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GH's Michelle Stafford Video Interview: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Nina Clay & Then Some Part 2!

Photo: MF Soaps Inc

Photo: MF Soaps Inc

General Hospital’s Nina Clay was just caught by her husband Silas (Michael Easton) …walking!

After months of pretending to be unable to walk on her own and stuck in a wheelchair, the vindictive woman went running out of a room at the hospital to chase after Franco (Roger Howarth) who has gone ballistic over Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) tryst! As she does, Silas see her! Da-dum!

So just what are the plans for everyone left on Nina’s revenge list?  How does two-time Daytime Emmy winner, Michelle Stafford view Nina’s plans and her twisted thoughts?  In part two of On-Air On-Soaps exclusive sit down video interview, we get plenty of insight, plenty of inside scoop, and share plenty of laughs! (You can view part one of our interview here!)

As part two picks up, Michelle weighs-in on: playing the first showdown scenes between Ava and Nina, and working with Maura West (Ava), plus why some viewers don’t understand why Nina hates Kiki (Kristen Alderson) so much!  And we continue to chitchat about all the other Port Charles citizens on that mighty revenge list including: what could happen when Nina’s mom, Madeline (Donna Mills) and Nina come face to face?

Next, Michelle discusses working alongside Roger Howarth (Franco) and shares some behind the scenes tidbits, and if she thinks ultimately Franco and Nina will be romantically linked.  And what about working with Linda Elena Tovar as Rosalie? And how Nina views Rosalie’s job description? You will find out!  Clearly, Nina wants Rosalie to destroy Kiki and Michael (Chad Duell), even though Rosalie has the hots for Morgan (Bryan Craig)!

Later, Michelle talks about: her long time professional relationship with GH’s executive producer Frank Valentini, having her former Y&R castmate Billy Miller joining the ABC soap opera as Jason Morgan, the “casting wars” taking place between GH and Y&R, and where she sees the current state of the daytime soaps. Finally, as you will see, Michelle previews that she is filming something that she thinks the fans will love! And she confirms that: “Nina is gunning for (Ava’s) that kid!”  Is a baby on the run, or baby-switch story on the way?

Now after the jump watch part two of our conversation! Then let us know what was your favorite part of the interview with Michelle? And chime in on what you think will happen between Nina and Franco, and with Ava’s baby?

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Cant wait for Nina to destroy Kiki then learn she’s her daughter and Madelyn gave her to Ava to raise…not a Franco fan but he is a little interesting in his plot against Carly and he does work better with Nina…hope for a Halloween wedding with Franco dressed as the Francostien monster and Carly as the Bride of Francostein…lol…i still see Rosalee kidding Ava’s baby for Nina and Sapbrina getting the blame…Nina keeps the baby in Silas’s apartment and a dumb Silas will be totally clueless even after stepping in the babys poopy diaper…Nina will explain the diaper is Rosalee’s who has potty control issues!!!…lol

Kidnapping, i meant…lol

you are soooooo silly! 😀

As always, I enjoy anything to do with Michelle Stafford.
I am sort of disappointed that TPTB will probably write a disturbing storyline concerning Ava’s baby. At least, that’s what I gathered from this interview. I do not like it when babies, fiction or not, are used as pawns.
Why not have Kiki be Nina’s and Silas’s? That would soothe the proverbial beast, as it were, no? Nina would have her baby, albeit fully grown (lol), and Ava can keep her new baby. Problem solved. Too easy?

Kiki’s is Nina’s…she finds out after the baby drama i predicted above…well, im not always right…lol

Hi, jimh. As soon as the full Silas/Nina/Ava/Madeline connection was revealed, I knew Kiki was the child Madeline stole from Nina and gave to Ava. Just a feeling, I guess. However, I will admit that I am starting to doubt that feeling.
When Kiki’s name came up on the list Michael Fairman was holding during the interview, Michelle didn’t even flinch. There was nothing in her body language to suggest even a hint that Kiki was Nina’s.
Perhaps she herself doesn’t even know what comes next. The writers most likely do not divulge such information….

Oh, I still think it’s painfully obvious that Kiki is actually “SiNina’s” spawn! We may not have this officially confirmed for quite some time, yet I couldn’t help but notice that in the past week or so, KA has even had her hair highlighted with the same caramel tones as MS. Coincidence? I think not!

Hiya Shay! One of your favorite sparring partners!? Shucks…LOL. And you, mine.

I actually think there is a slight resemblance between Nina and Kiki. If I remember correctly they have the same color eyes (I THINK…not even sure) and I noticed the hair color a while ago. I think it’s a good match (physically speaking) if what we all guess to be true is…

Hello again, rebecca1!!! Glad to know the feeling is mutual!…Haha. Yes, there is a passing resemblance between Kiki and Nina…and there appears to be a concerted effort toward making it even more apparent. As we discussed some time ago, I never felt there was much of a mother-daughter vibe with Ava and her child….not necessarily that there was no bond, but it simply seemed, for lack of a better word, “different.” Also, there was certainly no physical similarity….although I was temporarily more prone to accepting Kiki as a Jerome after Ava’s own maternal lineage was linked with Delia Coleridge….now there I do see a real likeness….KA and IK have the same stature, facial structure and features, so from that standpoint, I could accept the given familial history. Having said that, I am now definitely leaning toward Kiki as being the “Clayby” that Nina supposedly lost….which also now makes her Madeline’s granddaughter. That kinda, sorta works, too, although I have always had a really hard time buying Phyllina as Donna Mills’ offspring…..maybe that’s just another reason that I was so disappointed with Silas’ long lamented wifey in the embodiment of MS. In addition to not bearing any semblance to the fragile, benevolent, ethereal creature we were previously led to expect, I have had a very hard time envisioning the petite, glamorous Madeline Reeves as the birth mother of that tall drink of water, Nina….I know this sort of thing happens in real life all the time, but I guess I’m simply predisposed to believing that a female child eventually ends up looking like her mother due to my own uncanny mirror-image to my maternal figure. (I once had a college friend encounter my mom when she was shopping at a cosmetics counter and say, you’re so-and-so’s mother, aren’t you? She had no previous inkling that we looked alike, but she just saw my mom and felt that the resemblance was so great, that it was an undeniable fact!!!! Another time, my mom was driving my car near my university campus and some guy enthusiastically tried to flag her down on a four-lane street and in doing so, almost ran her off the road….she later described “this idiot” who was waving wildly at her…I couldn’t imagine who it was until a month later said dude was teasing me about being stuck-up and ignoring him on “whatever avenue.” I told him that it was actually my mother he had been tailing…..of course, he didn’t believe me!!!!) But I digress…. ; ) P.S. Totally off topic, but are you still viewing “Forever?” I remain engrossed…and thought the most recent episode was the best one yet!!! Loved the historical background of the victim, Abe’s part in the storyline and the less gimmicky aspect to this latest installment. I’m truly hoping this show succeeds!

Shay…let’s see……..I’m not loving Forever…but I like it and I’ll continue to watch. The real test for me is if I look forward to something. There are a handful of shows I love and actually am thrilled when it’s “the night”…or I can kick off my boots and binge watch on a whim. But I love Judd Hirsch…as I mentioned he’s such a genuine actor…just a down-to-earth guy who brings the same vibe to his roles…and I’m new to Ioan Gruffudd I can see getting hooked on him! The show still lacks originality for me…still too much like The Mentalist which I liked (love Simon Baker which I also told you previously) but I’m hoping it will evolve as we find out who the other immortal is, why he’s stalking him, and other stories that may branch out. I also like how they’re able to time travel to the past through his recollections…

Shows I love…Nashville, Revenge, Once Upon A Time, Downton (which I need to catch up on)…just started watching Witches of East End which I like a lot.) There are a few shows I’d love to see from the beginning that I’ve never watched: Game of Thrones, Vampire Diaries…to name two. And of course…one of my all time favorites…The Tudors. Sooo disappointed when they didn’t renew Jonathan Rhys Myers Dracula…oh!…and I also like Halle Berry (not the actress but her acting) in Extant (which doesn’t look like it’ll be renewed).

I’m loving GH these days. I think all the stories are fun Looking forward to Franco’s revenge which should bring about Michael’s revelation about his parents betrayal/the truth about AJ’s death.. also….nuJason, Nathan reading the phonebook or anything else he’d care to do… 😉

I disagree with you and a few others here ( you KNOW I had to get a disagreement in, didn’t ya???) about the bed-hopping. First of all, I don’t think there’s much of it. But c’mon…who wants a sexless soap!!!??? What I do find hilarious is how quickly people seem to get over their
heartbreak…Sonny’s gone from Connie to Olivia to Carly with barely skipping a beat. And, yet, I have no doubt he’s loved them all. Alexis, your favorite…cleavage and all…went from Mac (which was built up but never panned out) to Sean to Julian and possibly to Ned (though her heart’s still with Monsieur Jerome). Sam? That was realistic. Sam, Silas and Patrick all grieved over their losses in ways that were much more realistic to loss…and didn’t “bed-hop_ during their despair. But then again, in real life, everyone gets over someone differently. But my point is I like hot, steamy sex…errrrr…on soaps! 😉 It’s not like anyone’s standing on a corner charging for it!

By the way, did you notice that Britt’s looking kinda amazonian lately? Gorgeous girl…but I didn’t notice how big-boned she is back-in-the- day when she first sneered at Sabrina… 😉

I have also been extremely appalled with this latest baby-in-jeopardy storyline, CeeCee. It’s been beyond revolting to witness the actual destruction of an unborn life being planned and perpetrated with such ritualistic detail by that nauseating nutcase of a nurse….her inane candle-lighting ceremony and nonchalant manner in which she decided that Ava’s child deserved to die was particularly disturbing to me. Additionally, I find it difficult to ignore my skepticism at the highly perceptive hitwoman’s sudden lack of awareness and intelligence when it comes to simply accepting the word (and pharmaceutical offerings) of the surly Snippy after her pathetic, transparent apology. The normally vigilant and suspicious Ms. Jerome would never just take it on faith that all was well-intentioned, nor would the equally inquisitive Jordan. Their stupidity rather beggars belief. I’m really hoping that the scenario being set up here is not yet another drawn-out preemie drama….the last one was bad enough…that particular pregnancy was too convenient and instantaneous at the beginning and not well-done at all….no wonder it was nearly impossible to invest in it (at least from my perspective….) This time is different, though…the infant in question is purportedly attached to a long-established GH family and especially if it ends up belonging to Morgan, I do not want to see that poor guy suffer the loss of his own child. (Besides, it will be a laugh riot if Carly becomes a grandmother and Bobbie, a great-gran….oh my!) I truly do not want to sit through another prolonged misery (or even a brief one if there is a stillborn birth…) and see the resultant repercussions….other than ridding Port Charles once and for all of that insipid interloper. Having said that, I also have to ruminate upon this child’s true parentage. Many seem to be guessing it will belong to Morgan, although Sonny does have quite the track record of impregnating the ladies with a single encounter. Hmmmm…how about this: What if Ava had a secret IVF procedure in order to save her skin from Sonny’s wrath??? I have always been mystified as to why she refused a paternity test…the issue of safety really didn’t ring true for me….what if neither Sonny nor Morgan tests positive as the babydaddy???? Also, if as I suspect, this is actually Ava’s first pregnancy since Kiki is not in reality her natural daughter—but Nina’s—will that truth also be revealed if there are complications due to the expectant mother’s age and unnatural circumstances prompted by that demonic dipstick??? All food for thought, indeed…….

Oh, Shay, we are in agreement about Sabrina this time. It makes no sense to me to light a candle in the hopes of destroying an unborn child? If she is such a Christian as to put so much credence in her faith, then she is a walking contradiction. God would not listen to such treachery….perhaps the universe would (karma), but not God. Actually, God would punish her somehow for her gesture and malicious thought, no?
That blasphemous invocation should be directed to Satan….I was appalled ! And the pills? I can’t forgive Sabrina for that, unless she’s really loco. I mean clinically cray-cray.
When I see babies, I melt…so, this kind of behavior completely turns me off…..unforgivable, is what it is.
I am so disappointed by this turn of events ! Why, SaVrina, WHY !!!!! LOL…Carlos always calls her SaVrina with a ‘v’,
As far as this being Ava’s first pregnancy, I did say that a few weeks ago, so we do think alike. I can’t remember why it came up, exactly, but it was my answer to another poster’s query.
As far as the true parentage of Ava’s baby, you did pique my curiosity right now. I never thought about the fact that this baby may not be either Sonny’s or Morgan’s. Our minds can form different scenario; we can ruminate , masticate, ingest and digest…lol…but, we won’t know until there’s a DNA test….even that will not necessarily be authentic; switcharoos are so popular on soaps LOL.
And, yes, Shay. I would get such a thrill if Carly were to become a Granny. Ha! Bobby? Wow, I know I’ll get blasted for this, but seriously? I cannot look at her warped face. I looked at pictures of the real Jackie on the internet…..such a pretty face, she had…..she is completely transformed.
As far as Ava’s age…that should not be that much of a factor , should it? She’s only 40. It is not an advanced age to have a baby, is it?

i really think kiki is ninas daughter!!

That was so cool #teamava those scenes were AMAZING

I hope Kiki is not Nina’s. Kiki doesn’t fit into the Westbourne clan. She ain’t devious enough, and she ain’t got no back-bone.

Nathan isn’t devious, Lou Pikes……guess who his mother is…lol.

Great interview, Michael! Michelle is a riot, she seems like one of those down to earth people you could sit and talk to for hours. I don’t watch Y&R, so I had never seen her work before, but I certainly always heard about how great Michelle Stafford was. I’m so glad she’s on “my show” now, lol. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for Nina.

People have their various opinions about the storylines on GH, as we all know from the comment section of this site. But one thing is for sure, and one thing that I think everyone can agree on, it’s been a long time since GH has had this kind of phenomenal acting talent on the show at the same time. It’s been a real treat to watch.

Love what Michelle had to say. I keep getting the impression that the original plan for Nina was a romance with with Silas. This not only surprises me but actually really annoys me. ME is so offensively bad in his scenes with MS. He’s checked out and gives the appearance that he doesn’t care and doesn’t want to be there. I find it disrespectful.

What’s been apparent to me is that SILAS doesn’t care and doesn’t want to be there with Nina—-neither do many of ME’s fans—-there is simply no chemistry between him and this nonsensical character….it’s actually been painful and frustrating to witness, so perhaps Easton’s only been reflecting that train of thought.

You’re right, Shay. We have agreed on this from the beginning. There is no chemistry between Silas and Nina.
I do not like the role Michael Easton has been given. …..I have my suspicions about him and his Count Dracula’s ancestors…LOL. He deserves an honest-to-goodness meaty role. I loved him on OLTL. I have not connected with Silas yet.
As you put it, I’m not drawn to the nonsense either…but, I can’t help anticipating, tongue in cheek, for Michelle to do what she does best….. WOW us.
But, honestly, I didn’t see any passion between him and Sam either.
I love watching steamy sex scenes as the next person, but, personally, I do not consider Sonny and Carly as sexual beings….with each other irk with anyone else.
I realize Alexis is a sex-crazed maniac when it comes to Julian….but it works for me…I can’t explain it….he is just one sexy Granpa…LOL.
I would love to see this particular storyline with Nina and Silas come to an end without any mishaps. Time to start another with Nina, Franco and Kiki.
Methinks Madeline’s back for that reason….I wish.

Wow, Jenn. You really said what I was thinking and had a hard time putting into words …..that’s it! ME is in his scenes with Michelle physically, but his essence isn’t there. There is no connection….I could never put my finger on it….now, I see it. All their scenes together are blah, blah, blah….and, it is offensive to us, and especially to his co-star…….I’m surprised and amazed at the same time at the lack of effort on his part……good call, Jenn.

Bottom line….things would have worked differently if Nina was played by a different actress. Stafford can bring on the crazy psycho persona, but to me she never seems sincere. Good actress just not my favorite. You are right about Easton and Stafford, their chemistry sucks.

Michael Easton is just doing that thing he’s paid to do. You know, that thing….what is it? Oh, I know…ACTING! I have no doubt that if they filmed a flashback scene to Silas’ & Nina’s early years, they would be believably in love. Chemistry can be an act, too, you know. Silas’ is acting the same way with Nina as he did with Sam @ the NYC emergency room – like he’d rather be with anyone else (preferably Sam) or dealing with an unconscious patient.

Well, Stacie. The opposite is also true then. And I paraphrase…..things would have worked differently if Silas were played by someone else. It is a matter of opinion and perspective.
Michelle Stafford does not just play the crazy banshee; she is a multi-faceted, multi-talented actress.
Not that a Michael isn’t. But, I am so tired of looking at his fixed somber face. I know he can do so much more with his scenes. Silas interaction with Sam was a bust as well, IMO…..I have never seen a more spark-free relationship… They both appeared to be very mechanical protagonists.
I do know what you mean, though. Michelle Stafford is not your cup of tea. Understood. But, I’m glad you see what a great actress she is. I could be that I am very partial when it comes to her…LOL…later.

I think Michelle is great in the role and disagree that a different actress should have been cast. She is wonderful with everyone of her co-stars except for Easton which to me means she isn’t the problem.

CeeCee….Above and beyond all else, any character ME portrays….be it a cop, vampire, and yes, even doctor….must be the epitome of cool…it’s just in his DNA, thus, when he is given material that plays against his innate nature, well, it simply doesn’t work. Making Silas appear like a clueless, pathetic dupe in Nina’s tomfoolery has been the undoing of this entire “dead wife returned to life” scenario, and for those of us who have come to appreciate Easton’s signature persona, it’s been both frustrating and nonplussing seeing him forced to play uncharacteristically thick and restrained . Prior to this point, I have enjoyed his portrayal of Silas….his relationship with Sam and its gradual progression from loathing to loving—with Danny’s illness as a bonding backdrop—made sense to me…it is perhaps the most traditional type of soap-style affair we have been treated to on GH…since it at least had a logical beginning, middle and end(?) There was some emotion and thought put into it, which was a welcome change since so much of what we see in the forming of most current Port Charles couplings is extremely abridged and seemingly instantaneous….very little forethought and background are explored before the “hook-ups” occur…this is not only boring but very unsatisfying to those of us who prefer a long build-up to a romantic relationship…the way most soap pairs used to be constructed. At any rate, unlike many in the MS fan base, I cannot fault Easton for his visible lack of enthusiasm in Silas’ present marital entanglement….the storyline is awful, the chemistry with his co-star is non-existent and the longer this dramatic farce progresses, the more intolerable it becomes. (We agree it needs to end….immediately!) Having said that, it truly does take two to tango, so to try to place the blame solely on ME’s shoulders is unfair….(I’m not saying you are doing this, CeeCee!)….as far as I am concerned, MS failed to bring the necessary heat and excitement to her role when she usurped Sam’s place with Silas….if her performance as the fabulously fabled Nina we were promised had come to fruition, then there would not now be this overwhelming sense of disappointment and disillusionment. In terms of the other aforementioned twosomes, I’m so numbed to the notion of Sonny and Carly after these lo so many years that they literally have no effect on me anymore, other than to inspire total disgust… it’s like, been there, done that…again and again. (Like a couple of familiar dogs in the backyard….LOL.) And I have basically the same reaction to Alexis and Julian….it’s not as if these two had some awesome, epic first love experience together way back then, only to finally reunite years later. She was a tawdry one-night pick up (for some guy whose name she couldn’t even recall…oh please!!!!) which resulted in an unwed teenage pregnancy….the fact that through a ridiculous twist of fate these two serendipitously rediscovered one another in the present day really doesn’t suffice for me as some great moment in the annals of romance. Since their so-called relationship has commenced, it’s basically been one steamy roll in the hay—er, on the floor—- after another….long on the physical stuff, very short on substance. Particularly, as of late….Alexis simply storms over to Jerome’s apartment in repeatedly pathetic guises for her latest sexual fix(es) and then it’s always back to square one. What self-respecting woman behaves like that???? Furthermore, Julian seems completely detached from the situation…he certainly happily complies to Alexis’ unabated urges, but I see very little real, raw emotion beneath his actions, forget the words he is scripted to say…..I feel as though given the opportunity, any female could be interchangeable in these scenes and he’d be equally as satisfied….that’s just my take on this situation. (Hence, CeeCee, while I can appreciate your personal reaction to DeVry’s masculine charms, I am simply saying I desire more in a coupling than continual erotically-charged encounters in place of an actual storyline.)

At first, I wasn’t too keen on Michelle Stafford as Nina Clay because there didn’t appear to be any chemistry between Michael Easton and Michelle. But, I do love Nina and Franco’s friendship. I like how her vulnerability shows when talking to him about how she, too was betrayed in her marriage. As a viewer, I can sense her pain-because as she has said-to her, it’s like it happened yesterday, not 20 years ago. I also love her banter with Rosalie-and her list-love when she refers to her list!

I think ME is playing it as tho he’s not quite sure of Nina or her motives. He’s starting to catch on, but hopefully he will get stinkin’ mad at her and kick her out on her sorry behind!

I’d prefer Sam stop thinking about Patrick, I like them better as friends, and just figured she and Silas would get back together or at least back to talking more and then Jason will come into the mix and she’ll will have 3 guys vying for her attention!

Kiki is definitely Ninas daughter. Ms. Stafford is killing it as Nina

I don’t know if I’ve ever taken a dislike to a character as much as when Nina arrived. I found her an annoying intruder…obnoxious…and completely over the top. And now…I really, really like her! (nod to Sally Field.) She’s passionate, driven, witty, vulnerable…and a whole host of soapy savvy! Her friendship with Franco has a sincerity, played with humor, banter and growing attachment. Love them together. Her rapport with Rosalie is also full of amusing exchanges…these two women play off each other with great ease. (“Rosalie” is a great find! Wonder what her secret is…)

Well, you know I HAVE, rebecca1!!!! (Not necessary to name names at this late date, is it???? LOL…..) However, two very close seconds are Nina and Grossalie. Unlike you, I have yet to experience your sort of magical conversion….and I don’t foresee one either! I just cannot warm up to this pair of irritating interlopers….there are so many other great characters upon which to focus, I simply for the life of me can’t see the value of either one of these superfluous she-meeeeees. While MS may very well be a wonderful woman and accomplished actress, she absolutely drives me up the wall in her current role…I really cannot stand the sight of “Nina” on or off wheels!!!! She simply grates on my every last nerve, and her mouthy ex-sidekick (Aside….Oh, how I loved when Silas canned her….it’s about time…..) is equally off-putting. Instead of ingratiating herself into the Corinthos Brothers’ lives, she should be shown the door. And although in any way, shape or form I will continue to find “Phyllina” over-the-top exasperating, I should hope that at least Silas (and ME….) is going to be well-rid of her soon, so that he can move on to a better-suited storyline and co-star. Having said that, if attaching her to RoHo’s Franco can make her any more palatable, then he is an even more skilled thespian than for which I already give him considerable credit. Only time will tell……


Lifetime’s ‘Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas’ Brings Epic Food Fight and “Slapfest Coup de Grâce”

Get ready for the feuding soap opera divas, when five actresses known for their signature primetime and daytime roles are brought together in Lifetime’s new holiday film, Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas.

Saturday night, December 2nd on Lifetime (8pm ET/7PM CT) marks the highly-anticipated holiday movie premiere featuring: Donna Mills (ex-Knots Landing), Nicolette Sheridan (ex-Knots Landing), Morgan Fairchild (ex-Falcon Crest et al), Linda Gray (ex-Dallas) and Loni Anderson (ex-WKRP in Cincinnati).

Here’s what we do know! In story, five alums from the long-running soap, The Great Lakes reunite for a live Christmas finale. Uh-oh!  Now take a look at the backstory of the colorful cast of characters (pay special attention to the clever twists on the actresses names!)

Photo: Lifetime

LAUREN EWING (Linda Gray) “Everyone thinks I’m so damn good all the time,” confesses the junk food-loving Lauren of her second act as a lifestyle guru. “I don’t know how Gwenyth Paltrow does it!”

DANA CUNNINGHAM (Donna Mills) Now a sitcom mom, she’s yet to make amends to ex-bestie Juliette after abruptly leaving the soap back in the day. Not that she hasn’t tried: “When I thought the world was going to end in Y2K,” Dana says, “I reached out to her, and she never called me back.”

LILY MARLOWE (Loni Anderson) After replacing Dana on ‘Great Lakes’, Lily never again found a role to win her acclaim. “What do I have to show for (my career)? An arc on  For the People – Shonda Rhimes’ only flop!”

JULIETTE MATHESON (Nicollette Sheridan) “She left me for L.A.,” the party girl turned fashion mogul recalls of Dana’s betrayal. Will their feud derail the entire event?

MARGEAUX ROBERTS (Morgan Fairchild) “Fasten your face-lifts, ladies, it’s gonna be a bumpy weekend!” The sassy grande dame of ‘Great Lakes’ sees the Juliette-Dana beef as the perfect escape from her own domestic drama.

Photo: Lifetime

Now, making this all the more hysterical is the director of The Great Lakes reunion special, which makes the five women live under the same roof, is its former child star Alex, who has gotten his ex-girlfriend, Nell to direct the finale. Meanwhile, in the subplot. the ‘Ladies of the ’80s’ come up with a plan to get Alex and Nell back together.

As with any good soap opera, there is a major food fight. Linda Gray shared with USA Today ,”The food fight was one take. And it was fabulous.” And of course, their is a bitch-fest slap-fest. Morgan Fairchild revealed, “Oh honey, we all got ours in. Mine was a simple, ‘How dare you?’ with a slap. But I was hoping for a punch.”

Photo: Lauren Dukoff/Lifetime

The movie’s EP, Larry Thompson, who is a Hollywood manager and has Donna Mills as a client, said that the entire scene peaks with the”slapfest coup de grâce.” What is that exactly? That is when Donna Mills pushes Nicollette Sheridan into a pool in a nod to Dynasty’s Lily bond battle between Dynasty’s Alexis (Joan Collins) and Krystle (Linda Evans).

In case you missed it previously, check out the trailer for Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas below, also starring Patrika Darbo, Alec Mapa, Mills real-life daughter, Chloe Mills, and Christopher Atkins with theme song by Tiffany.

Now let us know, will you be tuning in to the movie for a premise that should delight many a longtime soap fan? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Ava Receives a Haunting Letter About Austin’s Murder

On Thursday’s November 30th episode of General Hospital, Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) is on the case of who shot Austin (Roger Howarth) and pays a visit to Ava Jerome (Maura West) at Wyndemere.

Dante asks Ava when was the last time she saw Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt. She asks why and what is going on with Austin? Dante tells her he’s dead, and assumes she must already know, especially given her non-reaction to the news.

Ava tells Dante she was last with Austin two days ago at her gallery. When he questions her if security footage can back that up, that would then give her an alibi. However, Ava explains she left out the back, and that the surveillance camera has not been working. Since the murder happened in Pautauk, Dante tells Ava they will want to question her.


She responds that a lot of people in town knew Austin from Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and on. However, Dante points out that Ava was the only one that was kidnapped by Mason (Nathanyael Grey). Ava says she will have her lawyer ready.

As Dante exits, Ava looks through her unopened mail. She finds a letter addressed to her and it says inside on note paper, “You’re welcome.” But that’s not all, inside the letter is a polaroid of Austin’s dead body.


Also in story, Molly (Kristen Vaganos) has a meltdown when she has to start the finding a surrogate process all over again, and is found crying on a park bench by her sister, Kristina (Kate Mansi). Will this be the conversation where Molly will take up Kristina on her initial offer to carry the child for her and TJ (Tahj Bellow)?


In another key moment, James thinks Cody (Josh Kelly) would make a great big brother, which then gets Felicia (Kristina Wagner) flashing back to when Cody told Mac that it turns out Mac is not his bio-dad. Felicia senses something is not right. Is she finally on to the fact that Cody lied to Mac? Stay tuned.


So, who do you think sent the letter to Ava about killing Austin? Is it Nikolas? Cyrus? Mason? Could it be Ava herself, who doesn’t remember she did the deed, or could it be someone else? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital Pays Tribute to Tyler Christopher at End of Episode, ABC Exec Nathan Varni Shares: “You’ll Always Be In Our Hearts”

If you caught the end of the Monday, November 27th Thanksgiving episode of General Hospital, the ABC daytime drama ended the show with a special dedication to Tyler Christopher (ex-Nikolas Cassadine), who passed away on October 31st at the age of 50.

With a very touching title card, and a photo of Tyler from his younger days as the dark prince of the Cassadine clan, it read, “In Loving Memory of Tyler Christopher.”

On Tuesday, November 28th, ABC Current Series executive, Nathan Varni, who oversees Grey’s Anatomy, The Conners, Station 19 and General Hospital for the network, shared on X some additional thoughts on Tyler’s contributions to the GH family.

Photo: JPI

Varni expressed: “This lovely tribute card was shown at the end of yesterday’s episode of GH In loving memory of Tyler Christopher. Thanks for bringing Nikolas Cassadine to life on our screens, you’ll always be in our hearts. RIP.”

Tyler played the role of GH’s Nikolas from 1996–1999, 2003–2011, and lastly from 2013–2016. He also took on the role of Connor Bishop from 2004–2005. The late actor took home the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series in 2016 for his work as Nikolas.

Share your thoughts on GH honoring Tyler at the end of their Thanksgiving episode via the comment section below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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Power Performance

Kim Coles as Whitley

Days of our Lives

Airdate: 7-24- 2023