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GH's Laura Wright Tweets On Why Carly Might Be Drawn To Franco!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Fans of General Hospital have noticed over the last several episodes that it appears that Carly(Laura Wright) has some very conflicted feelings for former serial murderer, Franco (Roger Howarth).

After seeing him at some of the lowest points in life, including watching him trying to kill himself pre-brain surgery,  and then again after when he was contemplating suicide post-brain surgery on the GH hospital rooftop, there clearly is some attraction going on between the two characters.  Carly also testified at Franco’s hearing to if he is a changed man.  Is Carly clearly falling for this guy?  Is it Carly and her choice of bad boy men once again? Do viewers care as long as it puts Roger Howarth and Laura Wright together again?

Well this afternoon, a couple of fans were tweeting to Laura Wright about why Carly would be drawn to Franco, and does it have anything to do with Franco being Jason’s twin?

Laura responded tweeting, “Ok my take on it–Carly doesn’t get why she is doing this either- with Franco. She’s drawn to him because of Jason? It’s her struggle as well.  And as an actress I love playing it-we can Judge all day long but people, REAL people are capable of anything. So characters on TV r 2 🙂 AND haa lastly. I love working with Roger so. It’s a blast for me to do anything with RH. With that off to the pool— xoxo”

So why do you think, is Carly drawn  now hopelessly to Franco? What would her best friend Jason, think of her falling in love with his twin brother?   Do you like Laura Wright and Roger Howarth paired together romantically?  Are you looking forward to seeing how and if their on-screen relationship intensifies? Comment below!

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I love love love the new Franco!!
RC & RH have killed of the original Franco and brought us a Q ..!
Franco will rock the Q boat!!
I looking forward to all the RC/RH Franco stories..

RH is making his Franco his own, and bringing it home!!!
((it doesn’t get any better than that))

I agree.

I like him too…see you can be entertained without the cursing and flash of skin suOOOO…lol

RoHo is simply a laugh riot….his FrancQ is light years away from the demented soul that James F. created…..and his detractors just need to get used to that notion. Yesterday’s face-to-face with Heather really proves that fact….the two were comedic magic together, and their chemistry priceless!!!! Particularly the bit about her “birthday gift” and of course, her “BLT jones!” As soon as Shawn offered up his famous sandwich to Max on the previous day’s show, I knew that this was a bit of clever foreshadowing, and that it would be central to Ms. Webber’s next appearance. The only part I erroneously guessed was that when Max put down the tasty treat after one bite to attend to the mob drama in the kitchen, I expected the lady herself would sneak into the diner to filch it, with the burly bodyguard later returning to find an empty plate!!! Oh well…it was just as funny the way it actually went down, but I do have to wonder what the whack-job is going to say when her beloved treat is delivered stone cold (not unlike Jason!) and with a bite missing…should be interesting viewing to say the least!!!!

Because she knows it will get her more airtime 😉

She has a lot as it is…lol


And I hate that Franco said to her the other day that they are drawn together because they are the town outcasts!

That’s what Todd said to her. This whole storyline has been pitiful to say the least!

No matter how many white washing DVDs he produces, Franco is the one who set the events in motion that got her son sexually assaulted in prison. Carly shouldn’t touch Franco with a ten foot pole. If they wanted to repair LW and RH, they could have made RH ANY other character but this one.

I am not one… to heed to storyline…

but… this is one time.. I am…

as a mother… parent… father…

this happens to your child.. regardless if your child is in prison.. and this unfolds as… your child was overpowered.. and the ramifications.. don’t stop…

Carly is sharing with Liz.. that because of the “brain tumor” … it’s OK ?????

writers… come up with something other than Carly libido to trigger her, self gratification…

I totally agree – somethings cannot, and should not be overcome – I don’t call this storyline entertainment … just very distressing.

Laura and Roger have great chemistry. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Carly and Franco.

I agree I love RH and LW…chemistry is awesome

Definitely love them together

hey, if it gives her more air time, thank God! She is one of the best actresses on today’s soaps. And pairing her with Roger Howarth is brilliant.

I’m with you Connie. I perk up any time Laura Wright comes on screen.

Okay not until Ron Carlivati clarifies himself through writing and believable build will I ever buy Carly and Franco as a pairing until Franco Roger Howarth and Ronald Carlivati shown us back story Carlys children forgiving Franco will anyone be able to believe this…. Ron Carlivati should stop focusing on Carly Franco angle but more Michael and Franco, Morgan and Franco build that Up give him a back story give him other angles to play at then maybe some Lovin….

Itll happen…im sure…we got to wait and see…

I also want to add I enjoyed the darkness of a character one that is sweet kind caring but also ruthless selfish greedy shows jealousy in spades and will go to any extremes to fight for the people that they love,
Characters with more depth then comedy so far Roger has been doing mostly Comedy amazingly small hints of ruthlessness and the breakdown was best he has done by far as Franco that is…

I think Ronald Carlivati needs to add more layers to Roger Howarths character…
Make him more Zach Slater Sonny Corinthos Jason Morgan Ej Dimera phenomenal depths

Give it time to build.
RH/Franco has just had his tumor removed and is developing into Franco the Q..
It is a new day, new Franco, and new stories, and ALL the characters that RH has made his own has been layered and Franco will be layered sky high, wait for it 🙂

Nobody but RH could bring new life to Franco the Q ..
This Franco is being made for RH.. !
I see the future of RH once again being the best of the best with his Franco character and it will be a great assist to GH to have a power Q in Port Charles and RH will take his Franco to new heights 🙂

The 1st Franco is dead and in a jar !!


The 1st Franco is dead and in a jar !!

and this gives us reason and pause for Carly… cause… it’s her – getting all the mens….. on canvas… and it’s her turn… always… and it’s because… Carly is this and Carly is that.

is that reason enough anymore? her family is deadbeat… Michael and Morgan haven’t done anything… ALL summer… and now we’re “heating” up Carly to abandon herself to Franco.. and vise versa

Love whatever Laura Wright and Roger Howarth do. Great Pairing

I want Ava Jerome to have a love interest.

so do I… because it’s too obvious that it was Carly and nuTodd/Franco.

Ava… has shutz pa… and allure.

Ava can have Sonny both ruthless manipulative characters he could be her redemption for sleeping with his son and killing Connie

Would be even more unbelievable than Franco and Carly ! lol
At least RH and LW have some great chemistry.

She already does….herself!!!! She seems completely absorbed in her own “Avaness.” I find her totally emotionally uninvolved as a mother or sister….everything that appears to matter to her is only in the context of how it will affect HER. There is never any true thought for anyone else’s welfare or feelings, just how those she plays off of will be of personal benefit. Despite supposedly having a huge history with Franco, Ms. Jerome showed no genuine concern or sorrow for his tribulations, in fact, the only time there is even a hint of caring in her shallow,callow character is when Silas is around….probably because she knows she can’t have him, so of course, she wants him all the more! Other than to fulfill her own craven desires, I see no motivation or interest for Ava beyond Ava herself…

I could see something between Ava and Silas.. withFranco or Sonny not so much (or not at all)..but with Silas there is Sam ! ha.

I just want Roger and Laura to fall in love on the show. My two favorite actors

When that happens I will be LONG gone. After watching for 30 years. Enough already.

yep these two actors are great together..but the story between the Franco and Carly characters..well the writing will have to be really skilled, smart and subtle in order to work..we will see..

Yeah about that why is Ron only letting Carly out of the closet when Franco’s on he does realize she has children and those children she fought fore she deserves better then this having her kids as props for Quiz and Holivia truly sucks major

i’m loving it, i know a lot of viewers are still hung up on ” the three ex OLTL stars” and their past characters, but i’ve moved on and i buy them in their new roles, GH is good again and i’m glad we have the 3 ex oltl here and they are now clearly GH stars.

I agree

#1. Roger Howarth…. ie: even as Franco…. is a good looking guy…. how stimulating is “this” ?

tell me I’m wrong….

ie: Carly and Sonny. where do we take them? Carly hasn’t had her own storyline.. since… the nuTodd… left… etc… and it’s like… ie: the writers’ think they still have writers gold in the pairing of NuTodd/Franco… and Carly?

if we go by the fan outcry… it’s not what should be happening… true to form… and her libido and personal life be damned.

Carly’s sons… are boring

Michael and Morgan… haven’t produced.. any, interest… Kiki is with them.

you know… nuTodd, left… and now it’s Franco…. so? what? because there’s a physical attraction… why not let it be that… it’s Carly.

puhlease… writers… don’t let her mingle and get her claws in to Derrick.. just because it’s intrigue and Carly gets what she wants… 2nd fiddle… be damned… it’s Alexis turn

you know… work the canvas… get Carly some drama… all her own… something.. personal… heck.. something, with Bobbi… outside of men… and screaming about her kids.

till its something other than men… Carly is written in to a corner.

I think what is really comes down to is that Carly simply cannot resist the urge to “experience” (i.e., “possess?”) the latest “Quartermaine” brother….she collects them, and now that this newest one has been “reissued” as a more palatable version, she’s just gotta have it!!!! The fact that he is now being played by RH (with whom LW loves being paired….) is just the icing on the (birthday) cake…..

you have a point there….

ie: not having Bobbi around….

and… using her wiles… to snag men… is a throwback to what makes Carly tick…

In other words, old habits die hard….LOL.

Speaking from someone who loves Laura’s Carly… I still wish at this time in her life she would pick a good guy… like Jax was until he went bad. I have a problem with her getting involved with Franco the character we have known because of everything he has done… especially to Jason and her family. I understand an interest because he is Jason’s brother and if he could be a truly changed man… it should still be hard because she would always remember what he was and did. I would love to see the new Franco become a redeemed Q. If he stays the same old Franco he should be with Ava.

I would like to see Carly with some very rich and successful business tycoon who gives her cache in town so… while she came and struggled with her beginnings and bad boy escapades she came out of it with someone who is successful with some ruthlessness. I would like to see Carly eventually be like Tracy Q and be a big benefactor to GH and Port Charles. She will always have her edge… complexity… and a touch of crazy… but she will be in everyone’s orbit! Carly, Tracy and Anna should be in anyone’s orbit… they play so well with everyone!

I love the two actors together. Because of the ruthless Franco #1, I think they need to do a very slow build to any romance maybe a year or so. I also think it would be a good idea to let the new Franco (Rob Q) to develop into a different personality with his own layers and not be the original Franco or Todd. Let them eventually become friends and later see what happens. I think it is a very small minority of fans who are doing all the complaining about the two, but they do have a point. The character that RH plays needs to evolve before a pairing between him and LW can take place. I hope the writers take the TIME to develop this story.

i agree

Okay I have a question I had a dream about this last night why did Laura forgive Luke?
I mean Luke brutally raped her and yet Laura forgave him she carried her rapist children raised them together she loved Luke and I get what Franco did was so much worse then what Luke did he for years tortured Carly’s loved ones and I’m hoping Ron will be able to give him a back story and more then a few days work all about Ava crap but I think once Ron works his magic and gives us more then a tumor to explain Franco’s actions then I think fans will love him all the more

Laura forgave Luke because he told her to go away, he was convinced he would be dead in a matter of hours, and he simply overpowered her to take what he wanted before he died. He was immediately remorseful (the horror showed on his face within minutes) and he showed serious concern for her thereafter. Indeed, he was downright horrified when he realized she wasn’t dealing with what happened when he went to visit her in the hospital. He didn’t do the deed to torture her and then relish the torture. (Franco enjoyed what he did to everyone he mistreated.)

Also, it was months before anything transpired in the LnL story that furthered them as a couple. True, they continued to fight their attraction for each other but there was no insta-connection for romance.

I believe the best way of settling this if Ron sends Roger Howarth back to one life to live so he can only work along side Kassie Depiava it’s clear that’s where he belongs and where he wants to be so just let him leave their’s no future here….
Carly belongs with Aj or Sonny not Roger Howarth I can see he’s disgusted by her

Are you on Roger’s head ?! eyeroll.. He looks pretty fine having A JOB on a tv soap on a daily basis actually, as any actor with some brain would be.

Laura and Roger have chemistry onscreen just like Kassie and Roger do. I look forward to a romance between Carly and Franco if I can’t have Todd and Blair. I also look forward to Roger’s screen time. I love what he has done with franco.

This tumor insta-whitewashing is pretty ridiculous, even for a soap..but i like RH although he plays Franco exactly like Todd..yet i like Todd so..let’s just hope the writing for Franco will be more clever in the future..we will see..

Okay this tumor and Jason stuff doesnt work Ron Carlivati really needs a wider imagination on this one come on man Tumor isn’t enough you want to make this believable make it powerful the chemistry can only take you so far and I think Guza would have been better at making and creating powerful stories like this after all he wrote all Sonny’s breakdowns he wrote Johnny Zacchara and some of the best pairings ever

I am really enjoying the Carly and Franco story line. I like how it’s unfolding and it has a ton of potential. Laura and Roger have some of the best chemistry too.

Sorry the Franco / Carly instant attraction is contrived and being as usual forced down the viewer’s throats. No matter if it does not support the character as they have been developed. Obviously it is only what Ms. Wright desires that matters to the powers that be because Ms. Wright in her tweet made it clear she does not give a crap to what the fans have to say. At least that is the main opinion I am seeing on other boards!

Um Ms.Wright isn’t a writer ok and further more that’s the only time she gets to have screentime is when Roger Howarth is on it’s clear Ron loves Howarth and Laura gets paid a good deal of money to talk up her stories and do and say what Ron wants her to do and say I bet if she was paired back up with Ingo Radamcher she would be enjoying herself even more and talking it up on twitter and no one would see a problem with it.

I think she loves playing with Roger, like she loved playing with Ingo..and of course she loves (maybe even more, i understand her..) having screen-time !

I’m loving Franco/Carly, they are great together.

I can’t stand Carly and Franco. While I like most everything else going on with the show I hate this pairing and this storyline so much I skip over it or leave the room / change the channel when its on. It is just so disturbing that any mother would become infatuated with a man who stalked her daughter and arranged for her son to be raped. The tumor is just another poor writing ploy – if the tumor was responsible for his crimes why did he come back with the DVD’s to whitewash his behavior. Makes no sense whatsoever. Why should longtime GH fans have to put up with this dreck just to please OLTL viewers ? I don’t care about the actors’ chemistry the storyline just SUCKS.

the storyline has to improve, this tumor explanation, plot point yes is ridiculous and silly..and/but the actors have some great chemistry..Now the writing has to match the chemistry..

I love the pairing. Roger Howarth started slowly to morph “Crazy Franco” into a character that is able to show feelings, as true love for his ex-daughter, regret, disappointment and hope. It won´t take long and Roger Howarth is going to make the audience believe that tumor-less Franco is someone who deserves to be loved.
As Laura pointed out on twitter. people in real life a capable of anything, so why shouldn´t fictional characters overcome the past?
Their story will be much more intense as all the other pairings on GH. Furthermore you can feel how mach both actors enjoy working together. So I´m all in for this pairing, Laura and Roger rock the story!!!

In the universe of soaps the heart wants what the heart wants– sometimes what the heart wants is the worse thing for the character, but doesn’t stop them from following their heart.

In our universe the powers that be at GH aren’t fools– they know RH and LW have great chemistry together and they be crazy not to use it— and that is why Carly is attracted to Franco.


sorry maybe im missing something but i dont see the great chemistry between LW AND RH! I love love love RH but i see DYNAMIC chemistry between FRANCO AND AVA. I simply dont see anything between franco and carly. I agree totally with the above poster who said Franco is the one who set the events in motion that got her son sexually assaulted in prison. Carly shouldn’t touch Franco with a ten foot pole. If they wanted to repair LW and RH, they could have made RH ANY other character but this one. she said in court she wouldnt trust Franco around her kids but Carly is going to be involved with franco PLEASE GMAB totally OOC for carly.

you know..the story between Ava and Franco is not better either..and to me chemistry is between the actors playing Carly and Franco..the scenes between Ava and Franco i see more some sort of siblings chem..not really exiting imho.

I cannot accept the character Franco, in either pre- or post- tumor. Franco is the biggest misstep GH has ever committed, followed closely by revealing that he is Jason’s heretofore unknown twin. I still want to puke when Franco (it doesn’t make a difference who plays him) comes on the screen. The only way out of this mess, as far as I can see, is to completely divorce the character from the Franco name. Robert Frank should become Robert Quartermaine and let the Franco moniker die even in our memories.

Well, some people can not move on and leave the past behind and simply enjoy the stories, such a shame..

I prefer Ava now…..Lets give her some piece of Morgan ! Then mama Carly could be fun

Hey first off my 2cents is that Carly shouldn’t have to use Jason as a excuse to be with anyman Ron already clarified that.
Laura Wright has the right to support her ships just like she supported CarJax and Sharly and CarJo she’s professional Kassie is the one that needs to satisfy her thirst with Roger Howarth she has a Howarth Obsession not Laura, Wright is good either way…
Also Howarth and Laura have been friends longer then Kassie and Roger so it makes sense she’s supportive of him…

Now as far as Franco and Carly goes I do think Ron needs to develop Franco Quartermaine more give him some back story let him settle in town stop putting Carly only in his orbit let him flourish and get along with her children make friends have a sister build a relationship with Aj bulid Roger’s character before strapping him with a love interest….

Ron if you read this or come across this please take my advice don’t duplicate your past stories man please for god sakes create something new here build it please for the love of god don’t waste this soap goodness and Frank don’t allow him to do so, get Guza in on this he can probably help you he created Jasam so I believe Guza could help Ron on this

Carly has always been a favourite of mine as well as Roger Howarth and I do like their chemistry together.

Carly Quartermaine Corinthos Corinthos Corinthos Alcazar Corinthos Jacks is and always have been a fan favorite on General Hospital so I hope Ron treats her with care and at least takes a min to see the person she truly is

The 2 actors DO have great chemistry together, and both are enormously beautiful and talented. BUT the brain tumor redemption is DONE and is something I can’t live with, so I ignore it as if Franco never was a serial killer. I’m not sure exactly what Franco’s past was, since I wasn’t watching during the James Franco times, because I was sick of JFP and her misogynistic head writer Robert Guza. Too bad the drama with the ONE LIFE THREE couldn’t be worked out. ABC really screwed everyone.

It’s cool to know that Laura loves working with Roger. They really play off each other well and Franco easily fits in Carly’s world. I’m loving them together. I also love Franco & Ava scenes and relationship too.

Carly belongs with Sonny Corinthos or Aj Quartermaine
Roger Howarth belongs with Kassie Depaiva, Roger Howarth fans know this to be true
Lorac and girls on Cataz Roger Howarth fansite know this to be true and some are well haters and not real Roger fans and claim he’s good with Carly but most Roger Howarth fans can see how disgusted Roger is when working on GH and with Laura wright it makes is sad for him
Especially Cataz number one Roger fan sees Roger isnt enjoying working with Laura Wright Just doesn’t say it cause she’s a nice person

does making up stuff make you feel better?

I love you Cat your the most loyal Roger fan ever but you don’t have to be nice just say it like it is you hate LW and you don’t want Roger to settle for her
Love you girl your my girl I got your back!!

They are ACTORS for pete’s sake ! Get a grip, maybe the characters belong together but the actors are just playing these characters, it is above all A JOB for them. They have a REAL LIFE with REAL SPOUSES or LIFE PARTNERS. Roger belongs to his wife the same way Kassie belongs to his Husband (who played Max on OLTL by the way..he was not Max, he played him ! The same way Kassie plays Blair, she is not Blair).


i love Franco and Carly i love Laura Wright and Roger Howarth they work so well togather

Yes All and I do mean all Roger Howarth Fans know that he’s only on GH until his contract is up and
Cataz myself Lorac Albert Jenn Trinity are all rooting for his return home to his loving Kassie they belong together and these women and myself know how Roger works we could see how disgusted and twisted Roger Howarth is on General Hospital and how he longs for Kassie/Blair it’s all over his face even as Todd we saw it Ava is the closest thing there is to Blair on GH…
We want him with Ava and Carly with anyone but Roger Howarth character he doesn’t belong on GH there’s no future here for him

Clearly you´ve got the brains of a 3-year old. Since you throw out names, did you consult with any of them? I guess not. And since you dare to speak for an entire community of Roger Howarth fans, I´m damn sure you didn´t ask for my permission to speak on my behalf. So shut up and speak ONLY for YOURSELF.

Um okay first off your not a real Roger fan Roger fans only want Ava and Franco Blair and Todd Cataz Lorac Albert Mary RHGirl and many more hate Laura Wright and her thirsty self so OOMF you Faux Roger Lover anyone that supports Roger with Laura isn’t a real Roger fan so IDGAF who you are we ain’t here for your Carly supporting lover devil self…
Your not a Roger fan don’t claim to be

TnB4ever…you have lost it. get help.

Ditto… And why add me in this when….if you could read or were sane… Everyone on the site you mentioned knows I detest Roger with Kassie and Todd with Blair. You really do need help if only to realize you can’t say who is an is not a real fan. I guess you think I’m not since I was a TNT fan and want Florencia Lozano back on GH.

i think it would be great to see them together

I love that Laura W. sent this message out. It is exactly how it plays to me, she is such a great actress. I really enjoy her and Roger H.’s scenes. My only concern is that is is going a little too fast for my tastes. I feel that they should have these two thrown together more instead of choosing to spend time together. Let’s build this a little more slowly. I really like Ron so I’m willing to sit back trust him to do it right. Just the other day when I was thinking why the heck would Carly go to the trial she shouldn’t trust him. But then she had that conflicted speech saying she didn’t. So I feel like Ron knows what he is doing with this.

First of all Roger wasn’t on Loving that long to have a so called long relationship with Laura. They never had and still don’t great chemistry like he has with Kassie. He and Kassie could play different characters and still have more chemistry than he and Laura. Their scenes never felt force even after 8 years. Kassie is just telling the truth that she enjoys working with him and his other co-stars have said the same thing. The difference between Kassie and Laura is she wouldn’t push a co-star under the bus to work with a certain actor. Laura knows this time around Roger has better chemistry with Maura than he ever had with her and making stupid excuses is all she can do to stay front and center. Sorry but the majority of the fans (look at polls and various message boards) don’t like them as a couple and know Carly would never get involved with Franco, Kill him yes but never get involved. Most fans say they fast forward their scenes. RC & FV need to open theirs eyes and see the mess that is Franco & Carly is not working and get rid of the character who is simply Todd with a different name. Laura is refusing just like RC to see that Carly has better chemistry with SK & WD. GH is doing well in the ratings due to the veterans and very few newbies not these two. She can make all the excuses she wants but it won’t change the fact RC ruined her character.

Couldn’t agree more with this post. I really wonder how TPTB can feign such cluelessness for much longer. It will bite them in the backside in the end.

Don’t speak for everybody..i see chemistry between Howarth and Wright, not so much with Maura West (who is a great actress but chemistry is here or not). As for the fan wars between Kassie and Laura and actually between Blair and Carly..come on it is kind of OTT and silly..Roger Howarth is not even Todd on GH anymore..give it up Blair doesn’t even have any story with Franco, come on..the Carly bashing and Ava propping seems almost a die hard Blair fan Carly would be too much a threat to Blair therefore let’s praise and propp Ava..kind of ridiculous since Blair has NOTHING to do with this Franco

I hope Roger Howarth doesn’t have to endure this endless suffering of having to work with Laura and he returns home to only work with his true love Kassie where he belongs
Cataz Girls are working hard to prevent Laura and Roger working together and enduring of anything Laura and Roger we rather him with Ava then Carly or anyone But Carly

You really need to stop the lies and get some serious help.

So you talked to him recently and he’s told you this? You really need to stop with the nonsense because you don’t know what he wants.

Kassie is NOT Roger Howarth’s true love..try to make a difference between fiction and reality..Roger IS NOT Todd and Kassie IS NOT Blair.

Cataz Lorac RHGirl Angie Trinity Albert Jenn and many more of us know Roger Howarth and we can see his disgust working with Laura Wright we know he doesn’t want this we want Carly dead or with Sonby or Aj Roger Howarth shouldnt be tortured this way we are fighting to save Roger from this Beast that’s Laura we will save him he will be home to Blair soon We are saving him from this beast
Almighty god is on our side and we will save Roger and return him to Blair

how do you know what Roger wants

Because real Roger fans know this he only wants to work with Maura and Kassie

I’m enjoying the building story of Franco & Carly. Love Roger on GH and love him working with Everybody, especially Laura Wright. I’m thrilled that Laura loves working with him.

It’s okay Cataz you don’t have to be nice I know how you really feel you want him on OLTL and seeing him with Laura destroys us all inside I know you it’s alright it’s either Maura or Kassie he shouldn’t settle for ordinary I love you and your heart Cataz it’s alright Hugs!!!
I got you I’m your girl TnB4ever

I am loving the new story of Franco and Carly..I am a big fan of RH.
I think that Roger & Laura have great chemistry and can’t wait to see where this SL takes us…

It’s okay RHGal I know how you really feel you don’t have to play nice and be a kiss up
You hate Laura too

Love, love , Love Roger and Laura onscreen togeher. I cannot wait to see where this journey takes Carly and Franco. They have amazing chemistry.

What about RoKa Magic

ka? wouldn’t it be RoLa (roger/laura) or frca? 😉 honestly these short names bug me te he he

I THINK CARLY & Franco make a great couple


YES YES YES!!!! to CARLY and FRANCO get use to it

TEAM FranAva Forever Only true Roger Howarth fans ship FranAva 😛
Your cray if your a CuJo fan all CuJo fans are foaming at the mouth evil wicked people

I’m just glad they’ve figured out a way to get Roger and Laura back to scenes together!

Carly does go for the bad boys, she also (like many women) wants to help them – or fix them, and I’m sure down deep she’s also feeling guilty for trying to kill him and that was before they knew about the tumor and what it had been making Franco behave deplorably for so long. I think a big changing point in how she felt about him was that day up on the bridge when he thought he was Jason.

….And Roger laughs all the way to the bank. GO RH you will always be the best no matter who you portray or who they pair you with. But gotta say you have some out there fans, but I’m sure you already knew that. 🙂

sadly every soaps and soap actors have some cray cray ‘fans’ seems to go with

What I’ve noticed with the online community is that it’s only the “fans” that support certain couples who can’t quite grasp that the actors are not the characters. The individual soap & actors fans know the difference. We’re just not as loud & annoying. 🙂

Prospect Park chose to focus on the wrong things for the show & in return had less viewers. I’ve watched OLTL since before ES was Viki Riley & I couldn’t care less if Todd & Blair were soulmates. But PP decided that ALL OLTL fans must be T&Bers & that PP was YOUR biggest mistake.

Ain’t no body got time for you delusional Laura fans OOMF pfffsttt Ya are Cray Cray

I Love Carly and Franco 🙂

First of all what show are watching, that’s Todd without a scar and a different name. He doesn’t act like the old Franco, he acts like Todd which is why most of us don’t buy the tumor excuse. Yes I said most of us, look at the various message boards and other social media’s for every 2 yays there are 10 nays. I am not a fan MW but I see bit of non-forced chemistry but with LW it does feel forced. I recently visited my niece at a big name university and at the student lounge every time RH & LW came on the channel was changed until their scenes were over. They are the demo the networks are looking for. It’s RC’s fault because you can’t say he’s changed when he hasn’t acted like his old self. It’s a shame to because RH is a great actor to have to play scenes that make him look like a clown. It’s one thing to do it for a few scenes, but 90% of his scenes are of him clowning around like Todd and not the Franco GH fans know. We know that KDP/Blair is not on GH, but that’s RC & FV’s fault and like Julia Roberts character in Pretty Woman said to the saleswoman “big mistake”. It doesn’t change the fact that RH & LW don’t have chemistry. I don’t see them topping charts on hulu or youtube. GH’s numbers are rising but they will not reach 2nd or 1st place until they realize it’s because of their veterans & a few newbies, but not the OLTL 3. I still believe LW will come up with any excuse because she knows those are RC’s favorites and she wants to be on the front burner. You can’t blame her for wanting to keep her job but she just needs to be real this is not the Carly the fans know. I don’t speak for everyone just with those that have expressed the same views. Yes they are only soaps, but we fans take time to watch them, so we have the right to give our opinion.

i love Franco and Carly they are so good togather <3

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51st Daytime Emmys: Outstanding Daytime Drama Series Nominations

On Thursday, the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards revealed nominations in several key categories via four entertainment news programs: Access Hollywood, E! News, Extra and Access Hollywood.

Three of the four announcements were major categories in the field of Daytime Dramas.

The nominees in the Outstanding Daytime Drama Series category are: The Bay, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital, Neighbours and The Young and the Restless.

Photo: JPI

General Hospital won this category last year, and has the most all-time wins for a series in this category. For the first time, the beloved Australian-based soap opera, Neighbours is now eligible for competition due to its reboot which streams on Amazon Freevee.

Photo: AmazonFreevee

The 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be handed out in ceremonies in Los Angeles and broadcast live on CBS and streaming on Paramount+ on Friday night, June 7th.

Previous categories announced tonight via the entertainment news outlet included: Lead Actor and Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

So, what do you think about this year’s nominee for the Outstanding Daytime Drama Series? Who do you think should win? Comment below.

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General Hospital

More of the Story on ‘General Hospital’ Star Josh Kelly’s Latest Film Role in ‘The Workout’

We had previously shared that General Hospital’s Josh Kelly was taking three weeks away from his role of Cody Bell to a shoot a role in an upcoming movie entitled The Workout.

Josh originally revealed his role in the film during an episode of GH castmates, Steve Burton (Jason) and Bradford Anderson’s (Spinelli) podcast.

Now Deadline has filled in some of the blanks, and shared some intriguing intel on the premise of the film and its back-story.  The film stars Kelly along with Peter Jae, and UFC Fighter, Ashlee Evans-Smith. Other cast members include The Bay’s Kristos Andrews.

Photo: ABC

In The Workout, two army rangers set out to create a workout video, but their plans are abruptly halted when a mob hit interrupts their filming. Tragically, one of the rangers loses his wife in the attack, sending him on a relentless mission to take down the mob and anyone who stands in his way.

The film from James Cullen Bressack, almost did not get financed.  Apparently, ten days before his birthday, Bressack made a post on Instagram about the feature and production, casting, and financing came from the post … illustrating the power of social media. After the post gained traction, a producer provided financing and actors expressed interest in joining the project, leading to a quick production.

Photo: ABC

In a statement, Bressack shared, “As artists a painter paints, a musician makes music, a writer writes, but as filmmakers we have to ask permission to create. It’s time to change that narrative. This film spawned from a necessity to create. We create. We tell stories. We play pretend. I’m excited to take this journey. This is the truest form of collaboration and a community of friends coming together to make something fun. While our industry has had a rough time recently with strikes and a possible strike looming in the future, it’s nice to remind ourselves why we got into film to begin with. To have fun telling stories.”

No word yet on when The Workout will be released.

So, looking forward to seeing this collaborative effort featuring GH’s Josh Kelly? Comment below.

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51st Annual Daytime Emmy Nominations Set to Be Announced

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences revealed on Wednesday via X, that this year’s 51st annual Daytime Emmy Nominations are set to be announced in full on Friday, April 19th at 12 pm ET/9 am PT.

However, four of the top award category nominations will be revealed on Thursday, April 18th across four entertainment news programs to kick things off.

Those include this Thursday episodes of Access Hollywood, E! News, Entertainment Tonight and Extra. Over the past few years, NATAS has often let the syndicated entertainment news program handle the duties of revealing the top actor and actress in a daytime drama series, but we shall see which categories the shows unveil this year.


As previously announced, the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be presented in ceremonies on Friday night, June 7th on CBS (8 – 10 PM, ET/delayed PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on-demand on Paramount+*.

The awards will be back at The Bonaventure hotel in downtown Los Angeles, where (the delayed due to the actors and writers strike) 50th annual Daytime Emmy Awards were held back in December of 2023.

Look for the full nominations to be posted right here at Michael Fairman TV and you can follow along on Friday on the Daytime Emmys social platforms as well.

Photo: AP

The Daytime Emmy Awards have recognized outstanding achievement in television programming and crafts since 1974, honoring work in a variety of categories, including daytime dramas, talk shows, instructional programming, hosting, culinary, and legal/courtroom programs. In 2021, NATAS and the Television Academy jointly announced plans to realign the Daytime and Primetime Emmy Awards to be organized by content genre, as opposed to program airtime.

The 51st Daytime Emmy Nominations will honor the work and achievement from the calendar year of 2023.

So, who would you like to see in the running for gold when the Daytime Emmy nominations in the key acting and show categories are revealed? Share your thoughts below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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