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Ingo Rademacher Wraps His Run as General Hospital’s Jax

Photo: JPI

During today’s Monday, November 22nd episode of General Hospital, Ingo Rademacher made his exit as Jasper Jacks.

The actor who is out at the ABC daytime drama series for not adhering and disagreeing to the GH and ABC Covid-19 vaccination mandate, saw his character written-out when Jax shared his final scenes with Laura Wright’s Carly and Cynthia Watros’ Nina.

In story, Jax ran into his ex-wife Carly and informed her he was leaving Port Charles immediately to deal with business in Sydney, Australia.  He adds, he is not planning on coming back to town with this sentiment.“I’m kind of on the outs with everyone in Port Charles right now.”

Things are not be left on good terms with the exes, when Carly spouts, “You know, Jax, I thought I made it clear … my life is none of your business.” After some back and forth about their daughter Josslyn (Eden McCoy), Jax says that he is, “Happy to stay out of your life.”

Later, Jax visits Nina at Charlie’s Pub, and warns her to be careful about getting even more deeply involved with Sonny (Maurice Benard), and she deflects that there is anything going on between them, and telling Jax that her and Sonny don’t have a future together.

Rademacher’s Jax is now off the canvas of the series.

So, what did you think of how GH wrote out Jax and Ingo’s exit from the show? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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If it had been me I would have let it gi!! He chose not to do that I have no idea his medical history ets but he is off the soap so let it go

Will miss him . Hate to see him go . I hope he will be able to come back again at one point !

Ingo coming back will only happen if he fully vaccinated, there is a story line for him and if GH wants him back at all.

Goodbye!!! Don’t let the door…..

Politics and vaccination withstanding, Jax should’ve departed a while ago. Other than being there for Joss, he serves little purpose.

If the vaccination wasn’t an issue, They could’ve easily bumped Ingo to recurring.

So, Jasper Jacks, welcome to the Port Charles never-to-be seen father club. Jeff Webber, Frisco Jones and Lucky Spencer have a space for you at their table.

Steve, I agree with your comments. No surprise there… Many times over the years, I have wished for the return of Jeff Webber. Maybe on the series finale, someone will mention him…

Hey Jamesj… 😉 They have mentioned him. Remember recently Liz got a call from him…then tore up a pic of him. Seems to me he may be heading back.

Thank you, Rebecca1! That is good news, worth tuning in…

I wish the circumstances were different because Jax is a great character and Ingo does a good job portraying him, but alas that is not the case. It seemed like a pretty final exit for the character, given that he said he wouldn’t be returning anytime soon. I’m just glad they didn’t kill Jax off. Let’s hope Jason doesn’t meet that grim end either if the rumors are true about Steve Burton’s impending exit (which I hope they’re not)!

I believe that Steve is gone

Please…just a year or two from now when he can’t get work anywhere else, he’ll be back.

Anti vaccine, transphobic. Who would want to be around him and work with him? No one that I would want to know.

I would work with him anytime.

Ingo has come and gone a lot over the last 20 years on General Hospital I have a feeling that he will be back one of these days because I hear the mandate has been lifted on ABC they’re not making people get the shot anymore as I feel getting the shot is a personal thing

The mandate is suspended for Disney World in Florida because of state law.

That’s because MoRon Deathsentence is an idiot who doesn’t care how many mortals die in his state.

Thumbs up, Sat…agree.

No the vaccine mandate at ABC Los Angeles has not been lifted.

Ingo’s ignorance knows no bounds. So glad to see him removed from the GH canvas. Hey pal… go become a full-time lifeguard and do something worthwhile instead of spreading your noxious bile.

Thankfully he’s gone.

The reason I like Jax is that he tells Carly off! He’s almost the only one who tells her she’s wrong which she is 100$ of the time. She is so incredibly self-righteous and awful. She puts her children in danger every single day and somehow doesn’t see this as a problem. She is selfish, a terrible mother and a horrible friend. She puts Jason ahead of everyone, including her precious Sonny. Jax points all of this out, which makes him for me a valuable character, since almost everyone else enables Carly (and Sonny) on a regular basis.

As far as Ingo is concerned I don’t think performers should be fired for having different political opinions, whether I agree with them or not. GH is the only one of the four shows that has a vaccine mandate – I can truly see both sides of the argument and for me both have validity. I wonder if the rumors are true about Steve Burton what the reaction will be if he is fired? Is there hypocrisy or do people feel the same way about this policy regardless of who is fired?

I hate he got taken off for standing up for his constitutional right to choose. That doesn’t make people anti Vaxers it’s just saying what we have been hearing for a while “My body my choice”

And Disney/ABC has a right to set policies for their employees. Their company their decision.

Ingo was given the choice

Yep! I work for one of the top 5 tech companies, and we all have to be vaxxed or leave. It’s our choice.

It’s really a tragic ending to a character that began with a thunderbolt of energy. They didn’t even care enough to write a dramatic ending. Oh well…

I personally like him on this series but he should understand one thing imagine if his newborn daughter contracted coronavirus from someone thru him,I wonder how he would feel if anything happened to his daughter how would he feel? Would he believe in shots????

The problems I have with this is: since fully vaccinated people can still get sick how does this policy make any sense? Also: why do the other three shows not have a vaccine mandate? I can see both sides of this. I am fully vaccinated, by my own choice, but I know people who honestly don’t believe in vaccinations – it’s a slippery slope and I can see both sides of it.

Those vaccinated individuals who get breakthrough cases are far more likely to have minor symptoms than those not vaccinated. The opportunity to pass along the virus in an environment of fully vaccinated people is exceptionally smaller than a mixed crowd.

GH is fully owned by one corporation (Disney). The other soaps have a combination of entities (Sony, Corday, Viacom/CBS, Comcast/NBC) involved in production/distribution. Not as easy to dictate policy in that environment.

Bye, Felicia!

I always have liked the character, but after the Nina story arc he’s been lost. I don’t pay attention to anyone’s political affiliations, I’m here for the characters not the actors. Hopefully he’ll return when there is a good story for the character, maybe involving Brenda.

Shame on California, shame on GH and Shame on Nancy Grahn for pushing this Vax mandate… especially since it doesn’t work!!!
Ingo is better off as he was not being used well anyway.

OMG! Bernadette please stop with the Qanon nonsense. Pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION- people ARE DYING from Covid. The powers that be at ABC Daytime are allowed by law to set the conditions for employment.

Did it NOT occur to YOU that other actors on the show told the producers of GH that they would not appear in any scenes with unvaccinated Ingo and Steve? As for losing a ton of views-my grandmother and aunts don’t care if you stop watching the show.

GH sux They prefer bullies like Nancy . I hope your cancelled.

GH will be off the air soon. They are making very poor decisions firing Ingo and Steve. They can go to another soap on networks that don’t require vaccine mandates. Many GH fans will follow.

No we won’t. I’m not going to stop watching a show for two guys who are doing nothing to help stop the spread of this virus.

I liked his character, but he made the choice to leave his cush job over a little vaccine where in the US … 440 million jabs have been done.
My grandfather worked in coal mines to support his 3 children?? What a wimp! How old is he??

I thought it was a normal exit for him as he always traveled between Australia and Port Charles for business as Jax. Maybe he’ll be back one day, who knows. I’ll miss him, curious to see if they’ll replace him eventually.

Brenadine’s last sentence would get her suspended from other platforms or at least marked with a falsehood disclaimer.

I agree; I don’t know why Michael allows disinformation here. I pointed that out before. It’s one thing to have a different opinion; it’s another to give false info about the vax and the virus.

Ingo = Anti Vax

Resulting in…
GH & many viewers = Anti Jax

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Elizabeth MacRae, ‘General Hospital’s’ Meg Baldwin, Passes Away at 88

Veteran actress, Elizabeth MacRae best-known as the third Meg Baldwin on General Hospital and as Gomer Pyle’s girlfriend, Lou-An Ann Poovie, in Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C has died at the age of 88. MacRae passed away in Fayetteville, North Carolina, where she grew up.

On General Hospital, Elizabeth played Meg Baldwin who had a young son, Scott (Kin Shriner) from a previous relationship and who married Lee Baldwin (Peter Hansen). The role was originated by Patricia Breslin from 1965-1969. Breslin was temporarily replaced by Jan Shepherd for three weeks in the summer of 1967. MacRae took over the part from Breslin full time from 1969-70 and again from 1972-73.

In story, the character of Meg suffered a nervous breakdown and Lee had her committed to an institution. In 1971, Meg was released and came home, but suffered from severe hypertension. In 1973, Dr Lesley Webber was assigned to her case. Meg became jealous of Lesley and began to think that she was trying to get to have sex with Lee. During an argument with Lee, Meg died of a stroke and soon after Lee adopted Scott.

Photo: ABC

MacRae also appeared on other notable soaps, having roles on Another WorldDays of Our LivesGuiding Light, and Search for Tomorrow.  Elizabeth’s career spanned over two and half decades having also appeared in classic TV shows and countless movies such as: Route 66Surfside 6RendezvousThe FugitiveJudd for the DefenseGunsmokeBonanzaI Dream of Jeannie, and The Andy Griffith Show.

Photo: CBS

She is survived by five stepchildren, Terry Halsey, Peter Halsey, Hugh Halsey, Cate Halsey, and Alex Halsey Topper.

Share your remembrances of GH’s Elizabeth MacRae via the comment section below.

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LAPD Continue to Seek Johnny Wactor’s Killers Who Remain At Large; Asks Public for Tips and Leads

The Los Angeles police department is ramping up its search for to the whereabouts of the three thieves, who got away after one fatally shot former General Hospital cast member, Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando Corbin) in the early morning hours of Saturday, May 26th in downtown Los Angeles.

Law enforcement sources told the LA Times that police are trying to pull fingerprints from Wactor’s vehicle and are looking for video from the area. They also are checking to see whether there are any connections to other nearby catalytic converter thefts.

The thieves were attempting to steal the catalytic converter from Wactor’s car at the time of his death. Sadly, the LAPD investigators shared they have seen an uptick in violence when these types of thieves are confronted.

Photo: ABC

Catalytic converters contain precious metals in which thieves can make hundreds of dollars selling them to auto parts suppliers or scrap yards, where they can be melted down and the valuable metals extracted.

In addition, on Tuesday May 28th, the LAPD shared more on the incident that took Wactor’s life, stating, “Without provocation, the victim was shot by one of the individuals. The three suspects involved were wearing all dark clothing and driving a dark-colored sedan. The suspects fled northbound on Hope Street. Central Bureau Homicide is investigating this case and is requesting the public’s help.”

Photo: ABC

If you have tip: y0u are urged to call LAPD Detectives Gonzales or Martinez at Central Bureau Homicide, at (213) 996-4142. During non-business hours or on weekends, calls should be directed to (877) LAPD-24-7 (877-527-3247).

In addition, Anyone wishing to remain anonymous should call the LA Regional Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS (800-222-8477) or go to

Wactor played General Hospital’s Brando Corbin from 2020 to 2022. According to the LA Times, “Wactor recently had been exploring opportunities in screenwriting while working as a bartender.”

Share your thoughts on this developing story as the LAPD tries to seek justice for the death of Johnny Wactor via the comment section below.

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Nicholas Chavez Speaks Out on the Death of Friend and Former GH Castmate Johnny Wactor: “I’m Beside Myself with Sadness”

It has been another rough go for the General Hospital family following the news surrounding the shooting that killed beloved former cast member, Johnny Wactor (ex-Brando Corbin) over the weekend.

Since that time, there has been an outpouring of grief, shock and sadness, and remembrances for the actor who died at 37-years-old.  Many of Johnny’s castmates have spoken out about the loss and shared heartbreaking tributes.

Now, Nicholas Chavez (ex-Spencer Cassadine) who is soon-to-be-seen in Ryan Murphy’s limited series on Netflix, Monsters: The Lyle and Erik Menendez Story, has also shared his sentiments. With heartfelt words, along with a photo of himself and Johnny, and another former GH co-star, Marcus Coloma (ex-Nikolas), Chavez explained the difficulty he is having processing Johnny’s death and the unbreakable bond they shared.

Photo: Facebook

Nick began, “Johnny — I’m beside myself with sadness. The last time I saw you, we ran into each other by accident in Los Angeles. When we recognized each other your face lit up and you ran essentially across the room to give me a big and tight hug. You were a strong and kind person”

He went on to say, these heartfelt words to Johnny, “You were a phenomenal friend and you always made me feel welcomed and loved. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have been a part of your life and I’m praying for you and your family. I will miss you very much.”

Johnny Wactor run on GH lasted from 2020-2022, while Nicholas Chavez appeared from 2021 till early in 2024.

Share your thoughts on Nicholas’ remembrances of Johnny Wactor via the comment section below.

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