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Joe Mascolo Fires Back at Lisa Rinna for Naming Him "The Worst Actor on DAYS!"


Days of our Lives Lisa Rinna, who unfortunately put her foot in her mouth earlier this week, with the egging on and prompting of  Watch What Happens Live, with Bravo host Andy Cohen is now getting some pushback from her co-star, Joseph Mascolo!

Rinna who played Cohen’s interview  game of “Plead The Fifth”, where celebs are put on the spot was asked who was the worst actor on the soap.  Cohen offered up “Stefano DiMera” and Rinna nodded her head and said, “I’m gonna go there.” Also Cohen asked Rinna who else in Hollywood needed Lip Reduction Surgery in which she said, Taylor Armstrong of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

Soap Opera Digest has now revealed they reached out to Mascolo for his comments about the debacle and he said, “Lisa saying that Taylor should have her lips reduced and calling me the worst actor on DAYS is sort of like the pot calling the kettles black!”

Lisa also took to her twitter account after realizing what she had done tweeting,  “I must apologize for my Joe Mascolo comments on WWHL. He is a Great actor and I should never had said him- when answering- I was stupid.”

So what so you think of Joe’s comments? Let us know!

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Stefano will have his revenge!

It was very poor of Lisa to name names. She should have said herself. Or said no one. No comment.

Joe Mascolo is a traditional, old-school actor. That being said, I want to emphasize that he is consistent and disciplined. Stefano diMera is a larger-than-life character and Joe does an excellent job portraying him. His accent is unique and I luuuuuv it when he rolls those “R’s”!! Some actors on the show tend to mumble, but never Joe. Too bad what passes for journalism these days . . . can you imagine stars like Clark Gable being asked ‘who is the worst actor in your current movie?’ or ‘do you think your leading lady’s boobs are too big/too small/just right?’ Come on, Cohen, put your thinking cap on and come up with questions that aren’t junior high level!


bravo o to he is a great actor all the wrods said above is so true shame on lisa from canada

Joe Mascolo’s comment was the PERFECT response!
Considering, Lisa did apologize to him (he fired back) but just the right amount considering her apology. Perfect, a CLASS act.

I didn’t know who the actor was when this issue came up. Now that his picture is shown, I have to AGREE with the person who posted Joe’s acting is CLASSIC soap opera. Yes it is, poster. On days when abc soaps weren’t shown and I had to have on an opera, I would see him, listen to him, and I remember how perfecto his pronunciation was. If U look at the old clips on Youtub, they all spoke like that back when. And Ereka Slezak still does do a degree.

The questions were obviously intended to stir up controversy. Lisa should have known that before going on the show and been prepared for that.

Maybe she thought he said “best actor”.

Time to let this go. Mr. Mascolo is by no means the worst actor. Matter of fact, he is one of the reasons I watch DOOL.

me to.

Good for Joe! I personally think he does an awesome job as playing Stefano. As the saying goes…he who lives in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones.

michael,something is going on here ,Im loosing everything I am posting ,Im writing this for a 3rd time ,looks like lisa rinna still has her foot in her mouth,her lips are huge ,way to go joe ,you let her have it .lisa called herself stupid for what she said ,she has a point there .stupid,self centered ,stuck up,no more about her.

Yes, I was replying to a post of Heather’s earlier. I had spent 1 hour on it ON and OFF while working, then….. ALL a sudden my page disappeared. And what came up was this page about Joe Mascolo.
Do U notice how when U click on people’s comments on the Homepage, it NEVER takes you DIRECTLY to the persons comment, it clicks to it and then AWAY from it, and then…………….. U have to STROLL all the WAY wherever to find the persons name and comment. OMG! What happened? It use to not be like that on this site. U click on the persons comment in Recent Chatter and it would GO RIGHT TO THE PERSONS comment. Michael, PLEASE fix it. When there are long pages of post, sometimes it can take 5 minutes to find the comment.

I love Lisa Rinna but her comments were uncalled for. If Mascolo is such a bad actor, then how come he has been with the show for 30 years?

1loveabcsoaps, you never told me that you were a fan of The Talk. Too each his own, I guess. LOL. Heck, many people on this site admitted that they love The Talk or The Chew. Thank god I have not come across yet on someone that watches The Revolution.

I love Joe! I love what he said. We all know who can act and who can’t and Joe is one of the best actors on the show, They’re lucky to have him!!!

Couldn’t! Have said it any better. Mr. Mascolo is extremely talented and part of the reason I have enjoyed DOOL for many, many years. He is super classy and deserving or respect and Lisa Rinna should think before she speaks.


Neither one of them does anything for me. I think it is time for Stefano to go! But I especially had a hard time watching Lisa as Billie Reed. Her cosmetic work is so obvious, too. She almost looks creepy now! The lips are too large and the cheeks too plumped!

I love Joe & have enjoyed him [and his acting] ever since he joined Days. Lisa Rinna is a big girl who has been in the public eye for decades. She’s not a novice & therefore should be able to handle a timebomb of a question without a problem. A simple “no comment” or “everyone of them is terrific” would have done the trick. I don’t blame Andy Cohen for asking the question. I blame her for a thoughtless and WRONG answer. Personally, I can’t stand her as Billie. I’d love to see Stefano present her with a pair of cement shoes!

This is the first time I’ve see her on the show, today. I am a new viewer. Like a yr or maybe a little longer. Dont think Ive ever seen her really ACT in anything. but I have seen her on Kelly, and around lets say.And maybe she should take a look in the mirror, before speaking ? maybe? at least be a little humble to a fellow soap actor? They are few and leaving…
should I go there… ~ #GH #ATWT #GL#AMC#OLTL~

I could do without Billie Reed on my soap, Days, but Stefano Dimera is indispensable. I love him. We are lucky to see such a class act. He has a lot of depth and real talents and interests. Bravo, Signor Mascolo!

They should have Stefano kill Billie! Can’t stand Lisa Rinna! ugh

Couldn’t agree more!!!!

thats a good Idea.

EVERYONE…… in Barbara t’s words: (See Full post below) 3/10/ 7:33am

-how bad those lips look
-I had to walk up close to the television ,there still blown up
-but for big lipped lisa to make a comment about big lipped taylor
-leave the lips alone
-why do they want to look like a fish mouthwhen someone is taking there picture,god forbid they stick those lips out like there is no end to them,yuk.

Barbara: Your sick…. what are you on? Lmao!

Donald Trump gave Lisa a compliment about her lips looking better on The Apprentice and it went to her head, enough for her to speak of someone else’s lips. She walked right into this. It’s her own making this negative publicity, basically because of her Ego and Drama Appeal. Lord, I know if I were Lisa and read your post: ” I had to walk up to my television, there still blown up.” hehe ha ha!

(Now let me look up this Taylor Armstrong bc I don’t look at those shows).

Good, put that little hussy in her place!

Joe Mascolo is a class act, and he just proved it again today. No doubt about it. He who laughs last, laughs best.

I am so glad that to hear that Joe Mascolo answered back in the way I knew he would! He is a class act, a respectable man and said exactly what Lisa Rinna needed to hear. How dare she say “Yes” to Andy Cohen that he was the worst actor on DAYS. It was a tactless, tacky and ridiculous comment to make. Joseph Mascolo is one of the BEST SOAP VILLIANS EVER. He is a highly regarded actor to Days and the acting community, period! Your fans are behind you 100% Joe!

I agree with both Lisa and Joe: she was stupid and he was right referring to her as a pot calling the kettle black. Hopefully, Lisa will schedule surgery to reduce her lips and to reconnect her brain with her mouth (followed by classes in acting and manners).

The weird thing-I thought she already had her surgery to fix her lips! I watched her “reality”show last fall-Harry Loves Lisa, I think it was called & I think she’s already had the surgery! Maybe it didn’t work? I bet she is sorry she did this interview-what a way to start her new stint on Days!

Yes, she did already have reconstructive surgery, but after I saw her on DOOL today, I still couldn’t believe how big her lips were and that she made this obnoxious comment about someone else needing corrective surgery. It’s easy enough to feel sorry for people whose cosmetic alterations have turned out poorly, but when Lisa starts criticizing other people’s lips (which don’t look as bad as hers), enough already.

she did ,a while back they showed pictures of her after the work was done,they looked big yesterday and I made a remark about how bad those lips look ,I had to walk up close to the television ,there still blown up,taylor armstrong really, really looks bad ,but for big lipped lisa to make a comment about big lipped taylor makes no sense and If you ask me they both look awful,big lips and all.why white women have that done and think it looks good ,I dont understand .leave the lips alone ,why do they want to look like a fish mouth,and when someone is taking there picture,god forbid they stick those lips out like there is no end to them,yuk.

Ut oh ooooo! lmoa!

taylor armstrongs lips are long across and puffy ,she looks like a clown,lisa rinna looks like the joker from can they look into a mirror and think that look is sexy and looks good ,it doesnt.

I cant stand donald trump with that woody woodpecker look of his ,but seriously he talked about lisa rinnas lips?someone else here said the same thing I did ,when she was on friday her lips are still huge so how big were they before the surgery? thats alot of lip and I hear there is no feelings in them ,its a filler of some kind.good lord,is it the same stuff these crazy women put in there rear ends to make that bigger?fake hair,fake faces ,fake lips ,fake boobs,fake asses,there not real any of them,as I said before I can find better things to do with my money and live with what I got.

Rinna opened mouth and insert foot disease ..Mr Mascolo is a class act I only watch when he is on and that’s saying something and to have someone who is between Jobs has the nerve to say Mr Mascolo was the worst actor..she must meant herself..she is not fit to stand in Joe Mascolo shadow

Time to bring back one of the better Billie’s

Oh my god…what is she even talking about. She’s one not that great of an actress.

I felt sorry for Lisa Rinna when she got treated so unfairly by star jones on the apprentice, but after hearing this, i’m not so sorry anymore, it was in bad taste, and for someone who has been in the business for so long, she should know better on how to avoid answering ” trick” questions, so to me she clearly intended to say what she said, or agree with what was said. either way, who cares, lol, just about everyone on DOOL is a bad actor, including Lisa Rinna.

Tell it Aria… lmao with a glass of wine late at night on this site as usual..!

cool ,star jones really treated lisa rinna like crap?I would have loved to see that ,but I cant stand the guy with all the hair piled up in the front of his head, I know once I hit the submit I will think of his name .he reminds me of woody the woodpecker,or is is woody woodpecker.

Lol, Donald trump the apprentice, it was last season n believe me, star jones showed her up big time, it made you feel sorry for Lisa rinna, but clearly she was out of her league cause she came across as weak, and star jones being the bitch she is ate her up.

I would have loved to see that ,donald trump or not.

As I seem to recall , Lisa Rinna is not exactly Vanessa Redgrave herself:)

Lisa Rinna is Drama. It’s all in her body language! You can spot Drama a mile away in people’s actions. She needs too much attention, and what little of her persona that is mainstream is all hype- feed off the drama of her personality.

you got that right ,google her name, she lets it all hang out in playboy,thats how she met her does she like attention ,you bet she does.I believe her playboy spread was her first move at wanting people to look at her.

I dont believe for a second that womans lips are reduced,she still looks like she has fish lips,ugly.

My God. lol

lisa rinna needs to be ashamed of herself for her comment – she needs to stop & access her own talents if one could call it that………………..smh

Stirring the pot, I guess more people will tune in to DOOL, good job Lisa!!!

What was she on to say something like that?

First of all I want to say that I think Joe Mascolo is a very good actor. Lisa Rinna was wrong to make a comment like that. Salem would not be thr same without Stefano. And I would like to know what Lisa did to her face, she looks Porcelain!!! And my hats off to you my Paisan, keep up the good work. I love your acting!!!

Wow Lisa, It is perfectly alright to keep some things to yourself!

Joseph Mascolo is a very gifted and talented actor!

I have enjoyed and hope to continue to enjoy his work for years to come!!!

You made an error, Lisa. Why do talk shows play such dumb games with their guests?

lisa rinnas lips are bigger today then they were last friday,guestion for the days of our lives watcher,Is kate billies mother?seriously ,lisa rinna is not that young of a chick,maybe its her lips but kate looks younger and is way better looking.

you know when amc & oltl went off the air I started watching Y&R, DOOL & B&B to ease the pain if possible (it didn’t but it helped a little) of all 3 soaps DOOL I have started liking the best, though some of the core couples are really weird..the storylines move fast & are interesting for the most part…I have liked Lisa Rinna in the past but her face doesn’t even look like her anymore because of the plastic surgery..Kate looks younger than the woman who is supposed to be her daughter..& she is prettier..not that makes a good or bad actress but let’s face it..soaps have pretty people we like to look at & poor Lisa what has she done to herself?? So money doesn’t always make it better I guess if you have enuff money to mess your face up..because you can’t live with what you were given..I don’t have anything against plastic surgery but some people should have to go to therapy after they have had so many procedures…it’s kinda distracting..jmo

Oh yeah, the other thing I wanted to post is that she shouldn’t say bad things about her co-workers when she is not exactly Bette Davis…

I actually felt it was a breath of fresh air to hear an actor actually tell the interviewer what they think. So often actors pretend to act like everyone they work with is awesome and great. Some say its class and respect, personally I think it is butt kissing. You are never going to find or make a good actor if you always pat people on the back and say they are great. Now the only thing she could have done better was be more constructive with her criticism. You know, detail why she thinks he is a bad actor and what could be improved. Likewise she would have to take the same criticism if someone felt she wasn’t holding up either.

he;s a wonderful actor just get him better writers for him thats the trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!

JM is Stefano! He not only portrays him, but becomes him. I have found all of his performances have been right on target whether he is playing a villain, strong business man, emotional father, or warm grandfather. He scenes are engaging, heartfelt, and powerful. I have always enjoyed watching him even if I did not always like what his character was going. JM always portrayed him accurately, appropriately, and with the right tone! Kudos to JM! We hope we can continue watching his grace, style, charm, charisma, and savoir faire on Days ! 🙂

He is by far the best actor on Days and he was also fantastic on BOLD. He is truly on the Soap greats.

Lisa is in now way in the same class as Joe, never could/will she ever be!
He is an outstanding actor , always has been and I’m reminded again this week, what with Lexie;s sickness. He is awesome. She a no-talent want-a-be.

Mr. Mas Colo is an extrodinary actor! Whoever can t see that is blind! The worst actress I have ever seen is LauraLee Bell. Absolutely horrible acting abilities. Her parents should have spent their money on about 100 yrs. Of acting school for her.She has no emotion. She stays on the same tone all the time in her voice. Terrible terrible acting! I guess when Daddy runs the show it doesn’t matter. Go back to Washington D.C. and get out of Genoa City Christine and don t return!

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