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Is B&B's Thomas going to turn out to be gay after all?

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

So what happened to the potential taboo romance of Brooke and Thomas on The Bold and the Beautiful? Well, when you have two steamy performers like Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and Adam Gregory (Thomas) you possibly hope it might be re-addressed down the line, now that Thomas has recently been wooing other women on the B&B canvas including Dayzee.

But according to TV Guide today, things might be headed for a major shift on several fronts, when they spoke to B&B’s head honcho, Brad Bell. “This is a slow burn and we will continue to walk the tightrope with those two. Will we go there? Will it happen? We’re going to be flirting with that for awhile. Sometimes when you play with fire you get burned.”  And apparently on the upcoming March 7th episode, Ridge finds out about that kiss in Paris between the two and takes some drastic measures.

But Bell also is not discounting having the character of Thomas actually turning out to be gay! “He’s a late bloomer who’s finding himself sexually and Adam plays the role with an interesting element of mystery. Adam’s new to us. I’m still getting to know him as actor and assessing his chemistry with the various ladies. Potentially, this could still be a gay storyline.”

So how do you feel about this? Could Thomas finally be the first gay character on the B&B canvas? Or, would you like him to be in a taboo relationship with his mother-in-law, Brooke? Let us know.

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Thomas is the only Forrester Brooke hasn’t slept with, sure it will happen sometime. I think more than gay make him bisexual and deal with it on screen. His girl and his guy drama.

I hope not because how will it ever get resolved.Ridge could never forgive Brooke or Thomas and I think Brooke and Ridge belong together.The thought of Brooke and Thomas is too disgusting and will destroy the Father/ Son relationship forever….I just have to add i cannot stand the character of Steffy.She is so trashy and wants whatever Hope has and also seems to have a thing for Dollar Bill.Writers, make her more decent or get rid of her.I like Donna and Bill and don’t want that brat to mess them up.Also I love Don Diamont when he’s diabolical.He reminds me of a handsome version of what Lucifer would look like when he was angry!

I think Steffy is just a young version of the way Brooke was when she was young. I don’t know how Ridge ever got past her being with his dad and brother. I think he would forgive her anything. Don’t forget her accidental sex with Oliver. I love Don Diamont too. I also love your take on him about reminding you of a handsome Lucifer when angry. Never thought of it but now I know who he is reminding me of. Thanks for that insight.

I meant to say Katie and Bill , not Donna and Bill.That’s how aggravated Steffy makes me, she mixed me up! i don’t know who I dislike more, Amber or Steffy…two trashy girls from both sides of the tracks!!!!

I have never heard of a bisexual character on a soap. That would be interesting!

Gay!!! Makes perfect sense, a gay fashion designer? Who would ever have imagined. LOL.. Whatever Brad Bell does will be good, it always is.

the show is about fashion designers. i don’t get how there couldn’t be not ONE gay character on the show! i’m all for it. brad bell tells great stories so i have every bit of faith he would do that story justice. unlike the head honchos at guiding light, one life, and world turns. i say bring it!

I’m liking Adam Gregory more lately.He’s even looking better.It is amazing in a design house there is not one gay designer.We know there are straight designers too but many gays too and that has never been addressed.i’m trying to get into B&B since my ATWT bit the dust, but i can’t love it.And unfortunately having Thomas be gay is like a death sentence.Not everybody lasts as long as Luke on ATWT.Van hansis as Luke had a strong fan following, not to mention he’s a wonderful actor.but at the end they destroyed him by killing off his partner and leaving him to grieve.I can’t see them making Thomas gay…..TPTB will end up destroying him.

Make him gay or bi or make him with Brooke, the Daisy storyline is disgusting she is not a good actress at all.

Why is the idea of Dayzee & Thomas disgusting?, But making him gay or bi is okay???? Give me a break! Nobody on that show is a good actor. Not only that, they sleep with each others exes!!! How disgusting is that!!

it just doesn’t make sense.They had Thomas obsessing about Brooke and then he was interested in Daisy.i never saw that coming.I watch this show but some days I get so frustrated.if it wasn’t for D.D. i’d never watch.i’m still mourning my ATWT.

This new Thomas does not have the acting chops for a gay storyline! Back story he was married once ! He was also with Amber! Just stupid!

That would be a good story if Thomas turned out to be gay but most soaps don’t address alot of the real problems real gay people have.. It would be nice to see a story maybe a religious fanatic harrassed someone or see a story of somthing that would lead to a hate crime but it would have to be carefully woven to be a good story.. I for one and tired of Brookes addiction to the forrester men and really i don’t want to see her involved with thomas kind of makes her look like she might have pedophile tendancies..

Keep him straight, if he goes gay, he will go away. Those story lines never work for long. He also needs more experience with his acting.

It will not be surprising if he did.

i really hope the show doesn’t continue in the direction of brooke and thomas…. if it does .. i quit watching the show. brooke has finally found some decency in her relationship with ridge… why must she always be a sex starved inappropriate woman..
i actually like thomas with dayzze i think they have chemistry.

again i hope they don’t get together… it s just to disgusting and since As the world has gone off air id really hate to stop watching this one too…..

Why does BB pick the ugliest girl to be Daisy. They always get it wrong with African Americans. Just like on Y&R they got an ugly Malcom to replace Shemar Moore. The African Americans on CBS soaps are always. Homeless Dazyee, can’t read Drucilla and Malcom could not read when they first got on the show. Look at Marcus Dad ugly ugly. They picked a beautiful man to play Ridge they could do it for the Blacks on the show.

How disappointing would that be. Taking away all the allure of his character and turning him into something less than a man! Sorry, the truth hurts sometimes.

Not only that I’ve always thought about Thomas as gay, now, when he lives with Oliver in Taylor’s beach house, it totally makes sense!
Two shirtless handsome guys on a sunny California beach would be just perfect.

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Susan Lucci Reveals She Was Contacted to Gauge Interest in Becoming ‘The Golden Bachelorette’

All My Children icon and Daytime Emmy Lifetime Achievement honoree, Susan Lucci (ex-Erica Kane), apparently was being considered for the lead in the first-ever season of The Golden Bachelorette.

Making this all the more intriguing is Lucci admitted she really enjoyed The Golden Bachelor’s season and has become a fan and thus a part of ‘Bachelor Nation.’

Although former ‘Golden Bachelor’ contestant Joan Vassos was the ultimate pick by ABC and the producers of The Golden Bachelorette, Lucci told PEOPLE that the show reached out to her people.

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Susan shared, “I believe that they contacted my publicist and it wasn’t for me.” She added, “I watched The Golden Bachelor, and I really enjoyed watching The Golden Bachelor. This is a new addiction for me.”

And a few years back. her assistant got Lucci hooked on The Bachelor, as she expressed on the dating series, “I was immediately engaged. I cared. I wanted to know more about these people.”

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The outlet shared that they did reach out to ABC and Warner Bros. about potential interest in Susan. However, they did not respond. A source then told the publication that Lucci was not offered a role.

For Susan, finding a second chance at love is an interesting proposition; given that she had the most incredible and enduring 53-year marriage to her late husband and manager, Helmet Huber, who passed away at 84-years-old back in March of 2022.

So, what do you think of Susan being contacted to see if she was interested in becoming ABC’s ‘Golden Bachelorette’ for the senior dating-reality series? Comment below.

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The episode features the following storypoints: Spencer and Trina return from a private tour of the MET’s archives. They make love again and lament that this is their last day in New York. Trina thanks their hotel room before leaving with Spencer.

Cody, having kicked open the door, stops Montague from hurting Sasha. Dante arrives with Mac and other cops. Montague is placed under arrest and charged with attempted murder. Cody and Sasha leave Ferncliff together.


Sonny confronts Gladys for her lies as Sam witnesses. Sonny accuses Gladys of using Mike, then Brando, then Sasha. After Sam goes, Sonny tells Gladys she’s leaving town and returning to Bridgeport. Sonny implies Gladys will die if she ever leaves Bridgeport. Sonny has Frank escort Gladys away without a single bag.


Charlotte listens from a hiding spot as Val explains to Anna he bought this house after Anna’s place burned down so he, Charlotte, and Anna could live in it. Val kept it from Anna because he didn’t want to get her hopes up. Val explains Charlotte needs his attention, so Anna can’t move in yet. Charlotte thinks back to reading Victor’s letter that says she must defeat Anna.

So, are you looking forward to seeing this encore presentation of GH on Memorial Day? Let us know via the comment section below.

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GH’s Jophielle Love Releases Daytime Emmy-Nominated Song, ‘Shine’ on Major Music Streaming Platforms

It’s been a big week for General Hospital’s young star, Jophielle Love (Violet). First, viewers witnessed her character of Violet learning the news that her Grandpa Gregory (Gregory Harrison) had passed away in which she delivered a touching performance, and now she has released her very first single as a singer and a songwriter.

Love first performed the song entitled Shine during a December 2023 Christmas-related episode of GH. In it, Finn (Michael Easton) along with his family decorated the tree. It was then, Love as Violet, sang her original song, “Shine,” surrounded by her TV castmates.

In addition, the song is in the running at this year’s 51st annual Daytime Emmy Awards for Best Original Song. Jophielle took to her Instagram account on the release of the track sharing that part of the proceeds from the single will go to Save The Children, an organization that strives to improve children’s lives.

Photo: ABC

Love shared via the IG account run by her mom, “My first original song ‘Shine’ which I sang on General Hospital over Christmas is now available on all digital platforms ! Part of the proceeds are donated to ‘Save the Children’ who helps kids all over the world in the middle of horrible conflicts. We encourage you to donate as well, or … listen to, like and share this song and post! Let’s bring light to the world,… anything helps. More to come soon as Shone is heading to the Daytime Emmy’s, since nominated in the “Best Original Song” category”

Already beginning to aspire to be a young Taylor Swift (as in writing and singing at such a young age), Love’s second song, “True Love” debuted at Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) wedding when Violet sang it to the newlyweds and for all the enduring couples in attendance.

Photo: JLoveIG/Spotify

Jophielle shared a little video of moments from the taping of Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding accompanied by her tune, “True Love. You can see it below, and can stream and download “Shine via Spotify here or Apple music

What do you think of Jophielle’s single ‘Shine’? Comment below.


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A post shared by Jophielle Love (@jophiellelove)

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