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Hunter Tylo Returns To The Bold and the Beautiful!


In a major surprise, none other than longtime fan favorite, Hunter Tylo (Taylor) reappeared on yesterday’s episode of The Bold and the Beautiful!

Heading for a major confrontation, Taylor made a unexpected visit to Dollar Bill Spencer (Don Diamont), where she railed at him for sleeping and “taking advantage” of Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood).

Seems like B&B kept another shocking comeback under-wraps as they did previously when Kimberlin Brown showed back up on the canvas as Sheila Carter.

The story continues Friday as Taylor is quite upset with Bill.  Just how long Tylo is back for has not been revealed as of yet, but having Taylor back does re-ignite old flames, and longtime nemesis’

Watch Taylor’s return after the jump! Then let us know, were you shocked to see Hunter Tylo back on B&B? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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I love, love, love Hunter Tylo and hope she’s here to take back Ridge from that extremely boring relationship he is in. Let the sparks fly between them. Yay!

Oh… another go-around of the Ridge-Brooke-Taylor triangle. Maybe it can go on with Liam-Hope-Steffy or whatever endless loop were on in the B&B universe.

That said, I have long thought Taylor’s absence in recent years has been a mistake with all that has gone on with Steffy and Thomas and all. I hope Ms. Tylo is on the canvas for awhile as she is a favorite of mine.

I am rather new th Bold-been watching about 6 years now. Taylor has been gone -she is Steffy’s mom-what else about her? Has she slept with everyone like the rest of the clan? Is she cray-cray like Sheila. I liked Sheila and hoped she would wreak some havoc, but she really didn’t. I liked Sally Spectra and the Spectra gang as well, but they are now gone. Show seems to focus on only one storyline and it is always “torn between two-or more lovers.” Love $ Bill, hate him being so mean. Want him to buy a ranch and become a cowboy. Miss the Avant family and Quinn being scheming.

This is great! Love the comment

I am glad we finally got Steffy’s mother back I was beginning to think she did not have one my sis called me and I taped it because I have not watched for months even a short visit is welcomed.

When I was younger, I thought that Hunter Tylo was the most beautiful woman-just gorgeous!

I thought so too until she had her lips done. She is a natural beauty. She didn’t need to do anything. In my opinion, why tamper with perfection? Wasn’t Taylor having a fling with Thorne a few years back when his daughter was still alive. I remember Taylor counseling her about missing her mother, and Taylor fighting with her about the relationship with Thorne. Unless, I missed something, Thorne never mentioned Taylor since he came back. He just zeroed right in on Brooke and Katie.

Yes, taylor was a no show at Aly’s funeral, which I thought was odd, seeing she was involved in Aly’s storylines and also the trauma Aly’s death caused fo Steffy. I actually stopped watching Bold on a regular basis after the shoddy way they treated Aly’s character and Thorne at the time, well it was the straw that broke the camels back.

I wasn’t watching when Hunter was on (I’m a real “newbie” to the show; think about a year now) but I am familiar with her. She was gorgeous! Still is…

I think it’s great casting in terms of her and “Steffy”; they look so much alike!

I may be messing up her name-but Starr Manning-Kristin Alderson? -anyway, just read she is joining some new off-Broadway musical. I do wish now that ABC has the rights to the characters from AMC/OLTL back they would have Starr back or maybe visits from others-though I know the purists hate that. I forgot about Coco-she never really registered with me or her boyfriend, either. I am glad Courtney will be back. Jacob Young has hardly been on at all -it must be a great job to be on contract at Bold and never have to work. This show I am new too as well-about 6 years or so I think-has really dragged last few months for me-used to be super-exciting and bizarre and hope it gets back to that.
I get what you were saying about The Resident- I tuned in for Erika only, but love some of the other cast and will give it another shot-maybe because I don’t really know who or what-and was mostly focused on seeing Erika-anyway am going to give it another shot.

She certainly had a dramatic entrance, eh? Wanted to mention re Monica GH- Paul-from Y&R responded to Nathan Varni’s tweet to Leslie in which he said how they could not wait to have her back-classic one word- “Really?”
Doug Davidson. It was perfect, honest, startling-and then Varni deleted his tweet.
Never saw Gilmore Girls-but seems I am missing out. Did you watch Providence?

Hi Phyllis (by the way, I have to give you kudos! You’ve got quite the wit and I enjoy much of your writing.)

Yes; you’re correct. Kristen Alderson played Starr Manning (Todd’s daughter who was played by Roger Howarth…who’s now playing Franco on GH! You might have known this but figured I’d fill you in just in case.) I read, too, that she was joining the cast on off-Broadway. Good for her! She loves singing so this might be just up her alley.

I’m with you. I wouldn’t mind seeing some OLTL characters cross over to GH but not at the expense of GH vets that don’t get any or much airtime. The budget has put quite the crimp in who they and and can’t afford. Given that, I’m just glad we still have the show.

Coco and RJ aren’t the “must-see” on B&B but I liked them. Specifically, RJ. He’s going to be quite the looker when he’s older. (He’s probably quite the little heartthrob to the younger set now.) And, they’re the only “young” generation on B&B so the show needs them. Creates a balance and he’s a nice element to Ridge and Brook’s family.

Jacob Young has been changed to recurring status which is why we see less of him. Says he’s happy about it so he can pursue other film/TV options, as well. Makes sense from his perspective if he doesn’t need the steady paycheck.

Nope; never saw Providence. But I watch way too much as it is. Usually on a binge. Can’t-sleep nights, rainy days, lazy Sundays. Fun!

You NEVER saw The Gilmore Girls!!!! GASP!!!! You HAVE to watch that if you can. The original series starting with season one. I cannot say enough good things about that show: just a feel-good, charming, quick-witted, warm, cozy feel. Clever dialogue (snappy banter), great relationships, set in a quaint town/microcosm. You can probably get the DVDs from your library. Please consider it. It’s the total escape from the world’s madness!

The minority characters are vanishing. This show is just not enjoyable anymore.

This is classic B&B storytelling for the last many years. They only write one story at a time. If a character doesn’t fit into the particular story which is front and center, they are marginalized to the side.

Huh? I’m not buying any bridges today, thanks.

I’m happy she’s back. This may explain the recent cast trimming in order to free up some budget $$$$. Pretty soon there will only be characters who are directly related to Liam, Steffy and Hope. Cutting Courtney Hope loose was a pretty big blunder in my opinion…maybe Frank Valentini will run into her with Chad Duell in the General Hospital parking lot and make another hire there. It would be a good one. Is it too insensitive to have her be a Starr Manning recast?

I really like Courttney, too. I hope we don’t lose Haley Erin but if we do I’ve mentioned before I think she’d make a great Kiki or the long-lost daughter of Nina. That’d be great casting!

I like the ” daughter of Nina” idea!

She supposedly put out a statement saying she has no plans to leave GH. I replied to a couple of your other posts to me and they were not published. I forget what I was saying-nothing earth-shattering, I am sure. A new contract player starts this week on Bold she plays an intern I think at Forrester.

Love Courtney Hope- daughter of Nina sounds good, Starr Manning seems good, too. I liked the whole clan- Saul, Darlita, Gran. I liked the Avants, too-though they only seem to get trotted out on holidays-and surely they must be sick of living in that motel. I liked the illegitimate sister Avant, too. I am tired of the triangles and mate-and-switch. I was hoping Liam in his latest unstable state would reclaim Eve/Quinn as his wife and perhaps whisk her off to either another dump motel or a secluded cabin to bear his children. Sheila really never wreaked any havoc-except on the poor customers waiting for their food where she waits tables. Hoping for more excitement, pace is dragging, bigtime.

Hi Phyllis…

Starr Manning is still hangin’ out with Todd and McBain over in Llanview somewhere. She hasn’t graced Port Charles with her presence since OLTL’s cancellation and was then quickly whisked back to her hometown and out of Port Chuck. Did you mean as Kiki? I agree! As I posted I think Courtney would be great for both roles! And Michael (Chad Duell) would have his real life flame to keep on eye on Nell and her nefarious ways…

I like Saul, Darita and Gran, too. And, what’s going to happen to Coco??? Perhaps they should all come over to GH and live with Monica; she needs some replacements for all the Quartermaine’s that they’ve killed off. I can just hear all the bickering and squabbling now. Could be grand!

Not a fan. Unrecognizable.

She should channel some anger Sheila’s way for “killing” her in 2002!

I think that I’ve missed something (which wouldn’t be hard because, in recent years, I’ve been able to tolerate B&B in very short viewings)……

Why is Taylor using a cane? Her voice also seemed “hesitant’ to me? Has Taylor had a stroke?

She said she took a fall. I’m guessing it will be the night of the shooting. It may also have something to do with a real life injury that I think I heard about.

Someone needs to sue Bill for people falling on dangerous sidewalks on his properties

Who took a fall? Taylor or Hunter?

Taylor said on screen that she took a fall when Bill asked her why she was sporting the cane. However, I did hear that she had an injury in real life. I’m not sure if the injury was foot or leg-related.

OK, all I can think about is the huge bad blood between Brown and Tylo. Does no one remember this? It was the hugest feud in daytime for a whie there. They went from BFFs to sworn enemies. What is their offscreen deal now? Michael Fairman, I charge you with ferreting out that dish!!

I was thinking the same thing! I do think Kimberlin will be off soon as her contract has got to be almost up (it was for 1 year). Plus, she’s planning on running for office, so she won’t be able to stay on board given the “equal time” laws.

I remember it well. Even though they went from best friends to enemies, they still had to sometimes work together , sharing several scenes long after the public feud. It’s been almost 25 years since that transpired, I’m sure they’re over it enough to work together again if story dictates.

Kimberlin testified for Michael and told the court Hunter was a unfit mother. No problem both off the show

When she and Michael were going to get divorced the first time they both lived in my area when we and both couples lived in Vegas their were as usual issues I think Tylo fell on set with that show Hollywood something now getting out of another abusive marriage oh Hollywood got to love it!

NO MATTER – after all these years

I’ve always preferred… Hunter Tyler to Katherine Kelly Lang. KKL is done in. she’s resting and going to be buried in this

Apparently I’m in the minority here. I’m LESS THAN PLEASED that Hunter Tylo is back. I’ve never liked her as an actress and can’t stand Taylor either. Let’s just hope that this is an extremely short visit.

Not really interested in her return. The only thing I want from Bold is get back to good writing that has been missing about 15-20 years. It doesn´t matter who comes back unless they fix this mess of a show. Many people who have watched from the beginning, myself included have left, because the show is mess. As an adult I coudn´t give less about Hope/Steffy/Liam saga. When all characters act totally out of character, don´t remember their own history in the show and it´s all about bedhopping. No thanks! Even the die hard fans leave because there is nothing left. wanna back the show I grew up with, but with the smart writing. Most of us don´t wanna see Bridge together, guy who has raped and abused Brooke for years. We wanna see some real drama, true love and a little of depth. Not another reality show. If I have to choose between Bold and Kardashians, Kardashians is much more entertaining. And that tells about how crappy Bold is these days…

I agree with you. The Hope-Liam-Steffy triangle needs to go. Honestly, they should just get rid of the Spencers. Get back to the Foresters, Avants, and Spectras.

Why do all of the characters have to sleep with each other and/or be at odds? Why can’t they unite against a common foe ala Days’ supercouple storylines from the 1980s?

I think Hope/Liam/Steffy is just rework of Brooke/Ridge/Taylor. What happened to Carter saying he still crushed on Maya? Why get rid of the Spectra competition? Let’s see some fashion shows! Everyone is all settled, so we need new conflict starting up, and I don’t mean Thorne/Rick/Thomas wanting to be CEO while Steffy is on maternity leave! Get RJ on drugs! Let Bill blackmail Taylor into being a Stepford wife for him! Let Pam and Charlie adopt some kids and start a boy band…lol!

I love $Bill Spencer. I am way tired of mate and switch. I want Bill to become a newfangled Asa Buchanan rancher/cowboy and have some wild west fun.

Agreed-can’t stand Steffy, and the new actress who plays Hope is like nails on a chalkboard.

Glad to see Taylor back!

Well blink and you will miss her she will be gone and no scenes with fake Ridge and her character destroyed again for the blonde slut of the valley. Brooke ought to have a std by now ugh

By the way talking about the character not Kelly

I may be in the minority here but i am loving the show! The only sad part is loosing Courtney 🙁 that is eeally sad. I also hope she goes to GH. She would fit there very well. Especially as a new Kiki or a new Brooklynn. Im loving new Hope, she is subtle yet strong. I hope Hope wins Liam in the end. I love to hate Bill so that means he is doing something right…. Brooke has grown a lot with the years and im enjoying her and Ridge this time. Still wish she would go back to Eric but i sadly do not see that happening. Keep watching guys all stories could change by the time you read this!

Like that Taylor is back. Hope they don”t have her messing with Brook and Ridge. Maybe with Bill. If he can”t have the daughter he can be with her mother. Do not like the new Hope she is annoying. Like Wyatt and Katie together. Also like Thomas and Sally. Wish they would have expanded on that. Do not like the new Thorn either,

Ok so I watched and Y&R has taught me be abused kill them bury them and that makes it right! Ok mom comes back years later shoots man and man blackmails to get daughter in law ! Ok yep all in!!!

The second part is concerning B&B very frustrated Bill Bell created a smart intelligent woman in Taylor in two episodes his son blew it all to hell!

I Can’t believe that my theory of who shot Bill had come true. I had mentioned Taylor as a possibility and how secretive Brad Bell has been in surprising the viewers. First Sheila and now Taylor. I just knew that another actor/actress would keep the surprise or disguise from the studio folks and the viewers. Welcome home Hunter Tylo! We are glad you are back. We missed you these past four years!

Since Taylor has now, uh, confessed to shooting Bill, PLEASE let this be a short visit.

Just saying……….


So glad Hunter Tylo has returned. I have been watching the show since day one. Never have missed an episode. She is the best actress on the show. She gets things done and puts them in their place. Welcome back Hunter and hope you are here to stay.
Far as Bold and The Beautiful, Bell I think this really needs to be an hour show and more character’s. With 30 minutes everyone has about slept with each other. This move on an make it an hour show and bring new people in. I still give you a 5 star rating. #LOVEME SOME BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL

Well, that was short and NOT so sweet!
Thank god she’s gone because THIS return was awful!
Hunter looked awful with that blond hair!
Her acting was awful! (Blame that on the horrific writing!!)
Making her the shooter was awful!

Hunter was off the show when I started watching, but I had never thought Taylor was a pathetic character.

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