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Kelly Thiebaud Goes To Recurring Status At General Hospital For Now!

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Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Kelly Thiebaud (Britt), although unconfirmed from an ABC rep is now officially off-contract with General Hospital.  Instead, Kelly is now on recurring status for now, since she opted not to renew her deal with the soap opera.

Daytime Confidential also mentioned that Kelly was on her way out over the weekend when contract negotiations broke down between the actress and GH.

Thiebaud will remain with GH as of now, but has reportedly made it clear that she would like to pursue other primetime and motion picture role opportunities in the very near future!

Kelly joined the soap as troublemaker Britt Westbourne back in 2012 and was thrust into Patrick Drake’s orbit (Jason Thompson).

So will you miss “The Britch” when Kelly eventually leaves the canvas? Comment below!

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I will ABSOLUTELY miss her! She went from such a biatch…to a likable, relatable, albeit…devious…
troublemaker! I love her with Nicolas…I would have liked to see the brother/sister relationship between Brit and Nathan (they resemble each other so perfectly!)…I like her friendship with Brad…and of course love the love/hate relationship she has with her mom. I really like this actress!!! Very disappointed.

I agree….love her character. Great chemistry with Nick. I hope TPTB will get her back on contract

On this issue we can definitely agree, rebecca1!!! I have enjoyed Britt from her earliest days in Port Charles, and my admiration only grew when her true parentage was revealed. KT was the perfect physical amalgam of Dr. O. and Faison…totally believable, and her relationship with KG’s Obrecht was utterly priceless. Their mother-daughter dynamic always left me wanting more, and the thought of them being separated makes me very sad indeed! Ditto for her bourgeoning relationship with her newly-discovered sibling. As with our beloved AJ, I feel that the possibilities for this character were completely squandered, since Thiebaud had the perfect physical presence and delicious deviousness to portray the quintessential soap minx….instead, the showrunners were too obsessed with pushing the pitiful Disney princess on the audience. Hence, Dr. Westbourne was left to languish once her baby-making scheme was unveiled, when there were so many facets left to explore for this intriguing character. “Britch,” we hardly knew ye!!!!

We disagree though on another thing, Shay. Sent you two messages now regarding cat thing you mentioned. Noticed you applauded one’s significant other’s infantile humor regarding said cat thing..Surprised you found his comment “witty.” Kinda hard to reconcile that with your appreciation of Maggie Smith’s wit on Downton. Ah, subjectivity…

@rebecca1….I am mystified. This is the first reply I actually have received from you in my inbox in some time. I also looked all over the GH threads to see what you wrote….I cannot find it. If you were insulted by my honestly sincere compliment, then I do apologize. Quite frankly, it pained me to see two of my most favorite posters going at it so vociferously, but at the same time, I truly was fascinated and impressed because both of you gave as good as you got….it really was epic! (Not to mention, well-written!) I was not being flip….and I also purposely did not take sides. It was only because of your own begrudgingly humorous reaction to initially misunderstanding the meaning of CeeCee’s husband’s quip that I found some comic relief in breaking the tension of the situation. Hence, I did find that to be amusing….sorry….it wasn’t because it was directed at you, per se, just the circumstances. Lastly, as male wit often tends to be a bit more direct…and sometimes rather brutal, I obviously would not be comparing that particular slam to the delightful digs deployed by the delicious Dame Maggie. That doesn’t mean that one cannot occasionally laugh at different kinds of funny. Once again, I certainly did not mean to offend….you should know that I hold both you and your opinions in high regard…even if, perhaps especially when, we are not on the same page. Hope I have cleared up any misconceptions I may have presented….but I will say it again, I enjoy and admire the contributions that you (and CeeCee, too!) provide to this website, and I intend to continue that pleasurable habit. Have a good weekend….

Shay…sorry you spent time looking…they didn’t seem to “make the cut.” I had no problem with your initial reaction when you told me you found the catfight entertaining…I actually thought your reaction was humorous and in as much as said so. However, I subsequently went on to read your book, I mean comment to my “opponent”…and when you think that a comment that was directed at me from him was witty…well, that’s a slam to me. I don’t know why you can’t see that. Imagine you were in an argument with someone…and then I wrote to that someone and said…”by the way, that comment you made to Shay was so funny!” (now, if it were a good-natured comment that was funny that’d be fine. it wasn’t.) In all honesty? Aside from the fact that I thought it was very…uggg…I feel constrained because how I express myself here is quite different than if this were directly to your email or in person…but let’s just say I thought it insulting…as well as the fact that…and now I’ll “LOL” I fail to see how a juvenile comment like “if you need a so and so ask her” is funny. It’s beyond immature and silly. Not witty. Obnoxious. Yep. That’s what it was.

And one more and final thought on this. As I said I can see how it was entertaining. I would have thought the same thing had I been reading it involving someone else. But objectively? It wasn’t each side “giving as good as she got.” It was an initial comment that was rude and aggressive, out of line, and completely out of the blue. Did you not read the tone and the questions she directed at me in the comment that started it all? And then to say (again, hate to express this here…) to insinuate that I went to another soap post so I could comment on her comments? I mean, please…how ludicrous was that? From there the other “cat” LOL..spiraled into one absurd accusation after another and then got indignant. At some point I stopped hearing “ma’am and heard “madame” and at THAT point felt like I was tossed into a “Forever” episode and was back in the Victorian era! Hahahhah…ahem. My point is I was attacked madame…I mean, Shay…and yes while I understand it’s difficult to criticize a member of one’s fan club…objectivity would be the wiser, less offensive, choice.

Okay, rebecca1, you have said your piece and now I will say mine. I can understand your point of view as you have explained it, however, that does not mean that I necessarily concur with you. I cannot speak to the perceived grievances aired between you and the other party in question….I have no idea as to their supposed merits because I have not followed either of you on many threads other than those specifically dedicated to GH and I probably missed quite a few of those due to being quite busy over the past month or so….this entire episode seemed to come out of the blue for me, so maybe that is why I initially thought it riveting, albeit actually most unfortunate. Having said that, keep in mind that whatever beef you two do have with each other does not pertain to me, hence, I consider neither of you to be my “opponent.” Moreover, anytime anyone tosses out the “crazy card” and suggests that another individual possibly requires psychiatric attention, it is an irresistible invitation to respond in kind….a self-defeating trap that will most certainly come back to bite you. (Definitely not recommended as an effective debating tool….) Also, I re-read the message with the comment you found objectionable, and it was merely stated as an observation….it was NOT a high-five, LOL or tacit agreement on said retort….I was simply noting that the guy had a well-developed sense of humor, whether it was a variety of your liking or not. That you found that notion insulting was certainly not my intention, although I said it before and will say it again, yes, I thought it was funny. The remark was strongly reminiscent of those of a long-time acquaintance’s hubby who also possess a sharp, sarcastic wit….he is another who can come up with a quick quip and occasionally, said friend is none too pleased when she finds herself on the receiving end of his zingers. And I have honestly told her the same thing I am telling you….he got you good….you may not have appreciated it, but it was amusing. So there…I am being consistent…same rule for you and someone I have known for 20+years!!!! (End of story…I’m done with this subject……) Lastly, and perhaps most importantly for me, I don’t regard any person on this website as my “fan.” There’s an egocentric connotation to that label of which I do not adhere or approve…..I much prefer the term “friend,” or even “mutual admirer” or “kindred spirit,” should the shoe fit. Therefore, as our favorite dame, the aforementioned Maggie would say, “Put that in your pipe and smoke it!” (And THAT was meant as a joke….seemed apropos since you previously mentioned the great lady and her biting bon mots…and oh, by the way, on tonight’s “Masterpiece Theater” it was announced that throughout December, Season 4 of “Downton Abbey” will be rerun in anticipation of the new episodes that begin in early January.)

Shay…I’ll make this short. While humor is subjective…his comment was so juvenile…regardless of who it was aimed at…that I truly am surprised you found it so clever and witty. Perhaps where you reside those comments are rare? Where I reside, growing up many “quips” by school age children did the “nananana thing. “Oh, you think I need one? Who do you go to? That sort of thing. Just silly, immature stuff.

You say this didn’t involve you. That’s correct. And when you told me you found it entertaining…I understood and was amused that you said that. However, when you tell the other person who insulted me that you found that comment witty…that’s where it got personal.

I don’t go to other soap posts other than GH. It’s the only one I watch. I’ve gone less than maybe a handful of times to one of the other two that has SK and/or Kassie DePaiva…and have made short observations about who looks like who or some or to add a comment about the Michael Muhney (don’t even know how to spell his name) controversy because it involved allegations of harassment. So, if you think the argument came out of the blue…so did I! And if you don’t think the initial comment made to me started it all…then I wonder about your powers of observation.

Finally…I didn’t mean your opponent. Playing on the catfight theme…I meant mine. As for the fan comment…tried to delete it. Twas too late.

By the way, thanks for the Downton info. I still need to catch up and have been trying to find the past season. Haven’t seen you on the Revenge posts…still watching? Poor Nolan…

@ Shay &Rebecca be kind rewind! I am thrilled for the actress KT she is young enough to go on to big things I think she may have the look and the ability to make it. My take on GH is simple I quit watching it because it was insulting my intelligence you see I have been watching soaps on and off for a while and RC has pushed the envelope too far for me after saying that I think he may be targeting a different audience and that is his choice. What he is doing over there is similar to James Reilly’s writing on Days I left that soap and never came back but it survived without me just as I am sure GH will.

@rebecca1….You are most welcome for the Downton update….as soon as I heard the news I made a beeline to share it with you. I hope your local PBS station participates in the repeats. I have two in my broadcast sphere that will be doing so, so December will be wall-to-wall Abbey for me….kind of a nice break from all the Christmas stuff, and the show’s 4th season was pretty pivotal for a number of reasons, so it’s definitely don’t miss. As for my much-adored metro-fashionable man Nolan, oh yes….I’m still watching “Revenge,” and will as long as he is lurking in Southampton! I have found this season a bit slow…I miss Conrad and am not thrilled with some of the other changes, but the program remains on my viewing list. Was extremely disappointed that the vexing Mar-gauxaway wasn’t steamed into non-existence a few weeks back, but hey, there’s always hope that new nutcase will think of another way to annihilate her! Lastly, I have loved Carolyn Hennessey’s cameos as the southern belle mother from h#!!! That woman can do no wrong! Speaking of primetime, did you read that “The Mentalist” has been cancelled after its abbreviated run this winter? I rather expected it….the delayed timeslot it suffered these past few years just killed it. Also noticed that your “Witches of East End” was put on the chopping block. Hey, as long as “Forever” holds on, I’ll be content!!!!!

Shay…nice strategic avoidance! long as you “heard” me..I applaud the move. You and I are now back. LOL…

Believe it or not, though I love Simon Baker as you know, and I’m a fan of The Mentalist, I lost track of that show over a year ago. Don’t know how/why/when and, truth be told, I thought it had been canceled last season!!! Now there’s ANOTHER one I have to catch up to!!!

Yes, Carolyn Hennessey! i didn’t know beforehand she’d be on. If it was managed here I must have missed it. I was so pleasantly surprised! She’s too much, LOL…cracks me up with that zing/bite she has no matter what she plays. (She was quite funny on Cougar Town and I know she was on True Blood which is also on my one day catch up on list.)

Nolan looks exceptionally cute this season on Revenge. My heart broke for him this past Sunday. He’s so loyal and sincere…interesting move to buy the spa.

Sigh…yes…my newly discovered and loved Witches has been burned at the stake. There’s a fan petition to renew…I’m hoping Lifetime reconsiders or someone else picks it up.

As for Forever…let’s see how long Forever is…

Peace piping out…

No. I won’t.

I agree, take Nathan with you!

Timmm. No. That’s just wrong… C’mon. Nathan??? Cute, sweet, gallant, earnest drop-dead gorgeous Nathan??? I have honestly never seen a more expressive face. I think he’d be convincing as a silent movie actor. (no wisecracks about his acting, please! LOL). His delivery of lines has improved exponentially, but his eyes…his mouth…say it all.

Yes. She is important to the canvas being Obrec daughter and Nathans sister. What a bad move GH. If she leaves they should recast. What’s Sarah Brown doing?

Sarah Brown, seriously? I love the actress, but hate when they have her on GH as anyone other than Carly because all they do is make her Carly 2.0 and, this would be Carly 3.0.

As much as I was excited when she came back to GH as Claudia Zacchara, it became quickly clear to be careful what I wished for because it was just Carly with brown hair that time.

With black hair actually abs I would take Sarah Brown as anything on GH again. ♡

Not me. Sarah Brown was horrible as Claudia. I think her light has burned out and she cannot replicate her earlier self playing Carly.
No recast–this actress is terrific and perfectly adorable. I have no idea why they are not using her more when we have to endure the insufferable Kiki, Nina and Rosalie.

I agree with Harry…where they really need to cut is Nina & her psycho Momma, Kiki and Rosalie…they all need to go. Big mistake casting Nina & Kiki they both make me want to fast forward right through them and believe me I do. Any scene they are in goes whizzing by.

I would just as soon see Kathleen Gatti follow Kelly into that recurring world myself. It is just too insulting that she remains Chief of Staff of GH.

It’s not GH’s fault for KT going on recurring status. That’s what happens when the actor does not want to renew their contract w/GH. It’s similar to what happened with the guy who played Spinelli. When actors want to be open for other jobs in primetime or movies, “recurring” is the only option available.

They can recast the role of Britt, if Kelly decides to leave General Hospital. If Kelly leaves, I will miss her. She is a wonderful actress and very talented lady.

No, she can go!! Her character did not do anything for me so won’t miss her at all bye!!

I really like Kelly an her portrayal of Britt, especially since Patrick is out of her life. I hope she sticks around on recurring status. She has great friend & family connections. GH needs more doctors less mobsters!

She is totally capable of doing bigger roles. I get it!

Nope! I hope she has much success off the show. Not a Britt fan at all. Good luck Kelly!

I am happy for Kelly…. She is so talented & deserves a better storyline.

Honestly, I don’t care about Britt. In fact, I would prefer she exit the canvas as soon as her story wraps up. I’ve never liked the character and I never got invested in the Nik/Britt pairing. Her constant lying and manipulations are getting old.

Next, can we please get rid of Sabrina? Sabrina Castillo is a fine actress but ever since she’s come back, I’ve really hated her character. She has no story and needs to pay for her crime, just like Britt does.

They dump her, and keep MS no thanks..Really a shame they didn’t seem to know what to do with brit.Sorry to see you go.

Kelly is not gone, not yet..
Kelly is now on recurring status ..
One never knows, recurring might be good for her needs..

You are seriously comparing Kelly to Michelle Stafford?

I like her. There are so many others that need to go, not Britt. She was one of the few newbies I liked.

Will I miss her? No, she was cast into a dead-end character with a minor role from the start. I’m sure they’ll write in her day of reckoning with Nicholas regarding her and Spencer teaming up to get her and daddy back together. Would be interesting to see Nicholas vie for Elizabeth’s affection now that Jason is moving in with her to recover.

I will miss Britt. She is such a great pretty character and she’s not annoying like Elizabeth. If anyone should leave it should be slutty Elizabeth.

For many actors, the soaps are a doorway to bigger roles..
They enter with hopes of going into the big-time..

I am glad she is taking the opportunity to fly and experience other media opportunities before she gets too old..

she is still with GH, I’m sure they will work around her exploring new dreams..

i love the actress and character, if she’s choosing to leave then i wish her the best, some people leave and come back nothing wrong with that, as long as they don’t kill the character off, which in her case i don’t see why they would try too. I do have a question for you Mr.Michael Fairman or anyone who has an answer, i must be the only person who reads the credits for the cast that comes on friday. am i the only one whose noticed 3 weeks in a row now that john york is not listed in the credits? his name would appear right after Anthony Geary name and before Maurice Benard, and now his name is not shown at all, so is he off contract?

Hi Aria…

I read that John York was put on recurring too…as well as “Felix.”

Yes and if you are recurring you dont get your name on the credits.

I did not see this coming

this will leave gaping whole that I was waiting for, storyline

1. her romance with Nicholas…. was strong, believable and was a couple to root for
2. her relationship with Dr. O., I wanted to see some tender moments with mother/daughter, exploring their open heart rendering truths that evolve…
3. her newfound relationship with Aunt Madeline, and cousin, NINA… this was top draw… for two cousins… (certainly not Olivia and Connie) but, two actresses that reel familial ties in so many direction
4. watching Britta and Brad at work…. nefarious deeds and BFF was cute and natural

accepting and heralding NEWBIES, doesn’t come along all that much… of the 4 serial… GH and DAYS have been fortunate

I honestly, thought, Kelly Thiebaud and Bryan Craig… would ride their newfound success on GH and parlay a longer career…

good for her for going for it

while we’re at it… may as well play the recast card… Elizabeth Hendrickson…

Britta was going places…. this leaves a wonderful character in limbo… along with plenty of the canvas…

her part : the actor and character made GH that much easier to feature

she really is a missing piece of the puzzle

look at how much Britta also forwarded characters like: Liz… their cat fights were leaning toward showcase

look at how much more amiable it is to go with Dr. Patrick Drake… even Sabrina… Felix !

she didn’t command… and that’s because of character driven story… but.. she related on so many levels with darned near the whole cast

I agree, Patrick. I think the problem with GH is that in an effort to boost ratings and create a superstore soap…they brought on a lot of characters that many of us got invested in…and then they can’t afford to keep them all. What’s the point of getting attached to or involved in a character or a storyline. It’s the same way with the vets…the brought back Felicia, Mac, Lucy, Scottie…and they’re rarely involved in a major story and get very little screen time. So we need to adjust to the new soap age…live in the moment…cause those we know and love can leave on a dime’s notice..or turn of the page…

@rebecca1….I’d trade Felicia, Mac, Lucy, Scotty AND Bobbie, in order to keep Britt. That girl definitely should have been a permanent major player in Port Charles. With the exception of Dr. O.—followed by brother Nathan to form another GH core family—I consider no other newbies in the past few years to have possessed the promising potential to become a longtime favorite…certainly not Sappy, Felix, Carlos, Jordan, Grossalie, or Phyllina!!!! (Of course, the gorgeous Donna Mills has been riveting as Liesel’s glam sis, but as much as I am loving her performance and the posh polish she brings to the canvas, it is tempered by her vile storyline based upon the unbelievable notion that she spawned that insufferable demon seed of a daughter.)

Kelly T is one of the few soap actresses who could make it big in TV or film. Not saying she is any “better” than the rest she just has that primetime “look” and quality that is pretty obvious. She’d fit right in on a procedural crime show or medical drama or something like that and would make bigger bucks.

The character works in recurring anyway – heck Dr.O is recurring and we certainly see a lot of her so flexibility is a good thing. When and if she lands another gig, it will be a good opportunity to either have her go out with a bang and create story or find a hot new talent to fill the role. Either way, this regime seems to have a knack for taking challenges like these and turning them into opportunities. Case in point: the Prospect Park fiasco led to almost everything that we’re seeing play out so marvelously oover the last couple stellar weeks. (Ava, Franco, Nina, Silas, Morgan, Madeline, etc.).

No I won’t miss Britt/KT. GH needs or get rid of pretty much every character RC created. Not one of them have done a damn thing to improve GH. I wish TPTB would get rid of RC next.

I never much liked her character until now. I do like her & Nathan together as bro & sis & her friendship w/Brad & Spencer.

If they do recast in the future, I think Bree Williamson (Jessica, OLTL) who is NOW brunette & close in looks & age, would be a good choice. The gal that played Steffy on B&B looks similar too, but both of these actresses had bigger roles elsewhere & may not even want to work in daytime anymore. I just noticed that they looked like KT.

My favorite “new” character on GH in years. I’d terribly miss her if she left the show. If the actress leaves, a re-cast is a must—so many ties to other great characters on the show—Dr. O, Nicholas, Spencer, Nathan, Elizabeth, etc.

re-cast is a must

“Elizabeth Hendrickson”

No, she must be Robin!

This character has come a long way. A year ago I was hoping they would kill Britt off. Since, they have let us know what made her such a Britch and made me want for her happy ending. I will miss her

I luved the ”Brittch” ,, she was awesome, she had fire..
as for Britt, ehhh, not so much rather dull ..

every time a strong character as the ”Brittch” turn meek and mild they lose their zing, and if ya ain’t got the zing ya ain’t got nothing thing… ..

I wish Kelly Theibaud the best of luck. If true, I am glad that she is recurring as Britt.

Weak story. Id like the character recast.

I like Britt. I hope GH can work something out with her.

I liked the relationship she had with Spencer. She was good for the show but she wants to spread her wings. I hope they find someone new for Nicholas that is a bit like Britt where she comes to town and is a little off center, maybe has an agenda with Nick’s family?

I have to say I am not surprised BECAUSE remember that Nikolas is taking a 6 month Leave…. her role is pivotal to his character as well.

I love GH but one of the things I MOST dislike is that they are never upfront with us about the actors and their contracts. One example is that genie Francis was BACK so they said, but then all of a sudden out of the blue she is GONE…. now she is hardly even brought up!

Kelly has brought dimension to this once evil woman, so hopefully TPTB recognize we like BRITCH! 🙂

Did not know that about Nikolas. Is the actor doing something else fr 6 months?

There was an article saying her is going to be off the canvas for about 6 months…he mentioned traveling with his family but I also read that they are now expecting another child, so not sure how that plays out…

I don’t remember where I read that but it was about a month or so back….

I do like Britch and Nik… I just cannot stand Elizabeth…

Elite, glad you mentioned Genie Francis. Last we heard, Laura was going to Europe for a checkup, which should have been a very short trip. As far as I can tell, Laura has not been even mentioned since then. This is not the first time that GH has mistreated Genie. And she was similarly mistreated by former GH producer JFP at Y&R. Don’t these producers understand that the fans like Genie and want to see her onscreen?!?!?!

I wouldn’t jump to conclusions about any “mistreatment” of Genie Francis. I’ve read that she wanted a short-term contract & had prior commitments that would take over once that contract was up. When renewal time came, Genie opted to not resign. So, the writers had to send Laura out in a way that would leave her open to return. If it had to be that way, I’m glad Laura’s final scene was with Luke.

The character of Laura just does not fit with RC’s story telling and I can’t see Genie appearing now and then like Lucy Bobbie etc. The Luke & Laura days are behind us and I do not think GF holds any ill will towards them she came on for the 50th because she loves the show my understanding it was never intended long term. And when TG decides to retire and they wanted her for his exit story she would do it.

KansasGuest and k/kay: I appreciate your insights on the Genie Francis matter. Let me further explain what I mean by “mistreatment”:

Many years ago, Genie wanted the same type of deal that was given to Tony Geary that he maintains to this day (prominent storyline followed by regular months of hiatus).—and forget about equal pay! They wouldn’t give her the same deal (aka “treatment”). Further, later on, when Genie had been off the show for years, she reached out and expressed an interest in returning, but the producer, Jill Farren Phelps, stated that there wasn’t room on the canvas for Genie.

I have so much respect for former Y&R producer, Maria Arena Bell, because she created a role on Y&R specifically for Genie, and all went well until JFP took the reins of the show and quickly sent Genie packing.

Kelly would be very much missed!! Come on GH sign her!!

I’ll miss her on the show , she’s extremely beautiful and a very good actress. I wish she would reconsider signing her contract.

This news does stink! Kelly Thiebaud was an awesome addition to the cast. It’s also been confirmed that John J. York (Mac) and Marc Samuel (Felix) were let go from their contracts, and placed on recurring status, too. While I am disappointed with Thiebaud’s downgrade, I do understand if GH is trying to negotiate a lower pay salary, and the downgrade of York and Samuel. There are just too many contract players on that show. With such a bloated cast, there needs to be some sort of give-and-take strategy.

I didn’t know that about Felix but it doesn’t surprise me. Felix doesn’t fit into Ron’s Brad/Lucas love story anymore. But I’ve heard that Ron was known to utilize recurring role characters on OLTL.

Please, do not, let this be a sign, that it’s back to fretting for this genre

“…This news does stink”

I wish her much luck but no, I don’t think the character adds anything to the canvas that can’t be provided by one of the other wise-cracking bad guys they have in abundance. I lost complete interest when she started scheming with a child, and began to compromise my respect for another character I’ve loved for years by virtue of their continued “relationship”.

Kelly is not only a talented actress, she is stunningly beautiful! I can easily see her making a splash in movies.

I will definitely miss Britt! She is very enjoyable. I love her scenes with Brad, and I was expecting a storyline in which Brad questions his own sexuality because he has feelings for Britt.

I alluded to this in another thread: How can you tell if a GH actor is on recurring status? Except for a select few, most of the actors appear maybe for a couple of episodes every 3-4 weeks or so. Then they disappear for a few more weeks. In Tony Geary’s case, it’s every few months! So it seems like most GH actors are on recurring status to me.

James, a contract role is a role that is initially established to last at least thirteen weeks, the usual cycle for which contracts last. These performers are actually signed to contracts with specified pay amounts. Some contracts are given for a thirteen week period while others last a year or two. A two year contract does not necessarily mean that a performer will remain on the show for two years because sometimes writers opt to write the character out in story, or budget cuts, forces a series to release an actor from their contract. Incidentally, the photos in the show’s opening are in direct correlation with a performer’s contract status. If an actor appears in the opening, he or she has a contract role. In some instances. An opening credit sequence is altered every thirteen weeks to coincide with the contract cycles (with new photos added for performers who signed a contract and photos removed for those performers who do not have contracts).

Recurring roles are quite misleading. It appears that certain performers are kept on recurring status as a way to keep the show’s budget low. Kathleen Gati (Obrecht) has never been signed to a contract—even when certain stories that include Obrecht are storylines that were on the front burner. In more recent years several performers–that were on contract back in the 90’s– have returned to the series (Lucy, Bobbie, Scott, Ned) and are placed on recurring status. While they may be seen more in story, they don’t receive contracts for a plethora of reasons.

Hope this helped clear some things up for you!

Tee, thanks a million for your detailed, informative reply! It clears things up—and then some. Take care.

I am sad to see her go but I also watch Station 19. From what I got from the last episode I figured she would not be on Station 19 long.
I sure hope she can still be on GH!
I understand wanting to change her career but sad to see her go.
Why do others fight over things like this?
Best to all!

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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Drew and Nina Get Physical; Were You Surprised or Did You Expect it to Happen?

On the Tuesday, April 9th episode of General Hospital, Drew (Cameron Mathison) and Nina’s (Cynthia Watros) explosive relationship just turned up the heat another notch.

In story, Nina who was responsible (although she doesn’t see it that way) for Drew being sent to prison for insider trading when she tipped off the SEC, let out her feelings to him about how to get back in the good graces of her daughter, Willow (Katelyn MacMullen) and Michael (Chad Duell). In doing so, she asks him for his help with it.

For months, the two have had nothing short of contentious moments, where Drew has not let Nina off the hook for what he did to him, or to his ex Carly (Laura Wright). Fast-forward and when alone in the Crimson office, Nina brings up wanting to stick it to Carly again.

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As they banter back and forth, Drew can’t figure out why he should help Nina at all with any of her manipulations. Suddenly, as he tried to exit, his shirt rips and exposes his bare chest and abs, and Nina get quite an eyeful. From there, things become physical and before you know it, Drew and Nina are making out and having their version of hate-sex.


Cameron Mathison spoke to Soap Opera Digest on the shocking turn events, sharing, “I didn’t see it coming at all. I really didn’t. I think the audience did. Cynthia did some appearances and I guess the audience was ‘You and Drew, there’s some sexy chemistry there.’ I was like, ‘Wait, what? Really?’ I didn’t even get it. So I love it that it was very unexpected. The writers saw it, too. And, I love that it’s not a typical way for two people to be … physical. I was gonna say intimate, but there’s not a lot of intimacy there. And then as soon as it’s over, it’s back to arguing and giving each other crap again. It was really cute and really well done.”

As the fallout for their office room romp will air on the Wednesday April 10th episode, just how will the two deal with the fact that they had this fiery passionate moment in the weeks and months ahead? Will this be Nina’s new plot to get at Carly to be seen with her ex? Will Drew and Nina never speak of this again? (Well, this is a soap opera, after all, that’s pretty doubtful), or is this part of a major reset for some of the characters on the canvas now that Patrick Mulcahey and Elizabeth Korte are co-head writing the show?


Speaking on the aftermath of the tryst, Mathison added, “The two of them are both like, all right, let’s forget about that and move on. It’s like a weird kind of aggression attraction. There’s obviously attraction there, but I don’t think either of them expected it, and I think they’re both totally shocked and surprised by it. I think Drew gets a kick out of it whereas Nina is a little embarrassed by it.”

Now let us know, did you see this coming? Did you think Drew and Nina would have sex? What do you think of the story turn? Comment below.

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General Hospital

General Hospital’s Asher Antonyzyn Shares, “I Think That If Jason Doesn’t Get Sent Away Again, He and Danny Will Have a Really Great Connection”

It is clear that Danny Morgan (Asher Antonyzyn), as of right now, has the most character traits of his father, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). When Jason returned to Port Charles and was hiding out at the Quartermaine boat house, viewers saw that Danny wanted to help out his dad as much as he could.

When the two shared a heart-to-heart about Danny’s passions and Jason learned he is turning out to be a sort of adrenaline junkie like himself, the father and son shared a bonding moment.

‘Asher Antonyzyn spoke to Soap Opera Digest about Danny having a lot more to do in story now that Jason is back, and how it has been working with Steve Burton and where he thinks the on-screen relationship can go.

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When speaking of how Danny is drawn to adrenaline and danger like his father, Asher expressed: “I can’t keep count of all the times that people say, ‘Danny, he’s just like his dad!’ I think that if Jason doesn’t get sent away again, he and Danny will have a really great connection.”

On his screen-time with Steve Burton, Antonyzyn added,  “When Steve Burton was coming back as Jason, I was like, ‘Since Danny never really had storyline with him, maybe I’ll come back out here a lot more and be able to do that with him.’ And then it happened! So that was pretty cool.”

So, do you hope that Danny and Jason’s connection is explored further? Do you think we will watch Asher grow up and become Jason Morgan 2.0? Comment below.

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