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Insulting Article by The Hollywood Reporter on Daytime Community At Daytime Emmys!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

It is utterly frustrating, upsetting, and sad when a mainstream press outlet or publication, for lack of a better word, snarkily denigrates the daytime community because of their lack of knowledge of the genre, the performers who are in it, or the Daytime Emmys.   Case in point:  this absolutely insulting article written by The Hollywood Reporter’s Bill Higgins which was their coverage of the 39th Annual Daytime Emmys last Saturday which consisted of commenting on the red carpet drama, and how low-brow the event looked and the people who attended it.   Here is some of the commentary from THR’s piece on the Daytime Emmys below:

Hollywood Reporter, “If you weren’t a fan of daytime television, there were few recognizable faces. It might be comparable to attending an awards show for porn stars – if you’re not fluent with the genre.  It just looks like a gathering of attractive people wearing black tie on a sunny afternoon. The overall impression was of wealthy folk who live in Santa Barbara and visit Los Angeles infrequently.”

“As an example of how relatively low-key the scene was (and this might be a first), there was no traffic backup at the BevHilton’s circular driveway. Guests just drove up, left the car and were greeted by a few dozen fans. Inside, there was a scene with people greeting one another in the lobby, but there was room for zookeeper Jack Hanna, who had a lemur on his shoulder and was trailed by two women, one with an oversize porcupine on a leash, the other carrying a 5-foot-long alligator. Not far from them was Gloria Allred handing out business cards. Somehow they both fit in.”

“There was the standard red carpet with a full complement of photographers, but the Daytime Emmys differed from other awards shows as there also was a publicist who would stand behind each arriving star with their name spelled out on a dry erase board. She was quite busy getting the names and spelling right.”

And so after reading this, we noticed that THR used a quote from Kate Linder of The Young and the Restless, but they originally printed she was from General Hospital.  Once enough fans wrote comments that alerted the writer, they changed it and corrected it to Y&R.   It would be nice if the reporters, who are attending the Daytime Emmys cared enough to do some research about the people they would be interviewing.  In addition, the photo they used to run with the story was Jack Hanna and Debbie Gibson with animals crawling all over them.  Is that what the Emmys are about?

What we here at On-Air On-Soaps find most offensive is that these outlets are given preferred position on red carpets, while many of those who work tirelessly and endlessly to promote the soaps, the actors,  and the daytime community at large, and have some substance to their coverage, are given less than stellar spots, and many times are pushed and shoved around at events.  So, to all of us in the soap community, whether you are on-screen, behind-the-scenes, or my wonderful colleagues who cover the medium day after day, raise a glass of champagne, and salute yourselves for a job well done.  If Rodney Dangerfield were here, he would say to all of us in daytime,   “We can’t get no respect!”

So soapers what do you think of the comments by The Hollywood Reporter? Let us know!

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Their smug attitude is absolutely appalling–and ironic, considering they work in print media. How secure do they think their jobs are?

There are people who have never watched a soap but yet know of them.
When they are sent or go to review and report on soaps, well, they do not have one iota as to the depth of loyalty and sensitivity of the fans and their soaps.
So, they report how they see it with no knowledge of the gender.

This just proves once again that soaps don’t get any respect at all.

Your right about that.

there is no susbstitute for good ‘ole fashioned research, is there Barbara T? 🙂

I’m not sure what background that hack writer is, nor his age or experience in writing – he sound more like a critic than a reporter. Big difference in how you write and how much research you do.

That’s why it’s called the lame stream media!

No one calls it that.

Sarah Palin was the person who coined the term!

I’m aware. And no one listens to anything that @&$^% has to say.

Comparing the soaps to porn stars is absolutely insulting. Just because they are ignorant to them doesn’t mean they aren’t talented.

Soap stars are Fantastic Actors!! To be compared top porn-How Dare Anyone do that. Our actors are the premo of acting. They daily bring their talent to our screens.

THR and their ilk are only concerned with no-talent reality tv people like Snookie or Kim K, whose only talent seems to be getting press for doing NOTHING!

I hope the stars went out of their way to talk to the soap press they knew.

So just who are the Hollywood Reporter, never heard of them, so they must be a Nat’l Enquirer wanna be..

I hear they are a wanna be, From what I read is that the hollywood reporter ass use to work for deadline hollywood a sight that is just as bad they have no respect for the soaps or the soap fans that love them, they think anyone who stayed at home was a lazy pile of you know what, A few months back before pp said no to the soaps going on line deadline had a article saying something about the soaps, so I wrote back to them, several posts, I was responding saying there are reasons people stay at home illness, shut ins, Wanting to be there to raise their kids, well Vincent hanna posted back to me that all stay at home moms are lazy and fat and there husbands are out cheating on them so I called this so called college guy, which by the way he lets people know he is educated so that makes him a smart guy, yeah right and a people person to, out for the evil man that he is and I sent about 3 posts back to him, to make a long story short, He vincent hanna left his post up downing housewives or anyone who stays at home to watch the soaps, lazy people, this guy name vincent hanna would not let my post be shown defending the soaps and the fans, so I sent him one more post letting him know what a ass he was for not allowing my side to be heard and how nasty of a human he is, I called him Mr. college man, he didn’t like that, he can dish it out but he can’t take it back. A few other people I know got the same treatment from him, Those sights are no good if you leave a post and it makes them look bad or you go against their thoughts and Ideas forget it they will not post it so I never leave anything there anymore. But this clown like I said use to work or are somehow connected to each other, What this boob said about the soaps, I am sure 100% of it is lies. Vincent hanna and this guy are scum bags.

Insulting and painful but were they wrong?

I agree.I watched The Daytime Emmys and as much as i hate to say it i agree with THR.

Didn’t watch, but have heard many poor things about it.

Even Bradford Anderson had a problem on the carpet because apparently he was not as popular as some of the other actors.

It sounds like they really need to formulate a better plan for next year.

I also wanted to add, that reading The Hollywood Reporter article, I could see why author, Bill Higgins, said what he said. Perhaps the animals were a bit over the top. When I saw Tweets from the event and saw the alligator and the porcupine I was scratching my head as to why this would be in an awards show.

It is too bad that the Daytime Emmys is less about serialized drama and more about all the other crap that is on during the daytime. That is the real tragedy and that is why I do not see the actors/actresses getting the recognition they so truly deserve. They do much more work than sit on their backsides and read cards or a teleprompter or, better yet, just talk over each other as so many of them do. Why give an award for that? And now we have YET another one of these things on our screens to replace our beloved soap operas. Sickening.

I agree with your comment. Im a movie fan first and I dont watch soaps but I do have lots of respect for the people that work very hard to promote them for the those that love daytime shows. I do have to agree with THR though in this case.

Grant it, the Daytime Emmys were not as splashy as we’ve seen in previous years but I think you have to take into account that until HLN stepped in, we had no hope of seeing the Daytime Emmys. There wasn’t as much time to invest in planning & peol

That’s right Kelly, we wouldn’t have been able to see any of it if HLN had not stepped in. HLN showed daytime fans more respect in doing that, than the soaps own networks have for years.

Why were they there reporting on such a non-event? (SARCASM).
If the “mainstream press” had any clue what it takes to put out a daily drama they would be singing the praises of all involved. Maybe they should spend a day in the life of the people in front of, and behind the scenes of soaps so they can gain a little knowledge before they report on something that they have no clue about.

The rudeness & impoliteness of the “bigger media” is obsurd! They could careless about the daytime hard working, extremely talented actors/actresses. They shouldnt have even been allowed to enter the hotel…Jackasses! Especially since it wasn’t even televised on a major network channel. And as for HLN, although I appreciate them stepping up and televising the Daytime Emmy’s, I am upset about the story I have read in regards “shoving” an actor and stating they need to get out of the way for a “more known” actor! JUST RUDE!

Your right about that Tammy, they are all jackasses, I would like for any of these bozo’s to put on show 5 days a week all year, soap stars and the people who work behind the scenes work harder then any of those idiots that show no respect for the work that is involved in making a soap. I don’t remember seeing any star getting pushed out of the way for someone else, and I watched all HLN had to offer for the emmys. Who did it?

That is very insulting. It’s a shame because those who act in/write/direct/produce/and work as crew on soaps are the hardest working people in the Television and Entertainment medium. They have to produce 5 new episodes pretty much every week of the year. Which means long hours. They don’t get summer breaks. Just a few weeks during the year. Soaps should be praised more by the press for their hardwork and dedication to a medium, especially with American soaps struggling as much as they are. Keeping a smile and staying loyal can be difficult when you don’t know if the networks will continue the shows. As we’ve all seen over the past few years. But, even if the face of countless cancellation’s soap fans and they who create them stay loyal. It should be praised not denigrated against.

There are great benefits to being the bastardised genre of television as soaps are – they have absolutely NOTHING to prove & their actors should feel liberated by the lack of sycophantic over-wrought praise many polished primetime shows get. Soaps are the ultimate playground so ignore the disapproval of the critics like a child would ignore the disapproval of a school teacher… and KEEP PLAYING!!!

I am so tired that some of the large Media outlets are so disrespectful of the Soap genre and the daytime television. There are so many wonderful and talented actors on daytime that it is heartbreaking to see how they are treated. Many “Big Name Stars” got their start and learned their acting craft on daytime Soaps. I am so mad at the Hollywood Reporter article I could just scream. Just shameful.

Wow….insulting , just insulting.

It’s interesting because LAST YEAR’S program was the one that was terrible. This year? Showbiz tonight really tried and at the last minute too. Just sad. I enjoyed the show a lot.

I saw this article published on my Yahoo news on the Sunday after the Emmys. I made a comment how insulting and untrue it was then, and I say the same now.

This so called reporter for Hollywood Reporter should be smack on the side of the head for the his insulting comments towards all of the Daytime professionals. Daytime has the hardest working people in all of Entertainment, especially the daytime drama who put on programming 5 days a week and 52 weeks a year. His comments in the article are just rude and he should be fired.

It seems like the writer went out of his/her way to be insulting. To me, that article says a lot more about him/her and that publication than it does about the soap genre.

“The overall impression was of wealthy folk who live in Santa Barbara and visit Los Angeles infrequently.” That part is a complement, although it was probably not intended as such.

The article is insulting and offensive, reflecting what a rag The Hollywood Reporter is compared to Variety. Obviously, Michael Fairman and others deserved more respectfully treatment, compared to the sleaze and unprofessionalism of The Hollywood Reporter.

That’s pretty much what I said above.

This may explain the interview I saw with the fool woman who asked James Scott if his accent was Australian…

Your link doesn’t work so I am unable to read the actual article. But from what I read here it is appaling and inexcusable!!!

It’s sad that some people can be so ignorant. This article is not a negative reflection on Daytime at all, but instead a negative reflection on the person who wrote it. I echo your thanks to the reporters who cover the genre with the respect it deserves. I may not always like the decisions made by TPTB but the genre will always have a special place in my heart. I would also like to thank you Michael Fairman for your hard work and commitment to the genre.

Michael Fairman DOES do a great job doesn’t he? I just love this forum and this is the only place where I get my soap news.

This is the place to be. And Michael does do a great job and I love his interviews. Hey MIchael, Wouldn’t it be nice to get a interview from our Ericka Slezak, Because we were cheated out of hearing her say anything the other night, it would be nice to see how she is doing, I miss her smiling face every day.

Oh my, I can not believe that reporter (if you want to call him that) dissed the daytime actors like that. What makes him an expert? Like someone stated above there are so many big stars currently in Hollywood that started on a daytime drama and are now super stars. Now I know why I do not read the Hollywood Report, I don’t read trash.

Big stars like Tommy Lee Jones got his start on OLTL, Tom Beringer etc…I don’t know exactly about this reporter…….Who bad mouthed the soaps.. What exactly did he say??? I must have missed this one…Just reading bits & pieces of fans comments…Clarify this for me…Don’t know the whole story…I must have missed this…………..

Wow. Just wow.

As a writer myself, I can’t stress one thing enough. If you’re not familiar with your subjects, DO YOUR RESEARCH. And if you can’t be bothered to do that, then THR should send a reporter who at least has WATCHED soaps to do the job. (They’re around, even if they don’t want to admit they watch.)

Comparing soaps to porn stars. Jesus. How insulting that is. Like every show is 60 minutes of bed hopping, face sucking and simulated sex. While I admit daytime has seen better days, stuff like Luke’s intervention on GH, Carly’s detox on Days and OLTL’s effort to address bullying all bring up relevant social issues.

Oh, but daytime doesn’t do that. To hear THR talk, it’s 60 minutes of characters who like to (rhymes with tuck). God.

I think the reporter needs another job. How dare he talk like that about what he apparently has no knowledge. Evidently who he wrote for has no respect for Daytime TV or they would not have printed it. Maybe they are part of ABC.

Where can I read about this??

To all of those who are “high brow”. Piss Off! Period.

Thank you very much… I’ll have my daytime serials. and i’m not grandstanding.. the truth of television.

I read the review…I was on the red carpet, and had a completely different perspective. I thought the writer pretty much sucked…since I’m not in the writing mode at the moment, yes, I will say that. Really lousy review. As far as the show and all…I could write a lengthy review, but to sum it up briefly, two years ago in Vegas was 200% better than this B Hilton show, all around…the red carpet here was crammed for space, many of the actors were snotty to the fans..which IMHO is downright stupid, I mean, hello…they are spending hard earned money to support you!…the appes were ok, the service was great there, the dinner after the show was horrible…presentation on the plates was in the toilet…security were a bit dickheads…but what else is new…and when you set up cameramen, don’t place them directly in front of a seated guest of the show. I mean, rocket science there. The most fun I had was at Sunday Brunch the next morning…after all the hooplah. Truth be told.

Well, I don’t know about all that red carpet stuff, I could care less. There are a lot of, if you want to call them writers, Saying things that aren’t true, this guy from everything I have read sounds like someone that was forced to show up at an event he knows nothing about or he hates the soap people and their fans, Back inside, The only thing I had a problem with was the alligator that showed up, a animal that needs to be put back where he belongs in a pond or swamp somewhere down here in the south, I also had a problem with the zoo guy and debbie gibson what they have to do with the daytime emmys is a good question I wouldn’t mind getting answered, I also have a problem with Ericka kane hogging the microphone from Ericka slezak, One life to live was snubbed big time and As a #1 fan that bothers me A lot. the zoo guy, Hanna something, who thinks he is Gods gift to animals but was ok about the slaughter of them in ohio makes me wonder about him, debbie gibson, ericka Kane that frankle lady from that reality trash tv, and I could mention a few more, they most definitely did not belong at this event.This Bill whatever ever his last name is should really stick with articles that he knows about and not show up at the red carpets for the soap stars, because If your not into the soaps you really don’t belong there, we want to be informed not mocked out, like this jerk did to us, I think he was just trying to be mean and frankly I think he is a ass and someone should tell him that. Sorry you didn’t get a good nights rest at the Hilton, I would have packed up and left because every thing I am hearing it turned out to be a nightmare, But good For HLN for putting it on, It was much better this year then it was last year when they turned it into a 3 ringed circus.

Forgot to say that the rooms at the BHilton were pretty much rundown dumps for the money. If it weren’t for the show being there…I would have left and found another place to sleep.

It’s really their loss because if they knew what we knew about how wonderful soaps and the actors and writers and others that work on them really are…well, that article would be singing a different tune.

Where can I read this article???? Was it on this site or somewhere else??

Okay this hollywood reporter is a jerk & doen’t know what he is talking about…He works for a rag magazine….You shouldn’t talk about something you don’t know anything about……And he was very disrespectful….Soaps are the best you’ve got drama. It makes you feel good , makes you cry at times,heart-warming…Makes want to watch it all the time & keeps your interest..You get involved with the actors and you grow fond of them..And can’t wait to see your favorite soap actors…..They come into your living room and keep you company Mon-Fri…

He’s a jerk all right and a ass to and someone should tell him so, He should write about things he knows about not show up at a award show and insult the stars and the fans.

After looking at the Emmy Fashion Review,
I can better understand how someone who is unfamiliar with daytime wrote what they did. I didn’t recognize many of the people either, but that doesn’t justify comparing them to “porn stars.” A surprising number of significant daytime actors did not appear to be present and this hurt the show. It doesn’t help soaps when some of the most recognizable faces are absent.

I agree with you Michael. Mr. Higgins doesn’t help the soap genre with his insulting and negative publicity. It’s disparaging.

The production of the show could have been better. But, the writer knows nothing about daytime if he/she doesn’t think Susan Lucci, Erica Slezak, Deidra Hall, Tony Geary and Eric Braeden aren’t the superstars of their shows. The one thing I wish we could have seen would have been a video tribute to “AMC” and “OLTL.”

Comparing it to porn was really low and insulting. Why send someone who is not in the know about daytime to cover the show? He probably was mad he got the short straw, in his opinion. Maybe if he did his homework, publicists wouldn’t have to hold up dry erase boards.

It’s kind of a double edged sword. If the show had been more showy and expensive, daytime would get a better rep, and if daytime had a better rep, the show would have been more elaborately produced. It is sad that daytime doesn’t get any respect when the soaps put out five shows a week and work very hard. Not every ep is fabulous, but overall, very good and even better than some primetime shows.

Hollywood Reporter should have gotten a fan to cover it. Have them call me. I’m available. And the dry erase board lady could have rested her hand.

I saw the lack of respect for the actors while I watched the show. I have never missed a daytime emmy show. This one lacked a lot. What was up with the tribute to AMC and OLTL? Looked like a tribute to Susan Lucci. I do not like her now. Why can’t the daytime actors get the respect they greatly deserve. They are crammed with over 50 pages a week to learn their lines and put out a performance that is above par. I just hate the haters.

Soaps have never gotten a LOT of respect. Big deal now when there are only 4 daytime soaps left. It should hurt less, I suppose, but it still hurts. That said, though, it doesn’t really matter. All that matters are the ratings. The article will be forgotten. The awards show was pretty much a success. The real struggle is keeping our shows on the air. Dwelling on the negative takes way too much energy, let’s watch and support our shows — and call an idiot and idiot when we see him and move on!

BTW I’ve heard a lot of positive comments about the awards show. Not bad, considering there was a real chance that there would be NO show at all — without a network (HLN) stepping in and doing the broadcast. I heard HLN was happy with viewer turnout, so I guess the awards show was a success. Also, I find it hard to believe that people watch TV and do not recognize soap stars, with Susan Lucci getting so much attention (and a new show) and so many soap stars guest-starring in primetime. The slant of the article is questionable to say the least, most likely reflecting the reporter’s negative views of soaps more so than anyone else. JMO

That wanna be reporter needs to learn how to a better job at looking at the whole genre pie, the fans, the actors and how hard they work to churn out daily shows. And this yrs Emmys was way better then the Las Vegas fiasco we had for Emmys last time. He also needs to put his neg self opinion aside and do a fair report period! He has alot to learn…back to jounalism school for him!

This reporter not only insulted Shows, Actors and Crews of daytime television but also all of the viewers of daytime. All who are involved on daytime TV are hard working professionals who care deeply about their work, giving Us shows 5 days a week.
Daytime has always been a place where young talent could go to learn their craft from other experienced actors who are always willing to teacher. Here are just a few Stars that received their starts on daytime Soaps: Tommy Lee Jones, Julianne Moore, Brad Pitt, Marisa Tomei, Meg Ryan, James Earl Jones, John Stamos, Kevin Bacon, Josh Duhamel and I could go on and on. The point is Daytime is not the bottom of the barrel for acting, it is the BEGINNING. A place for future acting talent to learn from the best, to become the best actors they can be. If the Soap genre continues to shrink there will be less places for new talent to be discovered and to grow. That would be a disgrace, hurting the entire Entertainment Industry. This reporter is too uneducated and disrespectful to be reporting any entertainment news. Daytime dramas need to be cherished for the teaching of future talent and for all of the social issues they tackle each day, NOT trashed by the likes of Mr. Bill Highins.

He’s just an Idiot, A little guy that was told by his boss to go and cover the emmys, THat Jerk wouldn’t know what the truth is if it bit him in the ass. I agree with your post and you right many stars started out on the soaps.

Who on earth does Mr. Higgins think he is?;( He’d better do some research as far as daytime television is concerned.

This is the email I left Mr Higgins.

Dear Mr Higgins.

I was very VERY pleased with the Daytime Emmys broadcast on HLN Saturday night. HLN stepped up and in less than one month, put forward a very lovely show that was lacking all the pretentiousness of years past…..most recently last years awards on CBS which was nothing more than a few hour long commercial for Vegas/Y&R with a little Oprah ass kissing thrown in for good measure. And given that the broadcast was only advertised online and on HLN…….the numbers were VERY respectable…..especially given the fact that HLN is not available on everyones cable/satellite packages. Fans of TRUE daytime programming….are very grateful this broadcast happened and happily await NEXT years broadcast.

Rachel Cole

What it’s REALLY like to be a soap star!By Cady McClain, special to HLN
updated 1:41 PM EDT, Mon June 25, 2012NEED TO KNOW•Cady McClain is a two-time Emmy Award-winning actress
•She recalls her days on the set of ‘All My Children’ and ‘As the World Turns’

Editor’s note: Cady McClain is an Emmy Award-winning actress and is best known for her roles on the soap operas “All My Children” and “As the World Turns.” She has also been featured in film, nighttime TV, and theater. She is currently working on a soap opera comic book, “Whispering Hearts.”

When I think back on the years I spent working on soaps, the one word I think of is pressure.

Maybe it sounds ridiculous, but one of the main sources of pressure is the pressure to look good. Soaps are about beautiful people in extreme circumstances. If your eyes are swollen from allergies or if you have a big zit that day, you can bet you’re going to have at least one breakdown about it. I remember standing in the ladies room, looking in the mirror at myself, and saying, “Get a grip!” And my concern was not unreasonable: The first thing a producer will tell you (as they gently suggest you drop five pounds) is, “Honey, it’s a visual medium.”

The other source of pressure comes from the extremely short amount of time you have to memorize lines. While some actors have an uncanny ability for this, others (like myself) do not. Those of us without sponges for brains have to sit in our dressing rooms for hours going over and over the same lines, gripping our scripts as we walk on set only to drop them at the absolutely last minute.

Then there is the work itself. Acting on a soap opera is not for the faint of heart. Believe it or not, years of worrying about your face and body while tearing your hair out about your imaginary dead baby can take a toll on a person. I remember Kelly Ripa standing in the makeup room and telling me, “Not everyone can do this job!” And she was right. It takes a particular strength to act traumatic situations day after day.

Sometimes that strength can fail you and when you are pushed to your limit, you can break in funny ways. It’s a big part of being a soap opera actress — surviving the job. While some actors (like Kelly) will mercilessly tell jokes right up until the countdown, others have illicit affairs, while still others may fall down the rabbit hole of drugs or alcohol. Hey, it’s not like we’re born nuts. Day after day of living out traumatic situations can stress out even the most balanced, most “normal” of actors.

That’s why it is like a kick in the stomach when people deride soaps and say, “Oh, I don’t watch soap operas,” as if they were some piece of old gum stuck on their shoe. There is some amazing acting work being done on these shows, and if people really knew how hard it was and how much the actors are up against, they might hold them in much higher esteem.

IMHO, soap opera actors are not respected enough because (in general) we do not respect the middle class in our country enough. We have a “thing” about being middle class, like it’s just not “cool” enough or something. Soap operas at their core are about normal, middle class people striving to have a better life. What they learn along the way is that their hometown is really where they want to be, and their family is whom they really want to be with.

I love this aspect of soaps. This is what made me get up at the ungodly hour of five o’clock in the morning, what made me feel like I was doing something important as an actor. The idea that who we are as people — our normal lives, our basic concerns — matters. That our simple needs, our basic values are in fact rich and deep and beautiful. Family matters. Love matters. Home matters.

An outsider might think that being on a soap opera is all about deciding what lip gloss to wear and getting to take home great shoes, but it isn’t. Sure, there are those little materialistic perks, and yes the paycheck can be quite lovely, but those reasons aren’t why I stayed year after year. I stayed on soaps because no one else in the entertainment industry did a better job of telling the story of what it means to be a normal American.

The Daytime Emmys are special to daytime actors because they recognize how amazing it is that moments of incredible depth and beauty can happen onscreen — and it’s onscreen where the magic really happens. Although soaps are a combined effort of cast, crew, production and writing, it all comes together in that moment after they call “Action” and before they call “Cut.” That’s what is great about being a soap opera actor — to be able to take all that combined effort and in a tense, focused moment, offer up something real and beautiful and truthful. That is not easy, and it sure as heck isn’t about lip gloss.

I read this on an HLN blog…web site… herein reads what we know… and celebrate… DAYTIME….all that encompasses… what we cherish.

I say how do we get in touch with this goof Bill HIggins so we can give him our take on his disgusting article?

The hollywood reporter, that’s where he is from, we should go there and give him a piece of our mind and let him know that he is a Idiot. In a very polite way of course.

Barbara – here is the link to that awful story of Higgins. I’m so thankful to Mr. Fairman for (again) being on our side!

It makes me cringe to think of the incredibly talented and hard-working actors, actresses, writers, directors and everyone else-including the soap opera media (thank you for your hard work Michael Fairman!) -being compared to porn stars. That reporter is really insulting all of us who enjoy daytime drama,, too. And he’s making quite a leap to do it-is he really unfamiliar with Susan Lucci, Oscar the Grouch and Cameron Matheson? I doubt it.

I’m glad Patrick posted that article by Cady McClain above, that really says it all. The bottom line is this: it is the epitome of unprofessionalism and boorishness for someone who is contemptuous of an industry, any industry, even the porn industry, to cover that industry’s award celebration. That reporter made himself look like an ass and The Hollywood Reporter look uninformed about the business it covers with the piece he wrote. We should all post our comments pointing this out on their site at the bottom of his piece, and we should send a note to our favorite daytime performers (in care of their respective network) thanking them for their phenomenal grace under pressure. Putting on an hour of scripted drama a day is a Herculean feat and anyone who can do it: in front of the camera or behind the scenes, deserves gratitude, accolades and above all, respect.

Oh, and Michael next year, just push your way to the Red Carpet and get your interviews before the media outlets who ignore or mock the industry the other 364 days of the year. Fly me out to California and I’ll be your linebacker clearing The Hollywood Reporter out of their prime space. 😉

Go Soapers!

I’ve heard… that… A movie set.. at best… does 3 pages of scenes… per day…

a Prime time 1 hour show… takes 1 week… to do what soaps do in a day. ie: ? 60-75 pages?

OK… give or take…. hands down… the work… that goes in to the soaps are phenomenal.


These idiots that go to see motion picture screen movies with Ton Cruise and the other actors that think their shit doesn’t stink…….You need to watch a soap opera and you will see the finest acting you have ever in your miserable life seem. They are over the top actors, that are underpaid and under appreciated. Makes me sick.

Who is Bill Higgins? Ask anyone who he is and absolutely no one knows or cares. I would like to see his facebook fan pages.
This man has no clue how many actors got their start from soap operas.

ySorry! 🙂
~ & people including the Soap Stars were really grateful that HLN stepped up to the plate.
I don’t think this reporter knows Daytime or researched it. Comparing it to “Porn” was uncalled for. If Mr. Higgins had researched Daytime, viewed some previous Emmys & also researched how & why Soaps have been cancelled, he may have been better critique The Emmys & understand why, even if they were somewhat low-key, the fact that they
aired this year made them all that more important. It was a statement to the TPTB & the actors & fans that SOAPS are still important & loved & we still want them to remain on air, a part of Daytime & a part of our lives.
~And I’m sorry..Idk why this site gave me a hard time posting. Geez

mwasastime SOAPS lare still loved & w

Days Of Our Lives

DAYS OF OUR LIVES Preview: Nicole Gets Her Baby Back; Then Hauls Off and Decks Sloan

This week on Days of our Lives starts, what looks to be the next and final leg of the baby Jude, baby switch saga, and all of its deceptions. As viewers saw on last Friday’s episode of the Peacock streaming soap opera, Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) told Eric (Greg Vaughan) that Jude is actually Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and EJ’s (Dan Feuerriegel) baby. Of course, that’s a half-truth as the bio-dad is Eric.

Trapped and in cahoots now with EJ, Sloan had to confess what she did to Eric. At the cliffhanger, Eric show up at EJ’s door with Jude in tow. In tears, he tells Nicole this is her baby, and hands it to her. What will go down when the show picks back up on Memorial Day with an all-new episode?

Eric doesn’t know he is the father, but EJ does. EJ also saw Nicole kiss Eric. He is going to do everything he can to keep the truth from coming out in an effort to keep his marriage in tact.

Photo: JPI

However, how long can EJ and Sloan keep this major secret? Leo (Greg Rikaart) and Dimitri (Peter Porte) are very much alive. Will one of them blow the final whistle on them? Right, Lady Whistleblower? Will Nicole and Eric learning they are the true parents of Jude, be the impetus for Nicole leaving town perhaps with Eric, since we know Arianne Zucker’s last episode of DAYS is set to air July 29th? Stay tuned.

Photo: JPI

Meanwhile in the latest promo for this week’s DAYS, Nicole and EJ introduce “their” baby to Holly (Ashley Puzemis), while Rafe (Galen Gering) confronts Melinda Trask (Tina Huang) who is playing dumb in all of this. Rafe asks her, “Are you saying you know nothing about the baby switch?” Melinda pretends she is completely shocked, saying, “Did you say baby switch?”

In the moment you’ve been waiting for, harkening back to when Nicole stole Sami’s (Alison Sweeneybaby for months, and the two finally had a showdown which saw Sami delivering bitch-slaps to Nicole, Sloan comes to the DiMera mansion to see Nicole.  Then, Nicole screams that she lost she lost six months with her son because of all of her lies. Next, Nicole hauls off and punches Sloan.  Elsewhere, Eric grabs Leo by his shirt collar, which will be interesting to see how much Leo fesses up on what he knows about the baby switch.

Watch the DAYS preview below.

Now let us know, are you happy to see Nicole get her baby back? Are you frustrated that the story is still going on and now its Eric who is the one in the dark, along with Nicole that he is Jude’s baby daddy? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Longtime Lovebirds, Arianne Zucker and Shawn Christian, Set Wedding Date

In the words of Shawn Christian (ex-Daniel, DAYS) himself, “Just remember ya’ll….there is great value in long courtships,” it appears that he and his longtime love. Arianne Zucker (Nicole, DAYS), have finally picked their wedding date, and the destination for their nuptials.

Back in August of 2023, the couple shared that they plan to tie the knot in 2024, and with their latest IG post it looks like the wedding day is becoming closer and closer.

As Days of our Lives fans know, Zucker is suing the soap opera’s producers and production entity, and her last episode should air on July 29th, since the show tapes so far in advance. One can assume, her character, Nicole Walker may get a happy ending and get her baby back before exiting Salem? However, that’s yet to be seen.

Photo: JPI

In the meantime, the couple who live in Nevada, continue to make plans for their big day. In their newest update, Zucker shared, “We discovered a wedding DESTINATION and DATE DATE! So grateful to everyone who has helped us make this exploration an eye-opening awe-inspiring adventure!”

While Christian chimed in, “I already hear many of you saying ‘finally Shawn!’ Just remember ya’ll….there is great value in long courtships.” #justsaying #loveispatient #loveiscrazy”

Shawn’s journey as Daniel Jonas on DAYS lasted from 2008 to 2017, while Zucker has portrayed Nicole Walker since 1998. The couple have been engaged since 2021.

The duo made no clear mention of the exact wedding date or location in their post, only that they have got things locked in and all systems are a-go!

So, happy to hear that Ari and Shawn are finally about to become husband and wife? Comment below.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Ari Zucker (@ari8675)

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Days Of Our Lives

NATAS Reveals 2024 Gold and Silver Circle Honorees Recognizing Admired Individuals and Their Enduring Contributions to Daytime Television

Ahead of the upcoming 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards on June 7th, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) announced on Thursday, the recipients of the 2024 Gold and Silver Circle honors.

Those chosen as honorees were chosen for this recognition, as NATAS explained, “As admired individuals who have made enduring contributions to daytime television. Inductees are exceptional professionals who have performed distinguished service within the television industry, setting standards for achievement, mentoring, leadership and professional accolades for 50 or 25 years, respectively. They represent the best and brightest in the industry.”

Some daytime favorites in front of the camera and behind the scenes made this year’s honor roll.

The 2024 Gold Circle Inductees are:

Jerome Dobson, Writer: Guiding Light, As the World Turns, General Hospital, Santa Barbara 

A Martinez, Actor: Santa Barbara, General Hospital, Days of our Lives and The Bay.

Suzanne Rogers, Actress: Days of Our Lives

The 2024 Silver Circle Inductees are:

Patricia Denney, Former Hair and Makeup Department Head: The Young and The Restless

Kathleen Finch, Chairman and CEO, US Networks, Warner Brothers Discovery

Linda Grand, Set Master Props: The Bold & The Beautiful

Janet Spellman-Drucker, Co-Executive Producer: Days of Our Lives

Mark Teschner, Casting Director: General Hospital

Rolonda Watts, Talk Show Host, Actress & Voiceover Talent: Sherri, Curious George, Divorce Court

What do you think of the selections for this year’s Gold and Silver Circle Honorees? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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