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GH's Rebecca Herbst on The Big Kiss, Future of Liason & Losing the Daytime Emmy!

Photo Credit: Kathie Hutchins

Photo Credit: Kathie Hutchins

At yesterdays’ on set celebration for General Hospital’s Emmy victories at the 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards including one for Outstanding Drama Series, On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth) to discuss the possible game-changing kiss between Liz and Jason (Steve Burton), what it means for Liz’s relationship with Ewen (Nathin Butler), and how the talented actress handled losing the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress, when many considered her the front-runner.    Here is what she had to say about it all below!

Becky on what she thought when she saw the latest kiss in the script between Elizabeth and Jason:  “I was of course excited for the Liason group in getting what they want, and hesitant for the JaSam group and what they would say.   Deep down, I was hoping the kiss was going to be justifiable and it would not make Elizabeth look like she is chasing Jason again.  But the writers did a really good job.  I didn’t actually see it, but I remember doing it.  I think it worked well.  I think it was just a natural “we have been here before” kind of a moment.  Jason was hurting and it just happened.

Becky on how she tries to make sense of all the men the GH writers have thrown in Elizabeth’s romantic path over the years from Lucky to Nicholas to Jason to Ewen, and if it is hard for her to justify and portray it: “I have to do a lot of thinking.   I have to really think about each scene, and what it is I am after in each scene, and what it is I want to portray.  I think with Ewen, he is a great guy.  He is doing a good job at wooing Elizabeth.  She is not typically the type, as Sam has said, to go after someone.  So it’s Ewen that is kind off drawing her in, and then she turns around and she sees Jason! They have so much history there, that it is hard to hide that.  


Becky on why she thinks she and Steve Burton have resonated so well, time after time, as Jason and Elizabeth:  “There is a reason why the Jason/Elizabeth pairing has been around for so many years and why a fan base has been so loyal.  There is a reason for that. ”

Becky on if she was upset or sad at losing the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress:  “Oh my goodness, of course I was OK.   I had been there, done that.   I am OK.  Are you kidding?  I was so thrilled to be nominated, especially given the fact that I had been let- go by GH that year, and then was nominated.  So, to be let-go and Emmy nominated in the same year, that is kind of cool. (Laughs)  It’s a little ironic!  I was just thrilled with the nomination and happy for Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis, GH).  We have been friends for a million years.”

So soapers, what do you think of Becky’s comments on the recent on-screen kiss between Liz and Jason?  Are you hoping for a Liason reunion, one more time? Or, do you want to see JaSam win out?   And, what did you think about Rebecca losing the Emmy when she turned in the most powerful work of possibly her whole soap career? Let us know!


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Viva Liason! I was disappointed Becky didn’t win the Emmy, but her response, as usual, was classy. She’s a class act, and I wish her all the success she deserves.


Liz needs to move on to Ewen and leave JaSam and Jason Jr to reunite as a family.

this is about the actress.. not the character and the character’s actions… that’s up for the WRITERS to decide… not the actress… focus people 😀

Please read the last paragraph…sounds like the question was asked.

Excuse me but Rebecca Herbst is not Elizabeth nor is she a writer. She doesn’t write the show and those make decisions. It will be up to the writers to decide whether or not JaSam gets another shot at happiness.

Liz and Jason had a child together like it or not she has a right to talk or be seen with Jason They share a bond that can’t be broken Even if the child is gone. Jason lost Sam because he is a Idiot who cared only for himself, now that has backfired on him.

I adore the character of Elizabeth and think Becky Herbst is brilliant. I really felt she deserved the Emmy this year for her performance during the death of Jake story-line. I thought it was a nuanced, heartbreaking and totally believable portrayal of a devastated mother; I do love Nancy Lee Grahn and think she is fabulous too so at least she lost to a wonderful actress and of course as usual Becky reacted with grace and class.

Fabulous interview. Becky is a class act and an amazing actress. I hope to see many more Jason/Liz scenes and I am hoping for a romantic story for Liason! 🙂

Yes! Bring on Liason! I would love to see those two together the way they should have been so long ago. I never did understand why they wrote her as a struggling single mom who had to work extra shifts when the father of one of her children is a wealthy mobster. Didn’t make any sense. Put them back together, let her quit her nursing job, be a mom and an artist. She daydreamed about this during a segment when FV first took over and everyone was thinking about Jason coming out of the surgery as the “old” Jason, not Sonny’s “right hand man”.

Love Becky!! Love Liason – hope their story can be told the right way this time. Becky is a class act. She deserved the emmy win, but hopefully she will get more great material this year.

Becky is a class act

Thank you, Michael! I think Becky is one of the most beautiful and talented actresses in television. But more than that she is a beautiful person inside. (Her gracious words for NLG’s Emmy win just make me love her more.)

I am one of the many frustrated Liason fans who are hoping for a reunion under this new regime. Those of us who watched the courthouse scenes when Liason said their tearful goodbyes know that Jason and Liz did not break up because they fell out of love. I won’t go into the well-known theories as to why the old regime decided to flip the script as well as keep J and E from even being in the same room with each other after the break up (hello obvious chemistry and underlying love)…All I want to focus on now is how delicious the thought of a Liason reunion is for those of us who have waited for years for this couple to have their own love story and not just teases and starts and stops.

Congratulations to GH and all the cast and crew for putting some life and spark back into the show as well as remembering GH history and giving us more vets, romance and humor! (Todd’s ringtone for Heather “Crazy calling..” was hilarious!)

Love you Michael and thank you again for this interview with my favorite girl.

What do I think about the kiss? It was wonderful. I get Becky’s concerns about it playing out naturally and, like her, I think it really worked. I can honestly say I help my breath, and felt all warm and fuzzy just like Elizabeth would have in that moment… and yes, I blushed! LOL


Always love reading about Rebecca Herbst. Elizabeth is fabulous character and I was thrilled when the actress was nominated. As for her current story… Seeing Elizabeth with Jason Morgan again has been awesome and I hope that kiss is just the first step toward them realizing there might be “more than friends” feelings stirring again. Jason deserves a strong woman he can trust, rely on, and who knows him enough and respects him enough to be blunt and honest in their discussions, and that woman is totally Elizabeth. I can’t wait to see what the new executives of General Hospital have planned for Elizabeth and for the Jason/Liz story.

Yes I was disappointed that Becky didn’t win but she is a classy lady and she had nothing but good thing’s to say about N.L.G how can you not love her and the Liason kiss is old school that is Liason they are always there for each other

I think Becky should have won the emmy, as she had a frontburner story and knocked it out of the park. And as for Liason, well since 1999 these two have been and remain friends with underlying love that finally came to the forefront in 2006. So of course Liason needs to overcome it all (other loves, other children, disappointment, hurt, death of a child) and get their love story finally told. Viva Liason!!!

Becky is, as always, such a class act. She was robbed of the Emmy this year, in my opinion. She had an outstanding story with Jake’s death, even though the writers spent way more time on the part-time dads instead of the full-time mom losing their child.

And as far as the kiss goes, it is time for Liason to have their time in the spotlight and have their story told. They’ve been dancing back and forth since 1999, let them have their beginning, middle and happily every after. At least for right now. It IS a soap after all. No one couple gets EVERYTHING. Unless you are the “pet” of those in charge. But even then powers that be change…Viva Liason!

I am hoping that Liz has a relationship with Ewen and leave Jason in the wind. She should have the attitude “been there, done that”, we can be friends but nothing more. Hopefully, she has learned her lesson with him.

I love Becky, and loved the interview. I was pulling for her to win. No thank you, to a Liason reunion. I think Liz should be w/ Ewen right now. I’m a Liz fan, & want to see her happy. I reallly don’t see her being happy w/ Jason.

Great interview. I hope they do Liason but afraid we will be screwed over for Jasam again. I like Ewen but not as a serious relationship for Liz. I don’t want to see Lizmpimping Jasam though. As far as her Emmy I was mad they did not give it to her this yr. she deserved it for Emily’s death and for Jake death. I like NLG so at least it went to someone else who deserved as much as Becky. Becky is very gracious person . Good things come to those who wait. Her time will come.

LOVE Becky. She is so sweet. I think she deserved to win the Emmy, especially with her performance during Jake’s “death” (I still say he’s alive somewhere out there). Loved the Liason kiss and I look forward to much more Liason under Cartini. Love them!

I think Becky is fabulous, so beautiful & talented! I’ve always loved Liason & I hope we see much more of them together. I think they make a wonderful couple!

I very rarely watch the Daytime Emmys, but because of my love for Becky’s portrayal of the character of Elizabeth, I wanted to witness her first Emmy win. Sadly she did not win and I was very disappointed, but she’ll always be a winner in my book. That said, I will echo the sentiments above, Becky is truly a class act and I have no doubt that her day will come.

There is only two words to describe Rebecca Herbst and that is…. CLASS ACT. Jason and ELizabeth have such a rich and powerful history that many don’t seem to know if they haven’t watched for years. They deserve their story from top to bottom now that the agenda man has left the building. From killing a child that was from 2 original legacy characters to the real life firing of Rebecca Herbst all for agenda’s. The 600,000 lost viewers due to these rotten agenda’s. The only way up for GH to go is to bring back those viewers and give Jason and ELizabeth their chance to a beautiful love story. “The Greatest Love Story Never Told” ! Rebecca Herbst deserved the emmy but again is graceful and classy and once again thinking of others more than herself.

Love Liason all the way. Becky Herbst is an excellent actress, she has class and did deserved the Emmy. I just wish TPTB would give us Liason and Jake back.

I love the interview. Becky is so classy & genuine w/all her fanbases. I love Jason & Elizabeth’s kiss this. Glad the writers didn’t throw Elizabeth under the bus. I thought Becky should’ve won the Emmy because she turned out wonderfully heartbreaking performance w/Jake’s death.

As always I loved her responses she is measured and respectful of her fans and worried about the others. I actually watched the kiss live and was impressed with the way it happened and how they handled it afterwards. BH & SBu do have a special chemistry that neither displays with other actors and it shines through.
She was gracious about NLG win as I knew she would be that’s the person that she is.
I’ve heard that she is a dream to work with so those guys are lucky.
She is the reason I tune into Gh when I know she will be having scenes.

Liz was always my favorite character. To be honest I haven’t consistently watched general hospital in years … I tune in maybe once a week and always end up changing the channel. Am i the only that thinks Jason and Sam should be a back burner characters? They are boring and I could not care less about their baby story line. I stopped carring about Jason Morgan years ago.

They really messed up with liz when lucky came back. she needs a good juicy story of her own… Not one with the snoozers.

Rebecca Herbst is an absolute SWEETHEART! I follow her on Twitter when I can. I cannot believe some of the garbage she (as well as others) has/have to endure when people cannot separate CHARACTER from ACTOR. It is so sad, but she handles it with dignity and class all the way.

It is so hard to deny the electricity that Michael Easton and Kelly Monaco have together. They were so great together on Port Charles and then that kiss last week. Wow!

That being said, Jason and Elizabeth never really got their chance. I think since GH has a guaranteed year that they should explore that with Jason and Sam being the endgame as we all know that Lucky is Elizabeth’s endgame.

Becky was a winner in my books and is a class act as always!

As for the Elizabeth/Jason kiss, it demonstarted yet again that the magic between Becky and Steve Burton remains and I am hoping that we get to see lots more! I am excited for what is to come on GH for the first time in years!

And as a long-time “Liason” fan, I hope we finally get our full blown romance that has been hinted at for so many years!!

Love Becky. She’s a wonderful actress and a great human being. My hope is that the writers will one day do a no-holds-barred Liason story. Until that day, I’m appreciating that they have been crossing paths so frequently and that their history is being acknowledged but it’s also bittersweet…the more they’re together…the more we want to see! I’ve been watching since the Luke & Laura days and they are, by far, my favorite couple. I think I would have given up on the show several years ago had it not been for even the very slightest possibility that they might one day be reunited. When we could barely hope for one scene from them in a calendar year…we stuck it out and now it’s finally paying off! Love what the writers are doing right now and I can’t wait to see what’s next for them!

And, most definitely, I would LOVE to finally see Liason reunited. I have loved Liason since the beginning, and if this is the road that they ultimately choose, I can only hope that the writers are ready and able to tell the story that has been 13 years in the making. I would absolutely love it if Jason & Elizabeth were to somehow discover that Jake was alive and went on a search to find their son. Of course, this is my wishful thinking.

I just love Becky. She is my fave GH. Glad to see Jason & Elizabeth in scenes together again. I hope their kiss leads to more. Sad she didn’t win the emmy but she still a winner to her many many fans!


Viva Liason!!! I loved loved their kiss this week. Becky & Steve have such wonderful chemistry!!! Becky deserved that emmy for all her work last year, sad she didn’t win. Looking forward to what’s in store for Elizabeth Webber on GH

Liason are gross and sleazy

You feel better after making that statement. This interview isn’t about that!

Scott, your right.

Um no that would be Sam–and this is an article about Becky Herbst, not her character.

Yeah and Jasam are all sorts of nice? Please, a baby stalking prostitute and a hitman. The 1.6’s ain’t a fluke.

Love the interview. Becky is a class act and a great actress. I am looking forward for more Jason and Liz scenes. I think Liason will get another chance. Becky is right they have so much history together. Steve and Becky have great magic they bring as Jason and Elizabeth. Looking forward to GH.

Lovely interview!! I am so anxious to see what is in store for Elizabeth and Ewen. I want something new and fresh for Elizabeth. Keep wooing, Ewen! Keep wooing!

I have always loved Rebecca Herbst & her character, Elizabeth Webber, Becky is truly a class act. I, too, wish she had won the emmy, but she is always so gracious. I really want to see much more of Elizabeth on screen. Too much talent to not have a big storyline! I would LOVE a reconnection with Jason. After all. their’s is “the greatest love story never told” as Steve Burton once said. They have so much chemistry & history together. I’d be thrilled if they found a way to bring back Jake too. I hope GH goes foward with a Liz & Jason Romantic pairing. It’s their time! Sam should move on with John McBain & her baby as I think they have far better chemistry than Jasam at this point. Thanks for a great interview!

She is gorgeous, makes everything she does seem so effortless. She doesn’t need an Emmy, there is no award significant enough to pay tribute to what a lovely person and absolute professional she’s proven to be.

I cheered when I heard about the nomination, a great actress… a well loved character… and yes, after she was let go… to come back and have a nomination! That’s great!!! Wish her all the best.. hope to see more ‘meat’ in her storylines and more nominations down the line… Go, Becky!

I have loved this pairing , especially the very talented Rebecca Herbst, since the very beginning of their sharing scenes; I cannot wait for them to be a couple again! This is Steve Burton’s best pairing that I can remember; they are just so natural together and have so much chemistry, and so wonderful to watch.

Terrific interview. I was disappointed that Rebecca didn’t get the Emmy, but her response is great. She’s a winner in my view anyway. I loved the kiss between Elizabeth and Jason. The show would be taking a great direction by pursuing that love story again. They’re a powerful soap couple, and I’d like to see the show capitalize on the chemistry.

becky H. has such class it’s unbelievable. Great interview. Viva Liason!!!

I adore Becky Herbst and her character, Elizabeth Webber. The Liason kiss was amazing and you bet I want a Liason reunion! The Liason story and the amazing STECKY chemistry pull me in every single time!

Rebecca was definitely robbed of that Emmy. NLG is a great actress, but the reels Becky submitted were phenomenal compared to Nancy’s. Ah well, there is still next year! I also really hope that they are reuniting Jason & Liz for real this time. I won’t stand for a big tease with no follow through. Liason fans have waited long enough!

Love Becky and Liz Webber has been my fav GH lady since she came to PC 15 years ago!

I too am hoping the Liason fans finally get to see there love story be told!

I’ve been a Liason fan since 1999 so of course I think they should finally get a real chance together. Losing Jake was and IS awful but hopefully they’ll get their chance and maybe have another child.

I was shocked that Rebecca didn’t win the Emmy, she certainly deserved it. I hope Elizabeth and Jason find their way back to each other because I’ve always felt they belonged together. Hopefully one day they will get married, honeymoon in Italy, find Jake, have a baby girl named Emily and live happily ever after. : ) Its time for their story to be told!

Thank you for publishing this interview. The character of Elizabeth has been my favorite since she debuted. Rebecca Herbst is the consumate professional. Always a class act. Wish she had won the Emmy (though I’m a big fan of Nancy Lee Grahn too). I think Rebecca being nominated was sweet justice after having been let go. Rebecca’s performance throughout the agenda driven “death of Jake” storyline was unbelievably heartwrenching- but somewhat diminished by the overwhelming focus on Lucky, Luke and Jason. The storyline should have focused a great deal more on the child’s mother.

Ron Carlivati’s rebuild of the Jason/Elizabeth friendship has had me tuning back in for the first time since Jake’s death. The “kiss” has me so excited and I haven’t been excited about anything on GH for years!

Great interview! Becky is such a wonderful lady and I was so hoping she’d get that Emmy because she was just amazing in the Jake death storyline. I’ve watched GH mainly for her character since the Elizabeth’s rape storyline, which was so well acted by Becky. She’s more beautiful each passing year and has this great ability to play vulnerable and at the same time strong. Becky makes Elizabeth scenes so believable with her true to life portrayal of a single mom who wants lasting romantic love while trying to make her children first priority as she weathers one trial after another. I hope to see the Ewen and Elizabeth romance go somewhere. I’ve enjoyed their chemistry and it’s nice to see a hot young doctor interested in Elizabeth after being dealt so many years of unhappiness and heartbreak.

Becky is all class and seems like a thoughtful person. I, too, thought Becky would win the Emmy this year, but Nancy is just as fantastic as Alexis Davis.

Liason is full of history (since 1999!) and they deserve to have their story told. It’s a shame that Elizabeth has been reduced to pimping JaSam/Sam because they can’t stand own their own two feet.

Becky seems great but hate liz is even around jason I think it is making her take about 4 giant steps backwards for liz. She needs someone like Ewin. Jason has a wife and kid she had her chance he never went there with her. let him go.. And would have been happy if any of Gh women would have won

Jasam all the way. There is a reason liason doesn’t work and they are meant to only be friends. Sam is his soul mate and he will never truly love anyone as he does her as she does him

This interview isn’t about Jasam… but love the spin… soulmates??… yea without trust I don’t think so.

Because Jasam works so well, just look at high ratings.

What “high ratings”? You may want to recheck your information.

I don’t believe for one second that one couple will make or break a show. However, when there is a disconnect between the regime and viewers it carries over into every other aspect of the show. Because of the agenda of the previous regime, ratings suffered as well as viewer loyalty. Writing was horrendous and characters written as unrecognizable. I do not blame the years of depressing numbers totally on JaSam but they were certainly the frontburner couple year after year after year…and for me that speaks volumes.

Jasam works? Hmm. Those 1.6’s they’ve been pulling in for 3 years would say differently?

OOO!!! I like that one!


Love Becky! Met her in person! She is a wonderful person! I think it’s time for Jason to get a new love! In a normal soap a couple breaks up and ends up with new partner every year and it’s been 4 years he has been with Sam! It’s time for him to get a year with Elizabeth!! It’s so long over due! I hope TPIC reunite Liason!

I adore Becky! Such a class act. What I would love to see? A Jason and Elizabeth reunion of course. BUT I don’t want that at the extent of a sloppy rushed reunion only for Elizabeth to be used as a ‘rebound’ 2nd choice. No. Elizabeth is the woman guys go after and deserves to be chased not used as rebound. I want Jason to realize he still loves her and go after her! The man sure seemed to love that ‘accident’ kiss on the bridge a *little* too much. Just saying. 😉

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