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Jensen Buchanan Arrested For DUI Car Crash That Left Other Person With Injuries!



The Young and the Restless recurring Jensen Buchanan (Elise Moxley), who is best known for her soap opera work as Vicky/Marley on the defunct Another World and as Sarah Gordon on One Life to Live, was arrested on Wednesday morning around 6:20am for an alleged DUI car crash that left the other driver with injuries.  This in a report from the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

According to the report,  Buchanan was reportedly driving her black 2016 Mercedes east on State Route 154, in Buelton, near Santa Barbara.  Officials said her vehicle drifted across a double yellow line and slammed into a white 2014 Ford C-Max which was going west.  Buchanan and the driver of the other vehicle were both taken to Cottage Hospital as a result of their injuries.

The CHP said her injuries were minor but that the 56-year-old Camarillo man in the Ford is being treated for “major injuries.” They did not specify the extent of his injuries.  They arrested her and charged her later for a DUI.  The route was closed for nearly 20 minutes as a result of the crash.

What do you think about this news item on Jensen and the DUI and car crash? Comment below!

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I hope the accident victim will make a full recovery and that Jensen gets the help she needs. So sorry to hear this terrible news.

Just goes to show the characters they play are not necessarily who they are. How are you drunk at six O’Clock in the morning? Thank God no one was killed.

Anyone drunk and on the road at 6 a.m. was most likely drinking all night, right? DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE.

Does she play for the NFL?

People will never learn, don’t drink and drive. Jensen has a drinking problem, she needs to get help. I hope the man, get better. Jensen needs to go to jail, and teach her a lesson. Not to drink and drive.

Agreed. Don’t drink and drive. Period. You know what BUGS me the most is that these actors could AFFORD a driver or a cab. So stupid and, ultimately, selfish to choose otherwise. Always makes me believe that it is far from the FIRST TIME that the person drove drunk….thought they’d make it to their destination again…stupid.

What can be said ? Very sad Hope the other driver is ok and she doesnt spend her life in prison

I lost a 19 year old cousin to a drunk driver and when you hear stuff like this really pisses me off…i liked the actress but no longer a fan after this-hope the guy is ok!!!

My girlfriend who was killed two years ago the girl who hit her only twenty one years old driving on a suspended license from a previous DUI she is now serving twenty five years some states take this very seriously as they should ! We have access to cabs uber drivers and in so me states they have companies that are strictly for people who have too much to drink that will drive you home ! All it takes is a moment a wrong decision and you have ruined your life and someone else’s! I am very sad for her and the other driver I hope he makes it but the pictures of the cars is devastating!

Sorry about your girlfriend K. I always say, if your life sucks, do what you have to do just dont hurt someone who has nothing to do with your own damn issues!

100 % agree.

Always sad to see a mature, older adult get a DUI. Hopefully she doesnt have a problem and she will learn from it.

I am going to you with this request because I think you are computer savvy I am not! On three different websites a person has quoted that they are very good friends with the driver who was severely injured I have tried everything to maybe help he is from Arizona was in California interviewing for a job the family does not have a car now etc etc I don’t the no it is a lie could you help me find out I really would like to help the family I have been thru this and I would like to reach out I don’t do Facebook or Twitter if you can help please respond! I am devasted by this

The man who was injured was Bradley Asolas 56 years old ! I don’t think this is someone making up a story I just can’t find out any info if you can help me fine I just know what this family is going thru and no it is in no way any reflection on the actress I am not here to judge

k/kay, sadly, there is no good info on Bradley. All the news reports focus on the celebrity! “Jesen , was driving on the eastbound lanes of Highway 154 west of Live Oak at 6:19 a.m. when she allowed her black Mercedes S550 to drift across the double yellow line, according to Officer John Ortega of the California Highway Patrol in Buellton.”

I would contact the CHP to see if they would release any info on Brad. Let them know you want to help him. Also, contact the hospital he was taken to. [ Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital ]The hospital may have a fund set up there to assist Brad.

If either of those suggestions fall flat, crazy as it may seem. contact TMZ, they have ALL the info on the “Stars!” Good luck k.

Oh no I am praying for her. I love her. Everyone makes bad mistakes!

People make mistakes and im not perfect but being irresponsible and harming someone-well, not everyone makes those kind of mistakes!!!

Plus, this lady is not a kid and she has money to HIRE a driver!

Hitting the reply all button after sending a sexy email to your hubby is a bad mistake, drinking while under the influence is a choice—a choice that cost another human being harm– as much I love her too, she needs to face the consequences of her choice if her drinking was the root cause of the accident–so I am praying for her, but also for the person who was injured by her poor choice to drink after drinking

speaking of mistakes that should be driving while under the influence and her poor choice to drive after drinking

He is not doing well. Still in the hospital where Jensen left him. on breathing tube, infections, if anyone wants to send prayers, cards, flowers and his wife has no car, using money to stay in hotels to be near him (they are from AZ, were looking to re locate) now -they HAVE to relocate, only he can’t finish his interview for his new position or start his new job. Read the articles, you;ll see where he his, still. Same bed, tubes, sedated. My friend cannot look into the eyes of her love of life.
Broke, alone. Family had to go back to AZ and work. They have family and friends WAITING for him to still come too! I am one of them.

Tragic very sad news!

So sad. You would think Jensen would know better, but I know so many people who misjudge their abilities & think they are ok to drive when they are not. It’s sad all the way around.

Hope the other person lives Jensen or youre going to RugMunch Penitentiary

This isn’t the kind of news I want to read here.

She should be punished if she has done wrong. Just because she is a celebrity, she should not be excused. There is a double standard in this country, one for regular folk, and one for celebs. Totally unfair!

She is hardly a celebrity, even in daytime she sort of a has-been. Just don’t drink and drive is the answer. In this day and age with uber taxis and an awareness of the consequences you would think people would learn but I guess not.

This is so hard to believe but I guess it could happen to anyone. We don’t know the whole story but she could have been out at a party and thought that she was capable of driving. I’m glad she’s ok & hope the driver in the other car will be alright as well. We have to learn to keep our car keys in our purses and call a cab when we’re drinking because even one drink can react differently on a person.

” I ” am…. so… heartsick

I read in a SOD issue… that she is living a new lease on life of sorts… now that all her kids are in college… and she has more time… to venture back in the arena of

may not be verbatim…

HOW or WHY is someone allegedly drunk at 6 in the morning…. on the road… what went down…

I respectfully say it’s none of my business… but…. I am drawn to her… because of … Another World

I’m sorry Jensen


its so sad

How about Godspeed to my friend Brad, still in the hospital, has no woke up…

I dont believe it! I think AUSTIN BUCHANAN and CARLO HESSER are behind it!!!!!

Not a joke at least not to me

People were hurt, NOT FUNNY!

I Never pictured Jensen Buchanan a closeted alcoholic. Well!!! The truth is out and I’m sure her career is in the toilet again.

Rumor is Y&R will fire her, she deserves jail time. Sorry Jensen but you, did this to yourself. You better pray Jensen, that he makes it. Or you will be in jail, for along time sister.

Sorry to hear when someone loses their job. But it was all Jensen’s fault. My question is, was she going to the liquor store at 6 in the morning or leaving a bar during that time of day?

I thought she was done with Y&R already maybe I’m wrong

Omg.. just why.. I hope that our man makes it.. Just sad…

Poor not our

Tune in next time for “The Yelp and the Reckless!”

Speaking from the position of someone who is coming up on 5 years without a drink, you are drunk at six in the morning because you’ve been up all night drinking or you drink all the time. You may think you’ve sobered up because the sun is out, but thats a dangerous lie. Thank god no one was killed and I hope the man that was injured recovers quickly. I truly hope Ms. Buchanan gets professional help.

Who in the H-E-L-L is drunk at 6:20AM on a Wednesday morning?!?!?!?!?! TRULY DUMB AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!

With Uber, it is inexcusable for ANYONE to get behind a wheel after having too much to drink. It angers me when I read that when people have the means, do not put yourself or others in danger. The biggest question is why someone is drunk at 6:00 in the morning. I wish the driver a quick recovery and hope JB gets immediate attention for a serious problem. Be accountable!

Ray…oh, I agree!!!!! Being drunk at 6:20AM in the morning is BEYOND STUPID!!!!! At that time of morning, people should either (1) still be in bed sleeping or (2) about to wake up in order to get ready for work. But, hung over in the very early AM of the morning? NO, NO AND MORE NO!!!!!!!!!!

Take care, Ray.


Wow that’s surprising. But I hope the man fully recovers and Jensen gets help for this.

Foolish! Bad place to run into cops too! santa Ynez is crawling with them ……. Hope the other driver will be okay. She is too old to be this reckless & dumb!


Don’t have all the facts of the case, but in general I do not have much sympathy for anyone arrested for DUI because in this day and age when the evidence of the dangers of driving after consuming alcohol are so well known there is no excuse to do it, other than believing the fantasy that somehow nothing bad will happen to you.

I do know depending how much you consumed you could have your last drink at midnight and still have the alcohol in your system in the morning when you think you are as sober as a judge, but you are not, which is why cops are out patrolling for impaired drivers during the morning of big party nights, like the Super Bowl, because they are aware of that fact, most drivers aren’t

The post says this is an alleged DUI. Don’t be so quick to judge her with such unkind comments. This is the problem with blogs and social media – you can post anything you like without getting all the facts.

Seriously? They use the word allegedly so they won’t be sued. She was arrested for a DUI and that’s a fact.

This is the problem with commenting on blogs – you can post anything without actually reading the article.

Yes, seriously. How do like living in your glass house?

Glass houses have nothing to do with it. To say she was arrested for a DUI is a fact, not a judgment.

Enjoy living in the house of denial. Seriously.

I think it’s entirely possible, even in this day and age, to misjudge whether you’ve had too much to drink and are impaired. The availability of Uber and cabs and such is largely irrelevant; most people who DUI don’t do so because there’s no alternative available, they do it because they misjudge how badly off they are—the same impairment that affects their driving extends to their judgment.

That said, there’s still no excuse. Come on, at this point, this issue has been exhaustively publicized, and we all KNOW it’s possible to misjudge your abilities after you’ve consumed alcohol, so it should just be a matter of course that you don’t get behind a wheel when you’ve been drinking, even if you “feel fine to drive.” If you can’t ingrain that much—“I am taking a drink and cannot trust my judgment once I do, so I am deciding now, before I take the drink, that I am not going to get in my car afterward no matter how OK I think I am”—in your brain well enough that it stays with you when you drink, then you need not to be drinking, period.

Hope the other driver comes out of this OK. Whatever else you might say about this situation, he certainly doesn’t deserve what has happened to him.

He just woke up, got in his car at 6:00 AM -and POW 6:19 AM, hit by a drunk. Sad.

That’s really too bad. Yeah, drunk at 6 in the morning. Yikes.

whats she doing with a new $100,000 + Mercedes? Has to be a lease I guess…

I’m guessing she got a very large settlement from her very wealthy ex-husband.

Good -hope she reaches out to my friends, the victims (Brad and his wife, she KNOWS where to find them STILL in the hospital, probably for another month or MORE!) and offers to use it to help pay for my friends hotel bills, taxi’s (she has no car, Jensen totaled it) food and all that while my friend, the wife is in a town where she know NO ONE. They were visiting to possibly relocate and interview for a job….
I just THANK god my friend, Brads’ wife was not in the car! (I do not see her name in the articles, so I preserve it for privacy)
I DARE Jensen to send something to the hospital and REACH out to them! If you all could see what I have. This vivacious man, lying so still, not waking up. I cannot upload the photo, it would bring tears to your eyes!
Thank you.

Hope the other driver makes a full recovery and that Jensen gets the help she needs… Love her work and will always be a fan… Everyone makes mistakes

He is not doing well, and they are running out of money. They are not from Camarillo they are from AZ and he was there interviewing and possibly thinking of relocating after many years in AZ. She has Motel, food costs, Taxi costs, NO car becuase he got hit in it. She is stuck, waiting for him to wake up. If ANYONE cares, read the articles, you know where he is, you know his name, you know where to find him. Send cards, prayer , notes, flowers, money, whatever you can. He is the SOLE provider for this family. He is still sedated and cannot have surgeries because they cannot find the source of his fever, STILL after several days. I was in their wedding in the 70’s dear friends, sweet friends. And now hurt, broken and no car. Away from home and family. He has barely come too. Hooked up to so many machines. These are my LIFE long friends. Hope the community can help -they know no one there, at all 9In Camarillo). They are far from home. Please, help. This is NOT a farce, Look at facebook you’ll find us/them and see the posts from friends and family. AND his kids (3) and grand kids are standing by, watching this vivacious man whittle away. I am not asking to send ME anything -send it to the hospital. Again if you care, you will find him (just read the articles). Thank you and SHAME on Jensen. She should be reaching out and helping my friend who is STUCK, alone watching her husband suffer. He is alive, but NOT there. I hope Jensen gets the she needs, so this doesn’t happen to someone else.
Thank you, LRJ

Almost 4 years later, and my husband is still in great pain everyday. He can not have surgery to fix his knee, because of the damage to his heart that was caused by this reckless drunk driver. She has her license now, and her probation is almost over, but what she has done to my husband and me is not over.
At her plea to only get probation she stated she would love to talk with us, and we requested this only to be told by her attorney he would relate to her anything we wanted to say.
That does not sound like the remorseful person in the courtroom.


The Bold and the Beautiful’s Tanner Novlan on Sheila’s Death: “Normally, Finn Would Be Right There with Steffy and Helping Her Through It, But Someone Needs to Help Finn Through This.”

This past week, viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful watched in shock as Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) was stabbed and eventually died, when Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) in self-defense plunged a knife into the supervillain.

According to all accounts, for now, Kimberlin Brown has exited the series, leaving fans in disbelief. Many believe it’s a set-up against Steffy, and Sheila has not really met her maker. At the epicenter of the story is also Tanner Novlan (Finn). In key moments, it appears that Finn blames his wife for his biological mother’s death, which sends him reeling and not comforting his wife.

Instead, he runs out of the cliff house and goes to Deacon’s (Sean Kanan) where he sits in devastation, only at the end of Friday’s episode to be comforted by none other than Hope (Annika Noelle). All leading to speculation that Finn and Hope are about to hook up. Tanner appeared on the newest episode of Bold Live after the week’s episodes where he fielded questions from callers on what inquiring B&B fans want to know.

Photo: JPI

During the call-in show, Novlan addressed if he thinks or knows if Sheila is actually alive. He responded, “Who knows? It is the soap world, but we definitely had to say goodbye to Kimberlin at work and that was really tough and really sad.”

While fans love their ‘Sinn’, Tanner agreed that they are seemingly an enduring couple, but the death of Finn’s mom will challenge them in a whole new way as his core values are tested. “I don’t think anyone wants to see ‘Sinn’ go away. They have one of the best relationships in soaps. It’s really interesting to see all of these different elements thrown at them and the them survive and how they battle through it,” he explained. “With this recent reaction it was different than the other ones, and the challenges they faced. I think it’s a moment where Finn is really rocked, and you’re right, his values, we know them. That is what is so great in playing him, in that, he has such great, true honest values.”

Photo: JPI

When getting the scripts in which Finn points the finger at Steffy for his mother’s death and does not comfort her, Novlan shared his reaction, “In this moment he (Finn) is having a really hard time, mentally, which I think as an actor when I read that I was like, ‘Why isn’t he standing by his wife? What’s going on? This is not like him.’ This is something deep in him that has been triggered and he’s going to have to figure that out.” Tanner added, “Normally, Finn would be right there with Steffy and helping her through it, but someone needs to help Finn through this.”

Photo: JPI

All leading to what fans saw on Friday’s episode. Hope comforted Finn in his grief. While Novlan is not giving anything away, he told a caller, about a potential Finn/Hope pairing that, “Finn would have to battle Thomas (Matthew Atkinson), and that might be a mountain to climb. I think Finn just needs someone to talk to. That relationship feels platonic to me.”

Watch the entire episode of BOLD Live featuring Novlan below.

Now let us know, do you think Hope and Finn will hit the sheets? Will Steffy and Finn ultimately divorce only to reunite down the line? Will Sheila come back alive and well, once Steffy is locked up behind bars for her “murder”? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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General Hospital

Haley Pullos Attempts to Strike Deal with Prosecutors and Change Plea to “Guilty” for Lower Sentence in DUI Crash Case

At a hearing this week, the attorney’s for General Hospital actress Haley Pullos (ex-Molly) and the LA District attorney met with a judge in Pasadena, California who was informed the parties were working out a “potential settlement.” Pullos did not attend the hearing.

Haley is allegedly attempting to negotiate a deal with prosecutors, that if she changes her plea to “guilty,” that she would receive a lesser sentence which could result in limited or no jail time. Another part of the negotiation could potentially give Pullos a suspended sentence or house arrest.

Currently, Pullos is facing up to three years in prison after she pleaded ‘not guilty’ to a DUI and a second charge for a hit-and-run. Pullos was in a near-fatal car crash back in June of 2023, when she drove the wrong way on a Pasadena freeway while she was under the influence. and crashed into a another car.

Photo: Pasadena Fire Dept

The other driver, Courtney Wilder, was rushed in critical condition to a local hospital to undergo emergency surgery, and is now suing the GH actress in civil court, plus seeking damages for negligence. Last month, Wilder allegedly added Pasadena’s No Comment Lounge to his lawsuit, where reportedly Pullos was working as a hostess the night of the accident. Wilder is accusing the nightspot of plying Pullos with liquor, and then allowing her to drive home in her car, which later caused his injuries.

Photo: Apple+TV

After the Wednesday February 28th hearing, the judge has now scheduled yet another hearing on April 8 which he said ‘should be the final’ one.

According to the Daily Mail, “Deputy District Attorney Melany Avanessians told Judge Smerling that if no plea agreement is in place by April 8, ‘we will send her to a preliminary hearing’ meaning Pullos would be on her way to a full trial.”

Photo: JPI

Since Pullos’ legal troubles, GH has recast her role of Molly Lansing-Davis three different times. First with Holiday Mia Kriegel, and she was followed by Brooke Anne Smith. The latest Molly, Kristen Vaganos, seems to be a keeper at the moment during the Molly, TJ (Tajh Bell0w) and Kristina (Kate Mansi) surrogacy storyline.

Pullos joined GH as Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Ric Lansing’s (Rick Hearst) daughter back in 2009 and was with the show till the  summer of 2023 prior to the car collision.

What are your thoughts on Haley trying to change her plea to ‘guilty’ to receive a lesser sentence? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Justin Hartley’s New Series ‘Tracker’ Amasses Nearly 13 Million Viewers in Second Week, Following Premiere After Super Bowl Watched by 30 Million

CBS is reporting continued off-the-charts numbers for its freshman drama, Tracker starring Justin Hartley (ex-Adam Newman, The Young and the Restless, ex-Kevin Pearson, This Is Us).

In its second original episode airing on February 18th, the episode brought in nearly 13 million viewers across broadcast and streaming. The premiere episode, which launched on Super Bowl Sunday, has now been watched by 30 million multi-platform viewers.

Tracker is now currently ranked as  the #1 most watched entertainment series of the season, according to Nielsen’s Most Current data.

Photo: CBS

Hartley stars in Tracker in the central role of Colter Shaw who roams the country as a reward seeker, using his expert tracking skills to help private citizens and law enforcement solve all manner of mysteries while contending with his own fractured family.

Coming up its its fourth episode entitled Mt. Shasta airing this Sunday at 9pm ET/PT and streaming on Paramount+.  As previously announced, look for Justin’s real-life wife, Sofia Pernas (ex-Marisa, Y&R) to appear in the season’s sixth episode.

Of note: The Tracker 30 million viewer number for the premiere episode is based on Nielsen Live+7 2/11/24 and 2/15/24 encore airing; Streaming from Internal Data premiere through 2/27/24; Co-Viewing is included for all CTV streaming.

What do you think of the performance of Tracker thus far, where Hartley is not only the star, but one of its executive producers? Comment below.

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