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Have Daytime Dramas Become More Afraid Of Having Gay Characters On The Canvas?



Everyone has witnessed the seeming decimination of a major LGBT storyline and plot points between, Sonny (Freddie Smith), Will (originally Chandler Massey, and last played by Guy Wilson) and Paul (Christopher Sean) on NBC’s Days of our Lives. 

Prior to the show turning 50, and airing their anniversary episodes, several key plot points occurred.  Sonny left the canvas, next the legacy character of Will Horton was murdered in heinous fashion by the nectkie serial killer, and the third part of this story, Paul Narita (Sonny’s ex, and who had an affair with Will) has no present story related to a romance or new character in town to spark his interest.  Paul is, of course, going to be seen on-air in the coming months helping his father John Black (Drake Hogestyn) find out about his past.

TV Insider’s Matt Roush who does a terrific column, where he chooses question from his site readers and gives insight, spoilers, and answers them to the best of his ability was posed a question which said:Does anyone in the TV industry know or care that Days of Our Lives exterminated their iconic gay legacy character and pretty much abolished all things gay on the show, just in time to celebrate 50 years on the air? Will Horton was killed off. Talented Sean Christopher, brought on as iconic John Black’s gay son, has been on possibly five times in as many months, and Emmy winner Freddie Smith left on his own, probably after being informed his on-screen husband would be murdered and they were not interested in writing any more same sex couples. Did Days of Our Lives turn away from the gay characters due to homophobic fallout? Did they blame the ratings decline on that? I notice General Hospital has backed off the Lucas/Brad romance as well. Is daytime afraid to be gay? — David”

To which Roush replied: “To address this provocative issue, which I am assured has caused some stir within the industry, I reached out to our resident expert in all things daytime, the great Michael Logan. He informs me that Days‘ executive producer and head writer have so far declined to comment on Will’s death, or, quoting Logan, “why [they] would agree to terminate such an important and groundbreaking character. … So we are left to our own suspicions.” This surprises me, I’ll be honest, given how soaps in general tend to be more progressive and inclusive in their storytelling, especially in light of recent social trends and advancements. And when you look at what’s happening in the most popular prime-time serials, like Empire and Shonda Rhimes’ Thursday dramas, which spotlight and celebrate all manner of sexual orientations and combinations, I wouldn’t expect characters like these to be deal-breakers in daytime. So I’m as puzzled as you are, and you’re obviously not alone.”

It it is curious that daytime dramas cannot seem to take note from any of Shonda Rimes series: How to Get Away with Murder, or Grey’s Anatomy where she has gay characters, ABC’s Nashville where they continue to tell the tale of a once majorly in-the-closet country western singer’s struggles in his career and his love life (played touchingly by Chris Carmack), or Lee Daniels smash hit on Fox, Empire.  But is this just purely the case of a major part of the daytime audience tuning-out and not wanting to see two men on camera kissing and being together as a couple still in 2015?  Perhaps, as much as we think the ratings numbers are solid for these storylines, they don’t really make enough of an impact or dent for the network?  Could it be on primetime there is a more diverse and accepting audience watching in total?  It is also curious that when you speak to any experts in the field of daytime soaps, females and gay men comprise the biggest segment and demographic of the population who watch their favorite shows. Yes, we still have Lucas (Ryan Carnes), Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel), and Brad (Parry Shen) on GH, and we are going to be having a bisexual character arrive on the canvas soon on B&B, but at the moment, none of these characters are driving major story like the DAYS trio had.

Weigh-in on:  Why you think there is a lack of gay characters and major central stories for them on the canvas of the soaps in 2015 in the comment section below!

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Unfortunately the handwriting is on the wall, and yes they are backing off.

As we can see the more the LGBT community makes advances in getting equal rights the more the bigots scream and yell, causing some to reverse where they are going. In this time when we need the shows that we have supported our entire lives to send the message that all should be looked at without prejudice and hate they are running in the other direction.

and that’s whats galling in all this…

NBC / Sony / Days of OUR Lives should be celebrating… and they truly are the frontrunners…. in this lauded emmy winning storyline

wow… the show was faltering for the longest time… and Will, Sonny, Paul, and Derrick … gave this show substance… and marquee a life line… full of energy

and yes… i’ll repeat often… this story line.. shared, for our youth… a story being told… helped ease their livelihood

this story… helped people of all ages, race, sects, and whatever prevented their due… to know that family members… were being made aware… no more hiding behind closed doors… in the closet… and expanding horizon…

yeah, it’s all being redressed… again

that being said…. let’s go their

I am so glad

It’s a very sad state when Daytime starts breaking away from such potential storylines .
#Atwt made its mark with its first gay character .
Then #Oltl , followed by #Atwt for Luke & Noah
I being Proud Gay Latino am so upset that #DaysOfOurLives obliterated our favorite Gay Couple !
It’s great seeing Paul Norita still on the air .
I won’t be surprised if he’s going to turn BiSexual again soon if only to pacify the powers that be .
I hope one day the homophobia can change but truthfully I don’t see it happening .

I myself being an Online FanFic Writer , Gay Author am so ready to forge ahead with stories I am able to share with loyal readers .
Often I hear , ” Wow , your stories are better than a certain daytime show ” yes its a compliment but its sad seeing our fav Soaps shy away from LGBT Romance that in itself earns the right to be historic like any straight couple .

I like to commend those other Authors like
Ryan Brü , Max Voss , because they too are branching out and also changing the playing fields that has long kept Gays in the dark .

” We are Gay , Proud , and we aren’t going anywhere ! ”

It’s OK to be different , God Loves us all…

DOOL did this to appease its old HOMOPHOBIC fan base which is disgusting. DOOL and GH are going to loose newer fans because of this homophobic move. I loved the Wilson story line and think it belongs on DOOL. Ken Corday should step up and restore the Wilson story and stop listening to homophobic old fans that represent the minority opinion in America.

It’s not that simple, Chris.

Ken Corday is the owner of DAYS, but he has to cooperate with Sony and NBC.

Sony distributes DAYS and NBC airs DAYS.

As su0000 already posted, there are sponsors who are partly responsible too.

Ultimately, the ratings are closely watched and the previously super low ratings are what caused several changes at DAYS.

All three parties : Corday Productions, NBC, and Sony were *very* behind the introduction of a gay element to the show back in 2011. Corday Productions had been wanting to do introduce a gay character for years, and they took the opportunity when Will, a character strongly linked to the canvas by family, was of the age of becoming a man, and NBC and Sony were very supportive of Corday Productions in developing the gay storyline, and encouraged them to go for it.

And Corday Productions then produced an excellent and very human story, which led to three Emmy wins for the story’s protagonist, and garnered the show GLAAD awards too. And the show was still giving strong support in 2014, when they gave the two gay characters a gay wedding – and the show was very proud of this! The show itself won Emmy awards too in this period!

So what happened in 2015, that suddenly caused the show to become start being demeaning and destructive towards its gay characters?

No doubt they wanted to appease that part of the audience that didn’t want to see gay elements on their tv screen. But why this sudden change of heart and direction at Days, when previously the production company, the network, and the distributor were all fully behind the gay elements of the show?

Clearly, the back-burning and demeaning and destruction of the gay characters began in earnest when new Head Writers, Dena Higley and Josh Griffith took the helm. But why on earth were they given free-reign to destroy and demean the gay characters?

That is one question. And another is: will Days ‘fess up to what it’s done, and apologize to the fans it has hurt and appalled, and return to its previous good attitude of universal human solidarity?

I’m not demanding that they have must have gay characters on their soap – there are plenty of other minorities that they could help by representing, and they’ve had four good years with gay characters – for example, I would like to see people with different disabilities represented – that would be really cool. That said, personally I would totally love Will back, because he is my favorite character ever, and I really do miss him!

What is most important though, and want I most want to see, is that humanity is shown to all elements of humanity, and not, as they have just done, suddenly demean those who have minority sexualities, by treating them as weak and helpless (Will) and immoral and selfish and child-abandoning (Sonny), and inappropriately tasteless and inconsiderate (Paul), and having a gay husband treated as not part of the family by not putting him in the front row of the funeral, and having none of his relatives at the funeral (I’m not counting the ones who are blood relatives of Will!), and having gay Will’s mother more interested in her husband who died a year ago, than her just deceased GAY firstborn son.

The discrimination towards gays has just gone on and on. Bo, a sixty year old man, who’s been imprisoned and tortured and starved for years, and was about to drop dead from a brain tumour, can nevertheless heroically fight and knock people out and escape, where fit and muscular GAY Will is given no agency to fight at all and is instantly exterminated. Supporting character Paige gets far more send off and grieving and opportunity to be seen again in the imaginations of a grieving relative, as does Bo get the opportunity to be seen again in the imagination of his grieving life-partner, Hope. But not gay Will – the GAY can no longer be seen on this show, and so Will is back-burned and then stamped out and brutally obliterated and mentioned as little as the show can get away with. And the publicity for the show ignored him during the period of his murder too! Gay was suddenly unmentionable all round!

The fact is that people noticed, and we are *not* happy! This is 2015 and *all* people should be treated equally, as equally human, no matter what their sexuality is. Whoever is to blame, the people who hold the real power and responsibility – the network and the distributor – should step up and take responsibility, apologize, and set things right.

I know it is all just televisual fiction – but TV informs, educates, and set precedent – and it has a *real* effect in the real world. What is broadcast is important – and the network and the distributor should stand up and take responsibility for the demeaning messages that the show that they air has put out there. They need to stand up and do the right thing and show their support for universal human solidarity, and set things right again!

Actually the very fact that Days decided to have a gay cleanse to satisfy the gay-hating people that it wanted as an audience, and to actually brutally murder and demean it’s main gay character to satisfy them (and demean the other gay characters too), is double triple reason for television companies to put gay characters on our screens so that the world can see and accept gay people as they are – normal human beings, who are as human as everyone else, and entitled to every human right as is everyone else. And it is triple triple reason for Days themselves to bring back Will Horton, and to have the character live out his life on screen as an openly gay man for the rest of his “natural life”, with other gay characters to interact with, and henceforth ensure that all gay characters always be treated by the show as fully human and deserving of fair treatment and good story-telling as any other character.

Days and the network also need to apologize and admit error and fire and/or take creative control away from those responsible.

All these things together are essential if Days is to recover from this colossal error, and if they are to set things aright.

I would like to borrow a comment from another commentator, and say, think of it this way: “If Days had decided many of its viewers sympathized with the goals of the Klu Klux Klan, and so they devised a gruesome slaughter of Abe or Theo to celebrate their 50th – would they be allowed to stay on the air?”

I am more than with you on this one. DOOL is under threat of cancellation which I don’t think is any secret. Viewership is down. Ken Corday is trying to save the show. There was a great deal of anger from people over the marriage of Will and Sonny. Unfortunately, gay marriage is not universally accepted. For these angry people DOOL was not “espousing” traditional values of marriage so they stopped watching. Problem is that there are a lot more of these homophobic fans than you would think. And they are extremely vocal. If DOOL is going to continue the show needs, unfortunately, these old homophobic fans who have been loyal viewers of the show for decades. Do I like this reality? Not a chance.

i agree totally with you, i loved the gay story line it was a refreshing change to Days, i myself have had many gay friends and family members as well, matter of fact my granddaughter is gay, thats their preference, i dont have anything negative against gays, they are human just as you and me so i really hope that days bring them back on the show, and actually even lesbians, im looking forward to it

I would hope not! Soaps have been about life first and foremost. I get nervous when they choose to use the shows for health issue etc. I have no problem but they need to provide a link or brief professional link to more info. Soap box moment ie Sharon on Y&R has Bipolar many people have this disease and work and function normally and do what is necessary medically. I would prefer if soaps show that more than exploit people who don’t and just show them as “crazy” for s/l is not the responsible way. JMHO

Yes, yes, yes. You’d have to be blind not to see the inherent homophobic pandering that was deliberately put into the way Will’s death was handled. Ben was given more sympathy and POV, while Will was degraded in every possible way – treated like garbage. Meanwhile, the show was tweeting happy pictures of heterosexual cast members telling us all to celebrate. As has been pointed out before, Will and Sonny had no reunion and were not even allowed to be in the same scene with each other. There were no flashbacks. Will’s sexuality was barely mentioned. Sonny abandoned their daughter but not before lining up his next date while standing on Will’s grave. This wasn’t an erasure of the gay – it was a deliberate, obvious and carefully crafted political message that gays are garbage and deserve nothing but death and misery.

Chandler Massey and Guy Wilson both deserve all the credit in the world for their graceful and articulate portrayal of Will. Neither was perfect, but Mr. Wilson in particular had to deal with a bunch of bitchy and hateful trolls on top of homophobes. Both did wonderful work when it counted, and I hope they both go on to great careers.

Nice Paul, shout out to GW for running a marathon for a worthy cause last week. Kudos to him for using his time wisely. And CM for not allowing himself to get caught up in this ridiculousness with the comparing of actors, utter nonsense.i

i know what your talking about, it really pissed me off when i would read all the negative comments about Will, he was an excellent actor and played the gay character very well, as i told many of the neg people, “how would you like it if you were fired because so many people complained about every little thing good or bad you did and made very rude comments just because you are different, i have nothing at all against gays or lesbians, its their life ! bring them back on my one and only Days

I haven’t watched DOOL since they decided to degay their show in time for their 50th anniversary. I thought the whole brutal killing of Will was such a slap in the face to the LGBT community and its supporters .The only reason for Will being killed was to pacify Ma & Pa Kettle who couldn’t stand the sight of two gay men in a relationship actually raising a family. To pretend that the gay storyline was the reason for the decline in ratings is another crock of BS when you read the leaked Sony emails when one of the executives stated that it was one of the most popular storylines.I saw exactly what TPTB thought about the gay storyline, when we saw Will strangled brutally, we saw repeats of that strangulation again and again, yet no flashbacks of Sonny & Will as a happy couple. Now, when have you seen that with a straight couple whose partner has died tragically? I betcha will get plenty of flashbacks and musical montages when Bo dies.I bet even his divorced wife will be able to sit in the front row and certainly not seated in the second row like Sonny was.I also somehow doubt if Hope places puts a picture of Bo, the children, and herself at his headstone it won’t blow away.

Do you watch Y&R, lala?

Well, since my name isn’t lala, I assume that’s your attempt at humor . Also, I haven’t seen watch Y& R in a while, is that supposed to mean something to me.I know they had one gay character who was a lawyer that played a part in a horrible storyline that was a joke. I commented on that worthless storyline years ago when it happened. So, what was the point of your comment?

I’m sorry, lulu.

I wasn’t sure if you watch Y&R. I just find it somewhat hypocritical for viewers to attack DAYS for the alleged homophobic deeds, especially since showcasing GLBT, while celebrating how supreme Y&R is, which has done basically nothing for the cause.

Did you notice how Michael Fairman Soaps didn’t mention Y&R in the story? In practically every Y&R related story, Y&R is mentioned as “The number one rated soap.”

WHY WASN’T THE NUMBER ONE RATED SOAP MENTIONED IN THE ARTICLE ? Is it because they fear losing it’s number one status. Is Y&R homophobic?

Looks like Days is paying this.. thing (4ever Days) to kiss their a$$…

The fact that Days repeated Will’s strangulation over and over again is another very strong tell that they were pandering to an audience that wanted to see Will suffer, whether it was out of self-hatred or homophobia. Just watch the documentary The Celluloid Closet, they talk about how killing a gay character has been an easy way to win the goodwill of hateful audiences since the dawn of cinema. Will’s death was carefully crafted to pander to that, but it’s clear that the Days team thought we were too stupid to notice or the Will-hating trolls were the majority. I think the backlash to Will’s death shows that the majority of the audience loved Will or loved to hate him, but nearly everyone wanted to see him redeemed and happy. However, the small number of truly hateful viewers were the ones that the show decided to value and privilege. I think they signed their death warrant when they did that.

I agree that it reminds me of the way gays were depicted in earlier films (gays must be a horrible demise) and one would think that SOME progress had been achieved but really, Will’s death, Paul’s being left adrift, Derrick leaving town (or whatever happened to him) and Sonny’s departure clearly show that the writers do not want to deal with gay characters.
They have lost me as a viewer…..and probably others. True they will keep the old lady viewers happy with this same old schlock about Kayla and Patch (Yawn….) and Bo getting back with Hope (zzzzzzzz…..) but they will lose their younger demographic which was more diverse.

@Robert and lulu,

I’m not a thing. I’m a person with opinions. I’m a fan of DAYS “whom” is not paid for my fandom. And an opinion is not and can never be considered kissing a$$.

I accept DAYS decisions as long as I’m entertained and those decisions are made in an attempt to keep DAYS going.

@ 4ever, so now you’re accusing me of saying things to you that I didn’t. I never called you a thing or said you were paid for your point of view. If you want to complain about what Robert said go to it, but don’t lump his comment with mine and accuse me of posting something to you that I didn’t.

Yes Robert, looks like it…

Please knock it off no one over there is homophobic my god is that the buzz word of the day the actors left and moved on to something else. Why don’t we discuss the many years in daytime soaps with the raping and killing of women for ratings did we ever hear a peep from anyone about it. Hell no they were all made heroes so take a seat you have not even come close to what women have been put thru by men on soaps.

@ lulu

Your post is right on!! Will was brutally killed off and the gay story line ended in order to appease the old homophobic fan base. You know, the old loyal fans who have been watching Days of years. If Days is to continue to survive it needs the old loyal homophobic fans back. And what do they want? Well, they want a return to traditional marriage values; Kayla and Steve, John and Marlena, Bo and Hope, Julie and Doug etc etc. The good old days when straight marriages were celebrated and “honored”.

Older viewers, those over 49, do not count in the ratings. Older viewers cannot save Days. If Days (or any of the daytime soaps) are to survive, they need new younger viewers. Advertisers like younger viewers who aren’t already brand-loyal.

But Mary, today no longer is the same as “the good old days” when traditional marriage was honored. If the new writers at Days Of Our Lives just keep writing about John and Marlena and Bo and Hope….I mean, aren’t YOU tired of it? Obviously, you’re against having any gay characters or any real diversification to speak of.
I’m not AGAINST the older characters at all but honestly, they need to bring the show into a new direction – it was obvious that they “wrote out” or “killed off” the gay characters in favor of the same old, same old jazz between Kayla and “Patch” and Bo and Hope…..and of course the stupid albeit brief storyline of Caroline’s visions.

No, lulu, I’m not accusing you of calling me a thing. The second half of my comment was for you and the first part was for Robert, but because his comment was sent to you, I wanted to be sure you knew I was against what he was telling you. Plus, there was no reply option on his comment.

the reason tptb/tiic/writers had that picture blow away from will’s headstone was to let the viewers know that the gay storyline was indeed gone forever……………..jmo

What about Y&R…they never had a major gay storyline…why not go to them and ask why they dont have a major gay story with gays…at least Days had one for some time…we dont know whats ahead for Paul beside Johns storyline…i did believe Days did a good job and it was an interesting storyline but maybe the shows problem wasnt they were showing gays but it seemed to be its only major storyline with very little going on with the other characters…just like Nicole/Daniel/Eric back-and-forth storyline got to be too much…maybe Paul will eventually get his own story once the 50th and Johns story is done…but why is it just about gays…how about more Asians,a Native American Family ect.—these shows need more diversity…not with just gay characters but characters from all walks of life…jmho!

And YnR has been #1 rated daytime drama for years. Where was Days?

Thanks Jim, Y&R is by far the most popular soap, without gays! DAYS had a big gay wedding, and it was one of the lowest rated episodes ever! Obviously there are more viewers who don’t care about gay characters than there are viewers who REALLY WANT them. I think most women would MUCH rather see a big traditional wedding, with a BRIDE and groom, and the beautiful bride and bridesmaids’ dresses. Gay characters are a niche market, and they do NOT have to be front-and-center all the time! Most of us want to see OTHER minority groups represented, like African-Americans, which DAYS finally seems to be addressing. Not saying they shouldn’t have gays, but they don’t have to be front-burner all the time. There are other characters, like Abe, who have been languishing on the back burner for years! Give HIM a chance!

A TRADITIONAL wedding with a bride and groom!!! Are you kidding me?!? Not saying they shouldn’t have gays?!? Well Maddie, you got your wish – not only are the GAYS not on the front burner but they’ve been completely thrown off the stove! Btw, younger, more progressive viewers are the future of the soap genre – not the grays. Plus, gay men have been a large part of the soap audience for years! In today’s world it is wonderful to have a coming out storyline like Will’s – he was a role model to so many young gay men dealing with people like you! As for Y&R, I tried to watch that stale boring soap one time – I can see why the majority of it’s audience is over 70! The show is terrible!

Bennyd, the majority of Y&R’s audience may be over 70 (which I doubt), but they have more 18-49 viewers than DAYS does.

Actually, I was perfectly okay with the show depicting Will’s story primarily from the perspective of how it affected his great-grandmother, grandmothers, mother, and daughter. (Example: Will’s coming out quickly gave almost all of the screen-time to showing how it affected Sami.) Frankly, the scenes showing how to react, or what to say, in those situations were some of the warmest moments on the show, and were quite instructive to audience members who might have similar conversations with their own children/grand-children. So, if it was necessary to show Will’s story almost exclusively in a way which connected to the show’s core audience of women, I had no problem with that.

Thanks Bennyd, agreed. Since the comments are so indifferent about all things gay, well, let’s see. Who cares about Abe and Maxine who are not attention grabbers… when Lexi left the writers didn’t want to put intelligent, reliable Abe with any other aged appropriate woman who didn’t look like him and their were plenty of women at the time… let’s addressed that. Cuz I am thinking, this man would have had another wife by now and truth be told she would not have looked like Maxine (not that they put him with her, wonder why?), please. If we’re going to watch these soap operas and pretend that other representation should not be seen due to the sexuality nature, well, you shouldn’t watch then cuz these shows cater to, dare I say it, SEX. Getting back to the obvious, what does that say about Days interracial coupling (black and white) , well, nothing, cuz we didn’t want Abby loosing her virginity to Theo’s handsome uncle at the time now did we (sarcasm). Let’s break them up and have Chad be the one after all, I digress…instead let’s complain about another adorable coupling (WilSon) who reached an audiences who did CARE about what happened to them!!!! Again, cynic in me, who cares about Abe and Maxine… Days surely doesn’t so why should the audience.

I agree with others – it’s the same old, same old now – the show has become rather mediocre with it’s old soap formula routine. I don’t care now if I watch it or miss it, it’s boring with Will and Sonny and without Paul and Derrick. Maybe people think I only relate to gay characters, that is not true. I love Abby and the storyline with Ben. But this old dregdged up crap with Patch and Bo, c’mon, it’s over it’s been done.

I’m sorry I “meant” to say it’s boring to me with Will and Sonny being off the canvas and with nothing evidently being planned for Paul and the elusive Derrick, who wanted a shot with Paul but the writers never even pursued that. Instead, we have Caroline wearing the Red living room drapes having these stupid visions, and actors who should be discussing Medicare not discussing their love lives. How many MORE times can John and Marlena disagree and make up again – It’s OLD news – and Patch and Kayla, c’mon they should be discussing hip replacements.

DAYS featured with sublime energy!

sex scenes with two consenting adults

and had enough flashbacks to trigger stimuli

woah! LOL

I loved Will (s) and Sonny’ and Paul and Derrick scenes


@ Maddie

“Gay characters are a niche market, and they do NOT have to be front-and-center all the time”

What planet are you living on here! Just how long have you been watching DOOL, Young and Restless etc anyway? If you HAD BEEN PAYING ATTENTION you would know that Gay characters have ALMOST NEVER been front-and-center all the time. If you look at the history of gay characters on soaps you’ll get the idea.

It was obvious from the beginning of DAYS’ gay exodus, that it was motivated by far more than driving story. During the entire successful runs of both Will Horton’s coming out story and the Will-Sonny-Paul triangle, there was always that very vocal and belligerent minority popping up on every fan page – spewing the same hatred and venom over and over, usually cloaked in the same 2 or 3 misquoted/misinterpreted Bible verses.
It seems that this “50th Anniversary Celebration” was merely an excuse to cowtow to that minority, and decimate all the gay storylines and characters in the worst ways possible. Paul gets backburned, Derrick gets booted, Sonny gets a frontal lobotomy by the writers and does something the character would NEVER DO IN A MILLION YEARS…. abandon his daughter, not once but twice… to go run off to Europe.
But MOST significantly, the rest of the Necktie Strangler’s victims were all disposed of quickly and neatly. ONLY the homosexual Will Horton was stuffed into a GARBAGE BAG once murdered and dragged through Salem like TRASH. Given the public beliefs of the new DAYS headwriter, Dena Higley, who professes to be Christian (and like most Christians and/or Republicans, openly embraces stories of lies, adultery and murder murder murder every five seconds, but cannot fathom a world where two men can love one another)… one cannot help but wonder how much of THAT plot point was Higley’s seeming hypocritical middle finger up to former DAYS headwriters Gary Tomlin and Chris Whitesell and their multiple Emmy winning stories and characters.
Problem is, by Higley catering to this very small minority of (mostly geriatric) Bible thumping DAYS fans of OLD… soon to die off and NOT help the show’s ratings in a few years… she has alienated and discarded the hundreds of thousands of new and/or RENEWED gay, and/or gay supportive, DAYS fans who not only embraced the gay stories, but were happy to spread the word to friends and on social media that DAYS was the show to watch in the new millenium.
Sorry, but the TPTB blew it on ALL fronts. Not only killing a legacy character with biological or marital ties to EVERY family in Salem, not only chasing the WilSon fans away, not only degrading every LGBT fan of the show, not only reinstating a homophobic atmosphere reminiscent of the early 80s… but the current stories are AWFUL, Higley & Griffith’s dialogue is PLODDING, the show’s new recasts are WOODEN, the show’s new characters are UNBEARABLE, and the stories of the resurrected old bunch are RIDICULOUS.
So what’s to keep the modern soap fan who might live past 2018 to keep watching DAYS? Absolutely NOTHING! It’s gone from COMPELLING to UNWATCHABLE in the past four months!
Does it appear that the new regime at DAYS has gone homophobic? Pretty much.
SHAME to all the dozens of homosexuals still working on that show, set, and production office (you know who you are, and so do I) for not having the backbone to prevent this injustice from happening.
What worked in 1985, does not necessarily work in 2015. Just ask Shonda Rhimes or Lee Daniels…
Shame on everybody connected to DAYS right now. No matter who sings the praises of it right now, I know it is headed for DISASTER.
And deservedly so.

It was not a garbage bag!

Oh big deal, it was a large duffel bag. Will was still treated like garbage. I know you hate anyone to dare make a harsh comment about your “beloved” show but you are really ridiculous.

couldn’t reply to your comment further down, so I’ll do it here. It sure seems like most of the WilSon fans are new to the show and tuned in only to see WilSon. And PaulSon. And now that they’re gone, they want DAYS canceled! Because they couldn’t care less about the rich history of the show (a history that included a lot more than gay characters! I’m more miffed they didn’t bring back Marie Cheetham or Bill, Laura or Susan, any of the characters that were on from the very beginning! Sorry, but they were FAR more important and integral to DAYS than Will and Sonny, IMO.)

Actually Maddie Hayes, I’ve been watching since the late 70’s. So have many of my coworkers. The Will storyline just sparked a renewed interest in the show that had been lacking since we all “came of age”.
As for who is more integral? That’s dicey at best. Will Horton is related to the Hortons, the Bradys and Kate Roberts by blood, the Hernandez family thru the birth of Arianna, and the Kiriakis family by marriage. Sonny is related to the Kiriakis and Johnson families by blood, and also cousins to JJ and Abigail. You can’t get much more intergral than being connected to EVERY FAMILY IN SALEM. But by all means, continue wondering where the characters are from when I was 10 years old and thinking THAT is where TPTB dropped the ball *scratches head*

Bravo DJ!

What’s ridiculous is your hate for DAYS and the pass you and many others give Y&R for the clearly RIDICULOUS HATE it’s been snowing for years!


Well obviously the ratings disagree and people are watching…so blah! ;-P

@ 4everdays, no dear what is ridiculous is you.I did complain about Y&R when they did that horrid joke of a storyline so how is that giving that boring show a pass? Right now, we’re discussing DOOL.I know you absolutely hate anyone putting down this soap, and for some reason it offends you when anyone discusses the systematic eradication of all the gay characters on this show.

No, lulu, we’re discussing what the subject is in Michael’s story…The lack of LGBT representation on all the Soaps.

What offends me is people calling for DAYS to be canceled while eating up Y&R.

DAYS was fine without LGBT and it was fine with LGBT and is once again fine without LGBT.

If you want to push an agenda, then call for LGBT representation at Y&R. It is the number one soap which means it has a larger audience to help. Plus, if the ratings begin to fall, they can quickly wrap the storyline up like they did with the character of Phillip Chancellor. After many years of being away, Phillip came home and confessed he stayed away from Genoa City because he is gay. The storyline was quickly ended and Phillip was removed from the Y&R canvas. When Phillip’s grandmother died a couple years ago, Phillip was a no-show at her funeral…Even after his portrayer begged to be included in those episodes!

Y&R did and are still doing what they feel they must do and now DAYS has taken action.

I have gay relatives (don’t we all?), friends and employees. I’m accepting of all people, but I also know you can’t force people to watch what they don’t want to watch. Evidently, the soaps know that too.


you scared me… for a bit… till I read this post

“…DAYS was fine without LGBT and it was fine with LGBT and is once again fine without LGBT ”

Ok… I go of kilt… I readily admit that…

there’s so much passion going on… and will go on

i think it was you that posted… this story line… with Will … had a beginning a middle (lots of shared livelihood) and an ending that ( I hope ) DAYS production lost in value… LOL

I shared my life… I was raised by my grandparents ( moreso my grandma)… and being a gay man… of ole… am beside myself… that lives flew with this… lives REALized… lives reached.

so… my heart leaped… and triumphed ! ta-da… a happy person celebrated this show…. when Gramma Marlena and her grandson started trailblazing

and it was all reaching; I realize that the leading men… left on their own accord this show. period

could DAYS have not readily put forth energy to carry on…. with a recast of Sonny to lead with Paul ? or couldn’t DAYS have cast a leading man… to lead with Paul.

no stretch of the imagination… to not be able to tune in at all… and not see a life like … mine… to reach all my senses…

veteran cast ( the originals)
people of color

what’s left ?

Days / Sony / NBC ; seriously ? to egregiously leave out… a sector of humane that the core audience you want… respects readily and/or is willing to share and meet 1/2 way with likeminded common sense ; shared values for all our lives

Yes, indeed. Soaps have always had a large GLBT presence behind the scenes, and Days is no different. I understand the economic fear of quitting your job, but going out there and helping promote a show that has turned so homophobic is inexcusable whether you are gay or an ally. The hypocrisy is mind-blowing.

And yes, Grifflely’s writing is terrible. Just awful. What they did to Will and the Wilson family was the worst by far because it was political, but their new characters are terrible, what they did to Haiden fans and Daniel Cosgrove was totally dishonorable and Higley’s fetish for Rafe is outright silly. The show is on a suicide mission. I actually think Guy Wilson and Daniel Cosgrove got lucky without realizing it, because they are now off this appalling sinking ship. I also expect Billy Flynn to collapse from exhaustion because he’s the only good presence on the show, and rumors say that Kate Mansi is wisely bolting. There goes the only successful couple the show has. Bye, Days.

really nice post @Kaylie

especially… here I go again…

Kristian Alfonso.. plays to the hilt…. romance and familial. done!

she needs a leading man that is equal and on par

we all knew Peter Reckell was not hired for the duration.
killing off of Daniel Cosgrove… just nailed the ruin of Grans Jewel… Hope…

as hot as Galen Gerring is ? he is nowhere in the same arena as… Bo and Aiden… just saying… and I’d be lost without my Rafe’alicious

Billy Flynn … like your words… “DAYS, without realizing….” has gold in this actor… like they did with Daniel Cosgrove… i’m glad the core audience is going to find closure with Peter Reckell

the bubble of pheromone… is going to wane… and subside… let the chips fall where they may… ie: since August 17, 2015.. 3 months in…

I want the best for this show

I do think the new writers consciously decided to be as nasty to the gay audience as they could but also fancy themselves daytime’s answer to George RR Martin without any of his talent and even he goes overboard with the killing and darkness. The are just pulling one cheap asinine stunt after another including the retconning of Aiden. There are tons of new characters arriving that will suck and nobody is excited for sleepy Rafe to be with Hope. Will’s death was the worst thing but the whole show is cheap, mean and depressing. I think Corday must want it canceled.

Yes! DJ. You are right on all points. Prime time shows that have gay storylines are enjoying great ratings and streaming shows that do are drawing thousands of subscribers to their services. Yet, Days decided to exterminate Will and destroy the Wilson family until with gleeful malice – you could feel the hatred that the writers and director had for Will and Sonny in every single moment. They chose to pander to an outmoded demographic and destroyed themselves in the process.

I even heard Greg Meng responded by calling the backlash “heartwarming” – showing just how tone deaf and completely stupid everyone involved in this show is.

Mad respect to Guy Wilson for skipping the Days50th party and running a Marathon to raise lots of money for APLA, and I love the actors who have been totally silent about the new regime. As for the ones who told us how great it was going to be, well they have lost my respect. I know they can’t speak out because Corday is a vindictive ass. I understand that Eric will leave the canvas after running over the sainted Daniel with his car – reportedly because Vaughn dared to criticize his story. So, I know the actors can’t say anything, but they are not required to praise this garbage. The ones who have had lost my respect.

Wow this thread is interesting and holds merit. I can wait to see how this plays out. On and off screen. I believe Kate mansion is leaving as well and and the new teens are horrid. Nothing like the shawn/belle/chloe/Phillips days of yore. Something is fishy in the water at days but the truth will come out soon enough.

I have a friend in the industry who didn’t even know Days was still on when I told him about Will’s death, but he knows about Youthful Daze because everyone is thinking that the streaming model is the future for the soap opera/serial drama genre and wants in on the action. Most online serials have an integrated gay storyline because there’s still a dearth of positive – i.e. not dead – gay characters in mainstream media and glbtq and ally audiences are loyal and will promote the show via social media. With its long history and loyal fanbase, Days could have survived being axed by NBC if it cultivated an online strategy but by alienating Will and Wilson fans it made doing that much harder if not impossible.


Dena Higley is not the only person responsible for this destruction of the gay story line and the brutal death of Will. It could not have happened without Ken Corday’s permission and consent.

I agreed with everything you said… they treated the gays on the show as trash…and therefore their gay audience as well..

In the industry there is conversation about how women are not paid enough or considered for roles enough. The African American population complain that their actors and actresses are not considered for roles because of a hidden bias or prejudice. Latins are not represented very well either. Then we have the Asian community who always painted with the same strokes when written about in any show story line. Then we come to the LGBTQ community. We are always used as a stunt. A ratings grabber. A sweeps audience grabber. Let’s have a transgender character on B&B cause it’s “cool” and trending on Twitter. Or let’s start a gay love story that will culminate with a wedding and an ill conceived child in the mix. Gays have no morals so let’s make them cheat after they get everything. And then finally let’s punish them for it all by killing the main character off. That will teach those homos for being such horrible human beings. The message conveyed by daytime television, as far as gay characters are concerned is that, they can get some representation but only in the construct of how the heterosexual community deems acceptable. When it becomes too scary just get rid of the story and all the characters. Never speak of the abominations again. The reason that a gay character never works in daytime is because they are not written as a part of society, they are written as the circus side show freaks that every one has to make “normal”. When Will Horton was created they made him experience the shame and fear of being gay. Then he fell for Sonny and it was still wrong. So then Will in a moment of “weakness” sleeps with Gabi (cause all gays really want to sleep with a woman cause it’s the “right” thing to do) and gets her pregnant. Finally to satisfy the naysayers in middle America they force a young couple into marriage. Not only marriage but parenthood too because God forbid a gay character actually be happy as a single person. Of course to be realistic to people they have to show a married couple in their intimate moments. Which feeds the fears of the homophobes who cry out, “i don’t want to see that stuff shoved down my throat” and then the sponsors get nervous. They don’t talk at all about the couples who are unmarried getting laid all over the screens. How many straight couples are shown in bed day in and day out in daytime without the “tool” of marriage. After all, it’s okay to be promiscuous if you are straight, men will be men and women well they have to find their future mates somehow. The sponsors aren’t nervous when they promote easy, commitment free sex with straight couples but don’t let those homos have that kind of fun cause it’s wrong. Here is the problem: the Gay community is a living breathing part of society. We get up in the morning and get dressed for work. We drive our cars and pay our bills and vote and want the same things every one else wants. We root for the underdogs. We cheer for the righteous. We cry when people are unjustly punished or tortured. We watch TV and want to see us represented as any other group is. Making a certain group of people fit into the same mold doesn’t work. The Black community have different struggles. Racial inequality, financial hurdles and possibly some lifestyle issues to overcome and yet we don’t tell the African American community that if they don’t behave we will revert to the mistakes of the past in our nation’s history. Same goes for other racial groups struggling for acceptance and representation. We all want the same things. Stop punishing a certain group of people for a minor part of their lives – who they love. All My Children had Erica Kane’s daughter come out as gay but before they left the air she was banging every dude possible. Because the message is that no gay person is happy being gay they are just looking for that one straight person to turn them around. This bias has been happening for years. As The World Turns had a gay character long before Luke and Noah. His name was Hank and he worked for Barbra. When he started they discussed his being gay but never showed or portrayed it. Soon enough just the word gay was too much and As The World Turns ended the run of Hank. This teaches every one that if you complain loud enough that you can get rid of something you don’t understand or accept. We need to, as a society, stop putting things that might be uncomfortable back in a box. We need to deal with it head on. Daytime TV does it with every other social matter around. Rape, Incest, racism, poverty, education, and the others so why is the topic of anything “gay” so scary? My hope is that one soap, I don’t care which one, will choose to place some gay characters in the scenery and portray them as everyday citizens. Will they mess around? Yes because every one else messes around. Will they experience loss and love and financial ruin? Yes because we as humans face that every day regardless of our orientation. It’s time for soaps to stop running scared of the bigots and narrow minded souls and stand up and say……thanks for being a part of our world now let’s show every one else that being gay means nothing other than loving a person of the same gender. Stop using gays as “plot devices” and make them humans. I think it’s time….

Mateo, I couldn’t agree more. Will, Sonny & Paul were not really characters to me. They were iconic SYMBOLS. And every time they were on, it was a “teachable moment”. That wedding, with all the speeches about how historic it was .. gmab, would that happen at a REAL gay wedding? They’re not the first gay couple ever to get married, stop acting like they are. I do not like being preached to, I want to be entertained. GH brought in its gay characters with no preaching. They were just there, like everybody else. They didn’t hammer the audience over the head with what we’re supposed to think about them. That’s the way it is done in primetime, and that’s why they get away with it.

I think your right, vmaddiehayes.

The Will and Sonny storyline brought in more viewers, but the preaching slowly drove longtime viewers away. Also, it didn’t help that many of the Wilson only fans were constantly stating that Will and Sonny were the only good thing about DAYS. That made the show focus more on Wilson while destroying several other characters.

The paranoid (afraid they would lose LGBT) fans talked too much smack against other aspects of DAYS in an attempt to hold on, but it backfired!

You’re name is really Kim Davis, right? I think somebody needs to preach to you! Btw, Brad and Lucas are hardly ever on GH and I assume that’s the way you like the gays! You say just enough to not come across as homophobic but, anybody can see that you are clearly uncomfortable. Maybe you need to revert back to 50’s TV programming.

I LOVED the sl and not because DOOL preached it to me and no I didn’t see them as “SYMBOLS’. I believe those who loved the sl would agree with that because they were very much character’s like any other, with problems, such as, marriages woes, parenting etc. stuff other characters had portrayed. I beg to differ, WilSon being front and center. That said, let’s face it, this is where I agree with you regarding Abe and Maxine with no story at all. IMO, they were and are not attention grabbers is the reason for this. It’s like whenever they appeared they seemed to be here comes a teachable moment stance, again my opinion. You get a sense the reason they are their with no life outside their work is only to prop up other characters.

BennyD, 50s TV programming would be preferable to an “afterschool special” which is what DAYS became with its “hit you over the head with it” gay story. Only gays or liberals could love it. Oh, here comes another dayplayer “bigot” to make nasty comments and get shot down by good old Uncle Vic! It was SO predictable, I could see from the very beginning that Sonny & Will were going to have a storybook romance, neither would cheat, Will would never have sex with any other man but Sonny, they’d get married, somehow they’d get a baby, and have a perfect family! They were there to set an EXAMPLE for all gays, and I believe that’s the way DAYS intended to play it. Until they realized their lauded gay couple had nothing to do now. So they brought in Paul. I will never understand why DAYS decided to ruin their “shining example” the way they did. That didn’t make anyone happy.

“…I think your right, vmaddiehayes.

The Will and Sonny storyline brought in more viewers, but the preaching slowly drove longtime viewers away ”

LOL… 2 consenting adults having sex… with many a flashback to relish did this

all the preaching fired was from what once was… the moral majority who’s values are not readily mined


MaddieHayes said “Will, Sonny & Paul were not really characters to me. They were iconic SYMBOLS. And every time they were on, it was a ‘teachable moment'”.

Not characters! Hah! You are being hilariously ridiculous! Will was one of the best and richest characters in television, and his drama was heartfelt and real and tumultuous. (The writing for Will did deteriorate and the end of Tomsell’s run, but overall – Will has been one of the richest characters out there on television!).

As for “teachable moment” good grief, really? Well, I guess it is a good thing that people learn from a character’s stories – it’s a hallmark of worthwhile stories! Myself, I was caught up in the drama, and routing for Will to succeed – to be a good brother and to help his siblings – to sort out his issues with his mum – to resolve his issues with his sexuality – to escape from the clutches of EJ and Stefano – to stop Gabi from aborting their baby – to save his baby being stolen by Nick – to save his Mum from prison – to find happiness with the man he loved – to not get himself put in jail to in a misguided attempt to save his husband – to do good with his writings and not just cause trouble (!) – and to help Paul, but not get caught in his web!

So much awesome drama – but these people are to you, in your own words, MaddieHayes, not characters but “symbols”. Hah! Hah! Hah!

The wedding was beautiful, and showed respect to all of Will’s life on the show, and the speeches were touching, funny, and moving. Caroline speech was a wonderful conjunction of drama – is she having an embarrassing episode of dementia? – capped with a beautiful shout of acceptance to her great grandson and the love of his life. And you, MaddieHayes, just experience this as being “preached to”? Hah!!! Hah!!!! Hah!!!!!

@ Matteo

DOOL is one step away from cancellation. So how do Ken Corday and other react? Instead of reaching out to a new demographic the producers decided to cater to the homophobic fans in middle America who have been watching the show for decades. After all, this old homophobic fan base has been completely loyal to the show; flooding NBC with phone calls, emails and letters. The loudest voices are those that are heard the most. And no group has been more vocal in their attacks against what they perceive as a “threat to the sanctity” of “traditional” Christian marriage than these homophobes. And for these homophobes traditional marriage means between, and only between, a man and woman. No others need apply. The Government may “force gay marriage” on these “defenders” of traditional marriage but by God DOOL will not be allowed to do the same. “We the defenders of traditional Christian values will make sure that only straight marriages will be seen as acceptable”. Which is something I find hilarious. Many these same stalwart defenders of all that is traditional Christian values are hypocrites. It’s okay to get divorced several times over and have affairs outside of marriage so long as it all takes place between a man and a woman. Will and Sonny were both seen as threats to the homophobic perception of marriage so the two had to go. But one of them had to be severely punished for his “sins” in the Biblical sense. How else is the message that to be gay is wrong to get out.

It’s 2015. If soaps want to survive they need to modernize story lines while still hanging on to what made the soaps so great during their prime. Gay characters should be included. Tie them to a soap’s classic characters and give them romance and let them drive story just like anyone else. It is appalling that Lucas and Brad’s story takes place off screen and they disappear for weeks at a time. Felix is in a happy relationship yet we’ve not ever seen Donny once. It’s also ridiculous that after all these decades YR has never had a gay or transgender contract role. It’s not hurt GA, HTGAWM, or Empire. They’re enormously popular.

I think the greatest travesty here is that the fans are taking advantage on by the networks or the producers.

When Days was hitting lows in their ratings, they used the gay storyline was re-booted to encourage progressive viewers amidst a progressing societal and political evolutions of gay marriage and equality.

They highly publicize their marriage and coming storyline in a variety of platforms and media, billing themselves as the first daytime marriage, first daytime actor on contract to play a gay character. All in all in attempts to woo the equality crowd with positive messaging behind. They gained accolades and support from media watchdog organizations such as GLAAD, advocate and also other pro-LGBT media platforms.

The entire scrubbing of the gay storyline and their refusal to return their GLAAD awards and the silence behind the media watchdog organizations like GLAAD stunted whatever progression these media watchdogs claim to support. The entire muzzle craning on all the progressive viewers and the subsequently murder of Will Horton entirely dehumanizes the LGBT that they can be taken for granted. To the networks, LGBT viewers are not a potential viewer block despite the LGBT viewers provided the platform behind the renewal of Days, netted them 4 Emmys and other accolades.

We are being raped and discriminated and the eerie silence behind this entire fiasco is slowly but surely draining us, silencing us and shutting us up

As always, Love your post and the ones on the FB forums … could not agree more. Cruelty I might add, by using this community and then pandered to those who are indifference as if Gay people don’t exist.. I wonder what would happen if they did that to other historical minorities would the same indifference applied, Hell NO. Didn’t this very thing happened a few years back on primetime TV when neither network produced a show with African American in them, trust to know it was a big to do… Bc this country didn’t stand for it and rightly so! So why would we as a country want to cater to this now… when hate wins this can not be good for anyone involved..

“…We are being raped and discriminated and the eerie silence behind this entire fiasco is slowly but surely draining us, silencing us and shutting us up ”

the eerie silence ; must be the moral majority… (LOL) seems old skool and declasse’ and every bit a bite of aggrandizement… and just pissed off that TPTB of this fine production… would steer this show mindless

with regard to; gay characters on the canvas; this was without doubt, a celebrated big part of the show that forayed in to the 21st century… and was reaching a new audience.. we certainly weren’t getting that from the core audience of ole

this is a step back.. but in now way… will I address it ;

“…this entire fiasco is slowly but surely draining us, silencing us and shutting us up”

to put the light out on a people that live with… in this genre… is minimal… because this medium is much larger than …. what’s going on .. with this low rated last place show

it smarts… i will remain dogged and reach…

NBC / Sony / Days of OUR Lives… this cohesive brand is lacking and puzzling that a spiral is occuring and what’s left is dreams of the past

I completely agree! I feel very used by this show, that I supported and told my friends – gay and straight – was special and willing to stand up to bullies and homophobic audiences – and to be fair happily court the lucrative glbt audience.

Then, they turned cowardly and hateful. I’m embarrassed that I recommended the show, but I will say that the previous writers were not homophobic. They dared to try and give Will and Sonny and Paul a classic soap story – where Will was allowed to be less than perfect and he drove the action and held the screen – I guess that was too much for some people.

The silence from the network is deafening, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see heads rolling once the 50th is a memory.

I say Joey and paul get together. What a hot pair they would be!

And Y&R missed out not having Kevin and Harding together. I would have tuned back in to Y&R if they had done that/

Yes Adam I agree with you, Joey and Paul would be hot together. I might have to come to Days and romance Joey LOL. He is a cutie.

No doubt! Sexy boy Joey is!

Harding most definitely needs to be cast on DOOL. what a dreamboat if ever there was any

Joey and Paul would trigger…

I can’t wait for Vincent Irizzary to start!

the need a strong hot leading man to DiMera! I still say it should be Ted King

It is such a shame the way Days turned on its gay and ally audience with such malice. The gay audience has always been so supportive, why Days would spit in their faces and embrace the Kim Davis audience which is dying off. Last Winter, the Will, Sonny, Paul triangle was the best thing going and they obliterated it to pander to a dying off demographic. It wasn’t just Will’s horrific death but the elimination of gay fatherhood – and Will’s onscreen love of his daughter was very special – that was truly offensive and awful. I feel bad for the actors involved because they had no choice but I hope the writers and producers involved are fired.

One need only to look at the hateful, homophobic “fans” populating this thread with lies – the Wilson wedding represented a huge ratings high for the show and was named the third best moment in Days history by Yahoo!Television, to see who Days was pandering to with Will’s gruesome and hateful death.

Other posters have pointed out how obvious and un-subtle the show was in their brutal elimination of Will and the Wilson family unit. We get it, and the cheering homophobes are exhibit A for why they did it. I have the utmost respect for Guy Wilson for raising over 100,000 for AIDS research in the aftermath of what was done to his character and the storyline that meant so much to so many.

GLAAD doesn’t give awards shows because its easy to portray gay people as human. They do it because even in 2015, Gay people face discrimination, hatred and the threat of death just because of their sexuality. There are countries where it remains illegal to be gay and legal to kill gay people, and there are American churches and organizations that support this with money.

But moreover, erasing the gay storyline is a bad business decision. Everyone in the industry agrees that the future of serialized drama is online. Days will likely be canceled no matter what, especially now that it basically destroyed NBC’s efforts to get its overall GLAAD rating up, and Days could have taken the lessons learned from the OLTL/AMC fiasco and developed an online presence. However, GLBTQ stories are a driving force in making AmazonPrime and Netflix successful and to alienate the show’s potential savior audience was shortsighted and desperate. Days was renewed in part because of the goodwill and awards Will and Will and Sonny’s story earned the show.

Overall, it was an awful thing to do. With all the bad press, it wouldn’t shock me if they undid Will’s death before long, but it is too late. They can’t unsend the messages that they sent.

The Wilson wedding did not represent a “huge ratings high”. Look it up at Soap Opera Network, March 31-April 4. Monday 1.8, Tuesday 1.9, Wednesday 1.9, Thursday (the actual day of the wedding) 1.7, Friday 1.7. It did not “trend” on Twitter, either, despite a valiant attempt by Wilson fans. A wedding most fans were really excited about would definitely have trended and gotten big ratings.

I’ve been upset about GLAAD’s silence on Will’s death and the outright destruction of the gay family. It’s pretty clear now that Days sent Guy Wilson, Freddie Smith and Christopher Sean to pick up a GLAAD award for best Daytime Show as they were planning to turn on the gay and ally audience in the most grotesque way possible.

Now, there are rumors that Ben will be redeemed, when Will was apparently written into a corner and the audience wanted to see him die. That sad part is, I’m sure a good chunk of the gay-hating audience wanted Will’s death and took great pleasure in it. I just find it horrific and inexcusable that the show decided that hateful audiences were more important than loving ones.

I particularly liked that Will and Sonny and Paul were given a straight up soapy triangle, and it was the best storyline last winter. It was high drama, and it would have been a great payoff to see Will earn back the love of Sonny after his many mistakes.

But again, Ben will perhaps find redemption. This doesn’t surprise me – because Days clearly values the audience that wants to see feminine men and bad women killed and finds the straight men who do that sexy. It’s truly nauseating. Days used to portray rapists, serial killers, misogynists and homophobes as bad guys. Now they are the audience favorites.

I actually hope that the writers, producers and directors of the episodes surrounding Will’s death are blackballed from the industry for all their unsubtle homophobia. I know they can’t fire Corday, but they can cancel the show. They should.

I do thank Guy Wilson, Freddie Smith, Christopher Sean and Chandler Massey for all the great work they did. It’s not their fault what the show did, and I wish them all well.

Just because you say so, they should cancel the show? LOL!

They aren’t going to cancel a show that many have loved for, 10,20,30,40 and 50 years just because a storyline was dropped. They cancel shows with no improvement in ratings. DAYS has made significant gains in the ratings.

I’m ready for the next 50 years of DAYS!!!!!

Agreed… Lulu & DJ.. What in hell does Y & the who cares have to do with the current discussion which is the killing of William Robert Horton, a legacy character who, yeah, happened to be a gay married father.. You might think you are clever by referring to an irrelevant topic but most if not all have caught on because the real deal is and I repeat the stupidity and hideous homophobic act DOOL committed by killing off Will. Scandalous on their part…

Ken Corday, Greg Meny, Dena Higley, and Josh Griffiths have to be clueless or stupid. To think killing Will Horton was just a soap plot! Will Horton was a iconic gay double legacy character born on screen! His character was always integral to plot lines. For a show with so many BORING male characters, Eric, Brady, Rafe, Daniel, Ben, Justin, Lucas, John, and yes even Paul. They kill the most interesting male lead for a few days of drama – that was the only point for killing him. Which makes me think the only reason it was done was because he was gay and not redeemable! But, look at all the heterosexual characters that can be redeemed. Plus, the worst is that it looks like Will’s killer is going to end up being redeemed. I’m sure that Chad and SLUT Abigail’s TRADITIONAL wedding will be happening soon and I’m sure she will wear white (lol)! I hate this show and will NEVER watch again! I hope it’s cancelled soon!

Okay Bennyd, if Chad and Abby’s wedding gets 1.7 or less, like Wilson’s did, we’ll talk.

So the hell what… boy I guess since the country pried itself on prejudice and ignorance and in doing so therefore it is okay, not. And if we want to continue that logic what the hell we needed civil rights for.. bc I can think of the many minority that was thought upon in this fashion to be not seen is good enough as though individual doesn’t exist … thankfully those of us who continue to fight for equal treatment for ALL.

Too bad you favor ratings over quality.

@ M M


“…thankfully those of us who continue to fight for equal treatment for ALL. ”

I don’t mind repeating myself…. to the fans of this show who helped support the LGBT and never saw anything more than humane treatment

my heart was full
my mind was captured
my soul was flying

with these three things still intact… w/body… will I carry on the fight for and support equality in its entirety

I dont think so. The old guard who has watched soaps for 30-40 years, maybe from them because it wasnt EVER even spoke of let alone on TV but today’s soap fans understand whether they agree with gay relationships or not, gays are out, proud and excelling in all facets of life. It is more and more acceptable. Give me a good story, PERIOD! The rest doesnt matter to me.

I agree, Timmm..
If the stories are good then the soap is good no matter the characters genders,.
As far as I recall Y&R has never had a gay couple, has it? if so it was fleeting..
Also, I noticed the soap gay couples have been male, not female.

Hard to believe some people still segregate people..

Adam kissed Rafe on Y&R but he was in a world of trouble and Adam was only trying to get Rafe to keep quiet about his shenanigans and not looking to sleep with him or any other guy. Your right, I dont recall lesbianism on soaps yet. Maybe Abby will change that when her heart is broken once again!

Timm, on AMC, Erica Kane’s daughter, Bianca, was in a front-burner story for her coming out as a lesbian and later even married her girlfriend. It was a huge deal. Y&R also flirted with a lesbian storyline years ago but it didn’t really go anywhere. Oh, and Adam and Rafe did more than kiss… they did the deed. It was a CRAZY storyline.

amc had a lesbian wedding – bianca montgomery, the daughter of the infamous eric kane, was married in 2009 to reese williams………….

Short answer? Yes, Will’s death was homophobic all around, as was Sonny’s exit. He abandoned his daughter and was making eyes at Paul while standing on Will’s grave – just to make extra sure we know what gays are really like. In a way, the new homophobic writers killed Sonny more than they killed Will with that message. The real Will would have fought back, the real Sonny would have wanted to know who killed Will and never would have walked out on his daughter.

I can’t even believe with all this backlash, Glaad, NBC and the show have been silent. I’m sure the actors have all been told they will be fired or otherwise punished if they dare speak out. It would not shock me if sooner, rather than later, Will returned from the dead and everyone batted their eyelashes and said “we meant to do that” but we all saw how they constructed Will’s death and the assumption that the audience would take pleasure in it. Corday, Higley, Griffith and Meng can all go straight to you know where.

Special thanks to Chandler Massey, Guy Wilson, Freddie Smith and Christopher Sean for the fine work they did. Sorry it had to end this way.

As a gay man that has watched Days for almost 39 years the Will and Sonny story line was the best gay story line on TV watching Will ( then Chandler come out on the air we felt his pain and saw him transition from a confused young man to a very confident gay man. And there in the back ground was his Gay friend Sonny K. (Freddie Smith not that matters anymore my nephew) Too those two grow as men and gay men particularly. and the Wedding which at the seem a bit forced but it was the most beautiful wedding on day time with ( Guy Wilson as Will Horton Freddie Smith as Sonny Kirakus) Days dedicated 4 days for that wedding wow I was the happiest man on earth my long time soap was tackling the Gay story line and did a beautiful job at it and made Sonny and Will just any other couple on day time but . It maybe just my suspicious nature but to kill off Will seems just too much why do Gays end up in death? why? did Days do this ? I think they really wanted to straighten up days the ratings were down so natural they would blame it on the Gay story line. Would it be better if Will had gone to Europe with Sonny they would live happily ever after.. or at least for a while.

Felix, Brad and Lucas were front and center on GH and I LOVE Felix. Then when Sabrina’s marriage to Patrick was stopped by Robin showing up, the gay characters just DISAPPEARED from #GH. Felix was one of the favorite characters based on GH message boards, but I think he suddenly disappeared from the screen for five or more months. At the same time, GH hinted at this big mystery with Lucas, Brad and Rosalie and then “poof”, the story was never mentioned again.

VERY obvious that someone higher up either caved to the haters, or is a hater themselves and all but made the characters disappear. And in the process made GH so boring that I now FF through half of each episode.

I am a fans who has watched 31 yrs non stop. I changed my view of the gay story because of how well written and acted the coming out story was for Will Horton. I fell in love with Will and Sonny and loved watching them. From being friends to lovers to being fathers to being husbands. I loved both version Chandler and Guy. Each had their own spin and how Will was. I blame the writers and Corday and I am ashamed with how they ended this beautify story. I am not talking about the killing of Will. Which I still see no point in him dying. Him dying does not change anything about anyone else’s story. His death should have meant something. He should have at least died a hero being a core character. Horton/Brady. Instead Will was the only one:
1. Is the only one who did not really fight back during the killing
2 the only one stuffed in a bag after his death
3 The only one who’s husband sat on the 2nd row
4 Who’s mommy was in front crying and 2 second later went to find her dead husband.
5 Sonny at Will’s grave and Paul comes to find Sonny and hugs him on Will’s grave and Sonny seems to be saying please wait for me Paul. With I hope everything is the same when I return that Sonny said.
6 The family picture flying off the grave stone. To me was a screw u Will and Will/Sonny fans he dead and we r glad. Sign Corday and writers.
To me my biggest issue was the lack of respect the storyline and the fans received. Getting rid of the gay story is wrong in my opinion. Even if they were going to get rid of the story do it with respect. But as a long term fan my biggest problem which has caused me to lose all respect for Corday and the show is the disrespect they showed them at the end. After all of the awards and they still act like the Wedding was so important for them. This show will never be the same to me. And I see it ending next year.

Yes! People who defend Days and say well Serena and Paige died too forget that those two minor and not very popular non-legacy characters received more respect in the grieving and sensitivity in their deaths. Will, a born on screen legacy character that was beloved and important to a group that is targeted by hate, was treated with hatred and malice in every way. His family was treated with disgust and the message was clear: gay men are garbage and their families are not real.

Yes. You’ve articulated the “special” treatment Will, Sonny and the Wilson family got at the end. It was contemptuous from start to finish, and they didn’t even try to hide it. Minor, unpopular characters like Serena and Paige were given more sensitivity and care and grief.

Will’s death? It was hatched by truly morally bankrupt people to tell gay people they are worthless and their families false.

“…This show will never be the same to me. ”

I really am glad that posts state as much… that ; EVEN ; with DAYS retooling , behind the scenes, and nu Writing TEAM…

that fans of this show… are speaking out; about the ill sucker punch to the gut… the renewed interest is exactly what they wanted… all the gitzy glamour returns of supercoupledom… and the cleaning house of actors who stole the show.. but were not in the DAYS production value; (Eve, Aiden, Clyde, even Ben, Sonny and Paul)

I jumped on the badwagon… blindly watched as my heart of ole recalled the days of old

and now that it’s near the end of days cleaning house… and we are now bearing witness to just what the nuHEAD writing TEAM will do… is suspect

first and foremost… the teen scene… SORAS… Cierra Alice… can go backburner… how dissapointing

I’m certain I read somewhere that Chase is not here for the log haul

I DO like Theo and Joey… I really hope for the best in Shawn D. and Belle daughter… Claire … to bring out the best in Theo and Joey

I’m just not anticipating any appeal for JPL as the nuPhillip…
with the recasts returning… ie: Martha Madison and Brandon Beemer… which I never liked either or ( I really want to give Martha Madison a chance.. as I think she’s aged lovely)… I am sorry Matt Cook didn’t get any opportunity to act at all… that hug between him and Hope at the Brady pub… looks like that’s all their was

will Eric run over and kill Daniel ? YES …. LOL… this is what ruined DAYS…

Eric, Daniel, Brady, Jennifer, and Nicole… OVERKILL…. this is what sank DAYS

“not” Will and Sonny… and Paul w/Derrick

when Chandler Massey exited that fast… and no care or time was taken in recasting Will… they hurriedly cast Guy Wilson… and it went downhill

with Bo leaving… and the questionable pairing of Hope and Rafe ?!?! heck yeah… that’s a problem

DAYS must now rely heavily …. on STeve and Kayla
DAYS must now rely heavily… on Billy Flynn

KEN CORDAY is also a big part of the spiral, fallout, and the ruination… of all that is; his mother and father legacy

DAYS is a treat

deservedly so…

Ken Corday stated in SOD…

that within 3 months… DAYS will be an entirely different and New show

not verbatim… but near

August 17, 2015 – November 18, 2015

I give you : “Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.”

I totally agree with you Angela. It was a sad ending to a beautiful life and also the story of Will & Sonny. So senseless and degrading IMO. For what purpose? Horror? Drama? Ratings? No it was because of hate on the side of the showrunners (Greg Meng & Ken Corday) and writers (Dena Higley and Josh Griffith).

Yes agreed, Kay

Days should be ashamed, particularly with openly gay executives and writers (Meng, Draughon, Quan) on the staff. This decision came from Corday and/or NBC/Sony. I don’t believe Josh Griffith would have initiated this story. And, well, Dena Higley, I think she was very comfortable getting rid of the gays! She’s a bible thumping Christian who quotes scripture and God on her twitter left and right. Shame, shame, shame. I think we’ll see a gay story on GH with Lucas but Carlivati’s gay themes were not enjoyable to watch. The Bell soaps are still embodied by those old school Hollywood norms i.e. the gays can be designers, hair dressers and your confidant behind the scenes, but they have no place in front of the camera. The Bells have a shameful history, particularly when they had an obese, depressed straight woman try to french kiss a rich, alcoholic straight woman. And when the ratings dropped a point, they said: “see, no one wants to see a gay story.” No, no, no: no one wants to see a Republican version of a twisted story about two messed up straight women tonguing each other.

Sure made me stop watching DOOL after many years. Good riddance to that whole lot of hateful homophobes…….and that includes all the actors and actresses I used to admire and respect who are only showing their shiny faces and glorifying Days’ 50 anniversary. Shame on the whole lot of them: actors, writers, producers. If you can’t stand up for what’s right you should hang your head in shame. I have better things to do with my time. Remember, “love wins” not silence and hatred.

Yes, yes, yes! Shame on the whole lot of them. They are not stupid, and they decided to try and save their own skins instead of doing what was right. Rich storytelling my ass. This show is now only about pure, unadulterated sexism and homophobia – and after the small ratings boost they have gotten from the publicity, I expect it will choke on its own puerile pandering.

There is no question in my mind whatsoever that the “new writing team” at Days of Our Lives have shied away from any of the gay character storylines, which is what attracted me, a gay male and soap fan, to watch the show. Now, to be honest, without Sonny, Will, Derrick, and Paul battling it out and bringing the show into the 21st century and being very innovative, it’s the same old crap about Bo is back (who cares REALLY) and of course he has soap opera disease so he is dying. They have Patch trying to reach out to his estranged wife and rebellious teen son…..zzzzzz…..I’m sorry but to be honest, Yes, I still watch the show but it’s a snooze fest to me. The summer stories were so different but now, honestly, it’s the same old same old soap plotlines. After this jazz dies down about the 50th anniversary (which has been boring) THEN what?? Now, please, I don’t want to offend old lady viewers who probably don’t want to see young guys struggling to make their relationships work, but gay people are a part of everyday life just as their straight counterparts are. They are focusing on the “grown up” Ciarra (who is just awful by the way) and the “grown up” son of Aiden (who is also nothing to brag about acting wise) and right now, to me the show is just a standard boring soap, Nicole and Daniel (snooze) and Brady getting taken in by Theresa for the umpteenth time —gee whiz it was better in July and August it’s kind of dullsville now.

I didn’t see the big deal about it.

Some people stay in the past, no gays in tv, perhaps??
the Encyclopaedia Britannica have not been used in book form for a very long time. Many now gen have never held/seen an Encyclopaedia Britannica.
Cassette players /Walkmans are near antiques..
Just saying;
Growing Pains
Knight Rider
3’s Company
Who’s the Boss?
Full House
Miami Vice
The Love Boat
Married… With Children
Designing Women
(all ^^^ via google)

Well, the world has greatly changed.. there are common things beginning used daily that weren’t even imagined back then–iPhones, apps, tablets, interactive internet, cars you talk to to do whatever and windows 3.1 long gone..
The soaps remain back in the 20th century, not much change, that is factual in comparison to tv, cable, movies of now, it’s like a different plant to the now generation that have never seen or used a dial phone.
they are what/who the soaps desperately need.

And that is the problem for the soaps getting new viewers of the coveted demo ages.
What could possibly entice anyone from the now gen on their iphones cruising the net to watch a soap called ”General Hospital or Days of Our Lives.. the titles alone are a wtf deterrent.
I think soaps need to modernize their titles.
The Young & The Restless has a more alluring title..

So, gays on TV. movies etc etc was simply another step into the 21st century and is everyday commonplace now, but not on the soaps they have mostly remained the same since the 80’s….
If there is nothing new and exciting in the 21st century soaps to entice the now gen to tune in, the soaps are dead.
I’m straight–And I highly doubt it will be gay characters used to lure in new soap viewers, because gays are simply good friends, neighbors, and family, they are everyday people doing everyday boring stuff, paying bills we are all us,
Having people of different races/cultures, gays, straights, overweight normal people is the key .. We all can relate to us ..
((the Good The Bad And The Ugly 🙂

Long Live ALL the Soaps!!!
Soaps are an American traditional culture and should be celebrated and preserved!

I have stopped watching Days and deleted it from my dvr series to record. I would not want to see the show canceled only because of the job losses it would create – on both sides of the camera. But, personally, I cannot support a show that has shown such disrespect for the LGBT community. Previous posters have superbly outlined the ways TPTB have decimated and shown disdain for the characters of Sonny, Paul and most certainly,Will. So, I will leave Days to the audience TPTB have pandered to and hope they enjoy their return trip to 1950.

And, yes, it is ridiculous that Y&R does not have any LGBT characters but,frankly, I would prefer this lack of LGBT representation over what Days did to theirs.

Thing is;
It is not the writers or the producers, it is the sponsors.
Without the sponsors there are no soaps.
I would bet– the Sponsors do not want the gay’s on their shows believing they will lose buyers of their products if they highlight gays..

Writers can not bring in a gay character on their own, it has to be OKed by the network and mostly the Sponsors..
They most likely killed off Will, not the writers..

Actually, NBC sponsored Spirit Day with GLAAD and when marriage equality hit – corporate america fell over themselves to court the glbt market. It’s a big one – bigger than the bigots – but somewhere, somehow somebody at Days decided it wasn’t big enough and the old viewers from the 80s – the ones who constantly harassed Days and NBC about daring to show to people the same sex in love and worhty of love – won the day. It was foolish, because despite the loud and ugly hatred days decided to pander to – the future is one of equality and love. Days made a huge mistake by choosing hate over love, and everyone involved with the show will suffer for it despite any short term gains. In the long run, love will win and Days will be left in the dustbin of history with the rest of the bigots.

So, Chaz, you’d rather have gays be considered non existent?

I’ve always heard it’s better to try & fail than to not try at all.

DAYS did more than try. They ran with it and eventually ran out of steam. They played hard and used their characters in dramatic ways, which is why I choose to view it as not a failure. The ending is what alot of people didn’t like, but at least their was a beginning and middle brimming with story.

The sad excuse of a so-called LGBT storyline that was quickly ended at Y&R should not be rewarded in the same breath as an attack on DAYS…Shame on you!

Say hello to Cher for me!


“…Previous posters have superbly outlined the ways TPTB have decimated and shown disdain for the characters of Sonny, Paul and most certainly,Will. So, I will leave Days to the audience TPTB have pandered to… ”

thank you… as well, for eloquently stating with… (how I share… relate… and care…) about the demise of lives obliterated… just gone… poof… that quickly when a new headwriting team and producers take over

this is the only site I follow daytime on…

and Yes… I realized from the start the core audience mindset

I wholly appreciate all poster(s) who rallied together … and made me feel good about what was being featured… it was fun to share their lives on daytime… and get excited about new lives… new blood.. new energies… a release of pheromone !

i never saw (Will, Paul, Sonny, Derrick) as being in your face preachy!

YES! Days of OUR Lives… celebrated and treated this story to the uptmost attentive care… it was a brilliant move that is still feeling reverberation

as i’ve stated… you cannot relight a fire that once was… Bo is dying… and the core veteran… will be affected… along with, all the older viewers who cared… in the past!

now that the Salem Strangler story is nearing its end

it’s now up to the vets that have returned… and their SORAS teens to move this show


where is the energy going to come from ?

with NO :

Eve, Aiden, Clyde, Ben, and yes ! Will and Sonny… w/Paul

these are all new characters who stoled the show

how is this (DAYS) new regime going to build … once Bo and Hope or Rafe reuinte… along with Steve and Kayla… it’s up to the SORAS teens and all the supporting cast to pull together

I’m going to shine brightly how much I still beacon for this show… but… I’m not that optimistic after all the cleaning house that has gone down!

as I’ve posted… prior to the reveal of Bo brain tumor

Billy Flynn’ as Chad is the only newbie that’s carrying the show


you have all the things that this new regime has done to clean house… and as i’ve said … it’s a glaring gaping gone; conclusion that things are amiss

i’m expected to return to the supercoupledom… and ??? forget all the characters they fired? and let go of… or should have taken care of to shore up and fine tune… recast Sonny .. with a surefire actor to lead with Paul… this would have lessened in my mind… how much Chandler Massey brought to the show… and I’d have gotten over how DAYS had no time to carry on this story… when they had to replace nuWILL so quickly… IE: I posted here… from wiki… how DAYS production recast the part and aired him – 6 days – in…

ie: as Freddie Smith even said… in the blink of an eye… we went from CM to GW.

hence.. the writing started faltering…

ie: with regard to Dena Higley… being a christian and is all over the place with her christian tweets

that mindset has no place in this genre… how stilted and unbalanced… to not cull from our world … and feature homosexual… gay sex… queer… love sees no color

DAYS bridged a path; a light; a life… not unlike

this is emotional… to have no consideration… and I hope their are consequences… a fallout that TPTB feel

I stand IN

There was a time when daytime dramas were progressive and cutting edge because back in the 70’s and 80’s the shows were not being micromanaged by focus groups and corporate suits who don’t have a creative bone in their body. However today daytime dramas are less about being cutting edge in their storytelling but more about just maintaining the status quo as long as possible, and as cheaply as possible.

The fact that at one time Days was willing to make an established character linked to the history of the show gay and put that character out there front and center in attempt to integrate gay characters onto the canvas not as a fad or short term story, but with long term potential was progress. And if the show was just catering to homophobic viewers they would have never even done the story at all, much like Y&R has managed to avoid doing all these years.

But they did do it. And that is why it is disheartening and short sighted that with a change in writers and producers and with Ken Corday becoming more hands off for the 50th after neglecting the soap for years, they decided to not only drop this story line, but do it in the most disrespectful way possible. It is obvious by this thread that insult was more hurtful than just abandoning the gay story. The way they did it was unnecessary. The story could have change direction in many other ways, and as a straight woman who is in her 50’s I was just as appalled and furious with them for doing that and in the way they did it.

Homophobia was no face, it can be anyone, from a young boy in middle school who is bullying his gay classmate, a middle age woman who thinks she is accepting but still cringes inwardly when she sees two women holding hands at the mall. It could a young couple who is afraid of letting their son play with Barbie in fear it would make him gay or the old man who uses the world fag because it was the only word he was ever known to use without understanding why saying it now is hateful.

I do think things are changing and perhaps not fast enough for some, maybe too fast for others, but one thing is for sure you do not overcome hate with hate. I know that is difficult to do when hate is thrown at you a thousand different ways directly or indirectly, but if we learned anything from history, all great movements of change were birth not in hate, but love. No matter what your sexual orientation, skin color or gender if we cannot treat each person on this planet with love the human race will never truly evolve beyond the evil that is based in fear and in misunderstanding the evil we call prejudice

So in the cause of having daytime dramas incorporated gay characters as just characters and not just a story to be told and discarded after the telling, losing Will on Days may mean a battle was lost, but war is not is over, a war fought not with hate, but with love,patience and most of all hope.

Well said, MarySF. I always appreciate your posts and we rarely disagree. I feel the new regime has tossed a lot of story potential out without looking far enough ahead. Tons of newbies will not carry the show when the actors returning for the 50th are long gone. I feel keeping Will and Paige would have been smart because they both offered lots of story ideas: Paige being half-sibling to Rafe and Gabi was interesting WHEN she was alive. Not so much now. DH and JG better bring something buzzworthy — if not, if Days is renewed, it will prob be its last.

Is Days afraid of gay characters? Well, in the course of three months, Sonny was written out of the show in an out of character way by abandoning the child he vowed to raise with Will, only to come back and DO IT AGAIN! Will was brutally murdered in a story that harkened back to the not too distant past when gay characters typically met their demise violently and with little resistance on their part – because, you know, they must be weak. Derek simply disappeared with no explanation. And Paul is now essentially a recurring character that has been neutered sexually and is literally around to prop up other people’s stories.

It’s abundantly clear that Days has gone from the most progressive soap concerning LGBT issues to literally RUNNING in the opposite direction. The new writers came on and wherever the dictate came from, the show couldn’t act fast enough to wipe the gays from Days.

I’ve said it before, I only became a daily Days viewer because of Will. Yes, I’ve come to enjoy other characters – Kristen, Sami, EJ, Abigail, Chad, Nick, Kate, Marlena – but half of those characters are gone. The stories that kept me tuning in daily – any story connected to Will – are now gone. I’m tuning in for the whole Ben/Abigail/Chad story, but as for the rest – not excited about Patch and Kayla and Hope and Bo and a whole set of young actors learning their craft on the job (one or two at time, yes, four or five at the same time – too much).

I still don’t understand why it had to be ‘new’ Days with the gays vs. old Days with the oldies. Why couldn’t they have integrated the two? Why did one audience have to completely lose their stories in such a heinous way? Will murdered, Sonny acting out of character, Sami now seemingly totally over Will’s death.

It’s just sad to watch a show that had started representing the WHOLE audience that was out there watching the show, turn their backs almost overnight on an audience they spent three years cultivating. The message is hurtful, it’s clear, and it’s sad. At least for days, we gays just don’t matter anymore.

Jason Brooks return would quiet alot of this all up

“…No, lulu, we’re discussing what the subject is in Michael’s story…The lack of LGBT representation on all the Soaps ” this is from @4

when the networks… lose their cajones… and have not the balls… to use their imagination and lose their writing skill… and go back… to the DAYS of ole’

and we become lackadaisical with; that we are celebrating the same things again and again…. it’s in your face careless and lazy

to not reach…. for people of color and LGBT

why are we not… celebrating, with all walks of life

This has been an issue with the soaps for a while. Oddly, ever since ratings started declining in the late 90s, soaps have reacted by getting MORE conservative with stories. It’s never worked, but soaps are slow to learn (witness the carousel hiring of constant headwriters.) Casts increasingly are less diverse, stories dealing with social issues like abortion are increasingly frowned upon, etc. There are exceptions, but they are often scape goated (Frank Valentini shamelessly said that he got rid of “Kish” on One Life to Live because ratings were falling–never mind that they were falling partly because Carlivati surrounded them in a ridiculous gay storyline involving Dorian pretending to be a lesbian and even more so EVERY story except theirs was awful at the time with horrific stuff like Jessica nearly getting raped by her father and given electro shock therapy so she regressed to a teenager, and Stacey tumbling in the ice.)

The Dorian story aside, OLTL was on a roll during the Kish story. It was when Kish was dumped and the focus was shifted to the Ford brothers that the show suffered.

It makes me very happy to see that so many people, gay and straight, see what Days did to its gay storyline and gay family and recognize the message that they sent on purpose with Will’s death.

I am not a Y&R watcher, but if they don’t want to show gay people or gay stories, that’s their business. At least they didn’t promote themselves as allies and take awards from GLAAD, only to turn viciously on the gay audience.

Has there ever been any show that has done that? I just think everyone involved with the writing, directing and promoting of Will’s death must be a really hateful and cynical human being. I don’t blame the actors at all, because they have to do their job. I feel bad for them, except for the ones who seemed excited by the storyline. They should have been horrified and embarrassed, as I am sure Guy Wilson was even though he has been diplomatic.

The fact is that gay images matter, and Will and Sonny and Arianna were important to many people, gay and straight, and their story was compelling. Daytime reaches people that other mediums doesn’t and that is important.

The fact that the new writers turned around and told us Will was garbage and the Wilson family a false one is truly repulsive.

Boy, nasty back-and-forth there between commenters! Here is a reminder: The question of this article is “Have Daytime Dramas Become More Afraid Of Having Gay Characters on the Canvas?” It’s a toss up isn’t it. Let’s look at the facts: Y&R has had less than a handful of gay stories, both handled embarrassingly terrible. The Powers That Be seems to not be interested in showing any GLBT stories, as each writing team have stayed away from any. I don;t think CBS or Sony has an issue, as B&B has been groundbreaking with their GLB”T” story, but that Soap has not been #1 for decades, so CBS may be scared to rock the boat of their #1. GH has had a gay storyline that’s been ongoing for a while, but the pacing and momentum all but died after a decent start. PROPS to GH for really going there with bedroom scenes, they were/are IMO very sexy for daytime. And DAYS, the WilSon story was front burner for a long time, and although far from perfect, was the most interesting story during a time when watching paint dry was more appealing. That story was winning Emmy awards for acting. The new team of Josh Griffith & Dena Higley took over (THE DAY after Sonny left). They immediately removed Will and Paul from the front burner, only to quickly have Will brutally murdered. Paul is now on less than once a month. I don’t see NBC being afraid to have GLBT, as DAYS was winning GLADD awards and they were front burner for 3+ years. I think it’s Josh and Dena’s decision. Comments from Michael Logan indicate what I have believed, that Josh and Dena hate gays. They are in charge, so until they leave, expect at least Paul to be murdered, or turn into a crystal meth, HIV positive junkie, and THEN be brutally murdered.
Are Soaps scared to have GLBT? I don’t think so, I think the current TPTB writers don’t have the chops to tell a good GLBT story, or just really don’t care to.

Someone wise once said that if you act in a paranoid fear of making something happen, you will always make that thing happen. By running away from the gay story, I think Days destroyed itself. It’s well known that NBC is desperate to get its GLAAD rating up and has been for several years and spent money to be a major underwriter of Spirit Day this week. Meanwhile, Will’s death aired on the very anniversary of Matthew Shepherd’s death, which is a day of remembrance for those glbt people who died violently. By mucking with NBC’s sponsorship, they cost the corporate office money and probably lots of it. Meanwhile, the goodwill that Will and Will and Sonny’s story brought got them awards and likely helped their renewal last time around.

So, for a short term pandering to a dying off demographic, Days basically killed itself. The only thing – and it’s not a small thing – that could save it is the fact that audiences have reacted so angrily to the new writing on so many levels that they might keep it around because they have nothing to replace it with that will engage so many viewers. I actually hope it does stick around, but I will be surprised if it does.

If Days had chosen courage over cowardice, there would be nothing but goodwill for the show during this anniversary celebration. The show pissed that away. I’ll say again, every single thing about Will’s end and the end to the Wilson family was designed to invite viewers to take pleasure in Will’s end and enjoy the end of his family. It was carefully crafted to demean gay men and families in every possible way. The writers presumed that Will was hated and wrote with confidence that we all wanted to see him suffer and his family destroyed. It was ghastly and will taint the show’s legacy forever.

I am sure it was calculated hatred. I don’t know what is in Higley or Corday or Griffith’s hearts, but I know what they showed and I know what they all wanted us to smile at. I do believe they destroyed themselves by presuming the worst of the audience, thinking it would save them.

Ack! I meant Spirit Day, this year. The past four years, Days has tweeted a picture of the cast in purple for Spirit Day, but this year they aired Will’s gruesome strangulation multiple times.

Well said.

I loved the gay storylines on ATWT (Luke, Reid, Noah, Brian) – and Luke Snyder is my all-time favorite soap character. I also loved the Kyle/Oliver (Nick) story on OLTL. Unfortunately, both shows are off the air.

I grew up on GH, and was very glad to see the Brad/Lucas/Felix triangle appear. Even though I hated seeing Felix back-burnered when the triangle became a couple, I enjoyed what they were doing with Brad and Lucas for a while.

As for DAYS, I stopped watching a year ago, after EJ died. I would have continued watching, but the writing for Ejami had been beyond insulting (and it seemed to be a pattern for DAYS to insult both its characters and its viewers, so I walked away when EJ did). This was not a soap I’d grown up on, so it was easier to walk away. I came to the show for Will’s story, and stayed for Ejami’s…besides, will was turning into a little sh*t – still, I would have continued watching, as I said, but for all the insults to MANY of the characters.

That being said, Will’s coming-out story was probably the best I’d ever seen on a TV show. And even though I stopped watching last year, it was obvious to me from social media that the Will/Sonny/Paul triangle was gaining lots of fans. So, to have the three characters disappear (or practically in Paul’s case) is odd, to say the least. Suspicious is more like it.

However, considering the OTT reactions of some states to the U.S. Supreme Court’s marriage decision, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. The shows DO have to stay on the air if they are to make any difference. And hopefully as things calm down, and the conservative folks realize the sky hasn’t fallen, DAYS and GH can bring their gay characters back and to the front.


We can’t always everything our way. In this case Days is doing in the ratings and viewership. I read a lot of these comments and I agree with some of it. Ever body is adults on here yes, why are some whining and complaining when a story on a show does not way , you think it should or the killing off characters , you shouldn’t die. You say negative things and with other defend there opinion , you only see barrow view of things. Its immature when get

Days is up a whole lot from last year Ratings Nov 2-6, 2,721,000 (+63,000/+348,000) : up this much from last year


I will give you your own logic… Let see if that so called bump last… Common sense points to the many actors/ actress such as AS, PR and SN and some of the others returned For the 50 anniversary , so this is understandable. The question becomes, where will that bump be when AS, PR leaves. You know these two will not be staying , right? Seeing these two Had been favorites actors/actress for the show and to add I am sure it will be a tearjerker when Bo dies. Yes, Days is full of doom and gloom storylines to entertain as you say.
Don’t kid yourself in to believing that the show tank bc of the gays, sorry, when Sammie and EJ left that hurt the show more than anything and not Will’s storyline… Once the EJami fans left then DOOL catered to the most ridiculous to bring rating up… Two wrongs: killing of Will & pandering to homophia will not save this sinking ship. But if it does… I don’t care , i no longer watch.

Awesome days gain 85,000 for week Nov9-13

again… how long will it last. what goes up much come down.

Days is channeling the 1980s. Older fans love it. Nostalgia is great for older fans to remember the “good ole days”, but all shows need to move further, beyond the glory days of old to survive. That said, there’s little at Days for us younger viewers: I don’t remember Days in the ’80s and have no real feeling of nostalgia for the olden days of DOOL. I loved the WilSon SL. I have no reason to watch now. I’m may watch GH instead. JMO

The channeling the 80s is only in celebration of the shows 50th and they will move on…nostalgia is something when at a reunion or celebrating an anniversary…you may not think that now but when you are older you too will have rememberance of ‘the good pld days’..if you ever go to a class reunion or an anniversary you will find people talking about the past….there are younger viewers who do like to know the history of the show…i always have when i start watching a show…i liked the Will/Sonny story and it might not be the end…let days have their 50th…GH did the same then they moved futher…im sure Days will too,,,

Days could have included nostalgia for the 50th and still kept storylines that interest younger viewers, but they chose not to. Days adding a bunch of sorased newbies won’t really help young viewers get involved and interested. By the time Days “moves on”, lots of younger viewers will have moved on too. Days could have done both, celebrate the 50th by bringing back favorites from years gone by while keeping younger characters that appealed to younger viewers. If GH revives their gay characters soon, I’m going to move on to GH. I feel abandoned by Days and lots of other viewers, esp younger ones, do too. It didn’t have to be this way. Days could have cared about all the viewers instead of making knee-jerk decisions that could come back to bite ( because no one over 49 counts in TV ratings. Period. That’s a fact.)

Thanks for the reply…i do agree with you…Days already had some interesting young people to carry the show further…Paige, Will, Rory, Bev, and Sonny…i wouldve had Will survive the attempt on his life-he would briefly suffer amnesia then remember it was Ben who tried to kill him-he and Chad would work together to find Ben and Abby…when Chad and Abby are trapped in the cabin fire Will would be the hero and rescue him-then Sonny returns and reunites with Will-at Christmastime they would repeat their wedding vows and leave town together…if recasts was needed then both characters could return a few months later with new actors in the role…as it is now they could still bring Will back…off camera paramedics noticed Will slightly move..he is revived but suffering amnesia!…he is put in the witness protection program and his funeral is staged so the killer doesnt know he is still alive…unfortunately, i am not in charge of the show!

I would just like to add, I have nothing against the gay characters, in spite of those calling me names. I loved Will, and there are a lot of other characters I would rather have seen strangled than him. But Corday must have had reason to believe they lost a lot of viewers because of it. Probably, as Patrick said, the gay sex scenes. Instead of “going down with their ship”, as all the other soaps with prominent gay storylines that are now canceled have done, perhaps DAYS decided they’d rather stay on the air. I can understand backburning the gays for awhile to try to build their audience back up. Decimating them completely was probably a bad idea. We saw what happened when OLTL did that. They lost their gay/liberal viewers and, although they eventually lured their other viewers back, it took too long for word to get around and they were canceled. Sonny in the second row at the funeral WAS insensitive. Was it because he and Will were estranged? No excuse for that. Why was Will killed in the first place? Someday maybe we’ll get the answers to all these questions. But DAYS has great storylines and actors right now, and it’s sad that some are so bitter they want the show to be canceled. Have patience, I’m sure the show has great things planned for Paul. The focus is on 50 years of history right now.

Judging from Christopher Sean’s interviews at Day of Days, the only thing planned for Paul in the next six months is helping John (yawn). Didn’t sound like any romantic pairings were on the horizon. Christopher tried to put a good spin on things, as he always so graciously does, but I’d bet they let him go in a few months at the end of his contract and then they’ll be happy to have cleansed away all the gay.

I Am not buying that.. Those who didn’t want to watch gay men do what every other consenting adult have done since the dawning of soaps and that is have S E X killed the ratings for days … Are we forgetting the two attention grabbers who walked away last year Sammie and EJ? Remember them, they where huge for the show. And another thing, As I recall as long as these two were on (Ejami) we didn’t here about how low the rating due to WilSon, it was mostly due to bad writers and Corday had to get rid of them. So, I am not buying Will and Paul again two consenting adults in bed doing what these damn soaps pried themselves on doing: having S E X mostly with someone other than their spouse or appropriate partner, IMO, gay people exist just like any other.

@ 4ever, I never once said in all my comments that I wished for DOOL to be canceled. I just refuse to watch this show and taken it off my DVR. No one but the suits at NBC can do this.I wish DOOL luck and hope that leaked Sony email where executives stated plans to cancel the show after the 50th anniversary is untrue.

Lulu, I also took DOOL off my DVR and refuse to watch. I also heard that the plan was to cancel DOOL after the 50th (we’ll see if it gets a renewal and for how long, a one-year renewal may well mean the last renewal for Dool, ever.) I don’t wish it canceled, either, but I won’t be watching if it’s canceled after the 50th or stays on the air for many more years.

A Gay Telenovela soap would be hilarious!

why would a Gay Telenovela be ”hilarious” ???
I would imagine it would be quite good drama as any other soap..

You’re right it would, but for someone reason I was picturing a comedy Gay Telenovela soap opera.

“Does anyone in the TV industry know or care that Days of Our Lives exterminated their iconic gay legacy character and pretty much abolished all things gay on the show, just in time to celebrate 50 years on the air?”

It’s a great question! And I hope very much that journalists will properly investigate this issue, and find out what really happened behind the scenes! I hope that they will have the tenacity to pursue a real answer from the producers, the production team, the writers, the network, and the distributor.

Michael, you ask us to “Weigh-in on why you think there is a lack of gay characters and major central stories for them on the canvas of the soaps in 2015”, but you man are the journalist, and are in a position to ask the tough questions and do real investigative journalism to find out what happened and why. Please get at it and report back!

It was a profoundly bad and shocking thing that just went down on Days of Our Lives. It was a profoundly distasteful thing that they did! They hyped their upcoming 50th anniversary, and as part of there 50th anniversary celebrations they cruelly killed a beloved and multi-layered and interesting character who has grown up on screen with us for the last twenty years, and then immediately asked us to celebrate their 50th anniversary with them, and party! They also had had four years of brilliant story, with a legacy character discovering that he was gay (in the a host of other brilliant and dramatic storylines for the character) and with whom we shared the emotional rollercoaster of him coming out and falling in love and having a child (and trying to save a child from a baby-snatcher!) and getting married and working hard at providing a stable family for his child. This was all-round terrific television – legendary television – the memory and positive impact of which cannot be over-estimated. And then Days just had the character murdered in an outlandish eradication of all things gay, and an appalling eradication of any positive imagery for gays, with the surviving gay husband and father having his character trashed when the writers had him (totally out-of-previously-established-character) abandoning his murdered husband’s child (when she had just lost her biological father through murder!), thereby showing gays as bad, bad, weak, pathetic, and selfish people. Will, the murdered gay man, was given no agency at all when he was attacked by the unarmed murderer. Will the gay, wasn’t given the agency to fight back, despite the fact that Will’s character has long been established as having a fighting and resilient spirit, and despite the fact that he was a fit, muscular, gym-going young man, who used to be shown hitting a punch bag in the Days gym, and who had also valiantly and heroically fought a gun-wielding attacker back in the day when Days were proud! No, despite all this, Will the gay, was not allowed to fight back at all, and Ben, his assailant, was allowed to simply whisk him across the room like he was a leaf, and have Will practically bang his own head on the fridge to be handily knocked out so that straight virile Ben could then strangle him. And then when Will came too, he still wasn’t given agency to struggle and resist. No – he was gay – and so he was shown as being exterminated like he was a limp flower. Contrast this with straight Chad who was shown as fighting Ben in a bloody duel that lasted nearly a whole episode! Then comes the other insults : Will’s mother who was more interested in her husband who died a year ago than in the death of her firstborn son; and Will’s husband not being in the front row at the funeral – not really part of the family because a gay marriage is not a real marriage? ; and Days having a wind in the park for the first time ever just so that the photo of Will’s family can blow away like paper trash – telling everyone that gay marriage is now totally over in this show, as Sonny (wonderful Sonny!) is now a man who would let his attachment to his husband and his precious little daughter just blow away like paper in the wind!

Guy Wilson, who played Will, was given almost no screen time before his character was murdered. There was no story for him, no recognition of his great role in the whole canvas of the show, and no recognition of the character of Will’s role in getting the show attention and interest and plaudits and multiple awards (five Emmy nominations, three Emmy wins, and a number of GLAAD awards). No, he was given minimal screen time as possible, with the week of the murder itself showing only the scene which sets up the murder, and then the murder itself. And, after a funeral to which Will’s parents-in-law didn’t bother to attend, the show has as much extent as it can get away with, has treated Will and Sonny as if they’d never existed. The town’s chief investigator didn’t even bother to build a picture of Will’s last movements alive. He wasn’t worth even that – and every one who is murdered deserves that!

On the day of the murder itself, the Days executive producer Greg Meng tweeted only a picture of him and two cast members happily reveling as they celebrated their 12,000th episode! The Days twitter stream output throughout this period was all about the celebration of the 50th and the wonderful output of the show. Will (and Guy) were treated as the elephant-in-the-room, the unmentionable, the cast out – the unspeakable GAY!

The writers, Dena Higley and Josh Griffith, might at well have snuck down to the set, and danced on Will’s grave – the message was very clear!

Sonny didn’t just bury part of his heart in Will’s grave, Days of Our Lives buried their own hearts in the ground that day.

And here we are – fans of the show, fans of Will, fans of Will and Sonny, fans of humanity, compassion, equality, human rights and dignity, and love – and fans of great storytelling – here we all are, shell-shocked and reeling – and wondering what just happened.

What we need now, of course, is a hotshot investigative reporter, just like that wonderful and brilliant and compassionate Will Horton (once, you may remember, Marlena called him her “favourite person in the world”) to go investigate and find out!

So the question of the moment comes to this :

“Michael, are you ready to do Will Horton proud?”

I don’t think we need Michael to do an investigative story on why Will was killed off. The answer is right before us. It’s called blatant homophobia. This decision was made by both Corday/Higley because they said that no one would forgive Will for what he had done. Yet Gabi who committed murder is redeemable. We all know Corday was a hold out over the years for a contemporary gay plot and that Days was seen as the most Christian soap. And anyone who follows social media and Days knows that there have been a vocal group of homophobes who hated the Wilson story from day one. Corday/Higley decided to cater to the demands of this homophobes demanding a return to “traditional straight relationships” on Days. So they decided that Will had to be punished for being gay by having him brutally killed by a testosterone laden, muscle straight guy. All this in an effort to prevent cancellation.

I do hope that one person associated with the show leaves and has the courage to speak out. Maybe an actor can’t do it, but maybe a writer or producer can basically say they were ordered to degrade Will in every way to send a message that the show was now safe for the worst, most bigoted “family values” and Corday thought this would save the show. I have said again, that I think it killed the show and tainted its legacy forever but we shall see. Maybe if Sony can figure out a way to remove Corday’s creative control, they might be able to leverage its fan base into something. Soaps are still a viable genre in most parts of the world, but they have to give up the idea of keeping the show from youtube or other online venues. They have renegotiate the rights so they can air it and upload it online with commercials at the same time, maybe even worldwide.

I’m all for an investigation.

Some people may be scared because the answer could be Sony.

Sony distributes DAYS and Y&R.

Y&R has dabbled with gay characters in the past which were quickly ended.

LGBT groups put heat on Y&R for non progressing. DAYS made Y&R look bad in the LGBT arena, which could have made Sony pander to Y&R.

NBC allowed the gay story on DAYS.
ABC allowed the gay story on GH.
CBS allowed the transgender story on B&B.

GH and B&B are not distributed by Sony.
B&B and Y&R are both CBS, so what is keeping Y&R on the straight and narrow?…Sony!

Sony allowed DAYS to do a gay storyline because Y&R is their homophobic bread and butter!!!!!

Sony could’ve also considered DAYS story as a test run for an eventual gay storyline at Y&R.

Some have mentioned the recent Sony leaks which revealed DAYS had a close call with renewal. Some people mistakenly think the emails were about the upcoming renewal negotiation, but the emails were sent before the last renewal when DAYS had some of the best ratings in years! My theory is Sony strongarmed DAYS for Y&R.

@ Mary

Mary, back when Days decided to make Will gay, and introduce Sonny, and have a “gay storyline”, Days was *very* enthusiastic about it. Greg Meng, the executive producer said at the time that “This is something that we’ve been wanting to do for a long time”. He also said “We have two network executives, Bruce and Rebecca, who were very encouraging and supportive to do this story”, and “It was ran up the ladder to the top of NBC, and they said ‘You must do this story'”, and “We ran it up the ladder at Sony, our distributor, and they said “What’s taking you so long to do this?!” (Greg’s answer to this was a good one – that they didn’t want to do a stereotypical but something more organic – which they did with Will when he was the right age – and it turned out to be an excellent story).

So everyone involved: Corday Productions, NBC, and the distributor Sony, were all *very* keen to introduce a gay storyline!

So there is a real question as to what has happened now to change things, and what exactly changed. Because the show has gone to giving *tremendous* support for their gay characters and story, to the extent of having a wedding of two gay characters, to treating the gay characters as unwanted and worthy of contempt.

Clearly, the writing team has changed and big responsibility lies at their door – at the door of head writers Dena Higley and Josh Griffith. Nevertheless, considering that previously Corday Productions, NBC, and Sony were all *very* much behind the gay storyline – and that Corday Productions created an *amazing* and wonderful story – there *is* a real question as to what happened and what changed things. Because it’s like the show went from being gay-friendly to being gay-hating overnight.

It is clear that they did it to appease the anti-gay part of their audience – but *why* this sudden and appalling change of heart and direction, which has left fans feeling hurt, betrayed, and unwelcome? There is certainly a story here that is worth investigating and being told, and I for one, would like to hear it!

And also, of course, I would like Corday Productions to go back to their previous good attitude – which they had before when they were producing excellent stories for their gay characters, and to apologise for what they have just done.

Somehow I think NBC is planning to cancel DOOL unless the number of viewers go up substantially. I want to see Hope go after Stefano and Andre to avenge Bo’s death.

No, I don’t think soaps are afraid of having gay characters. Not at all. If anything, gay characters are at the forefront of story lines. Gay characters are all over the place — now more than ever on soaps. Look at GH — They have Lucas, Brad, and Felix. They even implied a possible threesome happening between them. Never heard of that happening with heterosexual characters on daytime. Look at B&B — they have a complete transgender story line happening. Not only is the transgender story line happening, but it’s happening with a Forrester.

So, just because Days killed off Will doesn’t mean that somehow daytime is afraid of having gay characters. Not at all. If anything I think Days killed off Will because the previous actor wasn’t as popular as the original guy who played Will. Chandler Massey was the best, and, if he were still there, I doubt that Ben would’ve really killed Will.

To say that Days killed Will because Guy was in the role is just ridiculous! Guy did a wonderful job and was my favorite Will! What else that is ridiculous is that Guy had to put up with hateful fans with opinions like yours!

Thank you Robert . Blaming him for the homophobic writing can not they see how ludicrous. Logic again, CM a great actor and won Emmy’s for the show and yet his talent did not save him his job, again, not his fault, duh, no more than GW fault who I loved as Will as well. At the end of the day, DOOL destroyed WRH and not the actors’ portrayals. So get it right…DAYs counted on homophobia and in fighting among the fans to justifying the horrific killing of this legacy character. And they made good on it when they destroyed Will’s character and his family the show/writers not the actors.

Well, I honestly don’t think the writers were being homophobic at all. The character got killed off — so be it. There are other gay characters on the show, so to say that he got killed because he was a gay character is simply ludicrous! Regardless, CM was still a better actor than his replacement.

Once again, I’m always amazed at how fans are so “hurt” about gay characters on the canvas, but whenever anyone brings up the lack of racial diversity and lack of interracial romantic relationships on ANY of these soaps, the majority of fans want to act like that is ridiculous. So, if we’re playing tit-for-tat, then fine. There’s one black guy on the show, one hispanic guy, and one gay guy left. Does that make everyone happy now? Is that “diverse” enough for everyone?

No one is disputing that, you are.. This is about the killing of a legacy character who happened to be gay, married and a loving father . Again, this is about the above article and not, although, you have a valid point it isn’t about that topic. You can gappled with that anyway you see fit. By the way, I agree with you about interracial relationship seeing I am a produce of one but this is about the above article: erasing the Gays. Most of us who responded to this bc we can clearly see how Days catered to those who didn’t t want to see two men kiss let along be in bed and and gosh darn it raised a baby girl . If this your sentimen nuff said . If this isn’t you excuse the thought.

I don’t feel like “Days” did this because the characters are Gay & I don’t think that TPTB or the new Head Writers are Homophobic. I think all of this happened due to a series of circumstances NONE having to do with the characters being Gay. The previous Headwriters in my opinions were HACKS they ruined so many long time favorite characters by writing them out-of-character & so many of their storylines did NOT follow “Days” history & were BORING, too Slow, went No Where, & No One Care for all the Newbies, that were being shoved down our throats that had no family or history in Salem. I and Thousand of other long time “Days” Fans so WELCOMED the behind the scenes changes & New Headwriters and since their storylines have been airing the pace of the show is SO MUCH BETTER, the Storylines actually are written in character & follow Show History and are SO MUCH BETTER, the Actors themselves seem to be Much Happier & appear to be acting SO MUCH BETTER. “Days” has killed off Straight, Long Time, Popular, Fan Favorite, Characters played by Long Time, Very Very Popular, Fan Favorite, Soap Vets & Legends!! I know because several Happened to be my Favorite Character. So to say this was only done because the character were Gay, I believe is wrong. This is Show Business & Soap Business 101 Folks. I LOVED the character of WILL as played by the very talented CHANDLER MASSEY but unfortunately Chandler CHOOSE to Leave the show, & No offense to GUY WILSON, but to be honest, He was Not as Good an Actor as Chandler & the previous Hack Writers Totally Ruined the WILL character for Me. I (and from the thousands of post I read online at Various Soap & “Days” web sites) Many, Many Other Fans, Hate what His character had become. He was a whiny, poor pitiful Me, everyone is out to get Me, character who acted like SONNY was the one who cheated on Him. WILL was the one who willingly cheated on SONNY but He acted like it was the other way around. WILL was turning into his Mom SAMI a character I personally have NEVER liked. I think So Many Fans HATED this WILL & did NOT care for Guy Wilson and they were complaining & posting Everywhere & All over that is why TPTB decided to Kill off the Character. I would not have minded had they just Re-Cast but they TPTB at “Days” said they had recast this Character so many times before so a decision was made to Kill Off the character. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the character of SONNY especially played by the excellent FREDDIE SMITH, but unfortunately Freddie CHOSE to LEAVE the Show. I truly hope that He changes His mind & Returns to show to play SONNY opposite PAUL who I also LOVE LOVE LOVE as played by the talented & handsome CHRISTOPHER SEAN. From the first moment He aired on “Days” and We saw him together with Sonny, I have like the chemistry between Sonny & Paul more than WILL (as played by Guy Wilson) & Sonny. I also believe the fact that We haven’t seen that much of Paul recently, is because Christopher Sean also plays the character Gabriel on primetime show “Hawaii 5-0” so He splits his taping schedule with “Days” & his “H5-0” storyline recently increased. So like I said, I truly believed that What Happened to these Characters was due to circumstances, Actors Leaving, Characters being Written out of Character, Re-Cast that didn’t quite work, Changes that were made behind the scenes, etc…etc… Which like I stated in NORMAL SOAP BUSINESS 101 and NOT because these characters happened to be GAY! I mean LOOK AT ALL THE STRAIGHT CHARACTERS THAT HAVE & ARE GOING TO BE KILLED OFF!! Hey IF You totally want EQUALLY than You have to Take that EQUALLY with the Good & the Bad, In Soaps, Soap Character get killed Off & it SUCKS big time when it is YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTER, like I said It has happened to Me several times, but I don’t believe it happened just because the character were Gay. Straight or Gay Soap Character come & go, Re-Cast are made, Kid Actor are SORASed, etc…etc…. It is just part of SOAP BIZ & SHOW BIZ!!

Plain and simple- Days realized that Guy was indeed a terrible actor. They also so realized that nobody was going to be able to successfully replace Massey.

I don’t think Guy was terrible.I think some never gave this young actor a chance and complained about him as soon as he took the role. If TPTB had wanted to replace Guy Wilson they could had sent Will to either to Los Angeles to be with his mother or had Sonny and he make up and he leave for Paris with both intending to return with a new actors playing both roles since the actor playing Sonny didn’t want to continue in the role.

Thank you lulu, remember the first Ben who I adored was on the show for a hot minute ( seemed he was there less than two months ) and was gone just like that… Replaced with the new actor is the point I am making. And if GW was so bad as they think how come he was allowed to stay . And don’t give me that the show had invested to much in him bc clearly one actor produced three EMmy’s for the show and they tossed him aside and by the way that actor who won all those awards was not the first and only Will, he didn’t own this role and DAys made that clear when they fired him.

Guy was a terrific actor! Chandler stans make it so hard for me to even like Chandler anymore but I do and I respect the fact that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with them. Lol, these fans think Chandler taught Robert Di Niro how to act.!

Once again stupidity with these people blaming an actor when he had no power over what he was given to act and yet the thoughtlessness of others who clearly has been in an echo chamber listening to themselves have indeed talked themselves in to a box not the actor who I love as a fan. He is off doing important things like oh I don’t know running marathons to raise Money for HIV/aIDs and yet some are back with this broken record about him. DOOl fired CM not GW did you not get the memo on this if so why the continueous stupidity about this and not blaming the shows decision instead of the actors who has no power over these decision.

Guy Wilson was wonderful as Will, and it saddens me that certain hateful people never were willing to see how much he grew into the role and how terrific he was at evoking Will’s insecurities and fears. More importantly, he had a great rapport with the Arianna babies, and you know what?

I think that Will’s devotion to his daughter was what caused some people to hate him even more – even men of our own community. I’m a middle aged gay man and I can tell you that there are still some among my generation who hate themselves so much that they can’t stand looking at gay fathers and say its wrong. It’s that built in to us. I also think that’s why many gay soap writers lashed out at Will when he misbehaved because there is such a fear of being rejected by straight society if we are less than perfect.

That’s why the Will, Paul, Sonny triangle was so brave and why it backfired so badly – it inspired hate from all quarters, even though Will’s sins were minor compared to nearly all the straight characters on the show.

I watched the show during both the Chandler and Guy years, and I know that the moment Will misbehaved, the loudest haters were gay men – just understand that came from a place of fear.

Still, Guy did wonderful – he was brave and fierce in his performance – even to the end when he knew that the writers wanted us to hate Will and wanted to totally demean him and dehumanize him, he managed to make Will human and real.

Both Chandler and Guy deserve kudos for their performances, and I find the talk of which is the better actor silly because this show employs some of the worst actors I’ve ever seen – and neither is named Chandler or Guy.

Paul, Thank you!!!!

I’ve been fascinated to watch the cast tip toe around the homophobia issue because at least some of them are not stupid and know exactly what was done and why it was done, and I think they have all been told not to speak of or acknowledge the talk about it being homophobic. At Day of Days, even Deidre Hall seemed visibly nervous when it was brought up. They will probably be fired if they dare admit the truth, which of course makes them look either naive or like they are endorsing the homophobia. It puts them in a bad position, because being associated with a violent, right-wing gay-punishing show is not going to be good for anyone’s career.

Meanwhile, GLAAD and the network and Sony remains silent. Something must be going on behind the scene, which is probably some sort of quick thoughtless fix before we go back to Rafe’s hour of death and misery and whatever attempt they will make to redeem Ben because being a serial killer of women and gays makes you a fan favorite in the eyes of Griffith and Higley.

It’s sad Kiki but I can understand why some of the veteran actors won’t speak out on the blatant homophobia of the Will storyline. I do understand though, to speak out and not give the standard company line would be a bad career. Sadly, for some this show is all some have in acting and even a young actor won’t dare speak out on the offensive storyline. I agree, no investigative reporting is needed, TPTB have sent a loud and clear message about who is welcomed on their show.Also, GLAAD is a joke, they remain silent because they benefit from the networks.I won’t hold my breath for this ineffective joke of a group to criticize NBC.I even sent an email to them and the only response I got was an offer for membership.

Oh great! The pouting Massey stans have arrived wanting us to forget that Massey phoned it in to an embarrassing degree his last weeks and nearly sank every scene he was in and has freely admitted it. Guy Wilson took a job and was treated to some of the ugliest harassment I have ever seen in soap fandom – even his family was targeted. He handled it with class and carried the show for months. He deserves so much credit. At their best, both Massey & Wilson made Will a wonderful, multi layered and vulnerable character.

Which brings me to my next point. Will’s death was the worst example of the thoughtless and mean spirited nature of the writing. Yes, it was homophobic but there is an inherent sense of selfishness and lack of empathy. Characters only care for themselves and satisfying their own impulses. I heard Arianne Zucker compare Days to Game of Thrones GRRM writes dark but he values light. Flawed emaphetic characters like Tyrion are valued and narratives pay off. On the new dark days, the smug and selfish reign and we are expected to cheer the deaths of those the writers hate despite history. GRRMartin presumes compassion from his audience while Higley and Griffifth presume selfishness and nastiness. It is like they decided their core audience was YouTube commenters.

“… and nearly sank every scene he was in and has freely admitted it”.

I am genuinely curious of your source for this – as I would like to read it/ view it.

I recently re-watched Chandler’s last three days, and I thought he was excellent. I thought that he played the devastation of finding out that the people he loved had offed his troublesome cousin with great authenticity. And I think these are some of the most moving scenes Chandler shot. His last scenes by the river break my heart, because Will is so ruined in them, with Sonny so tenderly trying to encourage him, and then Sonny kind of gathers him up and takes him home.

At the end of Chandler’s run Will’s character itself was fraying around the edges. The relentless pressure of Nick screwing his life and trying to steal Arianna had pushed him almost beyond breaking point, and Will himself was becoming a bit erratic. It made sense for this to happen, and I think Chandler did well with it.

I think reports of Chandler’s “decline” are greatly exaggerated. But if, for arguments sake, we accept that that is true – one has to ask, what came first, the chicken or the egg? For it is clear that Chandler got into trouble with his bosses thanks to his slip at the Emmy’s, and this may have caused him some upset which then affected his work.

This whole debate is framed wrong, as is the term homophobia. It’s been pointed out many times phobia means fear, and maybe people hate gays because they fear them deep down, but I didn’t see any fear of Will or Sonny or Paul’s sexuality once the new writers took over. I saw hatred and contempt for it. They aren’t fearful cowards, they are aggressive bigots and presumed the audience was.

There’s a rumor that a Will and Sonny love scene was shot but cut out for not being appropriate for Days’ new audience, but Will’s death was shot for maximum pain, humiliation, loneliness and degradation.

Indeed, hatred, spite and violence are the core values that these new writers have. Will’s death was the worst example, but they sure did want to get back to the 80s. Day is now a world that finds sexuality dangerous and wrong but the violent degradation of gay men and women is considered family friendly entertainment. Bo apparently owns Hope and has the right to pass her off to Rafe like a cow, but the man she chose to move on with was evil – proving women can’t make their own decisions about who to love and need a man to tell them what is right. There’s also a rumor from Day of Days that Ben will be somehow redeemed because the audience finds him so sexy – think about that for a second.

The whole show is, at its core, reactionary and hateful. Fearful? Not so much. If they feared gays, they would have tried to hide their total and complete contempt for them.

Oops, meant to write daughter’s father.

On folks to all who are calling Dena and Josh homophobic writers. The hard facts : Dena and White sell created Sonny and Josh with Michael Malone created a gay character on one life to live in 1992( when it was really taboo for daytime soaps) So stop saying hateful things just because they kill off a character that was gay. I was upset that they kill him off not because he was gay, it was because he was a legacy Horton/ Brady character.Remember this is tv show and you got to move on . It gonna watch anymore , so be it. Nobody cares.

Whether the individuals in charge of Days are personally homophobic or not is irrelevant. Indeed, one of the exec producers themselves is said to be gay himself, which makes what has just gone down on Days all the more shocking!

The thing is that Days, under their new writing regime, has abruptly turned into a show that is pandering to the gay-hating element of their potential audience, by treating its gay characters as less than other humans, and showing them as weak and pathetic people, stamping out any positive gay imagery, and having its main gay character murdered and not allowed to fight back, and treating their gay characters hatefully in so many ways. Please *read* the many comments here which illustrate all this and more (for example, mine above), and also the comments on Michael’s earlier thread :

As for you telling people to move on, (1) A lot of people *have* moved on – by switching off Days; and (2) this is a thread started by Michael Fairman to discuss the topic of gays in soaps – and whether daytime dramas are afraid of having gay characters on the canvas. So if you don’t want to discuss it – why don’t *you* move on?

People care – at least some people care, and it is right that they do so – that people who happen to have a homosexual orientation – are treated as equally human as everyone else. This is of course mainly important in real life, but it is also important in arts and drama and soaps because these represent and inform and educate. Televisual story-telling is important – this is important!

I know this thread is a bit stale, but with incredible contrast between Bo’s heroic and tragic death – and no doubt the respectful funeral he will get where Hope sits in the front row – and Will’s horrific, lonely “punish the queer” death, I hope somebody associated with show or NBC cops to what was done and apologizes.

The comparison is stark. We were to be sad when Bo died. We were to cheer when Will died or feel pain and hurt if we dared sympathize with a gay. We were supposed to be relieved when Will’s daughter is handed off to straights. It was truly narrative bullying and hatred at its finest.

I just feel bad for the cast who have obviously been told to deny the homophobia, and when they do they look complicit in it.

I agree. Will’s death was written with the presumption that we hated him and were happy to see his daughter handed over to straights. It was done with maximum terror and degradation, and whatever sympathy were to have was for Sami and Lucas and even Ben, but they showed Will’s death over and over again in way that made you think we would be satisfied and happy.

Truly disgusting and immoral. At this point, I don’t care if the show stays on the air or not, I just want the writers, producers, editors…anyone involved with the messaging, to be called out and fired.


Lifetime’s ‘Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas’ Brings Epic Food Fight and “Slapfest Coup de Grâce”

Get ready for the feuding soap opera divas, when five actresses known for their signature primetime and daytime roles are brought together in Lifetime’s new holiday film, Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas.

Saturday night, December 2nd on Lifetime (8pm ET/7PM CT) marks the highly-anticipated holiday movie premiere featuring: Donna Mills (ex-Knots Landing), Nicolette Sheridan (ex-Knots Landing), Morgan Fairchild (ex-Falcon Crest et al), Linda Gray (ex-Dallas) and Loni Anderson (ex-WKRP in Cincinnati).

Here’s what we do know! In story, five alums from the long-running soap, The Great Lakes reunite for a live Christmas finale. Uh-oh!  Now take a look at the backstory of the colorful cast of characters (pay special attention to the clever twists on the actresses names!)

Photo: Lifetime

LAUREN EWING (Linda Gray) “Everyone thinks I’m so damn good all the time,” confesses the junk food-loving Lauren of her second act as a lifestyle guru. “I don’t know how Gwenyth Paltrow does it!”

DANA CUNNINGHAM (Donna Mills) Now a sitcom mom, she’s yet to make amends to ex-bestie Juliette after abruptly leaving the soap back in the day. Not that she hasn’t tried: “When I thought the world was going to end in Y2K,” Dana says, “I reached out to her, and she never called me back.”

LILY MARLOWE (Loni Anderson) After replacing Dana on ‘Great Lakes’, Lily never again found a role to win her acclaim. “What do I have to show for (my career)? An arc on  For the People – Shonda Rhimes’ only flop!”

JULIETTE MATHESON (Nicollette Sheridan) “She left me for L.A.,” the party girl turned fashion mogul recalls of Dana’s betrayal. Will their feud derail the entire event?

MARGEAUX ROBERTS (Morgan Fairchild) “Fasten your face-lifts, ladies, it’s gonna be a bumpy weekend!” The sassy grande dame of ‘Great Lakes’ sees the Juliette-Dana beef as the perfect escape from her own domestic drama.

Photo: Lifetime

Now, making this all the more hysterical is the director of The Great Lakes reunion special, which makes the five women live under the same roof, is its former child star Alex, who has gotten his ex-girlfriend, Nell to direct the finale. Meanwhile, in the subplot. the ‘Ladies of the ’80s’ come up with a plan to get Alex and Nell back together.

As with any good soap opera, there is a major food fight. Linda Gray shared with USA Today ,”The food fight was one take. And it was fabulous.” And of course, their is a bitch-fest slap-fest. Morgan Fairchild revealed, “Oh honey, we all got ours in. Mine was a simple, ‘How dare you?’ with a slap. But I was hoping for a punch.”

Photo: Lauren Dukoff/Lifetime

The movie’s EP, Larry Thompson, who is a Hollywood manager and has Donna Mills as a client, said that the entire scene peaks with the”slapfest coup de grâce.” What is that exactly? That is when Donna Mills pushes Nicollette Sheridan into a pool in a nod to Dynasty’s Lily bond battle between Dynasty’s Alexis (Joan Collins) and Krystle (Linda Evans).

In case you missed it previously, check out the trailer for Ladies of the ’80s: A Divas Christmas below, also starring Patrika Darbo, Alec Mapa, Mills real-life daughter, Chloe Mills, and Christopher Atkins with theme song by Tiffany.

Now let us know, will you be tuning in to the movie for a premise that should delight many a longtime soap fan? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Days Of Our Lives

DAYS Favorite Sal Stowers Debuts in New Role in Tyler Perry’s BET Series ‘Sistas’

On Wednesday night, November 29th, Sal Stowers (Lani Price Grant, Days of our Lives) joined the cast of Tyler Perry’s BET dramedy, Sistas.

In it, Sal debuted as Penelope , the sister to Jordan in the episode titled From the Blindside. Additionally, in story, Penelope finds herself romantically involved with the character of Gary played by Chido Nwokocha.

Sistas, which premiered back in October of 2019, tells the story of a group of single black women as they navigate the modern challenges of life, including careers, friendships, romances, and social media.

Photo: JPI

Stowers recently made a return to Days of our Lives back in July of this year, when Lani came to the rescue of her father Abe (James Reynolds) who was being held hostage by Nurse Whitley (Kim Coles).  Sal has always said she is more than open to make more recurring appearances on the show, if she is available and if there is story for her to play.

Soap fans first noticed Sal in 2013, when she played All My Children’s Cassandra during the 43 episode run of Prospect Park’s streaming version of the beloved soap opera.

So, looking forward to catching Sal on Sistas? Hoping Lani will return to Salem soon? Comment below.

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Days Of Our Lives

Win a Private Game Night with Soap Stars and Help Children in Need for the Holidays

Jen Lilley (ex-Theresa, DAYS) is back with her annual toy drive for children through the holidays through her fundraiser in her effort to raise 25,000 toys for children in need each fall through Christmas is Not Cancelled to benefit Toys for Tots.

This week, fans have the opportunity to win a private zoom game night with none other than: Melissa Claire Egan (Chelsea, Y&R), Kirsten Storms (Maxie, GH), Emme Rylan (Ex-Lulu, GH), Eric Martsolf (Brady, DAYS), Rob Scott Wilson (Alex, DAYS) Ali Sweeney (Sami, DAYS), and Lilley herself, by giving a toy to a child in need via website.

According to the site: “One Lucky Winner will be tuning in for a night of glamour, giggles, and game-winning moments, including: VIP Access to Your Soap Opera Faves: Join the virtual party with stars from your favorite daytime dramas! Prepare for drama on and off the screen as you chat, laugh, and bond over shared soap secrets.”

Photo: JPI

Lilley shares: “By participating in this prize drawing, you will directly contribute to providing joy and happiness to underserved children during a challenging time in their lives, creating positive holiday memories!”

For more info on how you can win, make sure to visit

So, would you like to have a special ‘game night’ with this bevy of soap stars? Check out the opportunity, and let us know via the comment section below

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