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Doug Davidson Back To The Young and the Restless

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Big news Y&R fans, longtime veteran and fan favorite, Doug Davidson is back filming scenes at CBS Daytime’s top-rated soap as Paul Williams.

The news broke when Eric Braeden tweeted a picture of himself with Davidson that simply stated: “He’s Back”

A spokesperson for Y&R did confirm that Davidson (who had been taken off contract by the series a year ago back in January, which caused quite the social media stir) was back on set filming on Friday.  That episode in which Davidson is in will air on March 25th.

Davidson tweeted: “Okay! So, the cat is out of the bag. NONE of any of this would happen without all of your undying loyalty, support and kindness. All of you are the reason “Paul” is back on the canvas. THANK YOU SO MUCH. has been incredible the entire time. A huge thanks to him as well!”

Doug is a Daytime Emmy winner, who started on the daytime drama series back in 1978.  Y&R did receive pushback under Mal Young’s (Ex-EP and head writer) regime for its misuse of long-standing vets.

Braeden also tweeted with the photo: “I want to thank from SONY, JOSH GRIFFITH and TONY MORINA, for turning the ship around!!! Steve made an executive decision a few months ago and we want to thank him for it!”

So, excited to hear that Davidson is back taping at Y&R? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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Thank Goodness!!! It’s been strange having Christine show up all over the GCPD and Paul has been nowhere with no explanation. I do very much like Rey – keep him on in the GCPD too. And bring back the character of Paul and Nikki’s son, Dylan, whose been in witness protection where ever. Jacob Young could fill that role nicely, and this could explain Paul’s absence if he went undercover with his son.

Good idea about Jacob Young. Send Rey’s wife off to prison for clubbing Lola and Sharon can go back to Dylan. I am really not in the mood for another round of Sharon and Nick. Let Meya rot in jail for awhile. It would be interesting for Rey if she shared a cell with Sharon. He would exhaust himself with all those “visits “

I believe that Mia attacked Lola, also.

That’s a good idea for an explanation as to why Paul was gone; I’m glad he’s back! Jacob would be a good choice for Dylan.

Back where he belongs.

Yay, about time


Be still mine heart!!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Paul/Doug……you’re back!! Oh, how I have missed you!! Does that mean Rey is out? Please, let it be so…..and take that disgusting, fishwife….classless wifey with you!! She clocked Lola!!
Love you Doug!!

Hey there, Celia! 🙂
I’m not overly familiar with Paul/Doug..
All the years I’ve watched he wasn’t that active on screen, no big stories for him..

I came in around the time his son died and that was his last story that I recall..

he has a great many fans and I see they are excited about his return..happy for you guys!

Doug was taken off contract but he remained on recurring, yes?
Anyways, I knew he’d return..

And- Rey and Family are here to stay, no doubt of that..
Perhaps Rey will cover for Sharon and be found out and lose his position and when Paul returns he will take his status back; the #1 guy….

Hey, SuzieQ,
You really think ALL the Rosales(es) are here to stay? I don’t know if I can withstand watching Mia and Arturo much longer……Too bad Abby didn’t pull rolly-polly’s hair in return—-I would have made minced meat out of her….HaHa!!
I did say that Rey could go either way–his love for justice is greater than his love for Sharon, I guess. Hmmmm. Too bad, LOL.
As I said, I have been watching since I was in diapers, and Paul has been to he!! and back–love him!! Glad he’s back…..for a long, long time, I hope!!

Hiiiii ! Celia..
I’d guess- if any Rosales would leave it would be Mia ..

The Rosales family is now woven into the 2 main families and they are a Spanish? family, a different culture is needed.

ahaa that Mia is a rocket..
she a fire starter and that creates drama, good for that character to light fires!

Hey, there, SuzieQ,
The Rosales(es) are not Spanish….I think they are supposedly Hispanic, of Cuban heritage ( living in Miami)? I think that’s what Arturo had said. Not from Spain. It seems to me that Rey and Lola are authentic siblings. Arturo does not belong….and, Mia is crazy. I think she hit Lola over the head, mistaking her for Abby. So, you may be right….Mia will be caught and off the show she goes.
I hope Kyle saves Lola!! I really like her.
I welcome any woman with fire…..perhaps, I am the only one who doesn’t like Mia—-she does not have what it takes to be a femme fatale–Maura West holds that title right now—at one point so did Michelle Stafford, as Phyllis—Sadly, the PTB have transformed her as well.

yeah Paul will walk in casually one day as if he was ‘just in another room.’ I love the Reyes family. Four good characaters. Especially Mia. Classic soap be-otch!

Oops. Rosales.

Hi, Mark Y,
Missed conversing with you….always en pointe.
I guess I am the only one who finds Mia not to be the typical soap biatch….doesn’t, fit the bill for me.
When I think of such a woman as fatale, I always assimilate her with a siren; enviosioning the beutiful, etherial, mythological Lorelei—- Mia is not—not delicate enough– not lady-like enough. She’s too rough and HARD-looking. Her acting is far from refined, for lack of a better word.
I may be wrong, but as I said to su0000, Mia clocked Lola and everyone will assume it was Summer.❤️

It was Mia and Kyle saved Lola who is now unconscious in the hospital. I can’t stand Mia and I would choose Summer over her any day to be the typical soap beotch. She actually makes me laugh anytime she is on screen. I’m a lifer watcher and Summer is that much needed second generation of the entitled femme fatale.

Hi, GramS,
I knew it was Mia from the instant she hit Lola over the head. And, I also knew Kyle would save her.
As I said, Mia will exit–fingers crossed. I’m with you….can’t stand Mia!!

Celia – Agreed!!!

Hey, Patty❤️

Hi, Patty,
I know you will agree with me when I say how despicable Mia is.
Everyone thinks her tears are over Lola’s life and death situation….
While, all she cares about is being found out. This is one person who only cares about herself.
I hope Lola wakes up soon …..I want Mia to disappear….publicly arrested—-poetic justice in the making!!❤️

Yes, indeed.

Boy, do I ever agree with you! I liked Rey at first, but after, it’s adios jerk! The way he took Sharon in, handcuffs and all, without a second thought, made me sick.
I am on the fence about Mia and Summer. They both have motives, one’s out for Abby and one for Lola. I can see Summer going to the pool house, to wait for Kyle, but what would Mia be doing there at the pool?
Am also glad Paul is coming back. Hopefully new writers will do him justice this time around.

Hey, Violet,
I was taken aback by Rey, as well….just for once, I wanted him to divest himself of the tight-laced, goody-do-cop persona. How does he say he loves Sharon, then takes her in, without preamble? By the same token, he may let the women go after speaking to them individually. Once their stories match, he could say they are accessorries after the fact. I asked my mother….she said punishment varies in such circumstances. They could end up just paying fines.
It would depend on the DA to take it to trial…..or the judge could serve as both judge and jury. Christine has become a tight-tushie virago, as well……not the sweet Cricket I remember. And, she has it in for Phyllis—has for years. It’s a soap…must create some drama. TPTB will determine whatever. The chances for these ladies serving time is nil……unless one of them is leaving the show.

Summer has been known to be a despicable, little, spoiled brat—but, I don’t think she’s a murderer or physically try to harm anyone. She’s all talk!! Who knows? We shall see. It could have been Summer, as you say.
Mia was fit to be tied after she got home. You could see smoke, fire and steam blowing out of her nose, mouth and ears, dragon(esse) that she is, LOL——she was ready to do Abby in. Mia could have been hiding in the proverbial bushes waiting for Abby to come home? Maybe?
The crux of the matter is that, I think, Arturo is still into Mia, and is in denial because he is respecting that fine line —-she is married to his brother, afterall. I don’t much like him, but I respect and admire his sense of honor. Yet, I want him out of Abby’s life. She’s been hurt so many times by a myriad of men–Arturo will, sooner or later, be added to that list of heart-breakers. Thank you for your reply, Violet. I appreciate it. ❤️

Christine should be upset with Phyllis or should I say the new writers who allowed Phyllis to get away with the hit and run incident. Right after that , Michelle left Young and the Restless for General Hospital. That would have been the ideal time to send Phyllis to prison .

Absolutely, Boop—-It’s a wonder Phyllis is not in jail. My point, exactly. Chris resents the fact that Phyllis is free after the hit and run. I don’t think her disdain will cloud her judgement….Christine is known to be neither vengeful nor an obstructionist of the law.
Already we can see what a weasel Phyllis is—-she’s trying to make a deal; while the other women will not betray each other. Typical Phyllis persona to selfishly thumb her nose in disregard to rest of the world.
Gina Tognoni never took root with me in this role—-regardless of her Emmy. No one can replace Stafford for me.

Celia – I ditto everything that you said.

❤️-thank you, Boop.

Lol good one Celia, Mia is very annoying and the actress is terrible. My dog can act way better than her lol. Rey needs to go too. Keep Lola, she has grown on me. Get rid of Christine, slash cricket, Phyllis needs to squash the bug lol. I hope Doug Davidson signs a contract, and give Paul a decent storyline. Also please bring back Tricia Cast as Nina Webster, I miss her, the lady is a wonderful actress. Celia have a good day, my friend.

Hi, Claudio,
So good to “see” you here….
Oh, yeah!! Our beloved Mia!! There’s acting and then there’s obnoxious……In the far recesses of my mind, I see her as a Neanderthal woman married to Grog the caveman, except that Rey is no caveman. I may not like him, but he is civilized.
And, as such, how could either brothers be attracted to a banshee/Succubus? I can sort of see Arturo with her—he strikes me as boorish, but Rey is refined, showing self-control–cool dude….is it a facade?
I would love to see Tricia return as Nina—-perhaps, she can soften Chris, besties, as they were ( for the most part).
If TPTB cannot give Chris and Paul a compelling storyline, then yeah, someone else, with a more intriguing personality should take her place.
Someone else I’d love to see gone, gone, gone? Kerry! This woman is young enough to be Jack’s daughter. Why would TPTB go there? It’s almost pedophil(ish), LOL. Plus, she only goes through the motions of acting—no emotion into the motion.
I am home today, Claudio, and I was able to watch when aired…..the shirt she was wearing, after their sexual interlude ( thankfully, Jack did not have a coronary), was huge….no way was it Jack’s. They’re the same size–she’s a big girl, yet she was swimming in that shirt. Looked tailor-made for her. And, without a crease–brand new. I pay attention to little details…..And, although I am lenient because it is a soap, I do not like being duped waaaay too many times!!
Yeah, I know…..I talk too much! LOL.
Soon, my friend. ❤️

Celia 🙂 !
you said;
”Our beloved Mia!! There’s acting and then there’s Our beloved Mia!! There’s acting and then there’s obnoxious……In the far recesses of my mind, I see her as a Neanderthal woman married to Grog the caveman, except that Rey is no caveman”

Yes!! ^^^^^
the actress?/Mia is portraying a devious ”obnoxious” trouble maker and doing a helluva job of it ..
one of those characters you love to hate LOL I like Mia, she is a fire starter!

YES!! Rey, is a turn off..
I could not kiss him, nope no way.
heh- no fighting over him haaa!

All the senior citizens on Y&R (and other soaps) have mates that young enough to be their son or daughters..
there are never older love interest characters for the older ones, so they rob the cradle….

So you know; lol
I miss Dina!!
she needs more airtime..

su000 – I agree! The actress portraying Mia is AMAZING!

All you people saying you hate her so much—-don’t you see that right there says what a good job she’s doing? She is a troublemaker and that has been sorely missing from Y & R and all the BORING, drawn-out forever storylines to nowhere, same characters over and over and over and over! Mia has completely drawn you in. It’s been a LONG time since we’ve had a new and a TRUE love-to-hate character. I’m enjoying her unpredictable role. The zings between her and Abby are CLASSIC soap opera and have been so fun to watch. Y’all hating on Mia so much but she’s the most life Y & R has had in YEARS of bore.

Celia – agree with you re: Cricket. She is BORING and sanctimonious! And yes, Kerry needs to GO. I get the heebie-jeebies whenever I see her and when she and Jack kiss, it makes me want to barf, lol. It is NOT a good fit. NASTY. She is SO monotone and childish/silly. I still think she’s up to something….

And Arturo is just gross! His hair, his voice, his teeth, his lisp, he’s too skinny and is just trashy. WHY, WHY do they keep putting Abby with TRASHY men? Other than the ONE educated doctor they put her with but blew apart, they always pair her with psychos or trash.

Lauren? I have never said I hated Mia. I hate no one. I do not like her. I can’t stand her. Can’t wait until she’s gone. There are plenty of other characters who should be back.
I consider all these new characters as a “test drive”, to see who and what works for “ye gods”, albeit, I do believe in new charecters, as well….it is only my opinion. Makes no difference—I’m sure the writers do not listen to me. LOL.

Celia…you are SO RIGHT ON about Jack and Kerry!!!!! Watching Jack and Kerry’s so-called love scenes is BEYOND AWKWARD…BOTH LOL AND BEYOND BLECH!!!!!!!!!!

Later, my friend.

Hi Claudio!!!!! A few things…

1. I (also) cannot stand Mia…BEYOND BLECH!!!!!!!!!!
2. You and I are in TOTAL AGREEMENT about Rey!!!!! He is such a CRAPPY COP!!!!!
3. I never liked Christine/Cricket. To me, she is such A HUMORLESS SOURBALL!!!!!
4. I think that Phyllis should run over Christine/Cricket again…ULTIMATE SPLAT!!!!! My 2-year-old black cat Sheena can act circles around that humorless blonde Christine/Cricket…lol.
5. Most of all…Y-E-S…Tricia Cast/Nina Webster needs to come back to Y&R…ASAP!!!!!!!!!! Oh…and Nina has always been my ALL-TIME FAVORITE Y&R character…YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good one, Claudio.

Glad he’s back, Ray could never take his place….Doug (Paul) we missed you!!!!!

YES, SO HAPPY that Doug Davidson is back…It’s horrible what Mal Young did to Y&R and I am so THANKFUL that Tony Morina is EP at Y&R for Tony knows what Y&R should be…

Kevin C – Absolutely.

Here is what I want to see. Paul as a great Detective. Bring back Paul’s daughter Heather. Make her a PI. She mixes it up with her generation. Paul should be in his own story.

It looks like Y&R is getting back on track. The move to diminish Paul’s role on the show never made sense to me, because he and Rey could have easily been working on the J.T. murder investigation together. There was no reason to take Paul off the canvas, the storyline didn’t call for it, and he has well-established connections to all the major players in the murder mystery. I’m very happy that Josh & Tony are correcting this mistake, and that Doug will be back on screen soon.

Also, I think that part of the reason so many fans dislike Rey so much is because he was brought on to basically take over Paul’s role. Jordi Vilasuso is a great addition to the Y&R cast, but his introduction and the writing for Rey have really done him a disservice.


Chris Mckenna as Mark Harding : Doug Davidson as Paul Williams


w/Heather (Eden Reigel) wow she was not written for.. this time around ?

Fantastic news!

I like Christine and Paul; from the getgo… very adult intelligence… WITH appeal from both

you have the no nonsense couple , who you just root for and abide

LOL.. I just loved any and all scenes with Cricket and Phyllis.. AND that’s Michelle Stafford.. never has Lauralee Bell acted better… AND the WOMAN just comes out w/Paul

you can see Carolyn Conwell ( Mary ) at the door just welcoming Paul home

tears enough for me

your going to tell me you love Paul

well, I do


Love Paul, and Doug, Patrick—caught it!!
I am not sure if your reply was addressed to me….I have not been receiving notifications from MF in weeks. I faithfully go to the sites to see if my posts went through; or if I received any responses.
I just bought a new iPad, so I may have not set it up properly—-my husband said he can’t find any discrepancies on my part….soooo❤️

Great news and welcome back Doug Davidson! Nothing against Jordi,I think he is a good actor, but I can’t stand Rey.

Give him and Christine a real story!these two were always involved in intelligent topical storys! throw in Lauren and Michael too and give them something to do too
Its long overdue!

Yes, Damien, I agree. Paul and Christine desperately need a story of their own, not just pop in and out into other people’s life.
However, TPTB need to soften Chris and bring back her sweetness. We only see the DA side of her!!

WTH is happening??? Common sense is prevailing in the soap world! What a shocker…and a dag-gone good one at that! Can’t wait to see Doug back as Paul on Y&R.

I’m so Happy Paul is Y&R. It was a slap in the face to the fans the way they left it. Congratulations Doug you were truly missed.

Yes! And how this all went down was not only disrespectful and mean to Davidson, it was was mean and disrespectful to longtime Y&R viewers. Insult to injury? No one ever even mentioned Paul’s name. No one asked,”Where’s Paul?” Suddenly this new guy named Rey is acting like the police chief and no one talks about it!! It’s as if Mal Young were gaslighting the viewers. It’s been especially maddening because of this absurd JT murder mystery which would normally have Paul Williams all over it.
I do hope the new regime transitions Paul back into the Y&R setting and offers a viable explanation as to what the hell happened to him! I mean, was he kidnapped by aliens?

Can’t wait to hear the explanation about where Paul has been, or maybe he’ll just walk out of his office, which at least they didn’t give to Rey.

Glad he is back and the producers are correcting the error of the last regime. It wasn’t just they wrote out the character Paul, but how they treated Doug Davidson to do it— and they didn’t even bother to explain where the character went– how rude. Doug winning the Emmy a few years back proves he has the acting chops if given the right material– here’s hoping Josh, will use that goldmine of talent

FANTASTIC ‼️March can’t come soon enough.

Salut, Fanny,
Bien sur, ma chere amie–ca va?
As yourself, I am looking soooo forward to March—Y&R may be returning to its “forgotten” splendor?❤️

It is about time! Hopefully the damage that Mal Young did can soon be repaired.

I knew this was going to happen once they did that behind’the-scenes change. I am expecting other changes to come to the show now that we got a different guy at the controls. And I do believe they will all be good changes…

I see a lot of hope for good writing for Doug…..Josh Griffith wrote for him and it was the same old boredom so it seems to me nothing much will change this time around.

Paul needs his family. He cannot just show up and be railroaded by all these criminals and make the PCPD look like morons. Kick Rey out of his office, bring back Heather and Dylan and lets rebuild the Williams family. NO PATTY! Welcome back Doug!

Get rid of Rey.

I have been wishing hoping and praying for Paul to come back. I took a Y/R online survey about the show recently. Quite extensive. I feel the show as been changing for the better recently. I believe Y&R fans are very loyal to the actors in the show. Very loyal. Did anyone else feel that survey helped? Please respond if you can. Thank you! Welcome back Paul. And if JT is also coming back to stay, thank you to the writers.


The whole JT thing was so unfathomable I found it difficult to watch. Hopefully the writers hurry up and conclude things. Just read below JT is filming again.

On the very positive side, yes, Paul’s return is anxiously awaited. For me the writers never seemed to find a solid storyline for him as a cop. It got so stale to see him, again and again, putting his friends in jail. Perhaps Davidson’s value to Y&R is now more recognizable and his role will become more substantial.

This comment is a small one, but Jack’s new love also strikes me as too young and without chemistry.

Too many new cast members; missing some of the older ones such as Gloria.

Appreciate the comments. Thanks.

Hey, Tani,
There has never been a time where you and I did not agree……enough with the JT story, is right!!
Let’s start a new one for him, if he stays.
I am probably the strongest critic of Keri and Jack as a couple. He’s too old, and looks it….
As far as Keri, not only is she too young ( forty years, I think), but also, she has the blandest personality. She has this superior air about her—coming off as this level-headed, old granny. That’s the point: she is neither clever, nor sagacious. If she were, she’d not be with grandpapa.
As you say, Paul’s ” circumstance” needs to revolutionize…. he needs to get away from Cricket—she holds him back. How about him and Sharon? Oh, wait….I forgot about Nick. They will be as one again!! …it’s their theme song….Miss Piggy and Kermit do a smashing job of it!! I wish I were a kid again!! I just felt a shiver of nostalgia….LOL.
as my Gran would say, “something’s gotta give”….. Cricket needs to soften a bit and be a wife before a DA. I would love to see her and Paul as carefree lovers….just once or twice…..
Perhaps….sigh. They need a good, solid, intriguing story.
Arturo? Get him ‘outta’ there….if I have to hear him say, “LohLah”, one more time….and take Mia with him!! Uuff!!❤️

Now that Doug Davidson (and Paul) are coming back to Y&R (YAY!!!!!), maybe Paul can teach that CLOWN Rey how to act like A REAL COP!!!!! Rey…who has BUMBLING Keystone Kop written all over him…lol. And DON’T EVEN REMOTELY get me started on Mia…who ain’t too swift herself…more lol. Unstable woman.


So very very pleased to have him back He is a staple just as Eric Braden and Melody Thomas Scott are You don’t let them go

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Trevor St. John Announces His Departure from The Young and the Restless

In a shocker, Trevor St. John revealed on Tuesday that he is leaving the cast of The Young and the Restless and his role as Tucker McCall.

The popular actor took to his account on X and in a series of posts said his “thank you’s” and bid farewell to the top-rated soap opera.

St. John shared, “As you well know, Tuckers come and Tuckers go, and so the cycle continues… this Tucker is in his go phase… I thank each and every member of the wonderful cast, the crew, the directors, the producers and production staff, and CBS/Sony for the great experience from day one to the last. I feel so fortunate to have played such a terrific role.”

Photo: JPI


Trevor continued: “Most importantly, I want to offer my heartfelt gratitude to you the (Y&R) fans. THANK YOU!” Tucker might be gone for the time being, but I’m not going anywhere. I’ve got projects in the works, and if you haven’t seen my film, A Good Enough Day, it’s now available to stream for free on Tubi!”

The news of his exit comes just two years shy of his time on The Young and the Restless.  St. John made his Genoa City debut in September of 2022 as the new Tucker, last played by Days of our Lives, Stephen Nichols (Steve). The role was first played by actor William Russ.

No word from St. John or Y&R as to when his last episode will air on the top-rated soap opera.  In story, Tucker is losing his company to a takeover by Audra and Victor, while Ashley is finally getting help she needs after her personality split.

So, what do you think about Trevor’s departure from Y&R? Comment below.

Photo: TStJohnX

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The Bold and the Beautiful Casts Joshua Morrow’s Son, Crew, as the New Will Spencer

In casting news, Crew Morrow, the son of  Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman, The Young and the Restless) and his wife, Tobe, is joining The Bold and the Beautiful as a a recast in the contract role of Will Spencer.

That means that Crew will be the biological son of Katie (Heather Tom), who formerly played Joshua Morrow’s on-screen sister, Victoria Newman over at Y&R) and Bill (Don Diamont).

According to Deadline, Crew has already begun taping episodes of B&B starting last Friday on June 14th. Look for the new Will to debut on the July 1st episode of the CBS daytime drama series. Clearly, B&B is ramping up their summer teen storylines and now Will supposedly has a half-sister in Luna (Lisa Yamada).

Photo: IMDb

The role of Will Spencer will mark Crew’s third acting credit according to his IMDb, where previously he appeared in Continental Split and Healing Towers. The previous Will’s included Heather Tom’s real-life son Zane Anchor, who played the role on occasions from 2013-2018, and Finnegan George who took over the part and was last seen in 2020.

Photo: JBelushiIG

In addition, more casting was revealed. Jamison Belushi, the daughter of comedian and actor, Jim Belushi, is making a one-day guest appearance in the role of April, a lab technician on today’s Monday, June 17th episode. The outlet also mentioned that Li (Naomi Matsuda) and Finn (Tanner Novlan), with whom April works for, are about to embark on a summer mystery story that kicks off on July 1.

So, what do you think about Crew Morrow becoming the new Will Spencer on B&B? What do you think will be the new summer mystery story? Share your thoughts via the comment below.

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Michele Val Jean Gives Update on Daytime’s Newest Soap: “The Team for ‘The Gates’ is Coming Together and It’s Fire”

CBS daytime’s newest soap opera, The Gates, is set to bow in January of 2025.  Until now, not much has been known of who else behind the scenes or in front of the camera might be coming on to the show.

However, The Gates writer, and co-executive producer, Michele Val Jean, shared an update on the series ,which has as its premise and epicenter, the story of a wealthy black family living in a gated community.

Now, Val Jean has taken to her Instagram account to share an update on the show.  Michele expressed, “You guys! The team for #TheGates is coming together and it’s 🔥🔥🔥. I couldn’t be happier. Exciting announcements coming soon. Stay tuned!”

Previously, Michele attended last weekend’s 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Award ceremony where she also shared on her IG, these sentiments: “Had a great time at the #daytimeemmys tonight. I so love this community of such colossally talented and genuinely nice people. I’m humbled to be adding to the legacy with ‘The Gates’. Shout out to my #boldandbeautiful peeps. You guys are the best.”

Val Jean has been a writer for The Bold & The Beautiful, Generations, Santa Barbara, General Hospital, and Port Charles throughout her daytime career, and she has won Daytime Emmys for her work on B&B and GH.

Now the question becomes, who would you like to see cast on ‘The Gates’? What kind of roles might be available? Who could be helping steer other creative elements behind the scenes? Stay tuned. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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View this post on Instagram


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