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Ingo Rademacher Officially OUT at General Hospital

Photo: JPI

There is confirmation on Monday afternoon that Ingo Rademacher is out at ABC’s General Hospital in the role of Jasper Jacks.

According to Deadline, Rademacher’s final airdate will be coming up on the November 22nd edition of the long-running ABC daytime drama series.

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that their sources say that the Ingo wrapped his run already last month in October.


Ingo has played the role of “Jax” on and off since 1996.  With GH reportedly having a vaccine mandate for everyone that works at the show in place since November 1st, and Rademacher publicly opposed to vaccine mandates, it had been assumed he would no longer be able to remain a cast member on the soap opera.

On Sunday and Monday, the actor came under fire for a re-posting on his Instagram Story from a conservative commentator, who used the word “dude” in conjunction with a photo of Rachel Levine, the U.S. assistant secretary for health and the first transgender four-star officer.  This drew blowback from his transgender castmate, Cassandra James, and several of his now former colleagues.

In addition, Rademacher has doubled-down on his anti-vax stance, posting on his IG on Sunday, “I will stand with you to fight for medical freedom.”

So, what are your thoughts on Ingo’s departure from GH? Comment below.


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Good riddance. He hasn’t had much to do on the show but be annoying anyways.

If he has kids, good luck with their health and lives if they don’t get vaccinated.

The reason I like Jax is that he is the voice of sanity when it comes to the obnoxious disgusting vile Carly!!!!! He gives her hell for her insane thinking – she’s always wrong and he’s always right. I hope they find some other character who will stand up to Carly and her bullying and her insanity. She’s so infuriating! So far from annoying, I love Jax, but it is true that he serves no other function on the show.

The only other character who doesn’t bow down to Carly is Gladys. While she doesn’t have the history with Carly that Jax does, she certainly gets under her skin.


He should work from home! Good bye .

Why would he have to work from home? He has every right as an American do have a job. Maybe, you and your cronies, need to read more instead of just following. There is so much research on the virus, which by the way, is not the only virus we have had. Yet, it is the ONLY one we have targeted. SARS and H1N1 were big viruses, yet nothing was done and people weren’t scared the way the government is making us feel. We all have a God given right, to do as we please, unless it breaks a law. We are not a Communist and Socialist country… Yet

You and those who think like you need to get it through your heads that it’s not “your constitutional right” to ignore health/safety procedures duing a PANDEMIC! This is a highly contagious virus, this latest variant way more contagious than the original, that has killed over 750,000 Americans! Are you one of the “patriots” who weep for the 3,000 we lost on 9/11, yet seem to dismiss the loss of over 750,000 lives, many of whom could have been saved if many of those same “patriots” had even worn a mask! You don’t get to just walk around exposing people and risking lives. You have it backward; you think YOUR freedoms are being violated when in essence intelligent people understand that there are things we need to do to get this under control. Your “freedom” to do what? Walk around without a mask or socially distance even though there’s a chance that any of us could have the virus, spread the virus? Even before the vaccines the same group was and is protesting putting a simple cloth on your face!

If infections and deaths do go down? It’s because of those who got vaccinated and wore masks; not those who gave the middle finger to it all.

And by the way, covid isn’t the “only one we have targeted.” Why do you think you don’t have small pox, tuberculosis, polio? You think they just “magically disappeared?”

Good for you! You said it right! Nice to read an intelligent and thoughtful post. 150% I agree! Thank you. Harlee

Probably the same people who believe it’s their right to carry a gun to protect themselves against someone throwing a sandwich bag at them but the thought of wearing a mask to protect people from a virus that kills people, unless they’re playing cowboy, is too “controlling” and inconvenient.

Michele mimi…And I have a right to feel safe where I work. That means truth of having had vacs. Add to this face masks and social distancing where they apply. Just because the US is a democracy don’t mean we have the right to always do as we please. What if we all did or said what we pleased any time we wanted. CHAOS! We have put limits on other things…like seatbelts. So his choice to no-vac comes with consequences in favor of safety and health considerations for the many.

Great reply! I stand with you.

because People are dying every day !!!! WORLDWIDE. Europe… Russia… Japan… are all expected to have severe numbers to tally.

SARS: During November 2002 through July 2003, a total of 8,098 people worldwide became sick with severe acute respiratory syndrome that was accompanied by either pneumonia or respiratory distress syndrome (probable cases), according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Of these, 774 died.

H1N1: Approximately 9,820 people have died (estimated range, 7,070 to 13,930)
More than 47 million people have been infected with H1N1 (range, 34 million to 67 million)
Some 213,000 persons have been hospitalized (range, 154,000 to 303,000)

Annual FLU season : Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy
“Approximately 36,000 people in the US die each year from seasonal flu.”

I believe Dr. Fauci – when he tells America… every component and/or element that make up Our vaccine.. we already had or knew about… so to think that a foreign substance is going in to our bodies ???? EVERY YEAR the CDC based on Australian findings… HAVE TO “MAKE” a flue shot… not unlike the same process as the covid vaccine ????

this is going to be a long winter… yeah, i fear for how much longer , ALL those unvaccinated.. are going to drag the rest of America either to further spiral… or the Gov’t is going to have to put forth mandate’. the law of the land

Ingo Rademacher: I don’t believe he has a chance for a lawsuit ( was this all agreed upon w/Disney and their Union )… his career in daytime is clearly over. He should move back to Australia.. to appreciate America

what are all the vaccinated to do? watch as our country is further decimated ? by politics? Blue VS Red ? God I thought @50/50 that things would get done… i want to see Biden/harris Backbone… AND dig in deep and hard AND fight Mitch McConnell… AND fight our fellow democrats who sideline for their own benefit.

i voted correctly, i got the vaccine, i honor America, as we stand on the outside looking in (waiting) as the nutted up wail and banshee. the fight is still within us… that light and spirit will soar – just wow on world over

Patrick…I don’t have your flair for words and wording. So I’ll keep it simple…excellent comment!

Patrick, thanks for the research, the passion, the eloquence — and for being on the right side of history.

The government is making us feel afraid? How,by giving us the information and the vaccines to help us through this nightmare? They are now trying to make it even easier making a patch for protection instead of needles. What will be the next excuse for not using the protection given us?

I was do e with him as an anti-vaxxer – respect your colleagues

Why don’t you quit telling us what we should do it is not a vaccine you are so mis informed I have friends who have all had the shot and six of them are very sick so quit playing games ! Ingo is right I have had cancer this year I take extreme precautions because I have a brain in my head unlike the idiot in the White House so stop the attacking you have no idea what we are dealing with!

I want to appreciate my family not watch idiots make decisions that they have no right !

You all think you know so much you know nothing personally Ingo is a grown up he can take care of himself

So glad he had left he will be happier

Quit apologizing you said what you thought now move on

YOU, are the misinformed one! The idiot isn’t in the White House anymore. He was voted out remember? The government and most us are trying to deal with this horrific desease the best way we can and it’s idiots like you that make things harder for the rest of us. Gloom and doom, that’s all you know!

Where’s your source for your vaccine information?

The crackhead pillow guy? Quack “doctors” against Medicare?? Alex Jones??

You have the right not to be vaccinated. However, I and other people have the right to demand that those people who are unvaccinated not be allowed to sit in restaurants, movie theatres and so forth. You do not have the right to inflict harm on to others.

And he got fired so this should make you happy it was his choice he decided no thanks it’s bone of my busunessiness!! I believe the next step toward communism is to lock his family in their house!! Yep ain’t life grand

Kay-it is obvious that you have no real understanding of Communism. However, the message in the film/television industry is either be fully vaccinated or lose employment. Ice Cube just lost a nine million dollar pay check.

in my mind… communism = dictatorship… stripped of all your freedoms…. CLOSE ENOUGH? i watched an AP news brief on RUSSIA and how the numbers are so underestimated… so much so… that people are refusing to get their countries vaccine “Sputnik”. they just do not TRUST their OWN Gov’t. people flocked to siberia to get OUR vaccine… it’s sad and so disheartening.. to think that citizens would rather die than trust Putin… no so much different than Trump. he definitely, KNEW, it took him and his cronies, GOP to line up their wallets and buy market share. why should the GOP care again?

Just read your comment. Good! So glad that muttha f’n antisemite Ice Cube is losing out. I can’t even believe Jack Black, who is Jewish, was going to work with him.


So my post was edited to exclude my first statement on what I thought about Rademacher, which was not vulgar yet was frankly blunt and appropriate under the circumstances — and it conveyed my opinion.

So, let me rephrase and expand; and maybe this will be published in its entirety: Rademacher’s stance is idiotic, misinformed, selfish, and dangerous. Like Aaron Rodgers, Rademacher is not a team player. So Bon Voyage!

I am angry that people (including the misinformed Adele on this page) continue to spread lies about the vaccine. Our world is still being affected by this virus. Our own country still has 20% who have not been vaccinated at all. A total of 150,000 people in the U.S. have died since June 2021, simply because they refused to get the vaccine. Vaccine denialism is dangerous. Spreading lies and disinformation is dangerous.

Let’s get real… and vaccinated…

Jamesj75…Plus Arron Rogers lied about taking the vaccine when he hadn’t. One of his major sponsors has dropped him. I wish his team’s owners would socially distance him on the bench for the rest of the season, and then get rid of him. So far the NFL hasn’t taken much of a stand. Says a lot about them.

Rose, thank you for expanding on the Aaron Rodgers situation. You’re absolutely correct. I would be surprised if the NFL does the right thing, as you outline. As most Republicans in Congress/Senate are too afraid of their voting base to do or say the right thing, the NFL is too afraid of its fan base to do the right thing. To think that the producers of a daytime soap (GH) actually have the moral clarity to lead the way, whereas others do not, is astounding.

Astounding, yes, but for me more heartening for those of us who have invested so much of our time into soaps, their stories and actors. We as fans are always trying to work out best, high-road solutions to what the writers, and in Ingo’s case, dish out. And mostly in a civilized manner.

Nicely worded James

Thank you, Steve! Cheers!


Bless you, Lola!

You are so right but I’m not so sure that those others are actually lying. I see it more as just being uneducated and ignorant. I don’t know that they have the brains to lie, especially about something they don’t understand or know anything about. OMG, now I sound like an idiot( favorite word of the day), does any of this make any sense?

So glad to read your reply, Violet. You definitely make sense and great points. Ignorance could be part of the problem. I think that a certain ex-president, other certain politicians, and a certain cable “news” channel are eagerly dispelling the disinformation, much the way FaceBook does, and these people are buying what they’re selling. Best to you, Friend!

Even if Ingo hadn’t decided to be awful, Jax isn’t a good character anymore and this last return of his has very unentertaining. GH doesn’t need him. There are better people on the show who deserve the airtime.

Nobody is against a vaccine nobody it has been rushed and it does not seen to be working so quit attacking people who are concerned that is all and they have a right

I’ve had two shots and they work. Plus, I also wear a mask when I’m out and about. So, don’t tell me that they don’t work.

Actually the vaccines are working since those who get them do not end up in the hospital or die from Covid (unless they have other health issues).

Do more research..

Stop spreading disinformation. It’s quite obvious the vaccines are working.

Amen, Steve!

Adele get your facts straight.

Adele put the glass down educate yourself self . You have the right
not To be vaccinated but I ALSO HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE VACCINATED .
Go where the people that feel and believe the same as you are frequent
Be happy


Kindness caring and unselfish behavior cost nothing

Boy bye!

What a complete disappointment Ingo has turned into. His idea of “medical freedom” puts everyone he comes into contact with at “medical risk.” No-vac and probably no masks may be okay for him, but only if he takes an isolation vacation from everybody else and stays home with his family. And then selfishly lets everyone else who followed the safety rules do the hard work to help get some kind of control over covid.

You people. “Follow” the science. Unless it’s a DUDE claiming to be a woman. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. #IStandWithIngo.

We’re here, we’re queer – get used to it!

Thank you, my Friend! You speak for me and plenty others here at this site and elsewhere. I am with you in solidarity, Brother. 🙂

I can’t believe there are still people who will say, “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” Yeah, we’ve “heard it before.” Being exposed to homophobia, bigotry, and racism never gets easy.

On a hopeful note, I have seen this sign — and love it!

“In this house, we believe:
Black lives matter.
Women’s rights are human rights.
No human is illegal.
Science is real.
Love is love.
Kindness is everything.”

Not a bad mantra…

Your statement is unkind. Every individual is allowed to live his/her/their authentic life. Your permission is not required. And you do not speak for God.

Well, since I was in the room when it happened, I’ll just say that my Former Employer made Adam, Eve, AND Steve. Trust me, I’ve seen the blueprints.

#ShutUpIngo (a Devil doesn’t do Twitter, but I can make dumb hashtags too, right?)

Love is love, and people should be able to be themselves.

Here goes: I have problems with actors losing their jobs for having different political views. The other 3 broadcast soaps do not have vaccine mandates – I honestly don’t know if they should or not but I do think that Ingo has a very strong case for a lawsuit against GH on this matter. I disagree with lots of actors as far as their political views are concerned but I do not believe they ought to be fired for their views or for their tweets (I know that isn’t the reason Ingo was let go but it’s a point I wish to make).

Did everybody else in the cast get their vaccinations? Was it only Ingo who refused? This would be important information for us to have at this time.

I love the character of Jax because he gives Carly the hell she so richly deserves when she is wrong 100% of the time. That has been his main function for quite some time on the show.

So mixed feelings about. I don’t like Ingo Radamacher as a human being – the same with Melissa Reeves and Kimberlin Brown, just to name two far-right actors on soaps – but that doesn’t mean that people who I disagree with can’t be good actors who should stay on their shows.

Richard…You make some interesting points. One of the reasons I don’t want to know too much about favorite actors in case I’m disappointed by some of their views and/or politics. But when some of their views and politics endanger other people they work with. Or the healthcare professionals/systems at all levels left to work their buns off to clean up some of the messes no-vac/face-masks/social distancing persons engage in because of their selfish reasons, this is where their freedom crosses the line with me regarding everyone else’s safety and health. Pooh on them!

No confirmation yet, but internet buzz is that Steve Burton (Jason) and Johnny Wactor (Brando) might be out as well.

Is Wactor an anti-vaxxer? Doesn’t he appear on an HPV vaccination commercial? Easily replaceable in a heartbeat. Burton I suspected not vaccinated when he announced not
being a breakthrough case when he contracted Covid.

Great points here. I agree with disagreeing on political views, which is why I try to dissociate the actor from the character. I love watching Sheila on B&B but listening to Kimberlin Brown’s RNC speech a few years ago was really hard to stomach. I try to just appreciate the art and the rest is noise.

As for Ingo, it also seemed like he was causing some tension on-set with his being outspoken about the vaccine mandate. I’m all for medical freedom, but I think in a profession like acting where you’re in very close contact with others, doing kissing scenes, etc. would make others feel very uncomfortable knowing he isn’t vaccinated. Regardless, he probably has cause for a wrongful termination lawsuit against ABC. We’ll see what happens.

I’ve always liked Jax because he’s one of the few people who call out Sonny and Carly for their constant hypocrisy, so I’ll miss him. I don’t see the role being recast, so Jax will probably move back to Australia. He hasn’t had a story of his own for a while now, so I don’t think it’ll change much on-screen.

It just confuses me why all the other soaps aren’t mandating vaccines for their employees as well. You’d think they would all be on the same page with this issue since most of Hollywood is on-board too. I wonder if we’ll be seeing Ingo elsewhere soon.

They made their choice so now let’s lalone stop the attacking they are not attacking you Ingo made his decision he is gone from the soap so let’s all move on!! Bone of us have the answers but let’s quit the attacking everybody is confused so quit hiding these people and leave rgem alone

He will not do that he knew what would happen so let’s all leave him alone! I have to be honest I’m not sure I could makes the choice he did but he made it I respect his decision do should all his cast members he’s gone snd let it go

Jimmy, thanks for your reasonable, fair post… one of the few on this thread. I won’t miss Jax either (never have). You know, some of my favorite performers often have political views that I abhor. But I don’t see it as my business; I just try to enjoy their talents. Life is much more peaceful that way. Cheers!

I could take or leave Jax, either way and I hated Jerry by the way, though some think he was so exciting. Before my daughter passed away two years ago, we could hardly speak to each other because of our different political views and we finally had to agree not to talk politics or mention someone’s name. After we made that decision , we were ok and I realized that life is too short to let disagreements ruin a relationship, especially a mother and daughter. I wish she had just been here at election time, whether I agreed with her vote or not.

Thanks for reminding us what’s truly important.

So sorry for your loss, Violet. My sincere condolences….

Violet, I am also sorry for your loss, and I hope you are comforted by the happy memories in earlier times…

BTW: This whole situation has ruined relationships of mine as well (familial and friendships). The havoc one man can wreak…

He can’t sue them. Businesses have a legal right to require vaccinations.

Y&R got rid of they guy that played Chance. Abby (Melissa O) looked at him like he had major cooties and was always 6 feet away from him.

I suspect that the actors at Y&R are all vaccinated, so there is no need for discussions. It is NOT a political issue. 194 million folks in the US have been fully vaccinated, so it is not partisan.

Ingo & Steve Burton were both gone for years, and no one really cared. Funny, they each have 3 kids and need to support their families, yet are not getting a life saving vaccine.
They are NOT the sharpest tools in the shed.

If any of the headwriters were let go y n r should accomodate them from work from home!
Y n r has no real head writers only script writers who write about conversing the same thing over and over until the viewers fall into a deep coma…
On that note ditto to any who were let go, u n r had no executive producer only someone in charge of telling the actors if they will converse the boring dialogue in phyliss ‘s cheap bright ikea hotel or sharons empty only one barista working coffee hub, oh, and that cheesy park bench

I am surprised it has taken this long to fire Rademacher.

My ONLY problem is with Grahn. She insults ME and my beliefs but ABC lets her keep her job! Ingo worked on that show WITH her for 25 years and she flushes him down the toilet over something that he did, doesnt show him any support or give him a chance to explain himself. She hates or has hated him because he is not a left wing Hollywood liberal and she immediately came to Cassandra’s defense and supported the Trans community. Thats okay, Cassandra seems like a nice person and doesnt deserve to be hurt but what about letting Ingo explain what he did first?. Ingo reposted something that was hurtful. That was wrong. Grahn, remember your hate tweets directed at Viola Davis? Uncomfortable huh? You were not fired. You were given a second chance. Why not Ingo? You are a bigot Grahn! And remember this, Alec Baldwin went on a “HATE CAMPAIGN” for 4 years and showed his displeasure with this country’s president. Alec isnt doing to well right now, is he?

To Timmm,
Long live Nancy Grahn and the Hollywood Liberals! There is no place in this world for haters. I think bringing up Alec Baldwin was mean spirited and cheesy. Reread you comment and ask yourself if you are proud of being a hater.

Jo Ann Kay, I am only a hater because I dont side with you. I have much compassion for everyone BUT do not tolerate ignorance!

Hey Timmm, your former president would be very proud of that unhinged, totally off topic, nonsensical rant.

The story is about Ingo and what he said and did, and you go on a diatribe about NLG and bring up Alec Baldwin, which has absolutely nothing to do with this topic. And your attempt at, I don’t even know, what appears to be a warning or threat to Nancy by using what happened to Baldwin, and somehow tying that into the fact that he criticized the former president is honestly really disgusting. You should be embarrassed with yourself.

Let me tell you something brother, what Ingo did, he has to own, my problem with Grahn is that she threw a fellow actor under the bus after working with him for 25 years. She couldnt wait to be on the other side of the debate. I didnt threaten Grahn. I brought out the word “Karma” because when you point fingers and hate people and wish them harm or failure, shit happens. Baldwin didnt murder someone but he did kill someone. Its heavy. It happened for some reason. I dont wish harm on ANYONE!

And one other thing Danny, YOUR president hasnt even had his finger on the pulse for ONE year and look at the disaster he and his administration have caused. Today in the newspaper a article stated that the US Consumer Prices have soared 6.2 percent in this past year, the highest since 1990! I could go on and on of this new administration and its disappointments BUT I will see if they can make something good happen. I will give him a couple more months and see if he can do something good for our country. You see dan, thats one thing you and your friends never did, four years ago, you never gave the new guy a chance!

Timmm…My take on a few things you said. I’m not a social media person at all except for Michael Fairman. No facebook, Twitter, etc. Too much hurt, false info and junk on it for me. Plus time wasted keeping up with it.

So I have no idea what N.Graham, K.Brown, any left/rights of any profession say on their own time. Only knew about Ingo because of MF. And why is Hollywood picked on for being left. It has had it’s share of many notable more conservative persons.

I also really dislike anyone insulting anyone physically or verbally. So Saturday Night Live is not always my favorite “humorous” show…which can include Alec at times.

Or The Apprentice, I quit watching during the third season. It wasn’t what I had hoped…I was looking for some good business ideas. But it was set up to promote cat/dog fights and back stabbing with famous one liners like “your fired.” Much of which I saw carried into the boss’s campaign along with physical and verbal abuse, which I watched from beginning to end, and into the White House. Both shows coincidentally on NBC.

So I guess for you and me it’s how we look at things. Strangely enough I still feel there are things we can agree on.

rose, I, like you dont do much social media. Even this, if you voice an opinion that is not universally agreed upon, you put yourself on an island. I love Sonny and Carly and there are a lot of haters, I mean people that cannot stand these two actors and even mock Maurice’s stuttering and it is accepted. Why? The guy is on medication. He is bi-polar. Give him a break! No can do. I like Jax. Ingo is not a young, up and coming actor. He should know better not to get into social media battles. You can offend someone at the drop of a dime! He should stay off social media and keep his opinions to himself. Now he is out of a job. The “Dude” comment was wrong, he was required to get the vaccine, didnt and would have been let go regardless. rose, stay sweet and stay away from social media!

Nancy Grahn did not post hate tweets at Viola Davis. When Viola won and accepted her award she spoke about the lack of roles for black female actors and Nancy tweeted, “None of us get respect or opportunity we deserve. Emmys aren’t the venue 4 racial opportunity. ALL women are belittled.”

Nancy’s was thinking about lack of roles for all women (perhaps of a certain age; dunno)…which was taken wrong. She apologized profusely.

That is NOT the same thing as Ingo’s arrogant, derogatory, demeaning, mocking, disrespectful, comments or the tweet he “shared” which referred to Dr. Rachel Levine, a trans woman, as a “dude.” He then attempted to back peddle and only showed more ignorance.

Nancy wasn’t the only one to call Ingo out. Laura Wright, Dom Zambrogna, Will DeVry, Eden McCoy, Marcus Coloma (nuNic), Maura West and others all were disgusted by his shared tweet. They were either blunt about it as per Laura and Nancy, or they showed support for Cassandra (who plays Terry) by acknowledging what he posted in a more subtle way and showed their disapproval for what he did.

Ingo wasn’t fired for his stupidity and ignorance. He was let go because GH has a vaccine requirement and he chose not to take the vaccine. And, yes, that’s legal. A business can set their own rules.

Hi Timmm 🙂
The bottom line is;
It is ABC policy/rule to get vaccinated or leave..
It’s simply that simple.
They are given 2 choices; vaccination or leave.
He chose to leave. It was his choice.
That is all there is to it.
How he felt about a vaccination did not matter.
How he felt about a vaccination did not matter.
ABC rules policies are not disputable.

That is Tru SuOOO.

Alec Baldwin didn’t go on a “hate campaign”, he played a character on SNL. It’s comedy. Hell, I wasn’t always happy with Larry David’s portrayal of Bernie Sanders on that show, but it’s satire, it’s comedy. It’s not anything resembling hatred. Now referring to a trans woman as a “dude”? That’s hateful

As for Alec’s current troubles…. not his fault. Most likely a horrible job of handling guns that SHOULD have been empty, committed by scab crew members.

Good riddance. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Ingo!

He left he is out the door now get over it! I not in his position so I would not know how I would react ! Just know at our house we are done we want our America back but that’s up the power above

Quit attacking him you disagree now let’s move on

Like we said we do not know him or anybody else just take care of your family and let’s move on liberals will ruin this soap soap snd I pray i

Get off his back we have been so called vaccinated we are both it’ll so tell your crap to somebody else

Doi not know him personally but he made a decision when I was raised it was his right !! They fired him he stood his ground that was his choice I am not going to attack or make a comment! I appreciate his decision it was his choice! I respect his choice

Yes I made the biggest mistake and I apologize Ingo had a right to his opinion and I hope he finds happy times again so do
not attack him! We are still the greatest country in the world we will pray it stays that way ! He had every right to have his opinion ! He made a decision they did not approve wish him the best and move on ! I hope all of us will stop the hate the hate has to stop

Isn’t every country in the world in some sort of division lately ? I am quite disgusted in my own Canada right now over the residential schools. If humanity doesn’t learn to love the planet more, it’s game over for all of us 10 years from now. Just look to WW2… or what we have done to the atmosphere with space junk..but we keep going…not to mention the massive green gas that must come from rockets… how many know the story of Germany and that gays and Trans had equal rights 1919 to 1933 ?? Do some research if you do not this…Magnus Hirchfield… we have been at this point in the past…honestly we have… 1933.

Ooh, perhaps a more handsome,”Jax”, wil be hired. Then,”LadyJane’s” other son can return for an exciting “Jack’s Brothers” reunion!

I doubt we’ll ever see Jerry again. That’s why they have wasted so much time lately with third rate villains like Whiny Heiny, to fill in the gaps that would usually be filled by Jerry turning up with some new mercenary plot once a year or so.

Everyone should have the right to dictate what goes into their bodies; we don’t need a mandate for that. This is a choice that every adult should be able to make. If we allow ourselves to governed by mandates; where is the democracy in that? All of us here have voiced our opinions but is it right for us to condemn others for what they believe or not believe? One thing for sure is that the vaccine has not been around long enough to determine what the long term effects are; or has it???????? And at the end of the day, we are all humans; we say stupid things, we make stupid mistakes and we all have human fears about the known and unknown. Many of our actions have helped up evolve into the world of chaos that we now live in. One thing for sure, is that one can respect some one who is willing to give up something to stand behind his convictions.

right to have an opinion…as long as you are spreading your opinion and choices with medical/scientific facts when you use the wildfire of social media, okay. But that is not always the case and puts others at risk. So “no,” pardon me if I don’t respect those who give up something when they spread untrue or nasty things on their tweets, etc. To play on a favorite phrase of mine from Peter Parker’s advise to son SpiderMan….”With great power (ie: the reach of social media from names people recognize) comes great responsibility.” Be very careful what our democracy allows.

I am a believer that we all can do what we feel is good for ourselves and our families. We are in America, not a Communist and Socialist country.. yet.
I will not be watching GH anymore, primarily, because of the way this is handled. Why won’t they fire Nancy Lee Grahn, who makes her point known all the time and is very verbal to the GH brass.

So did he get fired because he did not take the shot or did he get fired because he said well hell Rachel looks like a man!’ Decide which lane !! Ingo stay strong leave social media raise your kids live a happy life ! I personally will never watch the show again everybody has gone mad

Ok last post abd I know I am going to drive everybody crazy but I stand by it! if we ever forget that we’re one nation under giod, then we will be a nation gone under. People you can’t put your faith aside it is what holds us together!! Please do not turn your back on him he will heal this natuon

It will not be politicians it will not be Hollywood please put your faith in god he will save us all and I am ashamed at some of my statements no excuse

And hate to break it to you gay community etc he loves you too

One more time – Ingo’s contract was dropped because he chose not to follow the health protocol set by his employer. His last day in the studio was weeks prior to his misguided tweet of last week.

Ingo. You just lost a fan. This pandemic will never end because of folks like you. People are dying all around me where I live, people who aren’t vaxed, and spreading it back to people who are. Luckily, being vaxed they are pulling through it.

I think Jax ran his course on GH anyway. Won’t miss the character.

And ABC and General Hospital are nothing more than another WOKE company following an unconstitutional mandate. These actors will be vindicated and I agree with Ingo’s stance for medical freedom. ABC and GH may lose many viewers and can’t be so stupid while hanging on to only 2.3M viewers. There is always Bold and Beautiful!

Bold and Beautiful also has the same vaccine mandate

None of the shows should have a mandate. Unfortunately GH is getting hit with major departures.

Good lord, I don’t watch GH but good for GH to give him the boot. In this day and age the prejudice still against transgender people, gay, black, etc. it mystifies me because people are people regardless. I have friends in every color and yes I have known quite a few transgender not only male to female but also female to male. He needs to get life go back to Australia and take his horse dewormed medicine and shut the hell up. He’s a disgusting person and right wing radio are everywhere and this causes more problems then solutions.

You are watching way too much of CNN…

And YOU are paying too much attention to Qanon

Which is ironic because the Qanon “news” network and CNN have the same parent company (AT&T)

Breaking News

New Details Emerge in Fatal Shooting of General Hospital’s Johnny Wactor; Was Protecting Female Co-Worker From Armed Car Thieves

The brother of Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando Corbin) has come forward with some new information on the act of violence that took the life of the General Hospital favorite on Saturday May 25th in the wee hours of the morning in downtown Los Angeles.

As valiant as man as Johnny was to all those who know and loved him, he was through and through that man till the very end. According to Grant Wactor, Johnny actually shielded a female co-worker at the time of the crime before he was fatally shot.  Three men were trying to steal Wactor’s catalytic converter from his vehicle, one of which fired the shot that killed the former GH star.

According to a new report from the Daily Mail, Wactor was leaving his side job as a bartender at a downtown LA rooftop bar with a female colleague at around 3:25am when he saw the three men near his vehicle at West Pico Boulevard and South Hope Street.

Photo: ABC

Believing he was being towed, he approached the men to try to discuss it. One of the men then looked up and pointed a gun at Wactor, who put his body in front of his female co-worker as he was shot. Police say, the three men were all wearing masks, and then fled the scene in another car.  The suspects currently remain at-large.

Grant commented on his brother’s last act of bravery, “We’re Southern, born and raised, and we would never let a female walk to their car by herself.” He added that Johnny, “Thought his truck was being towed. So he said something to the guys, like, ‘Hey, are you towing?’ And then once he turned around, he saw what was happening and he put his coworker behind him. And that’s when they shot him.

Photo: JPI

Sadly, Grant revealed, Johnny was shot in the chest, and that Johnny and his co-worker had to park about two blocks from the restaurant, so they were walking to their cars after they finished their shift when the incident unfolded.

Grant shared that he hopes justice will be served and the men are caught, “I hope they are able to track the people who did this. I am glad in a way that this is getting the publicity so that it could shed some light that things need to change, or find ways so that no one else has to experience this – whether it be a murder or being at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

In what has already been horrific that we lost Johnny to a senseless act of gun violence over an attempted theft, learning that the actor died right after protecting somebody else, only reinforces the kind of man Wactor was to all those who knew and loved him. Share your thoughts on the latest details on Johnny’s death via the comment section below.

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Breaking News

‘General Hospital’ Favorite Johnny Wactor Dead at 37

Former General Hospital cast member, Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando Corbin), has died. Wactor’s mother, Scarlett confirmed to TMZ, that her son passed away early Saturday morning on May 25th. He was 37-years-old.

The details surrounding Johnny’s death are harrowing. He was reportedly shot and killed in downtown Los Angeles after three unidentified suspects were allegedly seen trying to steal a catalytic converter from his car,” shared Scarlett. She was also told Johnny didn’t try to fight or stop them. However, the men shot him anyway before taking off and fleeing the scene of the crime.

According to police reports, the paramedics rushed to the scene just after 3 AM PT, but Wactor died on his way to the hospital. At this time, police have not shared the description of the three suspects, but Johnny’s mother, is hoping they will be found soon.

Photo: ABC

Wactor made his GH debut in 2020 as Brando and was the son of Gladys Corbin (Bonnie Burroughs). Brando fell in love with Sasha Gilmore ( got married and then the couple lost their premature son, Liam, which tore them both apart. In 2022, Brando was killed by the serial killer, The Hook, which turned to be Heather Webber (Alley Mills).

Photo: ABC

One of Johnny’s first acting credits was in 2007 on Lifetime’s Army Wives. He later starred as Johnny in NBC’s Siberia, a supernatural drama filmed in the reality competition series vein. He also had several dramatic guest-starring roles in series such as: Criminal Minds, NCIS, Station 19 and more. As well, on the film side, Wactor had a featured role in 2016’s USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage, a World War II drama starring Nicolas Cage and Tom Sizemore. More recently (in 2024), he starred as Marcus in Dead Talk Tales: Volume I.  Wactor was also seen in several national commercials.

Photo: ABC

Johnny is survived by his mother and younger brothers, Grant and Lance.

Share your thoughts and condolences for Johnny’s family, and please share your heartfelt remembrances of Johnny, who tragically is now gone too soon, via the comment section below.  Michael Fairman TV will continue to update this developing story.


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‘Entertainment Tonight’s’ Kevin Frazier and Nischelle Turner Back as Hosts for 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards

CBS and The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) announced on Thursday that Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier and Nischelle Turner are set to return as hosts for the upcoming 51st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, airing live on Friday, June 7 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on-demand on Paramount+*.

This marks the third Daytime Emmys in a row that the ‘ET’ combo has hosted the festivities, having done son in 2022 and 2023.

In addition, Frazier and Turner are also nominated this year for Daytime Emmys in the Outstanding Daytime Personality- Daily category. That is in addition to ‘ET’ being in the running for Outstanding Entertainment News series.

Photos: CBS

Frazier has been co-host with Entertainment Tonight since September 2014. Previously, he was co-host and managing editor of The Insider and a correspondent and weekend host of ‘ET.’

As for Turner she has been the co-host of ‘ET’ since 2021. Nischelle first joined the entertainment news program as a correspondent back in 2014. Turner is an award-winning journalist with ‘ET’, and often lends her voice to entertainment and political news shows, along with joining their coverage on the Grammys, Golden Globes and Oscars. She was previously was an entertainment contributor for CNN.

Photo: NATAS

This year marks the 18th time CBS has broadcast the Daytime Emmy Awards, more than any other network. The show will broadcast live from the Westin Bonaventure in downtown Los Angeles.

So, what do you think about Kevin Frazier and Nischelle Turner returning as the hosts of the 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards? Comment below.

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