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GH's Michelle Stafford Shows Support Of Y&R's New Phyllis Gina Tognoni!

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General Hospital’s Michelle Stafford (Nina Clay) threw her support 100% in the direction of her successor in the role of Phyllis Summers Newman on The Young and the Restless, Gina Tognoni!  Yesterday, it was revealed that Gina will be taking on the pivotal role of Phyllis on the number one soap opera.

Stafford tweeted: “Thx 4 the #GH love 2day Tweeps! Now I want u 2 give love 2 @ginatognoni who will now be playing the role of #phyllis on #YR she will be awesome!!!”

While some long time fans of Y&R were envisioning a return of Stafford to the role she made soap famous, she is now firmly at ABC, and Gina will be seen this summer when Phyllis wakes up out of her coma. When Phyllis awakes that will spell trouble for Sharon (Sharon Case) and her “secret” in Genoa City and more!

What did you think of Michelle’s acknowledgement of Gina landing her former daytime role?  Share your thoughts below!

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That’s nice of Michelle Stafford offering her support to Gina Tognoni.Michelle probably knew eventually Y&R would recast Phyllis but since it was her choice to leave Michelle may not want to the fans taking it out on Tognoni.

I don’t want the old Phyllis and I don’t want a new Phyllis but I do want daniel and Daisy and Amber back

Ummm HUH…Daniel I see but those other two need not darken the hallways again as far as I’m concerned.

Oh good god, those characters (Daniel and Amber) are literally the two worst characters I have ever seen in the 33 years I’ve been watching “Young and the Restless”!!!

You ARE joking, aren’t you?

Phyllis was a killer and a liar we do not need that mess again

I loved Amber and Drucilla

I don’t want Phyllis to return. Take Chelsea away and bring us back Drucilla please

I don’t want any Phyllis to return

No! I don’t think Phyllis needs to come back. Leave Sharon alone already

Pay back is a bitch, Lol. I hope Phyllis kills Sharon, when Phyllis wakes up from her coma. Gina will be great in the role of Phyllis. Gina has won 2 daytime emmys, and that lady can act. Michelle who? Lmao.

Don’t know any of Gina’s work but to me she looks young to be playing Phyllis (of course I know the character is supposed to be maybe as much as ten years younger than Michelle Stafford is). What other soap roles has Gina played?

Stefano…AGREED!!!!! Dude…I have been such a fan of Gina Tognoni ever since her OLTL days. To me, that chick can do ANYTHING on-screen…PERIOD!!!!! As for Sharon (as in Newman)…I think that time is running out for her…LOL!!!!!

Take care, Stefano. Peace.

How can you say u hope phyllis kills Sharon> Sharon is just about the only person that keeps me interested after 34 yrs

Sorry but Sharon has been through enough from that monster Phyllis

Yeah leave Sharon alone…I want the old Billy back

Leave Phyllis in a coma. I can’t see why she would return . Time to move on from this story

It’s good to see actors support other actors in the genre. Michelle left because she wanted and needed something new. While we fall in love with one actor playing a certain role, actors WANT to play different characters during their career. So whether we want to or not, we have to accept that MS, BM, and others have moved on. Still wish Sarah Brown was in the role, but certainly going to give Gina a chance.

“… While we fall in love with one actor playing a certain role, actors WANT to play different characters during their career.”

from Y&R : Phyllis, Jeanne, Adam, Billy

from DAYS : Will, EJ, Sami, Nick

that’s A whole LOTTA change

for soaps to remain “current” via the big wigs… rules…. blech!

it does… just smart…. for fans of this genre

trying to support… all the influx… especially the writing and behind the scenes is A whole LOTTA change

even GH has it’s moves…. via bait and hook…. and story ARCS….

I really have to give props tho… that : drum roll !

DAYS of OUR Lives is fairing WELL

It was a classy thing to do!

I agree…

Michelle is a class act. Looking forward to seeing her on GH

I cannot wait to see Michelle Stafford vs…Kelly Monaco duke it out this summer!
From time to time I still watch Y/R but it lacks lately. When they have Patti/Shelia stories it gets sooo good.

Michelle once again shows what a class act she is as a person and actress! This is how everyone should be in the business of daytime.

My fellow Chicagoan Michelle is a classy lady – I think that was very sweet of her!

I love when actors/actresses support one another. I know the new Phyllis will do the part justice. She was awesome on OLTL.

Will Luke attempt to kill Lulu? Before Nina’s story becomes front and center, i hope fauxLuke’s story comes to an end…i believe Lulu will see a picture of the shooter and recognize him as the man in the park with Luke…instead of telling Dante stupid Lulu will confront Luke who will try to kill her…Dante shows up and shoots Luke and his true identity or whatever happened to him will finally be revealed…still hope he is Luke and someone like Helene is using mind control on him. Also, i know its a soap but i dont think Dante really would be allowed to tell Lulu he is doing a drug bust but then the cops in PC are usually stupid!!! And wouldnt the drug unit be doing the bust instead of regular cops? Also, did Anna 4get Patrina car accident that included her grandaughter or do we wait 6 months for them to remember? Back on the subject im enjoying the Nina storyline so far!!!

I cannot believe… that Tracy has gone so far… as to not even believe… that she actually saw… Luke pointing a gun at HER SON ?!?! and not believe NED

that’s aghast… and mind numbing… Ned is pleading with her… believe me

add… in his “supposed” infidelity… with Kiki… Yikes! LOL… i’d actually not believe Luke would want a piece of her

but… it’s going… where?

I wonder what is going to happen to Ava… is she written in to a corner… that Carly and Franco are going to cheerlead and expose Ava for her crimes? or… will they not… because it would make… Sonny an accessory? even thow Sonny doesn’t know… it’s all a big mess…

I really am perplexed that they’d show… Luke… murdering someone…. will this be overlooked by the audience…

wouldn’t bother me some… as I think the audience doesn’t take television as flight of fantasy… a story

be that as it may… it bothers me to watch Jane Elliott’ Tracy behaving in this manner

I will hurl if it’s a “battle” between Michael and Kiki… VS Luke and Tracy for ELQ

I hope Ava survives this new trepidation… I think Fans have come to accept her. but.. I just don’t know… I’ve come to accept and love her with Morgan

too many potholes and asking the audience to distend their belief… in story and the actors

Who really cares what Michelle S. thinks about nu Phyllis? Mind your own business and stick to your GH. I am glad she is gone. I agree Y&R doesn’t need Phyllis any more all she does is have sex with Nick and try to one up sharon, sharon has enough haters..

It seems to me you care what Michelle Stafford or you wouldn’t be posting here.Plus just because she’s now on GH doesn’t Michelle Stafford still doesn’t care about Y&R or her former cast mates.

No I really do not care for MS! Never liked her on Y&R all the years, my daughter however loves her!! I am a Sharon Case fan!!

Sue, here’s a crazy thought–you can like Sharon Case and Michelle Stafford at the same time.

phyllis? totally over the character and Stafford! the character was tired toward the end of her run, she was playing supporting character to jack s addiction and she lost her edge and purpose.
why bother recasting?… there will only be one Phyllis that matters, michelle Stafford!!

Michelle Stafford kudos to you, you are a smart sassy, classy lady. Gina will be really really good as Phyllis. Congrats Gina on your new role, same with you Michelle as Nina Clay on gh. Both ladies are wonderful actresses.

Thinking maybe Billy Miller could’ve taken a cue from Her. Always a classy lady!

I never saw a comment from Billy Miller about his replacement..
Billy Miller made no comments about anything that I ever seen for him to be judged on anything….
Silence is golden.. especially when it comes to riled soap fans..
Billy Miller was cool, he said nothing..

Good for Stafford. I now hope fans and the powers that be will give Gina a fair shake and support she needs and deserves. I hope she is treated better than David Tom was.

Ditto, Harry!

” Stafford to the role she made soap famous,”
that is true.. MS owns Phillis, very big shoes to fill ..

I’ll go with anything/body that might pull Y&R out of the deep boring rut it is in ..

Some characters are replaceable some are not…
I wish Gina well.. seems she will do well.

Y&R is playing it smart with their last 2 biggies to replace..
They have waited a very looooooong time to bring new ones on in hopes the fans will have become disconnected to the powerful owned characters in hopes we’ll be more accepting of their replacements, after 6 months to an year time..
(((MM , no matter how long they wait, even a year, won’t be long enough lol

I think the show did wait to recast Phyllis to give fans time to get used to Michelle Stafford not been on Y&R anymore but they have also have waited to recast because they were hoping Michelle would return.As for Adam maybe the show knew because they had just recasted Billy that doing another major recast at the same time wouldn’t go over too well.With Billy they needed him onscreen because of the story.So they had no choice but to recast right away.However with Adam they can keep him offscreen for a bit and build the story for his return when it happens.

leave Sharon alone Phyllis need to stay in a coma

I am a Sharon Case fan. I hate Phyllis guts!

Rumor is sharon case will be fired soon, she will be replaced with a well known actress.

Class act all the way! Kudos to MS and congrats to Gina, she will be great.

she’s probably wishing her good luck with JFP as a boss, i know i would.

So happy for Ms. Tognoni. One of the most talented actress ever! She created one of the most memorable characters in daytime “Kelly Cramer” and she has the actingchops to take over another!

Never watched Y&R but Ms. T will be worth a look!

I would have been happier if they had just left Phyllis where she is.

MISSING MS – who nailed phyllis, and will always be phyllis… But am willing to give this gina chick a shot since she’s rumored to deliver.

she will. she will be Phyllis, just remember even if MS were here, Phyllis probably would be different cause she is waking up from coma…perfect chance for writers to change any characters personality.

That’s what i said in above post.Phyllis been in a coma for almost a year could be a good thing because it could have changed her personality wise a little.Plus when Phyllis wakes up she’s still suffering some aftereffects from the coma and she’s struggling to get 100% well.Plus i hope the show doesn’t put Phyllis and Jack back together immediately because then the fans can get used to Gina Tognoni playing Phyllis first without her been paired with someone right away.

I think Gina will do a fantastic job as Phyllis! She will bring another dimension like Guy Wilson did for Will on Days of our Lives. Remembering the history of previous actor but adding new maturity and depth. Go Gina!!! (loved her as Kelly on OLTL)

Not sure how this will play out… But having the faith that GT will be a refreshing addition. With all the mistakes they’ve made with recent newcomers so far at least ONE has to be a right fit!

Having been a nurse for several years I can tell you that when someone suffers a head injury as as bad as Phyllis, that when they awaken they do not remember how it happened or anything about it. Very traumatic event. So bringing Phyllis back with the idea this will mess up Nick and Sharon just does not make sense. But then Y&R writes a lot of stuff that doesn’t make sense.

Good for MS! Guess that If michelle stafford spoke out positively about Gina T, then she must thinkk its gonna be a good fit. Can’t wait t see what happens..


Michelle is happy at GH now. She was unhappy at Y&R just like most fans!

Michelle Stafford is a true credit to her profession as a actress.She will be missed and it will not be the same with out her.

Burgess Jenkins sucks, he is old, has no sense of humor and and the cute smile that got him out of trouble every time. What woman would choose him over any other man if she had a choice? Bring Billy Miller. Y&R casting gives the viewers whiplash. Get a grip!

I have not watched Young & Restless since Michelle Stafford left the show. She, Billy Miller and Michael (Adam) leaving ruined the show. I’m sure there are many more fans who have left Y&R.

I completely agree.

Love me some Phyllis Newman. By far one of my favorites. Was looking FW to having her wake up.

Why the heck didn’t she come back to y&r if she was goin to GH for same type of role!? I love Phyllis (Michelle).

I also agree big loss for Y & R

My name is Linda from Canada…..I wrote some time ago stating that Phyllis had to come back because of her dynamic roll in this soap. Unfortunately she is now appearing in another show so kudos to them for grabbing Michelle. Since her departure the show is so so…..Casey’s so called twin, Cult Leader blah blah blah. As far as I can see this new Phyllis has very big shoes to fill and from what we’ve seen so far she looks far too timid. The fire has left Y & R unfortunately and I know alot of viewers past and present are a little annoyed so if Phyllis is returning she’s better watch Michelle’s episodes to get a better view on what she is up against or else Phyllis coming back won’t be a big deal at all!!!!! Viewer of the Y & R for as long as its been on!!!

I have been with Y&R since they first premiered and I have put upwith a lot of casting changes. When you replaced Billy I was really pissed, but I managed to adapt…… but replacing Michelle with this lipless transvestite looking woman (sorry to insult the transvestites!) who looks like she is mad at the world! And what the hell……she doesnt even have red hair! It would have been better to just let Phyllis die at the bottom of the staircase. As far as Im concerned PHYLLIS IS DEAD!!!!!

I am not happy with the recent changes. The show needs to come up with some new writers or something. I wish Michelle luck, but will miss her.

I was so upset that she left! So far, I am not happy with the replacement, only in so far as I do not see Gina”S looks or personality reflextive of the vivacious Phyllis. However, she has been in a coma so she hasn’t had much chance yet. Gut feeling not good.

i agree with Char regarding the new Phyllis. MS played a sassy, sexy, beautiful woman on fire! Not trying to be mean but in this role looks like a mean tomboy and Red should have beautiful red tresses! She needs to get rid of the dark, short hair and makeup herself to look very feminine and sexy like Michele. I hear she is a wonderful actress and saw pretty pictures of her so I am not giving up on her yet! Boy do I miss MS and her sizzle!

I miss Michelle Stafford on Y&R. She should have returned instead of going to GH. She played that part so well. I agree that Drucilla should return.

Michelle Stafford IS Phyliis. Y&R should BEG for her to come back…

There is only one Phyllis and one only and that’s ms. That’s just like replacing victor Newman impossible! Miss you ms…come back please!

General Hospital

GH’s Mark Teschner Tells Casting Stories of Johnny Wactor, Giovanni Mazza, Rebecca Herbst & Nicholas Chavez

This week during a very informative and insightful conversation, General Hospital’s 11-time Emmy-winning casting director and now a Daytime Emmy Silver Circle honoree, Mark Teschner spoke on finding the talent for specific roles on the ABC daytime drama series throughout his near three and half decades with the show.

During a livestream chat on the Michael Fairman Channel, Teschner recalled some of the behind the scenes casting stories that brought many beloved favorites to the GH family including the late Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando), the newly-arrived, Giovanni Mazza (Gio), longtime fan favorite, Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth), and rising star, Nicholas Chavez (ex-Spencer) to name but a few.

When speaking with sadness over the loss of Wactor, who was shot and killed back on May 25th, and what he brought to the character of Brando, Teschner recalled, “With Johnny, what you see is what you get. You see the most kind decent, standup guy, and that’s innately who he is. So, that quality comes through in his work and with the character.”

Photo: HutchinsPhoto

Mark explained, “Brando was a raw kind of hothead, troubled kind of character, and Johnny was able to go there. He had a real intensity that he was able to bring to the role, but at the same time, the character of Brando had to have this depth and this giant heart that he doesn’t necessarily reveal when you first see him. Well, Johnny had the biggest heart of anyone you’ll ever meet. So that essence was already there, and then his acting and his skill played the character. Johnny brought so much of who he was to the character, and there was something so authentic about him.”

Photo: ABC

Giovanni Mazza recently debuted on GH as “Gio”, so what was his road to landing in Port Charles? Teschner shared, “I was casting a recurring role for a 15-year-old on the show, but when I’m doing the audition, sometimes I’ll open it up because we try to cast true to age, really within a year or so.  If you think about it, all the kids in our show are the exact age of the characters that they’re playing. Because if you have somebody that’s older playing younger, it sticks out because they’re not going to blend age-wise. But I did read a number of actors that were older just because they looked interesting. Gio’s audition came in. I was viewing this through self tapes, and there was just something about him. It wasn’t just that he was a great-looking kid, it was just there’s something very soulful about him and something very compelling, and he draws you in. ”

Photo: ABC

Mark continued, “So with the group of the 15-year-olds that I sent to Frank Valeintini (EP, GH), I said, ‘Hey, I’m including this kid, Giovanni Mazza. I’m well aware he’s too old, but I just want you to see him.’

After having him come into audition, two weeks later, Frank called Mark and told him they were putting Gio under contract. Teschner added, “So, that was an example where it was his first week in LA, it was his first and ever audition. So we got  before anybody else.  I think he’s really gonna develop into, you know, quite a young actor.”

Becky Herbst has been beloved as Elizabeth for decades, and Teschner recounted her audition process and how she came to the role of Elizabeth. “She (originally) auditioned for the role of Sarah Webber. But the role of Elizabeth was created for Becky. While the character of Sarah did not last long, here we are with Becky 30 years later.”

Teschner cited Becky’s casting as a great example. “I always tell actors when they come into audition, you lay it out, you put it all out there, you bring everything you have to that role. You may not get the role, but if you do good work, you get remembered. And it’s so true.”

Photo: ABC

Nicholas Chavez popped in the role of Spencer Cassadine before exiting the series. Teschner tells how Chavez came onto the GH casting radar. “Nicholas sent his self tape in from Florida and the rest is history. He had a meteoric impact on the show.” Mark added, “You always have an expectation and the hope that they’re (the actor) going to nail it and run with it. But sure, there are actors, you think, ‘They’re gonna be awesome,’ and then all of a sudden it goes to another level. With Nicholas Chavez, we knew he’d be amazing, but you know, who knew? Well, we did.”

Watch the full conversation with Mark Teschner below where he talks about even more of the casting stories behind some of your GH favorites, then and now.

What you think of the Teschner’s eye for talent casting the characters of General Hospital? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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General Hospital

(WATCH) 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Winners Interviews

Last Friday night at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, many of the daytime drama series and performer winners took to the ‘Winners Walk’ to share their reactions on taking home the gold in their respective categories.

Speaking with Michael Fairman TV were: Outstanding Lead Actress winner, Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, The Young and the Restless), Outstanding Lead Actor, Thorsten Kaye (Ridge, The Bold and the Beautiful) along with friend and former B&B co-star, Alley Mills (ex-Pam, now Heather, GH), and his daughter McKenna, who attended the ceremonies with her dad.

In addition, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Daytime Drama Series, Robert Gossett (Marshall, General Hospital) stopped by to celebrate his win, as did Outstanding Supporting Actress, Courtney Hope (Sally, The Young and the Restless).

Photo: NATAS

General Hospital won both Outstanding Directing Team in a Daytime Drama Series and Outstanding Writing for a Daytime Drama Series, and both former co-head writers, Dan O’Connor and Chris Van Etten, spoke to us following their victories, as did the Directing team led by Robert Markham, Tina Keller and Allison Reames.

The Young and the Restless icon star, Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki Newman) along with her husband, The Bold and the Beautiful’s producer Edward J. Scott were the recipients of the Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement Award honors, and spoke on what it was like to take the stage and deliver their acceptance speeches after the moving tribute from many of their colleagues.

Photo: NATAS

Make sure to check out our red carpet interviews from soap’s biggest night and all the winners conversations via You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel.

Now, watch our 2024 Daytime Emmy winners interviews below.  Then, let us know who you were most happy to see taking home an Emmy for their work via the comment section.

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General Hospital

Bryan Craig Teases ‘Who Could It Be’ in Response to General Hospital’s Returning Mystery Man

Since General Hospital’s executive producer, Frank Valentini dropped a major bombshell of what’s to come on the long-running daytime drama at the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards, the guessing games have begun of just what former GH actor is returning to the cast this summer.

Speaking with ABC’s On The Red Carpet, as previously reported, Valentini shared, “A former cast member is coming back. And I think that the audience will go crazy for HIM.”

That has led to major online speculation that it could be anyone from: Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky), Greg Vaughn (ex-Lucky), Ted King (ex-Lorenzo Alcazar), Nicholas Chavez (ex-Spencer), and Bryan Craig (ex-Morgan) among others, that might be the gentlemen being referenced.

Photo: JPI

On Wednesday, responding to a post on the subject from Soap Opera Digest, Bryan Craig commented, “Who could it be ….”  Now, clearly he can just be having some fun with the situation to throw fans off-track, or he might be giving us a tease of what’s to come.

Before exiting GH, the actor won two Daytime Emmys for his performances as Morgan Corinthos in 2016 and 2017.  Craig appeared on GH from 2013-2016 and made a return in 2018. Since departing GH, Bryan has appeared most recently in Freeform’s Good Trouble and ABC’s Grand Hotel, plus several independent films.

The character of Morgan was killed-off the show when Olivia Jerome set a bomb that exploded in the car that Morgan got into, but was meant to kill Olivia’s brother Julian Jerome. Morgan’s death caused a huge split in the relationship of Carly and Sonny.

So, do you think Bryan Craig is just having fun with the audience, or do you think it’s possible he is the big return Frank Valentini is talking about? Comment below.

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Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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