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Ian Buchanan Returns To General Hospital For A Few Key Episodes!

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Many General Hospital fans have loved Ian Buchanan’s portrayal of Duke Lavery.  And after a shocking story exit in May of 2015, when the character was gunned-down in cold blood, it left Duke’s on-screen lady love, Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) in a terrible place grieving him and thinking she murdered his assailant, Carlos Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise).  That however proved not exactly to be true, since Carlos survived and alive.

Now Ian is on his way back to GH for several episodes where he will play an apparation of Duke in scenes with Finola Hughes beginning next week, Ian shared his enthusiasm on coming back to GH for some episodes with Soap Opera Digest in this week’s issue on newsstands everywhere by Friday.

Buchanan shared: “I wasn’t quite sure what it meant when I was told that I would be an apparition, but I felt like, ‘Well, that’s fine. I can do that! I can be apparitious!’ And it was great; I had a great time, but it was bittersweet, of course.”‘

The actor also weighed-in on the reveal that Matt Cohen’s Dr. Griffin Munro is actually Duke’s son.  Buchanan said, “I saw the scenes he did with Finola when it was revealed he was Duke’s son and I think it’s a really nicely told story. They’re great together.”

Are you looking forward to seeing Ian and Finola as Anna and Duke share scenes beginning next week on General Hospital? Comment below,

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The ghost of Duke returning to comfort Anna, at least until they decide to resurrect Duke (again) and rehire Ian long-term. Good to see him back though.

We will take Duke ANYWAY we can get him! He was either let go nicely last year or he is letting bygones be bygones? Either way, love Ian!

I completely agree Timmm!

Better than nothing…

“I can be apparitious”… lol jimh sounds like you

This whole Anna grieving story is horrible and they need to move her on from this. They have really brought the character of Anna down to a really bad level over a mobster who was ordering hits on woman feds. Anna never even mourned her own daughter like this or went after the people who kidnapped and tortured her for years. Dr O was COS and is still allowed to walk around free after also nearly killing Duke and Robert. If ghost Duke is the last we ever see or hear of him, Im all for it.I found the character boring when he was on and I find the constant mentioning of him even more boring if possible.

Let the stone throwing begin! You are speaking ill of two beloved characters!

Oh Carlee, thanks for saying it so well. I know I’m in a minority, but I never understood the magical appeal of Mr. Lavery and I also hate that he dragged Anna down as well. Finola is doing some of her best work ever recently and I’d like to see it used with other characters, especially Griffin. A very small dose of Duke will suffice for me.


The same show I have been watching. Duke was a character that was barely acknowledged for 20+ years prior to 2012. Came back and the Duke and Anna pairing bombed because the actors have ZERO sexual chemistry. So much so that they broke up this pair 7 months and 3 minutes before they killed off the character. Then they finally kill him off because they realized the character is an abysmal bore, and to finally give Anna story after 3 years of being saddled with the character. New writers come in and decide that canonizing Duke is necessary in justifying her plugging an unarmed man 4 times and to integrate the newbie ab model of the month. In the process they have reduced Anna to a criminal hypocrite over a mobster who was ordering hits on people including a woman fed with a son who was also a close friend and partner of Anna’s. Now she goes around seeking “justice for Duke” so much so she should just wear a t-shirt to save on dialogue, crying in every scene and has accepted this “son” of Duke’s without any questions, concerns or hello an investigators eye/ear that maybe something is not right with him providing the DNA test results or even asking who his mother was.

This is not Anna Devane

Maria – Anna DID get DNA proof before accepting Munroe as Duke’s son, and he willingly provided it. We watched the scene where she offered him tea or water and took the cup, of which he saw and encouraged, feeling confident it would show the truth. He bears a striking resemblance to the younger Ian Buchannon and the casting was excellent, though would have been nicer to bring him on when Duke was still alive. Ah well….

I personally don’t care for characters who are dead reappearing as ghosts or apparitions. I say either bring them back to life (this has been done many times on all soaps) or just let them stay six feet under. I like the character of Duke but not in this context.

I vote for leaving them 6 feet underf. Dead is dead!!

Duke is alive, locked up with Alan Quartermaine and Emily. They are all well and alive. Helena is alive too. Stavros has the hostages locked up in a basement.

Love me some Duke and Ian Buchanan! I was just watching some Anna and Duke scenes from 1986 on YouTube!

Duke needs to stay dead, but if he has to come back for a few episodes for Anna to stop crying, let it be. Worst Anna story ever!!

Instead of bringing Duke back as a ghost, how about undoing the terrible writing of Ron Carlivati, and bringing him back permanently? I’m over the back from the dead stories in most cases, but this is one instance where I would make an exception to that opinion.

It’s not a coincidence that the ratings plummeted after they killed Duke. They should have never killed off a beloved legacy character like that. I don’t care if Ian asked off the show, or whether they fired him, whatever the real story is, no one here knows, send Duke out of town, into hiding because of the mob stuff, back to prison, something, anything other than killing off the character.

The story that followed certainly wasn’t worth getting rid of a character with ties to the show dating back 30 years. Especially now that they decided to give him a son. I would love to see Duke get to meet Matt, and see Anna have some happiness for the first time in a year.

Hey, Dan! I’m with you1 Undo the terrible writing!

Yes, undo the horrible writing of RC and Duke is still dead from 1990

It wasn’t Ian fault he was killed off RC was the culprit there like hes done to other actors

If they can resurrect CARRRRRRRLOS why not Duke? I cannot stand Carlos and I love Duke. He has his dry spots BUT with his “Son” coming forward now Duke would have something to do besides Tango with Anna.

Timm they need to kill Carrrlosssss off already . Sabrina needs to get with Michael already

No one stays dead in daytime, Duke is alive and next year he will be back on contract.

I can not take one more Anna freaking out over duke..
Anna’s character has been destroyed.
Anna was a very in control smart woman, on top of the heap.. Now she is crazy weak and unwatchable. What a shame..
Anyway.. this Duke crap has gone on and on and is a total empty story.

((I do not care about a Duke return, I no longer care about Anna.. I am more than done with the Duke junk.
ZZZzzzzZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !

First of all, blame your idol Ron for killing off Duke, which resulted in this story. Second of all, have you ever lost anyone close to you? It’s not something you just snap your fingers and get over. What they’re portraying with Anna is a very true and very realistic way that most people cope with the loss of their true love. Sorry that they’re trying to tell a story with genuine heart and emotion, instead of having characters unmask like a Scooby Doo cartoon, or people having sex in a mausoleum.

Amen Dan AND Finola should have won an Emmy THIS year and better get one in 2017! She is great!

well if u don’t like them bringing people back from the dead then stop watch it. or you can watch it and stop complaining.

I’m looking forward to it. I also wish there was some way to bring Duke back; yet I’m not a fan of returning from the dead. Hopefully, the scenes will be sweet and provide Anna with some closure.

Bringing Duke back would be easy– Carlos shot an imposter in a Duke mask- the real Duke was imprisoned again, finally escapes and is alive and well–so the question isn’t how they could bring him back but whether they should. Characters are only interesting if the writers give them a story and while Ian was portraying Faison in a Duke mask he had something to do, but when it was just Duke, the writers left him on the back burner for most of the time that he wasn’t on much anyway. So unless the writers have a long term plan then the character should remain dead-


I think Anna needs to move on. Frankly, yesterday’s long boring talk eith Duke’s BORING son was excruciating to watch. I love Finola and she is fab at what she does but all this crying? Make it stop.

I have loved Duke and Anna together since they first met decades ago. Nothing would make me happier than to see him come back from the dead. It was criminal that he was killed off.
I think Finola Hughes has done an outstanding job portraying her grief. Anyone who has lost someone they love that much knows that grief knows no timetable and rationality goes out the window. She’s been brilliant. I’ve been on the edge of me seat watching her, such a powerful actress. She blows me away. The writing is good again and my 30+ love affair with GH continues. I can’t wait to see Duke. I’ll take him any way I can get him!

I think the honesty of Anna’s grief over Duke has been well played. Grief is a scary monster. We all process it deeply and Anna has NEVER been just a surface character and her scenes dealing with the loss of Duke have been honest and sometimes really raw. Finola Hughes takes standard material and brings it to a higher level. Who else in daytime has that power? Very few. I know this seems like a long time to mourn but she is coming around and starting to live her life again. I will never condemn GH for the storylines as long as they are well acted and well written. I can’t wait for what’s next. They so deserved that Emmy and they have my attention for what is about to come. Go Anna!

If this ends all the Duke Crap and the crying and whining of what once was a formidable kick butt heroine, one who kept me glue to my screen I wouldn’t want to miss a single then so be it. Bring him on as a ghost for a day if that’s what it takes to make her realize she needs to put an end to this obsession of hers and MOVE ON. So sick of what this storyline has done to Anna, the Duke worship, the inability to see him fo who he really was and what she calls “justice for Duke” is destroying her with each passing scene. Sorry Mr. B but Duke is proving to be Anna’s downfall and is better off left dead.

I am over the moon that Duke is coming back even if only as a ghost. I do hope that he can return and stay at some point in the future. He is one of the vets of GH and helped make it a hit for many years. The actor playing his son has enough of Duke’s looks and traits to fulfill the son role very well and I would like to see Duke, Anna and Dr. Griffin try to become the family the writers have hinted at. BRING IT ON.!!!!!

I love that Ian is returning. Anna and Duke are my favorite couple on GH. Look forward to Duke being alive and getting to know his son. Excited to hear about his story. I don’t believe he is just an apparition.

All this nonstop Duke, Duke, Duke and him being a saint everyday has not only made me hate Duke/Anna the couple but now I’m bored with Anna. I’m so over the whole thing, the writers has went overboard with it. I’m tired of hearing about him, tired of Anna weeping and acting like a crazy lady, I’m over Anna and Duke..Bring on another super couple pair, Robert and Holly would be nice and a change of pace.

I am so glad they chose to bring Duke back – even as a ghost.
I can’t wait to see the episodes.

Hey, while they’re at it, why not bring back Tristan Rogers and Robert Scorpio (sans Luke, by the way). HOW painful to say that–and then remember that once-great team. Oh, my!
Can always watch on youtube as someone said above.

They should bring back Genie Francis!


where have u been Genie has been back for a while now

Love Ian: please bring him back permantly!

Bring him back permanently! Love him and Anna doing the tango!

It’s about time! Anna has needed Duke’s presence/solace this past year, and I’ve needed to see Ian Buchanan.

So happy to see Ian back if only as an apparition. Would love to see him back full time, but after all of Anna’s emotional scenes, and his already near miss in the clinic (Faison/Dr. O) even I don’t want to see him appear alive on a soap “suspend reality.” Or who knows, maybe I could handle it!

I’m guessing that Duke is back to enlist Anna’s help after lost all his afterlife savings in a Ponzi scheme perpetrated by Raymond Berlin, father of Rachel Berlin…

it used to be that “ghosts’, ‘back from the dead”, identical evil doers, split personality, transplants, and sexual idenities were unusual and perked up a show . Now it is so common not even just on soaps but on the same show with the same characters —-it packs no punch anymore and just seems more and more like nonsense.
FH is a great actress and probably can pull it off, but just think a little more innovation would be nice. I rather see anna look at Griffin have him temporarily morph into Duke and do whatever to move her on.

I have to say that Matt Cohen (Griffin) is an extremely talented young actor with a great future. His scenes with Finola Hughes are exceptional. What a terrific addition to the GH staff and the storyline. As for Ian Buchanan’s death, I think it was outrageously a mistake. There have been far too many wonderful characters with great future story potential killed off for stupid reasons, not only on GH, but other shows as well. Don’t have time enough to list them all.

He needs to be brought back as more than just an apparition. I want to see Duke back permanently! Finola Hughes and Ian Buchanan are magic together, even with an awful writing regime. With Griffin in the mix now the possibilities are endless for story potential.

Me too Lisa .he’s a wonderful actor

Yes, great news, but I truly was hoping they could some way bring Ian back alive again.

YEAH!!!! I would love for him to return for real… but I will take anything we can get.

Yes seeing Ian again will be so great. I think it’s a great idea and hope that he has
one more dance with Anna.


We can only hope that TPTB are reading all these comments. Duke and Anna are FAR from over. There is so much more story potential for them…on and on.

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