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‘Hangman’ Adam Page Injured in Title Bout During Live TV Broadcast

Photo: AEW

A very scary and confusing incident that aired live on a special Tuesday night edition of TBS’ AEW Dynamite, had viewers aghast, and wrestling fans taking to social media with concern.

During the main event for the AEW World Title between champion, Jon Moxley and challenger, ‘Hangman’ Adam Page, the match came to a sudden and abrupt halt which was not scripted, or planned.

In the ring, Moxley hit Page with hard-hitting King Kong Lariat that sent ‘Hangman’ flipping over and landing awkwardly on his head and neck. When it was apparent that Page was not moving, the referee called for the ringside physician and stopped the bout.

It was at that point that the live television broadcast became very concerning.  The cameras did not show Page being attended to in the ring, but instead cut to the announce table where commentators: Taz, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone were trying to improvise and pivot, while clearly being stunned by what they were watching unfold in the ring.

While some fans may have thought this was initially a ‘work’, the disorganization of it all took anyone from that belief to that  something seriously happened to Page.  It was made further worrisome, when in order to get Page on a stretcher and out of the ring, they had to lower the ring ropes.

To kill, which was now almost 10 minutes of TV time left on the episode, Excalibur began to rattle off the matches for Friday night’s AEW Rampage. Then, with Hangman being medically attended to backstage, Moxley grabbed the mic and called out to the ring, MJF to end the show.  It was then viewers learned the ultimate game plan.  It will be MJF vs. Moxley at November’s Full Gear pay-per-view for the AEW World Title.

Following the show, AEW put out a statement on Adam Page’s medical condition, revealing he suffered a concussion. It read: “Hangman Adam Page was taken tonight by medical personnel to a Cincinnati trauma center and diagnosed with a concussion. He was discharged, but will remain in AEW’s concussion protocol. AEW and Hangman Page are grateful for the exemplary response and care of staff and local medical personnel, and are appreciative of the love and support of fans everywhere.”

You can watch some of the videos that captured Page’s injury shared on social media from fans who attended the live show in Cincinnati below.  Plus, what the cameras did not catch on the live broadcast.

So, what did you think of ‘Hangman’ being injured this way … and how ‘AEW Dynamite’ handled it live on the air? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


Jennifer Pepperman, Former Soap Producer & Director, Joins AEW as VP Content Development After WWE Exit

When we reported last week that former soap opera executive producer and director, and longtime WWE Senior Writer/Producer, Jennifer Pepperman exited the company after 7 years, it was a shock to many behind the scenes and those in the know within the pro wrestling and sports entertainment world.  It was noted that her departure was of her choosing and not that she was asked to leave her position.

Now comes word that Pepperman is joining rival AEW in as their VP Content Development. Jennifer will work alongside AEW President, CEP and Head of Creative, Tony Khan.

The timing of Pepperman transitioning to a new position at AEW, has fueled much speculation that one of the reason’s she is coming to the company is that she is close with Mercedes Moné (the former Sasha Banks in WWE) who is about to make her highly-anticipated debut on AEW TV in March.  It is believed Moné will debut at AEW Dynamite’s “Big Business” at the TD Garden’s in Boston on March 10th.

Photo: AEW

Moné and now Pepperman have become two of AEW’s most important acquisitions. In a statement, Tony Khan shared, “Adding Jennifer Pepperman’s brilliant mind to the AEW team opens the door for exciting new ideas and will help us build upon the incredible stories currently developing on the road to AEW Revolution across our three weekly shows on TBS and TNT, and the effects of Jennifer’s arrival in AEW will be felt for many years in the future. We’re thrilled to welcome her today, and I look forward to her creativity and collaboration with our team across the board in what will be AEW’s biggest year yet, and beyond.”

Photo: TOLN

Jennifer Pepperman’s list of soap credits is extensive, including her picking up three Emmy Awards throughout her daytime career as director of As the World Turns in 2007, as director of One Life to Live in 2014 and the Kevin Spirtas-led digital drama, After Forever in 2019. When Prospect Park finally rebooted One Life to Live online in 2013, it was Pepperman who was the series executive producer.  As of last week, Pepperman was the female who had the longest run in her position in the history of the WWE.

Congrats to Jennifer on this exiting new move and venture!

So, will you be checking out AEW Dynamite, AEW Collision and AEW Rampage a little more, or maybe for the first time, now that someone like Jen Pepperman is on-board to help develop the content for their shows? Let us know in the comment section below.

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‘Live with Kelly and Mark’ Talk with AEW’s ‘Rated-R’ Superstar Adam Copeland On Turning to Acting Amid Near Career-Ending Neck Injuries

On last Friday’s January 19th episode of the syndicated morning talk show, Live with Kelly and Mark, the former All My Children alums, welcomed professional wrestling veteran, Adam Copeland.

Having spent years in the WWE as “Edge” (from 1998-2023), Copeland is now wrestling for AEW (since October of 2023) under by his own name, but retaining his catchphrase the “Rated-R Superstar.”

During Copeland’s guest appearance mhe opened up to hosts, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, about his almost career ending double-neck fusion in 2011, and his subsequent additional fusion. Through his injuries Adam turned to acting, and landed several roles including on the SyFy series Haven as Dwight Hendrickson after producers saw him give his then ‘farewell” from WWE when he was told he might never wrestle again.

Photo: Disney

More recently, Copeland can be seen in Disney’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians in the role of Ares, a role Copeland shares that his young daughters, Lyric and Ruby, love to watch their dad in.

Coming up on the January 22nd episode of Live with Kelly and Mark, The Bachelor Joey Graziadei and Jeopardy’s Ken Jennings are the guests. And on Tuesday, January 23rd look for singer Jennifer Nettles and I Can See Your Voice host Ken Jeong.

Now below, check out these clips of Adam’s appearance with Kelly and Mark, talking on his wrestling injuries, acting, being voted the most-likely to become a WWE superstar in High School, and more.

What did you think of Adam turning to Acting amid his almost career-ending neck injuries and fusion surgery and his appearance on Live with Kelly and Mark? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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AEW Worlds End: MJF Drops World Title to Samoa Joe as Adam Cole is Revealed to be ‘The Devil’

As 2023 came to a close, AEW’s Worlds End pay-per-view from MJF’s hometown of Long Island, New York was the epicenter for the action. Before AEW’s newest and final pay-per-view of the year, MJF had written a commentary in the Player’s Tribune about his run as World Champ, AEW as a company, where he’s at which is currently suffering from several injuries and suffering from exhaustion.

Well, after Worlds End was over, MJF may get his rest. Before the main event between Samoa Joe and  AEW World Champ, MJF, began, a brilliant clip package set the stage, where several Long Island residents talk up how MJF is “their scumbag” complete with MJF scarves around their necks. Once it’s time for MJF to head to the ring, it’s clear he is taped up in his torn labrum as well as having issues with his hip and is pretty beat up.

With all that said, who should join him? His BFF Adam Cole, (who now has darker hair, a clue indeed for what’s to come) on crutches to ringside. Much of the match saw Joe beating down and controlling the tempo, and MJH firing back with short bursts of energy or moves.

Photo: AEW

When the ref got knocked out, MJF asked for his Dynamite Diamond Ring, which Adam Cole, took way too much time to find in his pocket.. Once he tossed it to Max, it was too late, as at that point, Samoa Joe locked in a near-naked choke hold.  Then, in a shocker, after the ref would check on Max, and if he could continue, he was already out, and the ref crowned Samoa Joe the new AEW World Champion.  This ending came off as very puzzling.

Next, Cole comes inside the ring to console MJF and the crowd chants “b******t” as they don’t believe Cole for a second.  The Devil’s Masked Men arrive on the scene. They are restraining both Max and Adam, with the two ‘besties” shouting and begging for the Masked Men to hit them with the chair, and not their buddy.

Photo: AEW

All of a sudden as is ‘The Devil’s’ style, the lights g out in the arena, and when they come back on, Cole is sitting on a chair looking at Max while Wardlow, Roderick Strong and The Kingdom are unmasked behind him. MJF looked devastated at how Cole could do this to him.  Next, they beatdown the now former champ and Wardlow delivers one final power bomb and lays MJF out. Worlds End come to its conclusion with Cole revealing he is The Devil holding the Devil Mask and his posse standing around and over MJF.

In the post Worlds End media scrum, AEW President, Tony Khan alluded to the the status of Mac with the company, and that Max isn’t signed to AEW at this moment, and what led him to drop the title.

Photo: AEW

Khan shared:  “MJF’s injury was absolutely a very big factor in the lead-up to Worlds End, but MJF wrestled through the injury and then had an amazing match tonight. He wrestled through a match against one of the hardest-hitting best wrestlers of all time. I believe Max is somebody who has a great heart and somebody who loves AEW, and I think everybody read that in the article in ‘The Players Tribune’.  I can’t speak to his future in 2024 here at this time, but I do think MJF has been a huge part of AEW for five years. MJF is somebody also that is welcome at AEW and wanted in AEW for life and is also a huge part of the growth of AEW and the success of the company.”

It is believed that MJF signed a new contract with AEW sometime ago, although Khan’s comments indicate otherwise, when he added, that he is was incredibly grateful for the contributions that MJF has made to AEW since coming aboard the company in 2019 and is “always welcome here for the rest of his career.”

So did AEW have MJF lose the world title, so he could go have any imminent surgeries and recover? Is Max still exploring WWE as an option? As of Sunday, MJF was no longer listed on the AEW site’s roster of wrestler, although some think its a “work.”

So, what do you think? Is MJF going to stay with AEW? What did you think about the way Samoa Joe basically won a clean victory over MJF? Was the reveal of Adam Cole as The Devil anti-climatic? Weigh-in via the comment section below.


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