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GH's Nancy Lee Grahn on Kristina's teenage abuse storyline!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

The one and only Nancy Lee Grahn gave an insightful interview with TV Guide Magazine about her character, Alexis Davis’s newest family dilemma with her children! You see, her daughter Kristina (fathered by mobster Sonny Corinthos) is being badly beaten by her abusive boyfriend, and blames another man for her plight in the process. Grahn weighed in on the parenting situation.  Here are a few excerpts!

Grahn on the message this storyline sends out to parents of teens: “I have talked to plenty of parents who have great parenting philosophies and are very communicative with their children, and still their kids are doing all kinds of bad things. Of course, it doesn’t help that Kristina is surrounded by violence. The bullets are always flying in Port Charles. We’ve got a lot of hit n’ runs. We’ve got kidnappings. Kristina’s father [Sonny, played by Maurice Benard] is a gangster who kills people for a living. Let’s face it, the odds of her turning out normal aren’t good. Clearly, the poor kid is headed for therapy.”

Grahn on why Alexis did not see the warning signs from Kristina: “You’d think that in real life it would hard to miss the signs, but it happens. And [head writer] Bob Guza was careful not to put Alexis in a situation where she had any overt clues. Listen, Alexis isn’t perfect. [Laughs] She has all kinds of flaws, some I don’t even know about. When they pass out the scripts, I only read my pages so I had no idea what the other people in Port Charles were saying about my character. Apparently everybody thinks she’s a control freak!”

General Hospital

ABC Previews General Hospital’s Halloween Episode

Fight Night will definitely have an impact on the lives of the citizens of Port Charles, on the upcoming Thursday, October 29th episode of the ABC daytime drama series.

Announced by ABC today, along with primetime’s Dancing with the Stars, The Conners, Supermarket Sweep, and America’s Funniest Home Videos, GH is having some ghoulish goings-on for the trick or treat holiday.

According to the GH preview: “As an impending storm approaches Port Charles, Trina and Joss decide to meet up with Cameron and Dev at Charlies before heading off to a Halloween party for the night. Unbeknownst to them, Julian notices the kids are being watched a little too closely by a masked individual. Uneasy and unable to shake the feeling that something is off, Julian confronts the man. Meanwhile, Carly is stunned when Cyrus brings a familiar acquaintance to dinner at the Metro Court. And elsewhere, Finn and Anna’s plans to take Violet trick-or-treating are hampered when Finn is called back to GH, leaving Anna alone, unaware that a particularly evil threat awaits her.”

So, excited to see what goes down on Halloween on GH? Comment below.

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General Hospital

GH’s Ingo Rademacher Shares Insight With His Son On Parenting & Anger On Maurice Benard’s “State of Mind”

Maurice Benard has brought his State of Mind  to You Tube, and his guest for this week is none other than Sonny Corinthos’ longtime nemesis Jasper Jacks, Ingo Rademacher.

Rademacher decided to appear on State of Mind along with his son, Peanut, to talk about the incidents of parenting and anger when raising his children, and the effects discipline can have on the kids.

There are some very emotional moments within the segment, as Peanut opens up about his feelings when his dad was upset with him and how he dealt with  it

Ingo also shares how over the past few years his relationship with his son has approved, while Maurice offers key moments from his past with his father and his own son.

Per Maurice on the concept behind the show and his ongoing website: “State of Mind to me means being 100% present, feeling completely at peace inside of you, not letting your thoughts control your life and always looking for ways to be the best that you can be.”

Watch Ingo, Maurice and Peanut below and then let us know what you thought about this heartfelt conversation via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

Gregory Harrison Is The New Gregory Chase On General Hospital

General Hospital just got hotter as it beef’s up its storyline featuring Kim Delaney as Jackie Templeton.  Now comes word that TV veteran, Gregory Harrison has come to the ABC daytime drama series as the recast Gregory Chase.

The character of Gregory Chase was previously played by DAYS James Read, who plays the treacherous Clyde Weston now and then on the NBC soap.

With Harrison taking on the role of Finn (Michael Easton) and Chase’s (Josh Swickard) father, that makes things a little juicier in the romantic department.

According to who broke the casting news, Harrison begins taping today Wednesday at the ABC studios for General Hospital and fans can look forward to his debut on-screen in a few weeks.

As to the storyline: “Fireworks could be on the horizon for Harrison’s character.”

TV fans remember Gregory from the hit series Trapper John M.D., then later on Falcon Crest, Judging Amy, One Tree Hill and more.  He also has frequently appeared in Lifetime and Hallmark Channel movies most recently.

So, what do you think about the Gregory Chase recast with Gregory Harrison? Intrigued? Comment below.

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B&B’s Jacqueline MacInnes Wood deliver the Power Performance of the Week as Steffy’s drug addiction leads to a confrontation and intervention by her loved ones with dire consequences.  Here is the last seven minutes that featured Emmy-winner Wood at her best. Leave A Comment

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