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GH’s Chad Duell and Y&R’s Courtney Hope Split Up

Photo: JPI

Over the past 24 hours, reports surfaced that Chad Duell (Michael, GH) and Courtney Hope (Sally, Y&R), have called it quits after getting married back on October 23rd.   They became engaged back in February.

Before their nuptials, the two soap stars had been dating and together for five years.  However, now they have quietly separated.

Soap fans began to think something was amiss, when on the actors individual Instagram accounts, photos of the other had been deleted, sans just a few, and later today, Soap Opera Digest confirmed the news of their split.

So, sad to hear that Chad and Courtney have decided to go their separate ways? Comment below.


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Hmmm, I’m thinking Chad has a problem committing to anyone. He’s had long term girlfriends, and even been married briefly before, and suddenly they break up. But I thought this time, after 5 years together and an insanely expensive wedding, that this one would last. Talk about fast!
Whatever happened, I’m sad.

I agree Chad is the problem, he should be single. He has a huge problem committing. I wish both of them luck. This was a soapy quick marriage. Wow did not see this coming.

I agree, I think if I were the next girl I WOULD NEVER DATE HIM SERIOUSLY. Any man with two failed marriages (BOTH ENDING VERY FAST) has DEFINITE commitment issues. Hopefully, the next woman will be smart enough to realize this before wasting her time with him.

I read charts and from what I ascertain is they got into a lot of silly arguments and it was ego based and he has more of the old views of I’m the man or husband and what I say goes and Courtney is a free spirit and has her own mind. So maybe she was telling him to do this or that or being what he perceived as bossy. Male ego hurt. She’s also athletic etc so arguments , ego issues, it also said immaturity on both their parts. Irreconcilable Differences I think is what it’s called when ppl break up over nothing.

Edna Singleton: They were together five years and lived together for some of them; I doubt the “I man, you woman” would have just surfaced in the 8 weeks or however long they were married…

He looked absolutely miserable in most of their wedding videos. I have to say that unfortunately this did not surprise me at all. 🙁

I agree and I think maybe he’s fallen Kate (Willow)!

WOW!! Is this an early April Fool’s joke??

Nonemy that’s right, none of my business and surly not my story to talk about. I wish them both well.

He just didn’t look happy or in love with her in the picture! I feel he feels pressure ! It is sad but now they need to move on ! Really easier said then done!!
Best of everything to them both !!

I doubt she pressured him. He seems to have some kinds of issues.

They were together for five years and madly in love. Many posts of them at home for a few years now, interviews, pics and videos of their life together. She’s drop dead gorgeous; was on B&B and now on Y&R and is all over Instagram posting pics of her banging body, lol. He’s posting pics of himself, too. The conceit of many actors is revolting…

Yes, Rebecca1, revolting but, in his case, not surprising. Something always seems self-conscious about his acting, like he’s watching himself instead of his scene partners. And, unlike more skillful actors like Roger Howarth or Y&R’s Mark Grossman, he doesn’t shade the character with different aspects. Michael is simply unlikable most of the time, period. No nuances or bright spots.

Hey Soaphound; I actually was referring more to Courtney, his ex (?still not confirmed) than to him. So many of the female actresses pose pics in bikinis, slinky dresses, etc. The guys pumping weights or showing how built they are; narcissism at its finest, lol. Believe me, I went through my “hot” stage, 5’2″ 100 pounds, 23inch waist, black curly hair…but I didn’t post myself all over the place. Haley Pulos (Molly)is all over instagram posing, too. That’s all she ever really posts. I’ve taken to not looking at any of their profiles unless they have something to say about the show or interesting about real life. Just turns me off to them as people and then it interferes with me getting lost in their fictional characters.

That doesn’t surprise me either. She’s a good actress but the thought of Sally getting her claws into Adam just grosses me out! Neither she nor her ex-whatever he is generate any warmth or empathy for their characters for me.

I can’t stand the idea of her and Adam together except for how much it will piss off Sharon and Chelsea.
Did you watch B&B? When Sally first started she was a totally different character, falling in love with one of the Forresters, trying to start her fashion business,fighting one obstacle after another. I think the Bells thought the new Sally would be a more interesting character though less likable.

Rebecca 1…I try mostly to not look at profiles on actors and sports figures I admire. Doesn’t always work. Sometimes you can get the the roles they play mixed up with the real person. And some have really disappointed me based mainly on their politics and other positions on subjects important to me. Most recently Ingo on GH.
As for revealing pictures for all to see, girls/women then wonder why they are seen by many as sexual objects, especially by men who are hardwired that way. And my apologies to those men who aren’t or keep a lid on it. And why do buff guys not put on a shirt to answer the door.

Rose; lol. Let’s not knock buff guys answering the door without shirts on. 😉 LOL. It’s just that many of these actors, like I mentioned, just seem way too full of themselves. Then, of course, their adoring public tells them how hot they are, how gorgeous, etc, so it’s just a “look at me I’m so stunning” party.

Don’t get me started on Ingo. I used to love Jax; always did. Knowing who Ingo is is a huge disappointment. But I feel that way about quite a few of them. What started out with social media as a cool way to get to know the real people behind the fictional ones is, in my opinion, a disaster much of the time. Hard to escape the types of people you want to escape from in real life if they’re the same sort of people playing the fictional ones. Better off not knowing and letting your imagination just get lost in the make believe of it all….

Methinks I need a spot of tea! I’m all ferklempt!

Funny, I liked him as a teenager, growing up on the set, his soulful eyes, etc. As he got older he just got that egotistical thing going and it was hard to feel sorry for him even when Nelle had him by the short hairs to put it nicely. Maybe being his age, not a kid, not an older actor as the rest of the men are, he feels at a disadvantage. And then there’s his God awful hair style now.Can he or anyone else not see how terrible it looks, greasy, stringy. To me it spoils his whole character and very distracting in any scene he’s in. If he’s trying to look sexy, it ain’t working.

He can’t stay married for longer than two months?? What is going on sir?

Didn’t they just have that tacky weddimg?

Whoa UNEXPECTED!!?? It’s heartbreaking for them, family, friends & even their fans! My their hearts heal & souls soar in personal happiness!!

Oh my goodness. They had such a loved up lavish wedding. I am so sad for them. It’s a shock. Wow.

Well it’s sad they were together five years before they got married so if it was a commitment issue you would think Chad would’ve gotten out of the relationship while they were dating, not to mention they lived together and that’s a BIG commitment right there. My Mom has always given me great advice and in a relationship she always said “it takes two to tango.” Even though they’re celebrities there still human beings and marriage is no different with them like it is with all of us. Marriages go through ups and downs and issues and sometimes Something Happens. We don’t have a clue what happened in their marriage, nor should we because it’s private between them. Yes I will agree with some people on here that whenever I would see pictures of the two of them together Chad didn’t look very happy, but how do we know maybe that’s just the way he looks we only see him as an actor on TV. I don’t think it’s fair to judge either one of them since we are not in their shoes.

I like and agree with your comment the most except for one thing. Even on the show, Chad has a long face, never seems happy and I can never in his role as Michael seen him laugh.

I agree, he never looks happy. I hope she find someone else and have a happy life.

When I found on Twitter that the two had split, I first thought it was just a rumor. But now that it’s been confirmed, I am shocked. I hope that they find peace within themselves.

That makes no sense to me they’ve been a couple for five years , live together for most of that time and they haven’t even been married two months and they’re separating…
Hopefully they could go to some marriage counseling and work it out, give it a try at least…

They had such a nice elaborate wedding to

At least they are figuring this out now and not later, I was married 30 yrs when my ex walked out on me, that hurts!

I think something happened after the wedding just put the nails in the coffin. Sometimes things don’t become apparent until it’s just too late.
Very sad, I love them both.

I don’t have much to say about their breakup but how about a moment to discuss how militantly REPULSIVE Michael Corinthos has become. His scummy vendetta against Nina aside, I can’t bear the way he treats Chase. So smarmy and judgmental last week: “You knew Bailey was yours for a year and said nothing.” I just wanted to punch his smug face in. Even after Brook Lynn set him straight and Willow acquiesced, he STILL shot daggers at Chase. He’s not half the man Chase is. After all, Chase is a loyal, decent man, while holier than thou Michael was in the double digits of lovers before age 25, several of whom are already dead (Abby, Sabrina, Kiki, Nelle). And the hypocrisy he inherited from Carly! He forgave Sonny for killing A. J. but not Brad, who killed no one and has paid enough. Their precious Wiley is their excuse for all sorts of hypocrisy, lying, and petty revenge. Oh, and Michael also needs a haircut. Badly.

Right again. First of all I agree about that greasy looking hair, sure does nothing for his looks. Can you just imagine what he’ll do when he finds out about Sonny and Nina? I bet he won’t welcome Harmony with open arms either. Hey, maybe he’s the one to take Jason’s place.


How awful. What in the dickens happened? They both should be embarrassed!!!

This is so sad to put Courtney though, after all the pics of seen of Chad Duell and I am not of fan of his btw, I think he’s closeted, I think he is gay – he needs to come out and stop hurting these women that he marries for a bit and then drops them. Shame on him, find you a guy and move on.

Have suspected same for a long time.

You know, Adam, years back when Brad was basically a predator, he tried to blackmail Michael into sex. Oddly enough, there was more potential (and excitement) in that possibility than, say, Michael and Sabrina or Kiki. Well, if you remove blackmail from the equation, that is. Maybe the character Michael can realize he’s gay or bisexual, then finally hook up with Brad after all. Now THAT’S forgiveness on a different level!

Agree… think Chad is gay. Courtney is an amazing actress and gorgeous to boot. She deserves much more than this man-child.

I guess Chad thinks his real life is a soap opera. I don’t even like his character on GH.

Wow tough audience … sad that these young ish daytime stars have their lives on display for everyone…. I think we as a society could be way more kind… look at ingo I see all his comments and thank God I’m not him I can’t believe the stuff he’s said to fans and non fans alike… I can’t imagine abc or hallmark will want his clear anger issues… that said Chad and Courtney are kids let’s be kind

I agree with you until your last sentence. These two are not kids. They are about my age—early to mid thirties. I am happily married (straight out of College) with children.
I understand that I have been blessed—knock on wood——that not all marriages work out, but Chad does seem to have a history of personal romantic failures. I’m no counselor, but they should both have no attachments for a while. Who knows/—-they may get back together.
Maybe, his personality is not cut for sharing his life with another so intimately. Nonetheless, as I said, stuff happens and unfortunately, some couples do not make it right from the onset.
Be that as it may, they are not kids!! They are adults!! I certainly don’t consider myself a kid!!

Right you are, Celia. That’s why I just laugh at celebrity second/third/fourth marriages like J-Lo or Scarlett Johansson or Justin Hartley. What are we SUPPOSED to think? Oh yeah THIS is the right person finally. Call ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT and get on the next episode. What a joke!

Thank you, my friend. No marriage is as harmonious as we would like it to be—-but, it’s a learning experience—-we talk, albeit, I do have a tiny, little temper—-miniscule—-(really tiny. Ha!!)–hence my nickname, “spitfire”. LOL.
Nonetheless, one would think that, after five years of living together, these two needed to jump the broom in order to find out if they were not meant to be?
Makes no sense. Why get married?—there must have been underlying issues which they thought would disappear when married.
Yes, it is sad, and I shouldn’t even try to look at this through a microscope.
Who knows? I wonder if either has a wandering eye?? LOL. I do wish both of them well.

You are right in a way, but they really have lived together and long enough to have gotten it together by now.

Chad is now 34 years old. He’s not exactly a kid. But it’s all really sad

Thirty+ does not equal “kids”. Chad was a waste of Courteney’s time.

Well even with his relationship on GH with Willow he got married and lasted how long? I think he has issues with commitments. Wish them both the best.

It’s not for us to assume or speculate. Stuff happens. Thankfully, there are no kids involved.
More to Michael’s and Willow’s storyline—-how ironic?! I think she is jealous of Brook-Lynn’s and Chase’s “involvement”. When Olivia, generally speaking, said, “Speak your truth”; TPTB pointedly focused on Willow’s face—-as if to emphasize she was not speaking her truth. My imagination? Perhaps….
Methinks Willow wants Chase. Wouldn’t that be some turn of events!!
Chad doesn’t seem to have much luck with women on or off camera.

Oh Celia, I so loved and rooted for Willow & Chase back in the day. But frankly, Willow no longer deserves Chase. She chose haughty, judgmental, spoiled brat (but rich) Michael Co-WIMP-os more than once–so she can HAVE HIM!

Yeah, Soaphound–I feel the same way. Willow does not deserve Chase. But, wants to be up there with the “blue bloods”. Well, once a plebeian, always a plebeian. –Yup, haughty and full of hot air.
It’s not as if her past is spotlessly pristine. I get the feeling she suddenly realizes she wants Chase back—who wouldn’t?? Michale or Chase; Michael or Chase; Michael or Chase—Karma tastes so sweet.
I guess she is following in Carly’s footsteps–..gutter rat turned princess.
I am beginning to appreciate Brook-Lynn more and more. She has more noblesse than I originally thought. And, I think I like her with Chase, albeit a Quartermaine.
What I would love to see is the return of Nelle–the real Nelle, that is. TPTB should make crazy Nelle the evil twin, who stole her identity and Wiley. It’s a wild idea, but weirder things have happened in PC.
I also like this more subdued Sonny . Similarly, as Carly, he is in denial. He pines for Nina as much as Carly pines for Jason. Both living a lie.
Strange marriage these two have. I don’t get it.

Wasn’t he also married years ago for like a minute? Seems that he has commitment issues. Kristen Alderson needs to think her lucky stars she got out before this happened to her.

Wow that didn’t last long.

I love how everybody is blaming Chad Duell. Is the woman never to blame? I mean how are we really know what happened? Everyone, stay in your lane! These aren’t your lives. They are actors playing characters and they are real people. Be respectful.

I believe there is MORae, a lot more to this story. His first marriage was very short (months) and now this?? What’s the truth here?

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