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Judy Blye Wilson Steps Down As Casting Director Of The Young and the Restless!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Noted and beloved casting director, Judy Blye Wilson, who has to be given so much credit for bringing some of the most talented faces to daytime drama has decided to depart The Young and the Restless, where she has been their casting director since 2012.

In an facebook post late Friday, Wilson shared the news with her friends and colleagues stating: “Today is officially my last day at The Young and The Restless.  Yes – I made the decision weeks ago. After thirty years of casting daytime, I feel I need to pause. I am not retiring, just stopping to catch my breath. I have had many wonderful experiences and have made many lifelong friends along the way. I look forward to what the future brings. Love, Judy P.S. Thank you to all for the terrific going away party last night.”

Wilson will be terribly missed by all, as she takes a break from her career in daytime and her some time to herself.  Judy has served as casting director on One Life to Live, Another World, Ryan’s Hope, and her longest tenure at All My Children from 1995-2011.

On-Air On-Soaps wishes Judy all the best, and here’s to what the future brings! 

Share your thoughts and well-wishes to Judy as she ends her run at Y&R in the comment section below!

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Mal Young’s first step as EP is the hire a new casting director!


Good! Perhaps, when Justin leaves, they’ll rehire Michael as Adam.


My fingers are crossed so hard they are bleeding!


I hope so too, he was the best Adam and was their best actor.


I hope not, sorry , he was awful, just awful. If Justin leaves which he probably want, but if he does I wished the bring back the the Adam before Michael, he was good.


sad to see her go. she casted a lot of good people at Y&R. recasting Billy and Adam couldn’t of been easy. Y&R needs to hire a good replacement that will bring in good actors


After 30 years, she deserves a break. Congrats.


Judy was a gift. Known her for 30 years. A real class act. Loved actors and fought for them. She will be missed. M


She has quite the record. Reading this news item, I realized Miss Wilson cast shows I watched and followed closely. If Y&R is changing up, casting is not the issue. I like the actors, but not the writing.

Barbara from Atlanta
Barbara from Atlanta

While the woman clearly is experienced, look at the history of her employment.
She was only with Y&R starting in 2012 (roughly a year after Phelps came to the show) and previously worked on at least one soap where Phelps worked (Another World).

I’m wondering if Judy’s leaving is related to Phelps’ exit? The timing is interesting.

I know nothing about the guy replacing Phelps but, for once in the past 5-6 years, I’m not cringing about the choice. This guy is a “blank slate” for me. I’m interested in seeing what he’ll do. Phelps came to the show with a lot of “baggage” about how people viewed her, so did Charles Pratt, so did Jean Passante.

If nothing else, we see something new on the screen in the next few years. I hope the viewers and the network give this guy time to prove himself. In my opinion, there is a LOT of debris on this show that needs to be cleaned up and he won’t be able to do it over night.


Yeah if she is one of Jill’s friends then it’s best she’s gone too.



4 soaps are “ailing” debris for each show is suspect

I haven’t been excited, lately

it’s always a rough patch… going on

argh! I love DAYS… I want

bottom barrel I igive

I truly have to think… about each show… and think about coming up with good

and… it’s fruitless

I swear

I adore… this triangle of : GH Kiki/Dillan/Morgan

dang it!

Morgan will forever more… be the Corinthos TUNE IN

I’m telling you the honest truth… I never really thought about Dillan… until he started his job @Crimson

then he met Kiki… all hell break loose

this is steamy

add in Morgs… and he stud muffins

no two ways about it

so… you add… in Ava daughter / Ava son / and… A QuarterMAINe

you have magic stir in and whet

the Corinthos factor in with the best
Kiki… melts me
Dillan is quantifiable HIT

it takes my breath away… and that’s hitting it out of the park

Kristina Parker Aaron roll

i’m caught… Aaron is the best… swimming or shirtless … HOT

Lexie is ALIVE

you know… another huge trio…. Kristina / Parker / Aaron

I’m more caught with… the potential and huge cast… ( not the best.. DAYS gets that NOD )

it’s catch how GH does write… Franco and Liz

SOD issue is in it

Franco and Liz get HEAT


I love RH

Liz is my heart

this is something

I want this

I was watching Dante… w/ Lulu celebrating their “new” home

I realize I’ve seen Dante in a TUX… and his police garb

but…. he caught me… in that “suit” he’s danged handsome

he could go corporate… and tough it

for new role… Dantes worth it

argh ! I cant even go their… Sonny / Carly – Jason / Sam – Julian/Alexis

IT seems like Julian is written in to a corner… it wonders me… William DeVry has always worked

I liked one of my posts… when I posted…

“Monica and the audience” she – never – misses a beat

she’s timeless…. I don’t notice her work done

she’s beaconing for the rich past

my wish list… I like Sabrina… I truly do… do you look at her figure… shes amazing… gobsmacks me

she’s in love with Carlos and has Michael… that’s big

I love Jeffrey Vincent Parisse…

I want two or more hires

Jax on contract
Skye w/ lila Rae and Lorenzo
Carlos my man main man


to this day… I can’t get over the rape story… it catapulted DARKER than fathomed

I will not erase DAYS dvr

I dont’ have much to say… about DAYS cause i’d rather hide my disappointment

Y&R stinks just as well… I hate Victor… the show would catapult OTHER characters if he were gone.. it’d be easy to get in to everyone else… because they kowtow… to character Victor

WHATS THE POINT… blah blah blah… it’s a big piece of ruined pie

DAYS… dag! it captures my heart

I look at all that caught me up… I will not let DAYS go

Salemite be
Leslie Charleson… I thank you… I’d buy you cruises for life


I said… Ava son

triangle… Ava daughter / CARLY son / any quarterMAINe

MEANT Carly son


My main point was

Ryan Quan… who starts features and full time… on the REEL

before and after Olympic

it pains me… as posted… it’s been dire mode

I hang in


Please go to “DOOL” and help the teen scene.


No kidding!


Good first move. Her time at YR has mostly been lackluster and there have been some big duds. Mal Young needs to do more to right the ship!


I celebrate the departure of anyone brought on board by Jill Farren Phelps! Best of luck Judy.


I would love to read… who she all hired on AMC… 1995-2011.

always admit… AMC… was my first real soap


Weren’t those some pretty strong years with the discoveries of Josh Duhamel, Cameron Mathison, Rebecca Budig, Alicia Minshew, Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos & Eden Riegel? If she did the casting during that era, she had some real finds IMO.


This is not Amc this is bells soap


Read Patrick’s comment & the article. Ms. Wilson spent most of her career @ AMC from 1995-2011. She was only @ Y&R for 4 years.

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CBS was the first network to announce their plans for their extensive coverage, and according to the Washington Post all other networks have followed suit.  By this move by the networks it gives the hearing some extra weight and exposure to the American voters and viewing audience.

So far, leading network coverage for CBS will be reportedly anchored by Norah O’Donnell and for ABC George Stephanopoulos.

On Wednesday, the hearings begin at 10am EST, the second is scheduled for Friday beginning at 11am EST.

William Taylor, the U.S. diplomat in the Ukraine, is scheduled to testify Wednesday and on Friday Marie Yovanovitch, the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, is scheduled to testify.

The networks are expecting big numbers for covering the hearings, as they have in the past for impeachment proceedings and hearings.

No word yet how the soaps plan for you to see the episodes that don’t air at their regularly scheduled times, or if it shifts your soap viewing schedule by several days.

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