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GH’s Rebecca Herbst Chats On ‘Friz’, Her On-Screen Sons & How Liz Has Grown-Up

Photo: ABC

Last week, Rebecca Herbst celebrated her 22nd year playing fan favorite Elizabeth Webber (now Baldwin) on General Hospital.  She made her on-screen debut on August 1, 1997.  And in those two decades plus in Port Charles, Liz has gone through many a rocky relationship, plenty of drama, and carried out some misdeeds of her own.  But one thing is for sure, Becky is loved by the fans of the long-running ABC daytime drama series who always want the best for her, and for Nurse Elizabeth.

Recently, ‘Friz’ fans got a moment they had long been waiting for when Franco (Roger Howarth) and Liz, and their friends and family (and some enemies) shared in their wedding reception.  But can their happiness last?  According to two psychics, Sibley Gamble (Veronica Cartwright) and Chelsea Lambas (Jen Ray) that Franco has run into in recent weeks, he better be careful.  That has made Franco concerned, while Liz is trying to get her family all on the same page, and it looks like her boys are coming around to loving and accepting Franco, too, despite what Liz’s ex Jason (Steve Burton) may have to say about it.

Michael Fairman TV caught up with Rebecca  at the GH Fan Club Weekend, where she made a welcome appearance, to talk about: how she sees Elizabeth’s relationship with Franco, her talented on-screen sons, and how Liz has grown-up since she started on the series, and more.  Here’s what Becky shared with us below.

What did you think of the long-awaited wedding reception of Franco and Liz?  The show finally gave them this joyous moment; after their jailhouse nuptials. Did you feel like the way the wedding actually went down it felt like it cheated the relationship, or did you like it?

REBECCA:  I felt the jailhouse wedding was a bit of a cheat, because they had tried two different times to have a really glorious wedding, so to do it in a jail cell was not the most desirable place. (Laughs)  However, the fact that the characters did actually get married and nothing came in between was a plus, and so, hey, they’ll take that.  Later, when I read in the scripts that there was going to be the reception, I was shocked, because I really didn’t think it was ever going to happen.

Photo: ABC

Do you think the fans were getting to the point where they thought this was never going to happen, also?

REBECCA:  For sure.  We all thought they Franco and Liz were never going to have their moment, or their honeymoon or any of that. I was really pleasantly surprised to see that not only did they write it, but it was beautiful!  It was also visually beautiful.  They put a lot of effort and thought into the show itself, and nobody died, and nobody fell through the roof.  Well, it was kind of funny that Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) got pushed off the ‘Haunted Star’, but according to Elizabeth, that’s just fine that Obrecht got pushed off the boat. (Laughs)  She didn’t die, so everything is good, but all in all, it was a really wonderful party.

What did you think when they had all of Elizabeth’s sons performing a song for the happy couple.  It was so cute, and touching.

REBECCA:  Oh, my goodness.  Those were real tears I shed.  That was so sweet.  So very, very sweet of them.

Photo: ABC

The show is growing the boys, so now you, as Elizabeth, have some young actors to play off of in your scenes.  How do you feel about that?

REBECCA:  Oh, I love it!  For so long, Elizabeth would only talk about her kids, “My boys, my boys, my boys, my boys in the attic.” (Laughs) Now, she has relationships, and very different relationships with each one of them.

I think that echoes real-life too.  A mother has distinct relationships with each of her children.  That’s what I like about Liz with her sons.  And as a mom in real-life as well, I am sure you can relate to this.

REBECCA:  Yes, my relationship with all of my kids is completely different, and I really love that it’s true for Elizabeth’s kids.  I attribute a lot of that to the writers, because they definitely write our relationships differently.  Aiden (Jason David) is still this baby who Elizabeth coddles and protects.  Cameron (William Lipton) is expected to be the man of the house and take care of things, and sometimes Elizabeth feels like she puts too much responsibility on him, but he is going to protect his mom no matter what.  Hudson (Jake) is so wonderful, too.  The fact that I have been blessed with three beautifully smart little actors is just a win for me.


Let’s talk about Aiden, who had been bullied at school by the other kids.  Do you think that story will be fleshed out?  It seems it may have been put on pause, because it would be an important story to tell for parents with LGBTQ children, if that is how GH ultimately chose to tell the story.

REBECCA:  It is an important story.  I would love to tell the story.  There is a great message.  I don’t think we touched on it enough.   I think, for now, the best way to put a button on it is to send the message that we should accept our children with all of their wonderful attributes and personalities and whatever their interests, and let’s not label children, and listen to them and support them.   We should just all be kind.   I was sad when I would read some of the tweets about the story.  It saddened me to read people’s harsh opinions towards Elizabeth’s acceptance of her child.  Some people said that we should not be doing a story like this, and then there was the other half who said, “Just because he is a baker, doesn’t make him gay,” which is 100% true.

True!  TV viewers have certainly seen a lot of straight chefs on foodie or cooking shows, for example.

REBECCA:  Absolutely!  All three of my children in real-life love to cook.  There is nothing wrong with that.   I think we need to just continue to love Aiden no matter what, and he is not different than any of the other kids.

Photo: ABC

William Lipton has been amazing as Cameron, right?

REBECCA:  Amazing.  I know!  He is not only a great little actor, singer, and performer, but he has this beautiful little face, and he is such a grounded young man.  He’s a really sweet person.  You can tell he’s been raised in a really great house, and he has an amazing mom.

Because you are such a “mom’s-mom” in real life, do you think that helps you in how Elizabeth reacts to her children?

REBECCA:  I think so.  I always ask permission from my on-camera kids before a scene: “Is it okay if I kiss your little head?  Is it okay if I put you on my lap here?  Is it okay if I put my hands on your face?”  I’m not their mother, but when I think about what I would do with my real-life kids,  they’re always getting kissed and hugged and held by me, so I want to make it look as real as possible.  I have to think, “What would I do if this were Emerson?”  He’d be on my lap, and I’d be kissing his little neck.  So, then I have to ask Jason, who plays Aiden, “Is it okay that I kiss your neck, and if I kind of just like snuggle you?”  All three of my on-screen kids are so great, because they’re like, “Yeah, sure.  We don’t care!” and not all stage kids are like that.  They all are receptive of my love, and they just let me do it.  I think that is what is so sweet.

Photo: ABC

What do you think of this whole pairing of Elizabeth and Franco, and that you were paired with Roger Howarth?  Elizabeth has had many relationships on the show, so where does her relationship with Franco fit into her list of romances/relationships?  Do you think Franco is one of her great loves?  Over her life, Liz has had a lot of ups and downs, and at times, has not made the best choices for herself, or the choices she made just haven’t worked out in her favor.  I think we all can relate to somebody whose choices don’t work out the way they envision them to be.

REBECCA:  For sure.  I think each of Elizabeth’s relationships have been so different. Just to talk about a timeline: she was a little girl when she was with Lucky (Jonathan Jackson), and as she’s matured, so have her relationships.  However, I think the relationship she has with Franco is her first real adult relationship; in that she not only does respect him, but she respects herself.  She is not afraid to stand up to anybody for the sake of herself, or her children.  I think that is the difference.  In the past, she has been a little so head-over-heels in love that she would do anything, and now, she knows who number one is, and that’s her children, and she puts herself first now, too.  Before, Elizabeth did not matter to herself.

Photo: ABC

I thought Elizabeth treated herself badly.  Is there a self-loathing?  Did you ever that figure out as an actress where that comes from?  Do you think it was from when she was raped years ago?

REBECCA:  I think it went deeper than that.  I think it was because her parents left her at such a young age, and although they were doing great work for whatever they were doing, she was left as a child.

So, she felt something was wrong with her if they left her behind?

REBECCA:  Yes.  I think that’s where her lack of self-esteem came from.  She just didn’t have that support at home when she needed it the most, especially when she was a teenager.  You need your parents around you to tell you that things are awkward and weird, and you’re changing, but you’re going to be okay.  She didn’t have that, and so, she kind of had to figure it out on her own.  She did it through her relationships with men, and she didn’t have men in her life who were telling her, “You’re going to be okay,” except for Lucky, but that was a younger relationship in her life.  Now, as more of an adult with Franco, he tells her she is going to be okay.  Franco believes in her as much as she does now.

Photo: ABC

What’s the best part about working with Roger … and what’s the most challenging part?  Is it some curve balls that might come from when you are going live-to-tape?

REBECCA:  For me, I know I can totally work around whatever comes out of his mouth. (Laughs)  I’m good with that. (Laughs)  The most challenging thing about working with him is that he is constantly losing his glasses, so he can’t see his scripts.  It’s always at the end of the scene.  It’s like, “Where are the glasses?” (Laughs)  So, if losing his glasses might be the most challenging thing, then I’m a pretty lucky girl!

Where does Jason (Steve Burton) fit into Liz’s life at this point? 

REBECCA:  We’ve not really established that.


Since Jason has been back on the canvas, not much has been played between them.

REBECCA: They had a relationship, they have a relationship, and they have a friendship.  It should be played.

What would you love to see happen to Elizabeth story-wise, that perhaps you have not gotten the opportunity to play?

REBECCA:  I would love to see Elizabeth be happy with Franco and just explore whatever that means for her in a long-term, adult sense (because she doesn’t really know how that is yet), an adult happiness, while trying to navigate the kids’ lives, but also having a friendship with Jason.  I think that would be interesting, because she has always held a torch for Jason.

Photo: ABC

Viewers are currently alarmed that Franco has been receiving warnings from two psychics.  On last Friday’s episode, Franco is clearly afraid to take a drive and in Cameron’s new car (the one Oscar gave him) due to the psychic, (Chelsea) telling him: “Don’t take that drive!” Does Elizabeth have something to be worried about? 

REBECCA:  Yes, but she’s going to hang on to Franco, and make sure nothing happens to him … until he doesn’t come home (laughs) …  and then she’ll be calling Jason! (Laughs)

So, what did you think of the sentiments shared by Rebecca?  What did you think of the Friz wedding reception, and Liz and Franco’s relationship?  What do you think of Liz’s relationship with her children?   What are your hopes for Liz moving forward? Comment below.

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I love Friz! Becky is a stand up gal!

Great interview! I love hearing Becky’s thoughts! Looking forward to Liz holding onto Franco. Would love to have her parents return to PC for a story arc.

Love Becky and her Elizabeth Webber. Thanks for the interview, it was great hearing her take on things. Those three kids are the best kids in daytime, every single one of them is a little gem. Can’t wait to see what’s next for Elizabeth, her boys and #Friz. And I do agree that Franco is Elizabeth’s first real adult relationship, where she finally knows her worth and puts herself and her family…. and he puts her first.

I agree!It’s a great on screen relationship! They have a spark between them!

Thank you for this interview. The quality of GH has gone down so much that the only reason I’m still watching is for Elizabeth & Franco. I agree with everything Becky said. The abandonment by her parents messed with her self-worth. It made her hang on to Lucky long after the relationship turned toxic & it made her twist herself into knots trying to hang on to Jason even though he never loved her enough to get out of the Mob.

Elizabeth’s relationship with Franco is the healthiest one she’s ever had. He loves her 100% & he loves her kids. Elizabeth is now confident in her self worth but also confident in his love for her. The Friz Family is the best family on the show & very relatable. I also hope they continue the Aiden story.

Becky & Roger’s chemistry is crazy good. They can play romance, banter, angst & sexy like no one else. I’ve been a Becky & Elizabeth fan since day one & I am so happy Elizabeth finally found her HEA and that Becky found her best screen partner.

I agree, keep Aiden story going! It’s important! I’m so hoping they let us fans of Franco and Liz and they’re kids just be normal. Please! I want to watch that family grow!!! Love them all!

Love Becky and love her insight on Franco and Elizabeth’s relationship! They’re the best part of GH, can’t wait to see what’s next! And I’m all for an Elizabeth who knows her worth and hope that changes the way she interacts with Jason. She’s clearly outgrown him at this point, glad they aren’t regressing her character where he’s concerned!

I think Elizabeth should absolutely have more scenes with Jason. Not a fan of the Friz pairing.

Although I am not a big Elizabeth fan, I like Franco & Elizabeth. I think the actors play well off each other, and I think they have chemistry. I like Alexis & Neil too. Not many couples have chemistry or oomph; (Maxie & Parking Lot, yuck) but, I like those two couples.

Oh yes, I really hope they let Neil and Alexis be a couple. Definitely on screen chemistry just like Franco and Liz!!!!


I agree, DMRR—-It took a while for me to get into Franco and Liz, but I’m Ok with this couple.
I think Neil and Alexis are great together—-better with him than the toxic relationship she and Julian had. Alexis is truly a surprise—like her more and more each day—-and Molly!! She is really a beautiful girl—- glad to have seen her on stage today.
Peter and Maxie are a no-no….Ewwww.
Aside—perhaps I imagined this, but when Shiloh took the gun from the drawer, I though he left said drawer open. But, when Drew and Curtis got to his room, the drawer was shut. Hmmmm….LOL.

You are right, EWWW, and so awkward and boring-#Paxie. I haven’t watched, so, I’m not sure about the drawer.

Hi Celia
I am back after everything I messed up. I can’t even tell you what, but my granddaughter seems to have gotten me straightened out, I hope. I am very good at getting into computer jams, but then I can’t figure out how to get out.

DMRR, I agree with you. I really wish they hadn’t wasted the talent of Billy Miller though. He may show up on Y&R.

Love this I Interview! Love Becky and #Friz! Thank you!!!

I love Becky and Elizabeth is my favorite character on GH. I’m glad Liz’s boys are growing up and being shown especially since they are all being played by such great actors. My problem is Friz. I cannot believe that Liz, good mom that she is, would ever be with a man who kidnapped her son. I also don’t see the Friz relationship as a healthy one – not when it constantly makes Liz all about Franco! Think about it. Liz has been a mostly single mom for years yet we now see Franco spending more time parenting than Liz does. Liz doesn’t even have storylines now; she simply props Franco in whatever story he is involved with. The majority of conversations Liz has are either with Franco or about Franco; where is Liz in all this? I don’t see her which is completely unacceptable for a vet of 22 years who is loved by fans!

Liz doesn’t have friends anymore. Sure, once in awhile we see her talking to Kim or Pip but Liz used to go for coffee, drinks etc with friends but no more. Liz’s only family is the boys and currently Hayden. GH is really wasting Liz, IMO, and all to rehab Franco which is just absurd. Becky is clearly being gracious about her role but she deserves better! I am hoping GH brings Tyler Christopher back and pairs him with Liz! Or GH reunites Liz with Jason. Becky has mad chemistry with Steve and Tyler!

Tracy,I can understand a lot of what you are saying, although I must admit, I like Liz and Franco together. They remind me of the beauty and the beast. You have to remember when he took Aiden as a baby to his mom, Betsy Frank, he was a different man, driven by his tumor. Maybe in real life, we would not buy the idea of the tumor removal changing him into a new man, but as this is a fictional soap, I am willing to accept the change in the same way that Dante was changed, because of the events in his undercover job, that seemingly caused those changes. All I see is Roger Howarth playing different characters, and choosing the ones I like and those I don’t. I hope some of this makes sense to you.

I really adore Rebecca Herbst’s portrayal of Elizabeth. Liz and Franco are great together and I love watching their dynamic with the kids. They really are the most stable relationship on GH right now.

I want to see liz,Jason have more scenes together and have a relationship/friendship again and if more come out of it the better.i hope that the tptb, products,writers listen to the fans and change this and put liz,Jason in more scenes together like before they have so much chemistry,emotions and more then anyone on gh have and 1999 till 2002 showed how omg,great,amazing they are in scenes together the people in charge need to bring this back in liz,Jason lives again.

It would be great if they did a special episode for Becky she deserves it and the actress is just a doll off camera as well always loving and supportive . I know a lot of people were upset with the pairing but in all honesty I have never seen RH as Franco so I just see two actors who have great chemistry and enjoy acting together . She never ages I think that’s why they did not age her children for so long she still looks like a kid herself and Lipton who plays Cameron is one of the best teen actor in years . Congrats Becky!

I’m so happy to hear that Becky thinks Elizabeth and Jason need more air time together! Elizabeth will always be my favorite gh character and rebecca is amazing!❤

I ❤️Becky, big fan of hers for life!! I’m truly happy she was interviewed about her character Liz. I agree w/her that Liz & Jason had a relationship & friendship, it needs to be shown. It should be playing out on GH & it’s been ignored. There’s tons of drama there, that many fans want to see!

Is there anyone Elizabeth hasn’t slept with? Three kids, three different fathers. It’s ironic when she lashes out at Carly or Sam, she is worse.

Just how is she worse? People keep pulling the 3 baby daddy card like she’s the only one. Carly has three baby daddies. If Sam’s first child had been born, she would have three baby daddies also. So how are any of them different?

Seriously ? You need to really LOOK at the GH men, there are plenty she hasn’t slept with and I can assure you, she never slept with her MOTHER’S HUSBAND as BOTH Carly and Sam HAVE…. worse yet in both cases it was for REVENGE!!! So please explain how Liz is worse??

Well, to be fair, we can’t say for a fact if Liz ever slept with her mother’s husband, since we have no idea who her mother is!

It’s not very likely, of course, as Liz has lived in Port Charles since she was a teenager. And neither her unknown mother, nor her known father (Jeff Webber) has ever shown up to visit her. Nor has her ACTUAL sister Sarah been seen for decades (the Hayden retcon as her sister was really dumb & unnecessary, especially with no Jeff around)

And the oddest family tie of all? She and her husband Frodd have the same brother! (Steven Lars Webber)

Let’s see Carly has three children by three men and Alexis has three fIghter by three men. Liz is in good company.

Let me guess? You’re a Jasam fan? That’s all your fan base ever says. It’s pathetic and full of hypocrisy. Many characters on GH have children with multiple partners. If Sam’s first baby didn’t die, she would have three different baby daddy’s too. Liz never slept with her mother’s husband at least, but let’s pretend she is the ” slut” of GH to please your delusional self.

Becky is awesome, her chemistry w/ her co stars is though the roof, love the three young actors playing her kids, they are wonderful, and she and Roger are great together. I would love to see her relationship w/ her parents play out, and I agree w/ her assessment of liz w/ her parents. Team Liz all the way, she needs more air time and a good storyline. come on GH give us a lot more Liz..

Love Friz and Becky!! She and Roger make Friz great!!!

!st off–
the squishing of names, it’s really not cool for grownups to speak in grade school schoolyard neeners;
really, it’s beyond juvinel=‘Friz’
(its a pet peeve of mine)

As for Elizabeth, a loved character, also the most boring. Liz is like the Mother Teresa of Port Charles.
I thought her being tagged with Franco would put some life into the character but instead, it made France a ho-hum yawn.

Franco needs to hook up with Ava, that would make for good soap.
Franco used to be an exciting vivid character until he was put with Liz. Huge Mistake!

Liz has a boring personality to be with a boring guy not with Franco.
I’d like Liz and Franco to divorce and that would be an opening for Franco to be his exciting, humorous gray character, again.

I agree, squishing names is juvenile!

Roger Howorth wanted to work with Becky. In fact he made it a requirement in his contract renewal. Smart man, because Becky makes every screen partner look good. Roger hated working with Michelle Stafford because she goes off script frequently and her hated it.

That’s why Franco and Elizabeth are good together, SusieQ—-they found their niche. ….l love Elizabeth—
But, I do understand what you’re saying—-Franco was at his best ( or should I say, Roger) with Nina ( MS; not this imposter–ugh).
I think Franco and Liz have reached their plateau–better this than scheming—-remember when Non-Jason/Drew first came to town? Lizzie sure did a number on him–Bad Lizzie!
So, something positive came out of this union–They’ve changed for the better. If it lasts, that is.
And, I agree about the name-squishing—-never liked it for any couple.

Thanks for the interview with Rebecca! Love her understanding of her character. It would be great to see an Elizabeth centered story & not her standing around worrying what is going on with Franco. She was never like that before. She always had her own stories.

I also love that she thinks Elizabeth & Jason should have more scenes together. Couldn’t agree more. Now if we could just get scenes where she’s not haranguing him to accept Franco.

The Family may be the best part of GH right now. Herbst,Howarth and those 3 kids are perfect.

I agree totally!

Jason & Elizabeth are my favorite characters!

Love Rebbeca Herbst and the character of Elizabeth. Found her insight on her character interesting. Wish they did more than just the family stories with her character.

Dont care for the liz character
Seems like shes always after jason
Although she has a son with jason, she needs to interact with jason only when it concerns Jake. Jason and sam are very, very happy together, so liz leave jason alone. I’ll bet if lucky came back, she’d drop franco. I know this is a soap opera, but I just dont like the liz character. Pretends to be happy

So what show are you watching again? Liz has stopped ” running” after Jason as you put for a long time now. She’s evolved more than your precious Sam has by light years. All Jasam fans don’t like Liz because they see her as a threat. I don’t want Jason and Liz together. I want her with anyone but him..and he and Sam are over rated and boring. Keep your couple but don’t make up crap about Liz to pimp them.

Refreshing to see an interview that asks questions that aren’t all antagonistic about a couple that has become much loved. Also wonderful to hear that an actress wants to delve into the joy of a pairing and the future for the fictional couple long term commitment doesn’t have to be boring or mundane if written right it can be very entertaining and they are writing this couple right. Maybe they are taking cues from old pairings Myrna Loy William Powell/ Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. I watched those with my grandparents and they still stay in my memory. She is a delightful and very wonderful actress. Than you for the interview

Yes well said!

Rebecca is a nice lady. I never have liked or disliked her character. BUT, since her kids are growing up, she has more angles to her character now. Cameron is an amazing young man and he will bring stories to the household. Him and Franco mesh well. Speaking of Franco, I hated him! BUT, GH found a way to clean him up and he is likable now. They need to bring his dad into his life more often.

I love Friz. I’m glad Liz is finally happy.

I love Liz and Franco together! I wish the writers would let them all be. Let us enjoy their everyday life together. I think fans love seeing love in the afternoon. Not sex ! Just everyday living with each other trying to make life good for their family! I love their on screen connection, it is the best I’ve seen in a while .sorry jasam fans but its better between Liz and Franco!
Also the kids are AWESOME! Love watching their stories evolve!

Liz needs a little girl to make the Webber-Baldwin complete.

Fantastic interview! Love Becky and Friz! I agree with her assessment of the relationship or lack there of with Jason since his return. Also the lack of time he gives to Jake. I’ve loved Becky since day one and she adds so much to the show! I hope GH keeps her forever!!❤️

I know they are going to kill Franco off love doesn’t last on General Hospital

The Shilow thing is out of hand. The ideal of him kidnapping Cameron has crossed the line. First he is a minor and this is torture I am appalled at this out coming. This needs to end at once and I believe it will with Jason and Franco coming together but if it does not end today. The writers have crossed the line to “minor” torture and that is too far

I have watched GH ever since the beginning! I do like Franco and Elizabeth together. I just hope things work out for them all now that Franco is trying to save Cameron. I sure hope this whole situation somehow gets resolved, that Cameron and Franco are saved. Come on Jason!!! They need assistance. Love GH!! Even got my husband to watch it with me!!

I’m annoyed that not one question came up about Rebecca Budig coming back on as Hayden and how she feels about having her sister around again.

Franco told can go tell liz he will be back.The scene when he regains his memories and is reunited with Liz better be epic.

Awe, that was the best! Thanks for getting such an open interview from Becky. Love the character she plays. I wish she had more to do on the show!!!

Jason and Liz always had a long history together I always loved them two the most also there best true friends but they never give up on each other I want them back together so bad and thank you showing us that

I love everything about this pairing. #Friz is the best!!

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Photo: ABC

After a knock on the door, champagne arrive. Getting flirty and romantic with one another, Spencer calls for a toast to the woman he loves, and Trina toasts to the both of them together.

Spencer realizes he needs to take a quick shower and heads to the bathroom, so they won’t be late for their dinner.  Later, we see Spencer in his fine blue suit while Trina is a vision in her fuscia-colored dress.

Photo: ABC

Overcome, Spencer tells Trina just how beautiful she is, and gifts her with a necklace so she remembers this weekend between them forever.  After they kiss again, it’s time for them to head out to dinner.  That’s the end of part one of Sprina’s trip to the Big Apple.

So, what did you think about the highly-anticipated Spencer and Trina scenes in New York City thus far? Were you all smiles? Are you looking forward to Friday, where many are hoping it’s the episode in which the lovebirds finally hit the sheets? Weigh-in via the comment section below.

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