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General Hospital

GH's Jason Morgan Black T-Shirt Day Marathon right after Turkey Day!


SOAPnet has a holiday treat on their programming schedule for Steve Burton/Jason Morgan fans!  You see, General Hospital’s Jason Morgan has made his ubiquitous black t-shirt one of the most famous fashion statements on television.  Fans love him in italmost as much as they love him out of it.  So for all things Jason, tune in on Black Friday for five hours of favorite Jason episodes in Black T-Shirt Friday: A Jason Morgan Marathon from 7PM-12AM on Friday, November 26th, right after Thanksgiving Day!

Here are the special encore episodes full of Jason and his black-tee that you will see!

7PM – General Hospital Episode #1996-8430 (Original Air Date March 7, 1996) – Soon after suffering brain injuries in a car accident, Jason visits his new friend, Sonny.  When the Quartermaines have the police bring him home, he finds their concern stifling.  In response, Jason defiantly rides his new motorcycle into their living room.

8PM – General Hospital Episode #1997-8488 (OAD May 28, 1996) – After a night of passion, Jason and Carly set the ground rules for their no strings attached  relationship.

9PM – General Hospital Episode #1997-8793 (OAD August 1,1997) – Jason and Robin tearfully break up after Robin begs Sonny to fire Jason to protect him from Sonny’s dangerous lifestyle.

10PM – General Hospital Episode #2005-10914 (OAD November 8, 2005) – Despite severe pain from his own brain injury, Jason saves both Robin and Sam in the aftermath of a major train crash.

11PM – General Hospital Episode #2005-10922 (OAD November 18, 2005) – Jason’s loved ones are relieved to learn he survived the train tunnel collapse.  He then proposes to Sam before beginning experimental brain treatment.

General Hospital

GH’s Charles Shaughnessy On Victor’s Villainy: “He’s Just Making Trouble for All of the Fan Favorites! He’s Just Making Their Lives Miserable”

In pretty short order, Victor Cassadine’s re-emergence in Port Charles, and now played by daytime vet, Charles Shaughnessy, has caused plenty of havoc on ABC’s General Hospital.  Shaughnessy, who was much beloved as Shane Donovan on Days of our Lives, debuted on GH back in September of 2021.

You can look at the body count, or the people Victor has under his thumb, to know the impact he is making on the canvas.

In a new interview in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest (on newsstand now), Shaughnessy weighs-in on being the treacherous Cassadine.


Charles shared: “I mean, he’s just making trouble for all of the fan favorites! He’s just making their lives miserable.  He’s the guy who killed Luke Spencer.  He’s the guy who put Anna in jail and tried to break up her relationship with Valentin.  He’s just miserable to Holly. He’s just dreadful! But it’s such great fun, I mean, the more dreadful the better, really. He’s the villain you love to hate.”

Photo: ABC

So, how and just when Victor will get his comeuppance is on everyone’s mind in the viewing audience as well as for characters such as: Laura (Genie Francis), Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), Lucy (Lynn Herring), Holly (Emma Samms), Anna (Finola Hughes), Ava (Maura West), Selina (Lydia Look), and many more.

Victor’s evil deeds seemed to reach new heights during the Holly Sutton storyline. Now the question is, who will he go after next, given what would seem to be his quest for the necklace containing diamonds from the Ice Princess?  Stay tuned.

What do you think of Charles’ portrayal of Victor? Who do you hope takes down Victor? Comment below.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Felicia, Robert & Holly’s Masterplan Revealed Featuring Heart-Tugging Moments from Tristan Rogers & Emma Samms

Wednesday’s General Hospital began where the previous episode left off, with an on-fire, Holly Sutton (Emma Samms), literally! As the action picks up, Robert (Tristan Rogers) covers Holly with blankets to try and douse the flames.  The paramedics announce Holly has suffered second-degree burns over 75% of her body.

When the ambulance takes off, Robert goes with it. Meanwhile, Jordan (Tanisha Harper) and Mac (John J. York) are looking for evidence from the cabin fire … and wonder where the necklace has gone?


Later, the ambulance pulls over to the side of the road, and one of the drivers is none other than paramedic Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner)! Felicia reveals herself as does Holly, who is perfectly fine, and Robert, who was in on the entire ruse to get Holly safely out of the country and away from Victor Cassadine (Charles Shaughnessy).

Viewers learn in flashbacks how this trio worked together to pull this off: Felicia showed up at the cabin with fire retardant clothes for Holly to wear and revealed how she planned to set the stove to start the fire.  We then learn that Holly and Robert staged Robert’s drugging and mugging, in order for Holly to steal the necklace and leave it inside the cabin for the PCPD to find.  It was Holly’s plan to ensure that Victor would have no further use for her.

Next, Robert gives Holly the keys to a car that can’t be traced; as she is to drive to Canada with a new ID and completely disappear.  Felicia adds that records will show that Holly was taken to a burn facility halfway around the world, freeing her to find out just where Victor is holding her beloved son, Ethan.


Holly has a surprise in store for Victor on her departure! In a flashback, Holly meets up with Selina Wu (Lydia Look) on the pier and gifts her with one of the jewels from the necklace in exchange for poisoning Victor for her. Holly tells Selina she won’t find her son alive and well if Victor is dead, and assures Selina the poison will not kill Victor, but will be payback.

As the episode comes to a conclusion, and if you are a longtime fan of GH, you probably reached for the hankies in touching and beautifully-played moments between Tristan Rogers and Emma Samms.


In the story, Holly apologizes to Robert for all the trouble she has caused, but the two share a passionate kiss before they say their final goodbyes. BUT .. you didn’t think Holly would try to get away without one last scheme? She had the necklace in her pocket the whole time, begging the question … was she  going to take it with her? However, Robert knew Holly had the necklace and asks her to hand it over to him, which she does.

For her final moments, Holly walks off into the fog, which could only signify that this guest star turn for Emma Samms has come to its conclusion.

So, what did you think about the twists on today’s episode? Did you think Robert, Felicia and Holly were in cahoots? What did you think of the final scenes between Tristan Rogers and Emma Samms? Comment below.

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General Hospital

GH’s Holly Set Ablaze; Show Reveals Stunt Double For Emma Samms From Major Cliffhanger

If you caught the end of Tuesday’s fiery episode of General Hospital, you know that Holly (Emma Samms) who was cornered by the PCPD, ended up on fire when the cabin she was in went up in flames!

In the cliffhanger, Holly was seen on fire coming out of the cabin.  Of course, viewers knew that a stunt double would have to be called in to tape such a moment, and that is exactly what the ABC daytime drama series did.

On Wednesday, GH’s official Instagram released a photo of Samms and stunt performer Colby Lemmo stating: “We’re seeing double! 🔥 Let’s give stunt performer @colby_lemmo a hand for helping bring yesterday’s explosive finale to life. 👏👏👏 ”

Lemmo has performed stunts for major motion pictures and TV shows  including: The Mandalorian, Westworld, Criminal Minds, 9-1-1. and many others.

Now the question becomes, what will happen to Holly? We know that Emma Samms only returned to GH for a limited-run to reprise her signature GH role.

Does this mean that Holly might be recast with a new face, if she is badly burned and disfigured … or is this just an exit strategy where the character gets sent away to heal from her burns … or was that not really Holly who came out of the cabin?  Three possible theories that fans are pondering.

So, what did you think of the fiery conclusion of yesterday’s GH? What do you think will happen to Holly? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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