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Josh Griffith OUT as Headwriter for Y&R? Shelly Altman IN?



Reports have been swirling all week long that a major change is coming at The Young and the Restless  and it has to do with a report originally from Highlight Hollywood thatJosh Griffith reportedly has resigned as head writer of the number one show and e-mailed his team that he is decided to exit over creative differences.  In addition, Griffith has reportedly posted comments on his Facebook page, including one that stated “a new adventure begins” that has since been deleted.

On the heels of that, CBS Soaps In Depth reveals that Shelly Altman (currently on the Y&R writing team) will be named Griffith’s successor and the scribe who steers the characters of Genoa City.   Altman previously has been at Another World, General Hospital and One Life to Live.   SID is also hearing that Jean Passanante, currently at GH and former As the World Turns head writer, who also wrote for One Life to Live at the end of its ABC run, could be he Altman’s new co-headwriter, or Tracy Thompson, a current staff writer at Y&R.

So if this is all becomes confirmation and not speculation, would you be glad that Josh Griffith is out as head writer of Y&R? What do you think about the choice of Shelly Altman, should she become the new  Y&R headwriter or co-head writer? Do you think Jean Passanante would be a good choice for the co-head writer position?  Who would you like to see writer Y&R? Weigh-in!



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Horrible. Bring back Kay Alden and Jack Smith. They are the only ones who know Y&R. WTF are Steve Kent and Angelica McDaniel waiting for?

I agree, but even for Kay Alden & Jack Smith, the task of repairing the damage done by LML, MAB & JFP may be impossible.

Maybe not , but i believe they can fix most of characters if sony give them the time they need.

I can’t imagine that will happen. JFP wants someone who will carry out HER vision not Bill Bells. Any writers that have a history with Y&R will want Y&R’s veteran actors/characters heavily involved in the stories. Maybe that was the “creative difference ” between Josh & Jill????

I’m sure JFP’s new writers will be yes men (or yes women) that will make sure her favs are front & center in all the stories. I have a feeling JFP’s Y&R will be just like JFP’s GH.

Absolutely agree. Poor BB, rolling in his grave and embarrassed by JP’s reign of terror!

Kay alden!!!!!!

I was not at all surprised by this. But what bothers me the most is that Angelica McDaniel and Steve Kent have yet to move a finger to get rid of Jill Farren Phelps, who is really the source of all of the contempt for the direction that Y&R is headed in right now.

Angelica McDaniel & Steve Kent are with CBS & it’s Sony that’s calling the shots now (regarding creative control) .. not CBS.

GOOD…JFP needs to go next!!! But will the next writers or whoevers in charge get me back…???

Josh leaving is marred by the possible replacements. Don’t know what Steve Kent at Sony is smoking or who pissed him off over the years but he’s every bit as destructive as the people he hires. Bill Bell was smart to train people throughout his career to take over when he needed to stop. He knew what he was doing but overzealous morons at the top had to pull their small dicks out and piss all over it. Jill Phelps needs to get her ass canned too.

Personally, I’d like to know who the Y&R cast members would like to see as their new head writer! After all, they are the ones who have to bring it to life & make it believable!

I am disturbed to see this shake-up at #YR. It has been obvious that all was not well BTS.

I o not want to see a repeat of the upheaval at GH – happen with Bill Bell’s legacy of excellence. Still thankful MAB is gone – but I do not see Shelly Altman as an adequate replacement for Josh Griffith.

THe show needs folks tied to #YR rich heritage. It has been a wonder to me that Bill Bell has a cadre of the best serial writers all assigned to his 30 min serial, #BB.

I liked #GH under Phelps – Guza years for most part. However, #YR is adifferent kind of show with a different audience and heritage.

I would like to see Brad Bell Co- EP both Bell Serials and bring over some of his most seasoned writers like Patrick Mulcahy, Kay Alden who understand what makes #YR special and unique to genre.

Ideally, Bill Bell and Ed Scott would Co-EP at #YR. I do not want to see #YR fashioned into an older #GH model.

We have few shows left. Each is unique in its own right. MAB was not good. But, JFP has not pulled it together – only torn it apart.

As a serialized drama fan, I am tired of the drama and machinations behind the scenes at all the shows. Will the adults and professionals – please stand up.

I think this is a case of too many cooks stirring the pot. In the early days of daytime dramas the creator of the soap was the producer and the head writer– there was a single consistent vision for a show. When a show is put together by committee and everyone has their own idea of what they think the audience wants it can become a zoo– we seen it before and are seeing it again. Let’s hope all the behind the scenes drama resolves itself in time– because a show that has a revolving door of talent, both in front and behind the camera, is not going to last in the long run.

We have definitely seen the zoo on General Hospital!

Y&R is number 1 but is horrible beyond even being able to watch it. I knew the minute JFP arrived it would be even worse. “Bill Bell’s Legacy is gone forever.” Oh well the show should not be in 1st.

As long as we continue to see our beloved YR characters, the show will stay number one.

I’m fearful that Phelps will continue to force her vision on the show, and that the vets will disappear.

Kay alden team.

I’d prefer JFP to be out….She’s the one destroying the show.

Respect Jean Passanante. Her place is with Carlivati at #GH now. #YR needs folks that know the Bill Bell legacy and model.

It is the theme of Y&R more than a writer..
Y&R has no, none, chills, thrills, suspense etc,,
It is always about 2 companies that are run by 2 families and ”mainly” revolves around marriage/personal problems.. BORING!

Suspense, mystery, surprised etc is ‘not’ in Y&R..
just personal problems.. blahhh

No, No, No— if Y&R becomes another silly soap about spys and mad scientist and evil villains who try to take over the town– it will lose their real fan base– WOMEN who want to see relationship stories– love, romance, family dramas— if you don’t like those type of stories watch something else and stop trying to change what has work for over 40 years. MAB tried that gimmick to make the show about action plot stories that nearly ruin the show. It needs spicy up– yes, but relationship stories don’t have to be blah– daytime dramas have existed for a long time on those issues– just have to written the right way– they don’t have to be boring.

Totally agree with you. Unfortunately I would have the same opinion about GH. It used to have the spys and mad men, as well as the crime syndicates… BUT it also used to have intensity, depth, emotion, romance, angst, humor, the whole ball of wax.

Now it is camp, waaay too many characters, cheese whiz,
and new characters no one cares about. And, every time it starts to Improve (as in lately) they do something completely stupid like wreck a classic and beloved vet couple’s wedding (Felicia and Mac’s) by having it crashed by Richard SImmons!

100% boring and barely watchable. Just plain stupid.

If Mr Griffith is the reason that Y&R is unwatchable, I am glad he had the sense to “resign”.

Oh no…………………
This is not good!

Let me guess josh and Jill had a meeting. Jill wanted the show in one direction and josh wanted the show in another direction. Im not blaming Jill farren phelps or josh but hey both probably had. different visions for the show.

What a disaster Jill Farren Phelps is! I started a petition to have her removed as the executive producer
Please go and sign spread the word

Dave….I cant really agree here. I am as aware of JFP‘s track record as anyone. However, here, I think she has stayed in the background and let the writers write. In this case, that has been a mistake. One thing her never are is boring, and this show, for the last year, has been akin to watching paint dry. That comes from the writing, not the production. We gotta give credit where drecit is due…JFP has not killed off a single veteran since her tenure began. And of all the initial firings when she took over, not one of those characters is missed. It was a bizarre and bloated cast with MAB at the helm. We just need a writer who will write some exciting storylines now!

there’s one character… who should have remained.

Genevieve…. Genie Francis.

especially, now… with the departed Jeanne Cooper, and exit of Michelle Stafford.

Genevieve would have been so good, with her son… and Jack… and could have mixed in really well with Nikki, Victor, and Jill….

Gosh! didn’t genie francis have wings…. flew… excelled in her profession in Genoa City.

I agree with you dave. jill farren phelps needs to get fired. she is a soap killer. get rid of the bitch.

Bring back kay alden.

Whoever is brought in to replace Griffith needs to dump the Rose storyline YESTERDAY. I was thrilled when they shuttered Restless Style–so, naturally, they replaced it with GC Buzz. Sigh. I want character-driven drama, not social networking-inspired bunk. We have enough of that in the real world already.

They could have had SUCH an interesting storyline come out of Neil‘s alcoholism after Dru‘s death. He could have fathered a child who would now be six, instead, they brought in another mystery corpse. That makes 3 in the last year…Dr. Tim, then that Senator‘s hooker daughter, and now this. This show is HURTING for fresh ideas.

And Jill Phelps begins her destruction of another show. Why does anyone trust this woman after what she almost did to GH. If they were really smart over at Y&R they would get rid if her sooner rather than later.

Get rid of Phelps and hire Kay Alden as head writer and Ed Scott as EP !

That is exactly what needs to happen. I said from the beginning that JFP shouldn’t have been hired. Did you see what she tried to do to GH?

Shouldn’t JFP be going with him? I want my original Y&R.

This news does so not surprise moi. As a rejuvenated fan of GH, under JFP’s replacements, I feel for the many fans of YR. I didn’t watch GH the whole decade Phelps was in charge. I loved Guza under Wendy Riche, the beloved EP of GH who was fired to have Phelps take the helm. Guza left to co-create Sunset Beach but when that was cancelled he was lured back to GH bug didn’t get along with Riche. Brian Frons, now in charge of ABC Daytime of course brought Guza back but didn’t like Riche. JFP loves things dark, gloomy, history be damned, and didn’t want to give any budgetary money to the vets at all. Hence, Guza/JFP killing off 10 iconic/still popular GH characters. The show barely recovered but it HAS. OK, everything is not perfect, but compared to what it was, GH is freakin Gone with the Wind everyday!

Once I heard the news that JFP was now in charge of YR, I was very scared for the well being of the show. Every show Phelps has been in charge of has either been cancelled (GL, SB, OLTL, AW) or veryclose (GH). Her love of bringing on her friends in major and supporting roles and totally allowing the very essence of the show’s history be gutted are examples of the darkness this woman loves to emulate. It’s like she is embarrassed to helm a traditional soap. Most of you were hopeful things on YR would improve and would give her the benefit of the doubt. I don’t watch YR faithfully but I can tell from comments on Twitter and the soap sites, things aren’t looking good. Heck, even I know how big a star Michelle Stafford is and to lose her. I was equally mad that she basically stole Steve Burton from GH. GH certainly wasn’t going to turn itself sideways to accommodate Burtons travel schedule but best buddie Phelps certainly did!

Yes, I’m bitter. Sony/CBS seem to be in her pocket and willing to gut another beloved show to see her twisted vision. I don’t understand the power she wields…I really don’t. I hope things don’t seem as rocky as what they seem to be now. Trust me, I want YR to thrive. I’m in your corner…and you need everyone to support each other to get her ousted.

Sharon Case I would start looking for work with Altman as Head Writer a big buddy of JFP you are going to the nut house forever. And you know what they are doing you a favor be like MS and get off the train!


jean passente would be a good choice . shelley altman as well !! they both would do a good job

OMG NO! They don’t know a damn thing about YR or the history of the show.

No No No…

OMG. Please NO JEAN PASSANANTE!!!! That alleged writer was the head writer of As the World Turns in its inexcusably BAD final years. Based on what she gave us during that time, I doubt if she has the skill to write a grocery list!!!

This news has done the impossible: I’m now thinking that Lynn Marie Latham and Maria Arena Bell weren’t so bad, after all.

Please tell us that Passanante is getting nowhere near Y&R. (I don’t even want the woman delivering lunch to the crew!!!).

I agree.

I agree– it was her Head Writer gig at Another World that destroyed it–it was starting to get back on track after they let her go- but it was too late and NBC pulled the plug. She might be a good dialogue writer for scenes, but I wouldn’t want her running these either.

I too must agree. There were other problems too, but the writing for the last few years of As the World Turns was dreadful in so many different ways that it was actually painful to watch many episodes.

I was not a big LML fan while she was the headwriter, but in retrospect, it was less awful than what has come since.

I don’t think it was Josh. If anyone recalls his first interview before returning to Y&R, he said he wanted to return the characters and the stories back to it’s glory days. He indicated he wanted to rebuild the character of Sharon, but that didn’t happen. The poor woman is having talks with her dead daughter! This is JFP and the brass at CBS. I totally agree that Kay Alden needs to return as head writer and Ed Scott or BBradley Bell take over as the EP. That means the departure of every last recast and newbie under JFP!

Well Lew wish I could take credit for this statement but someone posted on Twitter that they were going to make the announcement that Steve Burton is now Headwriter. They of course were being funny. The reason I said what I said above was not because I dislike Sharon Case it is just she is a woman she has been on for 16 years and JFP likes to get rid of women. She has not been on twitter in two weeks and she is not asking people to watch the show and that we were going to like the outcome.


Well I should be shock but I am not. It seems JFP track record is in tact. One can only hope Sony has enough sense to put two and two together and realize what the real issue is and correct the problem.

JFP literally slapped Lauralee Bell in the face she is talked about but never seen for gosh sakes her Dad created the show and she has never acted like a prima donna. It is shameful the woman is a snake .

I agree with the comments here. I too am asking that Jill zip helps be removed along with her friends. Bring Kay Alden& team to Y&R

Iam with you we need kay alden.

I can’t stand what they have done to the Sharon character. They are making me dislike her. The whole Chelsea lie is also getting on my nerves.

I hope he is resigning , they need a new head writer ASAP!! And they need to bring back the original music!!

I just want JFP to go!!!!!__

You are not alone!

So sorry to see Y&R lose Josh, he was doing amazing with the show. NOT what I was expecting, especially since the cast loved working alongside him. I hope the new regime continues to excellence he brought back to the series.

Also must note my disappointment in the “fans” of this show and their disgusting behavior. They whined and complained about Maria being at the helm and now are complaining at the two people who were still attempting to fix the years of messes made. You cannot consider yourself “fans” if all you do is bitch. How about some humble pie and a cork for your mouths?

And as for a good new headwriter, I’d love for Lorraine Broderick to jump on board. She’s a stellar writer. Would hate to see her depart DAYS, but she’s much more a headwriter than a side writer/script writer.

Fans’ of…. do amaze me… their recall…. their attention span…

I honestly never kept track of who was headwriting what…

if my two soaps are good… or bad… then that’s how it is.

have to point out…. if Lorraine Broderick is writing for DAYS’ …. then so be it… she must remain… being in Salem is a pure treat.

I hate to break this but it was just a matter of time before JFP would slowly begin to destroy your soap. As a long time OLTL fan, I watched how this woman completely ruined my show, did the same to GH, and led to the demise of another fav soap Another World. Josh G. is a good writer. He’s not the problem. She is.

Finally, another voice of reason. And its not bitching or whining to say out loud and publically that someone is detrimental to the survival of ur soap. This woman has left a bllodu trail behind her of wonderful soaps. She fires willynilly a brings in her posse,whether the r a good fit for the show or not! I refuse to sit on the sidelines and be quiet or rah rah a losing leader!

Yes sir everywhere she JFP has gone she has either been fired or forced into resigning. She should go first then see if an EP new that cared about the show could have helped with JG’s writing. JG was familiar with the show he had written for them before etc. I was hoping this headline would be JFP let go she oversees all of it and then when trouble looms she blames it on the writer. And what really makes me mad is it is us the fans that are screaming the actors you have no guts we will back you up you think this show will stay one the air if their was a mutiny all you vets start screaming!

JFP is the kiss of death to any show she has need associated with. How she remain in this business is beyond my comprehension. She totally F’d up GH when she was there now it’s her turn to F up YnR. Tat and feather the ho.




I’m not sure what can fix Y&R. Bill Bell’s Y&R was so well constructed with huge events punctuating the lives of interesting, well developed characters. It was slow yet effective melodrama. Kay Alden and Jack Smith did an excellent job of continuing that look and style that Bill Bell had created and perfected. Under LML, MAB and JFP, the show has steadily fallen into disrepair. There seems to be no focus, direction or even true creativity. Characters we’ve long adored either aren’t seen or do not behave like themselves. Meanwhile, new faces we just don’t care about seem to take up much airtime.

Maybe we should sign a petition for Kay alden’s team.

This is great news. No offense to Mr. Griffith, but since he took the helm almost a year ago, the only word to describe the show is BORING. The man seemed incapable of writing an actual story. New characters under his tenure are for the most part busts. A potential blockbuster from the past, the bombshell reveal of Summer‘s true paternity, has been mishandled and further used to destroy the character of Sharon. Days and weeks go by and literally NOTHING happens to advance the story. I hope the new writers, in tandem with EP JFP, cook up some attention getting stunt to mark their arrival. An explosion, a serial killer, a murder, a train wreck, a fire…ANYTHING to generate some interest and get rid of some dead weight.

The show is overdue for a Crazy Patty rampage! It is never boring when she is on. I would credit that as being MAB‘s crowning glory! It was such a combination of awesome actress, killer backstory, good writing, chemistry among the vets, and so much more. Stacy Haiduk played that part in such a Little Girl Lost way that it was impossible to hate her. They could totally redeem Patty….give her a past of childhood abuse and a split personality…problem solved. We love us some Patty!

I can COMPLETELY understand the JFP hostility. Under her watch, her shows had some of the most devastating blows in soap history (Maureen‘s death, Frankie‘s death, Drew‘s death, half the cast of GH‘s deaths). But on Y and R, she has not come in with a hatchet. I really think she is sitting back and just producing, and letting the writers write. Unfortunately, these writers have chosen to write NOTHING for the last year. There are no couples to root for, no coherent storylines, nothing to keep viewers tuning in. I honestly think JFP needs to take a MORE active role in this show, and get it out of its complacency. That might be an unpopular comment here, but come on….seriously, literally…get this show on the road!

Actually I was surprised myself based on what her rep I thought stories would be way out there. Y&R has always been about the characters and it has always been one of slower paced shows– but this last year, since the new regime has taken over they went too far in the opposite direction– it was like they were too afraid of rocking the boat and stuck with really bland and safe stories. And when they finally had a great one going with Summer’s true father– they were too chicken to stick with it and had Sharon switch the results, so Nick wouldn’t be a bad guy after all, and Summer could be with Kyle some day, blah, blah, blah. The story would have been so much better if it had been true.
So I agree the show need spicing up a bit, I really hope they don’t veer too far the other way, and we go back to baby switches and psychopaths murdering everyone in town. Soaps staples for years has been love, romance, with a hint of mystery and intrigue so I really don’t want them to get too far from that formula. It can be done–Bill Bell Sr did it for years– I think they should go back and look at those old shows and get a clue on how to write a good daytime drama.

The only person who needs to, leave Y&R is Jill Phelps. She doesn’t know how, to write for soaps anymore. First when she started to, write for GH. It was good then it, started to go down the tubes. Over time. GET HER OFF ASAP. And let the original Y&R staff back. It’s not the same without them. I miss them. THEY NEED TO COME BACK, FAST. Before the same thing, happens to Y&R of happened to GH. They need to stay on, for a long time in the future. Not on the brink of cancellation. Like GH was. They were and still is the front runner, of all of the soaps. But over time they won’t be. WITH HER IN CHARGE. THAT’S WHY SHE NEEDS TO GO FAST. ASAP.

OMG somebody please go find Ed Scott and Kay Alden!!! I thinl Michelle Stafford saw this coming and decided to get out while the gettin was good!!!! Sharon Case needs to follow her as they have butchered Sharon!!!!!! JFP is horrible and a disgrace to daytime!!!!!!!!!!

I hope Kay alden’s team will come back. I recall Billy and Mack played by David Tom and AB. Kay knew how to pull out her story.

LOL geez such whiners..
Jill Phelps is going nowhere..
Y&R has 3-4 millions viewers and only a handful in here complaining..

the ratings are high and mostly steady..
Jill Phelps must be doing something right.

True, I have yawned through the last year but then again Y&R has always been a sleeper, never much in the line of suspense, surprises, or thrills, just low key drama which is the Y&R trademark = blah ..
So, all is well with Y&R lol ..

The ratings have nothing to do with Phelps. It’s the writing and the history of the show.

Doesn’t Phelps tell Griffin what to write? Do breakdowns or something? If so…..she .should be gone right along with him. No surprise Her butt was canned from GH.

I wonder what Burton would do if Phelps gets the boot. She is his savior and mentor. She definitely has his back. He’ll lose that if she’s gone.

I know that this is probably the craziest idea ever but (in true soap opera form) what if JFP’s plan was to destroy Y&R after all? Say she signed on with all intentions to make Y&R number two in the ratings so that GH could be number one. Far fetched I know.

Y&R is as everyone is saying: very boring! Let’s bring on Hollywood Heights actors as replacements, switch actors with GH, bring in male models and tell slow stories. There really hasn’t been a memorable story so far. The only time I felt connected and glued to the television was when Phylis and Sharon battled on the stair case. Everything else is yawn worthy.

Go back to Y&R and William Bell’s roots! Find out what it was that made it number one in the first place. I think it would be great to bring back a new generation of The Brooks who have some sort of ties to Genoa City. Make Lily bad (since KC has voiced that she’s always wanted to play a bad girl). Bring back Sheila Carter in a way where she can stay in GC (maybe as a Sheila look a like who really is Sheila playing mind games with Lauren and Michael). Jabot vs Newman at the board room and not so much the bedroom.

Give us something Y&R!

I would say if that was her goal then she deserves a raise as she is succeeding in watching this show unbearable. Who are half these boring ass people she has brought to the show anyway?

What JG & JFP have done to Sharon’s character is a disgrace. I expect that the backlash has been enormous & that things behind the scenes have been pretty tense. I just hope that whoever they install in that position actually does a good job. May be JFP is a major problem too?

I agree. They need to repair Sharon’s character. Instead they keep making things worse. JFP is the problem. She needs to go.

I’m a new, casual Y&R viewer since ABC axed OLTL and AMC. I had been hearing about it for years, knew they were #1, but I was loyal to my ABC soaps, GH especially. And now I say casual viewer, because I can’t seem to get invested in it. But my sympathies to it’s loyal viewers over the years who are seeing it “lose it’s way.” Heaven knows, we had seen enough of this at GH until we got Ron, who at least is making an attempt to mix the new with the traditional.

To be fair Y&R has always been a slower moving soap than say Days, or GH. I remember the running gag when I was in college (before VCRs, cable, or the web) we could miss a month or more of the show, come back, and they would still be on the same day on screen as it was when we left. It just seems to me over the last year story wise they have been playing it very safe–MAB’s stories were way out there, all over the place, so they went in the opposite direction and laid a big goose egg. I have been with this show a longtime, there is a very loyal and forgiving fan base. This shake up will either show it was the JFP or JG fault for the duller than usual stories of the last year.

I think Shelly Altman would be ok. But im thinking maybe Marlene McPherson and Elizabeth Snyder from AMC would be good. They have done a good job with amc thus far and i know on days of our lives she went too over the top but amc is doing really great with down to earth storylines. So i volunteer them! Tell me what you think….

Personally, I would love Y&R to bring back Kay Alden, Jack Smith, Sally Sussman Morina and Tom Casiello to the writing team, and have Ed Scott take over again as EP. While I do like Josh Griffith, his return has been a big fail, but I assume that’s mostly because Jill Farren Phelps hasn’t let him have full control over the stories he wanted to tell. THAT was the “irrevocable difference” between them. I’m not angry that Josh resigned, even though I do like him – in fact, this will probably be best for him; he doesnt have to put up with JFP anymore!

It needs to be someone who knows the history of the show, and/or who cares about maintaining the integrity of the characters.

I don’t think people are whining. It is just love and support for the show. We know what Y&R was and can be once again under a great EP and writers. I think Josh Griffith could have accomplished this, if he didn’t have opposition. Hey, ratings are once again down for all of the network soaps, with a zillion of talk shows waiting in the wings. If there is a dip in the ratings, there is a reason = the fans aren’t happy. AMC, AW, GL, ATWT & OLTL were once high in the ratings; where are they now on network schedules?

Why is JP still there. Any star that wants to work for a great soap will continue to leave as long as soap destroyer JP is there. So many new characters (that aren’t working), and recasts, I don’t even recognize the show anymore.

Amazing how many “creative differences” have happened since JP arrived. This soap is going downhill at lightening speed. Won’t be number one much longer!

Y&R needs to get back to it’s glory days. I would like to see David Shaughnessy, Jack Smith, Kay Alden, Tom Casiello, Paula Cwikly, Trent Jones, Joshua McCaffrey and may others tied to Y&R’s glory days come back. I am sad to see Josh Griffith go. I think JFP needs to go.

I Hope so , i really miss Kay alden”s team. She knows Bill Bell wish.

I would love to see Kay Alden, Jack Smith, Sally Sussman Morina and Tom Casiello back as the writing team, and have Ed Scott or David Shaughnessy take over again as EP.

While I do like Josh Griffith, his return has been a big fail, but I assume that’s mostly because Jill Farren Phelps hasn’t let him have full control over the stories he wanted to tell. THAT was the “irrevocable difference” between them.

Truth be told, I’m not angry that Josh resigned, even though I do like him. This will probably end up being the best thing for him in the long run – he doesnt have to put up with JFP anymore!

Off with Jill Farren Phelps’ head! My lasting image of her is that pinched face of disdain when Bridget Dobson claimed the Emmy for “Santa Barbara” and addressed being locked out of the studio during her acceptance speech. Ever since then, I knew this woman was trouble — and I’ve been proven right time and time again.

Please get, rid of JFP!

The bigger question should be…why in the world is Jill Farren Phelps still there? Are they going to keep putting a Band-Aid on everything else and ignore the elephant in the room? JFP never should have been hired in the first place with her reputation as the soap killer. Tired of her friends that she keeps hiring too. Why did she get rid of Blake Hood, when he was perfect as Kyle? Oh yeah. She hired her good friend and fired Blake. She needs to go.

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Giving props to those who co-hosted or worked on the show through the years including: Sara Gilbert, Julie Chen Moonves, Carrie Ann Inaba Leah Ramimi, Marissa Janet Winokur, Holly Robinson Peete, Eve, Aisha Tyler, and Sharon Osbourne, the joint statement added, “We also want to acknowledge our former show hosts and colleagues who contributed throughout the seasons. We truly appreciate the skill, creativity, and dedication everyone involved brought to the show every day.  And of course, we thank the numerous guests who appeared, and the millions of viewers who tuned in daily. For the final season, we plan to celebrate the show and give it the proper sendoff it deserves when it concludes in December 2024.”

While no firm decision or announcement has been given at this time, it seems most likely that The Talk’s time slot could be given to the new soap opera in development The Gates from CBS Studio Ventures and from longtime soap opera writer. Michele Val Jean.  As previously reported, The Gates features the lives of a wealthy Black family who reside in a posh, gated community.

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The Talk was originally the brainchild of Sara Gilbert, who had developed the show when it launched back 2010 and it replaced the beloved As the World Turns which went off the air after 54 years when CBS canceled it.

So, what do you think of The Talk being canceled? Will this make room for The Gates to begin to air in its spot beginning in 2025? Share your reactions to the news via the comment section.

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General Hospital

George Russo to Appear on General Hospital as Carmine Cerullo

Coming up, it looks like Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) grandfather, Carmine Cerullo is headed to Port Charles.

According to casting news from the ABC soap opera, George Russo will take on the role. Russo will tape his episode next week on April 15th and will appear on the May 15th episode of the long-running daytime drama series.

If George looks familiar he has been in numerous primetime television shows and motion pictures including: The Offer. Winning Time, Grand Crew and Shameless.

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Longtime GH viewers will recall that Lois’ (Rena Sofer) dad, Carmine, was previously showed up in Port Charles on and off from 1994 to 1996 and was played by John Capudice.

Clearly, it seems that Carmine will be a part of Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn’s wedding.  Will it go off without a hitch? Are you looking forward to it? Stay tuned.

Who else would you like to see attend the nuptials? Gloria Cerullo (Ellen Travolta), any other blasts from the pasts who should be present? Let us know in the comment section.

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Y&R’s Hayley Erin Previews Her Role in Horror-Thriller ‘New Life’

While she has been tearing it up as Claire aka Eve on The Young and the Restless, Daytime Emmy winner, Hayley Erin is also starring in a riveting horror-thriller called New Life.

In New Life, Erin takes on the role of a mysterious woman named Jessica who is seemingly the run. The premise offers, that Jessica is being pursuit by a resourceful fixer named Elsa, is hired to locate. Two different and unique stories are linked and converge, as the stakes of the pursuit explode to apocalyptic proportions.

Taking to her Instagram to promote her role in the film, which drops on May 4th, Hayley expressed, “New Life brought new meaning to blood, sweat, and tears. I’m so proud of this film and everyone involved, cannot wait to share it with you all… in select theatres and streaming MAY 3rd!!!”

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Several of Erin’s co-stars from her time on General Hospital as Kiki Jerome, including bff Chloe Lanier (ex-Nelle) and Maura West (Ava) shared their enthusiasm after checking out the trailer.  Lanier shared, “Best actress in the world, love you.”  West said, “I cannot wait. Congratulations!”

New Life, hits select theaters and streaming platforms on Friday, May 3rd.

Now below check out the official trailer, and then let us know if you will be watching Hayley in this complete departure from her role as Claire/Eve on Y&R in the comment section below.

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Video Du Jour

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