Claudette is an epic fail–boring scenes and no panache–Bree made such a splash on OLTL–and she was always passionate and fiery. Don’t see any of that so far in this new character. Too bad. I think she is a good actress and deserves so much better. 🙁

She reminds me of Tess not sure if I like her!

I love Bree Williamson!!!!!!!!!!! She was absolutely terrific as Jessica Buchanan on One Life to Live. GH fans are very fortunate to have her. Congratulations Bree. I’m sure you’ll knock ’em dead.

PS: Seeing the photo of Viki, Clint and their girls brings a tear to my eye. How I miss our beloved One Life to Live.

I am so happy to see Bree on my screen again. I agree I am still missing my OLTL and to have such a talented actress from OLTL is something I am very grateful for as well as ME and RH. They are all talented actors who make GH extra special for me!

Me, too!

Agreed. Love Bree and I hope Melissa Archer joins as well.

Hello Llanview lover-

It’s over 4 years and I too, ,miss OLTL. I watched it for about 30 years First as a teen with my Mom and Auntie. Then as they passed I shared my love of the show with friends. But when I see anything about OLTL I think of my mom and aunt. Always will, I suppose!.

I love seeing Bree. She looks gorgeous. I like the twinkle in her eye in her scenes. I hope the writing will be worthy, there’s certainly a lot of potential in that foursome.

A superstar returns. Welcome back, pretty lady.

One of the main reasons GH is faltering is because the cast is humongous.
The show can not be managed effectively. Stories start then disappear for weeks.Many days you turn on & 80% of the cast have only been on less than 4-5 years.
I have no use for Claudette,Hayden,Paul, Nina, Amy,Aaron, Naomi,Valeria,Griffin,Olivia,etc..
Pare down the cast so the storylines are tighter & the pacing isn’t glacial.
GH fans want to see characters we’re invested in not these unneeded newbies.
I’d much rather see Ned, Lucas,Kevin added instead.
Truth be told Nathan’s a wooden bore & drags Maxie down. If I was writing I’d have Nathan/Claudette reunite and return to NYC taking his loony sister & mother with him.

Don’t forget Parker is returning and she’ll probably bring her wife with her! Lol

I couldn’t agree with you more Scoma60!

Yup, let’s just keep adding actors from other shows to play new characters. It’s worked so well for Frank up until now hasn’t it? Don’t produce GH for GH fans, produce it for OLTL fans who miss their show, that makes so much sense.

Of course Bree trusts Frank, why shouldn’t she? She was on OLTL right? She’s seen that even after Michael Easton flopped, they just killed Silas and then brought him back as a fifth character.

Franco has been a disaster, Roger hasn’t had a clue on how to play Franco from day one, he’s been all over the place, making bad choice after bad choice, mostly doing a clownish Todd; yet he’s still around and now they’ve stuck Franco with Liz to try and make him palatable and they have the full force of ABC interns working every angle of social media to try and convince people that Friz is a big deal.

If you were on OLTL, you can trust Frank. If you’re a GH vet or fan, not so much.

Oh the Franco fiasco makes my stomach churn!

Swap out boring Lucas for lovely Olivia and I agree 100%.

Best story line of the year Scoma 60!

OMG! I so agree..I miss General Hospital So Much!! 35 Years Now!! I tape..(lol) dvr for weeks at a time so I can seee if its getting any better..Liz was never dum..Franco..NOT..James Franco WAS FRANCO! the whole Everything is F’D up 🙁 Rebecca has been on since 95 or 6…love her! Play her for what she earned!

I love Bree and her character is interesting but I dont want her back with Nathan. Let her find her own new man.

I am SO happy she’s joined the cast of GH. Just hope her storyline(s) are deserving of her talent.

Eager to see more of Miss Williamson and to learn more of Claudette. First new character in a long time that holds my interest (maybe because she is not of the mob?)

lol, maybe she is!

Bree Williamson will be a great addition to the Port Charles landscape. I’m particularly interested to see how this story goes when it all comes out about Griffin.

I want to add that it has been a pleasure watching Molly Burnett as Maxi. She’s a terrific actress and it is interesting to see a familiar character through different eyes.

I hope the tightening and pacing of the many, many stories is a priority for the producers/writers. I like the large canvas, but currently things feel unwieldy.

I love Bree! Her debut on G.H. was very good!

It’s good seeing Bree on tv again. I hope it works out well for her and I sincerely hope we get to see Melissa Archer join her as well.

Yes, Melissa and Bree should be back together…. just as long as it is NOT on GH!

Ha! I guess we can agree to disagree. They were awesome on OLTL. Hope we see them together again on GH

There is no room on the canvas. Maybe OLTL can start up again. As you might gather, GH fans are getting truly frustrated that they have to be the employment agency for everyone from OLTL.

BW has made me care about this Nathan/Griffin story in a matter of scenes…Claudette is mega entertaining so far and the intro on Tues was very soapy…how long has it been since GH had a good female villainess? Claudia Z?

There will be fireworks when KS is back soon to work with BW…but I must say MB is filling in pretty well.

My first impression of Claudette was here comes trouble! I’m happy that she is on GH and was a hug fan of all her alters on OLTL. I hope Bree and Claudette are causing trouble for a long time on GH.

I started watching oltl because of bree, there was just something about her that fascinated me, plus i thought the actor who was playing her husband and was about to be killed off was hot, so i figure well, let me see how this plays out and before i knew it i was hooked on oltl. I stayed w/ oltl till it got cancelled, GH i’ve watched and been a fan since i was a kid, so unlike other GH fans i didn’t mind the oltl vets coming in. i always thought it interesting how she played fraternal twin to melissa Archer, and always thought if she came to GH she would be great playing sister to Rebecca Herbts, i think they have a sis resemblance, so she would of made a great sarah webber. So i’m really happy she’s on GH and damn, she’s so lucky, as both nathan and griffin in my opinion are the two best looking dude on the show. hope she stays for along time. welcome to GH Bree!

Well, the GH boards I follow are full of comments from totally frustrated viewers that are sick to death of GH vets being pushed to the side for an endless array of new characters no one cares about. And she is just the latest.

I have to think TPTB must have an end date in mind for this show. They are never going to raise viewership by any meaningful amount when they are writing the equivalent of throwing wet toilet paper up on the ceiling to see what sticks. The day-to-day ratings are sporadic which tells me that people aren’t compelled to tune in. And why should they be, the sight of a GH character with a story on GH is so rare and random that there is no reason to make the effort to watch until one knows what has happened and can catch it on line. FV seems more interested in keeping his friends employed than he does in creating a show that is building on a legacy.

I love the vets of GH too but there’s only so much story they xan carry. Gone are the younger years of mist if the cets and with them their storylines. There’s no more WSB, Sean, Tiffany, Holly, Frusco, etc

I don’t see anywhere where I said the show should live in the 80’s… where is Ric Hearst? Where is Ned? Why is Laura only on for two minutes every 10th show? Why is there no writing of any sort for Dante and Lulu? Where is Mac Scorpio? What was the point of killing off AJ? Or killing off Duke? Where did Lucas and Brad go? Why are the stories so unrelated so that no one in town talks to anyone else? Why were contract negotiations so protracted for Rebecca Herbst and Tyler Christopher but seem to go oh so smoothly for Roger Howarth and Michelle Stafford?

Sorry, but this show could be run light years better than FV is doing IMO. The only thing Frank brings to the table is his need to hire his old friends, whether or not they help bring viewers to the show. I think whatever viewers he has brought have been netted against former GH watchers who have stopped because the characters they knew and loved are never on.

@rebecca1, we’d rather see their offspring, which is what typically happens on other soaps, than vets from other shows. Its not like the newer characters are younger…they’re vets from other soaps and they’re carrying story so why can’t GH vets carry some?

Bree Williamson is smoking hot. I haven’t seen her in anything in over four years and this is the best she has ever looked to me and it’s nice to see her back on ABC daytime. Bree was always more cutesty pretty as Jessica on OLTL, imo, but Bree looked stunningly sexy as Claudette/CJ in her first episode of GH.

I know it’s another new character on the canvas but I am okay with this one for several reasons cause I enjoy sneaky devious hot bad girls cause they bring the juicy soapy drama and can revitalize stale stories and characters. Claudette seems to fit that mold with her based on her first scenes with getting a job at Crimson under the name CJ so she can be working alongside Maxie who is Nathan’s fiancé. I loved how she turned the tables on Nathan, after he demanded she leave town now, by inviting Maxie to her hotel room. Nathan has got to be one of the most boring stoic characters to ever set foot in Port Chuck so maybe Claudette can pull out some fire out of him cause he needs more layers than just being the nice sweet eye candy guy.

Nathan and Maxie have never been a favorite of mine as a couple but more importantly they’ve been very boring and mostly drama free for two years now since Levi was killed off so it’s time to shake things up a bit with them. Ryan Paevey is still a little green as an actor and to a lesser extent so is Matt Cohen so it will help having Bree around till Kirsten Storms gets back to help carry the story. I can’t wait till Kirsten starts airing again in early August cause I think with Bree in the role that Maxie vs Claudette will be awesome entertaining onscreen rivals.

Well, Jay…. Maybe, just maybe, Nathan has a lot of surprises in store, especially if he is carrying the Cassadine gene.
Nathan is not as bad as some…..TJ?, Jordan; to name a couple. But with that face and body, he has me transfixed each and every time. He simply devastates me. Yeah!

AHA!! Gotcha, Theo. Are you Valentin, lurking around your family’s ‘headquarters”?
Please, Ye Soap Gods. Let me be right…AND, let ‘he’ be Nathan’s father!!

I had every confidence she’d be great. There’s an aura about her; looking forward to the story. As a side note I think Ryan Paevy’s acting had grown leaps and bounds!

I wasn’t impressed. this story will play out like Ava/Steve & Kayla on DAYS. Crazy ex comes to town to wreck havoc. What’s so original about this? Not only that but her co-stars Dull (Nathan) and Duller (Griffin) won’t help matters. … adding to it is having Molly Burnett in the role. This is ffwd material for me. Not interested.

I said the same thing above, my friend. We are on the same train traveling nowhere with this triangle…..Especially, if we are to endure that which is out of the realm of reality. If that is the case, I hope the story’s longevity is shot before it takes root.
Obviously, Claudette is evil; snd, Bree can play evil as no other…..but, something huge needs to go down ( as I said; a link to Valentin) to prevent this storyline from turning into another agonizing torture, so uniquely GH. (Re: Fluke).

Yes, we do agree on this.
I just don’t think we needed this story at all – other than GH’s never-ending need to employ every out of work actor!
I just wish Nathan and fake Duke son go away and Maxie & Spinelli live happily ever after together 🙂
I don’t think I want to waste my time on this story ..

Lol, Ces. I don’t mind Nathan and fake Duke’s son. I know, so far, these characters have not brought anything sapid to the table. But, they give good face. I’m a sucker for a REALLY good looking guy, albeit I am extremely harmless and true blue. I am, really!!!! LOL.
Amazing you should call Griffin ‘fake son’ because, way, way back, I intimated that he and Nathan were brothers somehow. I have my doubts about Griffin’s parentage myself.
If what I think is a possibility, then, the fun begins. It’s pretty soapy. But, it would give them a palatable story; one that detracts from the idea that they are on stage just to make the scenery look good.

Always liked Bree and it’s nice to see her in Daytime again.

That being said I hope her stay is short. There are already amazing actors on this show who aren’t being written for, not well anyway. The ast thing GH needs is more characters. There’s just no way to keep this up. Their stories are suffering as a result and the characters are so disjointed. I feel like I’m watching a series of vignettes that have weeks of breaks between them rather than one cohesive show. The follow up and follow through is non-existent for characters who aren’t named Sonny, Jason, Sam or Alexis.

I’m so glad Ms. Williamson is enjoying her role. I wish I could say the same. Maybe Aaron is her brother and Nurse Amy her sister. Then we could invent an imaginary situation where Sonny runs them ALL out of town. During this “transaction”, perhaps Officer Valerie could be seriously wounded (needing to leave Port Charles permanently), and bystanders Rachel, her mother, Jordan, T.J., Kristina, Parker, her wife (unseen), the mayor, and Andre are so disturbed by the incident, they all leave town on the same train. Then Tracy could reclaim E.L.Q., Laura could be elected mayor (assuming Felicia doesn’t want it), Anna would be Police Commissioner again, Jordan wouldn’t be arresting Jason every five minutes, and viewers can heave a collective sigh of relief.

Too funny; but, perfectly said.
From your hand to the soap gods’ pens, Soaphound.

There we go!

Bree is a breath of fresh air! She is pretty and a pretty good actress! She and Kristen will leave Peavey in the dust, AGAIN! But anyway, some GH viewers are frustrated over all the new characters. I get that. I want to see Monica, Ned, Tracy, Mac, Felicia, Laura, ect to. BUT you have to add fresh blood. Mac was a new character once. So was Felicia. Frank needs to clean up his own house, period. Now before a certain someone attacks me again for “Wishing” an actor loses his or her job, STOP, its not so. This is entertainment. Pieces of the puzzle need to be moved. Just like on a baseball team, you need to make trades or release players. I hope they find another team and I hope MY list of actors find a new job but I embrace the newbies and want these people written off!

Sabrina: Horrible!
Morgan: Recast
TJ: Recast
Jordan: Horrible
Felix: I like him, where does he fit though?
Curtis: Dont care for him
Andre: He is okay. What do you do with him?
Molly: Send her off to college. Stay away from Parker!
Jason: Billy Miller is horrible!
Aaron: You can just tell he will be annoying ANY minute!

Love it, Timmmy.
There’s something about short guys….nothing!
But, you leave Nathan alone, Timmmbo.
I find Curtis stimulating.
Kidding aside; I do agree with you about the vets. I truly enjoy watching these seasoned thespians act in concert. I love all of them….the actors/actresses, that is, and not necessarily the characters.

Okay Cee, you dream about Nathan and I’ll dream about Bree! My dreams could end up on the Emmy stage, yours will not! Ha ha ha! Luv you!

Oh, yeah?! Nathan SHOULD be the Emmy. I win!!!! Love you, too. TaTa.

I have no problem with new characters but GH is at least half new characters. There are literally times when I forget that I’m watching GH in the middle of the program. My list to go is below…

Franco- love RH but this character is trash
Hayden- absolutely pointless
Nina- the character does not fit on GH
Sabrina- she’s long run her course
Nathan- Never found him interesing & Claud won’t help
Claudette- recast BW as Serena Baldwin
The Jeromes- Julian is not redeemable in my eyes and thugh I love MW I can take or leave Ava and KiKi at any moment of any day

I understand DropOut, it does get overwhelming with all the newbies!

Love Roger, hate Franco!

I do like Hayden.

Nina is a bust

Sabrina needs to be reunited with CARRRRRRRLos!

Nathan, if only his pecs could act!

Great list. Literally the only two characters that I have remotely enjoyed from about the last four years are Jordan and Curtis. Every other one could get swallowed up and never be heard from again. They they should bring in a strategic story consultant who could start weaving in new characters slowly and sensibly – including people such as Sara Webber and Serena Baldwin, among others that make sense in the story.

And, p.s., even though Griffin is boring, maybe he could stay since he is Duke’s son. Just start writing for him so he can lose the monotone persona.

Must say I’m with you on this one!

It’s not lost on me that every new actor from another soap is introduced in a way that shows they are connected to the vet actors on GH. I can see wanting to minimize any social media attacks. Not that I think that strategy works with most because not everyone reads these articles or thinks the quality of their show should be sacrificed for various insider reasons and excuses. It’s about the show and the characters and the story. Also, everyone says how great FV is and I can’t help but think that’s to lessen more social media damage but JG said we are stuck with him until the end of GH so it’s not necessary anymore. Peeps have gone easier on him.

That said, Bree’s first day was good. She brought RP’s game higher and I like the Maxie and Griffin characters so we’ll see where this one goes. I don’t see why it should make any difference if she’s a former OLTLer if she’s a temporary bad girl. That’s splitting hairs. At the same time, I know ME is the only OLTLer who has clicked on the show in any way but to give him his fourth character and fire beloved GH characters is heinous. I hope someone at ABC is not sleeping at night over it all. I feel really badly for Passanante and Altman because they were handed over so many disgruntled fans, an inept EP, and a God awful RC mess to clean up. Yet most of the fan ire and fire seems to be directed their way despite FV, NV and the suits hiding behind the red curtain causing the majority of the problems.

2 big thumbs up for this character and actress. Welcome to the show!

Its great having her back on my screen again! I kinda wonder if Claudette will be as vindictive as Jessica’s alter Tess.

I doubt they’d bring in Erica as Claudette’s mom… but maybe Erica could get stuck in an elevator with oh, say, Luke…. hmmmm :-D. I love rewatching those “what if” promos!

I agree gh is very boring anymore. Why bring Nathan’s ex into it. Ridiculous. I was away almost two weeks and did not look at shows recorded. Did not miss anything. Too much with all new people coming and nothing being settled with anyone that’s been there. Seems like new ones coming on are top stories. I would not miss the show if it goes off. Sorry. Writers are very boring. Elizabeth and Franco have to go. Franco is too overbearing in his part. Is he good or is he bad. Murderers get off like crazy. Paul should get fired for what he did. Ava should have been in jail just for escaping. Heather is crazy.

Bree is welcome on GH, they need new actors and story lines! I think she is a gorgeous, strong actress, and I’m already rooting for Claudette – over Maxie and anyone else who gets in her way! Although I really liked Tess and Jess, her Claudette is different and I am looking forward to watching her scenes with Griffin! He seemed to come alive w her. Brava!

General Hospital

Elizabeth MacRae, ‘General Hospital’s’ Meg Baldwin, Passes Away at 88

Veteran actress, Elizabeth MacRae best-known as the third Meg Baldwin on General Hospital and as Gomer Pyle’s girlfriend, Lou-An Ann Poovie, in Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C has died at the age of 88. MacRae passed away in Fayetteville, North Carolina, where she grew up.

On General Hospital, Elizabeth played Meg Baldwin who had a young son, Scott (Kin Shriner) from a previous relationship and who married Lee Baldwin (Peter Hansen). The role was originated by Patricia Breslin from 1965-1969. Breslin was temporarily replaced by Jan Shepherd for three weeks in the summer of 1967. MacRae took over the part from Breslin full time from 1969-70 and again from 1972-73.

In story, the character of Meg suffered a nervous breakdown and Lee had her committed to an institution. In 1971, Meg was released and came home, but suffered from severe hypertension. In 1973, Dr Lesley Webber was assigned to her case. Meg became jealous of Lesley and began to think that she was trying to get to have sex with Lee. During an argument with Lee, Meg died of a stroke and soon after Lee adopted Scott.

Photo: ABC

MacRae also appeared on other notable soaps, having roles on Another WorldDays of Our LivesGuiding Light, and Search for Tomorrow.  Elizabeth’s career spanned over two and half decades having also appeared in classic TV shows and countless movies such as: Route 66Surfside 6RendezvousThe FugitiveJudd for the DefenseGunsmokeBonanzaI Dream of Jeannie, and The Andy Griffith Show.

Photo: CBS

She is survived by five stepchildren, Terry Halsey, Peter Halsey, Hugh Halsey, Cate Halsey, and Alex Halsey Topper.

Share your remembrances of GH’s Elizabeth MacRae via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

LAPD Continue to Seek Johnny Wactor’s Killers Who Remain At Large; Asks Public for Tips and Leads

The Los Angeles police department is ramping up its search for to the whereabouts of the three thieves, who got away after one fatally shot former General Hospital cast member, Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando Corbin) in the early morning hours of Saturday, May 26th in downtown Los Angeles.

Law enforcement sources told the LA Times that police are trying to pull fingerprints from Wactor’s vehicle and are looking for video from the area. They also are checking to see whether there are any connections to other nearby catalytic converter thefts.

The thieves were attempting to steal the catalytic converter from Wactor’s car at the time of his death. Sadly, the LAPD investigators shared they have seen an uptick in violence when these types of thieves are confronted.

Photo: ABC

Catalytic converters contain precious metals in which thieves can make hundreds of dollars selling them to auto parts suppliers or scrap yards, where they can be melted down and the valuable metals extracted.

In addition, on Tuesday May 28th, the LAPD shared more on the incident that took Wactor’s life, stating, “Without provocation, the victim was shot by one of the individuals. The three suspects involved were wearing all dark clothing and driving a dark-colored sedan. The suspects fled northbound on Hope Street. Central Bureau Homicide is investigating this case and is requesting the public’s help.”

Photo: ABC

If you have tip: y0u are urged to call LAPD Detectives Gonzales or Martinez at Central Bureau Homicide, at (213) 996-4142. During non-business hours or on weekends, calls should be directed to (877) LAPD-24-7 (877-527-3247).

In addition, Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should call the LA Regional Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS (800-222-8477) or go to

Wactor played General Hospital’s Brando Corbin from 2020 to 2022. According to the LA Times, “Wactor recently had been exploring opportunities in screenwriting while working as a bartender.”

Share your thoughts on this developing story as the LAPD tries to seek justice for the death of Johnny Wactor via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

Nicholas Chavez Speaks Out on the Death of Friend and Former GH Castmate Johnny Wactor: “I’m Beside Myself with Sadness”

It has been another rough go for the General Hospital family following the news surrounding the shooting that killed beloved former cast member, Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando Corbin) over the weekend.

Since that time, there has been an outpouring of grief, shock and sadness, and remembrances for the actor who died at 37-years-old.  Many of Johnny’s castmates have spoken out about the loss and shared heartbreaking tributes.

Now, Nicholas Chavez (ex-Spencer Cassadine) who is soon-to-be-seen in Ryan Murphy’s limited series on Netflix, Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story, has also shared his sentiments. With heartfelt words, along with a photo of himself and Johnny, and another former GH co-star, Marcus Coloma (ex-Nikolas), Chavez explained the difficulty he is having processing Johnny’s death and the unbreakable bond they shared.

Photo: Facebook

Nick began, “Johnny — I’m beside myself with sadness. The last time I saw you, we ran into each other by accident in Los Angeles. When we recognized each other your face lit up and you ran essentially across the room to give me a big and tight hug. You were a strong and kind person”

He went on to say, these heartfelt words to Johnny, “You were a phenomenal friend and you always made me feel welcomed and loved. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been a part of your life and I’m praying for you and your family. I will miss you very much.”

Johnny Wactor run on GH lasted from 2020-2022, while Nicholas Chavez appeared from 2021 till early in 2024.

Share your thoughts on Nicholas’ remembrances of Johnny Wactor via the comment section below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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