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GH's Finola Hughes Talks The Emotional Griffin Reveal, Anna's Relationships With Andre and Paul, Scrubs Goodbye Scenes & Nabbing Carlos Rivera!



On General Hospital, Anna (Finola Hughes) just learned why the new doctor in town, Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen), was following her around in heart-tugging scenes on Tuesday’s episode of the ABC daytime drama series.  As it turns out, Griffin is the biological son of Anna’s late love, Duke Lavery.  Sad, but true, Griffin never got the chance to know his father, and Duke never knew he had fathered a child.  When Anna learns, via the letter that Griffin’s mother wrote to her son, that the woman visited Port Charles and saw the love between Anna and Duke, so she never told him she was pregnant, it not only shocked, but also touched Anna.  This sets the stage for Anna and Griffin to have an unbreakable bond and connection.

Watching the incomparable Finola Hughes’ masterful performance in those scenes was like everything else she does on GH … simply divine.  There is never a false note in any performance given by the mighty Hughes, which is why for decades she has remained beloved by millions of General Hospital viewers.  On-Air On Soaps chatted with Finola to get her thoughts on the newest addition to the GH family, Matt Cohen, what she thought of the plot twist, and what it means for Anna.

However, Anna is also in plenty of hot water!  She is still trying to find, and bring to justice Carlos Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) for Duke’s murder, while trying to stay out of prison herself for shooting him in the first place!  All the while, she is attempting to find out just what cunning and conniving DA Paul Hornsby (Richard Burgi) is truly up to!  And if that wasn’t enough, Anna, who has been going through so much loss in her life, has become fast friends with her therapist, Dr. Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery).  That’s a relationship that is forming much to the chagrin of her good friend, Jordan Ashford (Vinessa Antoine).  Could Andre, or Paul be the next man in Anna’s love life?

In addition, Finola opens up about taping her final scenes with Jason Thompson (Ex-Patrick, now Billy Y&R), and her most recent goodbyes to Kimberly McCullough (Robin) and Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma) following Scrubs long-awaited happy reunion.   You will learn it was just as emotional for this Daytime Emmy winner, as it was for longtime viewers.  Classic and timeless, Finola makes playing the one-of-a-kind character of Anna Devane effortless.  Here’s what she shared about all the drama going on in her alter-ego’s complex life.

GH fans finally saw the reveal yesterday of just who Dr. Griffin Munro is related to, and how it impacts Anna.  How does Anna feel about this?  This is a connection to Duke!


FINOLA:  It’s wonderful.  She is thrilled.  Anna is so happy to have family, and somebody that is related to Duke, and that a little part of him can live on through this man that she meets.  I think like anybody would feel it’s lovely to see children of your friends, or loved ones grow up.  For Anna, something as poignant as this, after she lost the man that she loves, she meets his offspring that she didn’t know existed.  Griffin didn’t not know he was Duke’s son, either.  Duke never knew, and it is bittersweet.  Griffin wants to find out about his father, and so he really relies on Anna and others to tell him stories about his father.

Take me through the scene in your own words on the set-up that finally saw Anna learn Griffin was Duke’s biological son.


FINOLA:  Griffin comes to Anna and says he has been following her, and she had this weird feeling about him. Then Anna looks him up and sees his middle name is Fitzhugh, which is one of Duke’s family names in his ancestry.  At that point, Anna figures Griffin is just going to be a relative of Duke’s.  So she goes to the hospital, and she asks him if he wants to take a walk with her.  They take a walk, and he tells her that he is Duke’s son. When he is called away to the hospital, by accident he leaves the letter behind that his mother had given to him when he was a kid.  The letter explains everything, and why his mother never reached out to Duke to tell him that he ever had a son, and Anna finds out those reasons.

You received so much praise and kudos following the airing of the scenes on social media.  How did you feel about the material?  Do you feel the writers did it justice?


FINOLA:  I thought it was beautifully written.  Matt Cohen is just lovely to work with, and we have had some really nice scenes together.  It is really a lovely story.  I think Matt must like it too, because he sorts of walks into a lineage in a way, and there are all of these kinds of threads including: Carlos murdering Duke, Griffin helping Sonny (Maurice Benard) and that Sonny and Duke worked together.  So there are all of these kinds of links and fingers that reach out in Port Charles for his character.  I think it’s a nice way for Matt to enter the story.

It’s a great way to bring in Matt to GH and tie him to an existing beloved character such as Anna, and then out of that it also gives Anna an extended family. Particularly, because she lost her family with Duke’s death and Robin, Patrick and Emma moving to California.  Hopefully, this relationship between Anna and Griffin will blossom as a solid relationship for the two of them.

FINOLA:  Yes, it’s a lovely anchor.  I like that, and Anna is definitely looking for one, and she has even said in the not so distant past that she doesn’t have anyone to live for, because how often is she going to see Robin (Kimberly McCullough) and her granddaughter Emma (Brooklyn Rae Silzer).


Back at the end of February, you had an incredibly moving scene where Anna was speaking with Andre at the hospital chapel.  Watching it you just felt so bad for Anna, and all the loss she has had.   It was a great performance, and I am glad they wrote that scene for you.

FINOLA:  Thank you.   Yes, Anna is alone.  We are alone at different times in our lives, and it can be hard, enriching, and sad, and all of those things. But also I think we are social creatures, and we are always looking for meaningful contacts.  I think Griffin is a very meaningful person in Anna’s life.

Did you know when GH was bringing in Matt Cohen to play the new neurosurgeon at GH that he was going to turn out to be playing Duke’s son?

FINOLA:  I did not.  Matt actually auditioned for the part with me and another actress.  I knew there would be some link, but I had no idea it would be as Duke’s son.  When they chose him I was happy.  He was so good, but then, of course, Matt has this look about him that he could be from Duke’s family.

On Twitter, everybody was hoping that Griffin was going to turn out to be Anna and Duke’s biological son!  (Laughs)


FINOLA:  I know, and I kept saying, “Guys, I am pretty sure Anna would know if she had a baby.  They don’t just fall out.” (Laughs)  It doesn’t really just happen that way – she would had to have been in a coma for nine months not to know! (Laughs)

What does Anna think of Andre, and her burgeoning relationship with him?  He is working as Anna’s therapist, but he is dating her friend, Jorda.  But there seems to be some sparks there.   Is Anna attracted to him?

FINOLA:  I think she really likes Andre.  Anna feels very comfortable around him.  I think there is a lot of transference that happens with therapists and anybody that is saying that they are caring about you, or wants to look after you, or are interested in what is going on with you.  It is very seductive, and makes you feel better about yourself.  I think Anna has found him at a very low point in her life.  Andre has been very kind to her, but she obviously respects her friends, and has been very quick to explain what things might look like, and what they really are.  She came clean to Jordan on the episode that aired this week.  I think she feels that Andre is a very good friend that she can talk to.

How has it been working with Anthony Montgomery?

FINOLA:  He is so sweet, and really fun.

Let’s talk about your final scenes with Kimberly McCullough, Jason Thompson, and Brooklyn Rae Silzer that precipitated Jason’s departure from GH, and gave Robin and Patrick their happy ending and a wedding.   You were so emotional on-camera throughout.  How was it filming those?  As a viewer, it was hankie-time tenfold!


FINOLA:  That was brutal!  It was really harsh.  Basically, you are saying goodbye to your dear friends, but I see Jason, and I see Kimberly all of the time.  I know that Jason makes a point of talking with Brooklyn, and I will try to get better about that too, because she is such a love.

Frank Valentini announced that Brooklyn would be coming back to GH this spring so Emma can visit Anna.  What are your thoughts on this?

FINOLA:  I hope so!  It would be fantastic to work with Brooklyn again.

I thought Kimberly was so brilliant in her last visit to GH, and it was made all the more poignant after she came forward in her blog about what she had been going in her personal life in 2015.  During the wedding, and the scenes before and after it, she did some her most beautiful work, ever.

FINOLA:  Kimberly is fabulous, and I always thought she was amazing.   It’s all so grounded with Kimberly.  She is so easy to work.

When you were done with the scenes with Jason, Kimberly, and Brooklyn were you a mess?  What happened when they yelled, “Cut!”?

Photo: JThompsonInstagram

FINOLA:   I think I turned to our executive producer Frank Valentini and said, “Stop taking people away from me!” (Laughs)  Frank just grinned, but it was rough.  It was rough for everybody.  Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) was crying, and Tristan Rogers (Robert) too.  It was amazing.  The scenes were really well written, and we had meaningful scenes.  I think when everything comes together like that it all sort of works.  Also, it’s like this real family, and I think even Kimberly said at one point between takes while we were all sitting around together: “You are all my second family … every single one of you.”  And it’s true.  I have known her for over 30 years.  It’s crazy.   It was Kimberly’s birthday the other weekend, and we all went away to celebrate.

You have given so many great performances.  Do you ever watch your work?

FINOLA:  I don’t like to watch back my work, but I do watch other people’s work.  Every now and then I will watch a scene, and then I will fast-forward, but I like to watch the story.  I have this thing where I like to be on the inside of it, as opposed to watching myself.  There are some actresses who are really good about it, but it just doesn’t work for me.

When it comes to Daytime Emmy time that must be incredibly challenging for you, because you would have to sift through your work to find your submission for contention, right?

Photo Credit:

FINOLA:  It was horrible!  There are several producers who told me what they felt I needed to watch and consider.  I just have this habit of throwing the script in my closet if I thought the tape day was interesting, or something happened.   So I throw it in my closet, and then I bring all those scripts out and kind of go through them come Emmy time, but usually the producers tell me what to look at.  I’m horrible at it … I’m the worst! (Laughs)

Did you eventually watch what you submitted?

FINOLA:  Yes, I did watch.  And then I made one of our producers Michelle watch, and then I made Susan Flannery (Ex-Stephanie, B&B) watch.  For the Pre-Noms, I chose when Anna tells Andre that she killed Carlos, I think. (Laughs)  Second round, I think I used some of that, and some of the Duke material.

I also remember thinking for the Emmys that you had that wonderful final scene between Luke and Anna, as Tony Geary (Luke) was exiting GH.  Anna had Duke’s ashes, and was taking them to Scotland as she was grieving so badly, and the two longtime friends had a bittersweet goodbye.


FINOLA:  I did not use that scene, but I really liked doing that scene.  It was great, and it was my last scene with Tony.  I don’t know how Jane Elliot (Tracy) got through her final scenes with Tony, but for me that was like massive on so many fronts.  Just to say goodbye to Tony, because he was going to another country, and it was huge for the history of the show.  That was big!

What do you think makes the perfect Emmy reel?

FINOLA:  Clearly, I don’t know. (Laughs)  I think what is interesting and important is the material, and the words you are saying, and when that all jells together it’s magic.   Look we all love what we do, and I just think the actors in this medium work so hard, and they love what they do.  We get to play, but you have got to bring you’re A-game every day.  It’s really extraordinary the work that goes out, and the type of work that everybody does.  To do such a volume of work and so fast, and I think that of the writers, too.  I think, “How on earth do they come up with that much content?”

How do you feel Anna is being written under current GH head writers, Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman?  Do you see a difference?  Obviously, fans have noticed there are longer two-person scenes; as opposed to the way former GH head writer Ron Carlivati had written the show, which had more unexpected shocks, quicker scenes, and pacing, etc.


FINOLA:   Yes the scenes are longer, which is much easier for us as actors.  It is easier to do, because you don’t just feel you get one sentence, and then they are on to something else.  It got very quick there for awhile.  But for me I honestly feel if writers like writing for Anna then they always find her voice.  I have been really lucky that way.  I think Ron and his team found her voice, and I think with Jean and Shelly, Jean has known Anna’s voice longer, and that they have gone more into her heart, a little bit.  Whenever writers manage to hit that spot where you are speaking from the heart, it’s kind of great.  I think right now we are on the trajectory where people are very connected on the show, and it’s become more about relationships.  But whoever has been writing, I have always felt supported in the character.

I think Ron loved the character of Anna, and gave you some very unique and fun material to play.

FINOLA:  He does the love the character of Anna, and he did give me some very extraordinary stuff to play.  Now I am also getting some great words and heart.   I have been very, very fortunate.


Let’s talk about the Carlos situation … she has a big problem there!

FINOLA: … Oh, Anna is obsessed with Carlos!  She wants the pain of losing Duke to go away so she thinks getting Carlos is the way to do it.  She wants Carlos to turn state’s evidence on Julian (William deVry).

And then will she feel better?

FINOLA:   I talked to one of the directors about that recently, because Anna kept saying, “I’m going to face what happens, when it happens,” because Carlos will turn Anna in.  She keeps saying, “I’m happy to go to prison.  I don’t care.”   But I think the more that looms, I think Anna will begin thinking, “Oh, my God.  This really could happen.”  You can be full of vibrato, because you want to bring somebody to justice, and saying, “I don’t care what happens to me,” but then the closer you get to it, I think the vibrato might fall away.

Did you know when Anna shot Carlos that he would end up being alive?  Jeffrey Vincent Parise has more than nine lives on GH! (Laughs)  Were you concerned thinking, “I have murdered this character!  Where do I go from here?”

FINOLA:  First, I did not know they were going to be bringing Carlos back, and neither did Jeffrey!   I did feel weird about killing the character, and then I also put in my head that Anna has killed other people, but it has been off-camera.   So maybe Anna hasn’t always been that scrupulous.  I guess it was more important that Anna was the good hero that you could rely on, plus I think the show wanted to bring Carlos back.  So it worked for story.


Anna is haunted by what she has done, don’t you think?

FINOLA:  I did something on the show that we taped that you will see soon, where I added a line saying, “What am I doing?”  I think it really shocked Anna that she thought she shot and killed Carlos. That kind of anger that she had with Faison (Anders Hove) had welled up in her too.  She could not control herself.  I don’t think that was a particularly great thing to learn about yourself.  I try to keep that alive, but we will see how that pans out with Carlos, but there is this element for her about that loss of control.

I hope there is a showdown scene between Anna and Carlos!

FINOLA:  I do want Anna to talk to Carlos a little bit, particularly about how he managed to pull it off before she takes him down!

There is yet another man circling Anna’s life … Paul Hornsby!  What is going on with Anna and Paul?   Is she attracted to this guy, or does Anna think he is full of it?

FINOLA:  Richard Burgi is so good at playing duplicitous and slick.  You can’t get a read on Paul, and he is always one-upping Anna.  It’s great!  They are extremely good foes.  I really don’t how that is going to unfold, just because Paul is so slick.


Is Anna on to him, or is she confused by him?

FINOLA:  Anna thinks she is on to him, and then he does something.  I have a line that hasn’t aired yet where I say something along the lines of: “Just when you think you know him you learn something more about what makes him tick.”  I think that is in a nutshell what she thinks about Paul.  That just when she thinks she is on to him, he does something else.   Paul is a really good chess player.  Anna does not know if she can trust him at all, and I don’t think she does.

Anna always finds herself in her life with these men that she has this push/pull with. So, I keep thinking she could be really into him!

FINOLA:  Sometimes Anna is working him, but there was the time Paul offered her the whiskey, and she thought she was working him, and they are off into this whole other thing.  She has been offered the whiskey, and then she is thinking, “How did I end up here, really?”  What I like about it is often times you have to dumb a character down for someone else to win.  With Anna and Paul it’s cat and mouse.  They lose and then they win, and they lose, and then they win.  They keep upping the stakes.  Just when you think Anna has been made a fool of, she turns around and gets something over on him.  Just when you think Anna has won over Paul, he comes around the other side and zing’s her!

But I think Anna must like that! She has always liked a guy who has challenged her.


FINOLA:  Yes, but at the end of the day, if he is the district attorney, I think Anna’s Achilles heel is that she honestly believes in the rule of law and justice.  If you are going to pose as somebody who is upholding that, and still break the law, that is where for some reason she is like, “I’m done. That doesn’t work for me.”   Whereas if you are an out and out criminal, there is something honest about that, and that’s weird.

At this point, does Anna know Paul is communicating with Carlos?

FINOLA:   I think she suspects that Paul is communicating with him, and I think her reaction will be interesting when she finds out.   This next two weeks coming up is a lot about that story, and so it’s kind of fun right now.

Do you think it’s too soon after Duke’s death for Anna to have a romance?

FINOLA:  I haven’t had one, and Duke was her big love.  I think it’s a difficult job for writers.  They have to feel when it’s going to work.  They watch and want to wait and see, and you can’t force that stuff, because the audiences won’t buy it.  In the past, the audiences have bought into the on-screen romances Anna has had.

Is this a good time in your history as Anna on General Hospital?

FINOLA:  Honestly, it’s always a good time in the history of the character.  I always get excited about what I get to do.  It’s a gene I have.  Even when it’s a crazy story, I am like, “Great! Let’s go!” (Laughs)


You have such passionate fans on social media.  What do you think about their loyalty, and what they share with you on Twitter, etc?

FINOLA:  I must say, I find fans incredibly authentic.  They really see what you do, and I think a lot of people on our show find that quite gratifying, that people really watch for all the details.  It’s great.  It’s also surprising to us when they find something we didn’t notice and we go, “What? That’s crazy!” (Laughs)  It’s amazing, even with the holes in the stories, they will say something, and then we go, “Oh! They are right. Damn.” Sometimes I kick myself, and I go, “Why didn’t I see that?   I am such an idiot!” (Laughs)   It could be something as simple as changing a line a little.  We are just moving so fast that things go by, and you don’t pick up on it, but a fan will.

In closing, back to Griffin, you obviously are Team Matt Cohen, and big believer in his talents and what he will bring to the table as Anna and Griffin get to know each other better.


FINOLA:  I hope the reveal scenes were heartwarming to the viewers.  Matt is so terrific, and I think the audience is going to love him and the story he is stepping into.  He is an incredibly skilled actor, and his ability to play is wonderful.  He fits right in at GH, and it is lovely when an actor can do that.   I think the audience is going to love to watch him grow, and I even think Anna says that: “This is like having a piece of Duke.” And this is going to be like having a piece of him, because this actor really has the ability to bring warmth, and humor, and drama to his role.  He is very up for the job!   He is perfect for this part, and he knows what he is doing.

I remember thinking that it will be interesting to see the fans reaction to the reveal; because the fans of GH care so much about Anna … they love her … and you!

FINOLA:  Awww, I love that, and I love them for it.

So, what did you think of the scenes between Anna and Griffin, where she learns he is Duke’s son?  What have you thought of the performances of Finola Hughes throughout Anna’s current plight?  Do you think Anna will fall for Andre, or Paul, or neither?  Did you enjoy and cry buckets during the final Drake-Scorpio family scenes featuring Anna saying goodbye to her family?  What should Anna do in regards to Carlos Rivera? Do you want her to bring him to justice, once and for all, and yet stay out of prison herself?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Wonderful interview!! As for the story, the problem is that Anna is operating with only 1/2 of the story. Yes, Julian put a hit out on Duke but Duke also put a hit out on Julian and on Jordan. Anna doesn’t know that and it might make a difference.

Good point, Theodora.
I like it….more so since I did not like Duke. I know most do not want to hear that, but I couldn’t stand him. Give it your best shot, people.LOL
I love Anna….Finola is unequalled, as far as I’m concerned. But, I did not like her alliance with Duke.
I also found it disconcerting that she had truncated their relationship, then suddenly wanted to run off with him just before he was shot.
That looked very gimmicky to me….the writers switched routes inadvertently and suddenly.

It was gimmicky, CeeCee. Ian had voiced dissatisfaction with the writing, and they killed off his character in return. In GH’s pettiness, it did have some thought for the history of the couple at the very end. When Duke asked Anna to run away with him after the Nurses Ball, I was in tears because Ian and Finola really sold those last few minutes the characters had together. It was clearly a last minute nod to the great love that RC and FV RUINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, CeeCee, this is it!!!!! I have done the detective work. Go to youtube and look up “The Policeman’s Ball,” Part 2. It is GH exactly 30 years ago, 1986. It is DnA’s first meeting. If you choose to also watch part one, you will see tiny little Robin helping her mom get ready for the ball. But part 2, and also part 3, has the first scenes of Ian Buchanan. And the first scenes of Ian and Finola. He exuded mystery, charm, a slight darkness. The chemistry between them is undeniable. In fact, I cannot watch it because RC ruined the story of this love. You’ll also see younger versions of beloved vets like Monica and Alan, and Bobbie and Jake, Rick Webber, Frisco and Felicia. This was GH at its best, and part of the glorious Gloria Monty era.

I think you’ll figure out pretty quickly why I had a crush on Ian Buchanan!

Hi, Tristan,
I just wanted to say that I did acknowlege your last post to me. I do not see my post to you in print here. I have no idea why. It was a very affable, civil post. Go figure!!
I did, however, watch all three parts of the POLICEMEN’s BALL.
Everyone looked so gorgeous. I get how anyone could ‘fall’ for ‘Duke’.
Thanks again, for thinking of me and taking the time.

It obvious what they are doing..
Anna use to family Patrick, a doctor..
Anna lost Patrick
Now being replaced by Griffin , a doctor..
They are filling the Patrick hole with Griffin for Anna’s go to..

Anna (Finola Hughes) as always is superb ! Luvin’ she is having screen time..
I’m looking forward to Carlos’s return !!
I hope he brings a lot of suspense with him some desperately needed action..

Anna can just follow the trail of grease…it will lead her right to Carlos!

Too funny.

Yeah. That would be because he went to live with Anna’s daughter…. her real family.

su000, it’s two in a row now! We are on the same page again. Isn’t that amazing!?

Loved the scenes. Finola is just a gift. A fantastic actress! I think she will bring out Matt’s potential talent. I hope to see more and I hope she & Doc get together because Jordan never has time for him. Thank you Michael for the interview!!

I hope Anna will have scenes soon with Valerie. I also want to see Anna and Valerie work on a case too. I want see Anna and Jordan and Valerie team up on a case. I’m glad Anna got more family too. I love Anna too.

Why would you want Anna and Valerie to share scenes?? So you can laugh at how absurd it is? I’m sorry….no offense against the actress playing Valerie…no offense against many of Frank’s Pets…but come on!! At LEAST with what you’re saving on their salaries, hire an acting coach for them!! Finola never appears to be acting. She is so natural. Even when she was given material from Ron C. that could have made Anna look like a complete moron and imbecile, she somehow rose above it. The character of Valerie has been a complete bust right from her inception. She serves no purpose, she brings nothing to the Spencer family or to the show. She was written as borderline psychotic by trying to kill her Uncle Luke, and her creepy obsession with Dante and her constant need for awkward hugs from him was just painful to watch. If they’re going for a Charlie’s Angels thing with Anna and Jordan, they need a better third angel than Valerie.

Brilliant post. Thank you.


Yes Anna is alone right now. She wouldn’t have to be if they gave Tristan Rogers a contract. But then, who wants to see Robert Scorpio and how does he fit on General Hospital anyway…

I know, I posted the same thing….Anna and Robert are family too but they won’t keep Tristan around.

Completely agree and it is very apparent every time TR comes back to GH he generates a ton of buzz. FH and TR work so well together, so I am really baffled why they don’t keep TR on canvas. He has worked very well with other members of the cast as well.

I will never understand! When FV announced that big big news for GH fans, I was CONVINCED he was going to announce TR had been signed to a contract. But, no, only ME playing his 4th character on GH. He needs four characters to make any kind of mark. TR has needed but one, still amazing and loved 35 years later!

Wondering that myself!

I adore Finola Hughes and think she is one of the best actresses in the business.

A consummate professional. Wondering again why she and Genie Francis don’t pair up (better said, why TPTB don’t pair them up–both actresses exude such warmth. They would be a dynamic power. Think the writers are listening???

I sincerely doubt it, but one can hope. I love Genie too, and it would be great to see some type of adult friendships without weirdness develop. Praise to Castle and Nathan Fillion for giving soap actors gigs in primetime- would love to see Finola in primetime but happy to see her on GH- when she cries, I cry and I am not a crybaby.

Totally agree! They haven’t even been in a single scene together.

Finola is a great actress but the whole Griffin reveal was — like most everything else on the show these days — blah.

So he’s Duke’s son — big deal. Of course the number one rule of GH these days is “tie all your characters to the mob in one way or another” so I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m sure Sonny will step up as Griffin’s surrogate daddy since Duke was such a dear friend and all. Ugh.

I think there would’ve been much more potential if Griffin had been Anna’s nephew. Her resemblance to her twin/his mother would’ve generated an interesting dynamic (and think of the fun of Alex coming to town and Finola playing twins).

Alex is an AMC character, so the lawsuit precludes that.

Thats what i wanted…for him to be Anna’s nephew-expand her family not someone killed off unless Duke is alive but i prefer Scorpio!!!

it really would have made the relationship more heartfelt, had he been a true bloodline of her OWN

now… it’s a constant reminder of Duke

and much to my dismay – chagrin

further reason for Anna to bring down Carlos

even tho she says ; Carlos “could” get immunity… if he ; testifies against Julian


why would they bring down Julian… not that he’s of interest… since he’s so lame… with Alexis… it may not be a bad idea

Alan…Ii’s not just all characters that seemed to be tied to the mob one way or another. It’s also otherwise intelligent women. And in all fairness Duke was quitting the mob to leave town and start a new life with Anna. Gotta believe in redemption, because soaps don’t have the time to have the bad guys get their just desserts and serve sentences . Then the writers don’t ever seem to have any available, standup guys in Port Charles for these ladies to fall for anyway. And those that even come close are a little boring, or just don’t seem to have that special something that Anna, Laura or Tracy are attracted to.

shucks… when you put it like that… and it’s on “paper” in writing

Anna, Laura, and Tracy have never had an ideal relationship

must be why I was so in love…. in his prime… Rick Webber

Yeah, Rose. I don’t like boring, myself….but, I’d rather be married to boring than worry about my husband’s and children’s safety, every day of my life. No way to live.

Right? I adore Anna to death. But, Jimmy/ Alan, I was sort of taken aback when she started singing Duke’s praises to Griffin. The details of Duke’s livelihood/lifestyle were kept at a minimum, albeit she did hint an association with the mob. Anna spoke of this in such an ordinary, every-day manner… if, Duke’s wrongdoings was a passing fancy.
Not realistic at all. Anna was mesmerized by Griffin; stars in her eyes. Yes, she loved Duke as no other. However, I stop at the idolizations of a mobster. What makes Duke better than Sonny, Julian or Carlos, I say?
Here is Anna describing Duke as someone to respect and appreciate; yet, she’s chasing Carlos?
These writers have some work to do ….correct this misconception that one mobster is more upstanding than the other.
Just because Anna loved Duke and he loved her back does not negate the fact that he was a seasoned baddie. He had feelings; yes, he loved family, yes; deep down he was a good person, yes. He lived by the sword and died by the sword!!
But, in comparison, these characteristics could also be applied to Carlos. So, what’s the dif?
I get turned off when the Duke, Sonny, Julian adulation is presented by the other characters. It’s contradicting!!
I agree with you. Griffin should have been Alex’s son. …Would have made so much more sense. I was counting on it. They all look alike..LOL. I do not see Duke in Griffin at all. Maybe in his youth?
Regardless, Griffin also looks like Aidan, Lindsey’s son (Anna’s other sister). But, because of PROSPECT PARK, it could not go that way? Tristan set me straight about that.
Let’s see where the Griffin story, as Duke’s son, goes. But, if it means that Duke will appear again, it will be a UGE (lol) disappointment to me. I don’t mean to rattle anyone’s cage (Duke fans), but, I can’t help the way I feel.

I believe Anna did it for Griffen’s sake…praise for Duke…make him look ‘good’ to avoid Griffen being disappointed in the father he never got to know…but im sure there will be others to fill him in on Duke’s bad side once they learn of Griffen’s connection…maybe???

ITA, CeeCee, I was watching GH during the “glory days” of Duke&Anna, but I still saw him as a mobster. A “sad sack” mobster, who tried again and again to go straight, but a mobster nevertheless. He ended up the only way a man like him could end up .. dead. And yet, so many continue to romanticize him, the way they romanticize Sonny. Because he was a great tango dancer, lol. Bringing in Griffin as Duke’s son is nothing more than fan service to me. I’m glad Anna has somebody in town she can relate to, but I’d rather have Robert, Mac and Felicia.

Thank you for that, maddie. You are right on target…’s the continuing romanticization of these characters….I just don’t get it !!
In my humble opinion, the writers did and are doing Anna a disservice. Just as they are with Alexis.
How do two attractive, intelligent women lose themselves; their integrity by succumbing to these jerks?…. This is the cleanest word with which I could use. LOL.

Yes, I understand, Jimmy. Anna was tiptoeing around Griffin; which only tells me that she idolized the mobster herself.
Griffin is not a child, albeit she did not want to throw the bucked of icy water in his face, at first meeting.
As you say, Griffin will find out what he father was, sooner or later. I would not be surprised if he knew already, and wants to hear a good word from the woman who knew Duke best.

Hi All…I remember those days, too. Wish the writers didn’t always have the stronger female characters over the years like Anna, who was PC police chief at the time, falling in love with and “trying to fix” the bad boys. What is it with some women…seems an Achilles heel…especially with Alexis, Laura, and Tracy. Robert was great with Anna. Can’t they have a least a few more interesting good guys who aren’t doctors? But I am going to give Griffin a chance. So far he seems to have a more innocent spirit…but I am concerned about the scar in his abs.

Ceec: “Thank You” for you candor with regard to Anna

OK… another Carlos plug

but.. it occurred to me as well… With Anna keeping in character.. how she values her character Honesty… as a person…

her profession… she readily admits that she’s gunned down her “fair” share

she’s vocalized several times… how she wants Carlos… as a means to an end… with Julian … and is stating how Carlos could receive immunity

Julian is either going to ; one of two things

break his marital vows… and have relations with Nina
or… has been lying about being a changed man… and has always had his hand in the mob… ie: recall when Ava was suspicious of the conversation she had with Julain at the hospital…


I think most fans… and posts… WANTED with so much heartpull for Anna to have her own biological familial bond back in Port Charles… ie: I posted above that perhaps having a constant reminder of Duke.. is one thing… but having her own… nephew would have been smashing ! (@JimH)

had Dr. Griffin been her own biological nephew would have made him an even more stronger “character”

perhaps in the same context (ie: Chris robinson ex- Rick Webber) would have been that much more endearing… to see a strong character back on the canvas… OUTSIDE OF THE MOB TIES

You and I are always almost in sync, my friend.
I will never believe Julian has closed that horrid mobster book of massacres. He is playing house with Alexis….he is not husband or father material, if you ask me.
He may not be involved with the darkest part of his life, at the moment, Patrick, but the urge, the instinct to do harm is still there…in his DNA. Does a rat change its habit or habitat?
The lengths he is manufacturing to sabotage CRIMSON is pure evil. I would never expose my back to people such as he. It is a soap, yes, but, as I always say, fiction mimics reality. People like that do exist in the real world.
As Tristan explained, none of the AMC characters is allowed to show up in PC….so, the next best thing would have been for Griffin to be Robert’s and Anna’s kidnapped, or long lost baby.
Then, there’s the fact that the gorgeous Doc could have an agenda. Also, I had mentioned the bare-chest–towel-Maxie incident was purposely set up for us to see that scar on his abdomen…..too much effort was put into that; close-up and all?
So, who knows what’s up…what will happen. Good night, Patrick. Good chat, yes?

Hi guys, DnA fan here. I think the reveal was too quick and too “easy.” Down the road apiece I think it could well be revealed that Anna is Griffin’s mother and that he is the DnA baby. Don’t even bother with objections, because I WOULD buy it, as would a lot of other hardcore DnA fans. Remember, her arch enemy Dr. O did experiments on humans — that is how she lost her medical license — and Faison would never have wanted Anna to have a son with anyone BUT HIM!!!!!! I am NOT sure this story about Griffin’s roots is over.

Thank you for the interview. Very interesting. I haven’t watched GH for months but actually loved your questions and finola’s answers. She is a true professional and embraces Anna’s importance to the history of this show. There have been several times since FV took over I don’t like choices Anna has made but FH played them with expertise . I applaud her for that and wish her the best.

I love that Griffin is Duke’s son. Watching Anna study the face of this man who is the child of the love of her life was very poignant. Duke and Anna were always my favorite GH supercouple and I had always wished they’d had a child together. Perhaps Anna can be Griffin’s surrogate mom and they can fill that certain void of loss in each other. Finola and Matt Cohen have hit the ground running with their rapport and scenes together.

I am not familiar with this breathtaking love …….I am sure the love between Anna and Duke was sublime. Lisa. By the same token, I cannot uphold or perpetuate the life of a mobster. Just my opinion.

CeeCee, at the height of the Gloria Monty years, yes, Duke and Anna were one of the shows greatest love stories…. For those who have only witnessed the unfortunate awful writing and very little story that was given to them of the most recent years, I can see why some would have the opinion they do.

CeeCee, the legendary Gloria Monty did NOT write mob glorification stories, and she created Duke. In her GH, good always triumphed over evil. Duke was a small-time money launderer (through his club Duke’s place), paid to romance the new police chief (Anna), so that she would be blinded to what was going in his club. Gradually he fell in love with her for real, and ADORED ROBIN, for whom he would do anything. When he found out a hit had been ordered on Robert, he jumped in front of Robert for the sakes of Anna and Robin, and took the bullet in the back. Monty had Duke go to prison for money-laundering and when ne got out he tried to go straight for Anna and Robin’s sakes. His story after that was not about the mob, but about his “half-sister” Camillia McKay (a nun), with whom he had been involved. It was a very good, very gothic story. It was only when Anna was kidnapped by Grant Putnam (who was going after Robin) that Duke turned to this guy Julian Jerome, who had been trying to entice Duke back into the mob, a mob they would make the good mob (like what Sonny’s is supposed to be). Julian said he would use his resources to find Anna with Duke, and that if they found her, Duke had to agree to partner with Julian. Duke was not only desperate to find Anna, but to find her first, before Robert, so that he (Duke) could be her’s and Robin’s hero, and not Robert. Duke and Julian did indeed find her first, and Duke was stuck. He told Anna and Robert and the three tried to take the Jeromes down together. Including Julian’s cray cray sister Olivia, who wanted to run the mob. Competition with her made Julian more violent and he killed her.

Eventually Duke chose to turn state’s evidence against the Jeromes and was placed in Witness Protection, though Anna, Robin, and Robert saw him blown up. We didn’t see Ian Buchanan again until FV and RC brought him back just a couple of years ago.

Lisa is right. FV and RC ruined Duke. I don’t think he even carried a gun in the Monty days. He really was a low-level guy, who’s bio-dad, Angus McKay, HAD been a big wig in the Scottish mob and brought his muscle to the US, where Duke tried to get to know him, and did, when they were both sent to prison.

The Duke who was introduced in 1986 was this amazingly handsome, incredibly romantic, dark anti-hero. The mob was not glorified. There was no glory in it. The mobsters all died or went to prison. Duke was glamorous because he was Duke, not because he was a mobster.

Of all the unforgivable things FV and RC did, destroying the story of Duke and Anna is at the very top. Unforgivable. It was so successful that newer viewers believe the lie they spun, and not the truth that we all had witnessed.

Tristan, that you so much for the Duke refresher. You are absolutely right and you brought out important details which even I had forgotten about.
No, Duke is no Sonny or Julian anymore than Anna is an Alexis or Tracy.

“… Finola and Matt Cohen have hit the ground running with their rapport and scenes together. ”

I really like this… as well

meh! AS LONG… as he did nothing with Carly.. in the doctors locker room… and simply bandaged up her hand… argh!

same goes with Maxie…

these flirtatious moments… had better be just that

Griffin and Liz ought to be dancing … dang ! she’s always in an enviable position… her chemistry with the menfolk… she nonplusses every other woman in Port Charles

Patrick…I agree they have been teasing us with some “no, no, please” scenarios.

Finola hughes is just simply amazing. Great interview. I wish Griffin could be her son biologically…but I’m sure anna will love him as her own like she did Patrick. It still makes no sense as to why GH didn’t give her and Duke a child after the miscarried baby (or just any more children for Anna in general) I really wish they’ll use Felicia, Mac, and give her scenes with her god daughter Maxie so it wouldn’t seem like she’s so alone. I’m still hoping for her and Andre to fall for one another “accidently”. They are the ones who have the actual sparks with one another. Jordan should just realize it and bow out with grace. Ready for Anna to find new love instead of always having to be saddled with the obvious two men…

I don’t get the whole Griffin thing at all and it just seems like pouring more salt on the wound of the show never giving Duke & Anna a proper reunion story & then killing off Duke again.

Loved the interview. Finola gave a lot of incite into Anna’s frame of mind right now…lots of loss, looking into her own mirror, having trouble looking forward with hope instead of revenge and guilt. That’s why I’m especially glad Griffin has entered her life. He always resembled Duke to me, and has such a fresh, nice demeanour about him…plus Matt has fit right in. Not always easy for a new actor.

And no, no, no to Andre or Paul. Let Anna and Griffin wing it for a while. As for Anna, too bad there doesn’t seem to be a real story that included Robert..right now. But we all know with the turn of a pen, or contracts with other shows, that could change. Otherwise there just hasn’t been anyone who could keep up with her except Duke.

And once relationships and Carlos start to clear up, am looking forward to a little more fun and adventure in Port Charles. It’s been pretty doom and dreary this winter.

It’s just a matter of time until Griffin’s “dead” mother shows up alive and well in PC.

HaHa, Tim. Yup, I see it happening.

Unless Griffin’s mother is not dead and is living now in PC, still mourning her Duke. I am not sure this story has been completely told!

You bet, Timmmy. There is no way “they” would present Munro to us neat and clean; without dramatic, devious strings attached.

The post to Timmmy (above) was meant for you, Tristan; in answer to the ‘untold story’. I do believe, as i said, and agree with you….this story is just beginning. I have mentioned this vey fact in a few of my posts.
Also, to answer your other post, you will find no objections from me as far as DnA. I understand….how could i not with such eloquence running from your fertile mind through your fingers?
So Duke was the anti- hero. It is unfortunate I met Duke at the ‘end’ of his life. I, perhaps, could have developed some simpatia towards him. I do understand the man, if not the mobster, much better after your synopsis; but, the bottom line is: he was a mobster, whether ‘accidentally’ or voluntary, it is what it is.
Again, thank you so much for your patience and explanation. Furthermore, dear Tristan, you cannot imagine how grateful i am for not pelting me with with insults, as I walked all over one of your fans: DUKE. You have been nothing but kindness, itself….

Lol. One of your faves: DUKE—–not, fans.

Hey CeeCee, why would I pelt you with insults??? My sadness is that Duke was ruined and the assassination of the character has come to stand for the character. It may be one of those “you had to be there” things; after all it was 1986, and something tells me you weren’t there!

If you ever have time, go to youtube and look up Anna and Duke’s first meeting, or their wedding complete with bagpipes and kilts. Duke’s relationship with Robin was one of the primary ones in her life: they loved each other and trusted each other unconditionally.

I stopped watching GH when I was in college and grad school, specifically because of the deification of the mobsters Sonny and Jason. I cannot abide it. That is not the moral universe in which Gloria Monty operated, or in which Duke was created. I only returned to the show when it was announced in 2013 that Ian Buchanan was returning as Duke. His return brought me back to a show I had stopped watching for at least a decade! The Faison as Duke storyline was over the top ridiculous and just fun as heck, and Ian was having a ball playing Faison masquerading as Duke. The problem was when they brought back Julian Jerome not to play off Duke but against Sonny. And had Duke rejoin the mob and become evil, ordering hits. That was what Ian objected to. So…Duke was killed off. The “go away with me” at the end really means Ian or Finola or both pitched a fit and got the love to triumph at the end, even at the cost of Duke’s life.

It just angers me that this great character was purposely ruined, and now newer viewers only know the ruined Duke, not the romantic figure who won so many hearts 30 years ago.

Good morning, Tristan,
What can I say….you are such a gentleman, a true nice guy, like ‘my’ Timmmy….my champion/hero.
Tristan, the first ‘social’ lesson I learned in High School ( Rosemary Hall; civics class–elective) was to avoid attack, but to always defend one’s stand, when ‘attacked’. As it is, with the obstinate public; at times, the ‘ rug does get pulled from under you’, as the cliche’ goes. And, believe me Tristan, many liberties have been taken because of my age. It seems to me that unless one is a long-time GH watcher, the new viewer is looked upon as insolent, petulant and stupid. Not you, Tristan…you are very patient and civil.
Thus, it does the mind/body/heart/soul good to engage in civilized conversation; discussing different views/perspectives whether we agree or disagree with each other.
It has been my misfortune to be on the worst receiving end because of comments made not adhering to some others’ opinions. Ergo, LOL, my fear of getting ‘pelted’.
You have phrased it so well, my friend…”you had to be there”. I am beginning to realize that more and more. I have a Scottish grandmother; born and reared…..she loves Ian Buchanan. I hope it isn’t only the fact that he’s Scottish, LOL.
I spent two hours ( in bed) last night reading the Duke, and the DnA back history. That, and your passion of this couple, has reeled me in. ( I dislike ending a sentence in a preposition; or, using two prepositions together; not grammatically the thing, but, sometimes it cannot be helped. I hope all the English Teachers out there forgive me…LOL).
But, Tristan; be that as it may; it wasn’t just the fact that he was affiliated with Sonny…..I found no attraction to Duke. And, it has nothing to do with age or sexual feelings of any kind. I loved Stefano DiMera; I love Victor Kiriakis ….. I, also, find many baddies that are just impossible not to like…eg Ava!!
Duke had no appeal, in his prim and proper persona. I suppose he was too Gothic for me; too one-dimentional. As you said, Innever saw the sweet, loving interaction with Anna/Robin. I suppose his appearance was too formidable for me to handle.
Stefano was the baddest of the baddies, but, i enjoyed watching that Italian thespian. And Victor K? Well, he just continues to crack me up…..where he disregards all social comportment and cares not whom he calls a ‘slut’…sorry, but it’s true….so irreverent, I cackle and chuckle with mindless delight.
I feel your anger and disappointment, Tristan. ‘They’ have ruined a perfectly, authentic, well established character. Believe me, this is how I feel about Michelle Stafford. I fear that the same thing will happen to Jason Thompson at Y&R.
When a fan is used to viewing a character/actor a certain way, and then see his/her personality make a 180 as a different ‘person’, the concept one had becomes all kinds of adjectives…obnoxious, ridiculous, superficial, boring etc.
Again, thank you….you sweet man, you. LOL. Have a great week-end….’gotta’ run….

Lol…one last thing (with my foot out the door), I love Faison, as well. See what I mean? He is just one of those characters you hate to love. He is something else., as mean and despicable as he is, I will never get enough of him. I suppose that’s the same feelings Dr. O has????? HaHa and triple LOL.

CeeCee, I love conversing with you. Hope you won’t be discomfitted by this revelation, however: I am not a male, gentleman or otherwise. I am a female, and use my male cat’s name as my posting identity! And I had a mad crush on Ian B. when he made his debut as Duke!

I am a huge Faison fan, as well. Because I like both Duke AND Faison, I loved the Faison pretending to be Duke storyline, because Ian Buchanan was having a ball playing Faison playing Duke.

All this time I thought your pen name was based on your love for Tristan Rogers.
But perhaps your cat was named after that charismatic talent from Down Under?

Oh, my gosh, ‘Tristan’, you got me and you got me good. I am laughing so hard!!!! How did I not pick that up? I should have; from one sister to another.
Well, now, my love… had a mad crush on Ian…that explains everything. But, you are still a sweetheart and a gentle lady. made my day. I just walked in and went automatically to my iPad. Imagine my surprise!!…..Tee-Hee. My bottom lip fell to the floor. LOL.
No harm done, I hope. I’m glad you came ‘clean’…HaHa.
Yeayyyyy!!!!!! So happy you’re a girl… it !!.

Hi Harry and CeeCee. Though I do indeed adore Tristan Rogers, my golden haired, golden-eyed Tristan is a Human Society cat who came with that name. So…he kept it!

All this time I thought is was obvious I was female, but, hey…no harm, no foul. Truth be told, I have also known men who have found the young Ian B. quite dreamy. So, CeeCee, it wasn’t THAT much of a stretch!

Great interview and Finola is lovely as always…as to Anna being lonely? Well, Anna wouldn’t be if theyd bring out her friends such as Felicia, Mac and lord why can’t we keep Robert because Robert/Anna are family rather they’re romantic connected or not, GH used to a community and the friends were like an extended family regardless of blood, if they’d left Robert around? Anna wouldn’t be lonely..Also Does Anna have some nephews out there? It seem that would’ve been better, Bring on Anna DEVANE FAMILY..They give her a huge mansion to live in but no family of her own.

Absolutely… it’s magic… when the gang of ole show up at the floating rib

ps: LOL… i’m really remiss.. in not… stating…. that GH does have men of good standing…

outside of Rick Webber; they have Mac and Dr. Kevin … only wish they had screen time

Dr. Kevin Collins… would be Perfect, for Anna… add in Griffin… and all is right in Anna world…

And we don’t know what role Michael Easton will play. Maybe he can be a combo of upstanding and “interesting.” But alas, I can’t see him with Anna.

I love Finola Hughes and her portrayal of Anna. I hope Anna can move on soon and find a new man.

Have always loved the character of Anna Devane, but I’m just curious – does anyone else think that this “Griffin Munro” thing is going just a little too smoothly. All nicely wrapped with a bow and Anna is just blindly taking it all in? Is there a hidden agenda – there’s always a hidden agenda (for some character). I hope I’m wrong and the writers do write the Munro character as a good guy, but it just seems a little “too good to be true” right now. And what’s with the Maxie scene? Over the years, “accidentally bumping into someone” signaled a romance…Griffin has already had a “serious interaction” with Liz. I think the writers are trying to find him a romance. Hope Anna approves of whoever it turns out to be!

Uh-ho, you may be on to something, there, Anthony….is Griffin looking for REVENGE of sorts?

Those, not ‘that’s’, Tristan. Sorry.

well… as @Rose posted above… and I’d forgotten… what is it with that “bullet” wound… on his lower abdomen… ??? if i’m wording this correctly


argh! I wanted that Griffin was in fact biologically related to Anna… so… maybe that letter is a ruse… along with his past

so long as he stays out of Sonny and Carly orbit

wishful thinking on my part

That scar certainly means something, Patrick. That’s the first thing I posted after Griffin and Maxie bumped into each other.
For this reason, I think Griffin has an interest in Anna… Not just because of her relationship with Duke. Could she somehow be implicated in the reason behind the scar?

I love Anna’s story lines , I love the fact she has someone to talk to about Duke not to mention it is his own son. Her story line was beautifully written , I love every moment of it, it makes me cry . Now that Robin is gone she is going to need a family member , so thank you for this lovely story. Looking far word to seeing how Sonny react to Duke son, the Dr he trust from day one. Can’t wait for more and to see how Port Charles embrace him. Thank you , I love love love it.

Loved the scenes with Anna/Griffin and the reveal he is Duke’s son!!!!

Finola Hughes is one incredible actress and Matt Cohen did a fine job as well. He was a great casting find cause he looks like a young Duke with the dark black hair and both have those soulful eyes that seem to look through people instead of at them. The conversation they had with each other was so heartfelt, genuine, and with nice subtle emotions. I loved watching their reactions as each one exchanged info about the other. Anna reading the letter from his mother explaining the situation about Duke was a touching moment. Griffin turning out to be Duke’s son with another woman is the most beleivable option of all the possible scenarios thrown around on the web. Duke didn’t come to town till around 86 and Griffin looks to be in his early 30’s so it’s a realistic story with Duke conceiving a child with his mother before he met Anna.

I am excited for this storyline and will enjoy the journey as Anna comes to love Griffin like her own son. We will see how he reacts to her wanting a relationship with him but I think he will embrace it. She will grow to adore him cause he is part of Duke and it will give her some closure and a new family tie in town. Anna will end up seeing Griffin as her own stepson at the very least. I am so glad they chose to stay away from some outlandish preposterous storyline of making him the four month old dead fetus that magically turned into a 30 year old bio son for Duke and Anna. I had a few ideas of how he could be Robert’s son with Anna but even those were a little out there.

What a completely pointless, anti climactic reveal. I don’t know why writers in today’s dwindling soap genre are afraid to give new characters REAL connections to the canvas!! It’s like Days of Our Lives fabricating a new test tube daughter for Maggie when she has TWO daughters out there who are never seen or mentioned! Every time a major female soap star is hired for this show, there is ALWAYS speculation that she will be Sarah Horton, yet the writers and producers just refuse outright. So…what if he is Duke’s son? Duke is dead. Now what? Robert and Anna are still alive, and vital, and this child should have been theirs!! Admittedly, I was not a fan of Duke 2.0. He spent all his time playing dress-up with Emma, lying to Anna about the mob, and plotting crimes with Sonny. There was nothing to root for. Him and Anna weren’t even really written as a couple until one week before he died. His death had no emotional impact on me whatsoever. Just because a character was on a show decades ago, that doesn’t make them a legacy character. Legacy characters are tied intricately to the fabric of the show, tied to core families, and earn veteran status. Ian Buchanan played Duke for three years from 1986-1989. Duke was not connected to anyone other than Anna and the mob. Duke was a character who would scarcely even be mentioned in the next 22 years, until 2012 when he was suddenly resurrected. The show had so many options for making this new doctor Anna’s son. She could have had him after the 1992 explosion that supposedly killed her and Robert. She could have had him during a dangerous mission so she gave him away to protect him. He could have been stolen at birth and Anna told he died. There are enough blank spaces in Anna’s history that they could have written this son in for her and Robert. Having him be Duke’s son is short-sighted and misguided storytelling. Unless this is just a curveball to throw the audience off, and there is more to the story. If not, then Griffin is just another random doctor with a dead mobster dad, and again, no familial ties to anyone. Why go through all the trouble of casting a very talented, charismatic actor, put him in Finola Hughes’ spectacular orbit, and then NOT make him her son? With ROBERT….not Duke! Robert was cheated out of one son in Ethan due to incredibly sloppy writing, and he should get to have a son with Anna.

Awesome post. Couldn’t have said it any better

Your soap is beyond fantastic, Dylan. My thoughts exactly…loved it; and kudos!!

Post, not soap…LOL.
Enough of Duke!!!! Why does he keep coming up?
I agree with you, Dylan….so many other possibilities other than Duke’s son. It would have been so much more interesting and poignant had this child been a product of Anna and Robert…or as I said before, Dr. Haywards’s and her son. TPTB could have ‘adjusted’ history, just as easily.
Not a happy camper, here…lol.

@Harry 1.
Well, Harry, there you go. You said it. You hit the jackpot, where Alexis and Julian are concerned.
The misconception and the twisting of words by some is what caused all the hoopla. As you have stated, it has nothing to do with ageism. I enjoy older, mature couples very much….even older than Alexis, since i do not consider Julian in that category. He is younger.
I never was witness to Anna’s and Robert’s love as a couple. However, when he appeared recently, I sensed and felt the enigmatic rapport between them.
Also, dear Harry….you cannot include Tristan in this because never has she mentioned ‘ageism’; not once. She does not hurl words at people willy nilly.
Anyway, there is Maggie and Victor Kiriakis, Nina and Franco ( albeit you do not like her….besides the point), Erica and Jack (AMC), just to name a couple ( accidental pun).
…..It is…”My issue with Alexis and Julian is they don’t seem to have outside interests. They seem rather forced and there’s a desperation about them.” You said it!! And, I agree. I do not consider their display of obnoxiousness as a great, eternal live affair. That is not love-making to me….that is ‘rutting’.

YES! YES! A million times YES!

Wow, Dylan. You said it better than I could (and did!).

Beautiful read

couldn’t agree more… it was deflate gate

GH !!!!! seriously:

“… There are enough blank spaces in Anna’s history that they could have written this son in for her ”

“…Why go through all the trouble of casting a very talented, charismatic actor, put him in Finola Hughes’ spectacular orbit, and then NOT make him her son? ”


I am so ready to see Anna be familial again… it just hurts and disappoints to the core what this could have been…

it’s like asking for a reprieve now.. to make sure Griffin doesn’t muck it up .. or the GH writers and get him involved with the likes of Carly or even Maxie

I’m with you! How pointless is it to make Griffin Duke’s son when Duke is dead?! And has NO other family in town? Anna’s not related to him, she’s Duke’s ex-wife not his widow. If they wanted to tie him to Duke, he should’ve been Anna&Duke’s miscarried baby that somehow Helena spirited away and implanted into a surrogate (lololol). Better, he should’ve been Anna&Robert’s .. perhaps Robin’s twin! That Anna didn’t know about (lololol).

I’ve still got that gut feeling… like I’ve been sucker punched

Anna is SO beloved… to think.. in our minds… that she was going to have a familial connection… BACK in Port Charles

have to read the majority of posts… it was going to happen

and now that it’s Dukes… is a let down…

oy! I will never discount the love they had… it amazes me… when Duke and Anna would look at each other…. the eye contact… everything else faded

you add in ; the Drake family moving to California

gosh! 99% of posts.. will tell : Anna is as close to REAL.. that our hearts ache for her character to have something close

so… i’d take anything ; other than what went down

your post reads beautiful for Anna

I really would turn a blind eye if the writers down the road … change his paternity… and we get happy with Anna

I am not convinced that Anna is not his bio-mother. As a hard core DnA fan I would absolutely accept it! This board does not have a lot of DnA fans clearly. But go watch clips, like their first meeting or their real wedding. They were amazing in their day and HUGELY POPULAR! They could have been again, had RC not engaged in “spite write,” after Ian B. voiced disappointment with the story, after Julian Jerome was revived. And, if someone had not invented the squish name “Julexis,” and built a horrible, over-sexed couple around it! DnA were def. sacrificed for the horror that is “Julexis.”

Tristan, I am enjoying your posts on the subject of Duke. He really was a thing of beauty.
I also think this story is not over and perhaps Griffin really is Anna’s son–perhaps she did not miscarry Duke’s baby after all and this woman, Griffin’s mother, who may have been obsessed with Duke, raised the boy as her own.
Remember Anna tells Griffin that he has his father’s piercing eyes? Then Griffin tells Anna that his mother told him that she saw Anna and Duke together and that they both had “piercing eyes.” Hmmm…

First…I may be the lone voice out here but I will forever defend Alexis. As far as her sexual relationship with her boyfriend now husband…it’s a shame that a supposedly mature audience is so uncomfortable watching mature people do what’s natural. I do admit though while I don’t think there is anything “oversexed” about them…I found their portrayal of sex uncomfortable because of the acting. While I think they’re both terrific actors. DeVry grabbed Nancy like I imagine they would in a Harlequin romance novel and the subsequent gropes and postures seemed overdone. Tone that down and I think they’d be less farcical. With that said, we see them interacting more on a conversational level, which again makes sense as people move from initial infatuation on…

I do agree with Tristan and Harry on the Duke love. And for those that say they weren’t that big together I looked up the couple’s popularity and while Duke was on for a handful of years A &D were voted most popular couple twice in that short time. She declared back then it was Duke, not Robert, who was the love of her life. And on the one hand I too am wondering if Griffin will turn out to be Anna’s…which I’d love…but there’s another way to go. He had an affair with a murderess named Camelia from what I read…and I Thought he might have also had an affair with Olivia Jerome but from what I read she was obsessed with him but he stayed true to Anna. Either way, I think there’s more to the story.

agree !

Rebecca, I am not sure if you are in the minority as far as your love for Julian and Alexis are concerned. They have a huge fan base which is self evident when you read social media for soap opera genre And I must maintain that clearly folks like Tristan and myself are not ageists toward older couples, hence, our love and appreciation for Anna and Robert and Anna and Duke.
My issue with Alexis and Julian is they don’t seem to have anything in common or outside interests. They seem rather forced and there is a sense of desperation about them. Can’t they find another hobby? They could take tango lessons , take up chess or zoom around the docks on their Segways while eating ice cream cones. All they ever do is have sex which makes me think they have something to prove.
You know that all too happy, all too demonstrative couple you see on Facebook? You get the feeling that they are trying too hard.
To me, that is Alexis and Julian.

Harry. Belive it or not, I’m not in love with Alexis and Julian. But I love that they put them together and I do love Alexis and am completely baffled by the constant criticism of her on this particular site. Perhaps it’s a jump-on-the-bandwagon mentality or just the roar of a few that seems louder than it is. I know Alexis and Nancy Grahan has a huge following. If you look at the number of her followers she has more than Laura Wright, Lisa Licicero and.Maura West. I like them all…

But the comments that she’s too old to have or want sex…she’s a grandma…I just am exasperated by the naive and juvenile comments. Can you imagine The Graduate in film history if everyone criticized Mrs. Robinson? Lol…The entire conversation is beyond ridiculous and annoying. Just as you posted to someone else that people are tone deaf when it comes to Duke…that’s how I feel about the misunderstood Alexis. Particularly when others…not you…keep emphasing her age when it pertIns to sex.

I’ve repeated this many times but I think the decision to engage Alexis in a vital, sexual relationship was deliberate…as is the move toward gay relationships, younger man/older woman (Morgan and Ava), Kristina’s infatuation with a woman, interracial relationships…to show love, sex, attraction in all its variations. For the longest time Alexis had fleeting flirtations that didnt work out…primarily because Sonny (she resisted him for a long time because of his mob ties but if I remember he got back.with.Carly) Jerry, Shawn wouldnt give up the mob. Like Anna, she refused to get further involved when they wouldn’t give up that life. She left.Julian for that reason too…and only went back when she believed he was out for good. As Anna was about to do with Duke.

When was the last time we saw Julian and Alexis have sex? A long time ago. We’ve seen them at Ruby’s (is that still the name? Forgot…), at Crimson after the reading of the will, at the courthouse, at Thanksgi ing dinner…etc. Do u see any other couples on the show doing more than that? Other than Sam and Jason and their little spy adventures…what makes Julian and Alexis different than Nathan and Maxi, Lulu and Dante, Diane and Max…who we NEVER see but Diane only speaks in sexual inuendo. Johnny and Olivia?They did nothing but have sex. Alexis and Julian love each other. Tristan called her oversexed. Why? Again, it’s a soap. We assume these two people interact on many levels…but the writers decided to show a middle-aged couple in the beginnings of lust and love. Normal. I repeat what I said a few times now…for me the acting was too over-the-top in some of the scenes. Not all. And I think it’s DeVry playing to the audience. I never felt that way with Alexis and Ned, Rick, Sonny, etc. Last, I don’t find her to be a hypocrrite at all. Carly, on the other hand…from judging AJ. and now Ava about how much safer children are with Sonny…they better not repeat that pattern that they started years ago when Sonny got Michael!

And thus, I rest my case. Again. For now. 😉

Let me first start out by saying i love Finola Hughes and Anna Devane. She’s always great, heres how i feel about what was talked about.
1. love Griffin, but i would of preferred if he was connected to Anna by blood, her offspring or nephew etc.
2. i miss little brooklyns playing emma hope she pays lots of visit to grandma Anna. miss Robin too.
3. i have to disagree with what was said about RC loving the Anna character, during his reign, she was barely on, and on top of that he killed Duke, and Anna never solved a case, he dumb her down, or i should say try to dumb her down, so i strongly disagree about his love for the character.
4. andre should just stay friends with anna he’s to boring for her. and paul is to slimy, she needs someone new.
5. Carlos need to be capture or Anna and Robert will have no credibility whatsoever, how is it that this worthless villain is getting away with and avoiding justice? get this story over with, i’m so bored with anything to do with the carlos character.

Anna is very hypocritical. Duke was a mobster, no better than Julian, Sonny, or Carlos. She is right about the new doctor being an anchor, just as Kim was, over thirty years ago. Never did like the actress or character.

Ah, but Anna broke up with Duke when she learned of his ties to Sonny. Moreover, Duke had left the mob before he was killed and finally, unlike Julian and Sonny, Duke never killed anyone

Thank you, Harry. The slime job done on Duke by RC and FV has been so successful, that no recourse to history or logic will dislodge it. For what it is worth, I provided a break-down of DnA’s history above — for the skeptics. Please add or amend if I left anything out.

Duke was not a mobster like Julian, Sonny, or Carlos. Ian B. made comments about being disappointed in the writing, and voila, instant bad guy ordering hits only to be killed off. It is called “spite write,” and Ron Carlivati was its master. Just ask Sean Kanan!

Hi Harry… Okay, Dashing Duke was associated with the mob over the years, but several times he quit to be with Anna. But they really had bad luck in making it work. Explosions, jail sentences, a miscarriage. Duke’s last foray into Sonny’s world was a least noble to try to keep Anna safe (plus I think he was a little bored due to less than stellar writing for his character). He isn’t the typical mobster, so I can give him a redemption pass.

Hi, Harry 1,
I truly thought that Duke had killed several people…an assassin, as I posted to Jonathan.
My mistake, Harry.
However, when a person is a member of the mob, the potential of him killing is always looming over him. The intent is ever-present. And, that is a felony, isn’t it? INTENT? Punishable by law?
I find some mentality, on these boards, going against nature; against all that is good, to praise such people.
This is why it sticks to the craw to see so many idolize these characters, dead or alive.

CeeCee, I responded to you above, with the Cliff Notes version of Duke’s real history, not the history trashed by Ron and Frank and the TOTAL rewrite of Duke. Duke was nothing more than a low-level money launderer, who was sent to prison for it. He never killed anyone or ever attempted or planned to kill anyone. He never even carried a gun. EVER. EVER!!! He loved Anna and was an UTTERLY devoted step-dad to Robin, who loved him equally in return. The rewrite by RC totally destroyed Duke, because, now, no one will listen to the facts, so totally and effectively did RC destroy Duke and DnA as a couple. Please go read my response above.

Right you are, Harry 1!

Great interview! Thx

Finola is the touch of class on GH.

Finola is beautiful and talented! I’ve always liked her but these two women writers have really pulled some good stuff out of Anna that had been missing for a long time! Finola is classy and wont bury anyone but I think if she was asked off record she would prefer Jean and Shelly over Ron to write her character. Ron loved Anna but Jean and Shelly seem to be IN love with writing for Finola. Also, it was interesting to hear Finola explain perfectly what the viewers saw and interesting enough, what she experienced. The two lines and a cloud of dust was old after a while and she admitted liking the longer scenes heavier on dialogue and more heart tugging. ANOTHER great interview MF and Finola was so in depth with the process. I just LOVE her!

hi Timmm..
I like Anna/Finola upfront, she is bringing her A-Game as always..
The Anna story however is dull, uneventful, no gripping drama..
It is simply stale and absent of intriguing hard biting drama of any type , what the story has is really great acting of emotional hum offering little intriguing drama..
GH is very downbeat and losing viewers- I believe they all are asleep or tired of FFing.

Agreed, su. Precisely the reason why a storyline revolving around her own kidnapped child or her dead sister’s son would have been more challenging and interesting….compounded with the fact that the sister she thought dead, for decades, is alive, searching for Griffin.

Su0000, my FF list of characters.

1 Nathan
2 Dante
3 Curtis
4 Jordan
5 Sabrina
6 Michael

On finger on the FF button:

1 Nina
2 Franco
3 Liz
4 Dillon
5 Laura


1 Luke
2 Tracy
3 Anna
4 Monica
5 Scott
6 Mayes
7 Hayden
8 Nick

Brytni would love to work with Finola. Why can’t Anna and Valerie work together on cases and Anna could even take Valerie under her wing.

Meanwhile, we’re 30 minutes into the special “Jason subconsciously remembers some pictures” episode. More Finola and Anna please!!!! And kudos to Lexi Ainsworth today. Long live GH!

Lexi was outstanding today and totally Emmy nom worthy!

Nice interview. I love to read when an actor loves their job. I felt the reveal was disappointing and blah too.

Just wondering why Robert’s recent appearance and Robert and Anna’s history was totally ignored in this interview….A child of THEIRS would have been the REAL story.

Don’t believe it was ignored. Notice she didn’t discuss Ian Buchanan either, and the way RC ruined Duke, and thus DnA. Off the record discussions.

Anna and Robert have the greatest of all soap kids, Robin. They don’t need another, as no other could complete with Robin’s total awesomeness, in my opinion.

I love Finola Hughes and I love Jane Elliot (Tracy). However, I felt a bit irritated that Finola mentions how hard that last good bye scene with Luke was for her, and then she goes on to say that she can only imagine how hard it was for Jane to say goodbye to her TV husband.
Is it me? Or does it sometimes feel that Genie Frances is the Rodney Dangerfield of GH? No respect, no respect, I tell ya.

I am glad you pointed that out. Clearly she has to know that Genie didn’t get a farewell scene with Tony, per Tony’s demands. Genie may well have been cool with that, given TG’s horrible attitude. But Finola must not realize that THE FANS were NOT cool with that. Probably biggest ever slap in the face to soap fans EVER, as LnL were soap’s biggest couple.

I mean, Ian got totally screwed over, as did the love story of DnA — which only 2 or 3 or us on this site “get”– but they got their very moving farewell when Duke asked Anna to run away with him. I have no doubt that Ian and Finola fought tooth and nail to get that ending for DnA, for themselves and for the fans. Good for them. But LnL got nothing and it still hurts!

Two things are very obvious, in addition. It is clear she will not speak about the terrible treatment of Ian or Tristan on the record. Because if she were willing to, those questions would have been asked. She must remain livid about both, because Michael didn’t go there, publicly, with her. Both of her great leading men have been treated like….hmmm…like Genie Francis! And they were not addressed, which is significant in itself for how it still must hurt FH.

Genie is the soap world’s goddess! It is as simple as that. I will say that Becky Herbst has gotten the crappy Genie treatment and may be this generation’s Genie Francis, as far as GH is concerned. Thank GOD the network listened to Becky’s fans. I think what Becky and Genie both suffer from is “terminal lady-like, good-breeding” disease. If I were Genie, next time GH offers her a Snickers as her “love interest,” she needs to put her hands on her hips and say: “You can all kiss my ‘no more Snickers eating’ a__. You only have your jobs because I saved this show 40 years ago”! They had BETTER celebrate her 40 year anniversary, which is in December of this year.

Well said Tristan and Harry!

What did I think of the Griffin and Anna scenes? Blah. And I say that as a huge Anna fan. I honestly don’t understand what could possibly be heartwarming about someone I don’t know or care. Or care to know. I DGAF that this is a piece of Duke. In fact, that’s a huge drawback. Duke was a weak man more obsessed with regaining his manhood, whatever that means, than choosing happiness and a life with Anna. He picked Sonny over her. He picked the mob over her. He picked trying to kill a woman over her. He’s dead. Good riddance. And I have no time for his grown ass son.

Love it, Celia.

Well, I see it as boring ho hum stuff..
At the least Anna could have gone in Cougar mode with Griffin the new doctor in town.. And they could have a wild adventure of cougar love!
Anything, just anything out of the stale ordinary stuff..

You know what, su? When I saw Anna and Griffin in their highly emotional scene as it was finally revealed(?) he was Duke’s son, my mind also went there….not so much in a carnally-charged manner, but in one of pure love. If one cannot have the father than why not his offspring? It’s not as if Anna were not ethereal and lovely enough to attract a younger man. I could certainly understand any male falling for her….she is agelessly alluring, sophisticated, and desirable. Just as I could fathom the cougar-like, yet repulsive, Ava devouring the immature man-child Morgan with the ease and finesse with which she did, I can just as readily envision a beautiful romance between Griffin and Anna… all depends upon the individuals involved….some can make it work in a wholly realistic way, and with others, well, it simply beggars belief and looks completely ridiculous!!!!

cuts to the core… but.. I couldn’t agree , more; Celia !

on so many levels… Anna is HUGE

it’s the truth when so many of the posts… the majority speaks

this is not going to play well

ie: i’m just posting the thread headliner… the anticipation that GH had levied… on their female leads… Anna and Tracy…

February 29, 2016
GENERAL HOSPITAL: Women In Crisis … Tracy Has a Seizure … Anna Feels Alone!

it’s not enough that she has a reminder of , the love of her life, Duke

there could have been so much more to MOVE…

For what it is worth, Celia, I wrote a pretty long synopsis of Duke and Anna’s real story, way up above in a response to CeeCee. Duke was changed after Ian Buchanan voiced disappointment in the writing for Duke. Very soon after, GH engaged in “spite write,” totally ruining his character, the DnA story, and then killing him off, to massive protest.

Real DnA fans are thrilled to have a part of Duke back, and I suspect part of this is to appease the DnA fans still furious at the total destruction of this character. I think we know only part of the story of Griffin’s parentage.

Tristin…Thank you for all your Duke damage control comments. They shed a lot on the story between Anna and Duke, and at the same time helped opened up the other redeeming/reason why Duke qualities for viewers who hadn’t experienced the history. Not saying Duke was perfect, (how many of us can claim that?), and maybe some will just never warm up to him, but it just goes to show how easy it is to disperage someone’s character like RV/RC did Duke’s.

Oh, Tristan!!!!! I could kiss you and hug you….
Thank you for that; i mean, saying what you did about Alexis and Julian. When i say it, i am labeled as an ageist. As yourself, I found it extraordinary for a woman who is so busy defending cases, and ‘older’ do have sex as the main focus of her life. That’s what the writers make her look like.
Thank goodness, the tides are changing, somewhat. The shenanigans between Olivia and the mayor ( who has not one wit of charisma) was dilly, but I enjoyed Alexis as the level-headed attorney. I love Nancy….such a great actress. It would be sooo refreshing to see more of that, instead of the over-the-sexual interludes, anytime, anywhere.
As you have pointed our….nothing memorable about a back-seat tryst and conception.
Thanks. I love it when others can say the things I cannot describe with such flair.

Again, Tristan….allow me to apologize if I continue to defend myself. I love Anna. I was even ready to see her with Sloane; and I said so, at one point. I still have many reservations about Duke. But, a better understanding. I have learned a lot from you and others.
I do believe Anna is in the same age group as Alexis? So, I have no problem with mature people engaging in sex. That would be very audacious of me. I do not make it a habit of taking a poll on the private sexual life of older women/men. Sex does not stop, at forty!! Golly gee, I hope not !! LOL.
Nonetheless, this falsehood is continuously circulated. Disturbing fixation.
It just strikes me as unseemly for Alexis to have non-stop sex…and, yes, especially for that age….it’s exhausting!! Take that any way you please, my friend. LOL.
The thing that also bothers me about both Alexis and Olivia is their lack of morality and self-respect… know, when both women decided to exchange fluids, just because. Where was the love?…..a one-nighter in hotel rooms next to each other. Especially when each loved other people. Gross.
It has always been a wonder to me how people, not only in fiction, but in reality…..fall into bed with anyone, without love/feelings and not give it a second thought. I hope I am not a rare breed.
Then, there’s Carly. Cry me a river, already. She is not Avery’s mother. She dares say she is afraid Ava will take the baby away from her and Sonny? Wow!! First they take Michael away from AJ, now Avery. How, in holy heaven, is Sonny the better parent? Now he is using his cursed means to get a stronghold on this innocent child. Bah!! I give….

Go figure, right, Celia?
That’s exactly what I mean. Anna had completely alianated herself from Duke. She had given him an ultimatum, but he chose Sonny. So, for Anna to go running after him, planning to take off together, just went against the grain for me. I am assuming Anna is the type of person who is not impulsive? She mulls over things and thinks before she acts? Or not!

Duke was not a weak man Celia. I don’t know if you watched GH back when Duke and Anna were the IT couple, but there was a lot of love between them. He was gorgeous, charming, fun, loyal,,,a greatstep dad to Robin…a sort of dashing swashbuckler. But he certainly wasn’t weak. In any manner.

I understand when the show fast forwards to the present years that it’s impossible for viewers who didn’t watch then to know that or care about Duke. It was also a letdown for those of us who remembered him, loved the character and were excited at his return to get a watered down version who went from playing dress up with Emma to working with Sonny. Gone was the great romance, the reunion that could have, should have, been.

At the same time this is a soap which by its very definition stands for ongoing and continuity. So it is a big deal that this is Duke’s son. For Anna. A connection, maybe even more to be revealed for her as well. Soaps aren’t meant to be all adventure…they’re human interaction, family, friendships, emotions, etc. so it seems the writers are trying to emphasize relationships, in every form, more. It might not be something that holds your or some others interest, but a gorgeous new doctor set to be involved in stories with central players may be a good thing. The story’s just unfolding so I’m hoping Dr. Munro is more than just a pretty face. (Though, lol, that’ll do for now.)

Rebecca 1…I’m sure you would love Dr. Christina Northrop (hope I got the spelling right). Just saw her on a PBS fundraiser. Have followed her for several years and her books sell at my store.

Rose…too funny! I stumbled upon her PBS special a few weeks ago! (And I thought of some of the commentary here). She gives quite the empowerment point of view…I just think it’s sad there’s a need for it. Perhaps she should post here… 😉

Excellent post Rebecca 1, and thanks for adding more to Duke’s history and character.

Re: what I said about “Julexis,” above? I have no problem with a romantic older couple. In fact, I had hoped that was where we were going with Anna and Duke. As a real, long-time DnA fan, I DO believe they were sacrificed for “Julexis,” and Duke for Julian. And I remain angry about this because Julian has gotten away with Duke’s murder and is having quite the happy life for himself. He is close to my least favorite character. And the actor seems bland beyond words.

My other problem with “Julexis” is what I see as a total lack of depth to their story. It is JUST about the sex. They had back seat sex 40 years ago, and it wasn’t memorable enough for them to even remember who they had it with! They reconnected (with Alexis under hypnosis!!!), and now have sex everywhere they can. Is that a compelling story? It seems totally manufactured out of nothing. There is no rich history or store of memories to make it so. They had a one-off in the back seat of a car and totally forgot each other. With them, “there is no there, there.” No shade on NLG, as she is a very good actress. But their story is to me a total and utter bore. “Julexis” is no legendary, great soap opera love story! That was Anna and Duke! My problem with them has nothing to do with middle-aged sex, then, and has everything with the two characters TPTB chose to have it. It should have been Anna and Duke. With DnA reuniting after 20 years of abiding, deep love, there was a story about reconnection and, yes, middle aged sex. But the relationship had been established in all its complexity thirty years earlier, and we had seen it, thus it would have made a rekindling mean something more than just SEX.

Hi Tristan. Thanks for your reply. I always enjoy reading your intelligent posts. So let me once again give my point and apologize for mixing your “oversexed” comment in with ageist comments. From your clarification you don’t think Alexis is “too old” to engage or desire a passionate, sexual relationship. However, I’m not sure if you’ve read my ongoing debates…to put it nicely, with two posters who constantly, without fail, call out Alexis as a grandmother who is past sexuality and her having it…and enjoying it…is not normal for “her age”. Needless to say I find those comments maddening and ludicrous. Your comment kinda got tagged on to that in my mind. Again…apologies.

Where I disagree with you though is your view that they sold out Anna and Duke for Alexis and Julian. Totally different characters, storylines. Just because they’re in the same age group doen’t mean they traded or sacrificed one couple for another. Alexis has been a character on the show for a very long time. She was due a relationship after all these years. People are always complaining that they want history, characters tied to others. Well, the Jeromes are part of the history. We finally got the back story of Sam’s father. Caryy had Michael during a one night stand too. It happens. And we’ve already established that Alexis and Julian were teenagers… well, Julian a bit older. No one’s claiming it was long, lost love. Just two people with a strong attraction when they first met who met again now as adults…who bonded over their daughter..and grandson. And attraction was renewed, family ties established, infatuation grew, again. And now they’re acting more “settled” as couples eventually do. It’s the oversexed term that irks me. The powers that be decided to show a couple in love and lust..whether we see it or not we assume all couples…especially new ones…have sex! We see it on primetime and film all the time. So no, I dont see them as having too much…who’s to judge that anyway…but as I said they were a couple in the throes of a new relationship. I wouldnt be pissed if they eventually split…if the relationship was no longer working. I actually loved her with Ned.

I do feel your frustration over Duke’s return and demise. I was so into his return and then shocked at how dull they’d made his character and the lack of screentime that he and Anna shared. It’s the kind of thing where you just shake your head and really just want to shake the writers! I cannot fathom how they could negate two people in love, separated for years, she believing him dead, learn he’s alive…and then…nothing! It was pitiful, lol. They ruined the magic of the past with neglect.

I sometimes wonder why the actors themselves don’t point this out to the writers…

Rebecca 1. Ian DID make his concerns known. That is why he was fired and Duke ruined! Same thing happened to Sean Kanan, when he expressed disappointment with the way AJ was written, which was not what he was promised.

What I mean by DnA being “sacrificed” for Julexis? Given the show’s concern with demos and demographics, it simply was not going to invest in two healthily sexual MIDDLE-AGED couples. Only one of these two comparably-aged couples was going to get the story and the “rekindling.” Nathan Varni has gone on record as a Julexis fan, and NLG has gone on record about NV going on record. They had a choice. They made it. The fact that Sam is their daughter probably sealed the deal, as she is GH’s “it” girl.

I would like to see Alexis doing more WORK! I love her in lawyer mode. And, like you, I really liked her with Ned. I hate Julian, to be frank. Boring actor, reprehensible character. My problem is not the sexual relationship at middle age, it is THEM, when it SHOULD HAVE BEEN DUKE AND ANNA. Make no mistake, a choice was made. And the wrong one, in my opinion. Oh, re: middle-age sex? I don’t know where ANYONE got the idea that older women do not enjoy sex. WRONG!!!!! But Julexis, no. No great love, no great story, and a simpering, undeserving male character. He needs to go down for killing Duke. And not on Alexis (Lol, that clearly did not come out as it should have)! I resent Julian’s HEA, and all that comes with it. At this point their relationship is shown as NOTHING BUT SEX. Boring, because there is no real history behind it.

Hi Tristan…lol…first let me add ny name to the list of surprised posters
when I read that you’re female. I too thought you were a male! Like, I had no doubt! So funny how we imagine each other from our “names” and “voice” out here.

I hear your dismay over the choice they made, if they indeed made it. And actually it doesnt make sense because Anna is still on contract and I have no doubt she’ll have a man soon, whether it be Andre or Michael Easton or someone new. So we’ll be back to the same amount of middle-aged couples…plus Sonny nd Carly and perhaps a rekindling of Olivia and Ned. I just think they wanted Ian gone and we, the fans of Duke paid the price. And as I said I was very disappointed when he left
particularly after getting him back. But with all that I’m still happy Alexis is married, has a hot relationship with a nan she loves…but I agree..they can make Julian more interesting. I think they (the writers) utilized him for his body, lol, and kept it going because there was so nuch positive response to Alexis and Julian.

As for who posts rhat middle aged women are no longer vibrant, sexual, sexy, youthful, sgouldn’t be wearing anything that shiows a hint of her “wrinkled”cleavage at “her age” abd whoae interest in sex is borderung on sex addiction…that so nuch sex would tire soneone of that age out…I can’t say lest round 555 escalates to yet another online battle. The funny thing us because we see ANY couple in bed doesn’t mean that’s all they do…it’s just the part of their lives the writers had xgosen to show us. I think they’ve played that out and will continue to show rhem engaging in othet ways. If not then I agree again…any couple would be boring and difficult to hold our interest. As a stand alone I’ve alwats loved Alexus. She just emanates intelligence, wit and humanity.

OK. Here’s my issue with this Griffin reveal (elephant in the room)…

So, was Griffin’s mother Camellia McKay? She was previously involved with Duke before he came to Port Charles and she was a nun. Before Duke’s father Angus killed himself, he made Duke swear that he would take care of Camellia and told Duke she was his half-sister; although that wasn’t true. After she arrived in Port Charles, she tried to drive Anna away from Duke by going to a reporter about a crime at L’Orlean and Duke’s involvement in it, but she ended up realizing that she had previously murdered Evan Jerome (Julian’s brother) when he tried to rape her and Duke and his father helped to cover it up. After a mob hit is out on Camellia, Duke takes her to the Biscayne Islands where she is mistaken for Anna (who is there with Robert, Sean, Greta, and Monica – WSB and DVX stuff),and Duke and Anna end up saving them. Camellia ended up leaving Port Charles.

I hope they address this and don’t brush it under the rug since it was certainly a part of GH past and it would be stupid for Anna not to ask and stupid for the writers to ignore this in place of making Griffin’s mother some random character with no historical value or tie to the show.

props to you bro!!!!!!!!!

I agree, Liam. Camillia????? Or…Anna? This story is in no way over.

Ah! I suggested the Camilla possibility (several posts above) too! If he’s really not Anna’s…

I miss Kimberly McCullough. But I’m happy her goals are coming true. She did a great job with PLL. I still think Anna was/is a horrible mom to Robin.

I love the Griffin reveal as Duke’s son, and both Finola and Matt hit it out of the park. My only last hope is that Duke is discovered to be alive so that he can interact with the two. I’m reading a little Duke hate in some of the comments above, and it is definitely ill-founded. Duke was always kind of hard on his luck, and this time was no different. Duke did NOT choose Sonny over Anna. This is a grand misconception on the part of some fans. He always loved Anna, and only got back into the mob because he overheard Julian say he would have no issues killing anyone who stood in his way, including Anna and her family. Duke originally refused Sonny’s offer to work with him, but was drawn back in by Julian’s constant threats. At NO point did he CHOOSE Sonny over Anna. He has a big heart and was one of the good guys, albeit meandering into shades of grey at times. But isn’t that what makes a character interesting to watch, those shades of grey? We all have them. The legacy of Duke deserves far more than he got from the writers during his last stint and I can only hope that they redeem the character and Ian Buchanan by bringing him back on the GH canvas, especially now that he has a family he always longed for.

Jonathan, there is never any good reason to be an assassin. You may embellish and embroider Duke’s character with birds singing, angels on harps, flowers, butterflies and put a golden frame around him. The fact still remains he killed people for a living.
So, ill-founded is perhaps the wrong wording here. Grand misconception? No misconception….he was a mobster. Where is the misconception? Am I making that up? I don’t care how nice of a guy he was, he was evil, a killer. Good people do not kill others. He meant to kill Jordan, if I am not mistaken. Whether he changed his mind is of no consequence to me. The intent had been there!!
I can understand where one who is a fan of Duke stands. I get it, you admired the man? That is your personal view. However, I doubt those of us who despise what people like Duke represent, have a distorted view of such a character as he. And, I mean that with as much courtesy and respect I can muster.
As I said, Duke lived by the sword and he died by the sword. Everyone else like him will perish the same way, I hope. Of course, there is always the chance he will be resurrected. And then, he will live again by the sword and die by the sword…LOL . Vicious circle. It is a soap. Later, Jonathan…just a difference of opinion.

Hey, Jonathan,
I must amend some of my words, if not the concept. Harry implied that Duke did not kill anyone. I did not know that.
It does not, however, change my opinion of him. He was affiliated with the mob with the intention to kill, if the occasion arose. The fact that he did not kill anyone does not exculpate him of being a criminal.
Duke, Sonny, Julian, Ava (whom I love) etc.,are all despicable. These people and their ilk are despicable.

Duke NEVER EVER killed or contemplated it or carried a gun. Ian B. made comments about how disappointed he was with the way they were writing — no, ruining — Duke. So Ian was fired and Duke killed off. But the damage RC did has outlived the character. FYI: Duke was created by Gloria Monty who wrote the mob as BAD GUYS, thus she had Duke sent to prison for money laundering. That was the extent of his being a real mobster. When the Jeromes were introduced, Duke, Anna, and Robert concocted a plan to bring them down. They didn’t reckon on Olivia. Duke turned state’s evidence and went into Witness Protection. You have been brainwashed by the way GH now writes the mob. In Monty’s day, there were no two ways about it, the mob was bad and the good guys ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS — did I say always — won. This morally upside down world has nothing in common with classic GH, in fact it is a direct moral inversion of it. Duke as Monty created him, had nothing in common ever with the likes of Sonny, Julian, and Ava.

Thanks again, Tristan. I have a clearer picture, which makes me understand this everlasting, sublime love between Anna and Duke….and, of course, the fans…
It was just very confusing for me to have held (still do, always will….i love Anna/Finola) Anna on an exalted position of morality; and, then have her fall and mourn a brigand. That is how Duke, until you cleared that image somewhat.
I may be younger than most on these boards, but I have very old-fashioned ideals. LOL.

CeeCee, seriously? Is it “old-fashioned” to think characters like Sonny, Julian, and Ava are despicable? Oh, dear. I hope not. I hope today’s young people by and large agree with you and hold those values/ideals too.

If “modern” values involve thinking mobsters/killers are A-OK, I want no part of them. Yikes.

That may be what television executives THINK regarding the values of younger viewers, but years and years of declining ratings (nighttime as well as soaps) point to the error in their thinking.

@Michael ( not Fairman).
Hey, Michael,
Oh, I agree. I and my siblings ( I am sure, most of the people of my generation, as well) have been lucky to have upheld the healthy morality/ideals embedded into us. I thank my parents; my instructors, the people I chose to be my friends; and to a certain extend, my husband, for having the same ideals.
The fear for us younger parents is our children’s future….scary thought, that! Sometimes, no matter our upbringing, or how grounded we are, things do go amiss. It is cold out there. Dog eat dog world….
Beautiful post, Michael, thank you.

Very well said Jonathan, especially for those who remember the Duke and Anna’s stories of the love, trials, disappointments, and tribulations they went through when Duke tried to turned the page on his “past career” for building a new life with Anna. I would hope we live in a world were we cheer for those who work to redeem themselves, and may have started out with a difficult past. Obviously Anna, who most consider quite intelligent, saw this light in his soul. And all the more frustrating when we saw what the past regime did to his character after the rescue from the clinic.

First of all let me say, I love the character of Anna and I think Finola and Matt’s scene was fantastic. BUT why have Griffin tied to a dead character? As usual the story is not about Anna .
Duke was nothing but a liar and a cheat and their relationship from the minute he met Anna until the minute before he died(all 3 times ) was nothing but a big lie. Finola needs a story that is hers and not used as a prop for new characters. Anna has many missing years in her history that is the story I want to see.

In response to Jonathan, Duke did choose Sonny over Anna. He lied to her over and over again. Remember the Christmas episode – Duke texting Sonny “Anna on the way” If that is not choosing Sonny over Anna, I don’t know what is. Duke always chose the mob over her. When he was in over his head expected Anna and Robert to get him out of hot water. In my opinion Duke was a big dummy all around.

Wonderful interview! Thanks Michael!

Finola is my fave GH actress and I’m very happy she has been on screen more lately but … I am very disappointed in her connection to Griffin. I was hoping/expecting a blood connection, son or nephew. Anna was a victim of amnesia after the 1992 boat explosion until she resurfaced on AMC in 2001. She could easily have had a child during that time which she doesn’t remember. Anyway, huge disappointment a dead mobster is the father of Griffin. Who cares? Now we will have to hear Anna praise Duke to no end. I’m long over Duke and all mentions of him. Anna needs to move on!

I’m sorry to say this, but today’s show was absolutely awful. The immense talent of these actors is being wasted on stories about a stupid magazine contest and breastfeeding. The sublime actresses in the breastfeeding story had their characters written as irrational airheads – hardly a fitting backdrop to a serious women’s issue. I was embarrassed to be watching this. The writing today was simply terrible, particularly the dialogue. All concerned should be ashamed.

Totally agree with you, Mister Media.

Finola talking about how Duke was Anna’s big love and the audience won’t buy a new romance. The audience isn’t buying this Duke love fest. He calls off the hit on Jordan and all is forgiven. It’s a bunch of crap. Enough of it already and have Anna move on.

Sadly, the propping up of the Duke character, who is one of no real significance in the history of GH, has all but ruined the character and integrity of Anna.

That is exactly what i was trying to say. I appreciate the fact that Tristan, the gentleman that he is, explained so much to me. I do see Duke in a bit of a different light….but, he was still regarded as a mobster. The intent to kill Jordan was there…not going through with it is no redemption for me.
I don’t understand why this benevolent spotlight is suddenly on Duke. For Griffin’s benefit? Preparing us for Duke’s return; but, as a reformed Duke?
Tristan is such a good writer, i was ready to eat out of Duke’s hand, if alive. LOL.

I have watched Duke from his beginning in 1986. with his return this time he was a little more ruthless than in the past but, my biggest problem with Duke was that he was a liar. He lied to Anna over and over again. 86-89 they were broken up more than they were together. Reformed or not he will still be a liar. A tiger can’t change his stripes. You would think after being in a Turkish prison and not seeing Anna for 20 years he would have stayed clean. Think about all his lies between 13-15

Exactly Maria, like CeeCee, I realize that Tristan is a Duke&Anna stan, therefore, he sees them through rose-colored glasses. I never bought into them because from the very beginning Duke was a shady character. And Anna didn’t trust him! But her lust got the better of her (she’d been celebate since her divorce from Robert 7 years ago! LOL) and she just couldn’t see what we, the audience, were seeing. That Duke was a patsy for the mob. That story really got interesting when Robert returned and he saw through Duke immediately. What a great storyline that was, Duke&Anna with Robert in the mix. The reason Anna&Duke didn’t work this time around is that Robert wasn’t around to play devil’s advocate. How much more fun would it have been to see Anna falling for Duke’s lies once again, while Robert investigated him, snarking all the way (I’m more of a Robert fan than a Duke fan, if you can’t tell, haha)

No, Patty, I so disagree with you. I agree that the second coming of Duke was handled really badly, however, how was Anna’s integrity ruined?
If you knew Duke and Anna the first time around, you’d believe in their love.
Please re read Tristan’s posts. Anna is not the hypocrite that Alexis and Carly are. Gosh, why are people so damned tone deaf?

I don’t have to re-read anyones posts. I watched Duke and Anna in real time and this couple didn’t work for me in the 80’s just as it doesn’t now. Whenever Anna was with Duke, she had to be dumbed down for the relationship to work. Can’t stand Duke and Anna.

Hey Harry. I think you need to reread my post. The words hypocrite or intergerity are never mentioned.

Hi, Patty.
I must apologize for misspeaking….I meant Maria when I mentioned the word ‘integrity’.
Nonetheless, I agree with both you and Maria.

@Harry 1.
And, I, dear Harry, must disagree with you. You say tomaaaato, patty and I say tomato. Just because we do not agree does not make us tone deaf! And, what the heck is that supposed to mean, anyway? LOL and all that jazz; plus, with all due respect.
I did not know Anna and Duke 30 years ago. I am basing my opinion on Duke this time around. I certainly understand the way things ‘were’ with these two…Tristan was so passionate in describing this ‘forever’, yet ‘not so forever’ couple.
Knowing Duke’s lifestyle, yet choosing him, regardless of that fact, as patty stated, makes me question Anna’s integrity, as well.
These are discussions we are having, Harry. What makes it interesting is the difference of opinion. My tympanium is working fine….so is my ear in musicality…..been playing piano, violin, guitar, and the drums since age 4; HaHa..LOL. No tone-deftness, here….as I am sure, so is patty’s.
Harry, Harry, Harry…if you have scrutinized Tristan’s posts as well as you say you did; then, you will have taken notice that her posts are friendly; not abasing, whatsoever. She explains, not criticise.
Later, merry Harry. Still like you a lot. LOL.

Phenomenal interview! Finola is always so well-spoken and insightful. I like the character of Griffin. I don’t like how the show continues to prop Duke up as a hero. He put a hit out on Jordan. He was hardly the innocent victim of a random crime. GH gets tiring to watch sometimes with its predictability. No criminals ever pay; same song and dance.

I love Finola much more than I like GH. She becomes a better actress with each passing year and this is something I appreciate a lot. She is the sole reason I still watch GH. Despite the fact that she nailed those scenes when Griffin’s alleged parentage was revealed, I felt that it lacked the build-up and deep=rooted emotion necessary to draw us all in. I don’t fault the actors. I fault the writing and the pace of the show. There never seems to be any big pay off at the culmination of any storyline lately.

Your first sentence should go down in history, Maria. LOL. Perfectly said. I like it.

Ah, one thing that continues to amaze me, and not in a good way, is the fact that this show will continue to write stories for people not even on the show before they will do so for someone actually there. There is no reason for this story to be about the memory of Duke. It should have been solely about Anna. Finola Hughes should never have to play support under any circumstances. In the end I’m sure it’ll be revealed that Duke is not the baby daddy and we’ll all get on with our lives. Griff is probably a Jerome.

Exactly, Alicia. I can understand the ‘infatuation’ for a man; a couple; who was so attuned with itself. That was how long ago? Thirty years. I get it, it stays with the fans …etched in the mind and body.
But, as Tristan pointed out…”you had to be there”.
So, it is so meaningless to those of us who did not experience it. I vividly remember, as a thirteen year old, with stars in my eyes, just looking at Greenlee and Leo (AMC), with adoration…..I still have that image in my head. This show is everybody. Not just for those who have an ear for ‘tone’ !…..HaHa.
Nonetheless, as you point out, this story should be dedicated to Anna. Let’s move on with new characters. Griffin has an agenda. If the scar in his lower, left abdomen had not been so emphasized, I would just go along to accepting his presence as a newbie doctor and move on. But, why show a close up of the scar, and he manipulating it? ….with a strange, determined light in his eyes!!
I am not going to speculate about Griffin any longer…..he could be anyone. His friendliness to Anna may be a facade. He could be seeking revenge for ‘stealing’ Duke from him or his mother.
I know Duke had no idea of a baby, but his mind may have been filled with false, detrimental information concerning Anna by his mother.
@ Harry….
Harry, who you calling tone deaf?? LOL.

Etched in the heart; not body…

Great interview . Finola is the one character I USE to watch for. Now she shoots people in cold blood. Makes her just like the rest of the mobs. She *killed * Carlos for killing Duke, who had just put out a hit on Jordan ? These so called writers have turned this show into Mobs r us. I don’t have a list to FF. I just don’t bother to watch at all. Its a shame I would return if Robert did. Anna belongs with Robert. TIIC won’t listen. I guess they really don’t care what the audience want to watch. Dukes son, anna’s son. Who cares. Guess they needed to have Anna related to SOMEONE. Guess Mac. Felicia etc, doesn’t matter. Guess the ratings went down again. I will never watch the mobs and their kids.They love their kids, but not other peoples.

I know I’m not perfect, and there are certainly some people who just don’t do it for me. But I hope I’m not as judgemental about people who have made bad/questionable choices, and are never given a chance for understanding and another look when they try to change the course in their lives. It’s like wearing a Scarlett letter for life. Full disclosure for me…this does not apply to sickos who abuse children, family members and animals. Just can’t get over these.

Duke and Anna are a Iconic Super Couple that captivated the audience. Phenomenal Pair! I love them.

Finola Hughes and Matt Cohen was amazing. Great chemistry. The reveal that Duke is Griffin’s father was amazing. Outstanding performance by the two. So emotional. So heartfelt. So touching. I loved ever moment of their scenes and looking forward to the story.

Of the 80’s Super Couples, Duke was the only half that did not have a child, so kudos to Jelly, Frank and Nathan for making this happen. I must say this reveal is unexpected and quick but I love it. So thrilled by the fact Duke is Griffin’s father. It is a wonderful surprise & I do hope Ian Buchanan return down the road. Looking forward to more Griffin and Anna scenes. Can’t wait to see their relationship grow. Again, I love the fact that Griffin’s father is Duke. Smart decision by TPTB.

You do not have to be a Duke & Anna fan to know Ron butchered this Legendary Supercouple. After 20 plus years apart, soaps 101 is you write a backstory for your Supercouple. You give them air time. You give them a real reunion. Ron wrote Duke & Anna totally out of character. Yes, Duke was in the mob but he hated he mob. Duke laundered money through his clubs. Once he fell in love with Anna, he left the mob. And he rejoined the mob because Putman, who was out for revenge against Robert took Anna hostage. Robert couldn’t find Anna, so Duke turned to Julian and the mob for help. But Duke was never a killer. Anna and Robin was the two most important people in Duke’s life. Duke would have never chose Sonny over the Anna. Duke would have never put out a hit on Jordan. Every bit of it was out of character. And if the head writers has to come on twitter and explain the sudden changes in Duke, that should tell you something.

For those who keep saying, Duke was this and Duke was that if you’re going to throw stones, Anna is not innocent. As Finola stated, Anna’s past is worst than Duke’s past. Anna was a jewel fence and double agent. Unsuccessful but Anna tried to kill Carlos. That’s attempted murder. Anna slept with a rapist and abuser. Anna is covering up the fact she tried to kill Carlos. She’s covering up the fact Paul killed Sloane. You can’t give Anna a pass and say it’s bad writing and not do the same for Duke. Anna would not do those things and neither would Duke. He chose Sonny and the mob over Anna. He put out a hit on Jordan. Neither character is innocent. All the out of writing by Ron destroyed Duke and Anna.

Duke is the love of Anna’s life. Anna is the love of Duke’s life. Duke and Anna belong together. I’m happy that Griffin is Duke’s son. I love the fact that they’re exploring Duke’s side of the family with Anna. Everything don’t have to be about Robert or the Scorpio’s. So I love them for bringing Duke side of the family into Anna’s world. I would love for Jean to explore the Devane family like she did on AMC.

Finola and Matt knocked it out of the park. Beautiful performance and I loved the writing.

Excellent post, Lisa…..exactly the reason why some of us question Anna’s integrity. I have said this since Anna thought she killed Carlos. Since the viewer thought she killed Carlos. It was cold blooded murder. She did it out of love? Revenge? Pain?
Believe me, I respect and love Finola….and, I adore Anna, but I am not tone deaf ( this one’s for you, Harry…LOL), I can see and hear…clearly.
I firmly believe Tristan when she said the PTB assassinated the Duke character. I also believe that ‘they’ were leading Anna down that road, as well, but then changed their minds.
I am the last person to shed any light or give an opinion on Duke. Frankly, I never took to him for the short time he as on GH, this time around.
Perhaps it was the fact that he was so subservient to Sonny, who happens to tie my stomach in knots in despicable rejection.
Ahhh, Lisa. You make Griffin, as Duke’s son, sound so wonderful. But, something tells me, it will not be that simple. I am very suspicious. Lol.

The post was to Harry, he told me to re-read posts Tristan’s post about Duke and Anna. Nothing will ever change my opinion of the couple. 🙂 DnA fans see everything differently than I do.

I love Finola Hughes and the character of Anna Devane. I appreciate the interview. However, I will say I am disappointed in the direction of this story. I was hoping that Griffin would have a more biological tie to Anna than an ex-husband’s son. Thus essentially making the story not about Anna. I believe the real focus should be on Anna especially her missing years. It would be so much more interesting to explore that angle of her life. Now I’m supposed to believe Anna’s think her life now will be worth something because of an adult son of a former love. This makes her life worth something over her daughter and granddaughter…just doesn’t make any sense. Perhaps if he was her son I would get it.
I was never a Duke fan or an Anna and Duke fan. In watching in real time, all I saw was a man who lied to her all the time, was insecure, and cheated on Anna. As a fan of Anna, I thought she deserved better…and watching her arrival to PC and knowing how much she love Robert and he her, I always wanted them together. I would never try to convince people to like a pair because people are going to like who like anyway. This time around he was still lying only just a little more ruthless, but still selfish. I was proud of Anna for not putting up with this time too. That said, I don’t like how tptb try to play his death as an innocent victim. Because he was not and it is not working with me…I’m over Duke again.
I have to agree with others who say this is short-sided storytelling with a little bit of fanwanking. Which is often done in these days of soap writing instead of going with history of the show and telling a story. Griffin is not related to anyone else on the canvas. Yeah, Anna can be mother like, but she is not his mother. Robin (when she visits) can be sister like, but she is not his sister. Even if they create a bond with Sonny, he is not related to him either. So, what was the point in creating this character and not make him Anna’s son with Robert. The story would be much more interesting if he was Robert and Anna’s son from their missing years. GH had already lost the Scorpio family besides Anna, and the next generation Scorpio in Robin…then why not filled that void. I don’t need a piece of Duke he was dead for 22 years before 2012. But I could use another Scorpio to balance out this mob riddle show. Instead they give the audience the character of Duke’s son. Which Duke knows nothing about? Unless this is a curveball it is truly a short sided story. Because Duke is dead and is not related to any other characters on the canvas.
I am sure Finola Hughes is going to do an excellent job with this storyline, it is just ashamed the story is not about Anna at all. I’ll hold on as long as I can, but I can’t say I’m not disappointed in the direction.

As usually, Finola was fabulous & Matt was terrific. When Anna found out Griffin is Duke’s son, Finola played it beautifully. Speechles!

Griffin as Duke’s son is a brilliant move by General Hospital. I’m excited to watch this story. Duke & Anna Lavery was General Hospital top supercouple during the late 80’s. Finola & Ian=Undeniable Chemistry. The forbidden love of the Scottish Mobster & English Police Chief captivated the audience. The moment Anna met Duke, it was over. She was in love & wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. No one had ever swept Anna off her feet the way that Duke did. Anna chose Duke over Robert. I agree with my partner. Neither Duke nor Anna are saints. Both joined the show with dark past. Anna was redeemed. Duke made the wrong decisions for the right reasons. Then Ron got ahold of them and……

At any rate, some want to downplay/minimize Anna’s love for Duke by saying he was on General Hospital for only three years. True. But Duke & Anna was in a on and off relationship that entire time. Eventually Duke & Anna did marry in 1987. Now let’s compare that to Robert & Anna seven month relationship on the show. Hey, I’m just saying since some want to put a time on things. Now see how ridiculous that sounds.

I’m overjoyed that Griffin is Duke’s son. So much story can be told for Anna & Griffin. I look forward to watching Anna relationship grow with Duke’s son.

General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Dante is Shot as Jason Reveals Himself

Just how was General Hospital going to reintroduce the character of Jason Morgan to the canvas with the highly-anticipated return of Steve Burton in the pivotal role? Well, why we don’t have all the answers, the show wasted no time, and Burton first appeared at the beginning of the Monday, March 4th episode.

In story, while Sonny (Maurice Benard), Selena (Lydia Look) and Ava (Maura West) are at the warehouse, they are facing off with the FBI and the PCPD when John (Adam J. Harrington), Anna (Finola Hughes), Dante (Dominic Zamprogna), Chase (Josh Swickard) et al show up.  Meanwhile on the roof, a man kneels over a skylight window who pipes up with, “it appears they are late to the party.” It’s then revealed just who the man is talking to, and it turns out it’s JASON!

Meanwhile, John and Anna are questioning Sonny and Selina on what they are doing in the warehouse. Selina says they are planning a poker game. Next, the man with Jason aims his gun at Sonny. However, Jason messes up his shot, but the shot rings out. Inside the warehouse everyone scatters about. They realize the show came from the skylight.

Photo: ABC

Jason tells the other man they’ve been compromised and need to leave the location. Below, in the warehouse, Dante thinks that he and Chase can get onto the roof since the shooter didn’t see them. So, Dante takes off with Chase to find the culprit. In the meantime, John orders a CSI unit. Next, Chase returns and says the building is all clear and Dante is pursuing the suspects.

Now on the pier, Dante catches up with Jason (who’s back is to him) and the other man. Dante orders them to freeze. While the other man gets away, Jason stays put and Dante orders him to turn around slowly with his hands up. Dante is shocked to see its Jason. Confused, Dante says, “What the hell?” Next, the other man returns and fires two shots into Dante’s chest.

Photo: ABC

As Dante goes down, Jason runs over to him. The other man calls Jason “Jacobs” and tell him to leave the cop to die. Jason tells the other man to go to the planned site and he will find another way out. Next, the man attempts to fire at Jason who is hovering over Dante, but Jason shoots at him first and takes him out.

Back at the warehouse, Ava sees a bullet hole in Sonny sleeve, as John says that it confirms that Sonny is the intended target. John and Sonny stare each other down due to their dark past.  It’s clear that Sonny doesn’t trust John and vice-versa.  Anna tells Sonny she is not out to get him and doesn’t want him to die. She adds that Sonny, “Must have had an angel on his shoulder because she doesn’t see how that sniper missed from this range.”

Chase returns to the warehouse having dropped everyone off at the PCPD, but says Dante hasn’t checked in with him. Sonny looks very concerned, as Jason is looking very concerned over Dante’s body.

So, what did you think of the first episode back for Steve Burton as Jason Morgan? Will it be revealed that he has been infiltrating this organization to save Sonny? Does Jason not know his true identify? What do you think is going on?  As for Dante, will he pass out from his injuries and not identify Jason was even there on the roof with him? Comment below.

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General Hospital

Steve Burton Confirms ‘General Hospital’ Head Writer Switch Changed Jason’s Comeback Storyline

General Hospital viewers will see today, Monday, March 4th, the beginnings of the return storyline for Steve Burton and his character of Jason Morgan.

Just how did the recent head writing regime change at GH alter the plans for story for Jason’s comeback? As had been rumored, seems plenty. Back on January 22nd, it was revealed that Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor had been replaced by Patrick Mulcahey and Elizabeth Korte. At that time, Burton had already signed-on to return to the daytime drama for the first time since being let go towards the end of 2021.

Speaking with Soap Opera Digest, Steve confirmed that what we will see on-air is from the new head writers and that the direction of the story changed, “So apparently there was a whole different story planned and then the head writer switch happened and then they kind of rebooted (the story arc). I know Patrick (Mulcahey, one of the new head writers) a little bit, but I really know Elizabeth Korte (who was promoted to co-head writer).”

Photo: JPI

Burton added, “There’s no one in the building that loves that show, knows the history of the character, and is invested in it 100 percent than Elizabeth. There has never been a more deserved promotion, ever. Once I know that she was (one of the head writers), I was like, ‘Oh, this is gonna be good! I cannot wait.’ And it has been exactly that. Everything has been amazing.”‘

Photo: JPI

In addition, during an Instagram live on Monday with his podcast and comedy show partner, GH star, Bradford Anderson (Spinelli), Burton also commented on the upcoming story arc which brings Jason back to Port Charles. Steve expressed, “The story is not going to disappoint. The scenes are super deep. Frank (Valentini, EP, GH)  and the new head writers took some time to really think this out.”

Burton, being a longtime veteran of the soaps, said Jason’s return is not just isolated to be about him. “Great story on daytime should involve a myriad of people across the board and where it effects everybody,” he shared. The popular fan favorite feels that this story delivers on all levels.

So, what do you think about the head writer change and how it prompted the plans for Jason’s return? Comment below.


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Days Of Our Lives

Jason Cook Recalls Landing His Soap Roles as DAYS Shawn-Douglas Brady and GH’s Matt Hunter

Daytime fans remember Jason Cook when he became wildly-popular as Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Bo’s (Peter Reckell) son, Shawn-Douglas Brady on Days of our Lives from 1999-2006. He later made a brief return in the role in 2015 for the series 50th anniversary.

After departing DAYS, Cook was offered a role on General Hospital as Dr. Matt Hunter, the younger brother to Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) from 2008-2012. However, during his time on the soaps, and after, Cook has been focusing on his behind the scenes roles and passion as writer and a director of feature films.

Last week, the Michael Fairman Channel welcomed Jason, along with two of the stars of his latest film, Four for Fun, Brytni Sarpy (Elena, Y&R) and Jacob Young (ex-AMC, B&B, GH). During the conversation, Cook revealed his continued admiration for the soap medium and the actors who work in it, and how it came to pass that he landed his parts on Days of our Lives, and then on General Hospital.

Photo: JPI

Cook spoke on becoming the on-screen son of soap opera’s most iconic couples, Bo and Hope: “I auditioned for Fran Bascom. She was the Days of our Lives casting director at the time. I was never a great auditioner, I don’t think. She made me feel really comfortable. I remember that screen test. And then, I remember when I got the part, I was actually working at a company at a desk job. I got the call at work and I just screamed, and at the time I didn’t quit my job. But then, I got that contract when I was 19-years-old and it totally changed my life.”

Photo: JPI

But, was Jason aware how key to the show being Bo and Hope’s son would be? “Yeah, my older sister was a fan of the show. She definitely let me know that I better not mess it up, because I was gonna ruin her favorite couple,” he shared. “I remember she printed out the family tree and it looked like a physics diagram. It was so complicated. A lot of detailed work went into it. But, I was excited.”

After being a known entity with a large fan following, eventually Cook made his way to a new role on General Hospital. Jason explained, “GH was fun. That was a situation where Brian Frons (ex-ABC Daytime President) brought me over there. I just told him I didn’t want to be like or want to do Shawn. He’s like, ‘Well, what do you wanna do?’ I said, ‘How can I screw things up around here and shake things up?'”

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From that conversation things began to formulate. Cook revealed, “We started talking about the TV series House. I think in soaps, there’s an assumption if you’re going on a show that everybody wants to be the hero. I was like, ‘I don’t want to (be). I want to screw everything up.’ And then, they wrote it in that Matt Hunter burns the hospital down within like six months. I was like really proud about that. The other part that I loved about that character is that Matt, and his older brother Patrick (Jason Thompson), were both neurosurgeons. And if you (an actor) resigned your contract (with the show) you go to Patrick, you see Patrick. And if you don’t resign your contract, you see my character, because my character was going to kill you every time.”

For more on the interview, make sure to check out the replay of the livestream conversation below with Jason, Brytni Sarpy and Jacob Young.  Now let us know, did you enjoy Jason as Shawn-D and Matt on GH? Do you hope someday he might return on-screen to the soaps? Let us know in the comment section.

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