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How Would You Grade Today's Episode of General Hospital?



Monday’s episode of General Hospital was chock full of moments setting the tone of the new creative team of executive producer,  Frank Valentini and head writer, Ron Carlivati.  The powerhouse team that made One Life to Live unforgettable is making some changes in Port Charles that you could see the beginnings of today.   One such trademark are quicker scenes that keep the show moving forward.  Gone, seem to be the plodding scenes that weighed down the show in the past few months.  Of course, only time will tell, but it was encouraging.  Monday’s  episode was also directed by former OLTL award-winning director, Larry Carpenter.

As for the plot today, it was certainly loaded.   Starr trying to get help for her beau, Cole and her daughter, Hope after the car accident thanks to Anthony Z. and Sonny C.   Michael Corinthos who happens upon the girl in distress, Starr, makes a promise to her to save her boyfriend and little girl, but then the car looks as if it may have tipped over the embankment!  And,  Starr is now unconscious!

Then, there was the Cassadine showdown where Helena shoots her own daughter, Irina aka The Woman in White. ( We think the collective GH audience shed no tears upon Irina’s death)  And in just a brief short scene, Luke (Anthony Geary) with tears welling up in his eyes tells Ethan, that he of all his children is most like him, as the father/son duo prepare to meet their maker thanks to dear Helena.  Geary gave some emotional heart to the Cassadine Gun/Knife toting!

We also finally saw Kimberly McCullough’s Robin as a ghost today, as Jason still had no idea Robin died in the lab explosion and is headed for surgery.   Will Patrick save him?  Why did he say to Ghost Robin, “please forgive me” and play with his wedding ring?

Then, there was Mac and Spinelli trying to figure out how they are going to tell Maxie that Robin is gone, while Matt gave Maxie an ultimatum to kick Spinelli out as her roomie!  And then of course, a hungover Matt begins to remember something critical to the night Lisa Niles was killed! One more little snippet had Spinelli looking at old baby footage of who? Jason? Franco?

So soapers, how would you grade today’s episode?  Are you encouraged or not-encouraged by what you are seeing on-screen? Let us know!

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Very encouraged by the tone which seemed not quite so dark, depressing and slow moving as it was under GW. I’m sure it will take a little while longer for RC to clean up the mess but very happy so far with what I’m seeing. Liked Mac having more scenes, hope to see more of Alexis, the death of Robin is going to affect everyone and looking forward to the Mannings and McBain coming in and seeing what happens with Starr. Since Ethan is leaving hoping that Lucky will make it back. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Not so dark and depressing??? Since Cavatapi or whatever his name is took over, Robin has died (not his doing), Cole is about to die, Sonny was shot for the 4,286 time, LIW was killed, and there was yet another Port Charles car accident.

The worst part? We all know how these stories are going to turn out, miles and miles before we ever see it on screen (we’re supposed to be in suspense that Jason might die? Please).. He is the most over-rated soap writer I can ever recall.

to much Sonny for me!!!!!!!

Glad to see Irene go. No tears for me. As for Hope and Cole possibably going over the rail. I don’t like the idea of Hope going. I don’t understand why she got out of car and didn’t try getting her daughter out. The doors were not locked from inside. Cole being a new actor in place of “Cole” hope to see him go. Luke and his son bonding would be nice. I would like to see GH get a away from all that Mob for a bit. Its one reason why I got tired of watching GH. Hope that the new writers bring new “Life” to GH.

You are not the only one tired of the mob war theme, but it’s not going away. On the ABC’s GH website (Sneak Peek Week of February 27): “Starr Manning emerges from the car wreck and into a mob war that doesn’t intend to take prisoners.” I can’t believe FV and RC are continuing this. Maybe if everyone is killed off in Port Charles, we can go back to Llanview.

dont worry david ,when john mcbain gets to town there wont be any mob bosses left ,he knows how to clean up all that crime that has been going on in port charles for a very long time ,I have to start writing down where I read this stuff ,but I heard that john mcbain may be working for the fbi again,cool ,now he can do more to cut off the mob bosses and there are a few of them,as we all know.I like your maybe if everyone is killed off in port charles ,we can all go back to landview,dont I wish ,I want general hospital to survive but I want one life to live back where it belongs.

OMG-just watched today’s show (Tuesday) not only do they kill HOPE & COLE before they reach the Port Charles city limits but Michael, of all people, had to be the one to find them & not be able to save them. More darkness, guilt, angst for this poor kid. He has got to be the most miserable character ever. I mean, seriously, what they have done to him over the years.

Then to bring 3 beloved characters from OLTL & kill 2 immediately. I hate for anyone else from Llanview to join this mess.

Is anyone else sick to death of old crone Helena standing there like an old Charlie’s Angels episode waving the stupid gun around? Good damn riddance to her. Enough.

And IF it’s true that Ethan is Robert’s son, what a damn waste. His sister Robin died before they ever knew it.

I can’t remember the last time anyone on GH smiled a genuine smile or really laughed or said anything remotely funny. Oh, sorry Sonny laughed just now when Sam hugged him, he said “oh I just ripped by stitches from my gunshot wound”

Real funny.

ROXY, NIGEL, VICKERMAN, TODD (real Todd), BO/BALSAM, NORA, SEAN, LITTLE D, just a few who made us laugh every day. You are missed.

oops- meant “ripped MY stitches” not “by”

I get too fired up over this.

GH stinks! Now I remember why I stopped watching it years ago! OLTL was the greatest, most interesting, & exciting soap of all time! I’m only watching GH to see what happens to the OLTL characters. I knew they would kill off Cole but not Hope! Now Starr can have plenty of time for all her boyfriends! She was never much of a mother anyway!

Yes Llanview a much friendlier place!!!!!!!!!!! And heart-warming people live there!!!

I think your comments were right on. The show really grabbed me today for one of the first times in months (the others being the Robin/Patrick/Mac/Anna scenes). I love Ron’s writing, and I feel more hopeful about GH after today. I felt an immediate chemistry between Michael and Starr. I hope he saves Hope, at least. I’m not sorry Irina is gone, since I ff’d through her scenes, anyway.

I give today an A+ definately!! The entire show was amazing..!! It breaks my heart to think of Spinelli getting hurt again by Maxie.. and now Spinelli has to tell Maxie about Robin.. 🙁 I am completely team Spixie, but Maxie and Matt scenes were great.. loved hearing Matt snore lol.. great combo of comedy and drama.. and the way they included the scenes of Matt remembering the boat was awesome… Helena/Ethan/Luke/Irena was so great! Did not see those twists coming..! I thought Helena was dead then she shoots Helena.. poor Ethan though, I don’t want Nathan to go, but I hope he will be the next John Stamos, I love him. Helena was killer funny and evil at the same time lol.. Anthony Geary is always so amazing.. breaks my heart just to think of his face looking at Ethan.. :(…. Sam/Patrick/Jascon scenes were amazing and I was so moved by the Robin dream and by all of it… the intro of Starr was AWESOME!! Am loving Starr and Kristen already.. poor hope, I Hope she doesn’t die, but if she does it is the start of a great story… and Anthony Z…. I love him I’m so glad he’s alive..!!!

Seeing Robin’s ghost–she’s dead–depressing. Helena kills her daughter while Ethan watches–violent and sadistic. Cole and Hope show up only long enough to go over an embankment and die–disappointing and tragic. It wasn’t my idea of a fun episode, and the promise of more mob wars isn’t encouraging. It’s hard to imagine how GH is going to pull out of its gloomy darkness anytime soon. Is no one on this show to be happy?

It may be too soon to give up on GH (and FV and RC), but what I wouldn’t give for a few minutes of (OLTL) Viki doing or saying the right thing, cute Sam Manning, David Vickers Buchanan’s humorous vanity, or Tea and Victor’s passion:

or just sitting in roxy beauty salon listening to her go on and on about anything.I think gh is getting better ,but I still miss one life to live terribly.I hope that baby hope is not dead that some how she was throw from the car when it went over .I dont like kids to get hurt,I do miss vicki.where is todd and blair?I still hope that robin is alive ,when someone you love dies strange things go on and maybe thats what patrick is thinking she is on his mind ,so maybe he is seeing robin but not really.and cole I wish he stayed with his parents and stayed broken up with star,I dont want to see anyone from one life to live die.bad enough we lost the soap.its nice to know they are living happily ever after in landview.

Barbara, I laughed when I thought about Roxy blabbing in her beauty shop. I would gladly pay and love listening to Roxy or anybody on OLTL compared to the suffering endured by the characters on GH.

Why bring Cole and Hope to Port Charles only to kill them? It wasn’t enough the car went over the embankment and crashed–no!–it had to explode and they were toasted, like Robin in the lab. Can’t any character leave GH without a horrible death? I agree with you: leave the rest of OLTL’s characters living in Llanview happily ever after.

If the best GH can do is make us hope that characters aren’t dead then that’s pathetic. It was easier to watch GH when I could see OLTL first–there was always something amusing or cute or at least some of the characters were happy or had something to look forward to. I want to support GH’s survival but it’s hard to watch. It’s much clearer to me why GH’s ratings have fallen with the cancellation of OLTL.

roxy was such a loved character,I miss her and all the rest of my favorite landview citizens ,hate that there going to kill baby hope and I am hoping she got thrown from the car,I always try to look for the best in theses soap opera situations .poor cole would have liked to see him with his parents .still Im looking forward to todays episode,lets see what happens today.

Yes Viki’s advice & tender loving care!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael, I am very upset that Ron killed Cole and baby Hope. If this is how he honors OLTL by killing Hope/Cole(even though I am not a fan of Cole), then I can NOT watch when he singlehandedly ruins my John McBain’s character, set to appear in Mid March. I wanted to give Carlivati the benefit of the doubt, but after seeing his blatant disregard for the characters of OLTL, a show he wrote for 15 years, NO THANK YOU. I wish he would have left the OLTL characters remain at OLTL. Because RUINING the show he once wrote for that viewers really really miss(because that show NEVER should have gone off the air) simply to gain more viewers for the ailing GH? NO THANK YOU! He should have made them NEW characters, because I, for one, can’t watch.
I feel sorry for the GH viewers, because they honestly have no clue what they’re in for with Ron.

This mob business is not story telling, It’s garbage.If they dramatically change the new cast members from OLTL, they will loose audience members.Enough said, and the writers will put the final nail on this soap GH, it surely will be canceled. Move on, where is Natalie and the baby?? Already, ???I saw the short clip of Roger H as Todd, don’t like it, so many ??? How did he escape from John ???? Luke is still the best actor on GH. The writers never knew what to do with his son Ethan, enough of Lucky. it has run its course. Get rid of Sonny!!!!!!!!!

Robin’s Surprise Return. Starr’s Perfect Performance. Matt’s Scene Stealing. Monica & Mac On Deck. Today’s Episode Earned A Well Deserved – A. And I have a feeling that it will be the first of many.

i am loving gh right now – i could definitely see & feel a difference in todays eppy – it felt right!

Cosign Ethel!!! This new GH is reminding me of when I started watching it at 8 years old back in 1992. What I’ve seen of today’s with the use of the old Sonny/Jason/Robin scene is that the new PTB are actually going to use the history and old clips with KMc in it appropriately. I’ve always loved the use of flashbacks b/c they are there for a reason, that being the vast history of the show. So far, so good Mr Carlivati and Mr Valentini.

Things are starting to look up for sure!!!! I definitely enjoyed Monday’s episode, it went by so quickly. For quite some time now, the show just dragged for me, and as much as I tried to sit through it all, I found myself fast forwarding through some of it – but not the last few days, and certainly not on Monday!!!! As mentioned above, the pace was faster, and the sentiment between the characters is now starting to be in the forefront, as opposed to the mob plots, which is a huge welcome! Time will tell, but I think we have a winning team at GH once again!!!! Bye bye Irina, I am glad they did not make that exit lengthy, as her stay was too long to begin with. Good luck to all involved in front of and behind the scences at GH, and happy viewing to the fans!!!!

I agree with the positive comments about this episode. I really enjoyed the pacing, the emotion and the mix of stories. Scenes and characters simply “made sense.” I particularly enjoyed the life Tony Geary brought to the scenes at Wyndemere. As a Spencer family fan, I am also enjoying the positive elements which are skilfully being introduced into Carlivati’s GH. We saw those elements today in Luke’s caring for his son and In the way in which Lulu was connected to her family and the scenes at Wyndemere in dialogue and in the closing phone calls (including one to the “missing” Lucky). Lulu’s character is obviously being “re-set” – as is the character of the entire Spencer family. This iconic GH family deserves to be returned to a more positive light, rather than to be portrayed as the addicted, disconnected family they have been in recent years.

hope that we will start seeing a transition of storylines, and get around to seeing Liz interacting w/ Jason, and eventhough the scenes are now faster as was pointed out, i wish they would be quicker to getting around to telling people that Robin is dead. The set up to a reveal is stll slow, in Mondays episode all we got was the set up for Maxie to find out that Robin is dead, wish won’t have the same inpact because the scene will be w/ temp Maxie instead of Kirsten Storm. So, stil i’m glad their work is airing now instead of GW, who unfortunately was slow in delivering his false promises, of “sometimes they come home” yeah, and w/ GW it took an eternity.

i am new to GH. I tried watching a couple of weeks ago and found it very boring.
Friday and Monday I was able to start getting in to storylines.

I started watching again since oltl characters are going to be on and I could see the new regimes influence, it is getting better.

I ‘m watching GH only because of Blair , Todd, Star , Cole, Hope, And most of all John McBain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I give it a A ,I thought it was well written and the look was different ,even the coloring looked better ,wasnt that dark look.I noticed that right from the start,I have 2 problems thats why I didnt give it a a+, star would do anything to get hope out of that car first, and cole would agree,the baby comes first,it was good to see robin but not as a ghost,I want her alive somewhere on a greyhound bus leaving port charles or someone took her.It was good to see starr cant wait for todd and blair to show up.It definitely was not boring and it moved quickly,I liked it ,its been a long time ,but I am looking forward to watching general hospital again.

Very Good!!! Please keep Larry Carpenter as the director. The more OLTL influences the better !!!

GH has my fulll attention again after losing it for the last 15 years, where as OLTL never lost my attention.

B+ It’s getting much better! I do want to see people mourn Robin’s death in a more appropriate way. I am encouraged and hope they keep it going! GH has one of the best casts and it should be very easy to get the show on track with some great writing, they already have great directors and now they have a new EVP that should be able to put it all together and deliver spectacular shows! I am hoping by the end of the week to be able to give it an A. I love GH and want it to succeed and be here for the next 50 years! Please watch it everyone! Oh and yes taking Irina out was not a loss at all. I was expecting Holly to show up at the end… maybe tomorrow…

Not encouraged yet. Not by far.
I am glad to see LIW gone. I don’t care how she went, as long as she is off screen.

Robin’s funeral won’t be for anothe 2 weeks. At the rate people are finding out about her death, it may be months!!
I mean, the hospital personnel hasn’t been told either??

Still lots and lots of work that needs to be done, however for now I am hanging in.

maybe we are still in day 1 since the explosion ,I had to laugh when you said robins funeral will be in 2 weeks,at the rate people are finding out it could be months.I have more faith ,things will start to look better I really enjoyed mondays episode .the cassandra chick I could care less about, the real acting was done by luke and ethan,general hospital needs help and Its not going to happen in a week or two,Im looking forward to todays adventures in port charles.

What I liked about Monday was the death of LIW. DONE!
We have Maggie & Ewan to get rid of still….lol

GOOD SPOILERS out…hope they play out as well as there portrayed.
We have been mislead in the past. I am guessing its been 10 days and Maxie finds out today?

Thank God they are making the changes necessary to keep the show on the air. I read some rumors that a lot of OLTL people are coming and I could not be happier. Then there are the people who do not want change. They are going to take GH off the air if anyone stops watching for whatever reason. I want my shows back. I love them so much for 50 years of sickness and health. A marriage sort of. Keep watching people no matter what.

I can definately see the difference. I am encouraged by what I saw. Even the actors seem to be more into their parts. Can’t wait to see the Mannings and John McBain hit the canvas!

Why do I forsee Liz going after Patrick and kicking Matt to the curb? If the writing is going there, it is doing no justice to Liz. Her character wouldn’t be changing. Yea Patrick is going thru a difficult time, he starts boozing, and Liz will slide right in to help.

Also been thinking………WHO besides Jax could I see Carly with?? TODD!!!!

Am I the only one who wants Maggie off screen? I know longer care about any secret she and Steve have. It was interesting 8 months ago. Dragged the life out of me waiting.
Lets hope Ron moves the pace up on GH.

The writing is plugged in. Got me hooked on GH again, keep it up.

Luke Spencer and Starr Manning are two of my least favorite soap characters. The death of Dr. Robin Scorpio has been tertiary to the mob-nonsense, which included Sonny shot and drawing guns on people in their homes before getting into a high-speed chase. Jason’s latest medical woe is tired because we all know he’s going to survive. Mac giving Spinelli the responsibility of telling Maxie that Robin is dead is insulting. Some good performances among a lot of flat acting and boring story. RC inherited a real mess and at least has picked up the pace to tie up some of the stories, but none of the stories work and everything needs to be completely overhauled. I’ll wait out to see Todd and Blair hit Port Charles but I remember much of OLTL was not very good while there were definite moments of brilliance. The last six months were mainly excellent but RC’s entire run as headwriter was not very good.

Ive been a GH and OLTL fan for 38yrs. and I miss Llanview terribly!! GH has been awful for months now – but I can see the difference in the last few days – for the better.
Stories are moving faster which I think is better. So many little cliffhangers and twists.
My MAJOR complain right now is in regards to Hope Manning. and truly we dont know if they have killed her yet or not. It will be very hard for me to continue watching if they have. I love Roger Howarth and Kassie Depavia – so I will stick around and see what they have to offer. But after Jake’s death last year and the boring drawn out useless stories that we’ve had to put up with for the last several months, if Hope has been sacrifced too, I dont know how long I can take it!

Totally loved it. You can feel the energy. On very subtle note, the coloring of the show has changed to match OLTL. I noticed how everyone’s faces were illuminated. It’s a yellowish beige now….up from last week’s greys. Way more cheery. Great to see Starr, she was never my favorite, but it’s nice to see familiar faces.

Too bad the guy who used to play Cole was too troubled to see the character carry on to GH. Looks like the new Cole is going to be as big as Michael.

Sorry to Tim Gunn, but I hope GH gets the 2:00 spot. Like NBC, at least one soap is better than none.

RC is doing it again!!! I read up on him in Soap Opera Digest and he’s a bigtime soap fan. For both soaps OLTL and GH, he’s very familar w/both shows and their history–it shows! He writes well for characters, front burner, back burner & veterans. Every1 gets a shot and u feel the emotion of the stories and the characters. It’s what hooked me on OLTL. IT’s not the surface of smoke & mirrors w/violence and darkness GH had. This looks encouraging. Maybe that’s why ABC moved this team to GH, to give it a fighting chance. I’ve been a loyal fan of GH, back to Anna, Robert and Sean, DSV days. Frisco and Felicia too!! I’m hoping i can still be a soap fan. Hang’n by a thread here, rgt now i watch GH and DOOL (sometimes). I love the Robin ghost and the words that the characters are saying:) What Patrick said was ominous, but we know he’s a good guy and Robin will b rgt there.

Chopping at the bit seeing the Mannings and McBain. I want McBain’s family (Nat and Liam) too, FYI!!!! Please!!!!!

RC isn’t doing it again! How??? Give me examples because I am missing something!

The dialogue is much better, more deliberate and history was tapped into today’s the show. It was nice seeing Sonny’s human side, recalling his history of Robin & Stone, not just the crazy, erratic, half cocked side. Think Mac got the most dialogue and airtime in a long while. I loved how Robin was trying to talk sense to Patrick, like she said b4 she died she’d always b w/him and she was trying to b in this episode. Trying to get him 2 do the rgt thing.

Hey, it’s not just me, others have seen the improvements. I actually watched the show and didn’t fast forward most of it.

Trying to be optimistic, i wanna watch somekind of soap, can’t do w/out it and i like RC’s writing! So far so good!!

P.S. I meant RC is doing it again, in a good/great way, not “RC isn’t doing it again”!

I’m tuned in, can’t wait to see more:) there was a slight improvement. I will give Ron that.
Michael, ex-con took Mac’s vehicle and took Star to hospital. But then again, we did learn last week that upper NY does not have a 911 service.
TODAY I stay positive. (Tuesday)

It did NOT come as a shock that Holly states Ethan is Roberts.
Is it true though?
Thank Goodness LIW body is gone from the scene as well as the blood! (I don’t care that made no sense) 🙂

I can’t believe Hope died. I did NOT see that happening. Could she have lived?? A child dying is never fun, but this is Star’s new show.
Here we go again. Michael blaming himself. Ewwww..however, his acting is so good, & I will love him with Star!

Sonny, the ‘honeymoon’ is over with you and Dante. He believes you shot out Anthony’s tire. My bet is on Kate/Connie.
I didn’t care to watch Sonny makes his pain faces while talking to his ex-lover Sam. However, we got to see a good flash-back in the process.

Poor Maxie. Everyone she loves leaves her. She needs papa Mac.

Where was Monica today? And does Eph know Robin died?

GH is definitely getting better. As a fan of OLTL and someone who hasn’t watched GH since 1984, I’ve been trying to get into GH again. The new writing team has definitely improved the show. The show is getting more interesting in general. As an OLTL fan, I’m thrilled to see Starr and can’t wait to see the other OLTLers (especially John McBain!!). I hope they add Natalie too! I miss OLTL terribly, and still hope OLTL will be revived in some form. But, I have some hope for GH in the meantime. Keep up the good work!

I totally agree!!!

GH is much better and on it’s way to getting back on track. I hope they get rid of Sonny (mumbles) or at least put him on a back burner. I am so bored and tired of his act and mumbling. GH needs to focus on happy connections, humor,romance, and values.

anyone who is interested in blair and todd ,I went to tv line and there saying they wont be in port charles till friday and on monday,dam I was hoping for a longer visit .how is todd going to kick sonnys ass in two days?I hope baby hope is ok,star cant loose her baby.Its almost march and john mcbain should be in port charles . can ethan really be scorpios son ?helana is pissing me off and has to be stopped,cant wait to see what happens tomorrow,Im loving general hospital again.

I think GH was pretty exciting today, although still rather sad about Robin’s alleged death. I still think the writers have something planned if they ever want to bring Robin’s character back to Pt Charles. I never heard them say in hosp that Robin was dead – just that her body was so burnt and her face that she was not recognizable. If they want to bring Robin’s character back, they just need to hire an actress, give her some scars (from her burns) which will explain her different appearance. If Kimberly wants to return, same could be true for her – some scars from burns on body. It was exciting when Helena was going to shoot Ethan, which she still may do. Like Holly changing her story to Robert being Ethan’s Dad. Story moved fast with car accident, Michael saving Starr – I could see them getting together later. He lost Abby – she lost Cole & Hope. Believe stories of new writers are going to be better than past ones. Hope they will help to raise GH ratings!!!

All those negative comment about the cross over stars from OLTL are so unnecessary. Star will connect with Michael. Blair will come to comfort her daughter, and Todd will exact revenge and put things into motion and perhaps Sonny will get his comeuppance. Never enjoyed the Cassadines, even when Liz Taylor was on the show. The storyline re garding Helena’s daughter needed to come to a resolution; enjoying the Luke, Holly and Ethan storyline. Can’t wait to see how RC and FV rework the show — perhaps Liz will be in a love triangle like the show had in the 70’s and 80’s; the mob story might be watered down; maybe Jason wakes up wanting to be a doctor; Sam could have a vampire nightmare dream about McBain (they sizzled on Port Charles); Mac, Alex and Diane might have more comedic lines; an interracial socioclass teen romance could blossom between Molly and TJ; put the African Male Hunk with somebody; Sam might have a father; the original Christina needs to retun; where are the Q’s; etc. But two things are going to happen for sure: Robin’s death will move the stoylines forward for months and if the suits reign in RC and FV, the characters and their storylines will be done in shifts.

i agree with every thing you wrote here ,why all the upset over the mannings and john mcbain,new families pop up on soaps all the time,I really want to believe that baby hope is still alive and was thrown from the car and IM still hoping that robin is alive somewhere .hopefully this is the end of helenas newest quest,when she shot her daughter point blank ,I lost interest In her,I did not like cassandra ,but that was cold ,at least she is gone ,aside from ethan I thought she was so boring,I also would like to see christina back,I liked her.anyway aside from how I feel about a few things ,I am loving general hospital again ,and I cant wait till todays story.

We are on the same soap wavelength! Until, I see bodies, Cole, Hope and Robin are alive. Also Cole was supposedly dead, so there was no way he could walk into Port Charles without being eventually detected. My hope is Cole and Hope were thrown from the car; someone else was in the lab. And how about this for a future storyline: Cole reappears with Hope when Star walks down the aisle to marry Michael. Robin JUST needs to come back — NO RECASTS; she was an integral part of GH similar to Star where we also saw grow up before our eyes.

agree ,I hate to see my favorite characters die ,when they dont need to ,robin can come back.poor cole ,I keep thinking maybe the baby was thrown out, but poor cole may not have survived ,but I like your idea about starr and michael about to get married and cole breaks in the back door of the church and screams noooooooooooooooooo.that would be nice ,then we can all move back to landview and continue our story there because ONe life to live is on another network.

I love GH, but if another child dies, I think I am going to officially be depressed. Hopefully little Hope survives the car accident! I can’t take it!! Too sad…. :'(

You guys had to some GREAT comments on here today, and excellent writing about the events of what happened on the show. I didn’t get chance to see GH, Monday or Tues., but I set the alarm for my TV to come on channel 7 at 3pm, and then go off. LOL I’ll comment when I watch on line tomorrow night.

While I am very encouraged by the Starr/Michael storyline…..and the Todd and Blair vs. Sonny story they are heading towards, the show still feels so serious. I know Todd’s arrival will open up room for some humor, but Ron will have to work really hard to get the actors that excel at humor talking again…….Tracy and Luke namely. The rest are all humorless and I am fast forwarding through their scenes. I don’t know why I am unable to watch Jason scenes. I think he is the worst, and I can’t accept any storyline he is in….nor Sam. I do miss the real Maxie, but I can live with it. All the actresses have long blond hair, it is really annoying. I hope Ron gives Epiphany a storyline. My hopes are that John McBain kills Sonny and Jason and Anthony, Viki is made Mayor, peace is restored in Port Charles. Stories of actual human interest are able to be told.

I like your idea, of stories of human interest U notice Sam always walks around looking confused or depressed. She is never happy, and smiling., only for her wedding, and they turned that into a disaster. Hey, whose the father of that baby, it was so depressing I stopped keeping up with it.

So we kill Hope off so Starr can hook up with Michael and become a mob teenybopper? Does this garbage ever stop, I wish they had never brought her on another killing a child so we can prop up a couple we don’t even know is going to work. I will watch until the old gang exists again then no more wasted time!

You are so sensible and practical that your comments are more entertaining than GH. Yes, it’s trashy killing a child and her father to hook up the grieving widow with a teenage, convicted felon, want-to-be mobster. It will be interesting to see GH’s ratings after the OLTL characters are gone. Ironically, too much gratuitous violence may kill GH too.

I love GH, so I’m waiting for the new writing team to bring it back to some of it’s original glory. But I’ve gotta tell you, so far I’m not impressed. In one week, when they are supposed to be wooing us with great story, they’ve killed off Robin, Cassandra, Cole, and probably (but not for sure), Hope, a baby. And while not so permanent, Sonny’s been shot …AGAIN., with Anna and Robert coming back for a funeral. And I really miss Jax.

Soaps are all about escaping. I don’t watch much of the the news recently, because it’s so dark. Please don’t let this same thing keep continuing with GH.

Really liked watching Anna and Robert today. Esp when Emma was sitting on Robert’s lap and you can see Anna’s face reminicing about when Robin sat on Robert’s lap (full circle). Or mayb it’s just me, i remember that scene like it was yesterday. KM sitting on Robert’s lap when they 1st met. Finola is a great actress, motioning back and forth comforting herself too. Also, the panning of the 2 scenes, back and forth, Anna trying to tell Robert about Robin dying and Patrick grappled w/grief. Jason Thompson also killed it today (think he really misses KM). His moment w/Epiphany too, u just wanted to hug the guy.

It is a dark and sad phase, but it’ll pass. It beats the docs laying on a gurney staring at cracks in the ceiling. I don’t know if i disliked that scene more or the newbies.

I love GH and want to see where it goes now.

general hospital was good today, poor patrick like you I wanted to give him a hug to,I loved seeing robert and anna with emma,It was so sad when robert was thinking about robin before he knew she was his daughter ,thoses were the good old days ,before g h took a noise dive.and started all those mob stories.I hope baby hope is alive ,poor starr,felt so bad for her,cant wait to see what happens tomorrow.I can say this ,port charles hasnt been boring for several days now,wont be taking any more afternoon naps,I fell asleep because I was so bored ,well not any more.

I agree it’s been too mobbed heavy for too long. Hope that all evens out as the new regime finds their footing.

I know what u mean, i was barely watching GH and little moved when they killed Robin off (not impressed w/her death scene). Now I’m nostalgic and sad, but feel good about the sentiment and history of it all, all very poignant.

I hope they don’t kill Hope off too. IT’s sad when they want to “clean the slate” of a young character. They did the same to Jessica on OLTL, when she had Megan, she too got pregnant as a teen.

I dont like that robin is even dead.Im still hoping that some how she got out of that lab and she doesnt know who she is or someone took her ,I also dont like that baby hope may be dead ,again,Im hoping she got thrown out of the car,I always look on the brighter side of the stories cause lets face it ,soaps can let you see something and maybe it didnt happen ,thats what I liked about watching the soaps ,anyhing can happen,Im not falling asleep while general hospital is on ,and thats a good thing ,so aside from hope and robin IM really enjoying whats going on in port charles.wish it was 3 oclock.

Robert showing today great to see him . Why the dyed hair? Emma Samms return cheesy today sorry I was not feeling it!

I noticed his hair too but oh do I love him. I remember the VERY first time he ever appeared on GH, it was a Friday & he was wearing a trench coat-I fell in love & never fell out. I guess this was late ’81?

Agree totally with you on the Emma Samms return. Ugh.

Heart broke for Patrick, Epiphany was so sweet (did she ever find out who killed her poor son, Stan, wasn’t that his name? I don’t think she did.

I dont think its fair that Hope or Cole die. I guess I’m out.
I dont like people saying Cole should die or at leat keep hope alive.
Bull crap, just bull crap. Putting Cole and Starr back together and now this Is rediculous. This is really a downer and I’m tired of Soap games to get you watch.

Manipulative soap games is right! I still can’t believe Starr, Cole, and Hope were happily reunited for the conclusion of OLTL, only for Cole and Hope to be crushed, burned, and dead on GH, as if OLTL fans wanted their characters on GH under these circumstances. How could anyone think this wreak–to be followed with more mob wars–would please viewers? Yes, it’s a downer with Robin’s family and friends mourning her and now we can watch Starr and her family grieve for Cole and Hope. I thought soaps were supposed to be fun, entertaining escapism, not gloomy Greek tragedies.

I thought the scene between Patrick and Epiphany was good also. I think she just knew it had to do something with the mob that is why she dislikes Jason and Sonny. I really dislike the character of Sonny he got over Robins passing in two minutes and has he checked on his hit man stooge Jason? I really would also like to see Tristan Rogers stick around for a while that is the only reason I started watching again was because they were bringing back the oldies but goodies.

Right! Wasn’t her son working for Jason when he got killed by Manny? I couldn’t remember this last night in my post above. Stooge Jason-funny.

I love GH, and I am glad that the scenes seem to be moving fast. I got really tired of Lisa Niles and then Franco, it was really dragged out. I love the show and have for many many years — I stopped watching OLTL many years ago so am unfamiliar with Starr, Cole and Hope, but really, did you have to kill them off at the same time Robin got killed off (for better pursuits of directing — good luck to her). Let’s stop with the killing, accidental deaths, divorces, and move on to some happier times together with the tough, but all tough, give us a break! Love all the actors/actresses on the show, miss Kirsten, but Lilley is doing a great job. Let’s write some “happy” into GH!

Grade: A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Infinity.

Thanks for finally writing about > How Would You Grade Today

General Hospital

Eva LaRue Makes Her ‘General Hospital’ Debut: What Were Your First Impressions of Natalia Rogers-Ramirez?

On the Monday, February 26th episode of General Hospital, former All My Children favorite, Eva LaRue (ex-Maria Santos), made her first appearance in her new recurring role of Blaze’s (Jacqueline Grace Lopez) mother, Natalia Rogers-Ramirez.

In key scenes, as Kristina (Kate Mansi) and Blaze are happy after spending the night together, Kristina is in for a shock when she is still in bed and the door opens and Blaze’s mother, Natalia strolls in seemingly oblivious to walked she just walked in.

Natalia announces, “Alison, Mommy’s here!” Then, Natalia looks over and sees Kristina in bed and both women are a bit startled. Kristina introduces herself to “Mrs. Rogers-Ramirez.” However, Natalia corrects her and says it’s “Miss.”

Photo: ABC

Next, Blaze walks into the room still in her robe. She is very shocked that her mother arrived in Port Charles much earlier than expected. Natalia wants an explanation of just what she walked in on. It is then, Kristina concocts a story and explains they had a girls’ night, and it got late so Alison let her crash.

Natalia seems to buy into Kristina’s lies. Blaze starts to argue with her mother over the non-vegan sandals her mother brought her from Puerto Rico and her grandmother’s pudding, which she has told her in the past she dislikes. Kristina pipes in that the reason Alison doesn’t like it, is because of the texture and the same goes for avocado and flan. Natalia says she thinks she knows her own daughter.

Photo: ABC

Then, Blaze gets more upset and asks Kristina to stay and be by her side. Blaze announces that she and Kristina are more than just friends. We already know that Natalia is from a very conservative background, so we anticipate on tomorrow’s episode of GH, she won’t approve finding out her daughter is gay. Stay-tuned.

So, were you happy to see Eva LaRue back on daytime and now on General Hospital? What were you first impressions of her new character Natalia Rogers-Ramirez? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s William Lipton to Star in Music Drama Series ‘The Runarounds’ From ‘Outer Banks’ Creators

This sounds like a perfect starring vehicle for the multi-talented William Lipton (Cameron Webber), who recently made a brief return to General Hospital for his best friend, Spencer Cassadine’s (the exited Nicholas Chavez) gravesite memorial service.

Now comes word that Lipton is set to star in a new series in the works entitled The Runarounds. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because The Runarounds is the name of the band seen in season three of Netflix’s popular series, Outer Banks. 

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Amazon has given the green light to an eight-episode, straight-to-series order for The Runarounds which premise features the story of a post-high school band as they try to make it big.

Photo: IsiahPate/Lipton IG

The fictional drama is inspired by the real life band of the same name and will star its group’s members: William Lipton, Axel Ellis, Jeremy Yun, Zendé Murdock and Jesse Golliher.

The Runarounds will be set and film in Wilmington, North Carolina, where Outer Banks was also shot. Skydance Television is the studio behind the series. Outer Banks creators Josh Pate, Joshua Pate, and Shannon Burke will bring this project to life.

Lipton took to his Instagram on Monday, once the news of the series was revealed, expressing, “Where are we going, fellas? To the top, Johnny!” Immediately GH co-stars past and present shared their congratulations to William including: Sydney Mikayla (ex-Trina Robinson) and Enzo De Angelis, who plays Lipton’s brother, Aiden on GH.


In a statement, Vernon Sanders, head of television at Amazon MGM Studios, expressed: “When we first met with Jonas and Skydance about The Runarounds, it was immediately clear that they brought us a special show featuring an incredibly talented cast and real-life band. We are very much looking forward to sharing the exhilarating journey of The Runarounds with our global Prime Video customers.”

The Runarounds were actually formed as a band back in 2021, when Jonas Pate issued a casting call looking for a group to appear on Outer Banks. The group first performed together when they played for Pate ahead of appearing in season three after being selected from a more than 5,000 musicians who responded to the call.

No word yet on when The Runarounds will be released.

So, excited for this opportunity for William Lipton to star in this music drama? Hope he returns to GH down the line? Comment below.


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A post shared by William Lipton (@williamlipton)

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Breaking News

Daytime Stars We Lost Remembered in 2024 SAG Awards In-Memoriam Tribute

On Saturday night at the 30th annual SAG Awards streaming on Netflix, several stars from the world of soap opera were remembered in a very moving In-Memoriam segment.

Honoring those actors we lost this past year, and set to the song “How do I Say Goodbye” by Dean Lewis, the screen was filled with so many heartbreaking losses.

Those who were remembered in the tribute included: Bill Hayes (Doug, Days of our Lives), Ellen Holly (Carla, One Life to Live), Nicolas Coster (Lionel, Santa Barbara et al), Tyler Christopher (Nikolas, GH, Stefan DAYS), Billy Miller (Billy, Y&R and Drew, GH), Sharon Farrell (Flo, Y&R), Arlene Sorkin (Calliope, DAYS), Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio, OLTL), Jeffrey Carlson (Zoe/Zarf, AMC) and Mark Goddard (Ted, OLTL).

Photo: ABC

Other notable stars who passed away and were included in the tribute were: Chita Rivera, Andre Braugher, Suzanne Somers, and Matthew Perry.

Before the video package was played, actress Naomi Watts took to the stage and shared, “We have lost so many extraordinary actors in the past year, but because they touched the world with their talent, we all share their loss. To those of us who worked with them, alongside them, we feel their loss and their absence deeply.”

Photo: Netflix

She added, “Of course their memory will live on in our recollections of the precious time we shared together — and through their work, their performances captured in countless frames of images, ever ready to dance across the screen and come to life again, if only for a while.”

What did you think of the In-Memoriam Tribute at the 2024 SAG Awards and seeing a lot of familiar faces being included who represent the soaps? Comment. below.

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