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GH's Michelle Stafford Talks Nico's Sex Scene, Roger Howarth, Crimson & The Evolution Of Nina!


Photo Credit: Denice Duff

When 2016 arrived on General Hospital, Nina Clay (Michelle Stafford) and Franco (Roger Howarth) finally consummated their relationship, which has been a moment that was months in the making.  With the red-hot Michelle Stafford, and Roger Howarth finally having their alter egos hitting the sheets, it was a game-changer for the duo known on social media as “Nico”.  And while Nina finally got some lovin’ from her man in the bedroom, she was also put in the most unlikely of circumstances in her new job as fashion editor-in-chief for the publication “Crimson”… and with absolutely no experience!

With Julian Jerome (William deVry) trying to thwart Nina’s attempts at every turn to make the publication a profitable success, somehow Nina has been able to dig herself out of some dire moments with some savvy sensibilities!  Who would have thought this? Coming from the once troubled and disturbed woman who came to Port Charles vowing revenge on everyone she deemed had wronged her after she laid in a coma for 20 years!

On-Air On-Soaps chatted with the sensational Michelle Stafford to get her thoughts on: how GH’s latest head writers, Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman, seem to be envisioning and navigating Nina in story, if she thinks Nina and Franco can survive over time, and what she thinks the future holds for Nina in the new year.  Meanwhile in real life, Stafford recently welcomed her beautiful baby boy Jameson to the family, and is about to appear in the new motion picture, Durant’s Never Closes, and just launched a skin care line. Here’s what Michelle had to say about how she portrays Nina to make her a viable character with staying power on the daytime drama landscape, and more!

Last week, GH viewers saw Franco and Nina having sex and hitting the sheets.  The lead up to it showed that Nina seemed to still be very sensitive, and somewhat afraid to take that next step in their relationship.  I thought you were great in those scenes.


MICHELLE:  I know there were differences of opinions from the powers-that-be on Nina and Franco finally having sex.  Some people wanted them to have sex like a year ago.  Some people wanted it to be more drawn out.  I think there was that fight of, “Should they just do it?”  But Franco has to earn her love, because she has been basically so portrayed in her life.  Franco knows that, and he is sensitive to that.  I think for Nina being in the coma, and her mother being responsible for putting her in a coma, and just yesterday she was 20, she missed out on a lot.  Emotionally, she’s off, for sure.  Franco saves her.  She looks at him as if he saved her, which is why I liked the line in the scene where she says, “I was broken.”   Nina was.  She was shattered before he came around. They are both very painful characters, and there is something about that in life that commonality of pain.  You meet people in your life, and let’s say you both have lost a parent, and so there is a commonality in your pain.  I think in my case a lot of women come to me who have had a hard time having a baby, or had miscarriages.  They will seek me out.  So there is a commonality in that, and the same goes for Franco and Nina.

When Ron Carlivati (former head writer, GH) was writing the character, Nina was unhinged, and had her revenge plan.  Now, under the latest head writers, Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman, would you say that they had to soften the character a bit?

Photo Credit: Joshua Shultz

MICHELLE:  We definitely had a changing of the guard.  But I do remember my very first conversation with Ron.   I said, “I want to play someone crazy.   I want to play someone off.   I want to play someone who is seemingly amazing and the perfect woman, but behind closed doors, she’s insane.”  I said, “That’s what I want to play.”  Ron said, “Great!  I’ll write it.”  I don’t know what GH originally had in their minds for Nina, but it could have been very much like another character that I played in daytime, and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t playing essentially the same character.  So this is what happened: as you work on a show, and continue on it, people start to go, “Hey! I like this”, or “I like this character, but she’s crazy.  She took a baby out of a woman’s womb and left her essentially to die. Wow!  I shouldn’t like her!”  I think you have that after a year, and I will bring up The Young and the Restless.  We had that with Phyllis when I started playing her, too. Bill Bell Jr. (Co-creator, Y&R) liked me, and the character of Phyllis.  So he wrote her a bit softer.  We learned why she was the way she was, and that she had family issues.  I think that a bad, evil character that takes babies out of other women’s bodies, I think they only stick around for 8 months on daytime.  That is usually because, as an audience member you cannot root for that person, and you cannot continually see that person try to harm others.  You have to create a real human being.  I would say that would also be true for the character of Ava (Maura West).  They created a real human being along with Maura West.  I also think GH did that early on with the character of Carly (now Laura Wright).  So, I think that is really what is happening here. I was actually told this by someone at ABC at one point: “I couldn’t see Nina sticking around the way that she has been.”   So I think that is what Jean and Shelly are doing.   They are now looking at the character through a microscope, and figuring out what her back-story is along with her essence.

Nina has definitely been a polarizing character.  I kept thinking over and over, “How are they going to save the character?”  Did you think that, as well?


MICHELLE:  The whole time I have been like, “I will show why Nina is the way she is.”  I think those are the most compelling characters.  When we are working through this world, people are flawed.  In daytime TV, we don’t want to just watch a bunch of “normal” people.  We want to see their flaws.  We want to see them overcome their flaws, actually.  We want to see them be better, and do the right things, but maybe continuously fall apart.  But, can you imagine living your life knowing your mother intentionally put you in a coma that lasted 20 years?  She tried to take her daughter down.   You don’t have to look too far to see where Nina’s rage comes from.  If I was in a coma for 20 years, I certainly wouldn’t have the muscle tone (laughs) that Nina has.  We suspend our disbelief there! (Laughs).  I personally understand where her rage comes from.  I think from the beginning, when she comes back her husband Silas doesn’t want her anymore.  She doesn’t fit into this life. The only emotion she can grasp is revenge. It’s the only way she feels powerful.  Now that she found someone who loves her for herself, which is probably the first time this has happened in her life, that’s a beautiful thing.  It has changed her.

Did you have a conversation with the ladies, Jean and Shelly, about Nina, and where they wanted to take her?

MICHELLE:  I think I wanted to know what their take was on the character, because they are the ones that are going to map it out.  The one thing I did want to happen for her is to see her evolve into a strong woman.  I just think in daytime that is what women want to see, even if the character is weak.  The audience wants to see her get her strength, and her life back.  That was really important to me … that we see her evolve, and that she is not bouncing around like a 15-year-old anymore.  Another element that I am adding to that, is now that she has had sex she wants to do that all the time!  She just wants to have sex every single second of the day.  (Laughs)

So, now all day long Nina is craving sex with Franco? (Laughs)


MICHELLE:  They are writing that, which makes me really happy. (Laughs)  When Frank Valentini (executive producer, GH) said, “We are not going to have Franco and Nina have sex for a while.  Franco has to earn it.”  I said to Frank, “I think he has!  He put his life on the line for her.”  Frank said “No, no, no.”  I said, “OK.  Then you have got to write-in why she is not.”  You have to address it, because the audience is going to go, “Why are these two hot people not ‘doing’ it?”  These are two adults.  It doesn’t make sense.  They are so in love, and they are not consummating anything.  So, when they made Nina so insecure about it, and being able to communicate to Franco how she felt, I thought, “OK, this works.”  She was scared, and that’s true. We are all scared when we sleep with someone we love for the first time.  There is not one person who does not feel that way.   I loved that about her.  The woman in the audience really responded to that.  They loved that there was a character who was afraid to hop in bed.   It was refreshing to them, and that was the consensus.

Did you watch back the sex scene when it aired?  What did you think of it?

MICHELLE:  I saw it back.  I liked it.  It was a very professional experience, and Roger was extremely professional.

There was a lot of messy hair!  I liked Roger and your messy hair!  (Laughs) I thought they cut out of the scene a bit early though.


MICHELLE:  I liked everyone’s messy hair.  I liked it, and look, Roger is hot.  What woman doesn’t want to see Roger Howarth on-screen?   He’s super sexy, and that is just that! (Laughs)

So many of the women I interview in daytime all say that, “Michelle Stafford has the most rocking body.”   I would concur.  You are in great shape.

MICHELLE:  That is really nice of you.  Thank you. You know, I should start figuring out what I do.  But, I’m tall, so that helps …and you should see my mom!   She’s pretty hot.  I appreciate you seeing that, because now I am of an age where I own it, and go, “I’m a hot piece of ass.”   I also eat really well.  I have exercised since I was 19-years-old.  Now if I go a month without working out, I think your body can adapt, and it sort of clicks on.  But listen, I have flaws.  I am just hiding them.  I mean, please!

So when you have to do daytime sex scenes, do you have the freedom and confidence to do them … or is it still an uneasy, and uncomfortable thing to have to do?

Photo Credit: Michael Doven

MICHELLE:  Sometimes, it depends on my partners, and how they feel.  Like when I would do sex scenes with Joshua Morrow (Nick, Y&R).  He is like a brother to me, and so every single day I was at frat party when I worked with Joshua.  So, we kept it really fun.  You have to keep sex scenes like this really fun, or else it’s uncomfortable.  Roger is a married guy.  It can be weird, but it wasn’t.   He was so lovely about everything, and at one point he had to hide my boobs when my dress had to fall down in the scene.  I said, “Roger don’t look down.”  He was like, “OK, I won’t.”   He’s a good guy like that, and he will have your back.  You know, he’s not going to walk away and leave you standing there with your boobs facing the crew.

Who came up with the idea for Nina becoming the editor of “Crimson”?

MICHELLE:   Oh, it was totally Jean and Shelly.  I think it’s really cool.  The wardrobe that I get to wear now is kicking!   I love everything that I get to put on, and I’m so excited.  I was jumping around!  Shawn Dudley-Reeves (costume designer, GH) did an amazing job with the wardrobe … it’s very edgy, and very New York.  He really out did himself.  You see it all kind of come about from the red dress at the Nutcracker gala, and from that point on it has been Nina’s new wardrobe.  Shawn really knows how to dress me.

In terms of such a leap in character development, were you at all thinking: “This doesn’t make much sense.  Nina has no business experience, or any experience in the fashion world.”

MICHELLE:  They wrote that in for her, and so it’s fine.  I am good with anything they want to do as long as it’s logical.  Nina is very savvy, and smart.   She conned Silas, and everyone else.  I think the reason people may not think that is because sometimes she bounces around like a teenager.  So people will equate that with being a dumbbell.  I think we are going to see that side of her more, and just how smart she is.


Do you think that Nina is fully aware that Julian (William deVry) is setting her up to constantly fail?

MICHELLE:  She is not aware of it, and that is where she falls.   She is a very smart person, but not very street smart, only because she has been out of the game for 20 years.  2016 is actually going to be a really great year for Nina.  We’re going to see this really great ballsy, smart woman evolve from someone that was so betrayed.  She is not going to do it by being evil. She is going to do it with her intelligence, and I really dig that.

What did you think of the plot point when the issues of “Crimson” came back all messed up, and completely in green?

MICHELLE:  That was so fun.  Can I just tell you how much I love my little Kirsten Storm (Maxie)?   She is so funny and adorable, and we have such a good time working together.

What about working with Robert Palmer Watkins (Dillon) in the “Crimson” mix?


MICHELLE:  Oh, my God.  He is the greatest guy, and the three of us are kind of finding our vibe.  Dillon comes into the picture, and is a little stiff in the beginning (laughs), but he is loosing up as time goes on! (Laughs)   His position is just trying to deal with these two lunatic chicks.  There is that scene where we find out the issues turned out all green, and it’s kind of funny, because Nina is having champagne out of the bottle while we are celebrating.  Nina has champagne in one hand and a glass in the other.  She sees the issues came out green and she starts screaming, “Don’t panic!  Don’t panic! Don’t panic!”  That was really fun!  Then Ryan Paevey (Nathan) comes into the mix.  Nina is telling him how she is handling the situation.  Maxie is against the way Nina is handling it.  So we have this scene with Ryan, and so I said to Kirsten, “Why don’t we make this scene about that we are competition for his approval?”  Because that is what really happens with sisters. (Laughs)  We played it like that.  So, Maxie was upset that Nathan was taking Nina’s side. (Laughs)

Did you love how Nina was able to save the day with the “Green” issue of “Crimson”?

MICHELLE:  I love that Nina put out the “Green” issue, and then she spinned it that it was an environmental issue, hence the color, and after that it goes out to the world people are responding to it, going, “Oh wow!  So ‘Crimson’ is saying that we are making a huge social statement with this issue.”  It turned out to be the best selling issue that “Crimson” has ever had. (Laughs)

What do you think the future holds for the boss/employee relationship between Julian and Nina?


MICHELLE:  Julian wants to fold the magazine.  What is coming in the future is that Nina is eventually on to him.  She looses it on him like: “You’re trying to purposely screw me over, and suppress me.  No!”  So we will see her smarts come out in that way, too.  She wants to make “Crimson” a success.  This is so important to her.  It’s her life. She has never had anything else, but money.  She had this mother who was hovering over her all the time trying to get her money.  Now Nina is doing something for herself.  That is a big deal in our lives, especially when we finally accomplish something for ourselves.  I think as time goes on it’s going to affect her relationship with Franco.  I think there is a very interesting element about that.  That is what I was talking to Jean and Shelly about, because Franco has always has been fixing her, and now she is saving herself, and that had got to affect their relationship.  But that could be, and I don’t know if it will be, but that could be the end of it for them, because then Franco doesn’t need to fix her anymore.  That is such an interesting relationship thing, because that really happens out in the real world.

Now we are seeing Franco trying to help Jake (James Nigbor) through art therapy.  The little boy has something very disturbing going on that will reveal itself.  This can’t bode well for Nina and Franco, because it also pulls Franco more into Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst) orbit.

MICHELLE:  Franco is helping Jake with his anger issues, and he is now growing closer to Elizabeth because of it, which is great.


I think Jake is not going to want Franco spending time with Nina!

MICHELLE:  I think Franco is having so many problems with this kid that he is working with this, that he can’t get find time to get together with Nina.   Maybe, the kid doesn’t want Nina and Franco together, too.  I could see in the future that Nina would want to have a baby with Franco; she is in love with him.  She missed out of so much in her life, and didn’t have a baby.  That is a very, very, very deep pain for a woman.

What did you think of Jason Thompson (Ex-Patrick) departing GH for your old stomping grounds at Y&R? 

MICHELLE:  Oh, Thompson!   I was one of the last to know.  I said, “Are you leaving?” And he said, “Yeah”.  Then I saw another actor in the hallway who said, “Yes.  Jason is leaving and he is going to Y&R to play Billy Abbott.”  I’m like, “What?  No!  What?”  I congratulated Jason.  I told him there are great people over at Y&R, and then we went on to talking about other things.

Did you submit yourself for the Daytime Emmy race this year?

MICHELLE:  No, I didn’t.  To be honest, I have been so busy with my newborn son, and the new skincare line I launched that I didn’t jump on it.


You have some other exciting projects happening: The motion picture, in which you have a key role in Durant’s Never Closes, has its premiere next week in Phoenix.  What was that like to work with Tom Sizemore, who stars in the film?

MICHELLE:  Sizemore is bigger than life!  I love the guy, and he is an amazing actor.  He didn’t miss a line, and he was on point when we did our scenes.  He was great to work with.  I like my stuff, and I was really directed almost down to like a line read.  The director was very specific about what he wanted.  It’s interesting to me to see how I maneuvered it.  Sometimes the choices weren’t necessarily my choices, but again he wanted very certain things like no tears, and the emotions of my character all underneath the surface.  I have never been directed so much.  It was interesting to see.  People are enjoying our scenes the most from the feedback the director is getting from those who have seen the film, thus far. 

You play Suzie in Durant’s Never Closes.  Is she a good person at heart?

MICHELLE:  You realize in the movie that Jack Durant is probably already dead, and this is a man coming to terms with his life throughout the film, and how horrible he was to people, and the mistakes he made.  My character comes into the bar to see him.  She is the love of his life.  Suzie is the character that he betrayed the most, and the one person he feels most guilty about.  She is a lovely person, but she is in love with the bad guy.  What are you going to do?  We have all been there and done that, right?  She is love with the dangerous, brooding, interesting guy, and we have all been there.

Photo: TheRealStaffordInstagram

You recently added your beautiful new baby boy to the Stafford family.  How did you arrive at the decision to name him, “Jameson”?

MICHELLE:  I wanted to name him “Jones”, and my daughter Natalia wouldn’t have it.  My dad was like, “Jones?  What kind of name is that?”  So then I responded back, “Well, I’m definitely naming him ‘Jones’!” (Laughs)  Then I thought to myself Natalia is going to be saying his name more than I am, statistically.  I said “Jameson”, and she wouldn’t let go of it.  I guess Natalia really named him.  So my son’s name is Jameson Jones Lee Stafford.  Lee is my stepfather’s last name   People are asking me, “Are you going to call him ‘J’ or ‘JJ’”?   I am like: “No.  I’m going to call him, ‘Jameson’.”  He’s almost three months old now.

Movies, motherhood, GH and now you even have a launched a new skin care line, “Coco Luxe”.  You are one busy gal!

MICHELLE:  Yes, I am currently selling it through Amazon.  As the year goes on we will have like 20 products.  They are unisex products, and they are organic.

Can we just talk about those passionate GH #Nico fans on social media?


MICHELLE:  Oh, my God!  The Nico fans are out of their minds! (Laughs)  They are a bunch of horny chicks, and I love em!  They are so funny, and there are some very cool comments.  It’s really out of control.  They have been very supportive, and they love the coupling.  I think the characters provide a different vibe on GH, and are very romantic.  And how interesting it is to have this romantic love story from these two somewhat crazy characters?  Roger is such a good actor.  He is so present. Roger understands how to make something interesting.  When I am in a scene with him, it’s one thing, but when I see it back I see something I didn’t notice that is so good.  When I am acting in a scene with him, I am listening to him and reacting to that, and not watching him act.  When I do watch it back, I love the way he plays Franco, and how in love he is with her.  I can’t say enough great things about his work.  I think he is great.  He always brings something new.  It’s a really fun working relationship that I have with him … it really is.

Being that it is you and Roger Howarth, fans are suspecting that the two of you ad-lib a lot in your scenes.   Is that true?

Photo Credit: Michael Doven

MICHELLE:   No, we never do!   It’s so funny that people always think we do.  Roger is not the guy who is going to throw something at you that you didn’t expect.  I’m an actually more of that person, which not always worked great with Roger; he really likes to know what’s coming.  He likes to work out what’s coming so he knows.  Now sometimes I can’t tell him exactly how I’m going to do something, because we’re acting.  I think that is sometimes where we have had challenges with each other! (Laughs) Anyone who works with me knows that about me – once I’m acting – I am acting and in it.  That’s what you get with ‘The Stafford’! (Laughs)  Roger has it worked out to the point so when he does it on camera, he can be free with it.  I think that is his style.  With Roger, I am going to get a really great actor to work with, who likes to play, and really can act.  I appreciate that about him. I am just really interested to see what the writers are ultimately going to do with these two characters.

So in closing, if the writers were to break up Franco and Nina, who else do you think Nina would have the “hots” for on the Port Charles canvas?


MICHELLE:  I don’t know, but if they were to break up we have to work up to that point.  Now, she is someone who still doesn’t really like Ava, and she knows it wasn’t right, but she had no control over her emotions.  However, I think these first six months of the year; viewers are going to see a very different Nina that people can really get behind.

So, what did you think of the Nico sex scene? Do you hope Franco and Nina stay together, or do you find a possible Liz and Franco pairing intriguing?  If so, who should Nina then become romantically involved with?  What do you think of Nina becoming the editor-in-chief of “Crimson”? Are you excited to see how the character evolves through 2016? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Meh. Loved to hate her as Phyllis, but I can’t wrap myself around Nina. I loved Roger Howarth as Todd Manning, but Franco is just another reincarnation of Todd. It would have been nice if ABC didn’t have that lawsuit with Prospect Park. Things were progressing nicely. Roger had great chemistry with Laura as did Carly and Todd. Kelly and Michael had great chemistry as well did Sam and John McBain. Oh well …


Nico? Really? Is that what they’re calling this forced coupling?
As I see it, these two have no chemistry, and I find them not to be compelling at all. When those two are on the screen, all I can think is that someone thought it would be a great idea to put two super soap stars together without any regard to chemistry or character history. Stafford is a notorious scene chewer and when she gulps down the scenery, she invariably gulps down the man with whom she has been paired rendering him to purse holding status.
I once thought Roger was the most talented soap actor ever but lately he is acting like Jack Tripper from Three’s Company. He seems to be set on playing goofy Todd Manning as opposed to playing the darkly nuanced Todd Manning.
Stafford says she wanted to play a mentally ill woman but Nina never came off as mentally ill. You know how sometimes an actor will establish an accent and then all off a sudden switch it off? ( for example. Kevin Costner’s on and off British accent in Robin Hood). One moment Nina acts like a child, a simpleton, like a poor woman’s version of Forrest Gump, and the next she is acting like American Psycho. There is not an ounce of believability in her performance and her over gestualating and odd mannerisms seem designed to distract from her poor acting skills.
I did not watch the “Nico” love scene because I am out of my sea sick pills. I am not feeling the love, the heat or the poetry of this forced coupling.

That is my son’s nickname….his name is Nicholas….He loves the moniker, Nico. But, I must agree with you Harry: I am not into these name combinations for couples.

Harry, what a beautiful tour de force of words–I LOVE IT! And I agree 100% re Stafford’s chewing of scenery (and gulping down the man–LOL). And Roger’s becoming a Jack Tripper from Three’s Company’s. You’ve sure got those two pegged! Bravo and kudos!

Couldn’t agree more with Christie’s post. Todd Manning fit like a glove on GH. Franco is an abomination and Nina is completely unnecessary. Nothing against Michelle Stafford but she isn’t needed.

100 percent agree with you Chrystie!

Todd never belonged with Carly, sorry.

Really hope they’re not inserting Liz into NiCo. Liz is always playing victim for some other woman’s man to come to her rescue. She’s a homewrecker. She needs to leave other women’s men alone.

Franco and Liz are cousins in a round about way. They share a brother. So it’s probably off the table.

Oh, Ryan….off the table? There is no blood tie. And, even if there were, do you think soapland really reveres or upholds such a triviality as kinship in bed? Nah…LOL. Later.

I do not trust Liz. Today, when she answered Jason’s door, she so relished giving Sam the impression of having had a tummyful of love….like the cat who ate the canary….bad, bad, wicked girl…LOL. I am more and more confused, nonplussed and bewildered by this character….so hot and cold. Methinks she’s the on with he bipolar disorder. I surely hope she is not a wedge between Franco and Nina. Franco needs the innocence that is Nina, and reciprocally, Nina needs the strength that is Franco. This couple IS the whole package for me. ‘Tis my opinion whether some agree or not. Discuss yours, if you will….but, do not kick me in the arse for mine.
As far as Julian? He is a snake. How does someone use another being this way. I wouldn’t put it past him if he were the one to have ordered the magazine in green. I am soooo glad TPTB are turning Nina around…..more on her way to being ‘adult’. Julian is definitely trying to derail any attempt to save the mag. But, Nina will resurrect it. …….even if it means buying the ‘operation’ herself….she will create a masterpiece; leaving Julian and his not-so-ingenue bed warmer a few leagues below the surface.

@CeeCee..Sweets…totally agree with you, as usual. Julian
is a complete heel, he most definitely is guilty of sabotaging
Nina’s premier issue of Crimson… She should really consider
buying the magazine from him once she discovers his true colors.
Franco & Nina R perfectly matched. Michelle is fantastic, I’m crazy
about her!!

One word rebuttal–BLEH!

Franco and Liz :

does it seem like… the writers, are in fact, writing an opposites attract friendship ? an alliance of joined force… to help each other out? whatever their shared motivation?

I certainly cant see Liz… nor Franco for that matter… finding an attraction beyond… being allies

their characters love too much…. Jason and Nina. I don’t see this as anything more than what it is

why shouldn’t Liz learn from… and be motivated by Franco… and vice versa… she shares with Franco… ??? lovelorn passion interrelating…

LOL… just to see these two characters “layering” and everyone else in Port Charles questioning their newfound “bond” would be a hoot! let’s go their… explore !

Franco and Liz are BFF… hoot hoot

Well, CeeCeeGirl, at least I agree with your last sentence….LOL. (Although let’s face it, Julian’s real problem is that what he is in sore need of is some “fresh flesh!” Enough with those egregious examples of “granny porn” activities for him…being tethered to that tedious ball-and-chain is making him waaay old before his time!!!!)

I do not think they are going to go down the route of a romance with Liz & Franco I think that he will help with that demon little Jake and they will eventually be close friends .

Hi, my lovely lady:
Well, it seems, from some of these posts, fans of GH want to see Nina fail, as well. Poor Michelle…never had a chance from the get-go. I hope Nina can be salvaged, but it seems the opposite is true. Un fait accompli?
Why are Alexis’s shenanigans ok? Another actress portrayed in her teens with Julian, the killer. What is Alexis’s excuse……she fits his category by association. At least Nina had a mental condition….put in a coma by her scary-eyed mother, yet Nina is blamed for that, as well. Nina is trying. Michelle IS fantastic in portraying her. Later.

I totally agree – I really love the Franco & Nina coupling!

Michelle is a great women. She really made something out of her life. I am waiting for Nina to break out big time. But in the mean time, the other day she was excited that she passed out all the green issues of Crimson. WHY? They were free! Almost anyone will take something for free! Also, EVERYONE had their issues opened at their tables reading the magazine? Really? The other thing, magazines are dead! Almost everyone reads everything off their phones or tablets. Lets get with the times people! Great interview as always Michael Fairman.

Perhaps, Timmm, perhaps the production and selling of mags has declined greatly the last ten years or so. However, print holds and retains attention. The reason why it is still in circulation. It is not dead….at least, not for the majority of women. Believe it or not, much pleasure is derived from reading a mag versus reading off a tablet or phone. Some of us appreciate perfect, unabridged print. As an educator, and I bet most other teachers, will agree with me. It is no wonder that our youth can barely read or have any reading comprehension. Isn’t that a shame? The children in our family, including my teen sister, must do a goodly amount of reading per week or they get certain privileges taken away.
But, this is a soap. And, the idea Nina had is ingenious. Yes, the mag was free, but the point was to get the people reading. Out of so many, a few will like the format and be interested in future issues. I think this is where the writers are going with it. ……later, gator…luv-ya.

@CeeCee…is right Timmm…I for one still enjoy my magazine
subscriptions, going to book stores and receiving books as gifts..
Hopefully that will never be lost… Tablets R great, immediate &
convenient but remain impersonal tools of information nothing
more, nothing less. Anything written on paper can be kept &
cherished forever.

Maybe so, but I would never pick up a green magazine.
I do not like green rags, Sam I am, and I do not like Nico here or there, I do not like them anywhere.

Oh, my god, Harry……you have me laughing sooooo hard. It’s too early in the morning. And, Sunday to boot. How can I show up in church like this? Too funny. God bless you, you made my day!

If that would happen, my Timmmbo? If Nathan would ever end up in jail? I want to share the cell with him. Ha! Bye.

Once Elizabeth enters a happy couple’s orbit, they’re done. This is what the Elizabeth character is all about. She goes after happily attached men & I can totally see her using her kid to seduce Franco. This is her M.O.

I, for one, hope she does go after Franco, so she’ll stay away from Jason 🙂 OR, maybe GH can rehire Greg Vaughn and make it a little more interesting.

Please rehire Vaughn, the time is right!

Its time to bring Lucky back. Luke is gone and Tony loved JJ. Well, Tony is gone ans JJ is busy and Greg made a good Lucky and with Laura back it would be good to see all of her kids on the show. Put Lucky back on the police force and have him arrest Nathan for impersonating an actor!

Greg Vaugh is ruggedly beautiful……I wish, Ces, I wish…..

I just love MS!! I am so glad she is on GH. She makes me love Nina. She brings her character a humanity that some actors can’t access. I would watch her read the phone book. I hope she is on GH for years to come. I could go on for days gushing over her!! Congrats on the new baby and skinline!!! LOVE YOU!!!

I totally agree! 🙂

Some like them…i like RH and MS is an ok actress but im bored to death with their characters and hardly watch when they are on… bring back Heather and let her go wacko on them and maybe i’ll watch…i dont care that much for bedroom scenes-just filler moments that really dont add to the story and in the case of these two there really isnt any…if i want to see a hot bedroom scene well, thats what my gold gilt ceiling mirrors are for…lol

I’m with you Jim. I like both actors, I just don’t like these characters. Nina is all over the place berserk and I’m not sure what his purpose is. So wish that he never had to switch from Todd. Franco has been a dud from the start.
The love scene, for me, was a little awkward to watch ….

As par for the course, I see it the way Mr Jim does.

Me three. Whenever it’s a Franco and Nina day I find something else to do with my time during GH hour.

I agree Jimmy, both talented but I almost want to FF through their scenes because their characters suck!

By far Michelle Stafford is one of the best in this medium. She is real. She is honest and she has great comic timing. She can make you love and hate her at the same time. I am not comparing them but Michelle often reminds me of Eileen Fulton (Lisa, As The World Turns) and her style of reacting to others. Both were honest in their portrayals. I love everything Nina is on screen. Her and Franco (Roger Howarth) together are magic. I am not so concerned about how and when they will get it on but I love them taking the characters into that place that couples go and portraying it honestly. Michelle’s new skin care line is FABULOUS and I love just about everything she does. Kudos to Michelle Stafford.

Eileen Fulton was all kinds of wonderful. Very apt comparison

LOVE these two together! More so than any other GH couple ever! So glad RH is still around and he has this amazing quirky and cool sidekick. And thanks for clarifying them as Nico… thought they were Franina….

More than any other GH couple ever? Honestly? More than Luke and Laura? More than Robert and Anna? More than Felicia and Frisco?

Harry, you are spot on–naming all the great couples!

thank you…. the words I was looking for, with regard to the indomitable Roger Howarth. yes! Indomitable force

is Franco written in to a corner ? because of him portraying Franco?

it’s been going on for so long now… that, it’s lost it’s meaning… I just want to see Roger Howarth… at this point… howver I get him…

so… per your words.. Gemma: RH quirks, antics, and his comedic sidekick and from outa nowhere… when he just springs a fast one…. ???

for example: a friendship with Liz… and along the way… helps her son along.

I still see this as along the same lines… of playing the waiting game… and hopefully with new writers… a show for Roger is in the cards

we waited eon; Fluke; Jason; Nina; Franco… etc… so what makes this that much more hurry up and wait?

I never watched RH… till GH… so… i’m still flabbergasted.. smitten… and front row seat for this man.

gawd! past reference ! it was right oughta the gates… when Todd came to Port Charles and you could see the sparks all over the place… when Connie was on the show her last couple days… and the intensity and fire just surrounded these two characters… that’s what I really wanted. Todd and Connie…. woah!

boy has he been left by the wayside… so I await anything GH throws… Franco antics… which do show depth… his patient devotion to his gals… Nina and Kiki. his potential nurturing of Jake… at the hospital… his wanting to have “FUN” with Liz.

Franco’ always on the go… things move in his head… I’m intrigued by his nuanced delivery… he’s not a character that will every be fully revealed… and that’s the fun of having Roger Howarth on any show !

so…. MIX HIM UP w/ Liz… dance with Nina… care for Kiki… show more scenes with daddy Scotty Baldwin

inasmuch as he’s playing Franco… and it doesn’t seem possible to write for his character… he’s the real deal

Yes, and I was there for original Luke and Laura (I was just a kid but hey, it’s true). GH couples in hindsight are not as glamorous as you hope. Laura faced a wall for 10 years and Luke had more chemistry with Tracy, as Laura did with Scottie. Anna was with Duke and Robert was with Emma? (he is still hot); as for Frisco and Felicia, this golden god of a man sang this awesome song for her and she chose a puppeteer over him. I do like Ellie and Spinelli, although I was not a fan of the Jason/Spinelli show. I think GH writers got really lazy during that period. And I don’t really like the character of Sam (she is so snotty to Liz, she just seems like a beotch). So her stealing a man away from Liz again is really frustrating. GH was not my fav soap so sorry I don’t like more couples. I think Morgan is the best thing GH has right now (besides Nico, or Johnny Z) and he deserves accolades for his performance. Loved the former Kiki and the new one is pretty good too. That said, I think Franco deserves better writing and story lines, it is as if he masters the materials he is given but in a way they have been trying to sabotage him storyline wise. That is why I love Nina and Franco – they are the underdogs! Nina is refreshing and fun to watch! Love them together as #1 GH couple of all time, ever, for the past almost 40 years, so yeah, yes, YES! My fav couple!

I thought Luke and Tracy had anti-chemistry. All she did for years was shriek and snarl at him with that nasty shrill tone. And he treated her abominably. Even when their rapport was clicking it was almost like another Luke and Bobbie relationship than anything romantic. Conversely, he always lightened his demeanor when Laura was around. Treated her with FAR more consideration than he ever did Tracy. That is, until Geary decided he wanted nothing more to do with LnL and the retcons kept coming.

As far as Scotty as I saw it, Laura always treated him as someone for whom she had a sweet fondness, nothing more.

Me, too, Gemma….I always referred to those nutters as “Franina.” It sounds so quirky and crazy…..and if the shoe fits!….On the other hand, “Nico” is too cute and perfect a moniker for this trainwreck of a twosome!

Sorry, I don’t see what she sees in Nina. I don’t get the weird speech pattern, the goofy looks, the childlike weirdness. Now she’s some low grade idiot savant that has to be propped by Maxie.

The Nico stuff is so contrived, nothing more than a hashtag that Valentini and Varni stoke on Twitter and other social media, with the aid of multiple accounts that they set up.

Absurd the way Franco is talked about, a therapist who has no credentials or license, who happens to be a lunatic, working with children on anger issues. It is ridiculous and the character has absolutely no credibility with fans other than Roger’s little group of superfans, you know, the ones who constantly talk about how brilliant he is, especially at ad libbing, yet Ms. Stafford just told them he does none of that.

This whole idea of Franco and Nina being some big deal on GH just doesn’t have any merit. The show focused on them in August, ratings completely tanked, the ratings are up now because of scrubs. You want to see chatter on social media for what it’s worth, check out how ecstatic fans are to see Mac and Robert.

Respectfully, I disagree because you’re looking for storylines to make sense on a show where characters return from the dead all of the time; a dock where drugs and guns come and go and yet the police are the only people in the entire town who are unaware of this; 4 people had to save the world from an “Ice Princess”(I think I have the right show with that one:-)
And common sense isn’t very common. If you don’t like the characters, I get it but can you really blame your dislike of them on the absurdity of their situations, when every situation on any soap opera lends itself to the absurd?!

Thank you very much, madluv. You have spoken a fact. We are watching soaps, not documentaries. Soaps, where the unbelievable becomes believable, albeit it boggles the mind….but to complain on each and every post is getting tiresome. You said it best. Later.

Let’s remember that until the writers’ strike in 1981, the Ice Princess was a story about a missing art object. It was only when Gloria Monty had to step in and write the story on a day-to-day basis that the whole thing went off the charts. The returns from the dead (namely, starting with Stavros Casssadine) all emanated from that same campish tilt for Helena’s evil that unfortunately built upon Gloria’s desperate mistake. But nothing EVER approached the nonsense of a serial killer becoming an art therapist at GH.

It’s all nonsense. It’s basic escapism.

My 2 cents:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I would watch Roger Howarth read the phone book.

Oh, my gosh, madluv4u. Never, ever think that you have offended me in any way, shape or form. I am in your corner. You have expressed what I feel. Sometimes, I do hold back with my thoughts because there is one poster in particular who wants to censor whatever I and others say. Why? My words are not en par with this person. Plus, there are a select few moderators who do not find my posts or Shay’s as board-digestible. I’ll buy that….it’s upon their discretion, albeit some really nasty, offensive and dirty-mouthed comments do slip through their hands.
I wish every poster’s word was as succinct as yours. I appreciate what you said regarding the above. Perhaps, my comment was deceitful, if it made you think I was targeting you. Just the opposite is true. With due respect to AJQ, he/she never writes anything positive….we all are aware that soaps are becoming more and more fantastically off-the-wall. But they also have their positives. I chant my ‘grievances’ many a time, but I also praise where praise is due. Whether I like a character or not, he/she is doing his/her best. Who am I to naysay anything…….I just opine how I feel about the character or situation.
Furthermore, who am I to embarrass a fellow poster and naysay what he or she wants to express? I may disagree and say so but, I will not impugn his or her veracity by dragging said poster through the mud.
So, I have been with you all along. I had to thank you for taking the words right out of my mouth, per se. I want to say so much more….but, am on my way out…..
Have a great Sunday. Later…

And im one of them enjoying Mac and Robert..they help take some of the boredom out of GH when they are on…wish TR was staying for good.

CeeCee please don’t stop expressing your opinions on here. It would break my heart to think that I had anything to do with that. You are as entitled to your thoughts and opinions as anyone else. So, I hope I didnt offend you. I guess the key is not to take soaps or this board too seriously. It’s fun to get the perspective of other people and how they view what’s going on. So again I apologize and emplore you to keep posting. Enjoy your day!!!

Those two together seem as if they are just sitting at a bar talking with no dialogue from a script. Love them! Tristan’s character on Y&R is HORRIBLE!

I liked RH as Todd but his story as Franco The Unlincensed Therapist is very far-fetched and absurd…and the so-so goofy acting between them-sometimes i think they are going to go all Sally Field and look into the camera gushing, ‘You like me! You really like me!’…lol

I’m with you again Jim on both posts. So wish Tristan was sticking around! Their few scenes together were better than Franco & Nina’s whole “love story” if you want to call it that.

Mac telling his big brother to stick around for him was so sweet. How does Mac manage to be adorably vulnerable while sustaining his masculinity?
Then Robert tells Anna,”All you had to do was ask. I’m all yours.” Finola Hughes and Tristan Rogers are the real deal–they are both so chalk full of charisma and acting prowess that their scenes basically write themselves.
I do think that the ratings went up due to Robin, Patrick, Anna, Mac and Robert. I am afraid Nico had nothing to do with the ratings. I think TPTB plug those two in there whenever they know the ratings will go up in order to cause a false cause and effect report. Of course the ratings went up for Robin and Patrick’s farewell tour. NIco had nothing to do with it

You’re right, Jimmy. It’s as far-fetched as Brickwall (both physically and mentally) Dylan (Y&R) being an instant Robo-cop. He really needs therapy…he is still suffering from shell-shock …..just as Stitch-Sticky Ben. Latah, my friend.

I’m sure Frank & NV have all day to post on twitter and FB with multiple You say that ratings are up because of Scrubs but yet on their wedding and LAST day on GH was the lowest rated day of the week. Yet, Monday, NiCo love scene day was the highest. Haters always make crap up and keep posting it over and over like it’s fact and just can’t grasp the fact that NiCo does have fans.

Well, madluv4ya, respectfully, it’s not the same thing. People coming back from the dead, freezing the world are elements that ask people to suspend their disbelief for a premise and then a logical story can be told. Art Therapy is not science fiction, it is a real profession that people know about. Do people know about freezing and unfreezing? Is it a real thing? No. That’s the point. It’s made up. We don’t know how it works or that it would work. Again we suspend our disbelief for a premise and then we are told how it might work in what should be a coherent narrative.

Do we know what Art Therapy is? Yes? Is it a real thing? Yes. Do we know that these psychotherapists have a specific education and licenses? Yes. There is a difference.

Elizabeth, I didn’t say Frank and Varni post all day on multiple accounts, I said they are aided by them. Frank doesn’t even tweet from his account, it’s obviously some intern. Shows and networks have people who work social media, tweeting, posting on messageboards and facebook to drive communications and message.

As for the ratings, Mondays have been the highest rated day for GH for months, for whatever reason. TPTB know this and it probably isn’t a coincidence that they put the Nico sex on a Monday, believe it or not, networks are calculating.

As for the ratings in general, you don’t measure a five day a week, 52 week a year soap on a daily basis, there are too many variables, external variables to do that. You have to look at a pattern of viewership over time. The ratings for the entire week were consistently around three million. The ratings the previous week were very good as well. What is the element that exists in those couple of weeks that was not present before? Robin and Scrubs. Franco and Nina have been around a long time and have done nothing for ratings yet, but somehow they are now? Because they had Nico sex, sure.

And Friday, which has historically been the lowest rated day on GH was over 3.2 million. Did people tune in because Tracy and Hayden were together? I’d bet one reason Friday was so high is because people knew that Robin and Patrick were leaving that week and historically things like departures happen at the end of the week, on Fridays.

And CeeCee, these two “icons” have shown nothing to deserve that title on GH. All Howarth does is Todd, not even that, he does Roger, when I see him I don’t see a character, I see through to the actor, he has done nothing to make me believe he’s a character named Franco. Again, that apparently works for the Roger Superfans and that’s one of the reasons they think they can get away with him as an art therapist. It’s not Franco, it’s Roger and we need him to be in the hospital. He’s been so ridiculously propped, It doesn’t have any credibility.

Don’t waste your time with that repetitive negative poster who wastes her whole life going from site to site and board to board to crap all over GH and Franco/Nina. Her sole mission in life is to hijack any topics, stories, or interviews that relates to GH in a positive light, and post the same identical essay about the vets to get the discussion off topic, with hopes some will join her in spewing the hate about GH and Franco/Nina. It doesn’t matter that there is proof all over the internet that Franco and Nina are very popular with the majority of GH fans, you can always count on her to deny the obvious and post another misinformed essay, about how Franco/Nina are not what GH fans want. There was even a very long topic on another board about the Nico love scene, and about 90% of the posts were very positive, but she still claimed on that same board they are not a well-liked couple and need to go cause they are not vets. I have to say it’s a great thing she has never run any soaps cause they all would’ve gotten canceled with her refusal to accept the need for new fresh blood.

Every single time there is a good ratings report for GH, you can always count on her to show up to claim MF’s headline is misleading, and then proceeds to try but fail to discredit a rise in the numbers. Frankly, I am surprised she is even showing her face after she just humilated herself again on various boards, by claiming putting the Nico love scene in the same week as the Scrubs sendoff was a obvious ploy to have Nico leach off Scrubs. Well, the new ratings reports is out and as you pointed out, the Nico love scene episode on Mon drew 3.2 mil, while the Scrubs sendoff episode on Thurs drew 2.9 mil. Boy, did she get that one wrong, or what? The Nico love scene was the highest day of the week and the Scrubs sendoff was the lowest of the week, so much for her theory about how nobody cares about the new characters and only wanna see the old characters. The funny thing is the day after Scrubs left saw GH gain back 300K viewers from Thursday for a 3.2 mil on Friday to end the week with newbie Hayden front and center. Wow, there’s another theory of hers proven wrong, not only about how GH fans don’t care about new characters and only want the old characters, but also about how Friday is always the lowest day of the week. She should stop trying to speak for us, cause she keeps putting her foot in her mouth. I am sure she is preparing another essay about how GH doesn’t need this new guy Curtis, even though there is nothing but love for him across the net, and how they need Lucy back instead cause she’s a vet.

Lol! Newmanwins, so defensive. I see you around as well, spewing the same . In order to try and discredit people’s position you have to misrepresent their positions. Is that your job? I don’t ever say all people want are vets and I don’t ever claim to talk for people. But again you have this need to discredit people and turn the discussion personal.

As for the ratings, if you fail to follow the logic of an argument, if you fail to understand how viewership works and think you can look at a soap day to day in order to try and prop what you like, that’s fine. You’ll simply ignore August when Franco and Nina, the two huge soap superstars completely tanked the show. And I’m happy to show my face because I’m logical in my thought and analysis. Making blanket statements that Franco and Nina are popular with the majority of fans because of what you read on certain boards, like one’s that discourage thought that is too critical and protects actors., not so much.

Well NewmanWins, I agree with AJQ… I also dislike how the arrival of Franco and Nina has altered GH and has caused a diminishment of story to the core families of GH. I look at pretty much everything I can see on the internet as it relates to the show and as a proportion of what’s out there, not much that I can see is raving about Franco and Nina. And what is, is obviously coming from fans that miss OLTL. You can tlak about how after scrubs left the Monday episode drew so much many more viewers, but as AJQ correctly pointed out, that pattern has been ongoing for MONTHS. So finally, TPTB figured out how to embed Franco and Nina into the popular days. Big whoopie.

Thank you NewmanWins, you are 100% right on the money. Thank you for saying what needed to be said.

I mean, everyone has the right to be critical about GH, if that’s what they choose to do. But even the most critical people find a nice thing to say about GH every now and then. Not AJQ, I have never once seen her have a positive word to say about anything concerning GH. And if you dare have the nerve to disagree with her, then she accuses you of being a paid mole for GH, cause I guess everyone that disagrees with her must work for ABC. It’s the same thing over and over again, wash, rinse, repeat. It’s actually kind of embarrassing.

I agree that there is proof all over the internet that Franco & Nina are very popular with the majority of GH fans (so are Julian & Alexis). I follow Michelle Stafford, Will Devry and Nancy Grahn (sp?). Roger H doesn’t have a twitter account. They have huge daily followings on twitter. There was a huge outpouring of love for MS after the love scene with RH. Just sayin….. Thank you Elizabeth and Newmanwins for your insightful posts! IMO

Hi, AJQ.
By definition, there is no such thing as a low-grade savant. One is either learned or is not! It’s as simple as that. Had you said simpleton, then, the word would have held water.
I do agree, though….these actors are icons….to be reduced thus, does give me pause….more than that; it makes me cringe. However, as I said, I think these writers are arighting the wrong done them. At least, I hope it will be possible.

And CeeCee I used the term low grade for a little embellishment and to try and make the comment a bit more humorous, but thanks for needing to correct it. And you’re not agreeing with me when you say the “icons” have been reduced.

They haven’t been reduced to anything. They are actors and they make acting choices. The performances have not caught on. It is Ms. Stafford’s choice to be childlike, to speak the way she does, to take on certain physical mannerisms. These are things that many people are not responding positively too. Same with Roger and his portrayal of Franco. He chooses to act the way he does, to snark, to play it like Todd. Some Todd fans enjoy it and a lot of people don’t and see it as a deficiency in the actors ability to create an unique character apart from something he has already done. By contrast, take a look at the reception that Jason Thompson got on his first day and how he was able to make Billy Abbott his own.

Hey CeeCeeGirl!….Thank you for your short—but very sweet and most appreciated—response….I noticed it the other day and never made my way back here to reply. However, I did attempt (in vain) to answer your comments from the “Robin thread,” as I actually received your remarks in my inbox—(allllriiiight!)—Alas, once again, my sentiments failed to make it to post….(I’ve been on a real roll lately….) I’m guessing you never saw them either? Oh well…one must keep trying…Hope you stay safe and warm during this weekend’s wild and wicked winter weather! Take care….Later, mia amica!

Oh thank you for that post, AJQ–it allowed me to exhale.
I don’t think “Nico” has a huge following either–think it’s a bunch of smoke and mirrors arranged to validate someone’s idea that maybe it would be neat to pair these two cartoon characters up.
I also agree with your assessment of Nina’s odd mannerisms. I think they are designed to deflect from the fact that she cannot do subtlety. I just posted a response above and hope it makes the cut. You will see we are on the same page on this issue. Also, I do wish soap fans would NOT take it personally when someone doesn’t absolutely adore a couple the way they do. Newmanwins, you need to refrain from making AJQ the subject–she or he is not the subject, the issue she is addressing is the subject. If you wish to disagree with AJQ, that is fine, but address the issue, not the poster. I do tire of the word “hater” being banded around.
I for one welcome AJQ’s level headed and insightful comments. They make me feel less crazy.

Why don’t we just agree to disagree.
The last thing I want to impress upon you is that I am dismissing your opinion. On the contrary, I appreciate what you, and everyone, have to say. That’s the point for us being here. But, just sometimes, we need to back off the same litany for a bit. It’s hard for me, especially when it comes to Sonny and Alexis. I am so wicked and all that good stuff…LOL. They soooo annoy me. But, I don’t “hit” on Sonny or Alexis so much unless the situation warrants it….or another poster drives on that road. It does get stale.
Nonetheless, I still give it a jab, here and there, when the NEED takes hold of my hand and actually FORCES me to do it. It has a mind of its own. LOL.
The word ‘savant’, literally means ‘knower’, not ‘know it all’. It stems from the French infinitive “SAVOIR”; TO KNOW. We both know you made a gaffe, but mending the ‘tear’ is to no avail for me. It’s the same as if a woman would say, ‘I’m a little bit pregnant’. She either is, or isn’t. I may not know much, but I know my English, French, Italian, German, Dutch and Icelantic. Words, expressions, literary phrases …..that’s my passion! Well, besides the world of PHYSICS.
There is nothing humorous or sarcastic about what you said. That is the crux of the matter. I respect you and your writing, but you try to embarrass moi and others. None of us here is better than the other. We come with a clean slate, without agendas…..sadly, there are many who do have a chip on their shoulders. Words from other posters are taken out of context; twisted and made-up. In other words, lies. Not you, AJQ, not you!! What a shame it is to be subjected to that. Thus, they carp and dump on other posters.
I come here for the enjoyment of sharing our thoughts, whether we agree with each other or not. But, if one is to insult me, I will answer in a more sophisticated, respectful way, at least, I try. Tit for tat. We should not make it personal….ever!
I am all for controversy…..but the scope is to accept others’ opinions, if not necessarily agree with them. The way you write sometimes, and good writing it is, most of the time, when I can follow you….makes me assume that you are sick of soaps. I hope I am wrong in my assumption, AJQ,……none of us wants the remaining soaps killed so harshly…..I would think that includes you, otherwise, you would not be partaking of these FRIENDLY discussions. Good day.

lol! CeeCee,

First of all, I posted my opinion and after other people responded, some attacking me, I defended my position. I in no way attempted to embarrass anyone, you in fact attempted to do so by pointing out a gaffe that you think I made and are further trying to do so with your lesson and explaining to a bunch of anonymous people how learned you are.

And thanks for informing us about how learned you are and for explaining the meaning of savant. I called Nina an idiot savant. The term idiot savant (French for “learned idiot” or “knowledgeable idiot”). As for there being nothing humorous in anything I said, well humor is subjective.

Perhaps we should all just stick to discussing the show and not engaging each other in a personal manner with attacks or to build ourselves up. I think Michael Fairman would appreciate that.

Let me add: AJQ’s comments are usually among the most insightful and logically constructed on this board, or on the other ones where he or she posts. Unlike me, AJQ always has the same user name, so I know who I am reading. If I see a post from AJQ my response is always this: read it and see what nuggets of sense it contains. More often than not I agree with AJQ.

Re: the ratings. Without a doubt the increase is in no small measure a “Scrubs’ effect.” Re: the date of the wedding and its ratings. I would suspect that many people just assumed it would be Friday. It never occurred to me that Scrubs’ send-off was going to be on the off-day. I assumed Friday, as the big end to the week. I am sure I am not alone.

I do believe that a lot of the web hosannas for certain couples — Nico and Julexis — are manufactured by the networks, and are not necessarily organic responses from the viewing audience. But I will say this, I have also given up trying to rationalize the storylines or existences of Franco and Nina on GH. It is what it is and will not be changed. To their credit, the writers have given Nina more of a purpose with the Crimson storyline, and credit must be given to Kirsten Storms (Maxie) for her crucial role in “selling” this story. I will never buy Julexis, no matter how hard Nathan Varni promotes them, because of Duke. It is impossible for me to ignore the assassination (literal and figurative) of that character to prop the utter waste of DNA that is Julian Jerome. Hate the character, and that he is getting his HEA with the increasingly-ridiculous Alexis, after fans waited 20 years for Duke and Anna’s HEA, only for it to be another shotgun blast to the gut (his and ours). Utterly unacceptable. And I loved Anna interrupting Julian’s breakfast with “the coven.” Hysterically funny and needed.

AJQ: keep at it. We need your clear eyed, sane assessments on these boards.

I agree with your jan 18th post, AJQ. Lol, with “attacks to build ourselves up.” I was “corrected” by same poster on a Shakespearean quote I used. (Which wasn”t wrong, by the way.)
Unfortunately there’s a little clique here…two specifically…occasionally joined by one or two others, who think they run the boards, and mock their way through posters who aren’t on board with them. Then…one in parti ular feigns innocence and sweetness, does a virtual pout and proclaims her right to express her opinion…AFTER she corrects others grammar, sentences, literary references and props herself up. You accurately called it.

the – ONE – thing I can’t get oughta my head yet… was the plot to have Nina… childlike…

that just went nowhere…. fast

I think that having her move on… and letting go her past… and her new mindset moving forward… with a career… having a job… and as close as she can be… a “Normal” livelihood

is a huge step in the right direction

will this all come crashing down on her… as Julian… stifles and messes with her.

Nina will learn quick! and turn the tide… she is not to be messed with ! LOL

I’m hoping this… and this includes her love for Franco… beware all of Port Charles

so… as time progresses… and so does Nina… I can easily overlook what Nina started out

And by the way….Franco is like Todd in that they look alike, and were both abandoned by their family.
Think about it…Todd would never be so open to love, or trust Nina (he never trusted women – or anyone for that matter). Todd manipulated and spied upon his loved ones to reassure himself. He lied to them constantly – usually for his own good, sometimes thinking it was for theirs, and was much more sarcastic – even with those he loved. Todd thought everyone and everything could be bought. He gave away his own son (not knowing it was his) because he was so jealous that Blair (he thought) was having another man’s child.

I loved Todd, but Franco is a different character.

Josh, I don’t just accuse anyone who disagrees with me as being a mole who works for ABC, but I do question those who feel the need to make things personal, who attack posters for their views, who try and discredit the messenger, instead of just sticking to the topic. When you do that, there’s usually something to gain. It seems odd to do so without something to gain.

@AJQ….In terms of your factual assertions, I could not agree with you more. As a person who has worked in PR, I’ve long recognized just what you have described as a concerted propaganda effort to convince us that certain players/storylines featured on the GH canvas are far more popular than they truly are….most particularly those of a few extremely annoying newbies who have been shoved down our throats since the day they hit Port Charles. Hence having someone with your great command of the obvious to post here is always a refreshing treat, to say the least! My compliments! (That is why I began commenting myself, to try and counteract that tide of disinformation and to demonstrate that there were plenty of viewers who were not enamored with the downhill direction GH took from its 50th anniversary on…..) Needless to say, I have absolutely no quarrel with your repeated remarks excoriating both the show and some of the more destructive elements/personalities contained therein….they are absolutely spot-on…..please keep up the good work!!!! Not only do I seriously relish reading your well-chosen words, but I get a real kick out of seeing that my own perceptions are not unique. (Thank you!) Having said that, I must add to your sentiments regarding attacks on other posters…as someone who far too regularly has been on the receiving end from one persistent pest possessing an overwhelming obsession to bombard me—-as well, as those with whom I regularly conduct friendly discussions—-with her boring, aimless and vitriolic palaver, I can certainly appreciate your call for civility. (And this even includes a most appalling and tasteless diatribe personally-sent to my inbox on Christmas Eve, which is one of the holiest nights of the year for many of us. How vulgar was that????) It’s not for any one of us contributors to arrogantly dictate the terms of acceptable critique and queen bee over others with a superior, dictatorial attitude…we all read things here that we don’t like or vehemently differ with in opinion, but what separates most of us from that miniscule minority is that we have the class and good manners to not repeatedly make a spectacle of ourselves in that disagreement simply for the sake of attracting attention and inflicting ill-will upon a chosen target…or, more specifically, two favorite—and consistently badgered—targets. By now, I would have thought that this blatantly apparent practice would have been recognized, and if not completely eliminated, then greatly diminished, since it has no useful purpose other than to denigrate, demoralize and dissuade others from enjoying and participating in the warm camaraderie and lively exchange of ideas that are so very evident here at MFSoaps. (To say that this ridiculous routine has become tiresome is a gross understatement! Which begs the questions, why has it been permitted to continue?) At any rate, please allow me to once again commend you on your very astute observations, AJQ, and also thank you for presenting the opportunity to sound off on this ongoing and immensely tedious situation. I shall look forward to your upcoming posts on all thing GH !

Shay, my steadfast friend,
Thank you for that. Your writing has brought me to my knees. I only wish I could express my feelings as vividly descriptive as yourself. Having a vast vocabulary is one thing, articulating with wisdom and intensity, is another. I truly am sick of this one-sided battle.
Later, bella.

I find myself a bit bewildered because these are two characters, who essentially have no true connections to Port Charles. They aren’t part of a “family dynasty”, and yet, I enjoy them tremendously. I think that credit goes to the excellent performances and ultimate talent of both of these actors. I like them tremendously and I look forward to days when they are on. I’m sure I’m rowing my little boat alone upstream on this, but ehm

Franco is the son of Scott Baldwin & Heather Webber – two of GH’s founding families. He’s more dynastically-linked to GH’s original families than any of the Scorpios or Michael Quartermaine. The Spencers & Quartermaines were introduced in the mid-70’s. The Baldwins & Hard’s were the original families when GH premiered.

Correction: “Hardys”

Kewl. I stand corrected.

The whole Scotty Baldwin son story was slipped in last minute as part of damage control.

Franco and Scotty are great together. Why not have them two in a front burner story?

That will only make me stop watching scenes with Scotty in it. Franco taints any scene he is in for me. Same with Nina. I just can’t see either of them without thinking about how badly written each character was and is, and how unnecessary each were to the show.

In what other business does an employer hire big names AND THEN think of how to use them regardless of whether or not it diminishes the integrity of the end product.

really? why do PC characters need to be related? Founding families? Is this TVD? Was it believable for Sam to become long lost daughter of Alexis? I think not. Who is Lucy Co related to? And aging Michael 15 years overnight but Cam has never aged…. Then, fans hate on the new people… Personally, I think Heather Webber is in league with Allison Perkins and Helena Cassidine to imprison and replace people, haha. But I do agree, Franco needs more storyline so he doesn’t seem like an outsider anymore. Bring back Heather and Scottie… Franco and Heather together are awesome, as is Kin with anyone. Now that Laura, the judge-gy is back, why not a Scottie/Laura pairing ? That would get Heather all riled up! And you know what can happen when they let the crazies out….

Laughable that the writers wrote Scotty as Franco’s father. And Heather his mother????? GMAB!

“…and yet, I enjoy them tremendously ”

YES ! so do I

truly! isn’t this a nice distraction… from all that GH renders…. ???

the Carly/ Sonny; Jason/Sam show

I’ll take Nina and Franco ; Nicholas and Hayden; with Liz… for the WIN

Totes agree!!!

You’re not rowing alone, madlove. I adore Nina and Franco. Iove the way they look together; love their emotional conection. I’ve repeatedly said that they are two lost souls who found each other. There is something very real…authentic about these two flawed but passionate, creative characters. And I loved their in-bed scene…beautifully done.

Ooh! madluv4u…sorry about misspelling your kewl name! 🙂

Becs, don’t give it a second thought 😀


I hate that we can’t see two characters of the opposite sex interact before we start pairing them as the next couple it’s really annoying. I loved the interaction between Franco and Liz but I hope it develops into a friendship not a triangle with Nina. For me I see more as Franco as a big brother to Liz who really now needs a bff now that Patrick is gone .

wholeheartedly agree… whatever machinations they stir

lets go

Franco and Liz.. are ON… bff style with underlying simmer

Thank you, Aria!’

Thank you, Elizabeth for, at least, recognizing the fact that both Michelle and Roger were written into a corner…pathetic roles, albeit I truly believe the characters are on the road to redemption. Mostly, it’s refreshing to see you KNOW the difference between character and actor. However, sometimes, when we dislike the actor, it is hard to separate the two.
I do not like Jacob Young…..I know him through friends… much so, that I don’t watch B&B because of him. I cannot separate the actor from the character. I know…..what can I say? Later.

Great point. Noone seems to have friends. If I could resurrect one soap it would be Guiding Light for the simple fact that this soap knew how to write relationships between the characters. It was a slower paced soap, with engaging characters because it took the time to show you more than one facet of their personalities. They weren’t pigeon-holed as a one dimensional robot.
For example: Laura Wright, is an outstanding actresss and I give her her props, but the best work she has done on GH was playing Luke’s mom in that flashback. It was an understated level of acting with true depth and emotion. Instead all she does now is run after Morgan and bellow at anyone else she runs into. This soap could be the bees knees but, oh well. I’ll still watch it.

I agree re Laura Wright’s best work–understated as Luke’s mother–less is more–BUT in a very flawed episode that destroyed the characters Luke and his family members.

Thanks Michelle for sharing with your fans! Really enjoying your story line now and can’t wait to see what happens. Despite their quirkiness NiCo is the most romantic couple on GH right. I’m interested to see how Franco working with mother of 3 Liz and her troubled son will cause obstacles for NiCo. I like the angle of Nina still feeling that pain from not being able to have a baby.

I think GH is on the right track… melding Nina… with temptations Julian
Franco and Liz… alliance with triggering all of Port Charles… having FUN at any and all

Franco knows a good thing when he’s got; Nina

these are 4 hot qualified acts who stir… no?

Nina ; Julian ; Franco ; Liz

wow and woah

LOVE LOVE LOVE Michelle I followed her from Y&R. That’s how I came to GH. Love the Crimson storyline & I love her NiCo romance. Finally Nina is a character that works in so many ways. I don’t like the insinuation in the article Elizabeth & her son are going to interfere w/NiCo. What is it w/Elizabeth going after men that belong to other people? Hope the stalker kills her and her son. GH would be better off.

As I said months ago. I have had a girl crush on Michelle for half my life….that’s almost 15 years ago. I loved her since Y&R….fell for her completely; her bad girl persona, in-you-face-attitude; her beauty and her flawless performances. Michelle spells STELLAR.

Jason belonged to Liz long before Sam the tramp came along…. Rick didn’t belong to anyone else…. Nicolas changes his mind every other day (remember Gina?), but they are now friends… New Jason seems to have gone back to Sam in the week I didn’t watch (they date in real life). So I think this comment was off base… and kinda mean… Anyway, MS as Nina is my new fav! Love her, I think she and Liz are gonna be good frenemies. Under Nina’s cool persona, there is a little cray cray….

Not GH to me! A take-away as far as I am concerned. I’m still looking for Genie Francis’ love interest/story!

Ha! me too Nancy. Seriously, Laura needs to do more than act as mother and telling her GROWN children how to behave. Asking Lulu to see her phone was a bit much.. Surely, GH didn’t sign her to a contract to be a meddling mother. She needs her own storyline and fast.

well… I’ll take Laura’ meddling mother act…. over Carly… any day of the week

I’ve read on other blogs… that a love interest is on the horizon

I wish it was Jon Lindstrom’ Dr. Kevin Collins

Its sad so far to watch Genie limp through scenes when she should be in the forefront! I believe Jean and Shelly will find a story soon.

Yeah, it is downright maddening that the writers can’t spend the time to write a story for Laura. I am wondering why they bothered to sign Genie to a contract at this point.

Again– every time I watch a sweet love scene on a soap lately and then come onto this sight you guys have to ruin it with terms like “hitting the sheets” and reducing a beautiful form of physical communication down to its basest state. Honestly if Gone with the Wind came out today your review would not be Rhett sweeps Scarlett in his arms and carries her up the staircase to the bedroom to make mad passionate love to her– no it would be Rhett and Scarlett finally have sex tells us your thoughts. I guess my solution is in the future I am going avoid reading any thread that will take a tender love scene and turns into soft porn by using language that takes all the love and romance out of the act and turns into something like watching two dogs hump.

Beautiful post Mary. I wish it were so. This is what makes this love story special. Nina and Franco were friends first….for eons, then lovers. Their coming together was memorable and sweet….none of that ‘let’s do the nasty….the nene’. I am sure that will come. Lol. But the long-awaited-for ‘indulgence’ had so much more meaning and passion than a hard quickie. Those are good (lol…forgive my crassness, Mary, I’m just trying to make a point)……but this scene was more powerful than just ‘hitting the sheets’. Later.

Michelle Stafford… making reference… that .. the mussed up hair… with Franco… and matter of fact.. sharing… that RH is in fact a sexy character… is so on point

Nina.. sharing with Franco… that she was scared… wanted to trust Franco.. and .. after the fact.. was the most revealing Nina… to date

so she jokes… Nina is now obsessed… so be it! wow! to have that one on one… in sync in touch with natural… feeling two fold.

this gives Nina all the more traverse.. to live her life as she wants… owning Crimson… loving Franco… celebration

I made reference.. ( I truly was astounded.. that they had yet to consummate ) so was dumbfounded…. yet witnessed… an on air share these two characters manifest

this was a burgeoning crest that the audience went with

I am simply stupefied and entranced by post emote

I laud this stuff

GH production… whew! character anew; character aspire; character transcend

Nina and Franco revel

Yah. We’re jaded.

Too funny, madluv. love it!!
Jaded and corrupt…. with fertile minds. LOL.

Mary SF, I hate to say it, but with GWTW today it would be: Rhett takes Scarlett upstairs against her will, to do what he will. Love the movie, but that scene has not aged well. In the 1930s it may have seemed romantic. For a lot of woman who were not born then, it seems kind of icky. I’m in this group. But, at least Rhett apologizes the next morning for his less than gallant behavior. Which apology suggests the writers knew precisely what he was doing, no matter how many women at the time found it romantic.

Times haven’t changed all that much considering some women find Christian Grey a romantic figure in the novel Fifty Shades of Grey. Fantasy and real life as two different things. In fantasy a lot women, even modern women are aroused by the idea of being sexual dominated.

It doesn’t mean women want to be raped or find the idea of rape appealing. It just means for most of the time women have been sexually repressed so the fantasy of being able to give into your inner most desires while maintaining your moral foothold is often lived out in fiction, like Gone with the Wind, or Fifty Shades of Grey.

And because women are relational even our sexual fantasy those thoughts are often stronger when in the context of a perceived love relationship. So in GWTW, if Rhett had been some stranger, most women in that context would see the scene as rape, but in the context that Rhett loved Scarlett and vice versa, it becomes romantic even if Rhett had to be a bit forceful to get Scarlett to admit her true desires for him.

Ultimately only in a society where a woman can truly be her true sexual self does her yes really become yes, and her no really becomes no. Unfortunately in any form of repression, sometimes a no is a maybe, which feeds into the rape culture that women wanted it, even when she didn’t. We have come a long way in getting those myths out of real life, and we are gaining ground, but in fiction and in our thought life even today, in soaps with characters like EJ and Sami, the debate goes on what is the line drawn between rape and being sexually dominated by choice even if you protest goes on.

It is an interesting discussion which I cannot do justice here, but thanks for the input.

To Mary SF, re: my aside on GWTW. Very layered, theoretically sophisticated response. Whatever the topic, this board has a core group of intelligent posters who provide thoughtful reading!

Michelle/Nina will be great as head of Crimson..
It is much the same role she had played on Y&R, she was running a magazine there too.

Franco & Nina have always been my favorite couple. It will be junk to watch them break up, because they will….. And then Franco will dance with Liz and Nina with Julian.

One reason, outside of Franco & Nina’s magic, that I luv the couple is- they are not having that gawdawful kissy face phony yucky soap sex, the worst kind of sex is soap opera sex (shhhhhiver..
Nina & Franco’s sex scene was sweet and mostly unseen..

Agree, Su.

I def like her character more with the older writer than current writers.. great actress!!

LOVE her! Very glad to have her on GH!

GH is my first exposure to Michelle and I’ve loved her from the get go. Love me some Roger too, although I wish to God he wasn’t playing Franco. The interaction between Nina, Dillon and Maxie is a highlight of the show for me, too. (Often a highlight among no highlights, unfortunately…)

Why does Liz have to go anywhere near Franco? Has she gone through and broken up every other happy relationship in town? Can Sam, Carly or her own zombie son just kill her?

Let’s hook Liz up with Carlo (j/k)….

Very interesting interview, thanks Michael! I always love hearing from an actor with their take on the characters they play. They often do a better job than the writers themselves in explaining their character’s motivations, nuances, why they do what they do, etc.

I’ve been a fan of Michelle Stafford since Y&R, and I think she’s done a good job as Nina. I did personally like Crazy Nina better than Corporate Nina, but as she correctly pointed out, you can’t play crazy and psycho forever, otherwise chances are you’re not gonna be on the show for very long.

I know there are a lot of mixed feelings out there on the two, but I enjoy Nina and Franco together. She’s developed a solid chemistry with Roger Howarth, which is always important to any soap couple working.

Respectful, Neither Nina nor Franco fit on GH. Since chances are good that neither will be leaving, they need to separate the two. A woman who acts like a 15 year old virgin who ripped a baby from a woman’s womb and a rape facilitating serial killer as a romance is just sick and perverted. That isn’t hope, I don’t care how attractive they may be. Try them with others and hope for a miracle is the best they can do at the moment.

Sick and perverted–yes! Who needs that? Nowhere to go with Nina’s character after that, as far as I am concerned. No way can I relate to that character nor root for her or feel empathy for her. All the other writers–and PTB–boxed themselves into a corner with ALMOST ALL OF THE CHARACTERS ON GH. Precisely the reason these present women writers are trying to dig themselves–and GH–out of that arid hole, storytelling-wise.

Thank you, Dara and Nancy!

Nina had a breakdown and already took the necessary steps to redemption. Unlike Ava and Sonny walking around free on technicalities, after MURDERING people!

Love Stafford as Nina…Love Crimson SL…and Love Nico.

Stafford looks better than ever on GH and Nina is the most improved character on any soap. The new writing team has done a good job in making Nina a viable credible part of the canvas and Stafford is rocking her new storyline as the E&C of Crimson magazine. Nina is just so likeable as a person and so excited about her new career that it’s impossible to not cheer her on. Stafford and Storms are my favorite onscreen duo on any soap. I think they are so much fun to watch together and display such great chemistry while we enjoy the ride as Nina and Maxie try to make a success out of a magazine that Julian is hoping tanks. Stafford and Howarth are amazing together and have turned Nico into one of the best couple around. The slow burn worked out so well for this pairing cause that love scene was total perfection on every level. Stafford and Howarth have done a fantastic job of selling their characters love for each other.

But who are the characters? Can’t erase the fact that Howarth’s Franco is a KILLER.
No where to go from there, as far as I am concerned.
Ditto for Julian–another KILLER. No where to go, as far as I am concerned, from there–with Julian and Alexis. Alexis is a caricature of what she used to be. An astute lawyer with a KILLER? Come now!

Dont forget Ava, she is a KILLER to!

And Sonny’s a killer. Paul is a killer. Anna THOUGHT she was a killer (twice – Faison and Carlos). And Jason WAS a killer. Heck, even Laura’s a killer. Morgan is DYING to BE a killer. There must be more – anyone?

And don’t forget: Franco had a brain tumor (my “we were on a break!” excuse for Franco)…

Hi, Nancy.
From what I understand, Sam did some pretty nasty things in her time….now, she is being shoved down our throats as this goody-two-shoes angel. Nina is not a killer. She did a bad thing….is repentant. The first sign of going the right direction is fess-up and acknowledge, firstly to herself, that what she did to Ava was wrong. The extenuating circumstances, some created by Ava, in their youth, held intricate ramifications for Nina. She woke up after a 20-year sleep…cobwebs in her mind…..through the fog, could not distinguish reality from unreality. She became aware of not having her baby….I know what that loss can do to a woman….especially a woman with mental difficulties. That was Nina. She had no one for comfort. A husband who was involved with another woman and who had had a child with yet another. Then she discovers that her mother MadMaddie, killed her baby when she administered certain, potent medication.
I know, it’s not real….however, neither is not understanding Nina’s predicament, as fictitious as it may be. That’s all. I hope I didn’t bore you. LOL.

“Stafford looks better than ever on GH and Nina is the most improved character ”


if any ones pigeonholed… it’s Carly ! I am more than over with her busybody.

Nina was in a coma… her mindset was not all their

currently… she’s showing va va voom LIVING again… and yes… it’s a firepower MS’ is familiar with… let her go their… till more layers are scripted

Ava is back on track!

Liz is another character that was stifled… sweet Liz… REALLY ? why ? Rebecca Herbst… along with Maura West and Michelle Stafford… are the reigning queens

GH needs these firepowers…. these three have more depth intrigue and va va voom than Carly, and Sam, any day of the week

GH needs its moral center again. That’s what it needs–sorely.

To AJQ, in response to your response to my response-lol-, If I read and understood what you wrote I think you kinda proved MY point more so than your own. Every storyline asks one to suspend their belief of reality in order to tell a story and take the viewer on a ride. There are therapists and doctors, and police officers, and married people and lovers covering the globe. They probably wished their lives were half as interesting as these characters’. Does it matter that Franco is licensed or not?! Are Sam and Spinelli licensed?! No, they just suddenly had an office with their names on the door one day calling themselves private investigators. Can a person who has been arrested even get a P.I.’s license? (Sam) I don’t know, I don’t care because it doesn’t matter. It’s just a soap opera—but one that I enjoy watching very much. I do not like everything about it but that’s ok too because maybe someone else watching does. It can’t always be about me….or can it? Hmmmmmm……..

OH, yes, I agree, Michelle and Todd have not earned recognition on GH. …..through no fault of theirs. But, that does not take away their place in the icon-world of soaps, so to speak. They have earned their stripes way before appearing on GH who, in turn, decided to use them as rags. They had these gifts, but did not apply them with the respect they deserved. You may feel that you are so much more knowledgeable of soaps or ‘other’ things because you are probably older than I? I don’t know….that would be ageism, against younger viewers? Right? And, you would never do that. I do appreciate your I put, but appreciate mine as well. I make a lot of sense to myself…LOL. And, please appreciate my attempt at humor, as well.
I will grant you that. But, there is an ocean of difference between intelligence and experience. But, many people equate intelligence with experience. I have know many experienced people with so much lack of knowledge or intelligence. This is what makes us colorful human beings…..homo sapiens!!!!! The magnificence in every sagacious being, is having both. I am not quite there yet. Give me a few years. I pray God I will be en par with you. Au revoir, mon ami(e).

FIRST and foremost : GH – needs – a solid top draw LEADing Lady

Michelle Stafford fits that bill

a tough, no holds barred, smart savvy business woman… who CARES for Franco, Kiki, and whomever she orbits with…. which now includes Maxie and Dillan.

I’ll be damned : I’m so over … one note Carly. Ava is finally on the mend… and orbiting as she should… back on track…. SHARED LEADS, at the top of their game…

Michelle Stafford and Maura West

I’ll be damned again: Laura Wright… is not being written for… ugh! the loud screeching in everybodies busybody…. GIVE HER Ric Lansing… Rick Hearst ! Hello?

so… without question… I clearly see Nina heading in that direction… a magnate once again…

the one thing that … I’m wondering… is this all being done… and rightly so… moving forward… without Franco?

for the love of gawd… I love Roger Howarth.

GH needs to capitalize on MS’ powerful presence… I certainly do not see it as a step backward… who wouldn’t draw on her former character from Y&R. let her cull from ex-Phyllis… and just get Nina living in the “norm” with every one in Port Charles… let her energies spill in to her wanting a career… and solidifying herself that way….

everything else will fall in to place…. it’s fun to see her right now… just working ! and relating… to Maxie and Dillan… and layering the groundwork… if GH is going this route… a flirtatious fight for ownership of Crimson with Julian.

at the very least… it’d be fun to see Julian… orbiting with someone any one… other than Alexis… (I just dont’ get that attraction). then you’ll get Olivia involved… and hence… Nina’s caught up in all these connections to Port Charles…. stirring enough for me.

so there you have it… keeping it simple for now… just upping the ante for what Michelle Stafford is capable of…. sharing the lead acting bill….

Sorry. GH HAS leading ladies galore. Becky Herbst is a leading lady. Finola Hughes is a leading lady. Genie Francis is a leading lady. Laura Wright is a leading lady. The LAST thing GH needs is another leading lady. They need to trim their cast. And focus on core characters with history.

Well said, Elizabeth! GH’s cup runneth over with immensely talented and seriously underutilized leading ladies…..they could certainly spare a few of the more recent additions who are weighing down the canvas and hogging the limelight from those who have earned their right to be frontburnered through their many years of devoted service in Port Charles. Whilst that would most definitely entail saying “so long” to the likes of such interlopers as Nina, Ava and Hayden, not to mention Jordan, Sappy and Val-Chops, too, I say, sobeit! (Oh, and if they could please take the overbearing Alexis with them, that would be most appreciated!!!!)

Amen, Elizabeth! Gotta go with you!

2016 soapbox


Nicholas and Hayden
Franco and Nina
Carlos and Sabrina
Liz and …. Jason, Franco, Ric, Nicholas, Sonny, LOL… anyone she clutches . GH ! Greg Vaughan is your Lucky… Liz needs him!

Carlos and Sabrina?? Really?

Naw ! I know…

I’ll take these two any way I can get get….

a big part of it is…. seeing more people of color… a diversity of cast on GH

Carlos is intriguing
Sabrina is lovely

they make a nice couple… if GH would feature them more….
if she gets back with Michael, after her maternity leave… so be it

Ageed! “Greg Vaugh is your Lucky.”

What were the ratings of the scrubs love scene? Scrubs used to bring in ratings, and did for most of this return.

I don’t think scrubs are less popular than they used to be, there’s just a fatigue of their roller coaster storyline.


Right now GH seems to be in a period of adjustment…Two new writers trying to put Humpty Dumpty together again after RC, losing the Scrubs family, finding a credible reason for A list actors and their characters to be in Port Charles, deciding whether it’s really GH or Mobsters Inc…

So for the time being I’m going to wait and see. Do like how they’ve allowed Nina and Franco to try to re-invent themselves. Don’t like the terrible things they did, but then many other “pillars of soap society” have checkered pasts. As for Roger having to assume being Franco, NO ONE could do that since this was James Franco’s ego, inspiration and character that he somehow sold to Phelps & Co. Would really like something Roger could own…just not sure I see his heart in the Franco character, whether as a killer or “art therapist.”

Would like to see Alexis be the take-no-prisoner-lawyer again. Too bad she has always had questionable taste in men, except Jax. And have some long lost, never-heard-of, legacy family members, including more Cassidine’s, come out of the woodwork back to PC.

Checkered pasts are one thing.

Killing, or causing extreme physical/emotional pain for entertainment and pleasure is entirely another. I will never enjoy Franco, I will never appreciate Roger in the role of Franco. And I will never watch his story because I find the idea of him as a redeemed, charming clown to be completely offensive to my intelligence and my viewing appreciation.

I, for one, understand that, Elizabeth. It is a completely different scenario for me, or for all newbies, who did not witness Franco’s dastardly deeds in the past (James Franco). I didn’t see any of that. I only know Roger as Franco….and, the fact that he was also Todd, took me to joyful heights. The same applies to Michelle. I only see two of my favorite actors. For those of us who were already fans, I suppose it becomes much easier to commiserate with these characters.
We like who we like.

Point taken. I’m not trying to downplay the horrible things Franco and Nina did under previous regimes. Also, I don’t think that Roger has ever fit well in the role he inherited…James Franco’s vision and persona of the Franco character. But now that GH is entering a new era, and since Roger and Michelle are still on the payroll, I’m going to try to forget the past and look forward to them having a chance to reinvent themselves.

Agree again, Elizabeth!

I agree, Rose. “Trying to put Humpty Dumpty tegether again.”
Not an enviabe position, is it? Cleaning up after other regimes who decimated GH and a host of legacy characters and storylines.

I LOVE these two together! GH can throw a ton of problems their way, but I want to see them work it out. They’re different from the other couples on the show. I find the m refreshing.

I personally make it a point to NOT watch when Nina and the serial killer are on screen. Matter of fact lately , I make it a point to not watch unless Robert Scorpio is on.

General Hospital

General Hospital Pays Tribute to Tyler Christopher at End of Episode, ABC Exec Nathan Varni Shares: “You’ll Always Be In Our Hearts”

If you caught the end of the Monday, November 27th Thanksgiving episode of General Hospital, the ABC daytime drama ended the show with a special dedication to Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas Cassadine), who passed away on October 31st at the age of 50.

With a very touching title card, and a photo of Tyler from his younger days as the dark prince of the Cassadine clan, it read, “In Loving Memory of Tyler Christopher.”

On Tuesday, November 28th, ABC Current Series executive, Nathan Varni, who oversees Grey’s Anatomy, The Conners, Station 19 and General Hospital for the network, shared on X some additional thoughts on Tyler’s contributions to the GH family.

Photo: JPI

Varni expressed: “This lovely tribute card was shown at the end of yesterday’s episode of GH In loving memory of Tyler Christopher. Thanks for bringing Nikolas Cassadine to life on our screens, you’ll always be in our hearts. RIP.”

Tyler played the role of GH’s Nikolas from 1996–1999, 2003–2011, and lastly from 2013–2016. He also took on the role of Connor Bishop from 2004–2005. The late actor took home the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2016 for his work as Nikolas.

Share your thoughts on GH honoring Tyler at the end of their Thanksgiving episode via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

GH’s Scarlett Fernandez on Charlotte’s Mindset: “She Completely Believes That Anna is Out to Get Her”

Once returning to General Hospital, Scarlett Fernandez (Charlotte) has been involved in a juicy storyline, where an impressionable young Charlotte Cassadine has been persuaded almost brain-washed, if you will, via a letter from Victor Cassadine from the grave.

In it, he implores Charlotte to keep Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) away from her father, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). So, taking that to heart, Charlotte burned Anna’s house down and much more.  When she gets shot by Anna after intruding into the super spy’s apartment, the stakes get even higher.

Valenin had figured out that Charlotte was stalking Anna and trying to do her harm, but did not inform Anna. That has caused a major rift in their relationship.  Meanwhile, Laura (Genie Francis) and Valentin confronted Charlotte after she returned home from the hospital.

Photo: ABC

In her latest interview with Soap Opera Digest, Fernandez shared on getting to play this kind of story: “It’s definitely an honor because when I was little, I was getting storylines, but this is just crazy! I kind of feel like I’m treated like an adult on the show now, almost, and it’s just been great. I’ve been given great stuff and the fact that Frank (Valentini, EP, GH) and all of his co-workers have trusted me has just been an amazing feeling.”

With everyone confronting Charlotte on her dirty deeds against Anna, and her denying it, Fernandez weighs-in on just where Charlotte is at this point in her mind: “I think that she definitely realizes that the people around her don’t believe her and don’t trust her and I think that really frustrates her because she completely believes that Anna is out to get her. So that (the adults in her life don’t believe her) is hard for her.”

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There is also burgeoning chemistry between Jake (Hudson West) and Charlotte! So what does Fernandez think of that? Is she using him, or could be the beginning of young love? She expressed: “I think it’s definitely a little bit of both. I think that maybe she and Jake are partners-in-crime, but I also think that Jake has or will have a good influence on her. She just really needs someone to be there for her and for her to be able to confide in and I think that he has been that.”

So, have you been enjoying Scarlett’s performances as a troubled Charlotte? Would you like to see Jake and Charlotte have a ‘date’? Do you think Charlotte needs deprogramming to help her out of the grip that Victor has on her; as she believes Anna is the cause of all the trouble that will come her father’s way, if she doesn’t find a way to get rid of her? Weigh-in via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

Soap Stars and Notables Participate in the 91st Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade (Photos)

Sunday night in tinseltown, it was time for the 91st anniversary of the Hollywood Christmas Parade, which has become an annual tradition featuring soap stars and other celebrities from primetime, movies, music, and sports as thy drive down famed Hollywood Boulevard amongst floats and musical performances.

While many attended the live event, viewers around the country will be able to see the taped version of the parade on Friday, December 15th when it has its first airing on The CW in a two-hour special starting at 8 pm ET/PT.

Taking part in the festivities were: General Hospital’s Tajh Bellow (TJ), The Bold and the Beautiful’s Kimberlin Brown (Sheila), Ashley Jones (Bridget), Denise Richards (ex-Shauna), and Naomi Matsuda (Li), Days of our Lives stars, then and now, including: Deidre Hall (Marlena), A Martinez (ex-Eduardo), Stephen Nichols (Steve), Brant Daughtery (ex-Brian), and Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa), The Young and the Restless’ Kate Linder (Esther) and former star Tatyana Ali (ex-Roxanne), The Bay’s Kristos Andrews (Peter/Adam) and Maxwell Caufield (Sir Thomas Kenway), plus As the World Turns Ming Na Wen (ex-Lien) and more.

In addition, iconic dancer/singer and choreographer, Paula Abdul was the recipient of the Humanitarian of the Year, while Dean Cain, Erik Estrada, Laura McKenzie, Montel Williams along with guest host, Elizabeth Stanton, called the Sunday-after-Thanksgiving tradition from different locations around the parade route.

Now below, check out some of the snaps from the 91st annual Hollywood Christmas Parade featuring some of your soap favorites.

Photo: JPI

Wow! Marlena and Sheila together for the first time! Imagine if Marlena as the MarDevil met up with Sheila Carter and caused all sorts of havoc from Salem to Los Angeles? Crossover? Here’s Deidre Hall and Kimberlin Brown getting into the holiday spirit.

Photo: JPI

Reunited and it feels so good? Remember when Daytime Emmy-winner, A Martinez came to Salem to play Eduardo Hernandez, father to Gabi, Rafe and Dario? Now, A can be seen in The Bay. Meanwhile, Stephen Nichols continues to keep on keepin’ on as Salem’s “Patchman”.

Photo: JPI

GH’s Tajh Bellow with his lady love actress Lauren Speights.

Photo: JPI

Giving us some Christmas wrapping vibes, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Naomi Matsuda (Li).

Photo: JPI

Always ready for the holidays is former Days of our Lives star, Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa).

Photo: JPI

Former ‘Bold and Beautiful’ star, Denise Richards (ex- Shauna) dressed in the holiday spirit.

Photo: JPI

There is no doubt! Our pick for ‘Best Dressed’ has to go to General Hospital’s Josh Kelly (Cody). I mean, how can you top that for being in the ‘Christmas Spirit’?

Photo: JPI

Humanitarian of the Year recipient, Paula Abdul.

Photo: JPI

Former As the World Turns Star Ming-Na Wen (ex-Lien Hughes) ready for the holiday season.

Photo: JPI

Brant Daughtery brought along his young son, and wife Kimberly, who is expecting their second child.

Photo: JPI

Maxwell Caufield who will soon appear in the latest season of The Bay, looking ‘Christmas’ dapper.

Photo: JPI

Ready for winter, and dressed in holiday white, Y&R’s Kate Linder.

So, who’s holiday outfit from their appearance in the Hollywood Christmas Parade, did you think was the best? Let us know via the comment section.

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