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Ingo Rademacher Back To General Hospital As Jax

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

What a fun reveal by General Hospital and Ingo Rademacher!  And with that, look who’s coming home to Port Charles?  Hot on the heels of his stop over at The Bold and the Beautiful where he took over the role of Thorne Forrester, the GH fan favorite is back at his old stomping grounds.

In the video teaser, Jax and Carly’s (Laura Wright) last goodbye scene plays, which aired the last time Ingo was on GH, and then the camera pans to the back of a man’s head watching the TV

“Oh, come on!  Well, that can’t be the end. Cause it’s not,” says the guy.  In true soap opera fashion, the camera reveals it’s Rademacher who states: “I’m coming back to General Hospital and Jax’s legacy is going to continue in a big way. See you soon.”

So, will Jax be back in Carly’s arms or someone else’s? What will happen when Josslyn (Eden McCoy) reunites with her father?  Will Jax be involved in a major mystery? Share your thoughts on Ingo’s return to GH via the comment section below.  But first, check out the teaser video that contained this exciting cast addition announcement.

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Please, GH, don’t AJ him!

YES! I am so happy this is happening. Since it was announced he left the role as Thorne, I was hoping he’d come back as Jax. And, with this, I am hoping that the writers [finally] put him and Carly together in an official capacity, because Ingo and Laura Wright have insane chemistry together!

They do have insane chemistry. I loved CarJax.

I agree!

I am green

their chemistry if off the charts!!!

Please, no. I love Jax. Hate Carly. Would love for Jax (if he’s staying) to find true love with a good woman.

Ha…or, alternatively, would LOVE to see him with Ava which would just KILL Carly!

Ingo and Maura would have combustable chemistry, and would love the pairing of AJax!

That’s because we’ve been over “Carlyized” too much of her is just
that, TOO MUCH.

Rebecca, I like Jax too, which I feel he does a better job as, than he did as Thorne on B&B.
As far as being with Ava, Ryan deserves her, but not Jax, although Carly would have a coronary, wouldn’t she, ha!

Hi, Violet…long time. Hope all’s well! I love Ava! I think she’s a complex character with a lot of good and love just waiting for the right person to share it with. I’d take her over Carly ANY DAY!!!

But..I was kinda joshin’ about her and Jax. Who knows, though. That would be a kick…and a kick in the arse to Carly which would be the icing on the cake. Scott’s always had a thing for Ava.

Ryan? He’s a psychopath/sociopath. Ava does not deserve that. She’s normal…whatever the criminal element in Port Charles is. She’s in no way mentally unstable. I want her to find true love!

I knew he would come back to gh, this is great news, hope they do him and the character of Jax justice and not let him be a punching bag for characters like Carly,sonny and Jason. GH should bring Hayden back too, let her come into his universe, it be great to see her back as well.

Oh, I agree, aria. Sonny and Carly’s reign as the judgment of all other beings is beyond sickening. I’d love to see Jax finally get over Carly and move on to a new relationship.

But, I couldn’t stand Hayden. I do like the D.A….she might be a great fit for Jax!

Yeah, just what I want… to see Jax flounder around… w/ Carly. thankfully we do not see any sex scenes with Sonny AND Carly.

Whatever they do, PLEASE not Jax and Carly round three or is it four?

Agree. I wouldn’t subject Carly to anyone so I’m hoping Jax is finally over her. Not that I understand why he was ever into her…

I really did like him as Thorne on B&B but am glad he will be back as Jax on GH. It sounds like he will be around for a while. always hated it when he would just pop up for visits.

I called this one a couple months ago, when he said he would only be going “home” to Hawaii for a short time, and then be “back to the mainland for work”.

Hopefully they can write a decent story for Jax and NOT involve the 666th re-enactment of a triangle with Carly & Sonny (or Brenda, for that matter)

Now…. on the other horn…. whenever Jax shows up, his brother Jerry is usually not far behind. Wonder if he’s going to show up next?

That’d be cool, for Jerry to show up and create all kinds of havoc. I’d love to see Roche again.

They already got a triangle with Jason, Sonny and Carly-Jason always been Sonny’s true love!!!!

LOL; jimh. I think you got it right the first time with the triangle. Jason’s co-dependence on the despicable duo is nauseating.

this is of little to no importance.. dependent on how in the clutches Jax is with Sonny. why would Shelley and Chris lessen the value of the aging kingpin. what’s going on with Margo ? could we really belly laugh Sonny getting jealous of Carly w/Jax.. again ? these old stalwarts, have lost all their luster

save for Jax who was steaming hot with Robin Christopher’ Skye. other wise.. PULEASE for the sake of embarrassment… do not go the romantic route with Carly.

Patrick…Now that we have found Carly could be pregnant with Sonny’s child, hope this means Jax won’t be teamed up with Carly again. But who? And please not Ava after she finds out Ryan is Kiki’s killer. On the other hand, so far, Sonny isn’t very supportive of Carly having a child because of her age and past health history. ????

???? LOL I am just as stumped.. as this is NEWS… Carly having Morgan2 ? this was supposed to be what should have happened to Felicia and Big Mac !!!!

in real life Laura Wright is 48
in real life Maurice Benard is 55

argh! does this mean that this boring twosome will lessen up on Avery ? once THEIR child is born ? a playmate for their grandchild , w/so staid Michael’s Wiley?

the only WOMAN for Jax : Skye Quartermaine.. w/Lila in tow

perhaps Carly being preggers will calm the expletive down. I’m just so over her… along with aging kingpin… AND I did catch his Victoria Gotti Lifetime MOVE ie, NO? NO NO absolute dumb down , in the skids , just trash

year in and year out… from all his arrests and jail time… the leaving the children, being united… blah blah blah… this is it? the only “draw” was watching thee Victoria Gotti scenes in ALL her reverence skeletal and all.. ala grand aplomb nosedive . AND her faithful attentiveness at dear ole daddy

I watch
I pay attention
I care
I do not give a rats ass what Frank Valentini IS
his star treatment of Carly and Sonny is killing this show

I also caught her dead on Lifetime movie as well… it drew a staid #117 out of 150 cable programs for that night. so who’s to say … REALLY what drives a persons mentality to adorn these two

Ingo Rademacher … what a blissful man and reminder of just how far Laura Wright Carly has gone. have the dead man walking’s baby.

I think Morgan may be on his way back…..but not in the form of Craig.
I may have mis-heard Sonny, but wasn’t he describing Morgan as having a great smile and big brown eyes? Craig has blue eyes.
Why go through the trouble of mentioning Morgan’s eye-coloring ( the wrong color, at that) in such big fanfare if not for an impending resurrection?
I can’t even check back—not on my DVR, any longer.
Just a hunch.

Patrick, I do agree. Skye Chandler was a throwback to Rita Hayworth and I loved, loved, loved her with Jax. They looked so good together. I also have no interest in the Shiloh story and there is way too much emphasis on Victoria Gotti (Christina) lately. She still comes off as a petulant, little brat. Speaking of Victoria Gotti, I did watch that Lifetime series and there is 90 minutes I will never get back. I have no idea why I hung in there. Maybe I thought it would get better but it just got worse. Watching Maurice playing Sonny playing John Gotti was akin to watching my dog bark at the hail storm yesterday in our backyard. (Mother Nature is really pounding us out here in California lately).

I’d love for Jax to be completely and forever over Carly…and for them to kill Carly off. As for Jax? I like the D.A. She’s got a tough exterior but a warm, fuzzy side that’s peeked out several times. I think they’d be dynamic together.

rebecca1…what I would really like is if Rena Sofer quit Bold and Beautiful (she’s not getting much air time right now anyway), and moved back to General Hospital as Lois Cerullo/Ashton to pick up with Jax. They were very entertaining as friends/almost couple back when, especially when they arrived at about the same time in Port Charles.

I don’t see that happening but interesting thought. As for B&B, months back all we saw was Quinn and Eric. I think, but I’m not sure, that John McCook had hip surgery or something and so was off for a bit; perhaps that’s why Rena wasn’t on, as well. But it’s true, they really went from all to nothing with her. Sonny and Ned would go ballistic if Jax wound up with Lois. But, I’d rather see Carly go ballistic so I’m sticking with my DA choice! 😉

Loved Poldark and Outlander this past year. But the wait between seasons is ridiculous! Heard Poldark might be in its last year… 🙁

rebecca1…It was just a pipe dream. I just miss the kind of humor and “drama” Lois, Jax and Ned brought to Port Charles. Sorry to hear about John McCook if he had this surgery. I’m a vet of it so I know. I tried to get into Outlander this year, but I just couldn’t. Maybe I”ll try again if it’s re-run. But a welcome surprise on Sunday night is that PBS has been running their original Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth, one hr per week. Something to look forward to. Am also liking a re-run of programs called The Closer, followed by Major Crimes. I had missed them the first time. Love the cast. Even Patrick/”Valentin” has made an appearance as a lawyer. I totally agree about the wait between seasons on several shows I like. Or they go to another “network” that I don’t get. You almost lose the thread of the story or interest. I am now filling out a daily tv ratings by hour questionaire for the next few weeks. I intend to make this as one of my main comments. And have been limiting the news. I’s rather have the unreality of some of my favorite tv shows. Luckily I’m still working limited hours at the bookstore. Nice to see what real people are interested
in and buying.

Outlander has never come close to its first two seasons for me; I haven’t read the books yet so I only go by the TV production…but it was just magical when Claire arrived…a whole new world, century, the original gang of “bandits”…the costumes, galas, intrigue, clans, just a mystical experience. And, of course, the “young” Claire and Jamie and their incredible love story. Escapism at its best. Still, I find myself drawn to the show and engrossed…though not as enchanted. I’ll miss it til it comes round again for the next season.

I can’t even begin to list the shows I watch! LOL; way too many. But, to my defense, I watch them at off hours; primarily on insomniac nights…or, just into the wee hours because I’ve always been a night owl. So, TV doesn’t interfere with being in life; it’s my “after hours” go-to. Counterpart, A Million Little Things, This Is Us, True Detective, Manifest…waiting for the last season of GOT, still love Younger, Westworld, etc, etc. So much quality TV. Oh; and Lucifer. Hoping then new season on netflix doesn’t disappoint.

Did you see Bohemian Rhapsody or A Star Is Born? Loved them both so much. I’ve been watching actual Freddy Mercury videos over and over on youtube (cast to my TV screen) and I forgot how mesmerizing he was. Rami Malek was outstanding. And Bradley Cooper? Lady Gaga? Can’t get their duet, Shallow, out of my head. Bradley’s “Jackson” stole my heart. If you haven’t seen either of these I recommend both. Highly.

rebecca1…Like you I loved the first few seasons of Outlander, but haven’t gotten into it since they came to America. Love Queen. Will see the movie. Hope Lucifer comes on regular tv since I don’t have netflix. Looking for next Handmaiden and Call Saul. by the way there is a group call Creation that is big on StarTrek conventions, the main one in Las Vegas. They will also be having a Lucifer one as well, and their first GH one coming up.
Oh for unlimited time and money! :))

Ingo Rademacher/Jax is back!!
Awesome- I needed that!
OK- I need to be a GH character and have 6 hot hot and hotter sex scenes with him; make it happen LOL..

How long will he actually stay?
Forever is not long enough!

Only downside- he will be with Carly, not good not good at all 🙁

Hi again, su000. Glad you’re feeling a bit better–anticipating hot Jax scenes! 🙂
Maybe you’ll now find it in your heart to ease up a bit on the vitriol towards Laura? Here’s hoping! 🙂 🙂

nancy…by Laura you mean Carly? Oh…vitriol is mild for how I feel about Carly. Couldn’t despise a character more. Would love for her to be Ryan’s next victim…

Rebecca, you may get your wish, but in another way. I have read several items, that claim she is not pregnant but has ovarian cancer, which can mimic pregnancy. We’ll see.

I heard those rumors, too, Violet, but it seems the pregnancy was confirmed by Kim on Friday. Can only hope Carly loses it…the thought of another mini Carly on the show is cringe-worthy. I honestly don’t know that the writers are thinking. They should be growing the Spencers and the Quartermaine’s…not more obnoxious Carly’s.

Oh how I wish they’d write her and that sneer plus giggle off the show.

Suoo is like escargot–you have to develop a taste for her. I like SUOO–she’s like me in that she loves and hates fictional characters passionately. There is no middle ground with her. We seldom agree on whom we love or hate but I appreciate that she so adeptly separates fiction from non-fiction. It took me awhile to learn to appreciate her as she used to really push my buttons, But I think I get her now and I am always happy to see her here as I am happy to see you, Miss Nancy.

Right back at you Harry! Happy to see you also! 🙂

And while we’re at it, su, do you think we could persuade Jax to grow out that beautiful leonine head of hair he used to sport and dispense with whatever mixed-salad haircut he now sports? Just hoping! 🙂

hi nancy ..
While Jax and I are having pillow talk, I will bring up his beautiful leonine head to return to it, just for you LOL !

Thanks so much, su!
I’m forever in your debt! 🙂

hi Nancy–
It’s my pleasure, indeed lol
I can’t guarantee hoe his head will look in the future but I’m going to try to make it so for you LOL

Hmmmm, SuzieQ. —-I don’t feel the allure!! Me no like this guy….I don’t know why! LOL.

ahaa Celia, good to know you ”no like this guy” then I have no competition!

((WHEW! — no I don’t have to share!

Aha–one for you, my friend!!❤️

So great to have Jax back…


So was this already in the works when he decided to leave B&B? Kinda feel duped. Not that he was doing anything much on B&B so can’t really fault him for leaving. Once he married Katie, Thorne’s storyline disappeared. It’s like Brad doesn’t know what to do with Thorne.

It seems Brad doesn’t know what to do with any of the characters, except Ridge, Brooke, Bill, Steffy, Wyatt and Hope. I have never seen a show with so many back-burned characters.

My prediction is that Carly will be all tingley for Jax when he first returns. Sonny and Margo will start talking more often and that will inflame Carly. But what will really be the focus of his return will be when Jax becomes involved with Margo; sending both Carly and Sonny into a tailspin. LOL!

I mentioned that several times above. I would love a Jax/Margaux thing. I actually like her…and if it drives Carly more insane than she already is that’d be the icing on the cake.

I cannot stand Margaux! I like Elizabeth Hendricks but I hate this pointless, stupid pipsqueak of a character. GH writers need to get a clue on what a DA actually does. I will tell you what DA’s don’t do. They do NOT prance around the police station in six inch heels acting like they’re police detectives. Margaux was inappropriately gleeful when Franco was arrested acting like an insensitive, unprofessional mean girl to Lizzy

Hopefully he will rain on The Corintho’s Parade…bring in the storm clouds…way too Sonny in Port Chuckie Cheesy!!!!

Ingo’s statement, “I’m coming back to General Hospital and Jax’s legacy is going to continue in a big way. See you soon.” Could it be somehow that Carly is pregnant with his child?

Hmm…could be, Timm. I mean, they’re doing amazing things packaging and mailing freeze dried items these days.

This week, so far, I think the baby is Sony’s now, it will survive BUT Carly will have a stroke since they have mentioned the possibility of a stroke twice in TWO days! When they repeat names or medical conditions, look out! [Soap Opera Rule!]

Yes! Have been wanting this so long. Imagine a quad with him and Margaux and Carson. Totally soapy!

^^^ they need to make his ‘stache just a tad darker… some edge.. WITH those eagle eyes.. that light up the most… Skye chandler Quartermaine

Hope he comes back with Brenda.

We should only be so lucky… speaking of Lucky ❓❓❓

Thank goodness..Jax and Dante are both returning to GH… for however long it last’s, I’ll take it happily. Anything’s better than the “Dawn of day” storyline
what a bomb‼️Christina’s character hasn’t grown or evolved, she’s so easily manipulated, & gullible. REALLY with her
Pedigree and her life experience thus far ❓❓That includes wasting Jason & Sam in this nonsense, their characters deserve better & so do we.

But Dante isn’t staying around long–why is it we lose Dante but are stuck with boring Chase? That actor is so bad.

Jax and Hayden!

Love that hot Ingo Rademacher as Jasper Jax is returning to General Hospital !!!!!!!! Everybody Loves Jax !!!!

Breaking News

New Details Emerge in Fatal Shooting of General Hospital’s Johnny Wactor; Was Protecting Female Co-Worker From Armed Car Thieves

The brother of Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando Corbin) has come forward with some new information on the act of violence that took the life of the General Hospital favorite on Saturday May 25th in the wee hours of the morning in downtown Los Angeles.

As valiant as man as Johnny was to all those who know and loved him, he was through and through that man till the very end. According to Grant Wactor, Johnny actually shielded a female co-worker at the time of the crime before he was fatally shot.  Three men were trying to steal Wactor’s catalytic converter from his vehicle, one of which fired the shot that killed the former GH star.

According to a new report from the Daily Mail, Wactor was leaving his side job as a bartender at a downtown LA rooftop bar with a female colleague at around 3:25am when he saw the three men near his vehicle at West Pico Boulevard and South Hope Street.

Photo: ABC

Believing he was being towed, he approached the men to try to discuss it. One of the men then looked up and pointed a gun at Wactor, who put his body in front of his female co-worker as he was shot. Police say, the three men were all wearing masks, and then fled the scene in another car.  The suspects currently remain at-large.

Grant commented on his brother’s last act of bravery, “We’re Southern, born and raised, and we would never let a female walk to their car by herself.” He added that Johnny, “Thought his truck was being towed. So he said something to the guys, like, ‘Hey, are you towing?’ And then once he turned around, he saw what was happening and he put his coworker behind him. And that’s when they shot him.

Photo: JPI

Sadly, Grant revealed, Johnny was shot in the chest, and that Johnny and his co-worker had to park about two blocks from the restaurant, so they were walking to their cars after they finished their shift when the incident unfolded.

Grant shared that he hopes justice will be served and the men are caught, “I hope they are able to track the people who did this. I am glad in a way that this is getting the publicity so that it could shed some light that things need to change, or find ways so that no one else has to experience this – whether it be a murder or being at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

In what has already been horrific that we lost Johnny to a senseless act of gun violence over an attempted theft, learning that the actor died right after protecting somebody else, only reinforces the kind of man Wactor was to all those who knew and loved him. Share your thoughts on the latest details on Johnny’s death via the comment section below.

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Breaking News

‘General Hospital’ Favorite Johnny Wactor Dead at 37

Former General Hospital cast member, Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando Corbin), has died. Wactor’s mother, Scarlett confirmed to TMZ, that her son passed away early Saturday morning on May 25th. He was 37-years-old.

The details surrounding Johnny’s death are harrowing. He was reportedly shot and killed in downtown Los Angeles after three unidentified suspects were allegedly seen trying to steal a catalytic converter from his car,” shared Scarlett. She was also told Johnny didn’t try to fight or stop them. However, the men shot him anyway before taking off and fleeing the scene of the crime.

According to police reports, the paramedics rushed to the scene just after 3 AM PT, but Wactor died on his way to the hospital. At this time, police have not shared the description of the three suspects, but Johnny’s mother, is hoping they will be found soon.

Photo: ABC

Wactor made his GH debut in 2020 as Brando and was the son of Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs). Brando fell in love with Sasha Gilmore ( got married and then the couple lost their premature son, Liam, which tore them both apart. In 2022, Brando was killed by the serial killer, The Hook, which turned to be Heather Webber (Alley Mills).

Photo: ABC

One of Johnny’s first acting credits was in 2007 on Lifetime’s Army Wives. He later starred as Johnny in NBC’s Siberia, a supernatural drama filmed in the reality competition series vein. He also had several dramatic guest-starring roles in series such as: Criminal Minds, NCIS, Station 19 and more. As well, on the film side, Wactor had a featured role in 2016’s USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage, a World War II drama starring Nicolas Cage and Tom Sizemore. More recently (in 2024), he starred as Marcus in Dead Talk Tales: Volume I.  Wactor was also seen in several national commercials.

Photo: ABC

Johnny is survived by his mother and younger brothers, Grant and Lance.

Share your thoughts and condolences for Johnny’s family, and please share your heartfelt remembrances of Johnny, who tragically is now gone too soon, via the comment section below.  Michael Fairman TV will continue to update this developing story.


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‘Entertainment Tonight’s’ Kevin Frazier and Nischelle Turner Back as Hosts for 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

CBS and The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) announced on Thursday that Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier and Nischelle Turner are set to return as hosts for the upcoming 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, airing live on Friday, June 7 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on-demand on Paramount+*.

This marks the third Daytime Emmys in a row that the ‘ET’ combo has hosted the festivities, having done son in 2022 and 2023.

In addition, Frazier and Turner are also nominated this year for Daytime Emmys in the Outstanding Daytime Personality- Daily category. That is in addition to ‘ET’ being in the running for Outstanding Entertainment News series.

Photos: CBS

Frazier has been co-host with Entertainment Tonight since September 2014. Previously, he was co-host and managing editor of The Insider and a correspondent and weekend host of ‘ET.’

As for Turner she has been the co-host of ‘ET’ since 2021. Nischelle first joined the entertainment news program as a correspondent back in 2014. Turner is an award-winning journalist with ‘ET’, and often lends her voice to entertainment and political news shows, along with joining their coverage on the Grammys, Golden Globes and Oscars. She was previously was an entertainment contributor for CNN.

Photo: NATAS

This year marks the 18th time CBS has broadcast the Daytime Emmy Awards, more than any other network. The show will broadcast live from the Westin Bonaventure in downtown Los Angeles.

So, what do you think about Kevin Frazier and Nischelle Turner returning as the hosts of the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards? Comment below.

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