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GH’s Genie Francis ’45 Years as Laura’ On Set Celebration (PHOTOS)

Photo: ABC

Yesterday, the one and only Genie Francis (Laura Collins), marked her 45th year as the beloved Laura Collins on the ABC daytime drama series, General Hospital.

Francis debuted in the role on February 8th, 1977 as Laura Vining and when eventually paired with Anthony Geary (Luke) took daytime by storm, and the genre became must-see mainstream TV, under the purview of then EP, Gloria Monty.

Throughout her 45 years, Francis has won a Daytime Emmy for her work in the Outstanding Supporting Actress category back in 2007, but has also been twice nominated for Lead Actress; including last year in 2021, and had another previous Supporting Actress nomination.

Photo: ABC

In her recent SOD interview, Genie shared what it has been like to now be paired on-screen romantically with Jon Lindstrom (Kevin), after Laura spent years in Luke’s orbit: “You come together and it sparks into something larger. I had that with Tony Geary, and I have that with Jon Lindstrom. It’s an interesting thing that happens. I’m grateful for it because if we were not able to do that on that show, I don’t think they would have kept the character on in quite the same way.”

Check out a few photos below of GH’s on set celebration on Tuesday.

Then, share your congrats to Genie for a job well-done, and this milestone, in the comment section.

Photos: ABC

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I think she had chemistry with Kin Shriner and also Stephen Nichols . Congrats Genie

She has chemistry with everyone.

I was just about to say that. LOL

What can I say? Genie Francis is pure magic. Whenever she’s on, I find myself happy, nostalgic, and grateful that the viewer is in the hands of a true professional. So glad she’s FINALLY back in a meaningful story, not just as an appendage to Luke. I also hope she’s instrumental in bringing down Esme, the latest Peter-type villain: self-centered, obnoxious, and completely unlikable.

Oh, Soaphound—how I agree—your words are sacrosanct.
And, yes—Laura will be the one to bring Esme ( whose makeup is the wrong shade) down. There is something very satanic about her, isn’t there?—she’s a sycophant with an inherent need to hurt people.
I wish Esme’s actions ( drugging Trina etc.) will be exposed soon. She belongs in a sanitarium. I had wondered if Esme were related to Ryan. I still wonder—hmmm. His daughter? That would make her Kevin’s niece. Will he be in her corner and help her when the world comes crasking down on her? I think she has Alexithymia., No feelings—no emotions except the brain to use people to her advantage.
Pardon my impertinence—Esme has visited Spence—she used the adjective “conjugal”. Are they married? The word applies to married people and married people only—-writers: get your vocab right!!
Also—not relating to Esme, of course—-
Aside: some women with thick legs and thighs should not be wearing mini dresses/skirts. Pardon me and LOL.


**in my best Bill Clinton voice**

I did not have sexual relations with Harmony!!

– who is more than likely Esme’s biological mother

You think? So, am I to assume Shiloh to be her baby daddy?
Very possible.

Ryan is her father. I’m not sure how they’re going to explain how he and Harmony knew each other back in the day, but it’s only obvious that Ryan knows exactly who she is. The guy can only communicate with eye movements these days, but when he saw her, those eyes were freaking out.

I’m only surprised that Kevin hasn’t figured it out yet. Dude can’t recognize his own niece??

Makes sense, Satan—when we first saw Esme interact with Ryan, I noticed their looks and her subterfuge—I actually commented about it.
Moreover, as far as Ryan communicating only with his eyes? I don’t know, about that. I bet Esme and he communicate verbally. He’s faking it.
Something else gave me pause today—-Willow is not Harmony’s daughter–OK—
I have said ad nauseam that Willow and Nelle were twins—or that Willow and not Nelle was Nina’s daughter .
But, Harmony killed that notion today. Someone named Joan living within the commune gave birth to Willow? Well, there goes that.

Celia, just had a horrifying thought! What if Sonny “conjugaled” with this Joan and Willow is Sonny’s bairn? That would really throw a fly into the Metamucil. They could plan a “Chinatown” type reveal, with Michael getting slapped and confessing, “She’s my wife”. SLAP! “She’s my step-sister”. SLAP! “She’s my wife and my step-sister!” Now that’d be worth tuning in for.

Oh, “slap” me silly, Soaphound. HaHa!!
Your horrifying thought “ain’t” so far fetched.LOL–Sonny’s seed is so powerful–he’s “conjugated” and fornicated with just about everyone-everywhere-anytime—so….
Is there any woman in the PC circle Sonny has not tasted? And, now they’re all such great friends!! Let’s see: Mother and daughter; Alexis and Sam—Carly; Olivia; Ava; Nina—I don’t know the others—I heard of Brenda? Whoever she was!!
You are too much fun—I can hear the slaps, my friend. Shhhh, not so loud. It’s 2 AM.
BTW—the only other person who says “bairn” is Fiona, my grandmother—straight from Scotland and a brogue to match. Love it!!

CELIA, YES! My mom and I can never fathom why these gals with big thighs are wearing minis and, God help us, short shorts. It just isn’t flattering and invites the question, “What was she THINKING?” Or, even worse, “Doesn’t she have a friend or relative who will tell her the truth?” Strangely, we say that a lot during the OSCARS as well. Esme is just a creep; the very idea of Spencer ‘conjugaling’ with her makes me nauseous. She’s not a “fun villain” like Nelle or sometimes Ava. And here’s an idea — since she’s homeless without Laura, maybe she could sell some of that outdated hair. I’m sure the 1960s would take it back.

HaHa—love it, Soaphound—I have three sisters and you can’t put us in a room together without blowing your mind—no subject is left untouched—sitting at my parents’ kitchen table, drinking coffee/tea, while my Mom shakes her head with a smile on her face. We affectionately call her “The Alien”–she’s nothing like us. And, she’s not her mother’s daughter either. My grandmother will joyfully sit with us and join the chatter.
None of us is perfect nor has a perfect body. But, most of us try to camouflage whatever flaw.
Now, about Esme—it strikes me as so weird for someone that young to speak of conjugal visits–D.i.s.g.u.s.t.o—she could have said “fool around”, but “conjugal’? I was waiting for her to say, “fornicating”. LOL.
I know what you mean—as much of a villainess as Nelle was, I liked her—same with Faison, Ava etc. Esme is simply not a liakable character. I want to smack her face a few times. ( kidding)–
And, yes—her hair is too out-dated and blah!! It’s not so bad when it’s loose ( not tied up). She’s a pretty girl, but there’s something about her that, as you say, gives me the creeps.

Celia, you brought back so many GREAT memories here. Growing up visiting my grandmother’s (we called her Nanny) house in New York after we’d moved to California, the best days were ones when we just stayed home around the kitchen table all day and just talked (or in my case listened). My Nan was Scottish, the other grandparents were from Italy. What tales! What recipes! What memories of going off to matinees or the local bakery or Leonard’s Pizzeria in the 60s and early 70s. And of course.. watching AS THE WORLD TURNS, ANOTHER WORLD and, later, GUIDING LIGHT. New York city isn’t the same now. How could it be?

Well, wonder of wonders—we share a Scottish grandmother, Soaphound….LOL—Nanna is actually a Scot endearment for Grandmother—
You touched my heart with your description of bygone days.
My mom grew up in the city—-Mulberry St.—those were different days—even our soaps had heart, as my grandmother keeps telling us. The kitchen table has always been the “gathering” place; the focal point of our family—-It’s a biiiig table ( metaphorically). I have five siblings —-my younger brother is twenty-six and my baby sister is in her last year of College ( we call her “oops”) —there’s more room for the family to grow.LOL.
That family “congregation’ used to exist in soaps—I was about thirteen when Another World, sadly, came to an end–but I remember Ada’s home having an inviting air about it, albeit at that age, one has a different perspective.
What do we see today? A makeshift of a tiny kitchen with a huge island, at the Corinthos’ “mansion” where Carly holds her rants….Audience, lend me your ears!! So inviting…

Was reading this again after Laura’s meeting today with Esme. Laura sure made her squirm, but not enough to give up her vendetta against Joss who by the way was pretty nasty herself. She really surprised and embarrassed her friend.

Congratulations to the one and only Genie Francis for 45 years as Laura. You’re the very best.

Looking at these pictures makes me smile… She is simply radiant. I have loved her all of these years. Congratulations Genie!

The one and only incomparable. No one else can play that role. She had great chemistry with Tony Geary, Kin Shriner and Super Hot chemistry with Stephen Nichols.

Ms Francis should be as dominant on GH as Miss Slezak was on OLTL. I would like to see Laura’s family restored and engaged forefront. They are core.

Only if GH is able to persuade Jonathan Jackson to come back.

Congrats. That is great

I loved Genie back in the day with Kin Shriner, never did like Luke and her falling for him after what he did to her. I do think she and Jon Lindstrom make a very believable couple as does she and her brother.

She hasn’t spent 45 consecutive years on GH, which would be more noteworthy. It’s just been 45 years since she first aired as Laura.


The only one near that many consecutive years would be Leslie Charleson. Even then, towards the JFP era, we were lucky to see Monica twice a year.

Francis is the genuine “star” of GH! Her work with Geary put GH on the map, eliciting the highest TV ratings for a soap ever. Her acumen as an actress has skyrocketed. GH and its viewers are LUCKY to have her. In interviews, Francis comes across as sincere, appreciative, and humble. A true delight on and off camera. Congratulations!

What a joy to see her on GH! Congratulations to her for 45 years and marvelous acting. She is a treasure for ALL of us!

She lights up the screen and emotes more than anyone else. Every smile and every tear is truly believable and magical to watch.

I think you are a phenomenal actress and a lovely person. I have watched from the very beginning and loved every minute, except that final breakup with Luke. But nothing lasts forever and I do love Laura with Kevin. Even though I’m a hopeless romantic, I do enjoy that Laura has become independent and powerful in her own rite. You portray it all so well and light up every scene you’re in. I wish you many more happy years with GH. Congratulations!

General Hospital

Nicholas Chavez Speaks Out on the Death of Friend and Former GH Castmate Johnny Wactor: “I’m Beside Myself with Sadness”

It has been another rough go for the General Hospital family following the news surrounding the shooting that killed beloved former cast member, Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando Corbin) over the weekend.

Since that time, there has been an outpouring of grief, shock and sadness, and remembrances for the actor who died at 37-years-old.  Many of Johnny’s castmates have spoken out about the loss and shared heartbreaking tributes.

Now, Nicholas Chavez (ex-Spencer Cassadine) who is soon-to-be-seen in Ryan Murphy’s limited series on Netflix, Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story, has also shared his sentiments. With heartfelt words, along with a photo of himself and Johnny, and another former GH co-star, Marcus Coloma (ex-Nikolas), Chavez explained the difficulty he is having processing Johnny’s death and the unbreakable bond they shared.

Photo: Facebook

Nick began, “Johnny — I’m beside myself with sadness. The last time I saw you, we ran into each other by accident in Los Angeles. When we recognized each other your face lit up and you ran essentially across the room to give me a big and tight hug. You were a strong and kind person”

He went on to say, these heartfelt words to Johnny, “You were a phenomenal friend and you always made me feel welcomed and loved. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been a part of your life and I’m praying for you and your family. I will miss you very much.”

Johnny Wactor run on GH lasted from 2020-2022, while Nicholas Chavez appeared from 2021 till early in 2024.

Share your thoughts on Nicholas’ remembrances of Johnny Wactor via the comment section below.

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Breaking News

New Details Emerge in Fatal Shooting of General Hospital’s Johnny Wactor; Was Protecting Female Co-Worker From Armed Car Thieves

The brother of Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando Corbin) has come forward with some new information on the act of violence that took the life of the General Hospital favorite on Saturday May 25th in the wee hours of the morning in downtown Los Angeles.

As valiant as man as Johnny was to all those who know and loved him, he was through and through that man till the very end. According to Grant Wactor, Johnny actually shielded a female co-worker at the time of the crime before he was fatally shot.  Three men were trying to steal Wactor’s catalytic converter from his vehicle, one of which fired the shot that killed the former GH star.

According to a new report from the Daily Mail, Wactor was leaving his side job as a bartender at a downtown LA rooftop bar with a female colleague at around 3:25am when he saw the three men near his vehicle at West Pico Boulevard and South Hope Street.

Photo: ABC

Believing he was being towed, he approached the men to try to discuss it. One of the men then looked up and pointed a gun at Wactor, who put his body in front of his female co-worker as he was shot. Police say, the three men were all wearing masks, and then fled the scene in another car.  The suspects currently remain at-large.

Grant commented on his brother’s last act of bravery, “We’re Southern, born and raised, and we would never let a female walk to their car by herself.” He added that Johnny, “Thought his truck was being towed. So he said something to the guys, like, ‘Hey, are you towing?’ And then once he turned around, he saw what was happening and he put his coworker behind him. And that’s when they shot him.

Photo: JPI

Sadly, Grant revealed, Johnny was shot in the chest, and that Johnny and his co-worker had to park about two blocks from the restaurant, so they were walking to their cars after they finished their shift when the incident unfolded.

Grant shared that he hopes justice will be served and the men are caught, “I hope they are able to track the people who did this. I am glad in a way that this is getting the publicity so that it could shed some light that things need to change, or find ways so that no one else has to experience this – whether it be a murder or being at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

In what has already been horrific that we lost Johnny to a senseless act of gun violence over an attempted theft, learning that the actor died right after protecting somebody else, only reinforces the kind of man Wactor was to all those who knew and loved him. Share your thoughts on the latest details on Johnny’s death via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital Co-Stars Share Their Grief and Mourn the Loss of Johnny Wactor

There has been an outpouring of grief, sadness and remembrances for former General Hospital actor, Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando Corbin 2020-2022), who the world learned was shot and killed on Saturday in a senseless theft and act of gun violence.

As previously reported, Wactor was only 37-years-old. The incident, as told by Wactor’s mother to TMZ, which ultimately took his life, occurred when three individuals attempted to steal the catalytic converter from Johnny’s car. Once alerted to the situation. Wactor did not try to stop or interfere in the theft but the unidentified suspects shot him anyway and then got a way.

Wactor’s talent agent, David Shaul, made this statement on his passing to Variety, “Johnny Wactor was a spectacular human being. Not just a talented actor who was committed to his craft but a real moral example to everyone who knew him. Standing for hard work, tenacity and a never give up attitude. In the highs and lows of a challenging profession he always kept his chin up and kept striving for the best he could be. Our time with Johnny was a privilege we would wish on everyone. He would literally give you the shirt off his back. After over a decade together, he will leave a hole in our hearts forever.”

Photo: ABC

Many of Johnny’s former GH castmates took to social media in the last several hours with heartbreaking and touching words on the loss of Wactor. Here are just some below, and Michael Fairman TV will continue to update these remembrances as they are posted.

Sofia Mattsson (Sasha) – My heart is so utterly broken… Johnny was the absolute best. So genuine. So caring. Incredibly hard working and humble. With a huge heart that spread so much kindness and joy. He always made sure everyone around him felt seen, heard and loved. I admire the man he was so much and I’m a better person for having known him. We shared so many special moments, both on and off screen, and I will forever cherish them deeply in my heart. You will be so incredibly missed Johnny… I’m sure you’re already busy taking care of everyone up there.”

Maurice Benard (Sonny): “What can I say about something so senseless? Johnny was the sweetest guy coolest dude and just a great soul. This is beyond words you will be missed my friend.”

Chad Duell (Michael): “Some POS scum taking the life of someone who’s making something of themselves, and an amazing person. So disgusting and infuriating. Don’t know what else to say.. just so wrong.”

Photo: ABC

Jon Lindstrom (Kevin): “When the tears slow down, I am literally sick to my stomach at this news. Johnny was one of those rare young men in this business who was kind, unassuming, humble, and always thought about other people. A talented young guy who just wanted to share that talent with the world. I wish I had enough love to fill the hole that his loved ones must feel right now, but I know that’s impossible. Johnny will be missed on this plane. For a long time to come. R.I.P.”

Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis): “An absolutely inconceivable, enraging & senseless tragedy. Johnny was a lovely man. Condolences to his family & friends. May they find eventual peace & may his memory be a blessing.”

Finola Hughes (Anna): “Gutted…. 🕊️ sending my deepest condolences to his family 🤍 I feel I must add to this post. The shock is so terrible, for such a genuine young man to be taken so violently. I am incredibly sad for his family. He was a very hardworking person, kind and extremely respectful to his fellow cast members. I am so sorry for his loss 🤍 Johnny Wactor xxx”

Photo: ABC

Kirsten Storms (Maxie): “I’m in a state of disbelief and complete sadness. I don’t typically do posts like this, but Johnny was such a special person and it feels important (for me) to put these words out there. To Johnny’s mother and family, I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine what you must be feeling right now. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Johnny was one of those rare “real individuals” that you almost never come across. I was fortunate enough to have some really good conversations with him where we discussed things I don’t typically open up about. For some reason, we talked about the deep stuff. He was a safe space for those conversations and, in turn, he would talk about his life. He genuinely cared about people and their journeys in life. During his time on GH I witnessed him work hard and truly have respect for every single person in our building. I just cannot believe that his life was stolen from him the way it was. My heart hurts. RIP Johnny”

Bonnie Burroughs (ex-Gladys): “I am heartbroken and sickened by this terrible loss. Johnny I love you. My heart breaks for your real mom and your whole family. The world is darker now.”

Photo: ABC

Ashton Arbab (ex-Dev): “Absolutely heartbroken while typing this. Johnny Wactor was not only my tv dad for more than 25 episodes on General Hospital but he was a great human, a kind soul, an inspiration and a one of a kind actor. May your soul rest in peace. Heaven gained an Angel.”

Perry Chen (Brad): Johnny Wactor was a beautiful, beautiful soul. So talented. As you can see from the promo clip, always up for anything. Funny as all heck. Fit as all hell but also loved ice cream and ate all the junk I did as well. We all were cheated of many years with him.

Kelly Thiebaud (ex-Britt):  “Johnny Wactor, you were one of the good ones. I’m so sorry this happened to you. RIP”

Photo: ABC

William deVry (ex-Julian): “Honestly, words can’t begin 2 express the sadness with which 2 convey my feelings towards losing another GH Alum. The senselessness of this lose is beyond description. Johnny was such a good guy. Really horrible. RIP Johnny Wactor & much love & comfort to those who loved him.”

Laura Wright (Carly): “In shock. My heart breaks for Johnny’s family. You were an incredible man.”

Kathleen Gati (Obrecht): Another talented, kind and generous General Hospital colleague gone too soon. Deepest condolences to the family, friends, colleagues and fans of Johnny Wactor.”

Cynthia Watros (Nina): “What a kind soul. We lost an amazing man.”

Briana Lane (ex-Brook Lynn): “The world lost a wonderful person yesterday and a true gentleman to everyone he met. I feel lucky to have known him and to have experienced the warmth he exuded so effortlessly. RIP Johnny Wactor”

Lydia Look (Selina): “Johnny, I’m crying and will be for a bit. I knew you were talented when you simply just took your shirt off when the rest of us were trying to outdo each other with our skits. I also knew there & then that you were fine as wine 😻 I also saw how you’d let others take the spotlight whilst confident & loving in your own space. Most of all, I learnt what a magnificent human you were in our long car rides between fan events. I will cherish our chats. Thank you.”

The official General Hospital social media accounts on X and Instagram shared: “The entire General Hospital family is heartbroken to hear of Johnny Wactor’s untimely passing. He was truly one of a kind and a pleasure to work with each and every day. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones during this difficult time.”

What do you think about some of the remembrances of Johnny Wactor as shared by his former GH co-stars and friends af learning he was shot and killed? Comment below.


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