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Kassie DePaiva and Kristen Alderson Interview – One Life to Live Farewell

In their final video interview with On-Air On-Soaps as cast members of One Life to Live (taped at the series final press junket) an emotional Kassie DePaiva (Blair) & Kristen Alderson (Starr) discuss playing the popular on-screen mother/daughter duo in the dysfunctional Manning family. In addition, they share their thoughts on working with Trevor St. John (Todd/Victor Jr.), and what the amazing fans of OLTL have meant to them personally and professionally.

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I am going to miss this show especially Vick and Clint. I always come home to see my favorite show and which that one day i can be a guest. Love you all guys and sorry to see it end.

I cannot tell you how it saddens me to see my favorite soap go off the air.i have gotten to know and love the cast of oltl for over 20 years and have watch the show for over 30 years.the cast and crew of oltl have become a family to me especially since i was diagnoised with stomach cancer.i breaks my heart to see the show end.

they are playing some of the episodes on soapnet (until soapnet goes off the air, I have heard) early in the morning 2am cst if you would like to watch them and this week in texas it will be on tues wed thurs and fri-hope that helps. Also don’t forget about 4 of the actors going to General Hospital in February, john,star todd and blair, hopefully maybe more as it continues. and nora is going to be on bold and beautiful. maybe that will help you some, and I wish the very best for you with your diagnosis. Linda Parris Otey

I’m going to miss OLTL too. I love the Mannings, especially Todd and Blair. ABC, don’t you see what a huge error you’ve made?!?!

omg i was smiling just so happy to see them in the interview ,also with tears running down my face . today broke me to pieces. today i just started screaming out i hate you abc so much how could you do this to everyone.we love this show and amc .this is not fair .

Totally agree!

Oh, me too. ABC is making such a big mistake. Why can they not SEE THAT??

Because thet have a thick head… One thing failed with Prospect Park… They refuse to try again….. ABC won’t lift a finger to help OLTL!!! Tey will be SORRY!! The interview is sad to me because you will never see these people again!! I’m recording the last five episodes on dvd this week… Again ABC will be SORRY!!1 THE REVOLUTION will BOMB !!! I mean this statememt!!! Another show I will never watch!!!!!! Only reason I watched ABC all these years was because of ONE LIFE TO LIVE!! THAT’s the only reason.. Now I have no reason to watch ABC!!! YOU STINK ABC in a BIG WAY!!!! No wonder CBS is #1…


I am so sad to have to say goodbye to yet another one of my favorite shows. you were a huge part of my life for the past 40 some years. I’m 58 and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t watch One Life and All My Children. I actually mourned the loss and I’m sure I’m not alone. I wish the best to all the talented actors and especially to Kristin with her beautiful voice. Loved her song today of “One Life To Live”.

totally agree, I have watched OLTL from the first airing with Vicky, Meredith Larry Vince, Karen . It has been part of my life for 40 years, I am also 58 and I can’t remember a time when i didn’t watch OLTL and General Hospital. I started watching with my Grandma. The only show left to watch on ABC is GH.after that I will not watch ABC anymore, there is no reason, they have removed anything worth watching. Who needs more reality shows there is way too much information already. We are on information overload.
I have vcr and dvr the shows for years and watched at night when I came home from work.. I am so sad , the cast of OLTL has been an extended family and will be greatly missed. Thank you, cast of OLTL for your dedication to your fans and your great work.. you will all be greatly missed.

Agree, I am 51 & remember when OLTL first started. My mother watched & one day I got in trouble & put in the corner & remember sneaking down the hall & peeking into the living room when I heard OLTL coming on! I was 8 or 9. I too have gone to great lengths to keep up with all of my shows over the years. I’d be recording CBS on one VCR & ABC on another & trying to watch NBC live on a little black & white tv I had stuck under my desk at work! You said it-information overload is right & guess what? There is never any NEW information is there? Do I want to listen to an ob-gyn on January 16? What the hell is she gonna tell me that I need to hear?

That is exactly the way I feel.. Hasn’t all of this already been covered on OPRAH. DR OZ, Dr. Phil.. and all the other talk shows, enough talking……. been there done that..
Give us back our show.. OLTL..or bring it to primtime.
and get rid of some of the junk that is on.

It is so sad and depressing to see our favorite soaps to be going off the air, and being replaced with more talk shows and cooking , I watched these shows for over 40 years, its very sad , its like loosing my best friends, even though its just TV, it was my daily getaway to watch my favoite soaps…… I hope they have the show on the internet. or another channel,

OLTL’s cancellation is a major blunder by ABC. I must thank the cast and crew for one of the finest hours of entertainment in television. Kassie and Kristen are huge talents and I only hope they will find new ‘life’ on a TV or movie screen very soon!

Michael, I think it is FANTASTIC that like us OLTL fans, OLTL is your favorite soap as well. It’s comforting to know in OLTL’s final hours your grieving right along with us. Thank you so much for going out of your way, to cover OLTL with honor & praise the best way you knew how. Thank you! I enjoyed all your interviews especially your latest with Kristen & Kassie.
Long live the Manning’s!

I watched One Life to Live for years and can’t believe they canceled it.The cast will live on in my memory.There is some many ways they could have written it.I just hope they can get it on the internet with all the original casts that are currently with the show but I know better than to hold my breathe.I’d like to thank them for intertaining me all these years,it was a blast.Good Bye to all the cast and thank you for being so good at what you do.

Great Job…

To one of the genre MOST BEAUTIFUL women…been watching you since GH., breathtaking. Paying Homorage. Ok:

This is what WE as a soap community is doing about it. First of all (Lucille- see below on site) that is a valid point and GOOD suggestions you made about getting RID of comcast, to make sure you have NO DISNEY CHANNELS. YOU NEED TO COPY/PASTE THAT ALL OVER THIS SITE, and at (We really have to take a stand and live up to the CONVICTIONS of it.)
SECONDLY: JOIN US….. We are sending soap bars to ABC studio’s. PASS IT ONTO…this site and’s blog and post on Facebook, and ALL the other soap sites you know of. Send soap bars to abc studio’s in nyc so the new shows and abc willl be BOMBARDED with soap from peeps all acorss the united states. Do this: And PASS THIS ON
AND DON’T FORGET YOUR BRILLIANT IDEA to POST on sites too: Cancel Cable (that means Disney) and get a DISH instead. Brilliant!!!!!

In the past two year’s every show I love has gone. I watched ATWT’s and GL from the 50’s. I watched AMC and OLTL for all these year’s. Oprah, Desperate Housewive’s, Joy Behar, Regis, Larry King. I watched all these every time they were on. I practically dont even need a tv anymore. I will continue to watch GH but that will be the only show left on ABC worth tuning in to. I hope Cassie pop’s up on GH next. I wll really miss her. Roger too. Blair and Todd were by far my favorite’s on OLTL. Next Friday will be a very sad day for so many people ranging from us sitting home watching to the actor’s who will be out of work. HATE ABC

What we have to is:
We are sending soap bars to ABC studio’s, (JOIN US)PASS IT ONTO…this site and’s blog and post on Facebook, Send soap bars to abc studio’s in nyc so the new shows and abc willl be BOMBARDED with soap from peeps all acorss the united states.

What is a soap bar?

Thats funny ,I hope you are kidding and you know what a bar of soap is.It can come in liquid form to ,And I will say what 1loveabcsoaps ,go to the dollar store and you can get a few bars DIRT CHEEP.

A bar of soap

A (soap bar) is a bar of soap. I would get on you for that BUT since we are in this same quest together, and the stress of the matter, I’m going to show some love behind it. LOL
Get them at the dollar store if you dont have any extra’s in the house OR favorite brands of yours that you dont want to send off. That way (at the dollar store) you can send ANY OLD KIND- and send more than 1 since you can get up to 3 for dollar. I sent 6 bar’s. $2. Lol Let abc use them to CLEAN up the mess they have made with peoples jobs, and our hearts. : ( I bet abc. studio’s wont like a BIT being BOMBARDED with soap coming in across the United States anc Canada.

i am so sorry but i think they are so wrong for taking our shows from us this is all we have to watch i am a stay home mom and this was no where right to do this they need to put this show back on now what am i going to do with my day now nothing bc they took it

What we have to is:
We are sending soap bars to ABC studio’s, (JOIN US)PASS IT ONTO…this site and’s blog and post on Facebook, Send soap bars to abc studio’s in nyc so the new shows and abc willl be BOMBARDED with soap from peeps all acorss the united states. Do this: And PASS THIS ON

All I have to say is Thank You, Michael, Kassie and Kristen!

since the soaps will soon be gone,there will be no reason to watch abc or soapnet anymore.for christmas we have boycotted all disney products, since we have new baby now, thats quite of bit of money we spent elsewhere. and we are seriously thinking of getting rid of comcast. thats another 165 month,can get dish alot cheaper, we don’t need any disney channels now.

First of all Lucille, that is a valid point and GOOD suggestions you made about getting RID of comcast, to make sure you have NO DISNEY CHANNELS. YOU NEED TO COPY/PASTE THAT ALL OVER THIS SITE, and at (We really have to talk a stand and live up to the CONVICTIONS of it.)
SECONDLY: JOIN US….. We are sending soap bars to ABC studio’s. PASS IT ONTO…this site and’s blog and post on Facebook, and ALL the other soap sites you know of. Send soap bars to abc studio’s in nyc so the new shows and abc willl be BOMBARDED with soap from peeps all acorss the united states. Do this: And PASS THIS ON
AND DON’T FORGET YOUR BRILLIANT IDEA to POST on sites too: Cancel Cable (that means Disney) and get a DISH instead. Brilliant!!!!!

I’m a nurse and mother of two. I looked forward everyday to watching OLTL. I DVRd it and watched it every evening. This will be a big void. No more ABC for me

Julie, go above your comment (and the one above that one) in THIS reply and read what Lucille decided to do and what ” WE” as a soap community is doing about it……

Can anyone tell me how to get a copy of the song that Kristen sang today. I thought it was absolutely wonderful. I have tried looking on Amazon but have had no luck. I thought it was titled OLTL. Thank you to everyone for the 40 + years I will miss the show greatly.

I thought OLTL would be seen on the internet, where and when??? I do not want to miss a single episode!!!

Unfortunately, One Life To Live will not be continuing on the Internet. The company couldn’t raise enough money to do it.

It’s not happening anymore. That interview was probably made before Prospect Park scrapped the project in November.

I am soo sad. OLTL never got old. It was the high light of my day, every day. I’m in a wheelchair & at home all the time. I get very bored. Now I have nothing to look forward too. I have been watching OLTL for so many years. I remember when Vickie had a sister named Meredith. I think the show was in black & white! I hate reality shows. ABC sold out for the almighty $$. I thought Soaps would be around forever. I thought someday if I ended up in a nursing home at least I’d have my Soaps. I also watched AMC. I remember when Erica was a virgin!! So this is very upsetting for me. Goodbye my friends……

OLTL is the best soap out there. I do regurarly watch the other four soaps because I don’t want them to suffer the same fate as OLTL, but it’s just not the same as OLTL.

RIP OLTL (1968-2012)

I thought soaps would be around forever too. You are so right-about someday maybe being in a nursing home but at least having your soaps. That’s the thing about soaps, they are (were) constant, always there day in & day out-you could count on that. I don’t have a large family anymore. My older relatives have died & the younger ones are scattered around. I particularly enjoy the holiday episodes on all the shows, it give you the chance to experience family holidays that you might not have anymore! So upsetting for me too.

Thanks So Much, Kassie & Kristen!! 😀 😀

Wow Kassie I am sure gonna miss watchin you on the show.Who would have ever thought as you were in the high school play Passionella that you would end up on a soap opera.Congradulations on a great career and your fans in Union County Ky look forward to see where you go next! Best wishes.

I will miss Pne Life to Live !I am deeply saddling that the show is coming to an end and deeply disappointed that the channel that has carried the show for years is canceling the show .Will miss you all kassie

I’m still in disbelief that OLTL only has 5 more episodes. I am 51 and I’ve been watching since I was 17 yrs old. I used to tape it on VHS and now I DVR it everyday. Theses people are like my second family, how do you say goodbye to them? I am in mourning already. ABC made a huge, huge mistake! I give these crap replacement shows less than one to be cancelled. I vow NEVER to watch anything on ABC ever again, including primetime. Boy did they get this wrong thinking we don’t want entertainment. I am a college educated woman who works in the software industry, but ABC thinks only stay-at-home moms or seniors watch the soaps. WRONG!!!! Goodbye to Llanview and all the exceptional actors & actresses whom shall live in my heart forever.

Gosh Susan-agree with every word! I am 51 too & could have written your post. My sentiments exactly. I manage a law firm but also manage to keep up with my soaps. They keep me sane!

Go Gloria, you are a POWER woman!

Love our Daytime!

This is so sad,abc let alot of people down,Looks like you watched these soaps for as long as I have,tuning into the abc soaps have been a very big part of my life,every day 5 days a week,started watching with general hospital,from the beginning ,do you think we can sue abc for mental distress?because loosing one life to live will be the hardest to let go put alot of people out of work ,that means more families going without.Never would I believe that abc would screw the soap fans and all the people involved with the soaps over money with cheep programing ,crap tv that I wouldnt want to be caught watching,and never will be caught watching ,except for general hospital goodbye abc.

Mental distress is right. I have been just sick over this since Nov. 23 when the announcement came that the show was not going online. I have had trouble sleeping & just feel very angry at ABC & SO resentful of these awful replacement shows. I cannot stand to see the promos for them. On New Year’s Eve I was sitting there enjoying OLTL with tears in my eyes one minute, laughing out loud the next when suddenly in the corner of the screen it says “Coming January 16, The Revolution” I nearly died. Does ABC actually think that ANYONE who is watching & loving OLTL would effing look forward to January 16 & that crap? They just pile it on, insult to injury every day. ABC hates soaps & I hate them.

As someone stated aboves on this site, get rid of your cable (that takes care of paying for any Disney Channels stu), and get a Dish to get your channels., and send bar’s of soap tp the ABC studio’s in NYC, and let abc be BOMBARDED with soap coming in from all over across the U. S. They will surelly get the part. We are all doing it. Join us, and pass this along across any and all soap opera web sites, especially abc,com comment/blog area after the OLTL commentary. This had to be a JOINT effort.

I’m still in denial that OLTL is going off the air in one more week. I’ve watched all the ABC soaps off and on for about 40 years (since I was a little girl watching with my mom), and OLTL has always been my very favorite. I cannot believe that another station or cable network hasn’t snapped up OLTL and AMC. I’m still hoping and praying that one will come to its senses and that our beloved “friends” will come back to us… because that’s what the soap characters are to me… friends whose lives I’ve followed for most of my own.

Ditto, except I’ve never stopped watching OLTL. I gave up GH a long time ago (early 80’s) and AMC about 10 yrs ago but I’ve NEVER stopped watching OLTL. To me it has always been the best of the 3 and always the one thats been so under rated compared to the others. I am also holding onto a glimmer of hope that someone can save OLTL. I call it denial, because I have read the executive producer Frank Valentini has been asked to go to GH and he has already accepted that offer.

Kassie & Kristen, I will so miss you both. I wish you both all the best. i’m so sad OLTL is ending. I’ve been wathcing it for years.

What a beautiful interview! Michael, thank you for the interviews you’ve conducted with the fabulous actors from One Life To Live. Kassie and Kristen, I will be following your future endeavors as you are both brilliant! Bar none, OLTL has the most talented cast ever. ABC has lost many, many viewers as of Jan. 16, 2012, excepting General Hospital. What a huge mistake they made…thank you all for the years in Llanview…

This is truely killing me that the show is going off, I have watched oltl since day one.I have been to see them every year in florida for the soaps fest and now i feel like i am losing my family, they are not just characters to me they are friends and not to beable to tune in and see how their day is going is going to be very sad to me…. as for Abc i will never watch these new shows.. it’s not like we needed another reality show and the chew it wont last… shame shame on ABC they have ruined so many lives…………….r R I P One Life To Live

I also have been watching for 40 yrs. I am 53. i love cooking shows but will not watch the CHEW. At this time , when I watch my SOAPS, It is complete mind vacation from my day. I tune out everything else & this is MY time. I truly do not know what I am going to do. Thank you writers, producers & cast for giving my mind a vacation everyday for the last 40 yrs. I will miss you so…..

Great interview with Kassie & Kristen. They truly are like mother and daughter. I watched Starr grow up, and it is so nice that Kristen played the role from when she was 6 till the end. She is a talented actress and I wish her well, and will miss her as Starr. Kassie is amazing as Blair. She has chemistry with every actor she has worked with. When Roger came back as Todd, the chemistry was explosive. They were perfect together. I am looking forward to seeing Kassie at Loving Llanview on Jan. 21.

I just want to thank Kassie for all the entertainment she has provided for us for the last 19 years. Year after year she has delivered amazing performances…..that have largely gone unnoticed. I look forward to see what great things Kassie will be involved with next. Any project will be lucky to have her.


All I can say is Lawd Lawd.What is wrong with ABC.I will never understand how you can take away something good and replace it with slop.

Someone on here requested the where abouts of this song, just found it, posted below.

Paul S. Glass @oltlmusic 9h
· Close Open Details ONE LIFE song available via SoundCloud

Retweeted by Kristen Alderson

Wow I’m so shocked why is the show leaving I luv one life to live ,please don’t go if I wake up tomorrow will u still be here.

Michael, I loved the interview with Kristen and Cassie. They have represented a loving mother, daughter relationship so well on OLTL. And yes, Starr grew up fast because she had to. We all love Starr. And Kristen and Cassie are so talented . They should really put an act together They both are singers and could go on the road. The fans would go crazy for them. And they could play off each other and also make money at the same time. How about Vegas?..I say, go girls….

Saddest day approaching. Only soap fans can relate to the feelings of…what am I going to watch now? Why am I losing my friends? These brilliant people have had me on the edge of my seat every day for over 30 years. Change is good, but not this kind of change. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it! This show was not broken, the people behind the people are. They’ve made a huge mistake and they will be kicking themselves real soon. Hit me up on twitter @Robin625!

I am done with ABC

So very sad tonight about the lost of good-ol’ American entertainment; some of our SOAPS: Said goodbye to AMC, am in mourning for OLTL, stung by the end of SoapNet (come March), and hurt by the possibility of GH “going out of business” in the Fall . Today, I pledge my presidential vote to the candidate who brings back the Soap Opera to daytime TV, (particularly to ABC-Disney) !!! And I’m only halfway joking about that, Mr. Obama, etc. Maybe, Sir, Oprah could bring her forceful presence back to weekdays as Secretary Of Soaps, eh ?! AMEN.

Patty, loved………loved your comment. Very creative. Uh, “your presidential vote, Oprah’s forceful presense back to weekdays as Secretary Of Soaps”. Now that is creative, BUT makes ALOT of sense. Oprah NEEDS the viewership on her NETWORK, which maybe failiing BC people are TIRED OF REALITY TELEVISON. Patty Jean, STROLL down 4 places on this page, see Heather’s name AND my reply and JOIN our movement in fighting back. IMPORTANT.

GOOD IDEA, but she was already asked to take the soaps ,I think she should have taken the soaps and ran with them,would have improved her ratings,so im sorry, but if she wasnt bright enough to save the soaps the first time ,how can she become the secretary of soaps ?however Im sure there is someone out there,who we can trust and have obama appoint them as the top soap zar,Is that how zar is spelled?

OOPS its czar.

The soaps are a part of our tv history..Been watching since the 1950’s..Like saying good bye to an old friend..I wonder how long GH and The Bold and the Beautiful will last..I expect they all will be taken off eventually..

what?!! the saddest part of this interview is that kassie says blair is a “perennial loser at love”…. this SUCKS!!!!!!!!

I’m so upset ryt now I don’t want the show go off air, I have watching the show for 4 yrs now and it’s the best show on abc , I think days of our lives now that show is stupid but I know that comes on nbc I growed up with days of our lives bcuz my family liked it nd I did to at one point but it just don’t make since but I went on my own way and found my own show that I like and I reall y love the hot guy’s that are in one life to five rex, ford those are the two are mmmmm to me, and my son say’s mommy is one life to live is on he loves to to watch that show u are making a big mistkate I really falled in luv with this show, now what am I going to watch nothing is on like one life to live. I am crying bcuz I won’t see my cute men any more and jessica, starr, dani, blair, john,bo, nora, naty, ford, rex, gigi, james, nate, vicki, clint, todd if I left any one out srry I luv u all I hope u will neaver will the show I hate 2012 it’s not bringing me luck it’s bringging me back luck bcuz my show is going off the air . Like starr was singing u only have one life to live, please don’t let this one life to live go off air can u please think about it hard bcuz u already have a lot people don’t want the show go off the air thanks a lot Heather ps: I just had to say what’s on my mind u only have one life to live that’s true don’t mess this up for all the fans who watches the show and I’m one of them.

This is such a debacle that there are no words to express what abc has done. I am a faithful 41 year viewer and the void that I will feel come Jan 16 is overwhelmning. The first thing abc should have learned from this mess that the rating system needs a MAJOR overhaul. True not many people watch the show at 2:OO BUT they dvr it, record it, watch the many chances to catch that days episode on soapnet. There is hulu and This show has many many viewers that just were not counted. Frons is gone? Big deal, too little to late. I think that abc may continue to suffer the consequences of their actions. It would be great if they would clean the egg off their faces, admit they made a HUGE mistake and reverse the cancelation. But we all know that the almighty money machine that is know as Disney would never admit to anything, much less a mistake. I think it’s ironic that the name of the show to replce our beloved oltl is called the revolution. Because the fans will have their revolution when all those tv’s go off at that time and abc suffers an even greater finanical loss then they claimed producing these shows cost them.

Our show DESERVES more than only ONE Life To Live !!!

glad starr and blair and todd(rh) are going to gh!!! taping at the end of this month!!! yayyyyy!!!

another network needs to pick it up and slightly rename it :ONE MORE LIFE TO LIVE

Today is one of the worst days in television EVER and one of the worst days in my life !! I have been watching for 37 years… OLTL is and always will be my favorite show. I’m devestated, disgusted and sick at heart… even the news of the GH crossover is not enough to keep my heart from breaking today!

I miss OLTL so much they were like a family to me I will never watch the crap that ABC chose to put on.

I still miss OLTL and it has been a long time now but watching Star and Todd and John McBain on GH,, I keep thinking about the great story lines on OLTL and how great it was! Shame on ABC for cancelling and not listening to the viewers. We all tweeted, fb, emailed, called to ABC,, to no avail… Kassie! ( Blair) I am so sad and angry that you did not go to GH, I know you were excited about it! The first scene with Carly and you having a drink to the men.. omg, I thought what a great story line beginning either cat fights or bff! would have been great…Alot of fans let ABC CEO’s know exactly how they feel about the cancelation of OLTL and then Blair not going to GH!! Thank you and Star for a long journey that I loved everyday!! I use to tape the shows, then DVR came out,,I am in my 40’s and for years I would run home after work and watch OLTL,, and call my friends family,and co-workers we would talk on the phone for hours about OLTL and who did what,, and it was like family.. I wish you The Best and hope and pray that soon, some network will wake up and bring back OLTL.. I mean we have 1000 channels! If any network out there was smart they would bring back the soaps! we don’t even have soapnet anymore it is Disney jr!! There is an out pour for OLTL.. if a network wants to make some money!! I miss you and wish you well, and have not given up on seeing you Blair (Kassie) on GH!! what a story that would be.. better yet.. OLTL back with all the actors I loved for years!! God Bless!

General Hospital

(WATCH THE REPLAY) ‘A Tribute to Jackie Zeman’ Featuring General Hospital Co-Stars

Several of the late Jackie Zeman’s (Bobbie Spencer) former General Hospital co-stars gathered together last Thursday night, to honor the beloved actress during a special livestream event on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel.

Joining in remembrance of Zeman, who passed away in May following a short bout with cancer, were several of the loves of Bobbie’s life including: Rick Springfield (ex-Noah), Brad Maule (ex-Tony) and Sam Behrens (ex-Jake).  In addition, Kin Shriner (Scott), Jackie’s longtime GH co-star and dear friend participated, as well as Tamara Braun (ex-Carly, GH, now Ava Days) and Tristan Rogers (Scorpio).

Throughout the hour, love was sent Jackie’s way, not only from the stars, but the fans participating in the live chat.  Each actor recalled their first meeting with Jackie, and in Rick Springfield’s case, how it was Jackie who told then GH-EP Gloria Monty, that he was her pick to play Dr. Noah Drake.

Later, Brad Maule shared heart-tugging moments when working with Jackie and how he was pretty much in awe of her throughout their time together on the soap.  When the talk turned to the iconic B.J. heart transplant storyline, Brad says it’s still difficult for him to watch even to this day, because of how emotional it was.

Tamara Braun, who was the second actress to play Carly, Bobbie’s daughter,  revealed how she tried to, and did find peace in Jackie’s passing, as Kin Shriner gave us the back-story of his over 45-year friendship with Jackie, and Tristan revealed his special connection to her.

In case you missed it, you can catch the replay below.  Then let us know what you thought of our tribute to Jackie featuring some of her GH co-stars, who showed up to give us some insights on their time working with Jackie, and to be a part of our special remembrance.

Continue Reading

Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives’ Suzanne Rogers Talks 50 Years as Maggie: From Farm Girl, to Becoming a Horton, to Picking Up the Pieces After Victor’s Death

Days of our Lives enduring favorite, Suzanne Rogers (Maggie Simmons Horton Kiriakis), recently chatted on some of the high points and low points throughout her journey, as she looked back on 50 years on the long-running soap opera.

Rogers was interviewed by Michael Fairman on You Tube’s Michael Fairman Channel during a virtual discussion, which covered a lot of ground including: her debut as a young farm girl who couldn’t walk and on crutches, to becoming a Horton, to more recently, losing her beloved husband, Victor Kiriakis (the late John Aniston), and everything in between.

Suzanne first aired on Days of our Lives back on August 20th, 1973. Throughout her time, she has been “killed-off” the show, only to ultimately return nine months later, after it was revealed her on-screen ‘death’ was part of an overall PR stunt and story arc.

Photo: JPI

Rogers has also had her real-life chronic autoimmune neuromuscular condition, myasthenia gravis, written it to the show, even though she was originally against it.  She has been married on-screen to two of the more complex men in the history of the show, John Clarke (ex-Mickey) and John Aniston (ex-Victor). As well, through the years, Maggie learned that she had more children that she thought! In addition, Maggie is an alcoholic, who has been known to have her battles with the bottle throughout the years.  It was her performance in Maggie’s original bout with alcoholism that won her the very first Daytime Emmy in the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series category back in 1979.

Here are just a few of Suzanne’s comments on some key subjects throughout her five decades on DAYS.

Photo: JPI


On filming the recently aired scenes, where Maggie learns Victor has perished in a plane crash, and how it brought back emotions of John Aniston’s passing: “It was hard. I think right back to the memorial service (for John Aniston). That was a hard day. All I kept thinking in my mind is he’s not in any pain anymore. I kept saying that. So, I had to play the scenes. It was all surreal. It really was surreal. The fact that he was no longer gonna be there. There’s a tribute to him on the set. I just look at that all the time and I’m right there with him.”

When addressing her fears and concerns about being seen with myasthenia gravis, and being asked to come back to the show: “The producers, Al Rabin and Wes Kenny, said, ‘We would like for you to come back to the show.’ I said, ‘I think you ought to see me first.’ I just didn’t want to shock anybody. We met at Du Pars (coffee shop). It didn’t register on their face that I looked any different, but I did. I really did. They said, ‘We’ll work around you, whatever you need. If you need to come in at noon, that’s fine. We’ll put a sofa in your dressing room so you can lie down.’ (Fast-forward) Then, the audience started seeing me on camera.  The first day I saw myself on camera, I turned off the TV, and I started crying. I thought, ‘Well, I guess God wants to see me, see myself like this. So, I put it back on and I forced myself to watch … and it didn’t look like me, to me. Then the audience, of course, got a hold of it, and they said, ‘What’s the matter with her? Is she drinking? What is wrong?’ So, they figured they had to write it (myasthenia gravis) into the show. I said, “Only if it has a happy ending, because I plan on beating this. That was the criteria that we went with – that they would write it in the show, but they had to have a happy ending.”

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When recalling being killed-off the show in 2003, after Marlena clubbed Maggie over the head with a whiskey bottle, only for Suzanne to return to the show months later: “I thought I was gone and then to see yourself 10 feet tall. I mean, it was at least 7 feet tall that (movie) screen. It was more than I could handle. I really thought that was the end. I thought, ‘Well, this is a big sendoff.’  Marlena hit her with a bottle and smashed her in. I thought, ‘Oh, my goodness gracious’. It wasn’t a pretty scene.  And no, I didn’t know (I was coming back). I had brought my mother out here, and I had added on to my house, and I thought, ‘I’m going to lose this house.’ It wasn’t a joke, you know?  But then, we were all brought back on April the first. Hello!”

On the audience reaction to Maggie becoming an alcoholic: “Well, I think the first time, I knew the audience right off the bat, hated it. They didn’t like the Maggie character getting soiled in any way. But it led to the Emmy!”

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On her working relationship with John Clarke (ex-Mickey): “Susan Flannery (ex-Laura) told me the very first day that I was on the show, ‘He’s (John) got to fall in love with you, or he can’t work with you.’ I said, ‘Oh, my.’  So, I remembered that in my mind. So, when we were off-stage, he would say, ‘Let’s go out to dinner.’  I said, ‘no’, because I knew Patty, his wife, and all of his kids. I just don’t mix business with pleasure. You just don’t.  That’s just not a good thing. I thought, ‘Let’s just keep the two separate, and that’s what I tried to do.”‘

Make sure to check out watch our full conversation with Suzanne below.

Now let us know, what has been your favorite storyline of Maggie’s through the years? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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General Hospital

Kin Shriner and Marcus Coloma Chat On General Hospital Departures, John Stamos, Avery Pohl & New Season of ‘2D’s’

Two former stars of General Hospital, Kin Shriner (ex-Scott) and Marcus Coloma (ex-Nikolas) opened up about their exits from the ABC daytime drama series, their focus on the second season of their comedy series, the ‘2Ds‘, and more on their recent livestream conversation with Michael Fairman on his You Tube Channel.

The first season of ‘2D’s’ was posted to Coloma’s Instagram account, and it featured many of his former GH co-stars including: Finola Hughes, Jon Lindstrom, Carolyn Hennesy and other former GH cast members, Michelle Stafford, Billy Warlock with his wife, Julie Pinson (ex-Port Charles, ATWT and Days) and more.

During the livestream conversation, Coloma, who has Avery Pohl (Esme, GH) guest-starring in episode one of season two of the comedy series, opened up about his diciest plot point to portray while GH, that of Nikolas hooking up with Esme.

Marcus expressed: “That was a very interesting time, because I love working with Avery. She’s just a great actress and super professional. She’s also just a really fun person to hang out with.  And so, sleeping with Esme was very stressful, because for so long I set up this strong relationship with my son (Spencer), and this popped in (the storyline) that, ‘you were going to sleep with Esme’.  It would really stress me out to be honest with you, because I would try to play as real as I possibly could and I would try to justify it on how I would get to that place. On top of that, in real life, I’m 44 and Avery is 21. I’m like, “God, I am going to make out with this kid.” I was stressed about it. At the same time, I really enjoy working with her.”


The actor, who was finished at GH after his three-year contract as the dark prince of the Cassadine clan, shared his thoughts on his exit after several months away from the soap opera.  Coloma said, “It really turned into that thing where you go on a date and fall in love with a girl . By the end of the three years, you fall in love with your castmates, you fall in love with the character. You fall in love with a lot of things about it, the fans.  And, I was surprising very sad, when I found out that it was going to end.  I wasn’t sad like, ‘I think we should make this thing work’.  I agree, I don’t think this should continue, but I was really sad about it. Now, I’m very happy because in this silly show the  I have found my happy place.”

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Kin Shriner, who for six decades had played Scott Baldwin on GH, a few months back shared he was not coming back to the soap anytime soon.  However, as we have seen before, Scott has resurfaced.  Shriner weighed-in: “I don’t know what to tell you about that, and I am going to turn back up like a bad penny, and hopefully it’s going to be fun. My focus went from him over to this guy in the black trench coat and I’m having fun. So, I haven’t really thought about Scotty Baldwin … he’s in the closet right now.”

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In the season one finale of the 2D’s comedy series, Shriner’s long-time budding, John Stamos (ex-Blackie, GH) made a cameo capping off the story.  Just how did Kin get John to participate? Kin gave the back-story: “I kind of pitched it to him a couple of different ways and getting John to commit to anything is tough, but I think in the end, he probably looked at a couple of episodes (before agreeing).  Stamos has been so busy with his book that I could only get him on this way (with iPhone video), but I think he is going to be willing to let me come to his house and shoot live. So we are looking forward to that and maybe he will be in the finale of season two!”

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John and Kin first met when John started on GH in 1982. Kin recalls, “I took John under my wing when he was merely an 18-year-old kid that showed up eager and I taught him the ropes. He was from Orange County and he was raw, but he was tremendous at comedy. He was funny.  We kind of just had fun, and then we moved to New York and hung out, and then his career took off with Jack Klugman and then Full House. John had innate comedy timing, which Marcus has, and either they have it, or they don’t.”

This weekend starting on August 19th, Marcus and Kin are hosting several fan opportunities in the SoCal area.  Check out ticket info here.

In case you missed it, watch our full chat with Kin and Marcus below.

Now let us know, what did you think about the departures of Scott and Marcus from GH? Are you enjoying the 2D’s comedy series and all of the soap opera guest stars within it? Let us know in the comment section.

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Video Du Jour

Peter Reckell returns for a second visit with Michael Fairman following the wrap-up of his recent run as Bo Brady on Days of our Lives.Leave A Comment

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