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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Laura Returns To The Campus Disco! Have Genie Francis and Jon Lindstrom Piqued Your Interest As An On-Screen Duo?



On Wednesday’s General Hospital, Laura (Genie Francis) returned to the spot of one of the most unforgettable nights of her life, and not in good way.  With Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) along for the ride, Laura tries to figure out how and what Helena (Constance Towers) has in store for her from the great beyond.

Once inside the Campus Disco, Laura looks at the disco mirror ball and begins to remember the night of her rape by Luke.  Still to this day one of the most controversial moments in soap history. Laura tells Kevin that Luke never forgave himself for what happened that night, and that she never really pushed back on him about her feelings about it  over the years, because his guilt consummed him.  Still Laura admits she doesn’t regret her two wonderful children with Luke, or her marriage.

Laura wants to continue to snoop around the disco, which apparently has had no buyers interested in the place.  She finds a blank note, and Kevin and Laura just continue to think it’s all part of Helena’s sick and twisted mind games.  Then the real estate agent reveals to the duo that the owners haven’t want to sell it, and their names are Lloyd and Lucy Johnson! Those were the aliases Luke and Laura used when they first went on the run from Frank Smith.

When Kevin asks ,where did Lloyd and Lucy go? Laura tells  him Beecher’s Corners.  Next, Laura decides she will go there next to see if she finds any more clues as to what Helena is trying to reveal to her.  Kevin, being as charming as ever, says he will go with her.  Laura says it could be very dangerous, and she doesn’t think this is a good idea for him to tag along.  He says he is a shrink, and he will be fine.  They share a bonding moment.

Is this the storyline that GH has promised fans for a long time that will headline Genie Francis in a satisfying way?  Since it looks fairly certain that Kevin and Laura are growing closer  … how do you feel about Kevin being the new romantic interest in Laura’s life?  What do you think Helena’s has in store for Laura, and what will be revealed? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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I LOVE it! I am anxious to see how everything unfolds…

I love it also–WAY overdue for Genie Francis who commands the “stage.” For me, she IS the show–and Jon makes for a perfect timing–she AND he underplay with just the perfect timing. Grace Kelly and Cary Grant-like in To Catch a Thief, as I said in another post. Now, writers, do your part–PLEASE!

Nancy – I agree 100%. Those two would make a dynamic, mature couple. Both great actors with comic chops- add in Lucy and Scotty with all that history – bingo ! Soap worth watching.

They are great together, but since they are not Carly and Sonny we will probably see them once every 3 weeks. I am sure the actual story will be a dud as well

I’m afraid you’re right. I want you to be wrong, but I fear. If the story does turn out to be successful, I imagine somehow they’ll fit Sonny into it, or Jason will rescue Laura somehow.

Lol! If Sonny or Jason sneak up in this story I will be pissed.

I so want to give them a chance!

I agree that Carly and Sonny are thrown down our throats, but I do like them as a couple!

auras got to move on from luke whose not coming back and why not kevin? he’s a good guy and laura deserves that, they can double date w/ feliicia and mac and have a good time. laura doesn’t need a bad guy in her life or a dangerous one so i give my vote to kevin.

It is great for Laura to have a front burner storyline and with Kevin..I am just hoping these two head writers are consistent and give us a rewarding finish to the storyline..It seems we get a couple of episodes with Laura and Kevin and then we do not see them and their story for over a week or more!

I miss so much Ms Towers..Please bring her back!! GH should have a storyline which will have Heather Webber, Helena Cassadine and Dr. O in scenes together..Like sisters in crime kind of story..That will be awesome! Campy, over the top and creative fresh writing..Soaps needs new blood to keep the younger and newly tuned viewers happy.

Didn’t know we had any younger viewers–aren’t the faithful, long-standing viewers the staple of the fan base?

Yes, you are so right!! That said, it will be great to have young viewers to start to tune in or to remain viewing–hence having the soap genre alive for many years to come and perhaps revive it.

I’m all for any story that’s not Mob related.I’m fed you with GH trying to sell Sonny,Jason,Julian,Paul,etc…as romantic or heroic.

I’m enjoying Laura with Kevin and this mystery. My only pause is I hope they don’t delve too much into the rape.

That story and history was brilliantly handled when it happened and later when Lucky learned about it. GH does not have HWs strong enough to revisit a story of this magnitude.

Genie Francis is such an excellent actress. I’ve been patient since GH’s 50th anniversary and have stuck around this long in the hopes that the soap will be able to leave the mob behind. They almost did it by placing more emphasis on Nikolas and the Cassadines. But, now I see they’re going back to Sonny & Co. While Luke may have been an anti-hero, he (under his public face) NEVER condoned making a living as a criminal. Robert was his best friend & the police commissioner, and they actually were on the right side of the law during GH’s golden days. It escapes me why GH still wants to paint the mob – the ones who hunted L&L like dogs for nearly 2 years & wanted to kill them – as the “heroes” of Port Charles. Jason telling Sonny he’ll do anything for him, even kill Sam’s father if necessary, was pretty disgusting. If Jason doesn’t “go Quartermaine” & bring back some measure of law-abiding principles back to GH, I think my time w/GH may be at an end.

Well said.

You say it well!

Totally agree with you, Kansas.

I like Kevin and Laura. I also think she Would really work well with Ned. Haven’t seen Olivia at all. The problem is in order for people to invest in Laura and Kevin they need to be on more than three days a month and interact with other people as well.

I need to see more of them, too. But with the summer coming up I don’t know that we will.

I also thought she’d work well with Ned but I think Kevin has the edge here. Jon has a deep, calming presence that works well with Genie’s approach. Their scenes are full of harmony.

love it. love these two together. laura finally gets a good story

I’m holding my breath!

Kevin and Laura work well together, and finally a couple i enjoy watching…..yes, this old geezer is doing a happy dance….Genie deserves a story and yes, im interested!!!

I’ll join that happy dance, if I may. 🙂

The more the merrier…

Unless they keep Lucy to cause Laura grief once she catches on. .not interested. .I find Kevin quite boring and together it will be a snoozer fest

I can’t wait!! Happy to see that they dressed Laura in that nice jacket. She looked great!

I loved the full on big smile… laughing… and heck… giggling w/Kevin

Laura has been so somber… and nonstop carrying that petrified look…. dang!

loosen up Laura

for me: bringing back that rape… a feeling of all stimuli wary…. in ready mode

could this be… an omen… a sign of Laura totally and at last… giving up on Luke… and we can all do the Luke is dead dance.

I think it’s fair to say…. This is Genie Francis show , now

so why not go anywhere… with these two… don’t be cautious…

Passion…. lets see them cooking for each other… let’s see them together … out and about….

LOVE @Aria post above… now that’s a dream come true. get the whole gang together !

Kevin, Laura, Mac, Felicia, Scotty, Bobbi, Lucy, Anna… heck… Tracy having so much fun lately… get her in on the best of show.

I really hope Helena… is merely showing and telling Laura all the hate she carried @ Laura… and bequeaths Laura squired away fortunes… that she and her grandson Nicholas can work together … to maintain the Cassadine fortune.

what would be the purpose, if Helena truly is dead… if it’s not a treasure hunt ?

Jon Lindstrom… is so sexy!

I’ve always thought… for all of us middle aged men and women who have kept up with the above mentioned characters ….

Dr. Kevin Collins , of the men, has aged the best… and is dang it… ALL THAT !
Felicia Scorpio, of the women, has aged the best… I LOVE HER… she’s the cutest

love the ole gang!

Laura needs a fun loving solid man in her life… and ( drool ) Jon Lindstrom hanging around in Port Charles bringing sexy back

GH writers need to write her character in charge of her person… confident… and WORKING ! that’s why I say… Helena has amassed a fortune… and without telling Nicholas… he doesn’t have to worry about the Cassadine Fortunes

this mother and son duo… will be … force to be reckoned

PS: I AM SO SICK OF HAYDEN… AND THIS BACKSTABBING DOUBLE DEALINGS… AKA… ONE UPPING BLACKMAIL…. it’s not sexy anymore… she needs move on… how dare GH let Nicholas slide this far

I completely agree Patrick! I really enjoyed reading your post.
I especially agree with “and ( drool ) Jon Lindstrom hanging around in Port Charles bringing sexy back”. 🙂 Additionally, I don’t understand how Nicholas can be hurting financially after selling ELQ and paying taxes?? This doesn’t make any sense. Taxes are a percentage of the total sale, so when you are talking $millions there should be plenty left over??

“How dare GH let Nicholas slide the far?” Very good point. Just don’t seen an end game here, or for that matter why did it start in the first place. He has made exceptionally wrong calls with women, and this includes lying about Jason/Jake for liz and then putting the hit on Hayden.

She did indeed–fine and dandy–and lovely. Her hair was perfect and she was glowing–seemed to be relaxed and having fun–out from under the “heavy load” at last.

I like the Laura and Kevin scenes a lot. It’s something new and fresh. I’m looking forward to seeing how the story progresses. The mystery is fun.

Like them as friends solving a mystery together but not seeing much chemistry there romantically. I think Laura needs a slightly older man type in her life. But NOT Luke!

I see the chemistry! BTW, Genie Francis is a YOUNG woman.

I can see the chemistry. It’s a slow-burner and I’m loving it.

Nancy, I think Melissa means she would like to see Laura with an older man.
I do disagree, however.
I also agree with you when you said that JL is well adept at playing subtle and understated.
He’s a really terrific actor.

Love them..great to relive GH history

I’m not even going to venture a guess as to what Helena has in store for Laura. My guesses in the past were never even close. I will say that I like Kevin and Laura together. She needs someone less tense than the men she has taken up with in the past. Whose better than Kevin? He’s got to have a sense of humor , he was with Lucy!

Lucy was a goof! Kevin can actually have a decent conversation now with a grown, mature women!

Say Amen!

Laura and Kevin are cute together but all I could think about during this episode was that Jean and Shelly actually expect us to believe that the Campus Disco has been standing vacant for 36 years…

Yeah, and it’s not even dusty!

Well, in this case I am really happy to suspend my sense of disbelief.

Me, too, Harry!

Not Kevin, I don’t know who.

I’m for whatever gives Genie Francis and her beautiful face a real story of her own. She should be kept front and center on the show. And sign her to 10 year contract because I believe she will still be beautiful, dynamic and relevant well into her 60s!!!

You say it so right! I’m with you!

It’s hard to invest in any couple unless you’re Sonny/Carly or Jason/Sam/Liz because the others are on once every 3 weeks! So, I guess we’ll see Laura and Ken in June to continue their conversation. Also, I find it hard to believe that the Campus Disco is as it was left from 1978!! Really??? GH, please trim the cast!!

I have liked the pairing of Laura and Kevin. I will, however, be glad if a day ever comes where Laura has a fresh story not involving her kids, Luke, or the Cassadines. But it was very nice to see her have a lot more scenes this week. I’m hoping it is the real Kevin and not his twin, working for Helena. When they get to Beecher’s Corners, I’m hoping Laura isn’t backed into a corner where she ends up freaking out and going catatonic again. For a moment there, I feared the writers were headed in that direction when Laura was standing in the disco and started to remember the rape. I’m glad she was able to talk her way through it and announce that she wasn’t going to regret her life.

I hope to never see her go there again, emotionally. Its been enough. I also don’t want her mentioning Luke again either. Hopefully the story will be more about Laura and less about Luke and Laura. They owe at least that much to Genie and her fans after all we’ve had to endure with this character.


Okay I am a bit confused wasn’t it reveal during Ron C’s reign that it was Fluke- Luke’s alter that was the one who actually raped her– I seemed to remember long time fans being ticked off that Ron changed Luke’s history to white wash his dark side by making Luke have second personality. The point being wouldn’t Laura know this new fact–wouldn’t it change her perspective of the past knowing Luke MP Disorder? Because she was talking like she didn’t know those facts.

Anyway, I am for anything that brings JL back to our screens– and I can see a healthy mature relationship between those two– whether a friendship or romance, it just nice to see older adults acting like adults on this show, most aren’t– as for the story line, I hope they have an end game, nothing worse than trying to make up a mystery as it goes along. We do not need a repeat of the music box mystery on Y&R that never went anywhere and never made sense. So if this mystery turns into that I don’t think even JL and GF could get me to watch it for long.

I haven’t a clue what they are talking about..
disco balls, phony names, elvis songs- WTF
I might not have even been born or too young to get down to Heartbreak Hotel….
It’s a bunch of crapola to me ..

Su, even the writers haven’t a clue in that regard. Elvis and Heartbreak Hotel were not played in the Campus Disco and it really irked me when that was mentioned the other day. The Campus Disco scenes were always filled with disco and pop and there was never any music on the playlist that didn’t fit those genres. They also went on to contradict themselves by having Laura speak of how the disco was filled with the “in”, “hip” crowd. Well, no young hip person in those times was going to DISCOS to hear Elvis music. It was clear someone at GH didn’t do their vintage GH youtube research. Those GH disco scenes are filled with a lot of Prince, Blondie, Herb Alpert, etc. Elvis is never on the playlist.

Hi Shell.. Thanks for the info 🙂
I know zero of that era of GH.. so you can see it holds no connection to me,,
wow! ABC put out money to use those songs )ie Prince .
the characters who discoed would have to be 60? now, did Tracy disco? Sonny? Monica? ((I gotta see that!

(( I know of John Travolta dancing to staying alive.. the fashions were horrible and the huge hair lol ..))

That era of GH was it’s highest rated ever. Please don’t insult your intelligence and all of ours by pretending you don’t know about it.

I know Justin. I somehow get the feeling Su000 posts these comments in between Jello in the resident dinning hall and bingo in the rec room.

hi Justin..
Of course I know GH’s glory years were in the 80’s. However I was not watching and know nothing about its disco era.

su0000, NOW we disagree again. If you haven’t seen GH when this story was going on–you missed the GREATEST acting team–surely not “crapola”–anything but. Take a peek at the episodes on youtube IF you are interested in great writing, great acting, great suspense and adventure. We all held our breaths until the next day in the “glory days” of GH. Bite your tongue! 🙂

Yes, it was truly “good theater” back then and way ahead of its time for daytime tv. Fortunately or unfortunately, it was such good theater that those stories and those characters haunt and follow poor Laura til this day. When Liz Taylor (original Helena) cursed Luke and Laura, it was as if Genie and Tony were cursed in real life in a way. I am hoping this newest story ends up being a story of closure. After this story rounds out, I am hoping they let Laura find a wonderful new purpose and allow Genie to remind viewers of her unlimited acting range.

Hi again Su. If you are in the mood for kicks and giggles: A great place to see the vintage campus disco stuff is the “sussezq” youtube channel. You would begin with the 1979-1980 LnL playlist. To answer some of your questions: No, Sonny was not on the show until early 90’s so he wasn’t there at the disco. You will mostly see Bobbie, Luke, Scottie and Laura. Alan Q. might be there at the disco sometimes because he wanted Susan Moore, Jason Morgan’s biological mom. (She ended up running the disco after Luke.) Laura’s parents (both of them were doctors) are in some of the disco scenes. You may think some of those scenes are funny. Richard Simmons taught “exercise class” in the mornings at the disco. I never watched McGyver but if you are a McGyver fan, you may laugh to see Richard Dean Anderson as Dr. Jeff Webber. R.D.A. will always be Dr. Jeff Webber to me. I can’t say with certainty if Monica was at the disco. I think Tracy might have appeared once or twice but I can’t guarantee if she danced or just graced everyone with her presence. I seem to recall her being there for maybe exercise class sometimes, but I may be mistaken. It may shock you to see just how much Tracy could have passed for a brunette sister of Michelle Pfeiffer. I was just a kid at the time but to see the footage now it is striking to see how much Tracy (Jane) resembled her. Luke was rather clean cut back then. His character enjoyed wearing suits, especially by the time 1981 rolled around and he worked for the Quartermaines for a storyline. He wasn’t quite AS dark back then. There was still a lot of hope in his heart for a good future. The cigar smoking, hoop-earring, denim-wearing, Blues Club Luke didn’t emerge until the 90’s.

lol. Su, I found a scene where Tracy is at the disco. But she’s there in the morning so I can only assume it was either for exercise class or to pay Susan Moore a visit to tell her to stay away from her then- husband, Senator Mitch Williams. My bet is the latter. You can find it on the sussezq channel, playlist 1979-1980, #103, around the 7:58 mark. She is quite lovely and always a superb actress.

Su..and John Travolta co-starred and danced with Finola Hughes/Anna in ‘Staying Alive.’

Sorry. I meant this reply for Su.

You betcha. I love them. Genie and Jon are great actors and they have great chemistry. They act like they have known each other for years. Wink-Wink I also love Kevin supporting Laura so much. She has been through a lot and so has Kevin for that matter. Maybe Lucy and Luke aught to get together. They are both total downers . LOL!

I forgot to say. They would still be L&L. Maybe this time would be a charm for Luke.

Great actors, great chemistry–now for a GREAT story, right?

I love the pairing of Kevin with Laura! He makes her smile and is a very laid back sort of guy who is easy to talk to,funny and very charming. His personality is very compatible with hers,he’s a reassuring presence in her life and he obviously considers her a friend and enjoys being with her. I hope the writers continue writing great stuff for them as Laura so deserves a man that she can trust,someone whose there for her that can be understanding and loving. Kevin fits that bill and their funny together as well. I want lots more of Kevin & Laura! 🙂

Love the idea of Kevin and Laura. Going to Beecher’s Corner should be interesting, especially if Mr and Mrs Whittaker are still alive! Lol.

Mr. and Mrs. Whittaker were wonderful. When LnL revisited Beecher’s Corners in the 2000’s, was there any mention if the Whittakers’s were still alive? Had their home become a Bed and Breakfast run by one of their nieces?

YES, YES and YES! As someone who has been so very critical of the writing I have to say that they are finally delivering her. I love the story line. I love that it pays fidelity to Laura’s unresolved issues and history and I also love that they coupled her with Dr Collins to accompany her on this backward journey. I might add that Jon Lindstrom is an underrated gem of an actor and I am so happy he has been brought back in.
Well done, writers and actors. Now please, let these two continue to have a well written front burner story line and not keep the viewers waiting another two weeks.
Really, would anyone rather see the boring and redundant custody battle which is transpiring between Sonny and Ava over the mysterious and intriguing story line which is transpiring between Laura. Kevin and Helena and the past?

“Intriguing story line that is transpiring between Laura and Kevin”–yes, Harry; oh, yes!

I would love it! I could see Lucy kissing anyone but Baldwin. Doc ship has sailed let him be happy.

I kinda like Laura and Kevin together, but as as someone else wrote — there is NO way in hell that the Campus Disco would still be there from 1978-79. Come on! In fact, I’m pretty sure it was mentioned in the ’80s that the place had been turned into something else.

I think its a Chipolte now!

Ha ha!

So happy to see Genie in a story of her own. I fear that we still won’t see her much because it’s not mob-related, but here’s to hoping.

Look, I’m happy that Genie and Jon are in a story that COULD be front burner. I love them as humans and their characters. ONE thing I didnt like and it comes across as GH either being CHEAP or LAZY, why no flashbacks? IT was a major point in the story of that night in the disco. If you are a newer fan, you may have not seen the disco scenes with Luke and Laura. To me its cheap not to use the flashbacks. They either dont want to pay Tony for his use OR they want us to forget Luke since Tony retired? I just dont understand if you make the effort to design a Campus Disco set, why not show the fans the past scenes to set up Kevin and Laura’s story?

Timmm, I too was expecting flashbacks and that ever-present Herb Alpert song in the background. Lord knows they played it a thousand times in flashbacks during that story line. I’m sure Herb Alpert became one rich musician during that time. I think you are correct that maybe there is a Tony-related reason why they didn’t go there.

I honestly don’t think the flashbacks would’ve helped. They were clearly trying to make a point about the past while leaving it in the past. They wanted to note it, briefly. I think the decision to leave it out may have been financially motivated but I also think leaving it out takes the attention away from Luke and how scandalous it was. For once, all that mattered is Laura’s resolution of those events.

“Rise” was such a good song! I’m sure it wouldnt cost much to play it ONE time!

More Laura, more Kevin, please. Please move the story beyond Laura’s past with Luke to something fresh and now that doesn’t involve Laura’s kids or her relationship with Luke. Over and done. She’s vital on her own. Please write something substantial for her

Preach, Anne. Preach! 🙂

Yes! I hope it gets more into Laura and her past. Forget the rest. I’m falling in love with the character again and, from what I’ve read on other sites, many newer viewers are, too.

Definitely want to see more of Laura and Kevin/Genie and Jon!

WOW A story with two likeable actual actors, with talent no less, Hooray, lets go. But one thing no more poor Luke. he raped her, and then TG wanted to never see Laura again.? YUCK. No mob, and these two talking to each other and I may even come back to watch this. I will dvr it, so if they are actually on, I can watch them and NOT have to subject myself to another killer hero.

I like them as friends, but to be honest, I was always a fan of Kevin and Lucy and their great chemistry! Still, I am along for the ride because I love Genie and Jon.

Love the characters and the actors. Together even better. The mystery story is interesting too.

I much prefer watching ANYONE over more Sonny/Carly or Jason/Sam. Too bad. I loved Billy Miller on AMC & YR. I haven’t enjoyed any of his work on GH. I don’t think its him, so it must be the writing. Whatever it is I wish he’d go back to Y&R. JT as NotBilly is as bad as BM as the Borg. JMO.

Yeah, better than the Sonny and Cher–er–Carly show by a long shot, eh? 🙂

Re Billy Miller: I didn’t watch hom on AMC or Y& R, but he hasn’t lit any fires for me on GH–agreed– must be the writing.

This story so far is one of my favorites on GH. Love seeing Genie and Jon get some substantial material, worthy of their talent. It’s just a pleasure to watch something new and fresh handled by two skilled veterans. I only wish it got more focus.

I’m saying Amen, Amen, Amen to all these positive, enthusiastic comments re Genie and Jon, the pleasure of watching two skilled veterans–and a group desire to give the story more focus and AIR TIME. Come on, GH writers, this is your chance–don’t blow it.


“…It’s just a pleasure to watch something new and fresh handled by two skilled veterans. ”


nice post

I am intrigued. Nod to the past. Puts a beloved actors in a strong story line. Please let us enjoy some romance and mystery without violence and the mob!!! Miss Francis and Mr. Lindstrom are excellent at what they do. Thank you, writers, for giving them this opportunity.

Maybe this is how Laura can really move on from Luke without the short-term herky-jerky plot twists she has been given since her return. Fingers crossed for Lucky to come home!

And as much as I liked watching Ms. Towers, I am weary of the Cassadine shenanigans.

NOW we “mature” viewers (read loyal, longtime fans!) have a super couple all our own–Genie and Jon (has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?). And, yes, we DO know the difference between the actors and their characters, “Laura” and “Kevin.”

If memory serves (and it does, thank you!), we fans were oft-times criticized and chastised for NOT knowing the difference. We didn’t then, and don’t now, take kindly to that false allegation. LOL!

As others have stated, anything that gets Genie Francis on screen more is great with me. She’s been criminally under utilized since returning last year. Makes me wonder why they bothered signing her to a contract, if they weren’t gonna write any stories for her. I’ve been waiting for them to give her something, anything. A story of her own, rather than being a background player to whatever is going on with her kids, lurking around Wyndemere.

And anything that gets Jon Lindstrom on more is a win in my book.

This is definitely a step in the right direction. It’s so intriguing to me that they found two GH characters with such a history on the show, but who somehow managed to very rarely cross paths over the years. It feels like something new and different, which is rare to find with characters that have been on the show as long as Kevin and particularly Laura.

My interest is definitely piqued, and I look forward to seeing where they go with it. Hopefully they’ll become a regular part of the show, and this won’t be one of those storylines we see once every few weeks.

Good points, Dan. Reminds me of how they put Luke and Tracy together, when their characters had probably crossed paths less than 10 times between 1978 and 2006.

I am so glad I tuned back in for Genie’s return. Her appearances have been far too sporadic so am pleased to see she may get a front burner story at last! Please keep her front and centre. Kudos to the writers for adding Jon Lindstrom into the mix as I have always enjoyed his work on GH. Admittedly, I was sceptical when I first heard the rumours about the pairing but once they hit the screen together it made total sense. Watching this relationship develop as they unravel the mystery could be a real treat!

I can’t wait to see more of their scenes. I didn’t watch General Hospital much back in its heyday, but I always liked Genie Francis. I got very interested in Port Charles; I think because it came on 30 minutes before All My Children. Loved Jon Lindstrom on PC. I found out what a great actor he is when he was on As the World Turns. I prefer Kevin over Craig but it’s nice to see his handsome face and captivating presence anytime.

These two work SO WELL together! Whoever thought of this had a moment of brilliance. I’ve always loved Jon. He’s such a tasteful actor. So having him with Genie, who’s also understated but deep, is such a lovely combo. They are a breath of fresh-linen smelling air on this show right now.

We go weeks in between their scenes and I’d love to blame it all on tptb but I think Genie probably prefers this schedule, too. She gets to work and travel with her family, who she’s always put first anyway.

I just hope they find more time with Kevin and Laura. I am so ready to sit back and just watch the sparks fly. It’d be a great summer story, too. Have their feelings heat up with the weather 😉 I’m so starved for real romance! Daytime used to be my go-to but they rarely do it right anymore.

GH has potential gold in their hands with this pairing. I hope they don’t blow it. And they wouldn’t need much… Genie and Jon are more than capable actors who could do a lot with a little. Oh but I hope thet give em a lot.

I reserve my answer for later on… but so far so good!

Laura and Kevin just shined together in their scenes last week. She just seems like a much better match for him on a emotional level than annoying Lucy. We have got two beloved veteran characters who’ve been single for a while and seem to be lonely. I like the fact they have now each discussed their past romantic troubles with last month him opening up about Lucy and this month her talking about her life with Luke. I am loving the idea of a slow burn into something real for Laura and Kevin. Kevin going with Laura back to the campus disco was a good call cause I felt a stronger connection was formed in these scenes and we have been promised a little adventure for them. Laura told him he didn’t have to go with her but Kevin talked her into it pretty fast.

I love that the writers are attempting to utilize the history of the show with the Nurse’s Ball and with Laura’s past. I’ve always liked Kevin Collins, he’s intelligent and comical and has a great demeanor about him. I also like Kevin being paired with Laura. It’s nice seeing a new friendship unfold while expanding on the history of the show.

i have been a big fan of general hospital since the 1970s,i love this show,love the story line with luke and laura and robert scorpio,they made the should bring back luke and robert

I like Kevin,but he’s no “Luke”. No one will ever replace him on screen. There is only one partner for L aura and that is Luke!

General Hospital

Giovanni Mazza On Contract at General Hospital: What Are Your First Impressions?

This week, General Hospital introduced newcomer Giovanni Mazza in the role of Giovanni Palmieri, who apparently is Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) second cousin, one removed or so the story goes.

The character of Gio showed up at Brook Lynn’s wedding to Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) and played the violin at the ceremony. As has been previously reported, Mazza in real-life is a professional violinist and actor.

Upon making his first appearance on the ABC daytime drama series back on May 15th, fans wondered if Gio will be sticking around and that was confirmed by the closing credits of the May 17th episode where Mazza’s name is included along with other contract players.

Photo: ABC

When the news of Mazza’s casting was announced, the talent young man took to his Instagram and shared the good news, expressing, “I am so honored, grateful, and ecstatic to announce the big news! The biggest thank you to General Hospital for bringing me.” He closed his sentiments with “So much love and joy to my new fam! YAY!!! ”

Commenting on his post included new castmates Evan Hofer (Dex) saying, “Happy to have you brother,” plus Tabyana Ali (Trina), Eden McCoy (Joss) and ABC executive Nathan Varni who said, “Congratulations! Welcome to GH!

Photo: ABC

During the May 17th episode, Gio had an exchange with Dex, where he mentioned that his father was in the military back in early 2000’s.  Previously, Gio revealed to Chase that his father died in the military when he was young. So this begs the question, who is Gio’s dad?

What were you first impressions of Giovanni Mazza in the role of Gio? Who do you think he might be romantically involved with and might be also related to other than the Cerullos? Comment below.


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General Hospital

Michael Easton Shares on the Loss of Kamar de los Reyes, “I Was Holding His Hand When He Passed”

For the first time publicly, General Hospital’s Michael Easton (Finn) opened up about losing his best friend, the late Kamar de los Reyes (ex-Antonio, OLTL) to cancer.

The former One Life to Live and All American star lost his battle to cancer back on December 24, 2023 at the age of 56. De los Reyes leaves behind his wife, actress Sherri Saum (ex-Sunset Beach, OLTL) and their twin boys, Michael and John, and his eldest son, Caylen from a previous relationship.

Easton along with Y&R’s Trevor St. John (Tucker) were both castmates with Kamar during their time on One Life to Live. The two shared their remembrances this past Thursday night during’s live virtual event, Daytime Stands Up – A Benefit for Stand Up To Cancer … We All Have a Story.

Photo: Robin Platzer

In tribute, Michael expressed, “It was a 30-year friendship with Kamar. We did our first movie together in 1990. I was scared and I was quiet and I was instantly drawn to his bravado and his sense of himself. Kamar was larger than life. He was the best man at my wedding, and I am the godfather to his son, Michael. His loss was profound on all of us.”

He added, “There hasn’t been a day gone by that I haven’t thought of him, and his family and what he brought to this world, and the contributions he made, not only to this acting community. He loved being an actor and he was a great actor. I always like to say Kamar was such a good actor that they cast him as a priest, not just once, not twice, like seven times. I mean, he was often shirtless. But, if you needed a shirtless priest, Kamar was your guy.”

Photo: Facebook

When discussion turned to the end of Kamar’s life, Michael shared, “I was holding his hand when he passed, and he was surrounded by family and, and friends. There was so much love around him. I mean, he touched so many lives. I mean, Trevor knows that at his memorial, it was the biggest, at Forrest Lawn. They couldn’t even fit everybody in. There was people stretched out all the way to outside. People showed that hadn’t seen him in 20 years. That was the effect. So many of the One Life cast members came and cast from All American.”

Michael also spoke to Kamar’s determination till the end and his incredible work ethic, “Extraordinarily enough, he went to work two weeks before he passed at All American.  He was fierce to the end. He never talked about being sick. Even though the odds were stacked from the very beginning, and it’s still really hard for me to talk about, but I was in awe of his strength and his resolve. I would’ve shut down long before he did.”

If you haven’t done so watch below 46:47 mark for Michael and Trevor’s emotional appearances on Daytime Stands Up as they share their memories on Kamar.

Then let us know, what you thought of Michael’s candid tribute to his best friend via the comment section below.


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General Hospital

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Brook Lynn and Chase’s Wedding Reception Brings a Beatdown for Dex

On Friday’s, May 17th episode of General Hospital, Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) and Chase’s (Josh Swickard) wedding reception was the focal point as the touching celebration for the newlyweds got underway.

Sonny (Maurice Benard) was seething over seeing Dex mingle with the guests. With Dex becoming a cop, and ratting him out to Anna, previously Sonny feels betrayed by his former hit man. However, Sonny’s growing paranoia and mental stability is in question, in particular, because he has been off the proper dosage of meds for months now.

Later, when Sonny sees Dex talking with Gio (Giovanni Mazza) about serving in the military, and later chumming it up with Cerullos, he is about to go postal.

Photo: ABC

Outside the ballroom. Sonny confronts Dex about chatting it up with the Cerullos, who he says are his people. He warns Dex to stay away from his family. Dex says he was invited to the reception.

Next, Sonny calls Dex a snitch, a spy, and lets him know he is “lucky to be breathing.”  Sonny issues Dex a warning to stay away from his family, or he may not be breathing much longer.

As Sonny turns to walk away., Dex grabs him by the arm to try to reason with him and to and say he’s not his enemy. However, Sonny throws a punch. In the pickup, Sonny continues to bloody and beatdown Dex, until Jason (Steve Burton) arrives on the scene and restrains Sonny.

Photo: ABC

Kristina (Kate Mansi) walks in on the moment. She sees her father is yelling that both Jason and Dex are traitors. Sonny screams that they are both dead and he’s going to put a gun to their heads.

Photo: ABC

In happy news, Brook Lynn and Chase finally begin their wedding night when they jump onto of their bed in their honeymoon suite. Chase says now they have a great wedding night, which will be followed by a great honeymoon, and that will be followed by their entire life together. They share a kiss.

So, what did you think of Sonny’s explosive words and actions against Dex and Sonny? Will Kristina figure out what is going on with her dad, once and for all? Comment below.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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