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GH's Matt Cohen Talks: Griffin's Inner Conflict, Claudette's Bady Daddy Drama, And His Co-Stars!

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After finding much success on primetime (Supernatural, How to Get Away with Murder and soon, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders), General Hospital landed heartthrob Matt Cohen to play the hospital’s latest neurosurgeon, Dr. Griffin Munro.  Only as viewers witnessed during the death of Carlos Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise), Dr. Munro had a secret!  He can also administer last rites to the dying.   That’s right!  Dr. Munro is also ‘Father’ Munro, and was revealed to be a priest!

But those were just the beginning bombshells for the GH audience, and Griffin himself.  After taking his new job at GH, Griffin was keeping his eye on Anna Devane (Finola Hughes).  He eventually revealed to her that he is the biological son of the late Duke Lavery.  Thus, the two have formed an unbreakable bond.  Then, we learned via back-story, Griffin was shot while making love to Claudette West (Bree Williamson) – a woman he was having an affair with while in the priesthood – by Nathan (Ryan Paevey) who was Claudette’s husband.  After that secret was kept under wraps by Griffin, it exploded when Claudette showed up in Port Charles, with her seeming intent to break-up Nathan’s relationship with Maxie (Kirsten Storm), and get him back in her clutches.  But what Claudette didn’t know was that the other man she loved, Griffin, was also in Port Charles.  As her manipulations continue, it’s been a twisty road to figure out … just what are her true intentions?

This week on GH, after Claudette claimed she has a daughter named “Charlotte”, both Nathan and Griffin waited with baited breath to find out what the DNA test concluded as to who is the true baby daddy!  After it was revealed that it’s Nathan’s, Griffin was devastated!  But have the results been tampered with … and the little girl is really the doctor/priest’s?  In another wrinkle to this, Claudette shared with Nathan that she needs protection from another man, none other than the evil Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart)!   So the foundation is set for a paternity pickle, relationship drama, and more!  On-Air On-Soaps chatted with Matt Cohen to get his take on everything going down in Griffin’s world, and more, and here’s what he had shared.

Did you know from the beginning of your run on GH that you would eventually be revealed as a doctor/priest?


MATT:  That’s an interesting question.  During the testing process it was a more vague character.  It wasn’t until I got to GH and landed the part that I said to our EP, Frank Valentini, “Who is this guy?”  He made a mention of the priest thing, but at the time, I didn’t think too much of it.  I knew Griffin was a neurosurgeon, who has some darkness in his past, and who was hiding something.  But the priest part of it snuck right up on me, and became very real! (Laughs)  It’s so funny, because some of my buddies who are in the industry are like, “You … a priest?   You …a neurosurgeon?”   I am like, “Hey man, we are pretending to be characters, and we are trying to bring them to life through this vessel, so why can’t I be the young cool priest and young neurosurgeon?  It almost sickens me this character (laughs) is such an over-achiever.  I look at myself, and I go, “Now, what have I done today?” (Laughs)  Griffin wants to help people in these two different ways, and in Matt Cohen’s back-story for Griffin, I play that he has hurt some people, and so for him to justify that, I think he went to the church to try to help people.  That’s where I chose to stem a lot of his actions from.

So does Griffin, truly, deeply, madly love Claudette?


MATT:  He loved Claudette from the deepest part of his heart.  I am not a 100% sure of what took him away, but he was pulled by his calling of the church, and wanting to be a priest.  But, I think there may be something with Griffin’s biological mother that we may not know about.  When he met Claudette, she came to Griffin because she was having trouble in her marriage, and she was feeling neglected, and alone, and broken.  She was in search of something, and how can you not fall in love with, or help, a person like that?  If you don’t, you’re missing part of your humanity, whether you are a real person, or an actor playing a role, when someone comes to you genuinely for help you do want to help them.  And when somebody gets better, and appreciates your help in some way, you can easily fall in love with a person.   Man or woman, partner or not partner, you can fall in love with someone in other ways than, “Ah, sweep me off my feet!  Let’s go make love somewhere.”  Now, it was boy meets girl, and that simple, “Wow, you’re eye-catching, and so are you eye-catching”, and one thing led to the next!   I do think Claudette spent a lot of time at the church, and she was there every Sunday. (Laughs)  There is something about broken, we like to fix in people.  I think a lot of people have that, and it’s a weird disease in a way.  A perfect person is less interesting than someone who has something going on.

Do you feel Griffin’s need to help people is something you relate to in your own life?


MATT:  At the end of the day, that is something I can relate to with him, not on-screen, but off-screen.  Everything we do is taking up time in our life, whether it is about money, politics, or what not.  We have the stuff to help each other, and that’s what it’s about in our country.  It’s not about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump; it’s that we need to fix ourselves.  You and I need to look at each other and have a human moment.  I think that is the thing that I grab on to with Griffin; he wants to fix things with these people and fix himself, and in turn it can be a big love-fest, but it’s daytime television so it has to be dramatic, because that’s him.  That’s his heart and soul.  He is a conflicted man, and he wants to help people.

What did you think of the reveal scene where Nathan learned it was Griffin who was the man he shot, while Griffin was in the throes of passion with his wife, Claudette?

MATT:  I thought it was great, and what needed to happen, needed to happen.  Nathan got a little aggressive with Nathan in one of the scenes, and it was justifiable.  Griffin got shot, and luckily didn’t die.  It is a colorful situation.

You and Ryan Paevey had quite the on-camera altercation when Nathan puts two and two together!  How was that to shoot?

MATT:  We had a great time shooting that, and I thought Ryan did a stupendous job.  I think some of the best work I have seen from Ryan was when he confronted Griffin, the man who he shot.  And, Nathan becomes quite conflicted himself as we have seen, and in the time we live in now, it’s a very valid storyline.  It’s very physical, and I enjoy that kind of stuff, and we may have broken a painting, and we tried are hardest to mess up the set a little bit (Laughs).  It was really fun, and Frank Valentini and the writers are making something really juicy with this storyline, now that it’s out in the open.


What does he think of Claudette, and her treacherous and deceitful behavior?

MATT:  I think Griffin thinks Claudette is self-serving, and when she has to make a decision for herself, or somebody else, she tends to lean to making a decision for herself.  Is that a broken mechanism inside her?  Maybe it is.  But I think he stills see her in the past, a bit.  Because for him, his relationship with her was the realest moment he has experienced in his mind, heart, and soul.  BUT, she is crazy!  But, can he work with that? 

You come from such an extensive primetime TV background.  How has it been for you taking on the pace, and the challenge of working on a daytime drama series?

MATT:   It’s been interesting and fun, and I never know where my character is going to go next, or what Frank is going to throw my way.  But, I love how fast this show moves, and I love how fast things change.  It has been an exciting experience for me being here at GH.

You have some fantastic GH co-stars to work off of.  Tell me your thoughts on working with Bree Williamson?


MATT:   It has been absolutely fabulous.  Bree is an amazing human being, and actress. She brings out a side of Griffin that nobody else really gets to see.  So it’s nice having her there, and she is a positive addition to Griffin’s storyline, for sure.  I can say this as Matt Cohen speaking of Bree: she is beautiful, and immensely talented, and we share a lot of the same things in life.  Bree has a son, and a husband she loves, and we both try to eat healthy and take care of ourselves, but as a firecracker in Claudette, I can only be so lucky to put Griffin in front of that.  I am taking notes from her in every scene … she is that good!

How about fan favorite Kirsten Storms as Maxie?

MATT:   Kirsten is fantastic.  Her spunk is always there.  She brings her daughter Harper with her to work, who is the spitting image of her, who is this piece of perfection and she is great.

And then there is your on-screen romantic rival, Ryan Paevey!  Thoughts?

Photo Credit: Steven Bergman

MATT:  He’s a bro … he’s a dude’s dude, and he likes to workout.  We are the same age but I’m married, and if I wasn’t married Ryan and I would be that dynamic dangerous duo going out together and having a good time, but my world is with my one-year-old right now.  It’s important to tuck both my wife and my son into bed at night. 

In story, when Claudette first comes to Griffin and tells him that he may be the father of her daughter, Charlotte, what is going through his mind?

MATT:  I think Claudette thinks Griffin is the father, and to speak as a human, to think that you are the father, or the mother of a child is a life-changing experience.  So, I think when he finds out that it is not his daughter, it was quite shocking to him, and it’s a big curveball in your life … all of a sudden you think you have a baby, and then you don’t have a baby.  I think it’s definitely going to shake Griffin’s foundation a little bit.

The DNA test results (if we are to believe them) show that Nathan is the father.

MATT:  Yes, but you never know with Claudette if she is lying or telling the truth, or which is a fabrication of which.

Do you think Griffin will just accept the paternity results?


MATT:   Yes, I think he pretty much believes its Nathan’s child, but at one point I believe Claudette tries to convince Griffin to care for this child, even though it is Nathan’s child.  And Griffin being the guy that he is, he wants to anyway possible.  So that gets dicey, also.

How were you playing Griffin’s initial reaction running into Claudette all these years later, after everything that happened between them?

MATT:   He is consumed when he first sees Claudette.  He is pissed off, and broken, and he hates her.  In that scene, I tried to play every emotion in it.  Griffin is thinking I want to just embrace you, but I don’t want you to touch me.  It’s a loaded moment, and Frank wanted it that way, and I hope it played to the audience that way.

Griffin is also reeling, and devastated that Julian Jerome (William deVry) was acquitted of all charges, including the murder of his father, Duke!  Will we see Griffin seek revenge on Julian?


MATT:  Griffin is torn up about that.  A man that has done so much wrong is getting away unscathed, and there is that revenge factor there.  However, Griffin coming from his priest background, revenge is not really an option, but forgiveness is the only option for Griffin.  It’s just one of those things where he has to find a way to deal with it and accept it, or move on, and try to forget about it.

Griffin just presided over Sabrina’s (Teresa Castillo) funeral service.  Is he now doing priestly duties whenever he can in Port Charles? (Laughs)

MATT:  I think I am there, and capable, and educated enough to perform both roles as Griffin, so I think I am just weaving my ways into other storylines.  I think it makes sense for the priest, or the ex-priest, to be the one to do it, but yeah, I am not going to say he is back at the church, because he is not.  He is on leave, but that does not mean he doesn’t still practice and believe, and do all the things as a functioning priest.

Finola Hughes (Anna) has just returned to GH!   Will we see you and Finola forge more of your on-screen relationship?

MATT:   Finola is back, and in the middle of everything once again!  And, oh yes, we are quite a lot in each other’s orbit.  Finola was one of the people I had good chemistry with straight off from the screen test.  I think Frank Valentini saw that, and the storyline has been evolving.  Finola had been away on vacation a little bit.  But now Anna and Griffin are right back at it. 

I think the on-screen relationship between Griffin and Anna is a very special one.


MATT:  I agree.  I really enjoying Finola, she is a lovely woman, and a fantastic actress, and she makes me up my game.  I love her to pieces.

Does Griffin have any idea that the man behind bars that Claudette is scared of is Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart)?

MATT:  No, not yet.  The story that Griffin knows right now is that Claudette is in Port Charles, and there is suddenly this child in the picture, and she is not being quite clear, or 100% honest in anything she says.

So if Griffin was the father to a little girl, do you think he would be a good dad?

MATT:  Absolutely!  That is not a common occurrence really for a priest, but I am sure it does happen, but it’s something that would play a huge role in his life.  And Griffin being the caring person that he is, he would definitely step-up and fill that position, and attempt to give the child the best life possible.  That’s the hope, right?  Griffin is a guy who tries to see the best in people, and I would hope he would try to teach that to his child as well.

Griffin and Maxie had a close moment together yet again, while Nathan and Claudette spent time chatting about the DNA results that say Nathan is her baby’s father.  Are Griffin and Maxie perhaps inching closer to each other?


MATT:  Realistically, on television anything is possible, however realistically where the story is now, I don’t see that happening.   But then again, I don’t see it not happening.  Griffin is such a compassionate person that I can see him, if he allows himself to step away from the church enough to be in a relationship.  I don’t think there are any lines on the show where he will, or won’t, end up in terms of a love interest, or a short-term hook-up, or whatever it may be.  Crossing the barrier of sacred vows for Griffin is a bigger thing, or when that comes into play, because he is constantly denying himself, and constantly feeling conflicted between what he wants to feel and what he actually feels. But it is a four-way triangle of chaos!  I think Griffin finds Maxie beautiful, and untouchable, because he has made that mistake before, but I will be 100% honest with you, I don’t know much more than the audience of what the end game is for these four characters Maxie/Nathan/Claudette/Griffin.  I am slightly ahead of them, but could it be …Griffin and Nathan?  Maxie and Claudette?  How about that!

Would that be the ultimate shocker! (Laughs)

MATT:  He steps away from the church to have a partner he never thought he’d have, and it’s the man who shot him, of all things?  It would be fantastic! (Laughs)  But seriously, there are so many open tentacles, and GH is this octopus.

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Is Griffin a hard role to play when you are this priest who has this moral compass, while some of the other roles in your career have been more outgoing, or more sexual, that now you are playing more-reserved on-screen?

MATT:   Yeah, it is extremely difficult: number one to play a neurosurgeon, and then to play a priest.  You have to take all those things into account, no matter what line I need to deliver.  I have to look at it from two vantage points, and I have decide which one I am going to go with: the more by the book doctor version, or by the belief system of Griffin the priest, or is it Griffin pre-both of those things?  It takes a great deal of work to not just show up, and spit out a bunch of religious, or doctor dialog.  It can all lead me in several different directions, for sure.

You have also been shooting your upcoming recurring role on CBS’ Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.  How has it been working on that and GH simultaneously?

MATT:  I just finished shooting my second episode.  We fit it in whenever we can with the busy GH schedule, obviously, which is picking up intensely at this point.

From social media posts, and your personal appearances that I have seen you promote, you do motivational speaking, of sorts.  Is that a potential long term career path?

Photo: MCohenTwitter

MATT:   Well, I do it at a lot of these fan conventions for Supernatural, and fans will come up to me, and unleash some inner feelings, and share them with me.  I can’t help but try to scoop them off the ground, and help them try to make a change in their life.  But throughout this, I have also been able to help myself.  I was a person who suffered with depression for about ten dark years in my teens and early 20s, which included: thoughts of suicide, running away, or looking for a way to be something somewhere else where nobody knew me.  It wasn’t the answer, but I needed to come to Hollywood, and leave my life in Florida and figure it out this way.  Acting has given me the opportunity to shed emotions of all sorts, and help people, and it’s given me a voice.  It might seem strange, and hard to believe, but I was a shy kid in my high school years.  I was a popular guy, because I did what the popular kids did, but I hated the old version of me.  I have to say, I was a bully – but not in a physical way, but the cool kids looking back on it were, and I am not like that now.  I am the anti-bully, if anything.  Don’t get caught bullying someone in front of me, because you will not get away with that.  I became a motivational person to some people, and so I can’t stop it now.  So I use my Instagram daily to share something that motivates me, and my hash tag is #YOU.  I had no followers on Instagram, and one day I posted something that inspired me, and I said, “This is for #you, Matt.”   Think about this when your day gets difficult, #you matter, #you can get through this, and it just became what it is.  I want to inspire people, and if it makes me not depressed to help you through your problems, why would I not spend hours doing that?

Many fans recognize you from your role on How to Get Away with Murder, as well as Supernatural!


MATT:  Some of the best experiences I had were on How to Get Away with Murder. And at the time I was shooting that, my son was 5 and half months old, and not sleeping. So I would be doing night shoots with Alfred Enoch (Wes Gibbins, HTGAWM) and I was also recurring at the time on Supernatural, and it was just me and “Alfy” in these nighttime scenes.  He would see how wrecked I was, but I was playing a pivotal character on a nighttime show, and I didn’t want to screw it up.  That show is a beautiful thing, and I love what Shonda Rhimes (Creator, HTGAWM) is doing.  You want to talk diversity?  Shonda is doing it.  She is making it happen!

Has your wife, actress Mandy Musgrave, checked you out on GH yet?

MATT:   She hasn’t, and has not seen the kissing scenes, and typically she likes to watch my work.  Right now, she doesn’t.  That is only because of my one-year-old is doing things like peeing on the floor in the corner.  It’s parents being parents to a one-year-old, and it’s a wild ride.  You want to be there every minute, but you just can’t.

When do you fit in your workouts between taping two shows, and being a new dad?

MATT:   Whenever I can!  I have days off here and there.  I recently bought a house up in Santa Clarita where we had been doing a lot of construction on it.  I was wheel barrowing rocks the other day.  I wanted to step a little bit a way from Hollywood for where I live, but I love what I get to do in the acting profession.


So, if you were to tease your GH fans of what is to come for Griffin, what would you tell them?

MATT:  I think Griffin is going to fulfill all the shoes necessary to be the man that he believes in.  Look forward to everything Griffin, everything Claudette, and everything between those two.

So, do you think that Griffin will ultimately be proved to be the biological father to Claudette’s daughter?  Will Griffin enter into a romantic entanglement with Claudette, Maxie or someone else? What do you think about Griffin’s relationship with Anna?  Do you like the GH made Matt Cohen’s character both a doctor and a priest? Share your thoughts on the interview and Matt’s thoughts on a myriad of subjects in the comment section below!

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Re. his relationship with Anna, I want her to be his bio mom. Re. “justice for Duke.” Him being alive would be good enough 🙂

Yes, Michelle. Interesting thought about Anna being Griffin’s mom. I remember many of us speculating about that. He could also have been Alex’s son, that is, Anna’s twin. Either way, it would be nice.

Agreed! What she said. Giving Griffin a Daddy will take care of half of his problems especially one as comfortable with women as Duke is.

Robert or Mac should have been Griffin’s father, because they are ALIVE and Duke is dead!

i think that claudette is not charlottes biological mother nor is griffin or Nathan, the biological ‘dad’ i think this little girl is the embryo child of lulu and starvos, and that valitine had claudette be the surrogate mother, she fell in love w/ the child and tried to double cross valintine who clearly had other plans. now, if little charlotte shares any dna w/ nathan, it could be because nathan is a cassadine after all. as for Matt Cohen, i’m just so glad he’s on GH i’ve been a fan for a while of him, and was so please when he joined my fave show. although i wish the character would of ended up being Anna and Robert child, and that he was paired w/ Liz i’m still glad w/ the character. its been entertaining thats for sure.

aria.,,thats good about the baby being lulu’s ect…better than my guess but the child could still be Valentin and Valentin could be Nathans father explaining why Nate’s dna matched??

That’s what I said, Jimmy, on the other site, (oops) to Aria. I guess you missed my post. LOL.

You better read my posts, Jimmy. LOL. Or no GH for you!! Better yet, you will have dreams of Sabrina coming back to GH. DOUBLE LOL.

I feel the same way about the baby. I also feel the same way I want to see Griffin/Liz romance.

WOW!!!! Good for you, Aria. That’s such a great assumption… GH of you. LOL. What you say makes a lot of sense.
But, as I stated, the other day, Nathan, in my mind, is not the presumptive father, but rather, Valentin.
Shay and I had said that Nathan was a Cassadine since he appeared on stage…..just depended who the daddy was.
I am more sure than ever now, that Valentin is the father, ergo the matching DNA.

Me…miss one of your post…shame on me…no chocolate milk for me tonight…i believe in self punishment no matter how painful it is-lol

Well,…its near Halloween…thanks for the Sabrina scare…a return is absolutely frightening…already having nightmares about it when im awake-lol

Wouldnt Valentin be too young to be Nate’s father?

LOL, Timmmy. This subject has already been broached when Shay and I came to the assumption Valentin was Nathan’s father.
This is a soap. Is Julian old enough to be Sam’s father? Is NuPhyllis old enough to be Daniel’s mother?
From what we have gleaned, Valentin was a player. He ‘stung’ many a girl/ woman; including Dr. O.
James P Stuart is 16 years older than Ryan P. …..old enough to reproduce…LOL. I wish Shay would peek in. She is so much better than I with words/ prose.

”So, do you think that Griffin will ultimately be proved to be the biological father to Claudette’s daughter? ”

Yes, without a doubt..
And great that we’ll still have Griffin !!!

Help me out–
How many ‘baby daddy” and baby gone wrong stories since J&S ?
Way too many, but number?

Well, suzieQ. Three cheers for you, you could be right. Yes, Griffin could also be the father. Why? I don’t know if you read my posts, but, I had, also, suggested that Nathan and Griffin were brothers….I repeated this ad nauseam, LOL….. ( Valentin is father to Nathan, Griffin and Charlotte.
So, what do we have here: this child could belong to the above men, or, as Aria suggests, she could also be Stavros’s and Lulu’s….which I think is an incredibly sound idea.
I can’t help you out, su, my friend. My head is already full of c*ap…..LOL.
These poor babies. No matter how many times I tell myself not to get into the baby-stories; I fall for it each time.

Celia !!
I always read your posts!
you are a must read..

Honestly, with the messy and sometimes nonsense story plots of J&S it’s hard to have a train of rational thought
Anything is possible, you could be right!

but– no way is the child Nathans..
it will be the ordinary twist, (that we all see coming from J&S) their SURPRISE we fooled you the child isn’t Nathans … ahaa! thing .. LOL

Dear Celia, you’re a better person than I. Whenever I see that awful Clodhopper (sorry, dear sweet Claudette) on the screen, I groan aloud and reach for the fast forward button. I particularly hate this time worn story because it drags in Maxie and Griffin (whom I spend far too much time imagining WITHOUT his scrubs or priests’ garb). These actors deserve better, and so do we. You’ll have to keep me going during this tawdry tale!

Hello, my friend,
You and I are two peas in a pod. AGREED!!!!! While I looove Bree ( my poor, little, misguided Jessica/Tess), getting through her scenes is torturous!!
Griffin is sooo gorgeous….that perfect face!!!!….no one has the right to look this good!!!! LOL.
Look at the image of his baby. Beautiful.!!!! ….wonder where he gets his ‘angelic’ looks?? HaHa????????
You know, when I was a teen, there was a priest at our local Church who just turned my knees to jelly. To this day, I still remember saying to myself, “What a waste”. Oh, Lordy Lord, forgive me.
Must go to confession; say a hundred Hail Marys, Act of Contritions, and Our Fathers; for having ‘lewd’ thoughts???? LOL.

Clodhopper!!!! You’re funny, Soaphound.

Thank you, su….I look forward to your posts, as well. You entertain me!!! Oh, yes, you do, SuzieQ. LOL.
J&S are an open book…transparent. As you say, “ordinary twist”…. Nothing will surprise me because these writers have no vision; no originality….everything they write is either too simple even for a child; or the plot so ‘farout’ ( thanks Gran) that it becomes commonplace. But, to be honest, I am curious to see where the story goes….if only to prove I am RIGHT!!!! Yeah, I can feel my head swell, su. HaHa!!
Besides, I believe anything you say. I have always maintained you know what you’re talking about and your statements are more likely on the mark than not.
The kid is not Nathan’s. It came to me in a flash…..why else would Claudette have this connection with Valentin?
The only ‘hmmmm’ moment, for me, is this: is there a possibility that Claudette is, somehow, aware of Nathan’s parentage? Of Griffin’s? And she made it her life’s work to take advantage of what fell onto her lap…are she and Valentin working in concert?
Another thought, su. Why was Dr. O so amiable towards Claudette, suddenly?? She was so terse and soooo her Liesl-self, at first. Then she became jovial and showing bright teeth when Nathan walked in. ( Gotta love her).
Is it possible that Claudette is blackmailing Dr. O? Also, could she have fudged the DNA results for Claudette, under duresse? Just sayin’.
Whatever it is, I saw a change in Liesl . She is not one to accept a grandchild, or anything else, without a certain amount of belligerance. Acting so good-naturedly goes against Liesl’s nature…LOL.

I really like Matt/Griffin.I especially like him with Anna, his tie to Duke & his not being a part of the God awful Mob side but rather being a doctor at GH.

Adding Claudette was a horrible idea Repair Nathan/Claudette and have them leave & take Nina & Valentin with them.Then pair Griffin with Maxie.
GH must quit adding new characters.The cast is far too large to manage & the pacing sucks. We want vets not newbies tied to newbies where entire storylines happened off camera prior to coming to GH.

It’s insulting that GH wouldn’t work out a deal for a 20yr vet like Tyler but keeps bringing in unwanted/unneeded newbies. GH needs to cut 8-10 characters because the pacing & continuity suck. Get rid of Claudette, Nina, Nathan, Valentin, Julian, Paul, Nell & Morgan. Then bring back Nik, Ned & Lucas. Jane’s supposedly retiring so Ned’s definitely needed.

GH has a good cast that’s floundering because it’s virtually impossible to effectively manage this many characters

Great post, Scoma. I agree with your every word. You’re spot on!


ADORE Griffin! But regarding paternity of Charlotte…Perhaps, she is really the offspring of Valentin! Think about it…especially if Nathan is really the offspring of a Cassadine…maybe they are in fact half-brothers and THAT’S why, for now, Nathan appears to be the baby daddy! Bet it would rock all of them if that were the case…and it would really leave Claudette in a dangerous and truly shocking place! I think that would be so juicy…!

either way… it plays out… who’s the daddy

IF ONLY the writing were up to snuff

because; THEIR was FIRE; about the only time… we’ve seen Griffin LIT UP

when Griffin and Claudette PASSIONATELY – shared – that KISS…. Wham

Claudette if given the material… already OWNS Griffin and Nathan

Griffin needs to knock that crap out.. about hurting people …. SERIOUSLY !

Man UP and get with the program. if the GH writers are taking forever and a day to get to know Griffin… he may as well be in a passionate tryst with Claudette… she’s only too willing…. THEY ARE the HOTTEST

no matter how they try…. trying to get story with Nathan and Maxie…. just will not work. AND…. hold it…. it all has to do with KS’ Maxie. she’s the one who’s not delivering or being written for.

TRUTH ? any one ? Maxie and Spinelli WORKED as a big twosome… while it lasted. with her quirks and his “oddities” …. mismashed their personalities and complemented each other…. and it still works because of Georgie

back to Griffin : Man UP and start living… dang it… who wouldn’t be intrigued by Claudette ( she’s exquisite… very much reminds me of Michelle Stafford in her younger days ) a sure fire power to ignite

IT WOULD BE much more interesting as well… why not pair Claudette with Dr. Joe

leave Griffin and Nathan both…. OUT

I will continue to prop Nathan presence… because like Claudette…. Nathan person is pause for much more than admiring his body. bam…. all over the place he’s fine. I give him a let for his slow delivery

Claudette AND all the men stand in line: has the hots with

Dr. Joe

that’s a lot of ENERGY

goldmine GH…. ugh! this is frustrating… look at all the comments in the latest ratings…. GH is faltering… beyond

I always thought Bree Williamson (Jess, OLTL/Claudette, GH) looked like Angelina Jolie.

Kristen Storm hasn’t been the same since she came back. She was very gaunt…looked totally different. And with the new look is a calmer, almost lethargic Maxie. She’s not the fun, perky, frenetic/frantic bubbly person she was…suddenly she’s rather mellow…dunno. Just doesn’t seem like the same character. I think Molly Burnett was almost more Maxie than “Maxie” is right now.

As for Matt Cohen, I’ve seen him on prime time shows and he dan be very dynamic. He’s too mellow here too. Ummmm…boring. Liven him up writers!!!

As for this interview…very forthcoming about his bouts with depression. Seems like a very self
-aware introspective, insightful guy.

Hi, Tivette,
If you read my post; I said just that on the Sept. 29th site (Anna’s return).
Jimh, had thrown in as a joke that Claudette was somehow involved with Valentin before we even knew about a child.
It wasn’t until the DNA test that I had the idea that Nathan’s matched because he is Valentin’s son; thus, Charlotte’s brother.
But, as typically soooo GH, the story will go elsewhere….to some place where nothing makes sense.

Clau’dull’lette’s Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte is Valentin’s daughter and V is also Nathan’s poppa…so the child is Nate’s sister not his daughter…can an ex priest legally perform last rites?…Anna returns and BAMB!-she is about to save the day while Jordan is a week behind still trying to figure out why 2+2 doesnt = 4…soon she will be confused and suddenly ask herself, ‘Is the killer Paul? while he is in court being tried for those murders!…just what Paul was doing at the hospital holding a syringe when all those murders and attacks happened-was he using that to use on the killer-lol…if only those security cameras in the hospital worked they could give me a clue-lol-then she will be confused when TJ finally shows up and attempts to get her to remember she has a son-will Jordan demand a dna test-lol…this serial killer story was not well thought out and killing off minor day players with no real connection to the show made this one of GHs most poorly written and uninteresting stories and dumbing down Tracy is unforgivable!!!…this was a good chance to trim the cast of useless characters and keep us guessing but no we dont get that…GH has had some good episodes here and there and happy ratings up but stories still need to be interwoven together to get more characters connected instead of having some off doing their own filler moment things!!!

Also bring back JVP as doctor Joe had some interesting potential but he was barely shown and then leaves town with baby Teddy…a baby custody battle and a shocked Anna seeing him around town mistaken him for Carlos might had some interesting moments…bring the actor back as a new doctor at GH then giving him nothing but a lame ending was a waste of time for the talented actor and for us viewers…and Micheal Easton has a character that already seems to run his course…it should had been Finn looking like he was the kiiler and unknown to viewers Paul is framing him…no, we get a mystery about Finn’s unseen wife which was already done with ME’s previous character and his involvement with Nina!!1-sigh!!!

i will not sign the petition to bring back TC-ex Sabrina…the actress is a sweet beautiful person but stop bringing back characters from the dead or actors in other roles…Sabrina as lookalike cousin Rosa whatever just to have Micheal say’You look exactly like Sabs…i love you!’ would be a bit too much after having actors such as ME who already played four and Rh has played two different roles…that worked well on campy Dark Shadows and was fun there but not here…sorry!!!

Sigh….there’s a bring back Sappy petition out there, Jim? Why? She was on the show for barely two minutes and was never an important character who was integral to the relationship dynamics of GH. Please leave let her rest in peace.
It’s bad enough they brought back Carlos while we continue to miss the loss of legacy characters such as Alan, AJ and Tyler. Please do not bring back the newbies who should not have been added in the first place.
I love your posts, Jim. I am not happy that they brought in another character and tried to jam her into the puzzle–Claudette does not fit anymore than Nina fits. The problem as I see it is that Frank courts certain actors he really really wants. Casting comes first then the writing of the character rather than the other way around. We can blame the writers all we want and they deserve their fair share of the blame. However, I do feel that they (and yes, I include Ron in this equation) are constantly being put in an impossible situation due to Frank’s determination to nab his favorite actors while doing so at an accelerated rate. Character introduction needs to be done slowly and methodically. Their history needs to be shown, not told to the viewers. Remember, we were told all about Nina and Claudette before we were even introduced to them.
I remember back in GH’s glory days new characters were often introduced in the Quatermaine mansion during some social affair. Immediately, that character made connections to core families. It was a formula which worked and which should be revisited.

Harry…nicely said…and yes, i seen somewhere about a petition to bring Tc back…

FV would not know a budget if it hit in the backside anymore then we have two stooges running for President that their platforms are slamming each other verbally and both no ethics no morals ! Jesus take the wheel please!

Poor Rosalie, she has been working at ELQ for over a year as a receptionist and hasnt had a day off! Michael is a ball buster!

Wow, that was a comprehensive interview. Thanks. He’s the only new GH character that I’ve liked this year.

It really was a fabulous interview and I read it with interest.
I really love this actor. However, I do hate he’s been immersed into the doldrums of the Claudia bust–he’s way too good for this.

PS. This actor certainly resembles the actor who plays Poldark on Masterpiece Theatre.

Oh wow Harry. Poldark/Aidan Turner???? I LOVE this show and Aidan is gorgeous. But as with Matt, they both look better looking with longer hair and they’ve both cut theirs! Let me lament…

I don’t see a resemblance though…

Yes, Aiden Turner. Don’t you love Poldark, Rebecca? The music, the characters, the gorgeous setting all rise up to produce a crescendo of perfect escapist entertainment.

I agree with Rebecca, Harry. While these guys both are as ‘hunkily’ perfect as Adonis….they look nothing alike.
Aidan Turner had the role of Aidan Devane–son of Annie Lavery–nephew of Anna and Alex Devane (AMC).

BIG OOPS!!!! Sorry and LOL. …Aidan Devane was not the son of Annie Lavery ( Melissa Egan, Chelsea Y&R). I meant to say he was the son of one of the Devane sisters ( not Anna)….. Annie was a love interest. Got a little confused there. LOL.

Hey CeeCee…different Aidan Turner. This one’s an Irish actor. Google his name with Poldark. The guy is gorgeous and though his face is very different than Matt Cohen’s he’s much closer in resemblance. You must’ve thought WHAT resemblance is Harry referring to!!! And I was like…”REALLY? He was on AMC??? 🙂

No granola bars for me…nutrition bars I like or KIND bars. Know what else? Dole’s Dippers…dark chocolate covered banana slices…frozen section. Yum…

Griffin has been shellacked… if you will… ALL these feelings are surfacing… but we’ve yet to see payoff

He’s cemented a solid relationship with Anna
that one biggest KISS with Claudette… spoke volume

GH cannot stall and vacillate too much between his inner thoughts… that’s been going on for too long now… is he that stuck in purgatory ? lotsa sins to atone for ?

we want to see some loving and passion with this guy… I hope Charlotte DNA has been tampered with…. this would be a great way to get Griffin to turn the page. Claudette with Griffin… and their paths… with their child….

something any thing right ? that trio … that’s been renewed after their lackluster first year… need to clean up that canvas

PS: Where is Dr. Joe storyline

I like Matt Cohen and his character’s…Matt is such a welcome addition to GH.

I don’t think Nathan or Griffin is Charlotte’s biological father. I think Valentin is the father and he is Nathan’s biological father too. We the audience know that Victor is not Nathan’s father but Nathan does not know that. Once all this is out in the open it will explain why Nathan’s DNA matched.

Back to Matt Cohen and Griffin, I think Matt is a great actor and I enjoy watching him on GH. I hope once this storyline with Maxie/Nathan/Claudette/Griffin is over with Claudette will leave town and Griffin will be put in a new storyline with Liz/Franco. I think Matt and Rebecca Herbst have chemistry and I want to see that explore. I want to see a #GriLiz romance. I’m hoping this storyline with Naxie/Claudette/Griffin is over with before the end of 2016.

I will not go into it….but, Griffin’s part-time job as a priest, with or without his sacerdotal vestments, is a farce. ‘Gimme’ a break, writers.

He is a great addition to the show.

I think Matt Cohen is great. I also think that it is a refreshing change to have religious or at least a spiritual guide on the show that does not chase vampires. As much evil as is portrayed on GH having Father Griffin as genuine, not scam artist etc. Is like I said, refreshing and clean feeling and what GH needs to boost ratings in the end.

I like that he has a contemporary spiritual side to him and I love how it sometimes clashes with most everyone else in PC like during ‘Last Rites.’ What’s so wrong about peace, love and understanding? I don’t know if I want to see him performing priestly duties in a year however I can’t help but think they are grooming him to be the next Steve Hardy with his strong ethics and sense of responsibility. (and finally his dialogue has become less repetitive so we can see him as a person)

I like that, JMER. He represents all the good a human being should, with weaknesses. As Mary, above said, ” a spiritual guide”. However, that’s as far as it goes for me. If Griffin was a priest before Claudette, then he broke his vows of celibacy. He can NEVER stand at the altar as a priest. It may be hypocritical, as is many a time; but, it is what it is.
However, if he took the vows after Claudette, then, it’s another story, albeit the priesthood cannot be a part-time job….it belittles the RC faith….tell it to the Vatican, writers.
But, I more than agree with you guys….. Peace and love versus Sonny, Paul, Julian and Ava= evil.

MC is a fantastic actor whose character is stuck in a story with three newbies that I don’t care about and Maxie Jones. Griffin Scorpio would have been a better character who was the son of either Robert or Mac’s and would have come with plenty of family and connections already on the show. What a waste of a fine actor in a character that is stuck with Claudette and Nathan.

Love that idea, MissySnow. I guess TPTB want Duke ( ugh) to live on within his son.
Regardless, Griffin sends me!!!!

It’s not a big deal CeeCee…who knew they both had the same name! Makes sense you thought that…

Don’t knock the Duke, CeeCee. A lot of us loved him and loved him and Anna…I know you didn’t know Duke then but it’s kinda nice that he lives on in his son…and that Anna has this living connection to her love.

Oh. I forgive you. 😉

His story might yet get good so we shall see. I must say though I think he looks so much like a younger Mac.

He does, doesn’t he?
Oh, thanks for clarifying the two Aidans, Rebecca. I should have figured that out….AMC Aiden spells his name with an “e”.

LOL, Rebecca. Thanks for the ‘forgiveness’.
You know that every time I say something negative about good ole Duke, I do expect repercussions, right? But, I do it anyway……even at the risk of knowing that he has an immense following. I think you get my personality by now…LOL.
Seriously, though….There really wasn’t enough time for me to come to know and appreciate neither the actor nor the character. Later.

Great interview! I was already a fan of Matt Cohen through Supernatural, so I was pleased when he joined GH. I’ve liked Griffin from the beginning because he’s complex and conflicted within himself. I wanted to see more hospital stories, and since he’s a doctor he adds to that side of the show. Griffin is just about the only new character I’ve enjoyed in years because of his complexity. He doesn’t see the world in extremes like so many of the other characters do, which makes him more sophisticated and realistic. I like his relationship with Anna and both need family on the show. Cohen and Finola Hughes do great work together. I love their scenes. I’m also very drawn to Griffin’s scenes with Elizabeth. I think they have a great dynamic–it’s fresh and new–and Cohen and Rebecca Herbst have terrific chemistry. Elizabeth is complex like Griffin. I’d love to see Griffin and Elizabeth end up as a couple. I’m enjoying the build of their friendship. I can see Griffin and Maxie together–I adore Kirsten Storms. I have to be honest, I don’t adore the story with the quad very much. Griffin seems too mature for it. I mostly enjoy Griffin’s scenes in his other stories, like the hospital stuff, the stories with Anna, and his inner conflict, which Cohen makes very interesting.

Matt Cohen is a great addition to the General Hospital family. Matt is a great actor who has so much chemistry with his co workers. Not to mention Matt is gorgeous! Matt/Griffin is a keeper.

Matt and Finola are ABSOLUTELY amazing together. PHENOMENAL CHEMISTRY between the two actors. It’s a treat to watch the two of them together. Duke is one half of an Iconic SuperCouple. A lot of fans love Duke and Anna. It was a brilliant move by TPTB to have Griffin be Duke’s son. Now all the characters of SuperCouples from the 80’s have children. Not only that, but Anna was married to Duke and he was extremely important to her. So it’s an extension of Anna’s family on a different side and I’m happy TPTB didn’t overlook that fact. Duke lives on in his son.

Again, I love how they connected Griffin to Anna by way of Duke. So many loving, emotional and wonderful scenes between Griffin and Anna. A winning combination. I love Griffin and Anna’s friendship. But they also have that mother and son vibe about them I enjoy. And that makes Griffin and Anna relationship even more special. I love Griffin and Sonny scenes. I hope to see more of those two together. I love Griffin and Liz friendship. I love the possibility of Griffin and Maxie, but I don’t think GH will pair them together which is disappointing. I’m not a fan of the priest angle. Griffin needs a love interest and I think the person should be someone completely opposite of Griffin’s character. Someone that will give Griffin a little edge.

Bree Williamson is doing a great job. I think GH needs someone like Claudette. However, I wish she had a blood connection to someone on the canvas. That way I could care about the character a little more. The character I could love to hate but still enjoy watching. I don’t trust anything that comes out Claudette’s mouth. Something is off about Claudette. I wouldn’t trust Claudette to tell me the time. Because they have went the route of making Nathan the father of Charlotte, I hope they keep it that way. I’m curious to know the angle they will take with Valentine in this story.

I looking forward to more Griffin.

He is a class act and his wife and child are lucky to have such a good man.

GH, well I want him to end up falling in love with Anna. I realize this is odd BUT it is a soap and they do have such wonderful chemistry. We often see the older man with the younger girl, lets flip flop!

He’s way too young for Anna, and I think that would disgrace her love for Duke. I can’t see Anna doing something like that, and I hope this doesn’t turn out to be the case because I’d much prefer Griffin to be Anna’s son.

I agree Jimmy, Anna’s son would be better. We will see if they flesh out his story and bring another women in the picture that is in fact Griffin’s mother. If not, time goes by and Anna accepts Duke’s death BUT realizes she can hold onto to him by being with Griffin, its GH and I can see it happening.

Well technically CeeCee it’s only 20 years…Matt’s in his 30’s and they actually look good together! Same slim build, coloring…but, no…if he really is Duke’s son. But technically they’re about the same age difference as Quinn and Eric, and real life couples like JLo and Casper, Michael Douglas and Catherine.,Trump (blech!:;!!!!) and Melania, etc.

Timmmy, we are talking thirty years, here. All fine and good for a fling, but most young men eventually want children; not withstanding a temporary affaire du coeur.
But, as you say, it is a soap. Still, my Timmmy, she was his father’s wife/bed-partner……so gross to me. The ‘sharing’ is overwhelmingly too cumbersome for me to bear. LOL??
One thing which would make it OK is that Duke isn’t Griffin’s bio father. Later.

I know, I wouldnt do thirty years BUT Anna looks so good! I would let her interrogate me! Ha ha ha!

Yes, MOST guys want kids and Griff was so sweet with Emma as I am sure is the same case with his one year old daughter.

Well, I had trouble writing the suggestion because it almost seems like incest BUT Griffin has no biological ties to Anna. Like I said, Anna might look at Griff and see Duke and fall for him. I would NEVER do that but its Port Charles.

Later Cee.

The flip side of that, my dearest Timmmy? Matt is lucky to have to have his wife and son, yes? LOL.

Hey, Timmmy,
I guess it’s twenty years ( as per Rebecca)…still a lot. Yes, Anna looks no older than Griffin, but that’s a big chunk out of one’s life.
As I said….are we sure Duke is his father?
I do believe Matt’s baby is a boy? LOL. Yeah, such a gorgeous little face; he could certainly pass for a baby girl.

Here is the thing about Anna–she transcends age and she is the cooler than the other side of a pillow.
She would have chemistry with Barney the Purple dinosaur.

I might be in the minority, but I’m not the biggest fan of Griffin. I don’t see him as a strong character. It might be because he’s immersed in the Claudette nonsense, but Griffin hasn’t had much to do nor is he a core character. It would be great if Duke were somehow alive and he could come back, because I’ll always be curious as to what that father/son dynamic would be like. I also hope Anna turns out to be his mother, because they already have a great relationship and she’s the only character I like seeing him interact with.

As for the Claudette story, I’ll admit that it has gotten more interesting with Valentin Cassadine being thrown into the mix. But I’m not a fan of Claudette whatsoever. She’s a liar and a schemer, and there are way too many of those on GH. Bree Williamson is a terrific actress, and it’s unfortunate that she was saddled with such a bad character. Then again, that seems to be the mantra on GH these days – great actors, horrible characters (Ava, Julian, Nina, Franco, etc.).

I’m also not a fan of Nathan, and never have been. He hasn’t grown on me in the two years he’s been on the show, mainly because Ryan Paevey is a terrible actor. It really shows when he’s placed against heavyweights like Michelle Stafford, Kirsten Storms, Kathleen Gati and now Bree. This story would be much more tolerable if they had someone like Brandon Beemer playing Nathan. Could you imagine the chemistry he would have with Maxie and Claudette?

I was,one who wanted griffin to turn out as Anna’s son she never knew about because he was born while in captivity

General Hospital

‘General Hospital’ Reignites Scott’s Feud with Sonny Over His Past Misdeeds of His Late Daughter, Karen Wexler

In what now seems like many moons ago, Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) was a small-time mobster who owned a strip club in Port Charles. He enticed a young Karen Wexler (Cari Shayne) to work as a stripper at the Paradise Lounge.

But things got worse from there! Sonny convinced Karen that stripping was her idea, and he eventually got her hooked on drugs and into his bed!

Karen’s father, Scott Baldwin (Kin Shriner) has never forgotten what Sonny did Karen and for years wanted to take him down when he was the D.A. Fast-forward and on Wednesday’s February 28th episode of GH, Scott visited Karen’s gravesite on her birthday.


However, Scott had a visitor at the gravesite when John “Jagger” Cates also showed up to pay respects to his ex-wife.  This was the first time Scott laid eyes on the new incarnation of “Jagger’ on-screen as played by Adam J. Harrington.

Scott realizes he might have an ally to put the screws to Sonny after John reveals the pain and sorrow he still has over what Sonny did to Karen. Speaking to his former son-in-law about the break-up of his daughter’s marriage to him, Scott pipes up that Sonny, “walks around like he’s the mayor.” Then, Scott shouts to John, “Make him pay! Take him out!”‘

Photo: ABC

In Karen’s backstory: after getting help, Karen was reunited with “Jagger” and left Sonny. The two married and left Port Charles. Karen returned as medical student and had divorced “Jagger” in 1997, and the character landed on the General Hospital spinoff soap opera, Port Charles. Eventually, Karen was struck by a car and died. Three actresses played the role during Karen’s history: Cari Shayne, Jennifer Hammon and Marie Wilson.

Watch Scott and John talk about their vendetta against Sonny Corinthos in key scenes from GH below. Now let us know, do you think Sonny should pay for his manipulation of Karen Wexler many years ago? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s Kate Mansi on Her First Scenes with Eva LaRue: “It Was So Tense and Uncomfortable, Which Was So Fun For Us.”

This week, General Hospital viewers have witnessed the arrival of Eva LaRue as Blaze’s (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) mother, Natalia. When Natalia blew into her daughter’s life, she also caught Kristina (Kate Mansi) in bed. The next moment, Mansi and LaRue played the awkwardness of the scene.

In the story, and at that point, Natalia apparently didn’t have a clue that her daughter is gay, so finding Kristina is her daughter’s room was puzzling to her.

Kate Mansi spoke to Soap Opera Digest on her introduction to soap veteran LaRue, who has appeared on All My Children as Maria Santos and won a Daytime Emmy for her role as Celeste Rosales on The Young and the Restless.

Photo: JPI

“She just came in like such a freaking pro,” shared Kate on LaRue. “She was so good. It was such a funny first introduction for our characters – it was written so well and it was so tense and uncomfortable, which was so fun for us.”

The two actresses instantly created a bond. As Mansi explained, “Right away, we were doing these funny one-liners back and forth (between scenes). Blaze said something like, ‘Kristina is more than my friend, she’s my partner,’ and then they’d call, ‘Cut!’ and Eva and I would look and each other and we’d be like, ‘She means writing partner,’ or she’d be like, ‘Yeah, yeah, she means producing partner, right?’ We were just dying laughing.”

Photo: ABC

On Wednesday’s episode of GH, Natalia learned Blaze was gay, but isn’t quite believing her, thinking she had been somehow influenced by Kristina.  In the key scenes, Blaze tells Natalia that Kristina is more than her friend. She’s her girlfriend. Blaze asks if her mother heard what she truly said, and Natalia claims she did, but then starts cleaning up the place as a method of trying to cope with what she just heard.

Things get testy when Blaze says, “Kristina and I…” Next, Natalia cuts her daughter off, firmly saying, “There is no Kristina and you!”

So, did you enjoy the tension-filled scenes between Kate Mansi and Eva LaRue? Are you liking where GH is heading with the story of a disapproving and religious mother, trying to come to terms with her daughter and her girlfriend’s sexuality? Comment below.

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All My Children

Maurice Benard Reveals All My Children’s Lee Meriweather and Daughter’s Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

At the beginning of the latest episode of General Hospital star, Maurice Benard’s (Sonny Corinthos) State of Mind series, he delivered some heartbreaking news with a purpose.

Kyle Oldham, the daughter of former All My Children star, Lee Meriwether (ex-Ruth Martin), who previously made a guest appearance on Benard’s show, returned for a new interview which will be coming soon.

During their conversation, Oldham shared that her beloved mother has Alzheimer’s. Sadly, according to Benard, Kyle also revealed she has been diagnosed with the disease as well.

Photo: JPI

Maurice expressed, “We talked about her mother and having Alzheimer’s and it was an amazing interview. And then Kyle said, ‘I gotta tell you something. I have Alzheimer’s.’”

Apparently, Kyle has agreed to come on State of Mind, periodically as the effects of Alzheimer’s take a hold of her to help educate others. “We decided that she was gonna come in … she was gonna call me and tell me as she progresses,” Benard shared. “She was going to come in again so the audience could see with their eyes what Alzheimer’s does to someone.”

Benard’s guest for this current episode of State of Mind was Vernee Watson (Stella, GH), who along with Maurice, was part of the Alzheimer’s storyline on the ABC daytime drama series that saw Mike Corbin (Max Gail) eventually pass away.

Photo: JPI

As for Lee Meriwether, not only is she known for her role on AMC, but also for her roles as Catwoman in Batman: The Movie, and The Courtship of Eddie’s Father, and for the television series, Barnaby Jones, the New Andy Griffith Show and The Munsters to name only a few.

In soap operas, Meriwether was cast in The Young Marrieds years prior to her time on All My Children where she replaced Mary Fickett in the matriarchal role in the Martin family. She played the role from 1996-99, 2002-03, and 2007-11.

Meriwether’s daughter, Kyle Oldham, has been an actress and spokesperson herself through the years. She appeared on The Price is Right for over 14 years until she couldn’t anymore after going through multiple surgeries in her adult life.

You can check out the full episode of State of Mind with Maurice an Vernee below.

Share your thoughts on the sad news of both Lee Meriwether and her daughter Kyle Oldham, battling the effects of Alzheimer’s disease in the comment section below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

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